Cw - Hello Walls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alan is set up by someone he considered a good friend. The friend takes his wife and family.

I was watching a PBS TV fundraiser program on classic country and western songs and the original artists that sang them. You know the kind of show I mean. The kind where the master of ceremonies says something like, "If you love this kind of programming, call 1-800-PBS-CASH and make a pledge."

Any way, as I was sitting there listening to the songs, it struck me that the songs tell a wonderful story in just their titles. Why not write a series of stories based on country and western song titles? Author Harddaysknight did something similar with Beatle songs.

So, here is the first CW (Country & Western) title based offering to you. CW- End Of The World will complete this story.

I walked wearily to the front door of the little apartment I rented. The door needed paint. Then so did the apartment. But it was all I could afford. Bracing the box of groceries between my left arm and the door jam, I unlocked the door with my right hand.

I carried my box of supplies into the small kitchen and dropped it on the counter. My supplies consisted of several cans of pork and beans, a package of hotdogs, some potato chips, and a very large bottle of Maker's Mark.

I threw the hotdogs in the refrigerator, threw some ice in a water glass, opened the bottle and poured three fingers over the ice. I walked around the counter and sat down in my lazy boy, which were one my few possessions from my former life.

I sighed, took a sip of the bourbon, reached over and flipped on my CD player (another former life possession). Willy Nelson's distinctive twang filled the room.

Hello walls,

How'd things go for you today?

Don't you miss her?

Since she up and walked away?

And I'll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me,

But lonely walls, I'll keep you company.

I took a larger sip of the amber liquid and let out a sigh, "Yep, walls, I'll keep you company." I thought about the walls for a few seconds.

Walls! That was the name of the son of bitch that ruined my marriage. Aaron Walls, a slimy, lower than worm shit, attorney.

"He may be slime, but he is one smart bastard." I thought to myself. Taking another sip of the liqueur, I thought back as to how my life had crumbled to the miserable state I was now in.

I met Kate in my last year of post-graduate studies. She was completing her last semester of pre-law. The first time I saw her I thought I would never be able to breathe again. I was at my part time job the local coffee shop studying for my finals between serving customers.

I was standing behind the counter reviewing my last class notes, when in the door she came with two of her girlfriends. She was a slim blonde with the most beautiful sparkling blue eyes I had ever seen. She was almost the spitting image of an young Cameron Diaz. It was a warm spring day and she had on shorts and a halter-top. Her shape was perfect and her legs were slim and tan. My chest constricted when I saw this lovely vision of a young woman gliding toward me.

She gracefully slid into the seat at the counter just in front of me. Her two girlfriends flanked her at the counter and they were all laughing and giggling.

Her two friends were talking at the same time and giggling about something that had apparently happened to somebody named Professor Clark.

I stood up and waited for them to acknowledge me waiting to take their order. As I waited, I got bits and pieces of the conversation. Apparently, this guy Clark was found naked in the Quad bound hand to foot with his pecker painted a bright yellow and a sign hung around his neck that simply said, Wife Stealer.

They two girls were saying things like, "He did have a nice dick." "I'll bet Susan just loved that trouser snake!"

The image of beauty that had got my eye (and heart) never smiled. She interrupted the other girls' discussion and said, "How can you laugh about this? There are at least three people who have had their lives turned upside down because of what Clark did. I feel so bad for the husband and little girl. They are innocent in this whole thing. The husband is now paying dearly for his wife's cheating. He is in pain and will probably lose his facility position for taking revenge on Professor Clark. The little girl will no longer have a mother living with her. And Clark has lost his position on the facility for fraternizing with the wife of an associate. So what is there to be laughing about?"

Her two friends became extremely sober for a moment and the girl to my heartthrob's right side said in a serious tone, "You're right, Kate. It is terrible. But get a sense of humor girl! What happened to Clark was damned funny! I never thought Professor Beal had it in him to take such drastic actions!" With that the two girls started laughing again.

"Okay, okay. Just take your comedic melodrama somewhere else. I have to study." With that Kate opened her textbook and started ignoring her two friends.

The two friends audibly sniffed and one girl said, "Alright, Miss Prissy, we will let you study. We're off to the Student Union to see if any more good dirt surfaced about the affair."

Seconds later, "Kate" was left alone at the counter. She finally glanced up and saw me standing there. She smiled and said, "I'd like a coffee with cream, please." My heart fluttered when she smiled. The whole diner glowed in a warm light from her radiant smile.

