Sam and Amy - Vegas Baby
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vampires, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam and Amy go to Vegas and Amy introduces Sam to Sin City in ways she will never forget. They run into Amy's sister while there. There is not love loss between them. They make new friends and later help out old ones.

In preparation for their trip to Las Vegas, Sam and Amy went shopping. Of course, Amy's choice of clothing for herself were totally scandalous in Sam's eyes but she bit her tongue and said nothing. Amy was Amy after all. Then Amy started on Sam and her choices and the good-natured argument began.

Amy held up an extremely short skirt against Sam to examine it.

"Amy, you know better," Sam said laughing. "I'm not about to wear something that lets my cheeks hang out of on the backside."

"Aww, but I like those cute little cheeks of yours and I like to see them too," Amy said with a grin and loud enough that the woman shopping nearby could hear her clearly. The woman blushed and moved to another clothing rack further away.

Sam turned beet red from her head to her toes. "You will just have to be content with seeing them in bed Amy Bedford, and not in public where everyone else can see them too. That thing is so short my panties would stick out." Sam said in a low voice.

"So don't wear any. That would solve the panty thing," Amy joked.

Sam sighed. "The answer is no, nix, no way, not happening Amy. I am not going to wear something like that. It's bad enough that I have to be seen in public with a girlfriend dressed that way, without being dressed that way myself," Sam said and smiled.

"Ah, but you know you like to see my tushy Sam. I see you watching it all the time," Amy snickered.

Sam could not argue that point but it did not keep her from becoming even more red. Amy knew that Sam would never wear a skirt that short in public. It was all part of her plan. She would gradually steer Sam away from her ultra-conservative choices of skirts that were hemmed below the knee to ones that were above. They finally compromised with one that was about mid-thigh in length, just as Amy had planned in the first place. She would never have told Sam this though. It was far better to let Sam think she had won a partial victory.

The choice of tops sparked the next argument.

"Amy, darn it. I won't wear one that my bra hangs out of everywhere," Sam complained.

Of course Amy's answer was, "Then don't wear one."

Sam placed her hand on her hip and tapped her foot. She gazed into Amy's eyes intending to give her a look of anger and frustration but her look quickly changed into one of humor.

"You love to tease me don't you?" Sam asked.

"I can not tell a lie Sam Crowley. I do enjoy it very much," Amy said in mock formality.

"I think you need more time in the tanning machine though because you are very red," Amy finished and grinned from ear-to-ear.

All day long, they kept up the banter over tops, skirts, shorts and swimsuits. The one thing they did not argue about was the bedroom wear each picked out. Each of them wanted very much to please the other. They did not argue much over shoes either. Tennis shoes for walking the strip during the day and fancy ones for wearing to shows and clubbing at night.

The stores in the mall were getting ready to close and Amy turned her back to Sam to pick out some tops from the clothing rack. On impulse, Sam swatted her on the butt.

"That is for being so mean to me all day," Sam said with a chuckle. Her swat ended in a gentle squeeze.

"Why Sam," Amy said without turning. "I knew you liked my tushy and even like to feel it but to cop a feel in public Sam. Tsk tsk," Amy finished and burst out laughing.

"You're impossible," Sam said with a laugh. "Let's get out of here. We have spent more than enough."

The next several days passed slowly but at last Friday night arrived. With Sam in the driver's seat, she followed Amy's directions, arriving at a town about fifty miles away. Sam parked the van at the curb and prepared to get out with Amy.

"No need to go with me. This is going to be quick. The punk I'm going to dine on tonight is right around the corner in the alley, selling drugs to teenagers as usual. He sells party drugs like ecstasy but his specialty is getting kids hooked on heroin or cocaine. That way he has a customer for life, their short lives. He pictures himself as a ladies man that none can resist and dressed as I am, it should be no trouble luring him here to the van. Just wait here, I'll be right back," Amy said. She leaned across the seat, gave Sam a kiss on the cheek and was gone.

