Blind Date
Chapter 1: The blind date

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The blind date - Robert needs Dereks help with some house renovations, Cath, his wife has a moody half sister with an attitude. The deal is for Robert to take her moody sibling out, and Robert gets Dereks help for the day. But nothing is ever that simple, certainly when Cath is pulling the strings.

I was sitting outside the Old Hall Inn, a pub in Threshfield, awaiting the arrival of my blind date, Sarah. I had my friends, Derek and Catherine, to thank for me being in that predicament.

It had started a couple of weeks ago when I asked for Derek's help, we helped each other on our house renovation projects. I needed a hand lifting some new beams into place at my house in Arncliffe. As usual, he needed Cath's approval and I got a call from her the next day.

At this point it is probably worth describing Cath, my 'ideal woman'. She is thirty-six (six years younger than Derek), voluptuous and has a huge pair of boobs which she shows to maximum advantage. She is chubby, not fat, just well padded, and has long brown curly hair which frames a pretty face and, most of the time, a winning smile. She always dresses well and seems to know how to look good. If she wasn't married to Derek I would make a move straight away, but she is, and don't get me wrong, I never have and never would make a move on her.

Cath got straight to the point, as always she was direct, "If you want Derek to help you next Saturday you need to do me a favour."

"OK, no problem," I replied, not for a moment expecting what was coming next.

"Take Sarah out, it will effectively be a blind date. You only have to do this once and there is no other commitment."

I had heard Cath talk about Sarah, they were quite close, they were half-sisters and Sarah had been living in Halifax. Beyond that I knew nothing about her and had never seen her. But, if her looks and personality were anything like Cath, I would be more than happy to take her out. However, there was a nagging doubt in my mind that there was something wrong with her. After all, why did she need Cath to try and set her up.

I asked why the blind date, Cath explained that Sarah hadn't had much luck with men and the last man in her life did a runner without even leaving a note, no explanation, nothing.

"OK, I'll do it," I replied, "but I hope I don't regret it." I wasn't going to refuse Cath anyway.

The arrangements were made, Cath said she would be dropping her off at six o'clock the following Friday evening. I would then drop her back at their house in Grassington. I was to spend a minimum of five hours with her.

Later in the week Cath gave me a bit of a pep talk. "Give her time," she said, "remember she hasn't had much luck with men but I think you'll like her." This immediately put me on my guard, but then I thought, what harm can it do. I get Derek's help without upsetting Cath, something I would never do, they were the only friends that really stuck by me when I divorced my ex, Julie, five years ago.

So that is how I found myself sitting outside the Old Hall Inn at five to six that Friday evening.

A few minutes after sitting down I saw Cath's car pull in to the car park, Sarah got out and walked over to my table. She was wearing what looked like a set of overalls! You know, dungarees, with a bright orange long sleeve top. I saw a girl that looked to be quite a bit younger than Cath, similar build, but the clothes, ugh!. She was also mixed race, that was a surprise. Her hair was long, and curly, a bit like Cath's. She had a milky coffee complexion which was actually very attractive.

She came up to me and said, "You must be Robert, I'm Sarah," and shook my hand. I waved to Cath as she pulled out of the car park and turned back to Sarah, "I am. Look, what would you like to do, have you eaten?"

"No." she replied, "have you?" I had eaten a light snack at four but I could certainly eat again, so I asked her what she would like.

"Italian, or English," she said, "I hate Chinese."

"What about the food here, it's OK." She nodded so we went into the bar, studied the menu, and decided to eat there. I wanted to talk but the noise in the bar just about ruled out an intelligent conversation so we sat in the dining room.

I had made several attempts to start a conversation whilst we looked at the menu but each attempt was met with a brief yes or no. I tried again in the dining room but at this point things started to go downhill. Sarah started out by saying, "I only agreed to go out with you because I need Derek to go down to Halifax in the van and collect the rest of my stuff on Sunday. Cath insisted that this blind date was the price so I am here. I wouldn't be here unless I needed Derek's help." She paused for a few seconds then continued in a much nastier tone, "I hate the way she has forced us together, and I am not going to let you anywhere near me so if you were expecting a shag you are out of luck." Who mentioned a shag, I was trying to be pleasant, I found Sarah attractive to look at in spite of her clothes, but what an attitude!

I hadn't intended telling Sarah about Cath setting me up but the way Sarah spoke it was obvious she didn't want to be there and her whole attitude was one of 'lets just get it over with'. I decided to tell it like it was, "I need Derek to help me tomorrow and Cath insisted that this date was the price of his help. I don't know what she is playing at but if you don't want to be here that's fine with me. Let's just have a meal then I'll take you back to Derek and Caths."

