Spiral Into Oblivion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Terry's wife is dominated by Terry's older brother. Terry becomes expendable

There is something for darned near every taste in this work.

But if you don't like stroke stories, don't read this one.

And now ... on with the story.

I'd just wrapped up a new book deal for a lot of money and was very pleased.

Time to celebrate! I spotted a lounge across the street from my hotel and decided to have a victory cocktail.

I entered from the bright sun light into the dimly lit lounge. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the relatively dark watering hole. Only three customers were to be seen.

A man and woman sat at a table and one man was seated at the bar.

The man and woman looked up when I entered and then went back to their private conversation.

The man at the bar sat quietly nursing what looked like bourbon on the rocks. A small pile of stir sticks attested that it was not his first of the day. His clothes looked like he had worn them for a month straight. He looked up as I pulled out a bar stool and made myself comfortable. He nodded at me and then returned to looking intently at the amber fluid in his glass.

The bartender, an attractive woman in her late thirties, rested her elbows on the counter and asked, "What's your pleasure, Mister?"

"Well, good lookin', I'm celebrating. Give me what he is having." I pointed at the man at the bar's drink. "And set up a round for the house."

The bartender laughed and looked around the room at the three other customers. "Hey, big spender, a round for the whole house! Think you can afford it?"

We both laughed. This drew the attention of the man at the bar. He looked at me with the eyes of a dead man. There was no life in them. Just two dull orbs of blue pupil set in the crimson eyeballs of a habitual drinker.

The bartender sat another glass in front of him. He focused on me and said, "Thanks." Then he dropped his head and returned to inspecting the contents of his glass.

I was in high spirits. I hated to see someone so depressed sitting not three seats away from me. I walked down to the man and stuck out my hand.

"Hi. My nickname's Doc. I'm celebrating closing a great business deal. Celebrate with me!"

Slowly, he looked up and after several seconds gripped my hand and said with a sad smile, "Hello, the name is Terrence Sudcliffe. Terry to my friends and family." Then he sobbed, took a drink, and continued, - "My friends and family — that's a laugh. My friends and family who knew what she was doing. My friends and family who cuckolded me. My friends and family who lied to me. My 'friends and family' who stole everything I valued and left me with nothing."

He dropped his head and said no more.

I was intrigued by what could possibly have broken this man's spirits so completely. Thinking there might be material for a future book idea here, I decided to attempt to strike up a conversation and pull out what events had led to this poor man's current condition.

It took me another hour and two more drinks to get him talking. But once he began, it was like a dam bursting. For the next three hours, he poured out his story to me. I tried to remember as much as I could and wrote it down immediately after he left. His story follows:

"Up until three years ago, I was a happily married man with a beautiful wife and one wonderful daughter. I had a large home in one of the more prestigious areas of Atlanta and was a member at the best Country Club that only the best people joined."

"But on July 4th, three years ago, all of that fell apart."

"I got up early that July 4th. I would normally sleep in until 9 or 10 on a holiday, but I wanted to spend some extra time with my older brother, Bob, who'd flown in a few days earlier to spend the holiday with my family."

"Bob and I had both led miserable childhoods. Bob had suffered from a rare form of leukemia and I was regularly used as an organ warehouse for my brother."

"I had provided a kidney, multiple bone marrow donations, and almost constant weekly whole blood transfusions. I had been sick at my stomach for months on end due to the medications I was given to increase my blood production. The bone marrow transplant procedures had been blindingly painful experiences for me. I still have to be careful about liquid intake due to having only one kidney."

"Bob had eventually gone into remission in his mid-teens, but had severe mental problems from the health problems and invasive medical procedures he had experienced. He had become extremely antisocial and had, over a six-month period, robbed, at gun point, several retail businesses "just for the fun of it" he had boasted. For these offenses he had spent a year in a juvenile detention facility. The mental health professionals assigned to his case at the facility had noticed his tremendous need to control others."

