Making Heroes
Chapter 1

Jack Bryson was not your average 16-year-old high school football player. Sure, he was 6-feet, 8-inches tall and weighed 306 pounds, none of it fat. Because of his size, he anchored the left side of the offensive line, even though he was the fastest, strongest man on the team, nay, in the whole state. It was obvious that he was already destined to be a pro in the NFL; scouts were already looking at him as a must-have prospect, even as a junior in high school.

Jack had excelled in all the sports that he had attempted, he was even outstanding in martial arts, but he did have a real problem here, because it was difficult for him to find someone to spar with. He was too heavy for most people to manhandle, and he had to be very careful that he did no harm with his great strength. As a result, most of his time was spent in honing his skill with various weapons, since these tended to even up the contest a bit. He was particularly adept with weapons which had a long staff, such as spears and polearms, since the weight of the point had little effect on his handling of the weapon.

His parents were justifiably proud of him, though there had been nothing remarkable about him when he had been adopted as an infant. He was literally a foundling, since he had been found on the loading dock of his adoptive father's warehouse with no signs of how he had gotten there. Jack appeared to be about 3 weeks old when he showed up, and his parents had instituted the adoption procedure for him as soon as it was established that his biological parents could not be found. Jack had two siblings, but began to dominate them purely with the force of his personality. His sister, June, was 3 years older than him, and his brother, Joe, was 1 year older. The Bryson family could have been used as a shining example of the way for a happy family to live.

Jack had the good looks to go with his size. He was ruggedly handsome, with coal black hair and blue eyes. All of the girls idolized him, mostly from afar, because they were frightened by his tremendous size. He did have a girlfriend, but she was unusual in that she, too, was over sized. Some of the boys had likened Sue to Wonder Woman on steroids, but they were universally afraid of her. Sue was 6-feet, 2-inches tall and weighed in at 267 pounds, the only fat was where it was most pleasing to the male eye.

Sue was fantastically lucky! Whatever she wanted, she got. She had only to express a desire for something in her own mind and it happened within a few hours. Sue Thomas was also adopted, but into a family which already had 7 children, all adopted. She, too, was the youngest of the brood, but she was the dominant one. Sue never abused the privilege, but all of her siblings knew that she was the boss.

Sue and Jack had met in middle school and had grown to be practically one body. Everybody, including their parents, expected them to get married, so they were an item before they even hit highschool. Every spare moment they had was spent together, usually on long jaunts through the backwoods; they even spent time on overnight camping trips. They didn't expect any problems, but Sue's parents had put her on birth control pills in anticipation of these overnight campouts. It was a good thing, too, because the experimenting began on the third overnight excursion. By the end of that summer, the two knew everything that there was to know about each other's bodies, likes, and dislikes, and this bound them even more tightly together.

They had started out kissing, but it did not take long for this to progress to heavy petting. The usual cunnilingus and fellatio followed in short order, and full intercourse was not far behind. By the fifth camping trip they had been ready to go all the way. The session started out with them stripping each other's clothes off. They each removed their own boots, but that was the last of that. Sue removed Jack's shirt while he did the same for her. This resulted in a bit of confusion until they resolved who had precedence—Sue let Jack remove her shirt first. Thereafter, they took turns. Sue's bra was one that fastened in front, so that was no problem, and trousers and underwear were quickly disposed of. This was not the first time that they had seen each other naked, of course, but it was the first time when sex with full penetration was contemplated.

No foreplay was really needed because Sue was dripping love oil from her vagina and Jack's prick was already gushing copious amounts of precum. As a kind of bowing to convention, Jack sucked on Sue's nipples before presenting his rigid cock for her to line up on her pussy, and he slipped in with no hindrance. Sue's hymen had long ago been broken by her athletic activity, so that was of no concern. Jack easily slipped his rather large cock into Sue's vagina because of all of the lubrication present and pushed in until he struck her cervix. Both of them expected him to go that deep, so there was no pain involved. Jack began to pump and Sue responded, they went at it for awhile until Sue came. Jack had been straining to hold back, so he was relieved when he was finally able to let himself go. Both of them had monumental orgasms and the forest rang with Sue's moans and Jack's shout. They both agreed that the experience was well worth repeating, so they did as soon as Jack got hard again.

Conveniently, Sue and Jack were in the same grade, so there was no problem with their social life, other than their extreme size. Thus, it was a foregone conclusion that they would date each other for the Junior-Senior prom. Jack had now had his driver's license long enough that he was allowed to drive at night and carry passengers, so he drove them to the prom in his parents car. Jack picked up Sue promptly at 8:30 PM and they drove toward the school gym were the dance was being held. They parked in the overflowing parking lot and had a long walk to the gym.

