Fixing More Than Intended
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Big Breasts,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fixing a computer for a female friend of a friend leads to some good foursome action. as she discovers the repair man is non other than her favourite bdsm writer....

A male nurse friend of mine, Paul, passed on my contact details to Helen, a BBW nurse he occasionally worked alongside. She was having trouble with her home pc and he knew I fixed them cheaply, especially if it was for a deserving cause such as a nurse.

So Helen called me and arranged for me to go look at the troublesome pc. At this point allow me to describe Helen to you, as I already said she is a BBW standing five feet two inches tall and wearing size 18 dresses, her long hazel hair hanging shoulder length around a pretty if slightly chubby face. Her large frame is complimented with her large 40DD breasts but she still had a very sexy look about her.

Anyway I arrived at her flat and began to ask about the problems she was experiencing and discovered her pc was running extremely slowly and often would freeze when she was in the middle of important course work for her nursing job. I began with the basics running defragmentation programs but this did not increase the speed at all. I then began to open up the pc case, but to do this I had to move some paperwork, which suddenly revealed a story entitled "Freedom Denied" by Niteowluk2003, well I did not know whether to blush or simply ignore this for it was a story I had wrote a while ago and posted on a few websites.

Helen saw me looking at the story, although not as she suspected reading it, she commented that she had found the story to be well written and turned her on no end, in fact she joked that she would give the author a new idea for a story if she ever met him.

I asked her to come here and quickly logged into the main story site I used, carefully hiding my password I logged into the authors section and the stats page. Then showing her that the self same story had received some 15,000 initial downloads and when the additional chapters were totalled, there were seven chapters in total, it had received some 95, 000 downloads. Helen recovered her composure quickly and asked me to autograph her printed copy of the story.

Helen suddenly realized that if I could access such information I must be the author and she now blushed. I told her to stop her blushes as I was flattered by her compliment. I continued to close down her pc and opened up the case, removing the hard drive and checking its specs. I pointed out to her that this was her real problem for who ever had built the pc for her had used outdated parts for her hard drive ran at 5200 rpm and most CPU's prefer a 72,000 rpm hard drive to keep up with the processor speed.

I reached into my tool box and removed a hard drive, showing her the specs of this unit and offered to sell her this second user unit for £25.00 it was a faster larger hard drive than her existing one. She was obviously concerned about the replacement of the data on her hard drive till I explained this was not an issue as I had a ghost writer which would allow the data to be copied across to her new hard drive as an identical image of her old hard drive.

I installed both the hard drives and began the ghosting process, as this ran I asked her about the story. I asked, "So do you like the idea of being dominated or dominating someone else?"

Helen responded, "Both for I am what is known as a switch, I am sub missive to dominant men and dominant to submissive men and women, although I have never met a dominant female so I do not know how I would react to that!"

"Oh ok, so does that mean you have no master to serve at the moment as your in dominant mode or am I wrong?" I asked.

"Oh no it's not like that; I don't go through modes but react to individual circumstances and people. I could be in a room with many people and be sub with those who show a strong character and Dom with those showing weak characters!" She explained.

Suddenly the computer bleeped telling us it needed rebooting and after removing the faulty hard drive and restarting the pc we continued our chat. "So if I told you to do something knowing now that I am the dominant Ray from this story you would do it without hesitation then?" I asked.

Helen looked at the floor, never answered apart from slowly deliberately nodding her head.

"Remove your blouse!" I demanded.

Helen continued to look at the ground and her hands immediately went to the top button on her blouse, quickly and carefully she undid each of the buttons revealing more and more of her deep cleavage. Until with the very last button she slipped her shoulders from the blouse and as it slide down her arms it fluttered quickly to the floor behind her.

Her heavy breast were held tightly together in her large bra, which despite its size looked very lacy indeed and it clearly allowed her erect nipples to show through; as they appeared dark and hard coming to a point almost half an inch from her breasts. No sooner had the blouse hit the floor than Helen was trying to cover her large semi exposed boobs with her hands. I demanded she now raise her skirt up to her waist.

