The Humiliation of Linda
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonely young housewife whose husband travels a lot turns to the internet to ease her loneliness and indulge her fantasies. The trouble starts when her fantasies start coming to life.

I cannot believe what I did last night! I have been sitting here at the kitchen table all morning going over it in my head, reliving it. I am shocked, mortified, but even worse, excited.

I am a happily married woman. Well, mostly happy. My husband has this great new job, lots of money, and we have a very nice house. Unfortunately, he travels all the time. So I find myself sitting around the house bored to death.

We recently bought a new computer. My husband uses it when he works at home. I use it to play when he is out of town. I discovered "chatting", and that led to the opening of a whole new horizon. I was shocked when I first went on line and saw the chat rooms that people could explore. Sex with animals, rape, something called water sports, even sex with children! I also saw chat rooms that were for people who apparently shared my most secret fantasy. But for a long time I resisted going in.

I don't know if I was just trying to avoid trouble, or if I was afraid of making the fantasy too real. I have had fantasies of being a sex slave to an older man since I was in my early teens. In my fantasies I was usually subservient to someone who was not very attractive. I never imagined myself being ordered around by a handsome man or a boy my age. He was always cold and cruel and he took pleasure in making me do things that were nasty and perverted and humiliating. I have no idea where these fantasies come from. But I frequently indulged in them while masturbating. And later, after I was married, I even enjoyed those fantasies when making love to my husband.

Finally, during one of my husband's many trips out of town, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer. I entered one of those chat rooms. Unfortunately, it was fantastic! It was just as exciting as I had imagined it would be. I was invited to chat by an older man and we acted out my fantasy on line. I described myself to him. I am twenty-three and a little tall at five foot seven. I am very slender, weighing in at one hundred and twelve pounds. I am a natural blonde. My bra size is 32B. I am considered quite attractive.

The man I was chatting with described himself. He was forty-eight, five foot ten, two hundred and twenty-five pounds, and he insisted that he had a thick nine inch cock. He even sent me a picture of it.

Of course, I don't know if it was actually his picture. It didn't really matter. It was very impressive, though.

At the beginning or our chat I agreed to do everything he ordered me to do. At his direction I took off my t-shirt and my jeans. I wasn't wearing a bra but I took off my panties for him.

Now I was totally naked and talking to a strange man about sex! It was very exciting. As we chatted my excitement grew. I imagined that he could see me as I sat there naked, typing my responses to his embarrassing questions and responding "Yes, Sir" to every order he gave. He made me touch myself and brought me to orgasm as he described all the nasty things he would love to do to me.

I was hooked! From that day on, whenever my husband was away I was on the internet. I was in that chat room or a similar one. Over time I chatted with most of the regulars, as well as anyone else that invited me.

I told strange men my fantasies, in great detail. I acted out their fantasies as well. I couldn't get enough. I explored some of the other kinky chat rooms, including the one dedicated to rape fantasies. I found a lot of excitement there too. But I always went back to that first room, looking for a man to tell me what to do, to use me and abuse me if only in my mind.

Things got a little out of hand last night. My husband had been gone for almost two weeks. I was incredibly horny and lonely. I had consumed a couple glasses of wine. I am not a total non-drinker. But my limit is usually one glass. If I drink more than one glass I start getting silly.

I was talking to a man from Australia. He was an older man, and that was good. He was a bit wilder than I was used to. But he was so far away that I felt safe. And I was just a little tipsy so I was enjoying it. He convinced me to pour myself a third glass of wine as we talked.

Big mistake!! I did. And as the evening wore on and I consumed that third glass of wine I found myself doing everything that he ordered. He was pretty good at bringing my fantasies to life, too. He really knew how to push my buttons.

He talked about making me fuck and suck strange men for his amusement. He discussed scenarios in which he undressed me in public in the middle of the day. He talked about allowing strange men to touch me intimately in a public place, a bar or a restaurant. He made me touch myself while we chatted. He got me so aroused, and I was so tipsy, that I guess I just got carried away.

After chatting for nearly two hours he told me to call a taxi. When the driver got to my home I was to go out to the car, naked. He wanted me to lean over the hood, and beg the driver to fuck me.

I couldn't do that, of course. Not in this neighborhood. Not even after three glasses of wine.

I told him that I wanted to serve him. But I simply couldn't obey that order.

He wouldn't take no for an answer. He kept after me. As unbelievable as it seems, we reached a compromise. I would call a taxi. When it arrived I would go out in my robe and ask the driver to come in and help me with my bags.