"My mother and father had explained this to me. They'd asked for my support and understanding of Bob's control issues."

"I loved my whole family unconditionally, deferred to my parents requests. From then on, my parents and I gave into Bob's demands and always meekly accepted Bob's verbal attacks, demands, and tirades."

"Over the years, Bob had mellowed some. He no longer outwardly attacked me or raised his voice to my family. This all seemed to have happened around the time that Bob had dated Kim."

"Bob had first met Kim at the local carwash. Bob was drying the cars as they came out of the wash line. Kim had brought her car in for wash and they had struck up a conversation as Bob towel dried her car. The forceful young man's demeanor and his self-assurance had impressed Kim. Bob had asked her out before he had her car dried and she had accepted."

"Kim was a virgin when they had met. Within thirty days, Bob had not only achieved full control of her, but also had taken her cherry. Kim wanted to marry him, but could see no way that Bob would settle down to be with just her."

"She also knew that Bob would never be a good provider for a family nor probably

be a decent father. One day Kim had approached me and told me that she did not like Bob's controlling manner and was going to break up with him."

"Two months after the breakup, she saw me at the grocery store and asked me if I would like to go out sometime. I didn't hesitate. Kim was a fox. She had long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a true hourglass shape."

"Bob became very hurtful to me for several months after I'd started dating Kim, but as my relationship with her seemed to grow, Bob became friendlier and less demanding of me. He had even smiled and blessed us when we announced we were to be married."

"So over the years, Bob had seemed to become a loving brother and he would visit us on most long holiday weekends. So it was no big deal that he was at my house on that July 4th. I got up around 7 that morning and headed down stairs."

"I thought "Hey I think I will sneak up on Bob the way I used to do as a kid." Bob should get a kick out of that!"

"I quietly stole toward the kitchen being careful to make no noise. I thought I heard whispered conversation coming from the kitchen. As I approached the door I distinctly heard my wife, Kim, saying in a very low voice, "Bob. Stop that! I want you too, but we just can't screw on the kitchen table. What if Terry or Angie comes in? After all it is college break and Angie is home!"" Terry said, continuing his story.

"Angie was my nineteen year-old daughter, home from college for the summer."

Terry clarified.

"Bob laughed and replied. "I want you right now, right here. If she comes in, we will just chalk it up to sex education for her. If Terry comes in, he was bound to find out some day! I know I had you yesterday all afternoon, but I need you right now. So bend over the table, lift that house robe, and let me at your

beautiful ass!"" Terry said in a quivering voice.

He stopped the story and took a sip of the drink in front of him. Then he continued, "I was stunned. My lovely and loving wife, the mother of my child, and my own brother were cheating on me? How long had this been going on? Why? My head was spinning."

Terry stopped again and fought back tears. He gathered is composure and continued the story.

"I heard the sound of fabric rustling. Kim moaned, "OK, lover, there it is, take it. Take me. Now!""

"I waited a moment until he heard the grunting sounds of sex coming from the two people he cared most about in the world. With trembling hands and legs I inched forward until I could peek in the doorway. I almost died at the sight that greeted me." Terry said in a trembling voice.

"There was my brother with his cock imbedded to the hilt in Kim's ass. Something Kim had never allowed me to do. She used to say it was a dirty, filthy, perverted thing to even ask for."

Terry sobbed as he told this part of his story. He then described what followed.

"Here was my loving wife with my brother's cock rammed all the way in to the hilt. And from the looks of the lust on her face, she loved it. She gripped the sides of the table and was rocking back and forth in perfect counterpoint to Bob's thrusts. Bob's dick was larger than mine by several inches. I was amazed to see my brother's fat prick disappearing into my wife's anus. Bob was sliding all eight inches in and out on each thrust. Kim was inhaling and exhaling in rhythm to the sliding dick."

"Kim moaned, "My God, Bob, I love your dick in my ass. My ass is yours baby. All

yours. Only yours. Yours, yours, yours...""