I got the coffee and sat it down. "What are you studying?" I asked just to try to make some conversation with this glorious woman.

"Biochemistry 101. I'm pre-law and this stuff is tough going for my poor brain. But DNA is big time in the law today."

She smiled at me. "I've had to take it because I needed four more hours of a non-law related class and this was the only class I could get into."

I was heartened. I was a bio-chem major. I hesitated for moment and then gathering my bravery, I responded, "What luck, you're in the presence of the next world renowned expert in bio-chem! It is my major. Can I be of help to you?"

She hesitated for a second and replied with that wonderful smile, "I'll take all of the help I can get. Can you explain this whole chapter to me in English?"

My heart was beating so hard I thought for sure she would hear it on the other side of the counter. "I get off in half an hour. What say we move to a table then and I will try to explain things to you?"

She nodded and looking around she moved to table by the diner's front window. As I went about my job and cleaned the back of the counter, I occasionally looked up and saw her looking at me. We would smile and exchange nods.

Thirty minutes later I slide into the chair across from her and said, "At your service Miss, eh, Miss eh?" She held out her hand and said "Kate Maher, nice to meet you. Mr.?"

"Mr. Alan Sizemore, soon to be Doctor Sizemore, the world's expert on bio-chem." I said as I shook her offered hand.

For the next two hours I did my best to explain the textbook material to her. She would listen and question, and then you could see a light bulb go on in her mind and she would laugh and exclaim, "I've got it. Oh, you wonderful man, you make this stuff seem so easy. Where have you been all of my life?"

We agreed to meet the next night for another tutoring session. By the end of the week, I gathered my courage and asked her out on a date. She agreed.

We spent a lot of time talking and I asked her about what I had overheard of her conversation with her girlfriends on that first night. We had been necking in the front seat of my car when I told her I was impressed by her clear distaste of cheating on a life partner.

Kate looked into my eyes and with utmost sincerity stated, "When two people take vows to forsake all others, I believe that is a life time contract. There is no circumstance where cheating on your partner is warranted nor acceptable. I would die rather than cheat on my spouse."

She went on, "Cheating leads to the destruction of too many innocent lives. My own mother and father almost split up because she caught him cheating on her. I was clinically depressed for over a year because of the home situation. It was only after much counseling that my parents were able to repair their relationship and I was able to fully recover my mental health. I was one of the innocents and I know what pain they will suffer. Such pain is not acceptable in my mind."

I told her I agreed completely with her view of the institution of marriage and I hoped that my life partner would cherish my love and honor our vows just as Kate wished to do.

We held hands and explored our feelings for each other as we necked. Kate leaned into me and whispered, "I promise to never cheat on you, my dearest Alan."

By the end of the month, we slept together at my modest little off campus apartment.

When we arrived at my apartment, we entered and I closed the door. As I turned, she was standing right behind me and I bumped into her causing her to loose her balance. I grabbed her before she fell. She looked into my eyes and putting her arms around my neck, she kissed me for what seemed like hours. Our tongues played together as they explored each other's mouths.

We fell into my bed and ripped each other's clothes from our bodies. I slid down in the bed and placed my tongue against her beautiful blonde mound. "My God," I thought as my tongue touched her clit. It was on fire! I lapped her nether region from the base of her spine to the very tip of her clit. I spared no part of her. Her ass, her slit, her clit were all loved by me into a frenzy of passion on her part. She bucked and moaned. I stayed with it until I knew she had cum twice and then moved up her body to nibble on her ear.

She pushed me down and turned facing my rock hard prick. She took it in her mouth and amazed me with her oral talents until I was ready to explode. She raised her face from my manhood and softly said pled, "Put it in me. Please do me now!"

I wasted no time in honoring her wished. I went slowly when I entered her because she felt so small. I inched my way in to her smoking hot pussy and when I was all the way in, I began a slow in and out motion encompassing the entire length of my dick.

She began bucking again and stifled a scream of ecstasy as she orgasmed as I explode into her open womb. I was physically exhausted from the intense feelings of the first orgasm. I fell to the bed and held her tightly.

We recharged our batteries and did it three more times that night.

After this she moved in with me and we planned our wedding on graduation. It was a small affair with only our immediate families in attendance. We had sexually pleasured each other one way or another everyday since she had moved in. During her periods, she refused to have sex with me, but she gave me fantastic blowjobs instead. Immediately after her periods, she would want to have me perform oral

sex on her every night for the first week.

