An Adventure With Mare
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Slow, 2nd POV,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - The opening introduction to a story of adult fantasy and adventure. He is a cheater with a kinky side; his first affair starts out with a woman who just happens to be from his distant past. Mare has her own ideas and kinks but he will get what he wants in the end. NO actualy sex in the first chapter or 2 but things will warm up fast enough. Thanks big time to Chopped Cabbage for his hard work editing my nonsense so others can read it.

The posting he had placed with several of the kink web sites, had not provided much by way of interesting traffic for his consideration. But then, why should it. It wasn't fancy, didn't lie, and made no bones about the desired intent to have some sort of relationship outside of his marriage.

Depending on how the reader viewed things, unless they where in a similar situation, they would not understand, how could they? He loved his wife but needed more. Never mind he had used one of his silly poetic rhymes to make a long ad that would bore the hell out of someone not already looking for a "Top" like him.

The picture and physical description where intentionally direct and without cover; describing his own faults well enough; there could be no doubt that he was no Adonis.

Still, here it was in his email, a note from an interested woman, asking for more information. With reserve, he replied giving her his screen name for the various "IM" programs everyone used, and answering several of the questions she was asking. Pointedly leaving the others for their first on line chat. No sense in chasing off the latest taker of the bait he was offering. Now he had 2 women, (or so they claimed) interested in what he was offering. It had taken months of sorting, contacting and casually trying to weed out the real sick ones and the ones who thought they knew what they wanted.

But the latest reply had too much that rang true, so he decided to step up the pace and take a chance himself, for a change. The first chat with both ladies went way beyond what he had expected, and despite his own reservations, he decided to accept the claim they where in fact women and where indeed interested in him despite every single negative. Each of them had enough baggage of their own to worry about, but nothing he wasn't already familiar with and completely wiling to work on.

Unfortunately, one was simply too far away to be convenient, but she was nice enough and seemed so in-tune with his own mindset, that he decided it was worth continuing despite the likelihood of ever actually meeting.

The second was however very close by, and over the weeks they chatted a lot. Turned out they actually knew each other from their teen years. Granted it was casual and only in passing but she knew him, and actually had wanted to date his brother back then.

The commonality simply provided "grease for the rails," as it where; and in short oder, they where having dinner one night. It was very casual and public, no reason to scare her off, he had waited this long, no reason to change tactics now. Things went very well, and they both learned a lot about each other, in the end Aluric made it an early night and left Mare at her car with a casual kiss on the cheek. Through the months that followed, while Aluric chatted with Mare and with the Deb; "other lady", he even told them about each other; which opened up even more lines in the threads of the various conversations.

Eventually Aluric felt he had enough details to make either of them feel satisfied, and having kept nothing secret from either; also felt comfortable to put his plans into action. A few more dinners and a couple of lunches with Mare and there was a suitable comfort between them. Enough so that Mare began openly challenging Aluric to "put up" or go home. She realy didnt believe he would do the deed. The fact that she also never forgot to mention this other woman, who wanted to be in his service was also used to try and get a rise out of Aluric; to little avail.

Aluric played it out for a bit longer, measuring the time and the temperature till it was just ripe enough. This was definitely one who liked to "Top from the Bottom," but then, Mare hadn't met Aluric's particular brand of passive aggressive till now. A lot of effort went into the preparations he had made, now it was time to put the plan into action.

Mare had enough fantasies she wanted to fulfill that Aluric wasn't worried about his own; most would be handled quite nicely, while giving Mare some of what she needed. There was plenty of time to work on expanding her interests and desires to meet the rest of his pleasures.

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