Panting After Rover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, Petting, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was desperate for a little doggy action. The line between dreams and reality becomes blurred as she becomes more and more aroused.

I lay on my bed dreaming of what could be. The air around me was warm which was a good thing since all I had on was a pair of dog printed knee socks. I had always been turned on by the thought of fooling around with a dog but had never done anything about it for a multitude of reasons (no dog, not very experienced and kind of wary of dogs in general). However I began to imagine the pleasure that one could bring me. Licking, sucking, fondling and more. Hmmm ... yum! At these thoughts I became very, very wet. How could I make this a reality? Where could I find a dog? Where would I do the deed?

Suddenly it occurred to me that this was my fantasy and I could imagine whatever I wanted to happen! So there it was in the room with me a beautiful and of course horny dog, a Labrador I do believe (such an eager sort of dog, always wanting to please). He, shall we call him 'Rover' (he did rove into my bedroom after all) stood at the side of my bed smiling and whining eagerly. Who am I to refuse such an eager animal? I began to pet him and he barked happily. At first he just seemed happy for the attention but after a while he began to sniff around as though he had caught an intriguing scent. At that I began to rub his chest and belly and he started to nose around even more. I invited him up on the bed and he hopped up eagerly. At once he started sniffing and licking around my pussy (guess he likes kitties after all). The slight stimulation and warm breath made my nipples stiffen and my pussy leak. Rover snuffled around some more seeming to be very into the scent and the tastes he had found. That long and rough tongue sure was exciting I just wished he would find the mark a bit more quickly! Every so often he hit my clit making me tremble and moan, what a feeling. I knew what I was doing was wrong and made a slight attempt to stop him but it just felt so good. When he growled I gave up any attempt of halting his ministrations. He really was focusing on my clit and pussy now making me moan and groan with pleasure. I laid all the way back opening up my legs and playing with my tits. As he licked longer and deeper I pulled harder on my nipples. Oh what a feeling, mmmm. I reached down and pet his head pulling him in deeper. My first orgasm hit me unexpectedly making me scream and and writhe then go limp in the aftereffects of pleasure, oh wow.

When I can finally think and move again I sit up and give clever Rover a pat on the head and then a bit more attention lower down. My hands made contact with his cock at that he yipped and squirmed seemed he liked the attention too. I stroked him from top to bottom and then squeezed firmly. He panted and growled deeply. As I massaged him fluid coated his pink and throbbing cock. His knot grew and so did his humping motions, he seemed to like this as much as I did. I pumped him faster and harder and he thrust faster and faster whining deep in his throat and licking out at my nipples every once in awhile, mmm. Suddenly he started to spurt coating me, the bed and his belly. I massaged him until he finished thrusting and coming. He lay down and began to lick his flaccid cock and I curled up beside him and fell asleep.