I cannot explain why I agreed to this. I guess it was a combination of the wine, being so frustrated and aroused, and an irresistible desire to experiment with my fantasies. Maybe doing it on the computer just wasn't enough anymore.

For whatever reason, I actually made the call for a taxi!

As I waited for the taxi to arrive, my Australian master began giving me orders, telling me what to do when the cab arrived. He kept trying to get me to do something outside. But finally he became more reasonable. In exchange, I agreed to go outside, in only my robe, and invite the driver in. I would ask him to sit in my chair at the computer. My master would explain that I was his slave and I would do whatever he wanted.

He was going to tell the driver that I was going to lick and suck his cock and then let him fuck me. While I was doing this, the driver would be asked to tell him all about what I was doing. I was to have our Polaroid camera ready so that the driver could take some pictures of me to send to him. I thought that would be safe. Australia was half a world away, and I was half drunk.

Things didn't go exactly as planned, but just about. It was as if I was watching myself from outside my body! I heard the cab pull up in my driveway. I put my robe on and hurried out to meet the driver before he could blow the horn. I waited for him to open his window and I invited him in under the pretext of helping me with my luggage. I'm not sure what he was thinking when he saw me in a robe. But he seemed a little put out. He obviously wasn't happy about it. But he agreed to help me with my bags.

I don't know what I had been expecting. He was very unattractive and very overweight. He seemed to be in his mid to late forties, and he didn't look all that clean.

I cannot explain why I didn't come to my senses and tell him it was all a mistake. I followed my instructions as if I was in a trance. I suppose that I had slipped so much into that character I had been fantasizing about since puberty that I had given up my free will. I was in a trance, a sexual trance.

I led him inside. I could almost feel his eyes on me, trying to see through my thin robe. I led him into the computer room and asked him to sit in my chair.

He looked a little worried. It was obvious that something unusual was going on. But he sat down, keeping his eyes on me, as if he expected me to attack him or something.

As soon as he was seated I took a deep breath and did something that, looking back on it I can't believe I had the nerve to do. Not even after consuming three glasses of wine. I untied the belt on my robe and allowed it to fall open enough that he could see that I was naked under it. My breasts were still covered. But my pubic area was on display.

His eyes bugged out and he sat there, staring at my pubic area. I stared down at this ugly old man who was staring at my exposed vulva and neatly trimmed pubic hair and a rush went through me that I could never describe. I very nearly achieved orgasm just from the fact that I was so exposed to a complete stranger.

It took me a second or two to get his attention. But at last he looked up and I told him that someone on the computer wanted to talk to him. He nodded. But he continued to stare lustfully at my exposed womanhood.

I cannot adequately explain how much excitement I felt when I stood almost nude in front of this strange man. All of a sudden I was living one of my fantasies. I was more embarrassed than I had ever been in my life. I believe that I was also more aroused than I had ever been before. But above all else, I was totally without free will. At that point I was ready to do whatever I was told, the nastier the better.

If that ugly old man had decided that he wanted to leave I would not have been able to stand it! At that moment in my life, more than anything else in the world, I needed this man to molest me, to have sex with me.

While he sat staring at me I let my robe slide down off my shoulders and down my arms. I dropped it behind me and stood there with my body on display for this total stranger.

He finally tore his eyes away from my naked body and looked at the computer screen. I leaned over the keyboard, extremely conscious of the way my tits hung down and my ass stuck out behind me. I told my Aussie master that I was now nude and the cab driver was sitting in my chair waiting for him to explain.

I straightened up and read along with the driver as my Aussie Master explained my strange situation. My master told the driver that I belonged to him. I was his sex slave. I was his slut. I would do everything he told me to do. Then he invited the taxi driver to explore my body while he explained what he would like my guest to do to me.

I jumped when his large, clammy hand touched my skin. He started at my thigh in the back. His hand moved up over my ass, pausing there for a few moments. He squeezed my ass cheeks and even ran a finger through the crevice, something even my husband had never done.

Eventually his hand moved around to my front, petting my taut stomach and sliding up to my tits. He took his time and explored every inch of me. He was very thorough, and very rough. And it was very exciting!

After several minutes of pawing my tits, his hand moved down to my pussy. He slowly inserted two of his fat fingers into my very wet opening. He left his fingers inside my hot, moist pussy and turned his attention back to the screen.