"Bob grunted, "It had better be only mine. Just like your mouth is mine. Terry's

cock will never touch your lips or ass. Right?""

""Terry is never getting any of this. Only you!" Kim panted."

"I withdrew and stumbled back to the bedroom. I could not believe what I had just seen and heard. I had to have time and space to attempt to process this."

Terry continued. "I threw on my sweats and grabbing my keys hurried down the steps and into the kitchen. I made a lot of noise this time to make sure that my wife and brother heard me coming. I swept into the kitchen. Bob was wiping the table off with a dishrag. Kim was standing at the sink washing a pot. Their faces were red and they both seemed out of breath."

Terry stopped talking and took a sip of his drink and seemed to gather his thoughts. He then continued, "I mumbled something to the effect that I'd forgotten something at the office and would be back in a couple of hours. The last thing I saw was Kim and Bob sharing a look with small smiles toying at the corners of their mouths."

"I jumped in my pickup and drove toward the office. My mind was a jumble of thoughts, emotions and pain. After an hour I began to calm down and think more rationally. OK, so my wife and my brother are cheating on me. And she is giving him sexual favors she never would grant me. I need evidence that will stand up in court. I need to break Bob's balls legally and maybe physically. I need to make Kim feel the pain I do right now. I need to know why she did this. I need a plan to accomplish all of this."

Terry said to me and the bartender that he began planning his revenge, "First and foremost, neither Bob nor Kim can get a hint that I knew. Second, I needed an ally."

"I made a pact with myself to see this thing through and drove back to the house."

"As I entered the front door, Bob was coming down the stairs. He was humming and smiled at me and said, "That sure is a beautiful woman you are married to.""

I forced a smile and replied, "Yes, she is. So loving, too." Even as I said it, my heart ached. I continued to smile at my brother and thought, "You son of bitch, you will get yours soon." Terry said with his face contorting in hatred.

"When I got to the master bedroom, Kim was bundling up the bed sheets. "I thought I would wash these." she volunteered.""

I thought, "Yeah, I'll bet they were a mess from you and Bob's romp while I was gone."

"I busied myself the rest of the day dealing with yard work, some long overdue maintenance to the front porch of the house, and getting the groceries for the barbeque at my neighbors, Sam and Betty Weller's, house." Terry stated.

As I stood watching Sam cook the burgers on the grill, I noted we were alone.

Bob and Kim were talking with Betty across the yard. I said, "Sam, I need to bounce something off of you. Please keep this to yourself. I'm sure that Kim I having an affair."

"Sam stopped turning the burgers and looked directly at me. Sam had a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. "Are you sure? Do you know with whom?

How did you find out?""

"I was taken aback by the look on Sam's face. Sam knew more than he was letting on!" Terry told in a raised voice.

"I no longer felt that I could trust Sam. I replied, "I don't know with who. Yet. And as to how I know, let's just say that things have recently come to light to point that way."

"With that Sam seemed to relax, "Well buddy, if you need help or just need to

talk about it, you know where to come.""

"A little later I noted that Sam seemed to be having a somewhat agitated conversation with his wife. And then a few minutes later, Betty was in hushed conversation with Kim. And finally Kim, with a concerned look, mumbled a few sentences to Bob. Bob just smiled and nodded his head as he glanced in my direction."

"I could not figure out why Sam would divulge his conversation. Unless, unless.

Oh my God, they are all in on it! I had thought. Sam and Betty know about Kim and Bob. And they were all right with it and keeping it a secret from me? But why?"

Terry stopped his story once again and took a larger swallow of his drink. He motioned for the bartender for another round and then with a sigh commenced his story again, "As darkness grew and the town fireworks display was about to start, I told them I was going to walk over to the next block to get a better view of the fireworks. I asked them if anyone wanted to tag along, but they all declined saying they were going to watch the fireworks on television. I told Kim that I would be home after the fireworks."

"As I walked around the corner of the house, I looked back to see the four adults beginning a heated conversation."

