Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman goes to extremes to have a child, but she didn't plan on the consequences. To say more would tell too much.

How could I have allowed it to get this far? I thought as my heart pumped blood so fast I felt it in my temples.

I was pacing alone in my bedroom while fidgeting with the middle button of my powder blue blouse, the one my husband said matched my eyes and had given to me last Christmas. It instantly became my favorite. My trembling fingers unconsciously unbuttoned it and then slipped the button back into the hole. But I wasn't thinking about the blouse as I turned to look at the clock on my end table. The big green numbers stared back at me -- daring me not to back out. And then there was a slight click as the numbers changed. I flinched.

Nine fifty-seven, my panicked mind screamed. Three more minutes. All I have is three minutes!

Turning towards my bedroom door I listened intently as my mind went into overdrive. Is he already there ... in the hall waiting outside my door? I strained to listen harder, but the only sounds were of my heavy breathing. And then I jumped when I heard the almost inaudible click. I turned back to the clock -- 9:58.

I had told him to come to my bedroom at 10:00 pm. At the time it made sense, but now I wasn't so sure. My head snapped to the side again and I glared at the clock. It hadn't changed, but I knew it soon would. I needed to get ready.

Reaching under my black knee-length skirt, my trembling hands located the nylon panties -- also powder-blue. With my eyes fixated on the clock, I hesitated, and then a nine replaced the eight. Nine fifty-nine! I'm out of time! I hastily yanked the panties to my knees and sat on the side of the bed where I slid them off.

The knock on the door startled me.

"Is it time?" the unsure voice asked.

I quickly looked at the clock. Why's he rushing me? I have one more minute. And just then the numbers changed to 10:00.

"Wait a--" My voice cracked and the words wouldn't come forth. I cleared my throat and tried to swallow. My mouth was as dry as the Sahara desert. "Wait a minute. I'm almost ready."

There, I said it. I told him I was almost ready for him. But am I? Can I go through with this?

My husband was away for the weekend and I was in my bedroom holding my panties in my hand.

Oh god, my panties! Leaning forward, I flicked the panties under the bed, immediately regretting doing so. What if he sees them?

Sliding off the bed, I dropped to my hands and knees with my cheek brushing the carpet and my butt high in the air. I snatched the panties and jumped to my feet. I looked right and then left, and started towards my end table. But I spun on my heel and rushed to the dresser. Breathing heavily, I pulled the top drawer open so hard it almost came out completely. But it didn't and I dropped my panties into the drawer and slammed it shut.

I glanced over my shoulder at the door. He's there, waiting for me. Again I cursed myself for agreeing. What had seemed like such a good idea at the time was going to turn into a horrible mistake. I turned back around and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had never had sex with anyone other than my husband. Could I really go through with this? I stared at my face for an answer. With my blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail my face was unobstructed. I should have fixed my make-up. My head turned to the side, at the clock. Ten-oh-four. He's been waiting in the hall. No time! I looked back at the mirror, at the pleading eyes that matched the color of my blouse. Did I really want to do this? And then I saw my head nod.

I took a deep breath and let the air out slowly, and then I walked to the door where I flicked the light switch. The room fell into darkness except for the light slipping into my bedroom from under the door. It was enough light to guide me to the side of the bed. I stood there motionless, other than my chest rising and falling with deep breaths.

"Close the light," I shouted. "We said we'd do it in the dark."

I stared at the bottom of the door for what seemed like an eternity, and then I was smothered in blackness. I waited, listening to him tentatively navigate in the dark, muttering as he banged into something. And then the doorknob rattled. I held my breath.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

This was it! My last chance to change my mind.

"Yes," I said softly as I felt for the side of the bed and bent over. My hands sunk into the mattress.

The door creaked open but brought no light into the room. It was like being in a black hole.

"I can't see," he whined.

"Follow my voice. Just walk to me by using my-- Oh!"

His hand banged into my upturned butt and quickly jerked away. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe. I waited in the dark ... and waited ... and waited. I thought I was going to faint. I felt so helpless, so vulnerable. I needed to know where he was, what he was doing. I was about to say something when his hand touched my hip ... resting on it ... lingering. The hand moved slowly, feeling around, getting its bearings. It slid over my lower back to the other hip, guiding him to position himself behind me.

I looked over my shoulder into absolute darkness, the blackout curtains doing their job well. I wanted to see his face, to know what he was thinking. But I didn't want him to see mine. It had to be done in the dark -- it just had to. My courage would crumble if he saw me.

And then I felt my skirt rising. It was taking forever. I should have worn a shorter skirt, but when I had dressed I tried not to be sexy. At the time that made perfect sense, but not now with me bent over my bed with my skirt sliding over my naked ass.

"Oh!" I cried out when I felt the hard cock bump into my thigh.

"Are you okay?"

I bit my lip and held my breath, and then said, "Yes."

I hadn't heard a belt buckle or the rustle of clothing. Is he naked? Did he come into my room naked?

