The Elementalist
Chapter 1

Fifty years ago humans took a serious disease into their systems. One out of every five thousand people had a natural immunity to it. Well it appeared that way. In some cases it was true. In others the disease mutated their hosts. These mutated humans gained several incredible powers. Increased agility, intelligence, strength, reflexes, and some mind powers that varied from host to host. In the end the disease entered a symbiotic relationship with the mutated humans. This lead to them being impervious to diseases and had incredible regenerative powers.

Through their mutation the hosts healed as many normal sick humans as possible. By the end of the plague ten years after it started over ten percent of world's population had died. Not as devastating as a world war would have been in its stead it was enough to stop all hostile action for at least a little.

Logistics Overlords of the Redefining Disease. In short L.O.R.D. This is what the new class became. Above humans but still their servants. Eventually the disease was recreated. This time though it was controlled. At the birth of every girl and boy the disease was introduced to the baby. Always nearby was a Lord. Either to heal the baby or to be there for the initiation of a new Lord.

Ethan Nathanieal Ruberick was born to Edward Lawrence Ruberick and one Mary Lucy Thomer-Ruberick. Three hours after birth and before his own mother was able to see him or let him feed he was put in a special containment cube. Through a special entrance the disease was administered. Ethan was balling his eyes out. When the gas of the disease reached him it raced down his throat and up his nose. It seeped into the eyes and layered onto his skin. Rushing through his pores into his bloodstream. His blood bubbled. His eyes froze. His lungs collapsed. Yet the doctors did nothing. The disease was only getting use to the body.

His eyes started moving again. His blood cooled down and started flowing again. His lungs once again filled with air. Throughout his entire body changes were quickly made. His mind opened, his muscles strengthened, his eyes grew sharp, his ears shaped up to a point. Then his hair changed. From the blonde he was born as into a grass green. His eyes went from the bright blue of a newborn baby to a fiery red. Almost like the fires of hell below the earth.

Ethan was a L.O.R.D.

´╗┐Chapter 2

Thirteen years of training. Ever since he was two years old Ethan was training. Ninjitsu, Moo Do Kwan, Taekwando, yoga, Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate, and the way of the sword. Every Lord was required these courses. Well at least the way of the sword and two fighting techniques. Ethan though figured he would try several different styles. He mastered every single one he attempted. Then came the more academic training. History, Writing, Mathematics, and a choice of sciences. He took Chemistry, Biology, Forensics, Physics, Astronomy, and Astrology. His mind was full of information. Yet even with most of this training he still had to go to school. Mostly for the experience it gives a person but also for socialization. This year Ethan wasn't going to be going to a private school. This year he was to be a Sophomore of a public high school.

Most young Lords do not carry their katanas to school. Instead they rely on their smaller tanto. So it was that while Ethan was standing waiting for his bus that he showed no outward sign that he was a Lord. The tanto was effectively hidden in an easy access spot. The only part that showed he was different was his grass green hair and his fire red eyes. This still did not make him outstanding. Many people in public school had contacts and dyed hair.

There was two other people standing there waiting for the bus to come. Both females. One a redhead with bright green eyes. Her hair fell past her shoulders. Her face was covered in freckles and the revealed skin hinted it might extend further. Although a little over five and a half feet tall she looked short next to Ethan's six foot four frame. The second girl was even shorter then the redhead by almost half a foot. This one though was a blonde haired blue eyed girl. As with most blondes she fit her frame nicely. An almost perfect hour glass figure.

They both stared at him and whispered to each other. They stood that way until the bus came. Ethan off a little not really knowing what to do. The two girls sitting on the border of a rock corner. As the bus pulled up Ethan noticed it was empty. This meant that he was on the first stop. Enjoyable as now he could see everyone that got on.

Nine stops and twenty two people later he made it to school. To him it was huge. Only use to small campus, the high school's several building campus seemed almost like another world to him. Over there was the continent of the library. There was the mountain chain known as the academic hall. There a lone island of administration. There another larger continent known only by the smells coming from it. The cafeteria. Then the small island chain that could only be identified by the signs outside of it. A small vocational class group.

