Eyes in the Night
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2008 by David Caspian

Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man finds that he is the descendant of vampire race that was thought to destroyed or exiled by the other vampires they once ruled. In a string of events, he will begin to discover his true potential as he is hunted by the family he has always known and the father he never knew.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   Horror   Superhero   Extra Sensory Perception   Vampires   MaleDom   Rough   Interracial   White Female   First   Petting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Violent   Prostitution  

A long-legged brunette in a short plaid mini skirt and black spaghetti strap top entered a cheap motel with a young man in tow. She could tell he was very nervous; the young man was practically trembling, as he closed the door behind him and watched her take a seat on the bed.

"Is this your first time, baby?" The woman asked, and she wasn't just referring to his first time with a prostitute. Everything about him practically screamed virgin. The boy wore thick black rimmed glasses, and wore a polo shirt with slacks and sneakers. His black hair was cut short and not in a stylish manner: it was a bowl cut, and did nothing for his looks. Still, he wasn't a total loss in the looks department, she had seen worse. If some girl took the time to clean him up a little and get him some new clothes, then he might be relatively handsome.

Noticing that he couldn't look her in the eye as he nodded an affirmative to her question, Lana smiled, saying, "I love virgins. Why don't you come over here and sit by me?"

Hesitantly the young man crossed the floor to her and took a seat, sitting at the edge of the bed, his back perfectly straight and tense.

"Your brother said that it's your birthday. Can I ask how old you are and what's your name?" She asked.

"Louie ... I'm eighteen. Do ... I have to pay now or..." Louie asked, unsure of how to broach the subject.

Pressing a finger to his lips Lana shushed him, saying, "Don't worry, your brother already paid. Now relax, Louie. By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be a man."

They started kissing, and Lana patiently let him catch on as he clumsily tried to copy the movements of her tongue and lips. Eventually he got the hang of it, and they moved on to taking off clothes. Lana knew Louie's brother well. He had been a former customer of hers before he headed off to college, and though the two brothers looked nothing alike, Lana had performed a similar service for bill on his eighteenth birthday. Even if Bill hadn't paid her so much, she still would have enjoyed taking her time with his younger brother. She hadn't been joking when she said she loved virgins; there was something about being a young man's first that got her all hot and bothered.

Louie couldn't believe it; here he was with a gorgeous prostitute, and his brother Bill was paying for it all.

"Just enjoy yourself, Louie, and if Lana asks if you're a virgin, then say yes. Trust me, that will be all she needs to be really eager to screw your brains out." Bill had said, his older brother was now a model for a growing fashion company, and looked the part. That morning he had been dressed in casual clothes as he dropped off his little brother, right in front of the motel where Louie and Lana were supposed to meet.

"But suppose she..." Louie began, worried that Lana would not want to sleep with him. Unfortunately Louie had experienced very brutal experiences with the ladies. Some of them just laughed at him when he asked them out.

"Don't worry about it, bro. Lana won't be like the girls at school. Now have fun, and call me after you're done, and I'll pick you up right here in the parking lot." Bill said.

Now back in the motel, Lana helped him undress before giving him his first blowjob. Louie gasped at the feeling of having his cock being worked inside her warm mouth. It did not take him long to get hard, and Lana expertly slipped a condom onto his member. Straddling his lap, she grasped his penis and guided it inside of her. Once it was all the way, she slowly began to ride his cock, moving up and down and listening to Louie groan and moan at how good it felt. Leaning back, Lana began working him faster and harder until Louie began to feel the beginnings of his first orgasm. Both had been pleasantly surprised that he hadn't popped off earlier, but now Louie couldn't stop it even though he didn't want this to end.

As he grew closer and closer to that moment, something else started to happen: at first he thought he was just feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of new sensations he was feeling, but moment by moment he could feel everything else become fuzzy around him except Lana. Something deep within him pushed forth, an instinctual drive he had never felt before. Grabbing Lana roughly around the wais, t he rolled them both until he was on top. Following an urgent need to bury himself within he began fucking her with increasing force.

Lana liked it rough, and though virgins usually couldn't perform this well during their first time, Lana was willing to just go with it. Even when Louie started to growl, she took it as just him getting into the moment. When Louie came and withdrew from inside her, she expected that to be it, but then he pushed his cock back in, and she noticed something different.

Why does he need a condom — had the original one broken — I think you need to amend this

"Wait, you need to put on a condom." Lana began to say, except it was cut off when Louie's mouth shut her up by covering hers with his. His kissing had definitely gotten better this time around, in fact if she didn't know any better, Lana might have thought it was a different person. Gone was the chaste shyness of the Louie she had first met, this kiss, while not perfect, most certainly had an edge to it, in fact it seemed downright forceful in its attitude. Lana began to make pleasurable sounds as the kiss continued, along with his steady thrusts. When he broke the kiss to switch his attention to her neck, at first she felt disappointed, until she started to like the feeling of his lips against skin.