We were married in October and moved to Gaithersburg Maryland as I had landed a job at the National Bureau of Standards in a section dealing with biohazards.

Kate became pregnant in the fist year of our marriage and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We named him Alexander after my father. She stayed home to nurse and rear him until he was three. At that point we placed him in day care.

Kate had never completed her education for a law degree, but she was still interested in the law. She got a job as a paralegal at Keller, Hoch, and Williams LLC, a law firm in Montgomery Village.

She reported to a senior attorney named Aaron Walls. He was "senior" in time at the law firm, but he was only one year older then Kate and myself.

Kate actually was better at contracts than Walls. He soon had her preparing the more complex contracts as he realized she was a natural in contract law. He placed more and more responsibility on her and she responded with exceptional work.

He would occasionally stop by our place on the weekend and share some beer and a meal with us. He became a good friend to both of us and we valued his opinion.

He became more of a fixture in our house on the weekend as we all became closer.

He dated Kate's sister for while until she had to move to San Francisco for a career-making job. He was distraught when she left and spent hours talking with Kate about her sister.

They would be sitting at the kitchen table when I got back from racquetball on Saturdays. They would have been through a half bottle of Chianti by that point. Kate would be holding his hand and stroking it telling him she understood how sad it was that he had lost her sister.

He and I would go to the Redskins games on Sundays. He had an 'In' to tickets on the 50-yard line and we went to at least five or six home games during the season. As we drank beer at the local tavern after the game, he would tell me what a lucky man I was and I should be thankful to have such a great wife. He hoped that someday he would meet someone like her.

He would take Alex to the zoo or to the park when I was too busy because of pressing work schedules at the office. He was like an uncle to my child.

I occasionally had to travel as part of my job to various technical conferences. I was slated to go to one in Singapore in late June. I had just returned from a conference in Toronto. It had been a strange experience to say the least.

When I arrived at the hotel in Toronto, I checked in, unpacked and went to the bar to meet with my sponsor and his wife. We had a pleasant evening that included dinner in the hotel. After dinner, we had a late evening nightcap in the hotel bar and my sponsor and his wife said their goodbyes there. I was finishing my nightcap when a rather beautiful woman who reminded me of Kate approached me at the table I was sitting at.

"Hello," she said demurely. "I'm Katie. Do you mind if I sit down here for a few minutes. I just had a terrible fight with my boyfriend and he left me standing in the lobby.

I guess I will have to find my own way home tonight." She said with a trembling voice.

I thought to myself, what a coincidence it was to be in Toronto, many miles from home, and to meet an attractive woman who looked like my Kate and whose name was Katie.

She moved to the chair next to mine and leaned over as if to tell me something in private. I leaned toward her to hear what she wanted to say. She placed one hand on my knee and the other on the back of my neck and suddenly kissed me with a wet open mouth. I was stunned. For a second I froze, I then reached up to pull her arms from around my neck. My left hand accidentally brushed her breast, and she let her other hand drop into my lap and grabbed my dick! It took several seconds to get untangled from her.

She looked at me and smiled and said, "That was nice. I would have done that for nothing!" She stood up winked at me and walked away.

I was totally confused about what had just happened. Wait until I tell Kate about this! Whoa, wait a minute. Should I tell Kate that some unknown woman who just happens to look like Kate just suddenly decided to kiss me and grab my cock? Maybe I should just be quiet about this and forget it ever happened. Yes, that is what I will do. Just forget it ever happened. And I did.

One day about five weeks later in early June, Kate came home from the office and seemed to have something bothering her. She was very quiet and seemed to be far away in her thoughts. I prodded her on several occasions to talk to me but she just got defensive and said, "I've got some tough tasks at the office and they've got me concerned. I need to think through what I need to do. So please just let me think."

She home the next evening and announced that she had just been to the doctor. She had developed a bad uterine infection and was now on antibiotics. She announced that for the foreseeable future, sex was out. I said that I understood, but hopefully that did not mean that she couldn't give me some oral sex during the recovery time. Kate became angry at this point. She yelled at me, "You want me to blow you while I can't get any relief? You really are a pig! I'll not suck anything as long as I can't get off too."