My Australian master told the driver that he wanted him to describe everything I was doing as he ordered me to touch him and suck him and fuck him. That was where the first hitch in the plan occurred. Our driver couldn't type. It was decided that I was to service the driver, and somehow keep my master informed at the same time. All during this conversation the cab driver's hands were all over me, humiliating me, but at the same time driving me crazy with lust.

I knelt and unzipped the driver's pants. He stood and I pulled them down, along with his shorts. He balanced himself by resting his hands on my head as he stepped out of his pants. He had a very large stomach, and a very fat cock. It was only about average in length, but very fat. It was already hard and oozing lubricant from the tip.

My initial impression of the driver had been pretty close. I guess it's possible that he bathed more or less regularly. But I suppose that it had been a long hot night driving that cab around town. The smell of stale sweat from his crotch took my breath away for a moment.

The driver sat back down and, still following every order mindlessly, I knelt between his legs and began to kiss his cock. It was totally disgusting. My forehead pressed against his big belly and the smell of stale sweat filled my nostrils. But for some reason I could never explain to a normal person, it was so very fucking erotic!

I could not believe that I was actually living out my fantasy! I was sucking some strange man's cock, or about to. I was naked in front of him. I was totally under the power of a man, two men, actually.

I never hesitated once. I did everything I was told. I licked his cock and his balls passionately. When ordered to do so I opened my mouth wide and took his balls into my mouth. I sucked on them gently and massaged them with my tongue. I even lifted his legs and licked his pungent ass. That is something else I never tried with my husband. I have no doubt that if I attempted to lift my husband's legs so that I could apply my tongue to his anus he would have me locked up.

I was on the verge of an orgasm just from obeying these nasty orders. I was doing things I would never do for my husband and I was so excited that my juices were beginning to ooze out of me and trickle down my thighs!

Finally I took his fat cock into my mouth and gave him the best blowjob I had ever given anyone. Not that there were that many. I had only been with two other men before my husband. I was very young and naïve when I got married. I really had very little experience. And I had not gotten much more experience since my marriage. My husband and I were not very adventurous when it came to sex.

Luckily the driver didn't last long. His cock was so fat that my mouth was really getting tired fast. After about five minutes he grabbed my head and held my face tight against his stomach. He moved his hips up and down a couple more times and shot his huge load into my mouth.

There was so much of it that it was very hard to keep up. I started to choke when my mouth started filling up. I was afraid that I was going to vomit. The taste was horrendous. But I forced myself to do what I was told and I managed to swallow all but a couple of small drops. He was kind enough to catch those few stray dollops of cum with his finger and shove them back into my mouth.

I stayed on my knees after swallowing the cab driver's cum. I turned to the computer and typed out a vivid description of what I had just done so that my Australian master could take whatever pleasure he might from it.

As I typed I felt the driver's hands beginning to explore my body again. My master instructed me to hand my camera to the driver.

While I stretched out my arm and grabbed the camera off of a nearby table, he typed out a list of the pictures he wanted the driver to take so that I could mail them to him.

Like a stupid, stupid fool, I followed every order. I took his cock back into my mouth and looked at the camera, trying very hard to smile with my mouth full of his soft, but still very fat cock. He snapped the picture and I licked his balls while he took a couple more. I sat back and spread my legs and even played with myself for the camera.

I even had several orgasms as I posed!

Then I was ordered to suck his cock until it was hard again so that he could fuck me. I had to admit that I was in such a sex-crazed state by that time that I desperately wanted that ugly old man's fat cock inside of me.

Unfortunately, his days of getting seconds were apparently over. I sucked and sucked in growing frustration. But I could never get his cock more than about half hard. Finally my mouth could take no more. Fortunately, by the time I gave up, my master had gotten bored and decided that he'd had enough excitement for one night. I almost screamed out loud when he told the driver that the fun and games were over for the evening. I NEEDED TO GET FUCKED!!!

As a final humiliation I was ordered to give the driver twenty dollars to pay him for his time!

The driver got up and dressed slowly. I was still on my knees on the floor. I was so horny I was nearly crying. He stared down at my naked body while he put his pants back on. He gave my body a few last gropes and left without saying another word.

I returned to the computer after seeing the driver out. I remained naked and frustrated. We chatted for a few more minutes, going over what I had done. I agreed to meet him online again tomorrow evening. Then I signed off and went to bed.

Before going to sleep, however, I spent at least half an hour molesting my vibrator. I came and I came and I came as I relived in my mind everything I had done tonight. Finally I more or less passed out.

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