The Spanking Couples Cocksucking Contest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Debbie and Marion learn about a femdom Cocksucking and Spanking Contest.

It had been two months since Debbie had been sold into sexual slavery with Beth, and she was becoming very depressed. She had thought that she wanted to be a full time sexual slave to a dominant woman. And, she now is serving as a pussy eating, sexual slave to her friend, Beth. And, her best friend, Marion, was also serving similarly to another friend, Jacki. But, things were not as they seemed.

Debbie found the thrill of the chase was more fun than the result. Oh, she still liked occasionally licking and eating another woman's pussy and asshole, but she also found that she missed being on top, too. She was getting depressed, and Marion appeared the same. Every time Beth and Jacki had a joint session with their slaves, both Debbie and Marion appeared to be less enthusiastic than before. And, it was apparent to both Jacki and Beth. They, also, were spending more time with their male slaves, Ron and Bill, than their females. And, the two females were also spending more time chained in the punishment pillory because they lacked enthusiasm.

Finally, after about two months of sexual slavery, Beth announced that Jacki and Marion were cumming to visit tonight. And, there would be a decision forthcoming. This scared Beth. She was becumming more dominant each day. Debbie was not afraid of Beth. She was afraid of what type of "decision" would be made later today. And, she was very sore. She had been bent over in the punishment pillory since late last night, when she could not get Beth to cum with her tongue. Her heart was not in it, and it showed in the results. Beth was pissed, and Debbie knew it. This scared her to death.

Finally, the time had come. Beth released Debbie from the pillory, but did not attach the normal wrist and ankle cuffs. She was simply instructed to follow her upstairs to the Play Room. Debbie was surprised when she walked in. She expected to also see Jacki and Marion, but Ron and Bill also were both there. And, she saw three long rods sticking out from the fireplace. 'Oh, my god! Those are Branding Irons.' Debbie thought to herself. 'She's going to brand us tonight.' She was now more scared than ever.

"OK, slaves, shut up and listen." Jacki ordered to them all. "It has become evident that both Marion and Debbie are not happy with this relationship. I don't know why. But, the time has cum for us to 'Shit, or get off the pot.'"

"I agree." Beth added. "Debbie, you are one of the most unenthusiastic slaves I have ever had the displeasure to know. You used to love to be a sub. But, something has changed. And, you have become a very boring lover. It's apparent that this relationship must change. And, I am more concerned about it ruining our friendship in the future."

"Same applies to you, Marion. If it weren't for your former hubby, Ron, I would never cum. You too have become a very boring sex slave. This is something that must change tonight."

"Just then, their friend Suzy walked in with her sex slave, Denise. Denise was once again dressed as a French Maid. Debbie had never seen Denise wearing anything other than a French Maid's outfit. "I see you have started without me. Oh, well, we will discuss that later." Suzy said. "And, it looks like the irons are ready. Please proceed."

Debbie knew exactly what Suzy meant by 'And, it looks like the irons are ready'. She was now really afraid that this was not going to be a good night.

"Slave Marion," Jacki began. "The time has cum for you to decide if you are going to be my friend or my sexual servant. So far this experiment has been unsuccessful. You have not cooperated very well, and as a friend I have hesitated to force you to comply. Slave Denise is a very willing sexual slave for Mistress Suzy, but both you and Slave Ron have not been as pleasing to me."

"Slave Debbie," Beth added. "You can take Mistress Jacki's dissatisfaction with Slave Marion and multiply it by 100 for me. This must change tonight. So, tonight we have invited Mistress Suzy to attend a special Commitment Ceremony. You and Slave Marion must either commit to be our slaves full time, as you were ordered by the Femdom Weekend Court, or else. This also will include Slaves Ron and Bill. If you weren't personal friends, there would be no option. However, I have told Mistress Suzy that you two are not working out well as Full Time Slaves, and she and the Femdom Weekend Court have taken it under advisement."

Mistress Suzy then stepped forward. "But, first, let's get this ceremony started. Slave Denise, I have received special permission from the Femdom Weekend Court to make you my full—time Slave for Life. But, since it is a lifetime commitment, you must voluntarily agree. If you do not, our relationship is hereby terminated. Do you agree? If so, please indicated as such by stripping naked, getting on all fours, and turn your ass towards the fire." Slave Denise immediately stripped off her French Maid's outfit, fell to her hands and knees, then turned her ass to the fire.