Over the next two weeks, I saw her becoming more and more distant. I was so worried I called Aaron and asked him if he knew what was wrong. "No, I honestly don't know. I have given her the toughest contract our firm as ever tackled, so she may be feeling the pressure. What say I take her to dinner tomorrow night and try to get her to open up to me?"

I didn't hesitate to take him up on the offer. After all he was like one of the family.

The next day about three o'clock, I received a call from Kate. She said, "Honey, Aaron has asked me to dinner to thank me for some of my efforts lately. Is it okay if I go?"

"Sure, honey, go ahead and enjoy yourself. You earned it." I replied.

"Thanks, sweetie. I'll be home by ten!" With that she hung up. It suddenly struck me that this was the first time since we were married that she did not end the conversation with "I love you."

"God, what is bugging her?" I thought. "Is she mad at me about something?"

I fed Alex and put him to bed about nine. At ten, Kate was not home. I worked on the presentation that I had to give in Singapore. I only had two more days to get it ready. At a little after eleven, a car pulled up out front. I looked out of the front window and saw Aaron assisting Kate from his car, putting his arm around Kate, and walking toward the door.

The bell rang and I opened the door. There was Kate being held up by Aaron. He seemed to be clutching her to his side holding her up by with his hand around her waist. Her blouse was pulled up from where he had been holding her during the walk to the door.

She was drunk. Aaron looked at me and said, "She had too much to drink at dinner. I couldn't let her drive her car home. So I brought her home. She was a handful leaving the restaurant. I'm afraid that the people there may have the wrong idea of things. I knew she was getting drunk when she started slurring her words. When we were getting up to go, it became apparent that she could not walk on her own. So I reached out to put an arm around her and she grabbed me by the neck and planted a kiss on me. I'm sorry, man. I don't know why she did that but she kissed for a long time and then said something about "the goose and gander".

Aaron let her go and she semi-fell into my arms.

Kate looked at me out of bloodshot eyes and mumbled, "Damn right. I kissed Aaron and I liked it! He's a good kisser. Better than you are. Let go of me you asshole!" With that she pulled away from me and stumbled up the steps to the bedroom.

Aaron and I just stared at her as she made her way up the stairs. "What the hell was that all about?" I said incredulously.

"Well, it appears that she thinks you are not to be trusted any more. And she isn't sure she even loves you any more." Aaron volunteered.

"She said at least three times during dinner that she thought you two should split up. It is only because of Alex that she hasn't done anything about it so far." Aaron continued. "I don't know what has got her in such an uproar, but it is probably a good thing that you are going to Singapore shortly. Maybe a little time apart will help her get her head on straight."

"I'm going to talk with her and get this straight tonight!" I said.

"No, don't do that. She is drunk. Talking with her tonight would be pointless. She is so mad at you I don't think she will even listen to you right now." Aaron pointed out.

"Look, I think the world of you two. Tell you what. You go ahead with your Singapore trip like nothing has happened. Give me until you get back to find out what has her so mad. So for the next two days until you leave, just act as if everything is fine. In fact, act like you are looking forward to the trip. By the time you get back, I'll know what is wrong and you can figure out how to fix it. Okay? Aaron offered.

I really had no alternate idea to offer. It seemed reasonable for Aaron to get to the bottom of Kate's attitude toward me. After all, she was talking to him, but not to me at the moment.

I agreed with Aaron, shook hands and he left for the night. I tiptoed up stairs and stopped by the bedroom door. I heard my wife sniffling as if she had been crying. She was lying on her side facing away from the door. I poked my head in the door and asked, " Are you okay honey?" She rolled over and looked at me with the coldest, most loveless look I have ever seen. She did not reply. She simply rolled back over on her side.

I was at my wits end on what to do to get Kate to talk to me. Maybe Aaron was right. He could work on her and find out what the heck was wrong. Then I could fix whatever it was.

The next morning I decided that Aaron's idea was best. I acted like nothing had happened the night before. I was acting upbeat. Kate came down stairs ready to go to work and looked at me. "What are you so happy about?" she asked.

"Oh nothing. Things are going well at work and this Singapore presentation is going to make my name known at the Bureau."

I looked at her and smiled, "You tied one on last night! Are you feeling okay this morning?'

Kate looked away from me and stuttered, "I drank too much. Aaron was so sweet to take care of me like he did. Why can't you be as sweet as he is these days?"

"Kate, is there something wrong? Why are you mad at me? I don't want to go half the way around the world thinking you are mad at me!"

