Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man dies and Derek Evans wants the truth. But is Lily Blake willing to help him?

"You know he got the cure but then he went astray..."

Lily Blake was really very tired as she was thinking of all the people that were waiting outside her dressing room just to see her. But it was her job and part of acting was being close to all the people that admire your work and want to congratulate you. She couldn't just leave even though she was dying to get rid of her make up and the high-heels that were killing her feet for the last two hours.

Who said that life is easy? At the age of 29 she was lucky enough to do a job she loved and the funny thing was that people loved her too. When she quit law school just before she got her degree and announced to her parents that she would study in drama school she had never imagined that one day she would be so successful. Her parents had cried that day and then her father had threatened never to speak to her again.

It wasn't easy to ruin all their dreams but she would do it again gladly. No regrets. Living her life according to others' wishes was not something she intended to do again. In the end she had to answer to herself and to fight for her own dreams. Eventually, her mother had come around but her father remained aloof.

She changed into her jeans and a red t-shirt and she stared herself at the mirror. She didn't look tired at all, but underneath all that make up she felt 100 years old. The play was very demanding and it was draining her emotionally and physically but she didn't complain. She inspected herself thoroughly, her long chestnut hair, her dark eyes, she put on some lipstick and deemed herself ready.

Trying to forget all about the play and her family she spent the next two hours discussing her part, her career and her love-life with people she would probably never see again in her life. The first question they all asked of course was about her relationship with Jerry Lowell. How was he? Why hadn't he come to see her? When did they plan to get married? Was she pregnant? She absolutely hated answering but she was forced to be polite and to tell people what they wanted to hear. She and Jerry were their favourite couple. She was a talented actress and he was a famous pop singer.

Actually Jerry had been famous long before she started acting. All his records were number one hits, he had won several MTV awards and the girls loved him despite all the rumours about drugs and alcoholism. When they met and moved in together the media went crazy. They couldn't stop writing about Jerry's love for her or the fact that he quit drinking thanks to her intervention. Women love a rake but what they love more is a reformed rake. Now they were just waiting for the wedding ceremony and the baby. Lily laughed to herself.

As she got out of her car she cursed silently. She was freezing. The winter in London was getting worse every year. That was when she felt the first snowflake on her nose. She cursed again and got into the building. She checked her mail and smiled. Her cousin Jen was on her honeymoon with the handsome Alex Devlin and she had sent Lily a postcard. On the back she wrote:

"Lily, we're traveling around the world. I planned to call but Alex said a card would be a better idea. Hope you like it!

P.S. Heard all about your latest performance and I'm proud of you.


Mr. and Mrs. Devlin"

Lily sighed. It was clear, even from a silly postcard that her cousin was ridiculously happy. Feeling a little jealous she entered her apartment on the fourth floor and called Jerry's name. When he didn't answer she walked in the living room.

"Jerry? I'm back."

But Jerry still didn't answer. She could sense that something was wrong when she saw him asleep on the couch with a bottle of wine on the table next to him. "You're incorrigible," she said and started delivering a lecture when she noticed the pool of blood at her feet.

Lily dropped Jen's postcard and approached the couch. She didn't scream, she didn't make a sound. Jerry was clearly stabbed and there was nothing she could do about it. She grabbed the phone with trembling hands and called for an ambulance but she knew beyond doubt that he was gone.


Inspector Derek Evans arrived at the address they had given him several hours later. By that time the front steps of the building were frozen and the coroner had already examined the body. Until then he was forced to listen to his superiors' orders about how he should handle Jerry Lowell's death. Among other things he was told that he should avoid talking to the media and that they would try to keep it a secret as long as they could. He was certain that it would reach the newspapers by morning.

Nobody had the power to keep a celebrity's death a secret. Not even Scotland Yard. But he had to do his job nonetheless. He climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and noticed that the building was surprisingly empty. He went in Jerry Lowell's apartment and he was greeted by another officer.

"The coroner's done, Inspector."

"Time of death?" Derek asked while he was focusing on his surroundings. Lowell had a professional decorate the place. Every item in there was worth a fortune and yet the person who had murdered the victim had not touched a thing.

"Eight to ten hours ago. The obvious reason is that the victim was stabbed to death but he can't be sure until he has run all the tests. Plus we can't find the murder weapon."

"Ok. Thanks."

"By the way the victim's girlfriend is in the kitchen if you want to talk to her."

For some reason he had totally forgotten the girl. "Right. She's an actress. What's her name?"

"Lily Blake," the officer replied.

There was something peculiar about his tone so Derek asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"No. It's just that ... Well she's too calm. She didn't cry, she answered all of our questions ... I don't get it. If she lost a loved one shouldn't she be more upset?"

"She should," Derek admitted and went in the kitchen, a simple but beautiful room. Unlike the rest of the place the lights were off. Apparently the light from the living room was enough for her. He found his suspect in the dark, sitting on the bench drinking a cup of coffee. Except for the fact that she was pale she looked almost bored. There was something about her that seemed familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it. "Miss Blake? I'm Derek Evans and I will be investigating the murder of Jerry Lowell."

Her dark eyes focused on his face. Then she smiled, a fact that made him realize that she was a beautiful woman. "I know very well who you are," she announced. "But it looks like you don't recognize me."

Was she implying that they knew each other? How could that be? "Have we met before?"

"You could say that," she said taking a sip of her coffee.

"You must be mistaken," he insisted.

"Really?" she laughed. "You are Derek Evans, your parents are Diane and Henry Evans, you played soccer in high school and your girlfriend's name was Irene."