They were walking arm-in-arm toward the gym when they spotted some friends also headed that way. Jack and Sue stopped to wait for the two couples to catch up to them when it happened! The witnesses described the event as a tornado swooping down and grabbing them right off the sidewalk and vanishing without leaving a trace of either one of them. Everybody was distraught at the strange disappearance; Jack and Sue were never seen again!

Sue regained consciousness first. She saw Jack lying to one side, just then coming to his senses. She'd had some medical training, so she knew not to try to move him until she was sure that he had no injuries. He sat up and looked around. "My God, Sue! You're naked! What happened to your clothes?"

"Hell, Jack, you're naked, too. I don't care so much about the clothes as I do about where we are and how we get home."

Jack sat up and looked around. "I don't recognize this place, but it looks like I think an old-growth forest should look, and there are none of those around home. I have no idea where we could be."

Jack stood up and gave a cry of warning. He jumped remarkably far and landed astride a cat-like creature that was about to spring at Sue. Jack grabbed the animal's head in the back with one hand and its jaw with the other. He exerted his maximum strength and speed and jerked the animal's head quickly around, breaking its neck. The animal was so quickly subdued that it was already dead as it tried to complete its jump onto Sue's unprotected back.

"What the shit is that?" she exclaimed, rhetorically. "It looks like a saber-toothed tiger. Look at the size of those canines. Thanks, honey, you really saved me on that one."

"Yeah, I think its proper name is 'smilodon fatalis, ' and they have been extinct for thousands of years. Did we get bounced through time?"

"I don't know, while you're talking about science fiction, why not parallel universes? I prefer that, because I still want access to toilet paper and tampons."

Jack grinned and agreed, "I have to go along with that, I sure would miss toilet paper. Hey, that reminds me, we need some clothes; this breeze blowing on my balls is not all that comfortable."

Sue laughed at that and agreed. "Let's look around and see if we can find any of our clothes. Maybe they are around here, somewhere."

It only took them a minute or so to spot the two bundles placed near where they were standing. Jack said, "Sue, look here. I don't know why, but I am getting the strong feeling that those two bundles are clothes intended for us. And, look, here is a note attached to one of the packs."

"Let's get dressed first, then read the note. I don't want your balls to freeze off!"

They got dressed in what they would have expected to see as movie costumes representing sometime in the middle ages. The clothes were well made and fit comfortably, they just had that ancient style. Sue's dress was full length to her ankles and she was wearing boots cut just above her ankle. Her main complaint was that she couldn't find any underwear. In effect, she was naked under the dress.

Jack's outfit was underpants which provided some support for his cock and balls, and a leather shirt and pants. He had some long socks and boots that came up to just below his knee. They both had broad-brimmed hats, Sue's was decorated with a feather plume.

They were each provided with a sheath knife that had an 8-inch-long blade shaped somewhat like a bowie knife. Sue had an 8-foot long staff with a crook in one end, and Jack had a staff which had an ax blade on one end. Sue complained that she didn't know how to use a staff as a weapon, so Jack advised her to pretend that it was a spear until he had time to train her. Sue noticed that her staff had some intricate carving all up and down its length, but she had no idea what it meant.

Jack picked up the note and began reading it out loud. "Lord Argo, and Lady Ulna, greetings on your return to your own world. You are already wearing your clothes and hats, otherwise you would not be able to read and understand this note. Take off your hats, and you will see that this note is not written in a language that you can understand. Be sure to restore the hats to your heads before you try to learn more.

"First of all, the hats provide all of the information that you will need to survive until you reach your capital city, Asmia. Lady Ulna, you are an accomplished sorceress, but you will have to learn your spells as you need them. Your staff is your source of power; make sure that nothing happens to it, or you will be very nearly helpless. Your first spell is one of a fire ball. Hold the staff in your left hand and point your right index finger at the target. A fire ball will leap from your finger to the target you have in mind at your command of "FIREBALL." You cannot miss your target, as the fire ball is directed by your mind and will strike whatever you have chosen for your target. At first, the fire balls will be relatively weak and you will have to fire several to kill your target, but the fire balls will get stronger as you learn to use them. And, do not worry, you cannot harm your friends with any of your spells. The fire balls and other things will pass right through them without doing harm.

"Lord Argo, your strength is as a fighting man. You can use any weapon you can grasp, from tiny throwing darts to huge clubs that you can hardly lift. Your body is highly resistant to injury, so you can be fairly reckless in your fighting style. Lady Ulna can heal your injuries in only a few moments, except that she cannot return you to life if you should die. Between the two of you, you should be able to take care of yourselves on your journey.

"You must try to make your way to Asmia as quickly as possible. The fate of our world rests on your shoulders. The evil Lord Drago is trying to consolidate his power, and you two are the only ones who can stop him from becoming the permanent, undisputed ruler of our world. Please hurry, you are our only hope!

"You will have other questions, ask them of your magic hats. The hats are a reservoir of all of our knowledge.