Helen dropped her hands away from her bra and began to slowly raise the hem of her skirt, eventually revealing her dark blue satin camisole panties, a deeper dark wet patch covering her cunt area. I turn to her and said, "You fucking horny little slut, your cunt is already leaking its juicy nectar and I have not so much as touched your over heated body! You have to be the horniest fuck slut in London to produce so much cunt juice from just thinking of my hands pinching your nipples or rubbing your wanton slut's slit!"

Again Helen blushed but never said a word and continued to look down to the floor, I walked over to her and placing my mouth very close to her ear I whispered, "I am going to remove your fucking bra, bitch and then you are going to remove your skirt, and you will tell me that you want my cock up your horny slut of a cunt and my hands to twist and pinch your fucking heated tits"

I undid the bra clasp and allowed the straps to slide down her arms, her large soft breasts flopped forward now unrestrained by the bra and her nipples peeked out from behind their lacy cup. Immediately Helen reached around behind her and unzipped her skirt and then stood up straight as her skirt slid to the floor and her bra slid off her arms to land on top of her skirt.

Now Helen was stood naked apart from her soaking wet panties before me, a man she had met for the first time less than two hours ago. I slowly walked around her letting her know I was ogling her large body. Every so often I would stop and place a hand on her flesh, either an arse cheek or some tit flesh; when I did so I would tell her that soon my common little slag would be panting and begging for some real cock.

I commented on how large my slut's arse was and how big a target it would make for me to spank her. I then leaned close to her and whispered, "I wish I had known; I would have brought my other work bag, the one with the ropes, chains, handcuffs and vibrator's in it!"

She suddenly replied, "Oh Master, I have an assortment of toys in my bedroom, if you wish I could fetch those for you to use!"

I stopped right in front of her; looked her square in the eyes and said, "Yes my fuck toy, do that, but take a large tray or something to use as a large tray and lay out all your fuck me toys on the tray so they can clearly be seen and handled!"

Helen quickly scooted off to the kitchen before disappearing off into the bedroom; she returned some ten minutes later with a white fluffy towel on the board she was using as a tray, a pink smaller towel covered the contents of the tray as she presented the tray at waist level to me. I ordered her to put it on the coffee table and then instructed her to use only her mouth to remove the pink towel cover.

When she lifted the towel, there was an array of toys and implements on the tray, ranging from vibrators from 6 inches to a fifteen inch four inch thick monster, there were three butt plugs small medium and large, two paddles of leather effect look and one of those had pointed studs in the fascia of the body. Also there was a riding crop of thin springy leather with a one inch square flap at the striking end, there were several lengths of the sort of soft bondage rope, two pairs of handcuffs, two nipple chains and a pair of vibrating nipple clamps plus a leather tawse with at least 12 strings to it. These strings had been knotted at various points along their length and I realized that it meant extra pain when used to whip a person's flesh. The handle of this tawse was penis shaped and had two pointed studs sticking from the side walls.

I looked at Helen, still naked except for her camisole panties, whose wet patch was now considerably larger than it was before. I ordered her to remove these panties and beg for me to allow her to suck her own cunt juice from the wet patch. Helen quickly removed her panties and revealed her shaven cunt with a clit bar piercing her hood. She began to initially ask for permission to savour her cunt juice from the crutch of her panties and when that was denied she began pleading to taste her sweet nectar via her panties.

Just then the door bell rang and a look of panic registered on Helen's face, she looked beyond me at the wall clock and said, "Shit, its Janet and her wimp of a boyfriend Peter!"

I asked how she knew and she admitted that she had arranged for them to come over as Janet was a sub who wanted to see how to train her even more sub missive boyfriend Peter!

I told her to go let them in then and I would give them a surprise lesson they would never forget.

Helen grabbed the small pink towel to cover herself till I warned her that if she did that she would be made a proper example of. She immediately dropped the towel and went to the front door, leading the new couple into the living room where I was waiting. I could imagine Janet's surprise to be met at the door with the supposedly Dom Helen already naked and highly aroused, but imagine Peter's face, for all he had been told was they were visiting a work colleague of Janet's.