Kate looked at my face, sighed and shook her head, "No Alan. I don't have anything to say to you. Do you have something to say to me?"

I was now totally confused again. Had I done something to make Kate this way? What did she expect me to say to her?

"Why no, Honey. I've got nothing to tell you. Do you think I should have something to tell you?" I replied.

Kate looked exasperated and almost yelled, "Never mind. I should have known better. I was warned!" With that she took her purse and left for the office.

I was becoming more concerned about our obvious communications breakdown. I was hoping that Aaron could find out what the story was and give me some idea how to fix it.

About noontime, Kate phoned and said that Aaron was asking to take her to dinner again to 'talk about things' as she put it. "I told him yes. I'll be home around ten or eleven." Kate stated. This was not a request from Kate. It was a pure fact. She was going to dinner and would be home later. This was the first time she had not asked me if it was okay with me. She just assumed it would be or didn't care if it was not all right with me.

I again fed little Alex and put him to bed. I packed my bag for the trip the next morning. I glanced at the clock. It was ten minutes after eleven. I was starting to worry about Kate. The phone rang at eleven thirty. "Hello" I answered.

"Alan, its Aaron. Look Kate got totally trashed again. She is so drunk I don't think I can get her back in the car. We are my place. I brought her here to try to get her straightened up before bringing her home. Look, it's okay with me if she just sleeps it off here. And I don't think it would be a great idea for her to see you right now. She is so mad at you about something that she would probably say things that would be very hurtful in her present state."

"Aaron, look, I'll come over and pick her up."

"Alan, that is really a bad idea. You don't know the names she called you tonight. She is so shit faced, she doesn't know what she is saying. She is very loud and belligerent. I think for little Alex's sake, you should just let her sleep it off her. It would probably upset Alex to see her like this."

"Okay Aaron. Look, I have to leave tomorrow morning at eight. So I guess I will not be able to tell Kate goodbye. Please let her know that I do love her."

"Will do. Oh, hey I almost forgot to tell you. One of my college pals is based in Singapore. I told him to look you up at the hotel and show you the sights. His name is Luke Billings. He promised to show you a good time. So have a little fun and let me try to sort out what is going on here. Okay?" Aaron said.

"Aaron, I don't know how to thank you!" With that I hung up and went to bed.

The next morning, I flew to Singapore. It was a sixteen-hour trip from Washington DC to Osaka Japan, and then changed planes and another seven hours to Singapore.

I checked into the Singapore Hilton, and met my sponsor, then went to bed for almost twelve hours. Before I went to bed I tried to reach Kate to tell her I had arrived but I didn't get an answer. It was nine o'clock at night in Gaithersburg. I wonder where she was? I left a message that I was okay and that I missed her.

I woke up to the sound of the telephone ringing. It was Aaron's friend Luke.

"Hey Alan! How are you buddy? So you are a friend of Aaron's? Well then you are a friend of mine! Look I promised him I would show you the town. So when can you be ready to go?"

"Hi Luke, Well my presentation is today at three o'clock. Then I have a

discussion panel tomorrow at noon. How about around six tonight? Is that okay?" I asked.

"Fine! I'll pick you up and we will eat at one of Singapore's finest!" Luke stated and then hung up.

My presentation went like clock work. I answered all of the audience questions and received a standing ovation at the end of my talk. I felt great. But now, I had to try to find out what was going on with Kate.

I wanted to talk to my wife but it was four in the morning in the USA. I decided to call Aaron's voicemail at his office and leave a message.

"Aaron, it's Alan. Look, I'm very worried. Kate hasn't replied to my phone calls. What's going on? Can you fill me in on what you know? I'm going out with your friend Luke in an hour or so. So try to call me about noon your time. That will be midnight here. Thanks, good friend, for what you're doing for Kate and me." I hung up.

Luke arrived promptly at six. He was a warm and funny guy. He said he promised Aaron to show me the real Singapore. He said we would start the evening at the Constellation Room. It was known as the finest eatery in all of Singapore.

We arrived at the Constellation Room after a fifteen minute cab ride. We were overlooking the cable cars that ran between downtown Singapore and the out island.

Luke apparently knew everyone at the establishment. The manager even came out and showed us to our "special table" as he said in immaculate English. We were given a "special refreshment" drink according to the pretty little Asian girl who was waiting on us. The drink was indeed very refreshing. I asked Luke what was in it. He smiled and said, "Gin, bitters, line juice, and some special herbs."