Amy waited until Jerome was alone and then sauntered up to him seductively. "Hi, Stevie sent me. Says you have the best ecstasy in town. I want to get some before I go clubbing. I'd rather take some myself than have some fuck put it in my drink. At least that way I will know how much I've taken," she said and laughed.

Jerome studied her, letting his eyes unabashedly rove over her from top to bottom before he spoke. Amy shuddered inside. It felt like he was undressing her with his eyes.

"Anyway, have you got some for sale? And if so how much?" She asked.

"I got some. As to how much, well that depends a lot on you. You look hot momma and that ain't no lie. What about we do a little trading?" He asked.

"Tradin? Tradin what?" She asked in pretended innocence.

"I give you some ecstasy and you give me a little of that what you have between your legs," Jerome suggested with a leer.

Amy acted as if she was considering it for a moment before she answered. "So if I let you fuck me, you'll give me some for free?"

"Well now, I didn't say for free, but yeah, I'll at least let you have some for a real good price," he said.

"If I'm going to fuck you, how about you give me a little now for free just to get me started and then I will buy some from you at a reduced price for later?" She asked.

"Ok. I gotta a place a few blocks from here, let's go there," he suggested.

"I've got a better idea. My van is just around the corner. How about we do it in there. Besides, I've got some rubbers in there. You didn't think I was going to let you screw me with no protection did you?" Amy asked.

"Guess not," Jerome said and followed her as she turned and walked away.

They got to the van and he pressed her up against the side door, running his hands up under her top and playing with her breasts.

"Damn your tits are nice and so soft. Let me see them momma." He demanded.

"Not out here. Inside," Amy managed as he groped her.

Jerome backed away slightly, letting her turn and slide the door open. He could already picture himself pumping away between those white thighs. As she opened the door, he studied her backside.

"You have a damn fine looking ass. I can't wait to see it with your clothes off," he told her.

"Tell ya what mamma. Ifn' ya let me fuck that white ass of yours I'll let you have the shit for later, free. In fact, if you let me screw you in the ass I'll even give you enough for next week."

Sam crouched down behind the driver's seat so that he would not see her but she could have just as well stayed sitting. Jerome was far too busy studying Amy to notice her. Amy sat down on the couch and pulled her top over her head.

"You wanted to see them. Well, here they are. These are my girls," she laughed twisting from side-to-side rapidly and setting them to jiggling.

Jerome dropped to his knees and walked toward her. "Damn momma those are nice." He said and reached out to touch them.

Amy spread her legs wide, grabbed his arms and pulled him into a close embrace.

"Damn momma, you really want me. The offer still stands about me fucking you in the ass."

"We'll talk about that later," Amy said as she nuzzled against his neck.

The next thing Jerome knew he was in excruciating pain as the woman bit him. He attempted to pull away so that he could slap the shit out of her but he discovered that she was far stronger than she appeared.

Sam jumped up, pulled her top over her head just as she had seen Amy do and hurried back to the two. The first Jerome knew of her presence was when a hand clamped over his mouth and his head was snapped back against another set of breasts.

Amy looked at Sam for a moment and asked, "Are you sure you want to watch this honey?"

"I'm sure," Sam answered.

"Ok, well hold him tight Sam because the first thing I want to do is put an end to those wildly waving arms of his," She reached out and grabbed his arms one at a time snapping them like twigs. A weaker man would have fainted from the pain. Jerome was a lot of things but weak was not one of them. His screams of pain were muffled by the hand that was clamped tight over his mouth.

"You are a piece of shit, Jerome. I'm going to enjoy watching you die," Sam hissed.

She tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck to Amy. Amy leaned forward and sank her fangs into Jerome's neck. Sam held Jerome in place, braced against her breasts with a hand covering his mouth. With her free hand, she stroked her fingers through Amy's hair.

"Feed my love. Drink deep," she cooed as she watched Amy suck on her victim's neck. Jerome's frantic struggles became weaker as his lifeblood filled Amy. His struggles ceased altogether and still Sam held him in place as her lover continued to feast. At last, Amy withdrew. Sam let the bloodless dead body tumble to the side and looked at Amy. Amy saw the small droplets of blood that were spattered on Sam's breasts.

