Clare's First Shoot

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Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Clare is a young, hometown girl just fresh out of high school. In her search for a job, Clare finds a small production studio, but is slightly surprised by the types of stuff they do. As insecure as she is, Clare hopes that working in a place like this, she can clear her mind by letting herself feel more confident about herself.

The young girl was nervous about entering the studio. She stood in front of the door that said "Down South Productions", wondering if she should actually go through with what she was thinking of doing. The girl's name was Clare, fresh out of high school, and eighteen for a day and a half now, with the intention of getting a job. She had remembered someone mentioning that there was a small production studio that was looking for helpers, and figured that she would take it upon herself to actually see if said studio was hiring. She didn't know what kind of help she would be in a production studio, but she knew that if they needed help, then she was the girl for the job. She hoped.

Pacing around outside of the studio's front door, Clare started to worry that she wasn't very professional looking, having worn a jeans skirt and a short sleeved pink top. She only hoped that she wouldn't be turned down for the job. Gathering the courage that she needed, Clare tucked back shoulder length, red hair behind her ears, and walked through the door, determined to get a job. As she walked through the door, she noticed a older looking man standing next to a half-moon desk, arguing over the phone with what she assumed was one of his clients. "Um, excuse me?" She asked, but quickly got quiet when the man held up one finger as if to say "Just wait a moment". Clare tensed up a little, and looked around the office, before noticing that she was being looked over.

She looked at the man with dark brown eyes, before turning a slight shade of pink, and looked away from him. His piercing black eyes just seemed to look straight through her. Short, spiky, black hair looked almost like porcupine quills on the top of his head, as Clare shivered a little, and wrapped her arms around herself, pushing her massive mammaries closer together. Muttering under her breath about her E cup breasts, Clare never noticed that the man in front of her was practically drooling at the sight of them stuffed inside of her bra, under her shirt. "You must be the new hire." The man said, with a light southern accent. "Name's Jesse. I own this place." He said, and held out his hand. Clare smiled.

"Clare Reed." Clare said, feeling only so tiny, her five foot one inch frame standing next to Jesse's almost six foot body. "Well. Small little thing aren't you?" Jesse asked, then smirked, which made Clare a bit uncomfortable. "But, you got the tits to be in porn." He said, and Clare turned beet red. "Excuse me?!?" She stammered, and Jessie took a step back. "You mean you're not my new actress?" He asked, and Clare shook her head. "No. I was going to ask if you had any openings in your office actually." She said shyly. Jesse started to laugh, and motioned for Clare to sit down on the couch behind her. "I'm so sorry." Jesse started to say.

Clare turned every shade of red, as Jesse explained what they did at his company. Everything from nude photo shoots to amateur porn was made at "Down South Productions", and he even went on to say that Clare would look good in some of his movies. Clare just explained that she was looking for a regular job, and not something where she needed to take her clothes off. "Ok then. I'll make you a deal." Jesse said, and Clare listened. "I wont pester you about being in my movies, and you can work the front desk." He started. "But, in turn, I want you to have a bit more self confidence." He told Clare, and once more, she turned red. "That obvious?" She asked, and Jesse nodded. "Kind of. Just the way you're trying to hide your boobies kind of gives it away." He said.

Clare was embarrassed by her breasts. She didn't like how big they were, and always wished they were smaller than they were. Apparently, she inherited the big breasts gene from her mother, who unfortunately had passed away a few years before. "How would I do that?" She asked. "Well, you ever thought about posing nude? Allot of people do it just so they can get a good view of what they actually look like. Things you can't see in a mirror." Jesse said, and shrugged, before standing up. "But, it's up to you. I'll leave the front desk to you huh?" He said, and Clare looked stunned. "I've got the job?" She asked, and Jesse nodded. "Just don't mention what we actually do here. I don't want you to get more embarrassed." He said.

Clare was excited. She couldn't believe that she got the job, and took a seat behind the half-moon desk. She reminded herself of the company's name, and throughout various times in the day, took calls, and wrote down appointments in a planner that had been laid out on the desk. Various people walked in and out of the office all day. Clare was surprised at how many people had appointments, and couldn't help but to bite her lip as a pair of good looking guys walked into the door. Jesse greeted the men himself, and quickly ushered them off to the back of the office, motioning that he would be right with two women that were waiting. Clare felt the two women watching her, and felt a twinge of embarrassment coming on. She hoped that she didn't look out of place.