The waitress ensured that our refreshment glasses were always full. She brought us a wonderful meal. But as the meal wore own, I started to forget what courses we had eaten. I also forgot my problems with Kate. "Well, maybe not thinking about my problems will be good for a short time." I thought to myself.

By the time dessert arrived, I was not feeling any pain. Apparently the special herbs in the drink were very special.

Luke assisted me in walking out of the place and then we got into another cab.

After a long ride that I partially slept through, we got out at what looked like an old rubber plantation home. Luke assisted me up the steps of the porch and he rang the bell. A monster of a man answered the door.

Luke looked at him and said, "Myno, how are you? My friend and I are here for some recreation. Can you tell Madam Chow that we wish to discuss available talent?"

The monster looked from one to the other of us and nodded. He opened the door and showed us the way to very nice sitting room. I was wondering where we were.

I noticed that half a dozen very attractive Asian women and several western businessmen occupied the sitting room. The women were in various stages of undress.

I was shocked at what I now knew to be a whorehouse. I was mumbling to Luke that we should leave. Luke reached in his pocket and pulled out a wrapped paper. He opened it and it contained a white powder. He put the packet under my nose and said, "Take a big sniff of this. It will make you feel better."

Without thinking I did. Within a few seconds a warm glow was enveloping on me. I felt great and also very horny. Luke reached in is jacket pocket and took out a flask. "Here Alan, take a big chug of this. It will make you a tiger!"

I did what he said. Whatever the drink contained it was potent. I blacked out.

When I woke it was as if a hive of angry bees were swarming in my head. I slowly shook my head and opened my eyes. I was in a crisp white linen bed. I was naked.

Lying next to me was not one but two of the women I saw in the sitting room last night. Both were naked and both had gobs of dry cum all over their bodies. One girl had her hand on my dick. The other had her hand on the first girl's cunt.

I was mortified. What had happened? I couldn't remember anything after Luke had given me that flask to drink from.

The woman holding my dick stirred. She looked at me and smiled. "You fuck real good Alan. I bet you shot a gallon of cum last night! Look at me and my sister. We covered in your man juice. My ass hurt from the three time you fuck me there. Did you like eating my sister cunt after Luke cummed in her? It looked like it!"

I sat straight up in the bed. What the hell had I done? A wave of nausea attacked me and I had to lie down again.

The whore's sister now awoke and wanted to suck my dick. I was too weak to stop her. She began sucking and turned her pussy to my head. "Eat me again Alan. Does my pussy smell like cum? It excites you, yes?" I could not help but smell her cunt. It was ripe with stale cum and from her juices. She farted as she sank her cunt down on my face. She laughed and pushed her cunt tight against my mouth and nose.

Her sister had been busy too. She had pumped my cock back to an erection and was now riding it for all she was worth.

Luke came in at that moment and raised his digital camera. "Alan, smile. You're on candid camera!" He snapped about half a dozen of me with these two women and then slapping both of them on their butts told them to leave.

"Come on Alan, get dressed. It is time to get you back to your hotel for your meeting." Luke ordered.

I slowly got out of bed and with unsteady legs began to dress. My clothes were a mess. There was dried cum all over my pants and lipstick all over my shirt.

"Luke, what the hell happened? Why am I here? What did I do?" I pleaded to know as I finished dressing. We entered the cab for the ride back to the hotel.

Luke laughed and said, "Well old boy, apparently Aaron has the hots for your wife. He paid me to get you into some very compromising situations and take photos. Other then the few I just took, all of the party pictures from last night has been emailed back to Aaron. I expect that as we speak, he is showing the photos to your wife and consoling her on you being a cheating asshole."

It struck me that my life was ruined. Kate would never believe that I was setup.

She will do just what she said long ago before we got married. She will leave me for cheating on her.

"Why did he do this to me?" I sobbed.

Luke laughed again. "That is an easy one. He wants to fuck Kate and probably marry her."

He laughed again, "Actually he's already fucked her. He got her two nights straight before you left on this trip. He got her last night in your own bed. He got her the first time the day after he showed her the pictures of your cheating affair in Toronto."

I gasped. Toronto? So that is what that woman was doing!