"I walked toward the corner and then walked back to Sam and Betty's house and peeked into the backyard. Bob had his arms around Betty and they were tongue kissing. Betty had Bob's dick out and was pumping it with her hand. They were eyeing Sam and Kim. Sam was pushing his cock down Kim's throat. He had all of it stuffed in her mouth. Sam was saying through clinched teeth, "Come on, you little slut. Suck this bone. Throat-fuck it, bitch. I'm going to cum and I want you to swallow it all. Every drop!"" Terry reminisced in a sad, quivering voice.

"Kim looked up at Sam and gave him a little nod of her head indicating agreement. Sam grunted and holding Kim's head, unloaded his balls into her willing mouth. She could be heard swallowing even where I was hidden at the corner of the house. After a short time, Sam pulled his deflated cock from her face and stuck it back in his pants."

"Kim walked back to where Bob and Betty stood. She grabbed Betty and gave her a long slow tongue kiss. Bob rubbed both women's butts as they languished over the soulful kiss exchanging Sam's cum."

"Bob was smiling at Sam and laughed, "Kim is a real little cocksucker, isn't she?"

"Bob replied, "I think I've trained her pretty well. She was a virgin when I first met her. She'd not done anything sexual other then to touch one dick belonging to her first boyfriend. I had two girlfriends teach her how to suck cock. They also taught her how to lick pussy!""

"Sam smiled and said, "She is that. One sharp little slut you got there. Too bad Terry is in the dark about all of this. Betty would actually like to have him eat our cum out of her pussy after we finish with her.""

"Bob replied with a slight snarl. "Terry is only good for one thing. That is being a father to my child. Kim only fucks him because I tell her to do it. I guess it is the least I can do for him supporting my kid and my fuck slut. He's such a fool. He doesn't even have a clue that Kim marrying him was a setup she and I and a few other people dreamed up. We all thought Terry would make a good provider and be a good father. Kim always thought Terry would be a lousy fuck so

I had to promise to do her on a regular basis.""

"The four of them roared in laughter at this."

"Bob went on, "I also had to promise her to get her screwed by as many men as I could set up. I'm glad we came up with this ever-expanding 'Give Kim A Fucking' group of men here in the neighborhood. She at least gets fucked as much as she wants while Terry is at work!""

""Kim wanted a child, just not Terry's child." Sam laughed. Kim just smiled and

nodded her head in agreement as Sam diddled with her tits."

"Sam asked Kim, "Did I hear right? You got two abortions because Terry got you

pregnant twice?"

"Kim laughed, "You damn right. I was livid that I had that wimp's seed growing in me. But I have had a beautiful daughter by Bob.""

"Sam said, "Well, hell, you have had the seed of a least a dozen men here in the neighborhood and never complained once or got pregnant!""

"Kim chuckled, "That is because I stay on the pill until Bob tells me it's time to have another baby. I just screwed up twice and let Terry cum in me when I wasn't on the pill.""

"A couple of trips to the abortion clinic took care of those little bastards."

"Sam said, "Well, something has Terry's balls in an uproar. He's sure you're cheating on him. I don't think he has any real proof. He's just suspicions right now.""

"Sam continued looking at Bob, "If we are all careful, he'll never find out and we can all continue to have our little Kim take care of us.""

The group now went about straightening themselves up to look presentable.

Terry stopped telling his tale long enough to take another gulp from his glass.

"I stumbled back toward the street. I couldn't believe what I had heard. My whole marriage was a sham. My child was not my child. Her mother had summarily murdered my real children because they were my seed." Terry sobbed to us.

He took another gulp of his drink. The man and woman who had been sitting at the table on the other side of the bar had now come over and were listening to this poor man's tale. No one said a word as he collected his thoughts and launched into his story again.

"I walked for several hours and when I got back home, Bob was watching TV and Kim had gone to bed."