Louie couldn't help but inhale the sweet scent of her perfume, but the scent of something even more divine drew him to press closer. The pulsing of a vein in her neck drew his attention. The steady and powerful beating of her heart, making it dance beneath her skin hypnotically. A new thought entered his mind.

'I want to taste her. She smells so good. Just a little..." Louie thought, fangs for the first time appearing in his mouth, ready and waiting.

A sharp pain made Lana gasp in surprise and shock, but the sucking on her neck brought with it a pleasurable sensation, one orgasmic in its flavor.

"Yes..." Lana manages to say, her mind drifting into a cloudy daze. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her body caught in some invisible spell. Every cell in her body felt connected in a way she can't describe, she felt joyful and at peace as he continues to draw life from her. Instead of taking more, he stops, he breathes heavily, as if overcome by some great effort. How he longs to take more, but something inside him tells him not to. Lana whimpers for more. She would gladly give all over herself for a little bit more of that feeling. It was better than any orgasm she had ever felt, because it was more than just the physical part of her that had felt good, but her entire person. Instead, Louie drew his tongue across the two fang marks on her neck, and watched them close before his eyes. Licking his lips, he relished the taste of her blood, and soon felt the urge to fuck her again. With renewed vigor he brings her to one last orgasm before spurting one last time inside of her. Getting dressed as she falls asleep, Louie found himself heading out into the night, an invisible force driving him on.

Louie woke up at on a park bench to sound of a woman's voice.

"Excuse me, sir, but you'll have to get up. You can't sleep here." The voice said. Louie turned towards her, revealing his face. Both of them recognized each other immediately. The woman was a cop, and the cop was Dana Erickson's mom: one of the most popular girls in the school.

"Louie Cartier?" Mrs. Erickson said.

"Mrs. Erickson?" Louie asked in response.

She smiled and said, "You can call me Claudia. Do your parents know where you are?"

Louie shook his head, "I was out celebrating my graduation."

"Well that's good, still you shouldn't be sleeping out here." Claudia said.

"To tell you the truth I'm not sure exactly how I got here." Louie said, looking around.

"Well, you look alright to me. Have you been drinking?" Claudia asked, shining her flashlight in his eyes. Louie's head immediately jerked back as he felt a stab of pain in both of his eyes. Tears immediately came forth as he sucked in breath after breath, willing the pain to go away. After a few moments it settled to a dull ache.

"Are you alright?" Claudia asked with genuine concern in her voice.

"The light hurts all of the sudden." Louie answered, trying to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Claudia leaned closer to smell his breath, satisfied that he was really not drunk she said, "I'm sorry. I was just doing my job."

"I know ... just please don't do that again." Louie said, attempting a warm smile despite his aching head.

"I won't, I promise." Claudia said, sitting down beside him. Louie had known Claudia practically his whole life; he and Dana had been to the same schools all the way up from kindergarten, and there was a time that he use to spend time at her house when they had been friends. That had all ended in middle school when she became part of the popular crowd.

"How are you feeling now?" Claudia asked after a few moments.

"Better, thanks." Louie said. The pain seemed to disappear in a relatively short time.

Claudia smiled and glanced up at the stars, giving Louie some more time to recuperate fully. After a while Louie happened to glance over at her, and his gaze oddly fell on her neck. His eyes focused and alertly took in every curve and line, especially a pulsing vein just underneath the surface. Louie tasted blood in his mouth as his fangs slipped out of their hiding places. Curious at this sudden taste, he ran his tongue over his teeth and gums.

"Ow!" He said, as his tongue hit the tip of his very sharp left fang.

"What?" Claudia asked, immediately turning towards her.

"Nothing." Louie mumbled as he tried to hide his teeth.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn you just cried out in pain." Claudia ventured.

Shaking his head and doing his best to sound convincing while still hiding his teeth, Louie replied, "Nope. Everything fine here."

Whether she believed him or not, Claudia just shrugged and checked her watch.

"My shift is about to end. If you want I could give you lift some place after I punch out." Claudia offered.

"Sure. Thank you." Louie said, not knowing what else to say. 'What the hell is happening to me?' Louie asked himself.

Louie waited out in the lobby while Claudia got ready to leave. It was about an hour before she was ready to head out the door, and they headed out to her car: a green Ford Thunderbird.

"So where do you want to go ... Louie, are you alright?" Claudia asked, seeing Louie immediately begin to back away from her, before turning and running.

"Louie?" Claudia asked.

