Enter Sandman
Chapter 1

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Why?I guess every man in history asks that question once in awhile in relation to their loved ones. You see I know my wife is cheating on me, she just doesn't know that I know...

I had a fairly normal upbringing two parents that loved me and an older sister who put up with me. My parents were a big believer in a quality education so I ended up at a private school.

It was a strictly all male school that believed in football, religion and education basically in that order. Next to our school was the private all girls school which we had some interaction with.

I can tell you that there is nothing worse than being at a catholic school when you're not catholic except for being a middle class/poor white boy among snobby rich boys.

To say I didn't fit in would be an understatement. I never liked snobs and still don't. I figure everyone is equal and people should be judged on their actions not their bank balance. Well that was the wrong attitute at this school and before long it was pick on the poor boy.

I got in endless fights after school verbal and physical often 4 or 5 against 1. I got in quite a few licks but generally got my ass beat. Well I knew it was pointless talking to my folks as they would tell me to turn the other cheek and just fit in.

The school insisted that everyone should be involved in a sporting activity either through school or outside of it.

As the school had a good connection with the police (due to the fact the police chief's son went to the school), I decided to kill two birds with one stone and signed up for boxing class which was run by the Police Boys Club and was okayed by the school.

This decision was to change my life for several reasons. Firstly the rich boys all played football and didn't want to mix with the 'lower class' so I ended up with kids just like me. The second and more important reason is that I met my best friend Greg Sands in that gym.

Greg was a talented boxer and son of a cop. He had just arrived in town and had signed up for class just for the hell of it.

The instructor had no idea that Greg was a regional boxing champ and being that we were of similar size he paired us up.

The instructor was old school and wanted to 'assess our talent' so he put us in the ring together. The last thing I remember before the lights went out was a smile and a big red fist coming at me.

I woke up in a room with a sore head and wondering what had happened. The instructor stopped by and said he had assessed my talent and it was going to be a long road.

Next minute Greg Sands stopped by apologised and put his hand out, I shook it and we were friends from then on. I took him around town introduced him to my friends and family and I met his folks as well.

The surprise was next week at school when lo and behold there was Greg in the hallway. I raced up to him with a goofy grin and he returned it. It turns out that due to the fact his dad was deputy chief he got a reduced cost education at the school.

Well we were as thick as thieves we took many of the same classes together and were 'joined at the hip' as my folks liked to say. Sandman as I come to call him was like the brother I never had.

The bully problem sorted itself out as well. Sandman was giving me extra training and combined with the twice weekly class I was becoming a pretty handy boxer.

It all come to a head one afternoon when Douglas Peterson started talking trash about my folks. Now I can take most things but not when it comes to talking that way about my family. I went nuts and ended up breaking the assholes nose and knocked his teeth out. Next minute I saw all his friends coming up the rear what they didn't see was Sandman.

To say it was an epic battle would be a lie, Sandman made short work of most of my foes and I helped sort of. Sandman was always kind and loving towards his family and friends but he was just outright vicious to his enemies.

Well we(he)made short work of the reinforcements and we left thinking nothing more of it. I mean they had done this sort of thing to me many times and I just left it at that and would then try and plot my revenge.

I guess it's never a good thing to make rich enemies. Douglas' father was a very powerful man of industry and he was screaming blue murder. He firstly has myself and Sandman suspended for the remainder of the year (there was only a month left of classes anyway). He then had us charged with assault.

What he didn't reckon on was witnesses from the girls school to the fight who totally backed our version of events that dougey boy started the whole thing. It also helped that Sandman's dad was deputy chief. Mr Peterson later tried to make my folks pay for the 'reconstructive surgery'. The assault was overturned but the suspensions remained in force.

For the remainder of the month I had to work at my dad's hardware store to 'keep me out of trouble'.

The summer before school started again was a good one. Sandman and I hung out, hit the gym pretty heavy and took up running.

Life went on pretty much like that for much of the remainder of school. Douglas Peterson vowed revenge but I knew it wouldn't be physical as he more than met his match and no one wanted to mess with Sandman.

In our last year of school thing were going well. Boxing wise Sandman become Heavyweight State Champion and I did okay coming in the top ten in my division. Sandman actually seriously considered turning pro but didn't want to end up like his uncle who ended up broken and bitter from boxing.

We were both beginning to date girls from the neighbouring school. Now we had cars we spent alot of time cruising around with our dates. I lost my cherry to Susan Bates, it wasn't love but she gave great head.

All in the background Douglas Peterson was watching me he had never forgiven me for his humiliation. I never understood him, the asshole had everything and was even going on to a top rated university. He had money, looks and power but he was never happy unless he was hurting someone. Deep down he was a coward and he knew it.

Well his revenge came swiftly in that final year or so he thinks. He was under the mistaken impression that I was inlove with Susan and so behind my back he wined and dined her. She ended up dumping me and next minute he announced at school that Susan was now his girlfriend.

He had the look of a cat that got the cream everytime he saw me that remaining year. Sandman and I laughed about it and wondered how he liked sloppy seconds.

I knew I wouldn't be going on to university, my family just couldn't afford it, so decisions had to be made. As usual Sandman and I discussed it we actually both decided that the Army was the way to go and so we enlisted.

We ended up missing the prom due to basic training but it didn't worry either of us. As soon as we got to basic I knew I wasn't going to be cut out to be Army for any longer than my sign up time. Sandman on the other hand was born to be in uniform he loved it.

Basic was fine I just did what I was told and as usual I had Sandman helping me up if I fell. Finally at the end of basic we gratuated and returned home for R & R. I had 2 weeks before I had to report for Officer training. Yeah me an Officer I had to laugh but I knew I was smart enough and that I would be able to get my business degree.

Sandman was going to Special Forces, I never doubted it. When Sandman did anything he went the whole way. This would be the first time in years that I wouldn't have my good buddy with me. I didn't realise that I wouldn't see Sandman for years.

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