As soon as they entered the room, I stepped forward and told Helen to get down on her hands and knees. Knowing better than to argue, she immediately got down on her hands and knees, with her large arse pointed in Peter's direction. I noticed he was avidly looking at her cunt trapped between those meaty thighs. Even Janet was a little embarrassed as I instructed Helen to introduce us. Without getting up she said, "Master Ray, I would like you to meet my submissive little horny slut Janet and her wimp cock loving pimp Peter!"

I looked at the totally embarrassed pair and my eyes took in the small slim body of Janet, she stood four foot ten tall around a size 8 dress with 34 B breasts which although small looked ideally proportioned on her frame. Her short cropped blonde hair gave her an almost boyish appearance. Peter stood a good foot taller than Janet and although slim in appearance he had an almost effeminate appearance, later learnt that Janet regularly had him wearing women's clothing and did him a full make up makeover which obviously left its impression.

I picked up Helen's panties and asked her, "Bitch Helen, what am I holding here?"

She glanced at my hand and then in a low seductive voice she replied, "Master they are my soaking wet panties; that you made me remove not half an hour ago and refused to allow me to suck the juices from!"

I held them out towards Peter and Janet, in such a way that they could clearly see the very wet dark stained patch. I invited peter to smell them and tell me what he thought; he sheepishly sniffed them and said, "Very nice, I am sure!"

I shot him a disgusted look and turned to Janet, "I repeated my instructions to Janet and asked her what she thought!"

Janet began, "Oh they smell very erotic and it is quite an aphrodisiac smelling the cunt juice of a horny fucking bitch!"

I smiled and then turned to Peter, "You little faggot, you have so much to learn, your common whore of a girlfriend knows more than you, but she is still a useless fucking tart!"

Janet almost began to protest, until the stern look I shot her silenced her.

"Open your mouth, Peter!" I demanded. As he did so I popped the panties into his mouth. "Suck hard, my little cock loving faggot and now tell me what it tastes like?"

"Oh it tastes tangy and smells a little stale!" he mumbled.

I snapped at him by telling him to shut his fucking wimp's mouth, I pulled the panties from his closed mouth and made Janet suck on them too asking her what she thought. She immediately replied, "Master they taste sweet and sexy, I can't wait for your permission to taste these juices directly from her cunt!"

As I turned to Helen, I allowed her to take her own panties into her mouth and suck the mixture of her own cunt juices, Peter and Janet's saliva from her underwear; before returning my attention to Peter, "You fucking wimp of a man, strip off all your fucking clothes now, and don't even think about hesitating unless you want severe lacerations of the butt!" I demanded before adding, "Tell him Janet and Helen, just what he can expect if he fucks this session up for you two whores?"

Janet was first to respond, "I will make your life fucking hell for the next six months, cunt, if you let me down now. Your spunk bottle will be overflowing before I would allow you to even see me naked again let alone touch me!"

I made a mental note of the spunk bottle as it could prove useful later.

Then Helen unleashed her torrent of abuse in Peter's direction, "You make me, your ultimate mistress, look like a pillock and I promise you will learn to eat sleep and do everything standing up for your arse will be so fucking sore from its spankings that you dare not even think about sitting down!" then as a final demand she added, "Now do as you are fucking told and strip of them rags before I get up and cut them from your body, you useless fucking piece of shit!"

Instantly Peter began stripping off his clothes at double speed, until he was standing in just his underpants, his stiff cock showing as a smallish bulge against them. I immediately ordered him to stop. He almost breathed a sigh of relief until I spoke again, "For your defiance and sarcastic answers earlier I have decided to show you who is the fucking master here!" I continued as I looked at Helen, "You for allowing shits like this to disgrace the nature of BDSM, you will also suffer!" and looking at Janet I finished, "You as this wimp's girlfriend should have taught him to be obedient from the start so you too will pay a price too!"