"Good luck. Let nothing delay your return to the throne."

Sue looked dazed and said, "Jack, I think that we aren't in Kansas, anymore!"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. So, let's get started. Hat, which way should we go?"

It is morning, so the sun is currently in the East. Travel approximately 10 degrees north of a line due east. I will guide you if you wander too far off line. Do you understand?

"Yes, I do. Thanks. Sue, I think that you need to try out your spell technique before we start out, just so you can see how well it works."

"You are absolutely right. Here goes." She followed instructions and took the staff in her left hand. She pointed her right forefinger at a tree about 20 yards away and said, "FIREBALL!" The tree was struck by a ball of fire that jumped from her finger to strike it at about eye level. A burst of flame engulfed the tree trunk and was extinguished almost immediately. There was an obvious scorch mark on the tree.

"Damn, that was impressive. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like when you fully master that spell."

"Well, we have already had a demonstration of your prowess as a warrior from your attack on that smilodon, so I guess that we are ready to go. That looks like a path over there. Let's give it a try. We don't have any food packs, so I hope there's a MacDonald's on the way."

They walked the few yards to the path and started following it toward the east. They had walked for about an hour, and they came to a crossroad. There was a building beside the roads which appeared to be an inn. Jack said, "Hat, how do we pay for lunch?"

Check your pockets. You should have a few small copper coins. Two should be enough to buy you some watered wine and cheese, which should hold you until supper.

"Yeah, I found it. It looks like I have 15 pennies. Sue, do you have any?"

"Yes, I have 12 pennies in my purse. At least, we will have something to pay for food and lodging for the next few days."

They walked into the tavern attached to the inn and were immediately taken aback. Standing behind the plank bar was what looked like a man, but he had the head of a pig! The man said, "Come in, strangers, I'm harmless. You are late for lunch, so all we have is cheese and watered wine. Will that do?"

Jack said, "Yes, that will be fine. What's the charge?"

"I'll charge 1 penny, each, for you and your lady. Please sit at any empty table, and I'll get your food."

They sat so that they faced the door; they had seen enough Western movies to know to do that. The man returned in only a minute or two with a platter of cheese and two mugs of liquid. "That'll be 2 pennies, please. Thats very fine cheese, and I brought you a heel of bread to go with it."

Sue could contain her curiosity no longer and asked, "If you don't mind me asking, how did you acquire that head, since I am sure that you weren't born with it."

The man sat down with them as said, "I made a stupid mistake, one day. A customer was making trouble, so I threw him out. Unfortunately, that customer was a wizard who was a bit too drunk to have complete control of his spells. Anyway, he got mad at me and gave me this boar's head. He came back the next day, all apologetic, and tried to reverse the spell. The trouble was, he couldn't. By being drunk, he had put a twist into the spell that he couldn't reverse, so I have been compelled to wear this head ever since."

Sue asked her hat, "Is there any way that I can reverse the spell?"

No, but you can cast a new spell which will give the man a new head. The new head can look just like his original head, so the effect would be the same."

"Great, that's what I will do. What do I need to do?"

Have the man stand in the corner, facing the wall. Hold your staff in your left hand and point your right forefinger at his head. Say, "NEW HEAD!" and the spell will take effect.

Sue said to the man, "I am a sorceress, and I think that I can restore your head to its old appearance. Do you want me to try?"

"Yes, I do. I will be forever in your debt if you can do that."

Sue had the man stand in the corner, facing the wall. When he was there, she took her staff in her left hand and pointed her finger at the man in the corner. "NEW HEAD!" she commanded. There was a puff of cloud that quickly floated from her finger to the man's head. It settled around his head for a moment and then dissipated. The man fainted!

Jack and Sue rushed to his side and rolled him over onto his back. He had a perfectly normal head. The man groaned and asked, "Did it work?"

Jack said, "You have a perfectly normal head, now. You owe Lady Ulna your thanks."

The man jumped up and said, "Thank you! Thank you! I must see for myself!" He rushed to the kitchen and looked into a bowl of water to see his reflection. Returning to the dining room, he fell on his knees and kissed Sue's hand. "Lady Ulna, how can I repay you?"

"Well, you can start out by standing up," she said with a grin. "We are traveling to Asmia and we need food for the journey. Could you prepare us a pack of your excellent cheese and wine to take with us? I will accept that as full payment."

The man jumped for joy and rushed back to the kitchen. They resumed eating while they waited for the man to return. He came back in about 15 minutes with a pack which he placed on the table. "Here is cheese, wine, bread, and some meat. I hope that you have a pleasant journey and arrive safely."

When they were ready to leave, they thanked the man for his courtesy and he thanked them for fixing his head. Jack picked up the pack and they resumed their journey toward Asmia.

Cast in this chapter:

Jack Bryson, Lord Argo—hero

Sue Thomas, Lady Ulna—heroine

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