"Ok. So we were classmates. But I still don't know who you are." And that was very unusual for him because he never forgot a face. And he was certain that he would never forget those eyes or that sweet smile even after all those years.

"It doesn't matter." She shrugged and put her mug down. "Shall I tell you what happened?"

"Yes, please." She started talking but his mind was still searching through his high school years trying to find the pretty girl who later became an actress. He knew that it would bother him until he figured it out but she didn't seem particularly interested in reminding him who she was. "That's all?" he asked when he realized that she was looking at him waiting for his reaction.

"Yes. You know the rest."

"You are an actress, right?" he asked.

Lily Blake narrowed her eyes at him. "I am curious. Why would you ask a person a question when you already know the answer? Could it be you are implying that I could have easily killed Jerry and then sit here and talk to you as if nothing happened?"

Derek smiled. She was smart but that was just another reason why he should consider her a suspect. Also she was furious. "Trust me Mr. Evans. I know the law, actually I have studied the law so don't try to manipulate me." She had studied the law? Derek didn't expect that. Why hadn't somebody warned him? He hated surprises. But more than surprises he hated lawyers.

"I apologize Miss Blake." She didn't look pleased so he tried to change the subject. "How long were you and Jerry Lowell a couple?"

"I moved in here eighteen months ago."

"And how did you two meet?"

"We met when I saved Jerry at a party. I hate parties," she murmured. "Anyway, I had to go and there I saw Jerry for the first time. He was drunk and he was using."


She just nodded. "He practically collapsed at my feet. I couldn't leave him there so I took him in for the night. The next day he accused me that I wanted something in return and that I was a penniless actress. Naturally I threw him out of my house. The next day he called me and asked me to go out."

Her story was credible but Derek could sense that there was something wrong. There was something she wasn't saying. He could feel it in his bones. "Miss Blake can I ask you something?"

"Please don't call me Miss Blake. I told you we used to know each other."

"Anyway," he said still annoyed at her for not explaining further, "who else lives in this building?"

"No one else. It is Jerry's building. We are the only residents."

"Ok. That will be all. By the way, don't go anywhere."

She laughed at his warning and he almost smiled. Damn her! She could make him forget his job! "And where would I go? I work at the theatre Derek. There is no acceptable excuse for not showing up. Apart from dying."

There was something about the way she said his name that made him stop. Oh yes, he was sure. He had heard that voice before. That husky, sexy voice belonged to a girl he knew but she was different, very different from the woman standing in front of him now.



Lily winced at the sound of that name. Except her parents nobody called her Adelaide. And her old classmates who never bothered to talk to her anyway. Yet here he was. Derek Evans himself investigating a murder and she was a suspect! If there was a God he was surely laughing. She had recognized him the instant he had walked in her kitchen. Nothing had changed. After thirteen years Derek was still the same; tall, dark, lean, handsome with clever green eyes that could look straight into your soul.

Of course he didn't recognize her. After all she had lost weight, her hair was long and straight and she didn't wear braces anymore. "Lily please," she told him watching him while he was trying to overcome the shock.

"Fuck," Derek said. "I should have realized..."

"Well, you couldn't. Don't worry. If it makes you feel any better my own cousin didn't recognize me when she saw me last summer."

"The voice. Your voice is unique." Derek passed his hand through his black hair.

"That's true," she agreed. "That was your only clue."

"And your last name," he replied.

Lily smiled. "Blake is a very common name in our country. Anyway, I hope this is not a problem for you?"

He glanced at her as if he didn't understand a word she was saying but before he had the chance to ask she explained, "I'm talking about the fact that you are in charge of a murder investigation and I am your primary suspect."

"I never said that," he protested.

"You didn't need to." Lily opened a cupboard and took a mug to pour him some coffee. If you lived in England you had to drink tee but Lily hated it. She couldn't even get used to the taste. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that her father was French. And if she remembered correctly Derek despised tea as well. "Black?"

"As always," he said. "Can I ask you something?"

He was more relaxed now that she was more upset. It would be better for her if he had no idea who she was. "Sure."

She gave him the coffee and he thanked her. "Why aren't you more upset? I mean, you dated the guy, you lived together ... Did you expect this to happen?"

"Of course not," she said sternly. "However, I was afraid that he might die because of the drugs. Every time I walked through that door I thought that I would find his body. I confessed that to him one day but he just laughed." Derek didn't interrupt her so she went on, "But stabbed? No, I never expected that to occur."

"Did he have any enemies?"

Lily wrapped a blanket around her. "He was a pop star Derek. You can't be that famous without having enemies."

"Then why didn't he have a bodyguard? Why did he live here instead of a mansion?"

"I don't know. Apart from the obvious reason which was that no one knew about this place, I think that Jerry's main problem was that he felt guilty. He believed firmly that he didn't deserve being successful. He hated his songs, he hated the record companies, he hated money and above all he hated himself."

Derek nodded while he enjoyed his coffee but his eyes never left her face. "Did he hate you as well?"

Lily thought about it for a while. "I've wondered about that myself but I think the answer is no. There are only two things Jerry didn't like about me. The first one was that I despise drugs and that I was forcing him to stay clean."

"And the other one?" Derek asked casually.

"The fact that I am a woman."

"What?" he said startled.

Lily liked seeing him so surprised. "You should have guessed by now Derek. Jerry was gay."

It took him a while to recover from the shock. Lily decided to change the subject. "But that's not the right question to ask a suspect."

Derek grinned at her. He was amused. "And according you what is the right question?"

"You should have asked me if I hated him."

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