Sarah's response startled me, "I knew you wouldn't find me attractive."

I was at a loss and got a bit annoyed. In a much louder voice than I intended I said, "I find the outside attractive. The problem is what's underneath, I am not sure about that." At this point we were rescued by the arrival of our main courses.

We both started eating, in silence, and it must have been nearly five minutes before Sarah said, "You can't take me home before eleven, Cath said she would be checking up and if I cut the date short she said I would be carrying my stuff from Halifax on the bus. I haven't got a car."

Again I wondered what Cath's game was. It reminded me of the game where you are handcuffed to someone for a few hours.

"OK, we have to make the best of the next four hours." I said thoughtfully, "I have an idea that might be good for all of us. I'm willing to use this time to move your stuff with my four wheel drive and trailer, we'd just have to go back to my house to get them. That would save Derek a job on Sunday and means we stay in Cath's good books. Where are you moving to?"

Sarah replied, with a bit of an attitude, "The trouble is then I will owe you. How long is it going to take? I just want to get home!"

It was hard but I ignored her attitude and said, "I am offering for Derek's sake. I don't want you to owe me a damned thing, OK!. Now, how much stuff do you have and where does it need to be moved to?"

"Not a lot," she answered, with a bit of a scowl. "The place was furnished, probably a dozen boxes and some clothes. Then there's a TV and a king size bed and mattress which breaks down to move. I've rented a flat in Skipton."

At this point I was really at the end of my tether. We had finished eating and I called for the bill, I didn't even offer Sarah a sweet.

Sarah gave me a look that would curdle milk and I decided that, promise or not, Sarah was being delivered straight back to Derek and Cath's house if she didn't accept my offer to help move her stuff. The only reason I was offering was because I felt guilty about Derek giving up his Saturday to help me, and then half of Sunday to move his moody half-sister in law.

I said to Sarah "Look, I am going to ring Derek on his mobile, I am doing this for him. This blind date thing was a bad idea, but at least I can save him Sunday as he is helping me in the morning."

I paid the bill, and went out to the car park with Sarah following. As soon as I was outside I got my mobile out and rang Derek, trying to keep out of Sarah's earshot.

"Hi Derek, it's Rob, can you talk"

"Yes, she's out. Why, isn't it going well?"

"No, about as badly as it could. We still have four hours to go and I'm almost ready to bring her back and face the wrath of Cath. Is she really watching us?"

"Yes, apparently she thinks you will both try to wriggle out but she's playing cupid and wants to make you spend time together."

I then outlined my plan and he said, "Do it. You're not breaking the terms of the deal with Cath and anyway, I'll straighten her out since it saves me a job. I think you may have a blue Corsa following you, that's why she's out." He chuckled and added, "That will give her something to think about if she sees you heading to yours with Sarah."

"Why is she so keen to get us together?"

"Sarah isn't happy and Cath thinks you might get her back on her feet, or on her back more likely."

I thought for a minute and said, "OK, not much chance of that. I was a bit rude earlier, I got sick of her attitude."

"That's why Cath is trying to force things. Between you and me, she thinks Sarah needs shaking up a bit, but I think it was her attitude that drove Daniel away. OK, the way he left was cruel but she hadn't been nice to him and I think he thought the world of her. But he was a wimp and wouldn't stand up to her. I think she killed his love bit by bit."

"OK, we'll get the Nissan and trailer and get her stuff over to Skipton. See you about nine tomorrow morning."

Sarah was standing beside me, I had opened the car but she hadn't got in so I said, "Come on then, Derek likes the idea. He thinks Cath could be following us so going back to mine to collect the trailer will confuse her."

Sarah got in the car but didn't bother with a reply. The drive to Arncliffe took about fifteen minutes but she sat there in silence with a stony look on her face. I wasn't going to rescue her by putting the radio on. I saw the blue Corsa in the mirror a couple of times but I had given up trying to talk to her and didn't mention that Cath was following us.

We pulled into my entrance. The house was an old farmhouse with outbuildings around what used to be the farm yard so, without making her presence obvious, Cath couldn't see what was going on.

Half the house was like a building site. I had got one end habitable and had a kitchen/living room, bedroom and bathroom finished. Before that I had been living in a caravan in the yard. Getting out of the car, Sarah stepped straight into a large muddy puddle which was right by the car door. Her shoes were wet through and muddy, and her face was a picture of distaste. What a pity, I'd parked there deliberately!

She turned to me and said "Does this dump have a working toilet?" I didn't feel very charitable and pointed her to the outside toilet in the yard. It still worked but it was dusty and none too clean, I only used it to have a pee when I was working outside; it avoided treading muck into the house. It had a very shaky door with a gap top and bottom and a very old stained pot with a wooden seat. The flush was one of those old, high-level, cast iron cisterns that make an awful noise when they flush.