I felt a hand on my left hip, and then the tip of his dick pushing against my meaty labia. It was unwavering so I knew he was holding it. I shifted my feet outward, opening myself to him. The head of his cock wedged between my pussy-lips, forcing them out of the way like an invading army. And then the tip was at the entrance to my pussy. It was poised where only my husband's dick had ever been. I felt pressure as the hard cock slid into me. Leaning forward, I pressed my forehead into the mattress and raised my ass ... and waited. More cock was pushed into me, but it hurt.

"Wait!" I shouted. He did, with the head of his cock buried inside me. "I'm too dry."

It was so clinical. There was no foreplay. That's how I wanted it. I had decided to let him fuck me, but I hadn't thought it through. Now what was I going to do?

Although unbelievably embarrassing, I licked a finger and reached between my legs, placing that finger on my clit. I knew he'd feel it when I started rubbing, but what could I do? I agreed to let him fuck me, to cheat on my husband, but to do that I needed to be wet. Bent over my bed in the pitch-blackness with my skirt bunched up over my ass and his cock-head inside me, I rubbed my clit.

I didn't know how long it was going to take. My fear was that I wouldn't lubricate -- then what? Could I tell him I changed my mind? How would he react? Those thoughts, and others, filled my mind as I rubbed my clit faster and faster. But it was having the opposite effect. I was an emotional wreck and the harder I tried the more agitated I became.

His cock vacated my pussy, causing me to freeze. Did he think I was frigid? I remained perfectly still as the hand on my left hip slid down the outside of my leg and held onto my thigh. And then I felt his breath on the inside of my thigh.

Oh god, he's going to watch me masturbate! But he can't see ... can he? He's so close ... maybe he can. I never agreed to that.

And then I sucked in air as his tongue made contact, snaking between my labia and licking me. I was aghast. All I wanted was his sperm. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was about to order him out of my bedroom when his hand nudged mine aside and began working my clit. I moaned and gripped the edge of the mattress in both fists, pushing back onto his face.

His tongue continued its onslaught, lapping furiously inside my slit. And then he shifted between my legs, his body pushing them further apart. My arms lost their strength and I fell forward onto the bed. He must have tilted his head back because his tongue now reached my clit. Shoving my fist into my mouth, I bit it as I sat on his face, grinding my pussy on his tongue.

I lost all thought of who was between my legs when his taut tongue entered me. I moaned my lust and pushed down hard on it. I forgot about getting wet. My body craved an orgasm. And it was rewarded with one. My pussy tried to grip the tongue flicking in and out of it as I bounced on his face. And then my scream dissolved into the darkness that engulfed us, replaced with my heavy pants.

I was brought back to awareness by the hard cock pressing against my pussy. It was as if the center of my being was concentrated between my legs as the cock slid into me -- this time into a lubricated hole.

My breasts were pressed into the mattress as I lay on the bed with my ass in the air -- and a hard cock buried all the way inside me. I realized I was lying on my husband's side of the bed and a pang of guilt shot through me, but then the cock began sliding out. I gripped it with my vagina muscles and wasn't disappointed when it reversed direction and plowed back into me.

All thoughts of my husband vanished as I felt his fingers dig into my flesh and his cock slide in and out of my pussy. I no longer attempted to suppress my moans and moved my hand away from my mouth. In the complete darkness, the sounds of sex seemed louder -- my moans, his grunts, and the squishy sounds of a hard cock sliding in and out of a very wet cunt.

And then his movements became faster as he thrust his cock all the way inside me, pulled it partway out, and rammed it back in. His fingers tightened on my hips and his thrusts turned into short, rapid jabs. And then he collapsed onto my back as his hot semen filled me. I lay there, squeezing his cock with my vagina muscles, milking the last of his sperm.

After a brief rest, I felt him push up. I thought he was going to pull out. After all, the deal was for him to get me pregnant and he deposited enough sperm inside me to do that. But he didn't pull out ... and he didn't soften. With his hands back on my hips, he slowly thrust his still hard cock in and out of me.

I should have told him to stop. The deed was done. He shot his seed into my womb. That's the only reason I allowed him to fuck me. That was the deal. But I didn't stop him. I met every one of his thrusts by pushing back on his cock. I was fucking him and didn't care why. It felt too good to stop.

He lasted longer this time and I climaxed before him. When I had convinced myself that what we had planned to do was going to be mechanical, it didn't seem like it was really cheating on my husband. But the sex was anything but mechanical. He brought me off with his tongue and I had a huge orgasm. And now I climaxed while he fucked me. And I screamed both times. I was still coming down from my climax when he spurted into me a second time.

The silence was pronounced in the pitch blackness. I heard him breathing hard but no other sounds. And then he slowly pulled out. My pussy involuntarily gripped his cock, trying to keep it inside me, but it popped out causing me to groan.

"Did I hurt you?" my son asked.

"No, it's just that..." What was I going to say? That I wanted him back inside me? That would have made what we did wrong. "No, hon, I'm okay. You better go now."

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