""She is probably all tired out from all the dick she took today," I thought. I just could not stand the idea of getting in bed with this stranger who had been my wife. If I kissed my wife's lips, it would be like kissing the dicks of some unknown number of neighborhood men. If I fucked her, it would be like having sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths or more." Terry grumbled to us.

"I headed to my basement office. I occasionally had company work that caused me to spend hours in my home office and sometimes sleep there. So this would not look too much out of the ordinary. I made up the office couch with a pillow and blanket and lay down. Sleep was slow coming."

"I awoke at 7 AM from a fitful sleep. Yesterday, my world had been shattered. Now nothing mattered but revenge." Terry said through clinched teeth. "I showered and dressed and slowly walked into the kitchen. Kim was frying eggs and Bob sat at my place at the table reading the paper. Both were still in the bathrobes. My daughter was spending the entire week at a friend's house near Stone Mountain, so I knew that as soon as I left, those robes were coming off and my wife and brother would have sex for the rest of the day. I pecked Kim on the cheek and said, "Don't hold dinner. I have some things at the office to clear up. I should be home by 10 or 11." With that, I walked out the door."

"I stewed all the way to my office. What were Bob and Kim doing right now? Were other men from the neighborhood there, too? Was Bob selling Kim's favor to all cummers'?"

"I called my secretary, Cindy, into my office. "Cindy, you told me one of your girl friends had gotten a local private investigator to gather evidence on her husband. Do you know if she was pleased with the PI's work? Can you get the name and number from her?""

"Cindy had frowned, "Well, yes, I can get the info for you. I know she was very pleased with the guy's work. But why? What is going on, Terry?""

"I looked down at my hands on the desk. I absently rubbed them together and stuttered. "I - I f - f - found out this weekend that Kim is a slut and has been cheating on me ever since we got married." I dropped my head into my hands and sobbed, "And she is cheating on me with my own brother and probably every man in the neighborhood!""

"Cindy dropped into the chair next to my desk and grabbing my hands gently pulled them away from my face. "I'm so sorry. Are you sure? Could you possibly be mistaken?""

"I shook my head and commenced to tell her the whole story. Cindy listened with no interruption, and when I was finished she stood up. "Boss, I know you don't feel you can trust anyone right now, but you can trust me. I will get that PI over here today." She left my office closing the door behind her."

"I picked up a pen and began doodling as I tried to come to grips with what actions I should be taking. I knew my marriage was over. I knew my family was no more. I knew I was alone and almost broken. I thought to myself "Angie is my brother's bastard. How can I love her as my own child any more? Every time I look at her now, all I will see is Bob smirking at me as he screws Kim.""

"I picked up the phone and began to dial my attorney, Henry Miller. Then stopped. "How deep and wide is this conspiracy against me?" I thought. What if his attorney was just another of his wife's sex partners? Could he be trusted on this? Henry was a single parent. Kim had spent time at his attorney's home just last month. Supposedly, Kim was helping him plan a sweet sixteen-birthday party for Henry's daughter. Maybe Kim was doing a lot more than that?"

"No." I decided, "I'll have to get a new attorney to deal with this."

"Cindy knocked on my office door and stuck her head in. "Boss, the PI will be here in two hours. I also got the number of the divorce attorney my friend used. She was a real ass-kicking attorney and took the husband and lover to the cleaners. Here is her number." She handed me a slip of paper.'

"The PI, Dillon Frost, was ushered into my office exactly two hours later. I explained what I had seen and heard and asked Dillon to obtain enough evidence to stand up in court to support the court actions I was planning. I handed him a check for his retainer. Dillon took the check, glanced at it and pocketed it. He

nodded his head and said, "We will get her for you. If all goes well, you will have a report by Friday." With that he rose from his chair, shook my hand and left."

"I played it cool at home for the next few days. I gave no indication that I knew anything except I began sleeping in his home office. I explained this as I was working on a huge contract that if I landed it would set them up for life. Kim had told me to do what I had to for my family but she missed me in bed with

her. Ha!" Terry snorted as he told us this.