Ethan Ruberick walked into the academic hall and found classroom 109. English two. A class he never needed at his private school because of his Lord status. Here only a select few even knew he was a Lord. Himself, his guidance counselor, and the principle. It was to be a closely guarded secret. Although Ethan felt that his counselor Mrs. Richards might "accidentally" let it out. On the two times they had been together she showed utter contempt for him.

Inside the classroom several seats were already taken but most were empty. At his desk was the teacher, Mr. Henry. Ethan approached him to ask where he sat.

"Some odd hair you have there. So what can I do for you? No wait let me guess. Where do you sit? Am I right?" Mr. Henry asked. Ethan just nodded. "Well now I can't give you your seat if you don't give me your name. No wait. Let me guess ... Ethan Ruberick." Mr. Henry's eyes went up looking for conformation.

"Ya but how did you know?" Ethan asked a little scared that Mr. Henry might actually be a hidden Lord.

"Oh that was easy. First, your hair is kinda hard to forget. I never saw it around last year so I figured you to be a new student. Second, I have had most of these students last year when I taught English one. Now for the grand unmasking. You have a picture here with your name underneath it for attendance. Not that hard to figure out. Hahahahaha," Mr. Henry laughed.

Ethan saw nothing funny so he didn't join in. A kid sitting almost right in front of the teacher's desk did overhear the conversation though. He laughed. Ethan didn't understand why they would laugh. Mr. Henry had led him to believe he could be a Lord or just a really smart human. Instead he played a trick on him.

"So. You are in the last row there by the window and in the last seat." Ethan expected this. Most teachers tend to conform to requests from the principle. Ethan had made the request to always be in one of the corners in the back of the class.

Ethan took his seat as the student flow into the classroom increased. The bell rang. Several more students entered and just took a random seat. Most people seemed to avoid trying to sit by him as his hair marked him as a weird kid. It did not last though. Soon enough all the other seats except those around him were full. Three more people entered. Two boys and a girl. Ethan took note of them without notice and didn't even pay them any attention. He was waiting for the teacher to begin.

The tardy bell rang. No one else entered the class. "Good morning students. My name is Mr. Henry as I am sure several of you remember. The seats you are currently in will be your assigned seats. Get use to them. Now I welcome you to English two. This year we will be..."

Ethan was confused. Why tell him this was his seat if he was going to let people sit anywhere? Maybe it was to be his seat anyway? Or was he just choosing where I would most likely like to sit? Who knows?

And so the class proceeded. Until the students were forced to introduce yourself. At last it came down his row. The boy in front of him introduced himself told a few interesting facts about himself and sat back down. Ethan stood. He eyed the class quickly before introducing himself.

"Hi, my name is Ethan Ruberick. I am new to this school and school district. A few interesting things about me are my hair, my eyes, and of course of me. Thank you," Ethan said as he sat back down. People stared at him as if he was an idiot or an ignorant kid. After introductions were done the class was allowed to socialize and catch up with friends. Talking erupted around him. Ethan just simply went into a simple meditation technique he figured out himself. Concentrating only of the breathing in and out and making sure not to use words in his own head.

His mind stretched. Opened. With his inherent telepathic ability he was able to see the surface of the minds of everyone in the room. Surprisingly the only one he couldn't exactly sense was that of Mr. Henry. Oh he could see it but to his sense it was not there. Very few normal humans knew how to block their minds. Most of these were people that did not like Lords or worked real close to Lords. The bell rang.

Ethan closed up his mind and picked up his backpack. Might as well stop by my locker, Ethan thought. Gotta drop some of these binders off or I am likely to hurt myself. So he stopped at his locker and quickly opened it. To his left and right girls appeared. They were the owners of the lockers surrounding his. Looking further on he noticed the closest male was at least five lockers down his left. He threw in his English binder, math binder, and science binder. The other four binders would have to come with him as he would not be able to get close to his locker and make it to class on time.

Walking into the gym showed his class scattered all over the floor of the gym. Upon entering almost every head turned to see him. Those that didn't turn their heads were a few people with their backs turned to him. Not in the least bit embarrassed Ethan just walked over to a wall and sat down. The tardy bell rang. After three minutes without a teacher some students started to really fool around. Paper airplanes, paper balls, spit wads, and even a few wrestling matches.

"Hey anyone know how long we have to wait on the teacher before we leave?" Someone shouted through the gym. Everyone fell silent. Apparently a lot of people wanted to know how long they would have to wait.