I then walked directly in front of Peter pushing my face close to his, I announced, "You will receive 12 strokes of the studded paddle, three from Helen first, then three from Janet and the remaining six from me. Helen you will apply the strokes to his right arse cheek and Janet you to his left!" I watched for his reaction he almost winced but never spoke, I slowly lowered my hand and suddenly gripped tightly his pant covered cock and squeezed.

Peter blushed very red in the face but never spoke or uttered a single groan. I quickly turned and yanked it as I pulled him towards the corner of the room. Once close to the corner I released his now even harder cock and told him to remove his pants and stand face into the corner and on tiptoe. I warned him to drop off his tiptoe would double his punishment discounting any he had already endured. So if it was the first or last spank with the paddle he would face a further 24 strokes.

Peter quickly turned to face the corner before dropping his pants and stepping out of them. I slapped his arse with my bare hand and told him to replace his pants. This time he was to face the women as he revealed his useless tiny little fuck stick before turning to face the wall and showing his only useful attribute, his boy pussy.

A very red faced Peter donned his pants before removing them again in full view of Helen and Janet and then he turned to the corner and went up on tiptoe. I mockingly asked the girls what they thought of his magnificent manhood ... They both laughed out loud saying, "call that poor thing a prick would be a disgrace!" Peter blushed red but knew better than to complain.

I now whispered to Helen, who nodded and moved on her hands and knees behind Peter. Suddenly she prized open his butt cheeks and began licking his anal ring, probing it with her wet tongue. When she lubricated it with her saliva Peter never spotted the small butt plug in her other hand. She soon positioned it against his anal ring and with a sudden shove buried to the hilt up his arse. Well Janet must have been shoving things up Peter's arse because he never even squealed.

I turned to Janet and ordered her to remove her dress, for she was wearing a full length button down the front dress which ended around four inches below her knees. Instantly she began unbuttoning the dress and as she did so, she began talking loud enough for Peter to hear her, "Yes Master, I will reveal my body to a real man, and I will freely give it to you Master for you to fuck in any way your real macho cock wishes, oh I have dreamt for so long about being fucked hard and fast by a man with a real macho cock!"

I knew Peter was listening and as Helen adjusted the butt plug, I noticed Peter's hips begin thrusting slowly. If he had speeded up it would have looked like he would have been fucking the wall. I could not help but laugh out loud calling him a wall fucking prick.

Soon Janet was down to just her bra and panties, I ordered her to remove her bra and show me her little tits. Again she was vocal about revealing her hard nipples and small but firm breasts to a real man to have and to play with as he saw fit. I walked around behind her and quickly reached beneath her arms and covered her 34B breast in my large hands. The nipples felt hard and hot against my palm. Soon my finger and thumb closed in pinching her thick nipples and pulling then firmly away from her body before letting them slip from my fingers and bouncing her breasts back to her body.

Ooooh's and Aaaagh's filled the room as Janet reacted to my manipulation of her nipples, poor Peter afraid to turn to look what was happening and still having the butt plug pressed into his arse by Helen was in turmoil. I quickly slipped from behind Janet, handed the studded paddle to Helen and ordered her to commence the punishment.

There was a heavy silence, before the first thick thud of the leather against yielding flesh, this time the agony was too much for Peter who actually yelped out a cry of pain only to be told sternly by Janet to stop being a cry baby and take it like the man he was supposed to be. There was a pause of some five minutes whilst I rubbed Janet's cunt through her panties and then touched Helen's arse and indicated her to deliver her second slap.

She drew her arm back and revealed an almost square looking red patch of skin with two brighter red spots where the studs had pressed firmly into his soft arse flesh. Janet squealed her delight as my fingers pressed against her cloth cover clit and at that self same moment the second thud landed on his arse. Again a squeal of pain but Peter managed to remain on tiptoe although there was now a trickle of blood beginning to appear where the studs had met his skin.

Janet seeing the first hints of blood pressed her cunt hard against my hand and actually brought herself off to a rather verbal orgasm and Helen Delivered her third and final slap with the paddle. Peter's right arse cheek was extremely red and the spatter of blood showed Helen had applied a fair bit of force in spanking him with the paddle.