A sudden and powerful desire to take Claudia in more ways than one frightened Louie. He began backing way, and with each step the urgency diminished at least a little, but it was far from gone. Willpower kept him from losing all control, but something told him he could not hold out for long. Running away seemed the only option to keep them both safe from whatever was happening. Dashing away at full speed, he made it to the park and was taking a brief respite to catch his breath from all the mental excursion. He was so involved in his own internal battle, that he didn't hear Claudia approach.

"Louie? What's wrong?" Claudia asked.

"Please ... stay away." He begged. She smelled so good, he could feel her very presencen and he could feel his will breaking as she moved closer and closer.

"It's all right." Claudia offered, trying to sooth him.

"No it isn't. Please go away before it's too late." Louie said, closing his eyes tightly, and hoping against hope that she would do as he asked.

"Too late for what?" Claudia asked, and just as she uttered those words, his mental walls crumbled. In a flash of movement he had her pressed up against a tree. In the next, he had reached up underneath her long skirt to get at her panties. Fingers pushed themselves inside her and Claudia moaned in pleasure. She was at Louie's mercy at that moment: a play thing to be toyed with. Every hidden desire that Louie had kept locked away under a tight lid now spewed forth, taking hold of him.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you." Louie said, confessing his long existing crush on Dana's mother. She had always been so beautiful to him. Claudia was a proud woman, strong and intelligent, not to mention gorgeous. Her husband had died only a few years earlier, and then Louie allowed himself to freely fantasize about her. He had always felt so guilty staring at another man's wife and thinking about her as did. Quite by accident he had seen her naked when he was in 7th grade, and he had never been able to get that image out of his head. Her firm breasts, were not much bigger than a hand full, but were pert and lovely. Claudia's trim figure and beautiful tight ass, followed by her beautiful green eyes and long red hair that was now tied up in a bun at the back of her head. She had haunted his dreams and even his daydreams.

Slipping his fingers he tasted her, licking his fingers one by one. Claudia's lips found his, as he had her pinned between him and the tree, his hips grinding into hers. He could feel the heat from her pussy through their layers of clothing, as their tongues moved inside each other's mouths. Breaking the kiss, he turned her and plunged his teeth into her neck, hugging her to him.

"Yes! Yes!" Claudia cried out, as he fed upon her.

With each passing second, Louie's mind opened up to a wealth of knowledge. He understood at that moment fully what he was doing and why. Pulling back immediately he stopped, realizing with horror what he had already done.

"Forgive me. I'm so sorry." Louie said, before fleeing the scene.

Claudia, too weak at the moment to run after him, could only call out, "Louie, wait!"

"How could you allow this?" Tereth demanded.

"We are sorry lord, but we meant the best. He is our son. We raised him as one of our own." Jean Cartier answered, with his wife beside him. Bill was out looking for his brother after he returned home, after losing him and finding the hooker asleep in the motel.

"Your son made a second mistake by letting the woman go. He is not your child but mine. You should have told him the truth long ago. Now a young Tassidar is running loose, and you have no idea the damage he can cause. He has already turned one female, and she may already be on his trail." Tereth said, furious.

"This was not our intention. We tried to obey the rules you set forth when we welcomed him into our household." Meredith said.

"And you failed in your duty by forgetting the two most important ones. By his eighteenth birthday he was supposed to know his origins, and on the day he became a man he was supposed to put himself to sleep. For a year he would sleep, as we all do, so that he and the world would be protected from something like this. Now he must be found before one of the females claims him, or he will never bond with your family, and may become lost for ever. The old warnings were not created idly. Our maker created them to lift us out our dark past. The Covenant would have bound him to you, and your line would have been cared for, for the rest of its days." Tereth said.

"We cannot begin to apologize for the harm we have caused, but please don't punish our family for the mistakes we have made with him. William did not know who and what his brother truly was. We told him we adopted him, even showed him the false documents." Jean said, awash in his own guilt.

"Very well, all is not lost yet. We still have precious time, but we must leave immediately." Tereth said.

Louie ran away from everything he knew, heading west to L.A., driven by some primal fear. He imagined he was being chased, and in his dreams a man who looked so much like him called out to him.

"Come to me, my son." The man said, and though he felt a deep connection to the stranger, Louie was also terrified of him and what he represented.

'He's like me. I can feel it, but how?' Louie asked himself. Out of fear he used new powers, tapping into his own fear in order to use him. Jumping vast distances in mere seconds, he kept ahead of his pursuers, but beyond what was obvious he knew very little about himself. It was clear that there was something unnatural about him, by looking at what had happened to him recently, Louie knew himself to be a vampire.

'But why does the sun not hurt me. Often enough I travel in the daylight, but other than hurting my eyes it merely tires me.' Louie thought, remembering moments where he had drowsily closed his eyes and not woken up for hours. During the night he was tireless, but the sun's presence was a great drain on his body and mind. One time, he pushed himself to test the limits of his body under the sun, and received a bad sunburn that still had not healed, and he was feeling more tired than ever. Deep within him he knew what he had to do: feed.

