A Brief Encounter
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story like the film of a married woman meeting a man who understands her sexual needs to the exclusion of a witless husband.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   DomSub   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Andrea, a five foot two, slim mid forties woman with short fair hair and 36C bust line had been married for over 25years, the only problem was her husband. Oh he was a loving father to her three children and good provider but when it came to sex he was strictly boring, missionary position and with the lights out, always. For years now he had convinced Andrea her needs to be tied up and spanked, to be verbally abused and used as a slut was weird and she needed to see a counsellor to control and dispel these thoughts.

But suddenly for Andrea, things began to change, she stumbled on across a website which showed her she was not alone in her desires to be a slut wife, to be tied and chastised came as second nature in most of the stories she found and read on this site. She could not explain it but she suddenly felt the need to contact one particular writer, whose stories she had read and yes even began to be turned on by them.

She sent him an email in the form of feedback, saying how she had enjoyed some of the stories he had written, and how close they had come to some of her own feelings and more importantly how they had struck a cord with her current needs. She got off her chest all these fears and woes laid there by her antiquated husbands attitude to sex.

She never expected the author, some one she saw as an educated worldly wise man, to reply to her email. And yet less than a day after she had sent hers, there was this replay from the author. With bated breath and a great deal of excitement and anguish, she opened the email and began to read it.

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to tell me that you found my work so entertaining and arousing. I know this may be a little forward, but if you would like to supply a little information about your appearance I would be happy to write a personalised story just for you. You can then decide if you wish to share it on line with others or keep it just for yourself.

I look forward eagerly to hearing your decision.

Best Regards,


Andrea's heart raced and her pulse threatened to leap out of her throat, she mentally pictured being the heroine in so many of this author's stories that to suddenly not have to imagine any more, but to read her own name as the action happened enticed her to instantly respond, giving all the information she thought he would need.

Three days later she received another email from the author, and hurriedly she opened it and began to read the story he had written, called Andrea strikes a bargain. As she read, her nipples hardened and her cunt flooded with juices, she could not resist, as she read the story her hand slid inside her panties and she marvelled just how wet and horny her cunt felt. The more she read the story, the more she felt the author must know her personally for he was so accurate on her feelings and reactions to the activities she was now reading.

By the time she had got half way through the story, she had had the biggest orgasm since her marriage began, well no that's not strictly true, for she had experienced harder ones but only in her bathroom alone with her trusty vibrator and vivid imagination. But here she was simply reading a story and her horny cunt exploded sending electrical shocks all the way up her spine to little firework explosions going off in her brain.

Normally with her husband he would satisfy himself and then turn over so she never experienced the secondary orgasm's in fact she never experienced a one first with him, always sneaking off to the toilet to use her fingers to find solace and then only the one orgasm per time. But now reading this she had experienced a heavy orgasm but just could not put the story aside as she read how her name sake was tied up and spanked whilst being caressed by her new master. Suddenly the unthinkable happened for Andrea, she experienced a lesser intense orgasm her second in minutes, she thought she was dreaming until she felt her now soaking panties and the tender sensitive clit jerked as it made contact with her wet finger.

Without cleaning up she wrote back to the author thanking him for the story and suggesting it was such a good story it should be posted on the same site she had found him for others to share too. She included a curious comment in her reply, one which certainly had the author amused. That comment was how did he feel about sex without strings?

The author upon receiving the reply posted the story onto the website and responded by sending back a replay to Andrea, saying no strings sex is fine as long as both parties know the rules and limitations of such actions. He included his online chat details and suggested she may like to chat on line sometimes.

At this point all the author was expecting was maybe a little web cam play if he was lucky because of the distance between them. Although they were in the same country, Andrea was in the northern part of the country and he was in the southern part of the country. A few days went by and he was beginning to think she had changed her mind when suddenly he received an invitation to add Andrea to his online friends. That morning, they chatted away about this and that, nothing really sexual was mentioned although just before they stopped talking he did ask her where she expected these chats to lead to. After a long silence, Andrea confessed she was less than worldly wise and had no idea where this would go but she said the strangest of things, I trust you implicitly to guide me along and I know you would never hurt me.