I could see Sarah almost shudder when she opened the door and expected to be asked for toilet paper. However, a few minutes later, the flush announcing her exit with a whoosh and a lot of clanking, she emerged looking even more angry. By then I had the old Nissan Patrol out and the big trailer hitched. She came over and got in, clearing the rubbish on the passenger seat off with an angry sweep of her hand. We set off for Halifax in silence.

There was no sign of the blue Corsa and I thought Cath must have gone home, no doubt with totally the wrong idea. I turned to Sarah and said "It's going to take over an hour to get to Halifax, we can travel in silence, or we can talk. You can try turning the radio on but you'll find it doesn't work. I only keep this vehicle to tow the trailer and to get me out in the winter when the weather is bad."

Well, the conversation to Halifax was desultory. I did find out that Sarah had a job with a building society in Skipton, and she asked me what I did. I told her about my engineering consultancy business, but really that was as far as we got.

Sarah directed me to her flat and started loading her stuff while I set about dismantling the bed. While we were loading, a large black lady came to the door and started talking to Sarah, she was the landlady who lived in the top flat. As I passed, she said, "Now then, are you Sarah's new man?" My face must have showed my displeasure at that thought, and she carried on "OK, so you don't like her, you seem OK to me." Each time I went in and out with something, she held the door for me and I thanked her. She then disappeared and came back with two mugs of tea. Sarah went in to make a last check for anything she might have missed, leaving me and the landlady standing on the steps, chatting. She was quite a character, probably a few years younger than me, and we were both flirting like mad. If Sarah hadn't been with me I don't know where it had would have ended. No I will rephrase that, I know where I would have liked it to end but having Sarah with me put the dampers on it.

Sarah came out and gave us a withering look. "That's everything, Donna," she said, handing over the key.

I walked out towards the trailer while Donna gave Sarah a big hug. I heard Donna say, "Take care girl, and why not be nice to Robert, he seems nice."

Sarah looked embarrassed at the open display of affection and replied, "If he's that nice why don't you make a move on him."

I don't know if they knew I could hear but Donna replied with a chuckle, "I might just do that." Sarah walked back towards the Nissan as Donna looked across to me and waved.

The journey back to Skipton was just as bad as the journey out. I tried to start something by saying, "Donna seems like quite a character." This got an answer, it was the first time Sarah had spoken in twenty minutes.

"You seemed to hit it off with her, if I hadn't been there no doubt you would have got in her knickers. I thought I was your date for tonight."

At this point we were nearly back to Skipton and I went for it. "You were but as far as I'm concerned a date implies a level of reciprocation. I was looking forward to meeting you as soon as I found out you were Cath's sister. I had hoped you might be a bit like her and I don't just mean in looks. But I was disappointed and, as far as I'm concerned, the date stopped when you started being a bitch. The only good thing that's come from it is that I've saved Derek a job on Sunday."

We unloaded in silence. I got back in the Nissan and said, "Goodbye," as I drove off. I got home at about eleven and had a shower. I also found I had ripped my new chinos while moving the bed. I suppose that was retribution for parking by the puddle earlier but it was worth a pair of trousers to see her face as the muddy water soaked her shoes and feet. I went to bed frustrated but thinking of Donna, not Sarah.

I got up early the next day and Derek arrived on time as usual. Apparently Cath was full of the fact that I'd brought Sarah back to mine. We got the new beams lifted into position and were finished by about three o'clock. Derek went home and I decided to go to the pub for my evening meal. I was knackered and I couldn't be bothered to cook.

I got home about nine and the phone rang almost as soon as I got in the door, I hadn't even taken my shoes off. It was Cath. She asked about last night and I told her it was the worst evening out I'd had in thirty years.

"But you ended up at yours fairly early?"

"Yes, to pick up the trailer and get her stuff from Halifax. It was the only thing I could think of that would fill a few hours and I felt like I owed it to Derek. Her landlady, now there's a real women."

"Derek..." I heard, with her voice raised, and then she hung up. Obviously he had not filled her in on me moving Sarah's stuff last night.

Cath rang back about ten minutes later and demanded the whole story. I gave it to her straight and implored her never to set me up with a blind date again.

I met Derek Monday evening for our regular darts night at the pub in Kettlewell where we both played. He told me Sarah came round in tears on Sunday afternoon. He said he made himself scare, disappearing into his workshop. Later, when he quizzed Cath about what was going on, she brushed it off saying it was just 'hormones'.

I didn't hear any more about Sarah that evening.

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