Mistress Jacki spoke next, repeating the same statement and questions to Slave Jacki. Before Jack could answer, Mistress Beth said the same thing to Slave Debbie. Both Debbie and Marion looked at each other, and for the first time their eyes began to sparkle.

"Mistress Beth, permission to speak?" Slave Debbie replied.

"Permission Granted," replied Mistress Beth.

"What will be the consequences if we say we do not agree?" Slave Debbie asked.

Suzy waved her hand at both Beth and Jacki, and stepped forward once again. "Slaves, as it was explained earlier, this is a voluntary statement. However, by order of the Femdom Weekend Court, it also is a Circumstance Decree that permits slaves to make a life changing decision and commitment. The choices are two: First, you can agree to become a full-time Slave for Life, or you can leave the program. Refusal means that you will not be allowed to attend next year's Femdom Weekend Retreat. But, it also means that your servitude to Mistress Beth or Mistress Jacki will be terminated immediately. You will be asked to leave and to never return to any future Femdom Weekend group activities. What happens with your relationship with Mistresses Beth and Jacki is between you and them."

Marion and Debbie looked at each other. Both looked puzzled, and then Marion stepped forward and spoke first. "Mistresses, all three of you were my personal friends before the Femdom Weekend Retreat, and I would like that relationship back if you want me back. Therefore, I respectfully decline your offer to become your full-time Slave for Life, and request that we become personal friends again. I truly miss your friendship."

Debbie immediately concurred. "Exactly what Marion said. Beth, you were set up by me during the Femdom Weekend Retreat. I thought that I wanted to be your sexual slave long term, but the past two months have proven me wrong. However, I will, from time to time, want to lick your pussy and eat your ass, but not every day and not when I am not in the mood. Therefore, I also respectfully decline your offer and request that we become personal, and occasionally sexual, friends again."

Suzy, Beth, and Jacki each looked at each other, and began to smile. Then, both Jacki and Beth dropped to their knees, crawled over to Debbie and Marion, and looked up at their former sex slaves and newly acquired friends. Together they both said, "Offer accepted. Now, open your legs and let us seal the deal with our tongues."

Just as Debbie felt Beth's tongue penetrate her pussy lips and Jacki felt Marion's enter her vaginal canal, all four ladies heard a blood-curdling scream from Slave Denise. Then, a second scream. Just as they were about to cum, Debbie looked up and saw Denise turn her butt around. And, she was sporting a bright red brand on both her ass cheeks that said "This ass belongs to Mistress Suzy".

After receiving their first orgasms in nearly two months, both Debbie and Marion then dropped to their hands and knees and returned the favor to their new found friends, Beth and Jacki. After all four had received a healthy cum, and with their juices still dripping down their legs, Suzy stepped forward again.

"Well, that takes care of the ladies. Now, how about Slaves Ron and Bill."

Debbie spoke first. "Well, since I am no longer a member of the Femdom Weekend Society, I therefore, reclaim my husband Bill as my legal husband and part-time sexual slave. Bill, your first command from your wife and part-time Mistress is to pay homage to our good friend, Beth, by fucking her in the ass right now."

Beth heard the news and immediately dropped to the floor on all fours, lowered her face to the floor, stuck her butt high in the air, then reached around with both hands and pulled her ass checks away from her rosebud. "Bang away, and make me scream!" Beth replied.

Soon Ron was doing the same to Jacki, while Debbie and Marion were receiving rim jobs from Beth and Jacki, respectively. By nights end, all were thoroughly eaten, rimmed, and fucked. Only then did Debbie and Marion admit that they probably were Femdom Switches — Femdom's who occasionally liked the bottom. Beth and Jacki also admitted the same. Only Suzy was a pure Domme, and only Denise was a pure slave. And, both Beth and Jacki also admitted that some of the trouble each had with orgasms while getting serviced by their friends was that they knew down deep that their friends were unhappy. That ruined everything. They enjoyed the mutual pussy eating much more than the forced servitude, and were delighted that the situation was back to normal.

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