"Five minutes," some kid with glasses shouts back. "One minute left."

The teacher walks in. Balding on the head the teacher stands only five feet tall. Like a typical coach he is wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Around his neck is a whistle. Wheeeeeeee.

"Ok everyone line up over there on the wall with the green hair guy. We have to get a few things done. First we got to figure out what we will teach in this class this year. Next we do introductions. Well I am Coach Arnold. Now..." And so the class went. The entire time just sitting against the wall picking the courses and at the end getting assigned lockers. The choices that were picked were martial arts, softball, flag football, soccer, basketball, and of course volleyball. Ethan was surprised that a public school would offer martial arts. Then again these days you needed any way to protect yourself possible. The bell rang.

Ethan quickly set out for his next class. Computer graphics. The course description implied that there was more than just graphics but wouldn't say exactly what. A Mr. Jones taught this class. Introductions were made and the class socialized. Information technology his fourth period class was the same. With the same teacher.

History was taught by Ms. Twilets. Sixth period was math. Well Geometry. This was taught by a Mrs. Jones. Married to Mr. Jones that taught the computer classes. Chemistry his last hour was taught by a Mrs. Polinish. Every class on the first day of school was the same. Introductions then a basic overview of the class. No homework. And then after all his classes and dropping his backpack off at his locker he headed outside.

Buses came and went. The crowd of students slowly dwindled. Four buses at one time made a big dent in the few hundred outside the school. Another six come. A bigger dent. Buses came and went until only about ten students were left. Not a single bus before was Ethan's. Finally another bus pulls in. 13064. This one would take him home. All eleven of the students left crowd around the bus. When the doors open it is a mad rush to get in. Pushing pulling. When Ethan finally boards the bus only two seats have an opening. One up front with a middle schooler or one in the back with a girl. He chooses the back.

Automatically his eyes look over the girl. Just to know his surroundings. Her brunette hair fell down to her shoulders. Her brown eyes seemed so lovely the way they looked at you. She smiled at some joke. To Ethan it seemed as if a light was turned on. Who cared what her body looked like. Her face was just perfect. Although his eyes did stop at her face they continued on, on the force of habit.

One stop and three people later someone actually speaks to him. "Hey kid what's your name?" a girl behind him asks. He turns around to see a short blond girl. She was dressed in a semi-Gothic getup.

"Ethan." A simple answer to a simple question. Besides he just wanted to get back to his thoughts on the girl next to him.

"Hey Rachel I think he might have the hots for ya. Look at how he keeps trying to steal secret glances at you," some red hair man says. Rachel blushes. Ethan keeps his cool and says nothing. What is the point of saying anything when you know it will just dig you deeper. Better to just stay quiet and let them draw their own conclusions.

Four more stops and still Ethan keeps quiet. Those around him just let him be. No need to bother someone that is quiet. Ethan felt someone pushing through his hair. Quick as lightning he turns around and grabs the kids wrist. The teenager tried pulling his wrist back but Ethan's grip was firm.

"Dude let go. I didn't do anything." He tries again to yank his wrist away. It barely budges. "Let go dude. Don't make me beat you up."

Ethan stares hard into his eyes. "Do not touch me again. And I doubt you could beat me up." The guy's eyebrows go up as if to question his last statement.

"Prove that I can't beat you. You do that and I will leave you alone." Ethan shakes his head.

"I won't use force unless it is necessary. And nothing you can do to me will make it life threatening. So don't even try." The guy just stared on as if he heard nothing. His wrist started hurting.

"Let go of me. Besides how do you know I am not a Lord that has to go to school. I mean I could kick your butt if you make me answer that question." Ethan laughs inside that this guy thinks he could be a Lord. No Lord was this egotistical. They might have power but being an idiot counted against you being a Lord at birth.

The bus stopped and two girls sitting a little farther up front stood up. Ethan released the guy's wrist. He then proceeded to stand up with his stuff and get off the bus. As the bus rolled by he looked into the window of where he was sitting to see Rachel looking at him. Ethan went home.