"I had wanted to strangle her when she said that but let it go. "Just a few more days and I'll get your sorry ass, you bitch," I thought to myself as I hugged her goodnight."

"The next day, Dillon Frost sat across the desk from me as he presented his report. The report had photos, phone records, and one hotel receipt, as well as investigator eyewitness accounts. Dillon had installed a dozen pencil video cameras in Terry's house while Bob and Kim had gone to the local Marriott for a

meeting with two men that Terry did not recognize. One of Dillon's men had taken pictures of the Marriott meeting and had watched as the two men, Bob, and Kim went into a hotel room and spent four hours before Bob and Kim had emerged. Both looking flush and with clothes askew."

"Bob had left on Thursday morning, but not before he had taken Kim again in the kitchen. This was proved by the kitchen video camera Dillon had installed. The video showed the two adulterers in standard missionary position with Bob's cock slamming into Kim's cunt. He would pull almost completely out of her and then slam back in to her to the hilt. You could see her gasping for breathe in unison with Bob's plunging dick."

"As we watched this particular video, Dillon had said, "I have never been able to gather evidence of adultery this quickly before. These people are totally out of control. Terry, I have to warn you, there is more in this one scene than you might be able to stand. I know that I was, and still am, mortified by what

happens next. In fact, I am returning your retainer. The remainder of this case, my time and expense is on me. I want to get these assholes badly for what you are about to see!""

"I continued to stare at the video playing on Dillon's laptop. Suddenly, the kitchen door opened and the girl I had thought was my oldest daughter, Angie, walked in. She stopped and stared at Kim and Bob who were still lost in their private passions. She looked embarrassed by what she was witnessing."

"There was audio and as Dillon and I watched they could hear Angie hesitantly saying "Mom ... Mom. What the hell are you and Uncle Bob doing? What about Dad? Does he know you're screwing Bob?" Bob didn't break his rhythm in fucking Kim. He looked around and smiled. They could make out that he was saying, "It's okay, Angie, honey. Your mom loves for me to do this to her, your Dad can't make her feel this way!"" Terry narrated to us through clinched teeth.

"At first, Kim had appeared startled and embarrassed at being caught by her nineteen-year old daughter, but Bob continued to slam into her cunt and he did not seem concerned that Angie was watching them. This calmed Kim and allayed her concerns." Terry continued, "I saw Bob smile and motion to Angie to approach them as he continued to hammer Kim. Angie hesitantly approached the sweating bodies and stopped behind the kitchen table where she could see Bob's dick disappearing into her mother's glistening cunt."

"Angie could be seen asking, "Mom, I'm really embarrassed watching you fuck Uncle Bob. But it is a turn on. Geez, he's got a cock on him doesn't he?""

"Kim looked down at the end of the table where Angie stood and said between gasps of air, "Yes sweetie, he does have a man's dick. My god, this is incredible sex. This is the way sex is meant to be. I know you have tried sex a few times in college, but you need to be broken in by a man like Bob.""

"Bob was pistoning in and out of Kim with even more speed and energy than early. It was apparent that having a tight body college girl watching him pound her mother's cunt really turned him on. His body finally appeared to grow rigid as he spewed his seed into Kim."

"Angie watched as Bob withdrew and the long string of white cum trailed from Bob's dick to Kim's cunt. Bob looked at Kim and then at Angie. And he said, "Angie, you should try this a few times with different guys before you settle on a husband. You will love it! And you can sort out who brings you off the best. Even if you don't marry that person, you can make sure to keep them around to bring you off when your hubby can't! Just like I am doing for your mom right now. If you want some pointers, just let me know I will give you some

private lessons!""

"Angie, looking embarrassed and at the same time flushed with a sexual rush, shook her head and walked swiftly from the room."

"Kim struggled out from under Bob and said angrily "What did you do that for? Now I have to make sure she is okay and doesn't say anything to Terry!" With that she disappeared from the camera's view and a minute later Bob, after cleaning off his equipment with a dishtowel, left the room."