Immediately Helen handed the paddle to Janet and stepped aside, I suspect this was because of more than a little jealousy as Janet was getting a fair bit of attention from me. I stepped between Janet and Peter and turned to Helen and asked, "Bitch are you happy with your handiwork, on this wimps arse?"

She gave a wicked smile and said, "Yes!"

I turned her smile back upon her and said, "Well what you sow so shall ye reap!" And continued, "You will now kiss better the blood letting you have shown and will receive double the pain in return and shall receive them from each of Peter and Janet!"

Then Janet handed out her spanks on to Peter's left cheek, careful not to draw blood and yet firm enough to appear meaningful, scared in case she too suffered retribution from me.

I then took the Paddle and discreetly changed it for the non studded version and had Peter step away from the wall and allowed him to come off his tiptoes, I placed my first slap across both his arse cheeks and then the next landed unexpectedly for Peter across his still rock hard cock flattening it against his pubic area. The third and fifth spanks returned to his arse and the fourth and sixth and final spank again against his cock which suddenly spurted forth its seed like a fountain. It splashed against his lower stomach and upper legs, Helen and Janet were then made to lick the white spunk off his body.

Whilst Helen was on her knees licking up the spillage, I swapped the paddle back and handed it to Janet who rapidly delivered six hard spanks on the fleshy quivering area of Helen's arse. Then Peter took over the paddle and delivered his six spanks again over Helens arse but whilst Janet was laid beneath her eating Helen's cunt.

I walked to Janet's feet and quickly yanked down her soaking wet panties then handed them to Peter and told him that as he was almost a woman by his actions he should rightly wear women's panties and these belonging to such a tramp of a slut would be idea.

He slipped into them and admitted it felt really good to feel his girlfriend's cunt juices pressed tightly against his cock. I picked up the riding crop and deliver twelve harsh shots directly on to Janet's spread and swollen cunt lips. Several of them hitting directly on to her clit and driving her extremely wild.

Quickly I slipped out of my clothes and made Peter suck my cock hard in preparation of me fucking his girlfriend, I even humiliated him further by having him hold my cock whilst lining it up with Janet's cunt. Then after it slipped hard into her cunt, I made him hold her legs wide open whilst I slammed my cock in and out. All the time I was telling him what a slut his precious little girlfriend was and if she was a whore I would not be paying her more than a couple of pounds because she should be paying me for servicing her horny fucking cunt.

Janet suddenly began joining in yelling in her orgasm that a real man was finally fucking her cunt and any other part of her excited body that he chose. Helen also began calling peter a useless waste of cock meat and delighted in telling him that no matter how horny she got, his poor little cock would never get to feel the inside of her cunt.

I suddenly turned to Helen and told her to get on the floor on her back and open her fucking legs wide as she could. I watched as she eagerly lay down and opened her legs, almost as if she was expecting me to stop fucking the bitch I was fucking and take over fucking her but the look on her face was a real picture when I ordered Peter to fuck her cunt and not to cum up her but to spray his load all over her face and tits.

Meanwhile I fucked his girlfriends through three hard orgasms before finally unloading my thick white baby making seed deep inside her cunt. I quickly pulled out and then physically dragged peter off the cum slut, Helen and forced his head between Janet's open legs. He started to complain until I pushed his mouth on to her leaking cunt.

I made him lick her clean swallowing my cream like a lap dog. Meanwhile Helen was made to lick my cock clean before I slipped it still into her arse. As I fucked her hard I took the largest of the vibrators and forced it up into her cunt. I then systematically fucked her cunt with the vibrator and her arse with my cock.

As we started to calm down, I eased the butt plug from Peter's anal hole and made him suck it clean before removing the vibrator from Helen's cunt and made peter also clean this with his mouth. As we all dressed we made arrangements for another session in two weeks time only this time we would be at Janet's larger house and of course Helen would bring all her toys and Janet would bring out any she had but more importantly I would have my bag of tricks with me too...

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