That night as Ethan lay in bed his head was still full of her face. Rachel. What a beautiful name. Ooooohhhhh how I would like to take her out. For once I hate being a Lord. Hmmm I wonder if she'll go out with me? My god those lips would be so nice to just touch. Her eyes make me lose myself. My god what has happened to me? Have I fallen for her? Lords aren't suppose to fall for commoners. Although there were a few that did it anyway. Besides its a lax law anyway.

So his night continued with him dreaming about Rachel. Simple dreams of them snuggling. More complex dreams of them getting in the mood. Then down to nightmares where she is already taken or dies.

His alarm rang in his sensitive ears. He reached out and shut the alarm off. He didn't use his hand though. His powers of the mind lately had grown more sensitive, and he was gaining a finer touch with them. Ethan sat up. Second day of public school. He dressed quickly and ran downstairs for a small meal to break his fast. That meal turned out to be a fruity rice cereal with cold milk. Delicious.

At the bus stop the two females looked at him and continued to whisper. It didn't matter much to him. He could hear what they said. To him though, what other people thought was trivial. Except for one person. Rachel. No maybe not even her. In his mind he could barely see her face. It should have been clearer. He had seen her in his dreams after all. Maybe it was blurry because the dreams drew power from his image. Nah! Maybe he just needed a refresher look.

When the bus arrived, Ethan once again sat at the very back. He had to find when she got on. Through all nine stops he never even glimpsed her. Maybe she wasn't going to school today. At school he disembarked from the bus and went to his English class. The first bell then the tardy bell rang. Mr. Henry started off the class with a proficiency exam. Nothing really hard, just something to see what you could remember from the previous year. Ethan breezed through it and turned it in. He still had thirty minutes of the fifty minute period left. The exam was supposed to take all period.

During the remaining time Ethan took to meditation and opened his mind. Again Mr. Henry had guarded thoughts. His awareness spread outward and started to seep into other rooms. Suddenly his mind clapped onto another mind. Rachel's. NO! He would not invade her mind. He would not invade anyone's mind without need. It was against the L.O.R.D. code of honor. He reeled his mind back in and noticed the bell was about to ring.

After English he headed for the boy's locker room. He was to dress out and the class was going to start the first lesson in gym. Martial Arts. When Ethan left the locker room he noticed several mats were on the ground. At the largest mat several other students were sitting around the teacher. These students were no way sophomores or even apart of his class. If anything they looked to be seniors. He walked to them and Coach Arnold indicated he should sit down. The seniors looked at him with aggression in their eyes. They wanted a fight. And in this class they were going to get one. When all his classmates were sitting around him, Coach started talking.

"Our first topic in this class is martial arts. Now there are several different forms in the world. In here I teach only one. Self-defense. It will probably serve you best out of all the classes you are taking this year. Now as today is our first day in martial arts I have gathered several students to demonstrate self-defense for you. Eventually they will help guide you. Now, Schwinson and Labormen. Come to the center ring." The two seniors stood up and approached each other in the center ring. They started demonstrating several basic maneuvers and then started on the complicated moves. These two were good, real good.

Ethan raise his hand. Coach nodded to him. "Can I have a go with one of them? I want to see if any of my previous classes have remained with me."

"Sure. Uh ... how about you Labormen? You up to it?"

Labormen smiled. "If the freak wants to get hurt sure."

"Now, now. We don't really want to hurt him. It is just an extra to what goes on." Coach smiled.

Ethan stood and moved to center ring. He bowed to his opponent. "Hey coach, we got a guy that thinks he is a Japanese fight." Just to mock him, Labormen made a shallow bow.

He didn't even bother coming up from the bow. He immediately charged Ethan. Ethan easily side stepped him. Labormen turned and tried a jump kick. He grabbed Labormen's foot and threw him. Labormen flew across the mat. He recovered quickly. He was going to have to be more cautious of this freak. Ethan never gave him a chance to try and be more careful. He pulled off kick after kick after kick. Labormen went down with bruises.

"Uh, guess they did stick. Thanks for the workout Labormen." Ethan sat back down. Not a single drop of sweat glistened on his head.

Coach just starred at Ethan. "Wouldn't mind telling me what that was would you? And how you do it so beautifully? Or why you stopped if you are that good?" Ethan had to smile.

"It is a mixture of Aikido, Ninjitsu, Jujitsu, and Taekwando. As for my grace? Well lets say I have an affinity for martial arts. And I had to stop. All my previous masters couldn't cope with a student better than them."