As she sat down at her desk, she overheard the two women talking to each other, and turned a bright shade of red when she realized what they were saying. She glanced over to where the two women were, but quickly turned away when they looked in her direction. One of them, a slender blonde girl, smiled in her direction, before turning back towards her friend. "Have you seen her boobs? They're huge! I wish I had tits like her." She whispered to her friend, a sultry looking brunette, who Clare swore was licking her lips like she was the woman's next meal. "I just wish I was the one sucking on those tits. Her boyfriend must have lots of fun with her." She said, and Clare turned a very bright red, before the women were called into the back of the office. "Hey Clare." She heard Jesse say, and turned around. "Why don't you take the rest of the day off. It might get a little noisy soon." He said, and Clare smiled, before nodding. She had a idea of what that kind of meant.

As Clare headed home, she couldn't help but wonder if the two women meant what they said. Throughout the short bus ride, and the slightly long walk, Clare continued to think to herself over, and over, if she was actually found attractive by the two women, and started wondering why she cared about it all of the sudden. She tried not to let it bother her, and took out a set of keys from her pocket. As she walked up the driveway, she saw an old sixty-six mustang sitting in the garage, and figured that her father was home. Clare herself stayed up in a small loft above the garage, opting not to have anything to do with her father, or his live-in girlfriend. "Hi mom. I'm home." Clare said to a picture of her mother and her from a few years back, and practically threw herself onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about what happened today. Clare couldn't help but wonder what the big deal was with her breasts, and turned over to go to sleep.

It was a few hours later, when Clare moaned and rolled around in her sleep. She felt hand groping her, playing with her, massaging her breasts, and between her legs to finger her cunt. She was engrossed in the feeling, something she always loved, and soon realized that she was dreaming, after she fell off her bed. "Shit." Clare complained to herself, as she looked at the time. It was a little after eleven, and she figured now would be a good time as any to at least take a shower. Stripping down, Clare paused in front of her mirror to look over herself. She remembered Jesse's words telling her to be more confident in herself, and ran her hands over her body, moving them slowly across her breasts, causing her sensitive nipples to come immediately to attention.

As one hand slowly circled around her left areola, Clare slowly slid her hand down, over a light strip of pubic hair, a habit from her once and only boyfriend, who always liked the look of her with almost no hair for some strange reason. Clare never bothered to care, as he seemed to liked it more when he was between her legs, licking her pussy, rather than just sticking his cock into her constantly like she wanted him to. It only happened on small occasions, after a lot of begging, ending with Clare on all fours. After giving in to her curiosity, Clare soon found out that her boyfriend was more into girls with small breasts, and figured that if he could just get her off, then she wouldn't mind. Unfortunately for her, that never happened. Even more unfortunately, after Clare kicked him out of her life, two months later he was said to have been caught sleeping with another girl. One about four years younger than Clare herself. That was about two years ago. He himself was about nineteen at the time.

Since that day, Clare hated her breasts, and gave herself a complex that they were just unattractive. But, that never stopped her from getting herself off whenever she had the urge. This was one of those times. Forgetting about the shower, Clare reached into a drawer, and pulled out her trusty companion. Of course, she had to giggle to herself whenever she thought of it that way. As she pulled her vibrator out of the sock she hid it in, she reminded herself to lock her own door, so that no one would walk in on her. Not like anyone ever did, save for one person. It was unusual to admit, but the pink, rubber phallus was the last gift she got from her mother. Of course, that was after she was caught masturbating with her electric toothbrush, but to Clare, that was another story. At the present, her mind was focused on getting herself off, and she had that brunette girl to thank.

Crawling into bed, Clare imagined said brunette in bed with her, giving her the adopted name "Juniper" since she had never bothered to find out any information from the woman personally. She could only imagine how it would be to be with another woman, seeing that she only had one sexual partner in her life, if you could call it that. She always imagined what she would do with another woman partner, but knew that the few girls that she knew would never allow her to try anything with them. Hell, in the small town that she lived in, most of the girls were raised to think that the only time they should have sex is with another male. Most times after marriage. But, that wasn't the case with Clare. She licked her vibrator, imagining that brunette holding onto the other end, before she turned it on, and proceeded to fuck herself with it. Clare could just imagine her imaginary lover taking turns sticking the vibrator in her already wet pussy, then alternating to her hard clit, which she played with using her fingers.

It took only a few strokes of the vibrator, and Clare's overactive imagination to get herself to orgasm. She didn't care how much noise she made inside her room, considering that never her father or his girlfriend ever bothered to check on her. Leaving her vibrator on and inside of her, Clare clamped her legs shut, and rolled over. She would shower tomorrow, and figured that she would just spend the rest of the night getting herself off. Eventually she would fall asleep right? At least, that's what Clare started to think. After her third orgasm, Clare could feel herself passing out. She reminded herself to set her alarm, and hoped that the sultry brunette would be back in the office tomorrow, just so she could as her name.

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