"Dillon turned off the laptop video. I sat too stunned to move. Dillon finally broke the silence and said, "Don't worry, Terry. I want this asshole badly. He appears to be adding incest to his resume, and I will not let that happen. He'll either be arrested or dead before he or one of those other male perverts he runs with can touch Angie.""

""I could not believe what I had just witnessed. Bob had basically come on to Angie, his own biological daughter, and Kim just went along with it. Kim was going to allow Bob to turn her daughter into a slut. Kim only seemed upset that she had to calm Angie down and ensure she said nothing to me. What the hell kind of a hold does Bob have on Kim? She is willing to do anything he wants. Even whore out her own daughter out!" I said to Dillon in a raised voice."

"Dillon cleared his throat and said, "Terry, there is another video taken in your bedroom where Kim is entertaining Charlie Sands your neighbor from two doors down the street. It appears this is a standing fuck session held each Wednesday. Bob appears at the bedroom door as Charlie is having Kim suck him hard again after their first fuck was over. Bob grins and waves to Charlie and makes a motion with his fingers indicating Charlie needs to pay him. Charlie nods to Bob as he takes Kim's head in both his hands and starts face fucking her. He turns his head toward the dresser. Bob walks over and picks up what looks like several hundred dollar bills and pockets them. With that he leaves the room leaving Charlie to continue to deep throat your wife.""

"Dillon left his reports and copies of the videos he had taken. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "We'll get these bastards Terry.""

"I sat like stone for better than a half an hour. Then I seemed to wake out of my trance and began searching for something on my desk. At last, I found it. It was the piece of paper that Cindy had given me a couple of days before with the attorney's name and number on it."

"I picked up the phone. Within two hours I was seated with Mandy Hrin my new divorce attorney. I explained the situation, showed my evidence, and asked Mandy to draw up divorce papers at once. There was also a request for DNA testing of =Angie to see if she was mine. Since Angie was nineteen, we would have to get her

permission for the test. There was also a lawsuit to be filed against Bob for repayment of all monies I had spent in support and care of Angie when it was legally determined by the DNA tests that she was not mine."

"I made it clear to Mandy that I had no interest in continuing to be even considered a parent to "the asshole's bastard child" as I portrayed Angie. But I did not want to see her drawn into the perverted lifestyle that my wife and brother were apparently planning for her." Terry told his enthralled bar audience.

"In the interim, Mandy would petition the court for a restraining order against Bob to require him to stay five hundred feet away from me, my house and most importantly from Angie while she still resided there."

"This done, I, on his attorney's advice, went to the bank, transferred half of the funds to a new personal account. I closed all joint credit cards and other charge accounts."

"The court work would take a few days according to Mandy. "Give me until Tuesday morning to get all of the legal paper in place. Tuesday afternoon, we will drop a bomb on this whole group.""

"Mandy requested, "Until then, you need to get away from the situation. Here's how you might do it." With that Mandy laid out a plan." Terry told us. "Before going home, I arranged for some tickets to one of the King Tut exhibit being shown in Tampa, Florida. It was an eight-hour drive from Atlanta."

"Arriving home, I hugged Kim and gave her a kiss, which nauseated me throw up. I said casually holding up the tickets, "Honey, one of my client's gave me these tickets to the Tampa Museum's King Tut exhibit. They are for this weekend. I thought we could invite Angie and spend some quality family time over the weekend. Can you be packed by tomorrow morning?"

"Kim thought for a second and said, "Terry, I can't go. I am helping on that birthday party for our attorney's daughter on Saturday. Remember? I promised Henry to help! But look. Why don't you invite Angie and have some fun? She would love to spend the time with you. I'll just have Henry make up the guest room for me and then I can help him clean up after the party.""

"At once, I knew that my decision to not involve Henry had been the right one. Alarm bells were going off in my head. "Spend the night, eh? Yeh, right. Fuck the night away is more like it. I wonder what old Henry is giving Bob for use of my wife?""