"So you mean to tell me that Labormen had no chance at all? You just wanted to show him he isn't the best?" Ethan nodded. Exactly. Seniors might have brute force but none would be able to best him in a straight fight. Probably not even in a crooked fight with the odds on their side.

After the demonstrations Coach had the students watch him act out a move. The class then broke down into pairs. They took turns practicing the moves. Anyone that got paired with Ethan got the entire time to practice the moves. He didn't need any practice.

When the bell rang and he emerged from the locker room, Ethan still hadn't broken out in a sweat. He went to his next class. In computer graphics he was taught the basics of simple web-animation. In Information Technology they started off detecting computer viruses.

When History came around Ethan was excited. This was his favorite subject. Anything with the past was interesting. It was also the only solid class. In any other class things can change from one thing to another depending on what experts think. In history everything was set in gold. Nothing could be said to not have happened if it had been recorded.

"Good afternoon class, today we will start with some recent history. As it has the biggest affect on this world to date. I am talking about the plague known now as the Redefining Disease. Can anyone tell me how long it lasted and how it was stopped?" Ethan knew. The exact details on how it was stopped though couldn't be shared outside of the Lords. Still, he raised his hand. "Yes, uh ... Mr. Ruberick."

"The RD infected this planet for about ten years." And eleven months and twenty-five days, Ethan thought, to end on Christmas day. "No one is for certain how it is done, except maybe the L.O.R.D.s but they went around and healed as many people as they could." Not everyone, the Lords had purposefully let some countries lose more people than others. Those countries were supposedly the creators of the disease, but they were also in open rebellion of the new world order others were trying to create.

"Yes, right on the dot. Thank you Mr. Ruberick."

"No problem."

"Now soon after groups started appearing. They claimed the L.O.R.D.s started the disease. They were wrong in so many ways but only one piece of info is needed to prove it. Anyone know what that is?" No answered. Well almost no one. When he saw no one else was going to answer Ethan raised his hand again. "Yes, Mr. Ruberick."

"The fact is that no could know who was going to turn and who wasn't. And even if they wanted to hurt people the didn't do it intentionally. As it is the Lords came and healed those they could heal. And others that didn't even know of the disease yet turned could be called an accident. The disease did not originate from the Lords. It would have been impossible for so many diverse people that couldn't speak the same language to bring it onto the entire world."

"Wow. That is correct. A little more than needed but still correct."

The class stared at him.

In math they started on simple symmetry. Chemistry was a simple introduction to the periodic table. Something he had memorized. The last bell rang and Ethan threw his stuff in his locker. He would have the small piece of homework done in English tomorrow.

Outside Ethan decided to wait for the bus underneath a tree. The tree he choose was at the edge of the crowd and the branches hung low enough to easily climb. Climb he did not do though. It was against the rules. No need to bring more attention to himself. His hawk like eyes searched the crowd. No sign of her. Maybe she wasn't riding the bus today. No. Maybe she was just waiting inside. Yes. That had to be it.

An arm encircled his throat and pulled tight. Ethan was still able to breathe a small amount. "Thanks for embarrassing me yesterday. After you got off they laughed at me. Not Rachel though. Oh no. She smiled at me. Then last night she was yelling my name." Ethan tensed. No. She couldn't be taken. Not with an idiot like this. "Oh yes. Yelling my name so loud I'm surprised I can hear today. Her body under mine was just delightful. That smooth skin, her sweet taste, and those eyes. Man those eyes just get you going."

Ethan was deaf by now. Anger was clouding his mind. His vision was red. All of his Lord powers were coming to the front. Those he knew of and those hidden till now boiled forth. With a quick twist he was out of the ass hole's reach. He threw forth a hand that was gripped into a fist. The fist itself was burning a bright green. When the fist connected the ass went flying backward and crashed into the brick wall twenty feet away. His chest had a hideous burn on it.

Scared of being revealed he turned to rush away. A breeze caressed him and carried him forward. Blood pumped through his head as his feet pounded away on asphalt, grass, asphalt, air. When he registered this last material he looked down. He seemed to be standing on the ground. His feet though told him that there was a cushion of air beneath him. Interesting.

Looking up he noticed he had ran the entire way home. A ten mile run.

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