After I woke up strangely refreshed but feeling a bit sticky and alone I went to the shower to freshen up. I just love showering the feel of the water pulsing over my skin and the slide of soap and my hands, mmm. I quickly washed and rinsed my hair and and moved onto all my bits and pieces and nooks and crannies. I slowly ran my soapy slippery hand over my breasts massaging and rubbing them and making my way to my firm nipples which seemed to get harder in anticipation. I moaned quietly as I pulled and rubbed them making myself hotter and hotter and feeling the effects further down my body. My hands skimmed down my chest and over my sensitive belly just reaching the top of my pulsing pussy. I played my fingers over my clit and around my lips further arousing myself. My puffy lips seemed to beg for more attention and I came quickly with almost no touching needed. At that I got out of the shower and quickly dried off and in came my canine buddy 'Rover'. He seemed to have recovered from our earlier play the tip of his red and pulsing cock was just beginning to emerge from his hairy sheath, guess he was turned on by my scent (can't say I complained). He reached up with his oh so clever tongue and gave my dripping and puffy cunt a quick lick, oh yes we both wanted more. Mmm hmm. I rubbed his muzzle and pulled him in close and he obliged with another swipe of his clever tongue. I knelt down on the rug beside him and gave him a hug and ran my hand down over his chest and quivering belly to his firm and oh so hot doggy cock. At the feeling of my hand he inched forwards and panted harder. He seemed to really like it when I gave it attention firm and stroking attention, it lengthened and firmed even further. I roll over onto my back and Rover dives in and laps at my pussy as I pull on my nipples moaning over and over and over. After a few minutes of his very eager attentions I roll over onto my knees pulling some towels under my sensitive breasts to cushion and pad me. Rover finds his target with his muzzle again and continues to lick and lap away. He jumps up onto my back and tries to mount me frantically humping and jabbing away with his inflamed tool. I tried to get away still not sure if this was the right thing to do but I felt to weak and turned on to really try. His front legs gripped me harder scratching at my taut nipples and turning me on even further (pleasure and a little bit of pain can be a lethal combination). His frantic gyrations brought his cock into contact with my pussy and boy was it hot and loaded. As wrong as it might be I wanted to feel more of that hard and horny beast. I dropped down onto my elbows and spread my knees further apart. At this invitation Rover banged away harder and his pulsing rod entered and mastered my dripping slit. I moaned and even may have drooled a bit at the feeling ripping through my quivering body, all centered on my quivering and freely dripping cunt. His tool was buried in me and boy did it ever feel good hotter than anything ever before and so filling! He is yipping clearly enjoying the tight squeeze of my not so well used pussy. He tries to force the knot inside me but it just won't go it sure does feel good rubbing against my sensitized clit and the walls of my pussy are getting a great work out. I come several times moaning continuously and Rover starts to spurt filling and overflowing my twitching pussy. He finally pulls out and gives me twitching cunt a quick lick before turning his attention to his now deflated and well used tool. Oh wow.

Oh god I can barely even think clearly! My body is still twitching from all of the sensations that Rover has brought to it. Mmm hmm. I just lie there enjoying the aftereffects of all of our play. Rover seems pretty satisfied too. Still Rover also seems to be ready for a bit more play as he comes over to my prone body and nudges my puffy red pussy with his snout. Just that bid of attention on my well used lips causes my nipples to stiffen and stand at attention. I reach down and play with them as he licks me a bit more. Oh wow. Rover moves up my body and I pet hill all over thanking him for his kind attentions and maybe encouraging him to help me out some more. I love the feel of his body rubbing against mine. It makes my whole skin feel very sensitized and alive. I moan some more as he licks back down my body and to my pussy again. I wriggle as he hits my pussy it is so sensitive and aroused it almost hurts! I pull him in closer wanting to get all the benefits of that clever, clever tongue of his. Suddenly without any warning I come in a long hard burst and moan all through it. It feels so intense I don't know if I can stand it...

Oh oh oh oh, what is happening to me? I can't help from coming again and again. Moaning over and over again as my ravaged body convulses with pleasure. My hands pull harder and harder at my nipples sending shafts of pleasure and pain through my body and down to my abused and sensitive clit. Mmmmm. I want more! But can I take more? My mind and my body are over stimulated and I can barely think and can't rationalize at all. I know what I am doing is wrong but it feels sooo good, almost too good. What is coming next what do I want to happen next? Rover makes me feel so hot, so very hot all the time. I reach down and grasp his hot and pulsing doggy cock which seems to jump at my touch. His snout leaves my twitching pussy as he growls at my touch. I run my hands up and down his firm member stroking and loving it like he did to me. It leaks a bit as his pleasure increases and I just want to make him feel as good as he makes me feel. I squeeze it harder and he yelps a bit and his cock grows even bigger. I want to lick it and suck it but I am not sure how to or if it is a good idea. I rub his lovely prick over my sensitive nipples and it leaves behind a wet trail of pleasure. Oh yes. I stroke and pull harder and longer massaging his wonderful tool. It gets redder and harder and suddenly he begins to hunch and spasm. My hands have made him come! He spurts all over my wriggling and hot body. When he finally stops coming he laps all of his wonderful doggy cum off of me. Off of my firm breasts, quivering belly and shaking pussy. I come again from this. Oh yes Rover is one wonderful dog and I am one lucky, lucky girl!

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