"None of that mattered any more. By the time Bob and Kim know what is happening when all of the papers are served, I can have myself insulated from the forthcoming explosions and fallout." Terry remembered and then stopped again to take a gulp of his drink. He waved for another from the bartender. And then he continued his amazing story.

"I asked Angie if she would like to go but Angie said no that she had some plans with some friends for the next few days. I asked her if she would sign a release for a DNA test. I explained that his doctor had suggested that DNA sample be on file in case of medical needs some time in the future. Angie trusted me completely had did not hesitate to sign or to provide the hair sample I asked for."

"The next morning, I quickly packed a bag for myself. I drove off in my pickup truck to Tampa."

"At least that is what I told Kim when I showed her the tickets. I really headed north to a mountain cabin near Cherokee North Carolina owned by my attorney, Mandy."

"Per Mandy's plan, I would stay here until Wednesday morning. I would call Kim on Sunday and tell her my truck had broken down and it would take some time to repair it. Mandy and I were both sure that Kim would not be overly concerned since it allowed her a few days of uninhibited sex with some or all of her partners. She would probably do whatever Bob told her to do while she had the free time."

"The cabin was isolated, but had all of the luxuries. The cabin's homeowners association had a clubhouse with pool, so Terry could relax and swim. The clubhouse had a restaurant that actually had some pretty good food. I ate there the entire time I was in Cherokee."

"Angie had gladly given her father some hairs she plucked from her head. He placed the loose hairs in an envelope, and put the envelope in the over night delivery package that Mandy had given him. I'd also cut a small portion of my own hair in another sample kit and also placed it in the overnight package."

"In some ways I held Angie responsible for Kim murdering my own unborn children. I knew Angie had nothing to do with what Kim had done, but still I held her responsible just for being offspring of my evil brother."

"I picked up my cell phone and called my parents. It rang once before being picked up and a woman's voice said, "Hello." It was my mother. I sighed and steeled myself so as to not show emotion."

"Hi, Mom. How are you and Dad?"

""Oh goodness, we are doing well. How are you? Is something wrong? You hardly ever call us!" His mom asked."

"No, mom. Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to hear a friendly voice."

"I'm sure your father would love to say 'Hi' to you. Wait a minute."

"A few seconds later I heard my father's deep voice, "Terry my boy, what is going on? Good to hear from you. Is everything really okay?""

"Yes dad, everything is okay. But can I ask you a question?"

"Fire away, boy."

"Let's say there was a serious falling out between Bob and me. Would you side with one of us over the other?"

"Well, you both are very important to us. I guess it would depend on what caused the falling out."

"Let say one of us completely violated the trust of the other one."

"Terry, I really don't know what you want me to say. You are the perfect son. Totally giving. You are completely honest and a good provider for your family. We are proud of what you have accomplished. You can stand on your own. On the other hand, Bob is our first born that we almost lost more than once. You know that. He also is very headstrong and does have a need to control everything to the nth degree. But we love him to death and would do anything to protect him."

"Thanks, Dad. I guess that answers my question."

"Is there something going on with you and Bob that your mother and I need to know about?"

""No Dad, there is absolutely nothing going on between Bob and I." I could say without lying. What was going on was between Bob and Kim and Kim and Terry. As far as I was concerned, Bob was dead and gone."

"I said goodbye and then dialed my home number."

"All I got was the answering machine. I tried again every half hour until 2 in the morning. No answer. Kim was either at home but too busy to pickup the phone or she was out with one of her fuck buddies. Maybe she was out with more than one of them." Terry said as he tossed back the last of the liquid in his glass.

This story was originally posted on another website a long time ago. I've fixed a lot of punctuation and spelling errors. This was a very early work of mine and certainly reads like it. I've cleaned up some of the dialogue to make it more realistic, but the story itself is just so much horse manure. I was challenge to write the raunchiest story I could with sex filling most every page. This one is loaded with all kinds of sex-related scenes and acts of degradation.

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