On their next chat, the author set Andrea up with a safe word she could use to stop everything without punishment but stressed without using that word any refusal would be punishable. Andrea agreed and they began chatting about her experiences, nothing too probing but like a skilled surgeon, the author cut clean through to the heart of the problem. He soon knew Andrea had a long repressed need to be spanked, and she loved being called a slut, whore, slag etc. also he had obtained information from their chats which led him to understand her greatest fantasy was to be tied up naked, spanked and then use as a blow up doll to be fucked in anyway the man chose so long as she was derided verbally for liking it.

They began chatting every day, always obtaining more and more information about Andrea's needs and desires. Each session now always ended the same way with the author teasing her to orgasm and calling her his slut, his cum bucket.

Then suddenly things changed, for Andrea no longer content with no strings sex, began to confess she had fallen for the author, and he had to admit he too had fallen for her, but he was free to love for he had been divorced for several years, but Andrea still had a husband, all be it in a loveless marriage. There looked no future in their relationship, until Andrea announced an impending visit to her daughter who lived in Europe, and her intention to fly from an airport near to where the author lived. She planned on arriving in London the afternoon before her early morning flight to Europe. She booked a hotel just in case but hoped to not need it.

Jay the author arranged to meet her train and such was his excitement at meeting this woman who he had come to love so deeply that he arrived over early and had to stand around on the station. Eventually the train arrived and as he waited by the barrier, he spotted her head in the crowd. It was quite amusing really because being only just over five feet tall her head kept disappearing behind taller people. So it resembled a fish swimming against the tide and having to keep popping up for air.

As soon as they met, he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her gently. Then asking if she would like him to take her case they turned and walked hand in hand away from the station. They planned to stop off for a coffee at a smart little bar/bistro place and then drive back to his home. As they walked there were times when he would do the gentlemanly thing and allow the lady to go first, this served him well for he was able to take in the gorgeous view of her shapely legs and pert arse?

After enjoying a leisurely coffee and the tender almost subconscious touches that lovers always seem to make, the made their way back to the car and he opened the door for her and once inside he closed it for her; all those gentlemanly things that the youth of today seem to overlook. As his car was automatic, he was able, almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world, as he drove to rest his free hand lightly on her right thigh, gently stroking her inner thigh, always making sure to avoid any direct contact with her cunt.

Soon they arrived at his home and he escorted her into the house, taking her coat he was once more able to take in the fine figure, Andrea possessed. He was soon kissing her more urgently then before as they were not in public anymore. He turned and showed her around his home, always polite and gallant, soon in the master bedroom, they sat on the edge of the bed and they both returned kisses with a renewed passion. Knowing she had confessed to being shy, Jay took his time in trying to force the issue and in the finish he did not need to force anything, for Andrea soon felt comfortable enough to remove her top and bra. As Jay kissed and played with her nipples, he felt her relax and sigh contentedly. He lifted his head and whispered, "You're my little cock teasing bitch now, cunt!" Andrea murmured her yes response as she felt his large hand on her thigh slowly parting her legs. She shuddered in a sexually way as she felt his warm hand progress up towards her panty covered cunt.

As he stroked her cunt through her panties he told her he could feel her wet horny fucking cunt crying out for some real man's cock. And that she was going to be a happy contented whore when he had finished, using her slut body for both their pleasures. Then he pulled her panties aside and slowly traced her cunt lips with his fingers as he told her what a sexy horny fuck slit she had and how he was going to enjoy eating her horny juiced up cum catching cunt. He slowly inserted a finger into her tight hot soaking wet cunt as he made her declare to be his whore, his personal sex slut.