She leaned forward and licked them until Sam's breasts were clean. Sam kissed Amy on the forehead as Amy licked her lips. She stroked her fingers through Amy's hair once more then turned, slipped her top back over her head and resumed her place in the driver's seat. When they were out of town and on the highway headed for home, Amy settled into the passenger seat beside her. She was topless, not wanting to get any of Jerome's blood on her blouse.

Sam looked at the blood spatters that covered Amy's breasts. "You sure are a messy eater," she joked. "There was blood all over my boobs and you are even worse."

"Well, if they would just hold still, I wouldn't be so messy," Amy joked back.

Sam pulled into the garage, parked the van and together they carried Jerome's body down to the acid vat. Amy rifled through his pants pockets, coming up with bags of pills and a wad of cash.

"Vegas money," Amy laughed, holding up the wad of cash.

"Want these?" Amy asked jokingly as she shook the bags in front of Sam.

"No way. I have other ways to get high," Sam returned and smiled.

Amy tossed the bags into the acid. Jerome quickly followed. They went back up the steps and closed the door that led down to the secret basement and went into the bedroom.

"Be a dear Sam, go get my top out of the van while I take a shower," Amy said.

Sam watched as Amy stripped her short skirt, shoes, stockings and panties off before turning to leave the room and get Amy's top. She never tired of seeing Amy's nude body. Amy padded gracefully into the bathroom and minutes later stepped into the shower to wash.

Sam took her time stopping off in the kitchen to fix a drink and then went into their room. Amy was already in bed and waiting.

"Took you long enough," she said.

"I stopped to get a drink," Sam said as she stripped her clothes off. She tossed them on the chair with Amy's and padded into the bath to take a shower. When she had finished, she got ready for bed and put on a clean pair of panties. Sam walked back into the bedroom and crawled into bed beside Amy.

"Aww," Amy complained as she laid her hands on Sam's panties.

"Shut up Amy. You know I don't feel comfortable sleeping completely nude. If you want to make love, you can always take the damn things off," Sam said and chuckled.

"Naw, I'm going to wait until we get to Vegas and then I'm going to have my way with you a lot of times. For now, I'll just satisfy myself by curling up next to your warm body," Amy said. She gave Sam a long kiss and then snuggled against her neck. Sam was very thankful that Amy, as usual, had brushed her teeth and gargled before kissing her.

Sam awoke and felt Amy's face nestled up against her neck. Her soft sleeping breath tickled slightly. She lifted the sheet and looked downward. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw Amy's hand, under her panties and resting on her womanhood.

Gently Sam removed the hand and squirmed to the side slowly so as not to wake the sleeping woman beside her. She crawled out of bed and quietly got dressed. Sam went to the kitchen and yawned. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and popped a bagel into the toaster. She was just finishing her bagel when Amy joined her.

"Morning Love," she said in a sleepy voice.

"Afternoon," Sam corrected then added in return, "Good afternoon dear."

"Very well then. Afternoon Love," Amy said and smiled.

The two of them packed and loaded their suitcases on the motor home. Amy and Sam had considered towing one of their cars behind but had decided instead to rent a car or use cabs once they got there.

"Well, are you ready for the long drive?" Amy asked Sam as they pulled away from their house.

"Oh Amy, I am so excited. I can hardly wait to get there. The things you have told me and what I have read have made me so anxious to see them for myself," Sam answered.

They took turns driving through the night and when the sun started to rise, they pulled into a KOA camp to sleep during the day. After Sam ate, they continued their trip the following night and early the next morning before the sun came up they had arrived. Amy smiled as she watched Sam look around in wonderment as they neared the strip. They had made reservations at a hotel a little off the strip, figuring it would be easier to park the motor home there.

"Just like I have read, this town really doesn't sleep," Sam said as she looked around at the bright flashing lights in awe.

"Nope," Amy agreed with a chuckle.

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