Luke chuckled. "Yep, Aaron paid that woman in Toronto to make nice with you in the bar. Aaron only had to embellish it a little to make it sound like you met your lover in the bar and then spent the night with her. Of course the pictures of her kissing you and grabbing your crutch, and you grabbing her boob sealed the deal. Kate immediately thought you were cheating on her. The next day at the office Aaron 'comforted' Kate in his office. She sucked him off and he had her

legs spread before you could say 'cheating spouse'."

Luke went on, "I would bet that by now, Kate is purring for Aaron to fuck her again. She is all his now. He was smart in the way he used Kate's view of marital fidelity to undermine your marriage. And you played right into his hands by thinking he was doing so much as your friend. Hell, he thinks you are a pathetic little worm. He plans to have Kate rape you in the divorce settlement and then get you fired from your job. He wants you gone from the area so Kate is never tempted to try to patch things up with you."

Luke finished as they pulled up in front of the hotel. "Oh, here is an email from Aaron to you. You may want to read it before you return home. Don't think you can use this email against Aaron. He sent it from an anonymous server." Luke pushed Alan out of the cab and began laughing. The peals of laughter could be heard as he pulled away from the hotel.

Alan got to his room, called his sponsor and told him he was sick and could not attend the panel discussion.

He then showered to clean the sex wastes off of his body. He sat at the desk and opened the letter. It read:


You by now know you are totally screwed. Kate believes you to be a world-class cheater. She has given herself to me totally and without reservation in exchange for my understanding and support of her as she deals with your cheating ways.

You'll also find that your boss has termination papers for you. Seems like they found evidence that a sample of a particularly virulent biohazard was found missing, and apparently you were the last one seen with it. A trail of evidence is leading police toward you having sold the sample to a terrorist cell in Washington DC. If you leave the area in the next week and don't fight the divorce, the investigation will die a natural death as the evidence trail will dry up. If you don't leave, I promise you a life of hell in Guantanmo Bay as a traitor to country.

When you get home you will find the locks changed on the house. You will also find divorce papers sitting in your in-basket at your office. Your stuff is in a U-Store-It.

You'll find that Kate has been more than fair. She has only taken 75% of the bank accounts, 401-Ks, and CD's. I'm sure the courts would award her more if we proceed with the criminal charges, but she still has some morals.

She wouldn't sleep with me for the longest time. We'd screwed once when she found out about your Toronto affair, but then her principles took over again. I convinced her to tell you she had an infection and you were cut off from sex. When I took her to dinner the first night, I got her pretty drunk and took her to my place. She was so horny she'd have fucked a lamppost that night. She was really hot and ready for action.

She cried for a few minutes when it was all over but she laid naked next to me and we cuddled until I had to bring her back to your house.

The next time we skipped dinner. It was even easier because she stayed sober and we fucked like minks. I just told you she was very drunk so we could spend the night together. This was the first night she drank my cum.

She still has some ethics and principles, but hey, give me a few years as her husband and I'll have those kinks in her personality straightened out. I'll bet she will even be into double penetration by then. I hope so, because I promised Luke a shot at her with me when he comes to visit us in two years.

She already knows you're suspected of being a traitor to the country and told me that she will ask the courts to allow me to adopt little Alex once you're found guilty. She doesn't want Alex to grow up with your last name. I really don't want the brat, but if that is the only way I continue to get into Kate's pants then its okay.

It's been vivid asshole.


When I returned to the USA, it was just as Aaron had written. Kate would never speak to me again. All communications was through the lawyers. Kate was pregnant with Aaron's baby before the divorce from me was even completed. I all but ran from the area to avoid criminal charges. But Aaron screwed me again and had the investigation continued. One morning, at my new job in Ohio, I was arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy against the United States.

Luckily, the power had shifted in the government to allow me a semblance of rights. I had a great lawyer that knocked apart the circumstantial FBI case.

My dad died from the stress of hearing the trumped up charges against me and the divorce. My mom followed him soon after as she could not live without him.

And so, I now sit in my crappy apartment because it is all I can afford. I now live in Seattle. That is as far from Maryland as I can get and still be in the contiguous forty-eight. I haven't seen or spoken to my son or his mother in five years. I send cards at birthdays and they are returned to me unopened

I take another swig of my drink. Willie Nelson is wrapping up his song now. It sums up my life.

Hello ceiling,

I'm gonna stare at you a while.

You know I can't sleep,

So won't you bear with me a while?

We gotta all stick together or else I'll lose my mind.

I gotta feelin' she'll be gone a long, long time.

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