Andrea was almost delirious and to be honest, she would have signed her life away in her own blood at this moment in time if he had demanded it, she felt happy, contented and mostly alive as she felt truly at home and knew she could for once be her natural horny slut self. I think it was this which allowed her to finally remove the rest of her clothes and lay naked before a man she had only met less than an hour ago. Something she confessed that in all the time of her marriage her husband had never seen.

Obviously this please Jay, for he was realising that Andrea was opening up to him in a way she should have been doing for her husband, but the dumb bastard had blown that chance, had he kept an open mind about his wife's needs, then he would have had the hottest horniest of fuck sluts at his disposal. Still his loss was Jay's gain.

Slowly Jay lowered his head and began to gently lick a path from Andrea's inner knee towards her cunt whilst reaching up and pinching her nipples. He deliberately stopped just short of her soaking wet bubbling cunt before starting again at her other knee. Once more he stopped short of her cunt and leaned back before making her beg him to lick her cock teasing cunt. Andrea reluctantly asked him to suck her, but that was not what Jay wanted to hear, so he chided her about being a wanton fucking whore and if she wanted her cunt sucked, she should ask properly like the common little whore bag of a bitch she was.

Again the words seemed to freeze in Andrea's throat as if saying it out aloud would break the spell and everything would instantly disappear. Jay demanded her attention again as he demanded his slut tell him what she wanted him to do. Andrea blushed and then blurted out that this fucking whore wants you to lick her horny juiced up cunt before you use your fucking rock hard cock on it's over heated walls and fuck your bitch hard.

Jay smiled but took his time slowly licking every inch of flesh on her left thigh as he worked his way up towards her cunt. At the edge of her cunt he used his fingers to part her lips and blew gently on her clit before returning to her right knee area and beginning his way back towards her cunt. This time upon reaching her cunt he parted her lips and slowly lightly trailed his tongue across the heated flesh and along her erect clit.

He then spent twenty minutes lapping at her cunt like a cat laps cream, bringing Andrea to a heavy sharp climax, she brought her hands to his head and told him she was finished she never comes more than once at a time, but Jay was not finished and continued this time paying particular attention to just her clit. As he nibbled her clit he reached up with his left hand and pinched hard on her nipple. The index finger of his right hand sought out her anal ring and a gentle probe of that plus his tongue delving in and out of her cunt hole sent her overboard again and her cunt actually squirted this time.

Between sobs of trying to catch her breath, an almost tearful Andrea could not thank Jay enough for showing her she could come more than once. And as Jay's face neared her own he smiled and said, fucking awesome, my fuck toy is a fucking squirting bitch. Andrea was not used to this phrase and thought she had done something terribly wrong and started to apologise until Jay pointed out that it was a compliment and before she was going to be allowed to get up and cover up he was going to prove once and for all she could have as many orgasms as she wanted to.

An almost disbelieving Andrea stared back at him, till she felt his hand against her cunt and his finger tracing her clit, a few quick rubs and she was off again on another orgasm. An hour later and still Jay had not fucked her but she had climaxed 11 times. Andrea needed a rest but Jay had over ideas, as he made her kneel and suck his hard cock. A slightly embarrassed Andrea admitted she had never done that before as her husband had considered foreplay to be giving her enough time to get her knickers off.

Jay felt more than a little compassion for this poor woman, looking so hot and sexy but having been deprived of the joys of oral sex and the visual stimulations of the naked sex organs. The compassion was not one of pity though it was more a determination that whilst he could he would do his utmost to show her what she had missed out on.

By the time they had got up and Andrea had borrowed a fleecy dressing gown, she had cum 17 times and needed a drink so they went down to the kitchen for a coffee. Even there she was not spared; for as they waited for the kettle to boil, Jay slipped his hands inside her dressing gown and was soon playing with her tits and cunt as she stood by the sink.

Andrea turned and as she kissed him passionately she declared her undying love for him, and then stressed it was not just because of the sex, for she had loved him so very much before they had even met; and besides as she pointed out they had not yet had real sex, for he still had not fucked her.

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