'There must be some other way, somehow I have to be able to do it without turning anyone.' Louie thought, as he walked the streets of a new city on his path west. As his conscious mind sought a way, his subconscious responded to this new need and Louie felt it. Gasping as new life poured into him with such forced that it slammed him into the side of a building. The occasional passerby gave him a wide berth as they passed the strange man who seemed to stare at nothing for what seemed like forever. In reality, it took Louie minutes to cut the flow and slam the dam shut before gasping for air. All that power had poured into him like a powerful river, filling him up in seconds until he was overwhelmed with it.

'What the hell happened?' He thought. Trying it again, this time with great caution, he tried to control the flow as much as he could, putting all his mental effort behind it. With great relief he noticed that it became easier and easier with practice to control whatever it was that fed him. Curious he reached out over the lines of energy, feeling out each of them to discover the source. How exactly he did this he did not know, if Louie could have described it, the sensation was like listening or trying to see something far off in the distance. He got mental pictures from each line, and realized they were people. Prepared to immediately shut off what he was doing, Louie tried to sense if he was causing any harm, but as far as he could tell they were not even weakened by what he was doing. Giving a sigh of relief, he noticed that some sources were more powerful than others and began to feel them out.

He marveled at how different they felt, and forgetting his own fear, decided to seek some of them out. Focusing on the nearest, he blinked himself there and stood outside of a nightclub. Standing outside he sensed that there was now more than one of them, and they were very similar in how they felt. In fact, in this growing city Louie noticed more presences in the surrounding area. As he focused on each type of the sources of energy he noticed earlier, the other types that felt different also seemed to stay near their kind.

'I wonder what they all are, but I guess there is only one way to find out.' Louie thought, as he headed towards the doorman.

Glancing at him, the human eyed him suspiciously for a moment, and Louie felt a mental brush against him. Grabbing it he gave the line a quick tug, like one would do with a fish on a hook. Immediately the human doorman's face became strained with a great mental effort, and Louie eyed him curiously. Deciding to leave it for later, he entered the club and released his hold on the line, seeing no point in the human's continued discomfort. Of course, he could have questioned him, but something told Louie that the larger man would have resisted. Louie had seen his type before: the classic tough guy who wouldn't go down without a fight, and Louie had no intention of hurting anyone unless he had to, still his little show of force had caught someone's attention, and Louie felt he was being watched. Tracking the sensation, he glanced to his left at a booth against the far wall. There a woman sat watching him. A light mental brush was all it took to not only make her stiffen at the strength of it, but to all tell Louie that the man outside and this woman were connected.

Crossing the room, Louie decided to use a less forceful approach to gather information as he said, "Hello. Who might you be?"

"Cassandra. I have never seen or felt one like you. What are you exactly?" She asked, looking up at him from her black colored cushioned seat with a look of wonder.

"I am uncertain. That is part of what I'm trying to figure out. I was hoping to maybe get some answers here. What are you?" Louie said.

"A Child of Midian, or you can call us Keepers. We are said to hold great knowledge and power among the three psi races." Cassandra explained, as she offered him a seat.

Taking it, Louie asked, "What is psi, and what are the three races for that matter?"

"To answer you first question: psi is the life force all living creatures possess. We psi vampires feed off of it, normally not even harming the other being unless we mean to. My race is the only one who seeks not to harm anyone unless we are forced to. In the past you might recognize us as Succubus or Incubus, though those names have a negative connotation, and their definition of us reflect that, showing very little truth about us. The other two are called the Vankari and the Revenant." Cassandra said.

Louie saw a series of images flash through his mind as he saw creatures by that name attacking a home with the man in his dreams inside. They tried to burn it down, yet Tereth survived the flames, hiding in a secret room beneath his home until all that was left was ash. Climbing out of its remnants he sought others of his kind to find similar events had happened to them. Only a few had fought back and chased off their attackers, but most had not wanted to cause further harm.

'Further harm?' Louie thought.

"Louie?" Cassandra asked worriedly.

Snapping out of it Louie said, "I don't remember giving you my name."

"You're not the only one who can read minds. My kind are famous for it. We are also good at keeping secrets. You may notice none of us are among your attackers in those visions of yours." Cassandra said. Looking back over them in his mind, Louie was forced to agree.

"Why would anyone seek to harm my kind?" Louie asked.

Cassandra could only shrug.

Thinking about it for a moment she said, "All I can think of is that perhaps your people did something to make you dangerous to the other two races. I saw no Blood Drinkers in your visions."

This comment brought up another collection of images: in the first, Tereth and other Tassidar as they were called, hunted down Blood Drinkers that entered their domains. At first, Louie felt pride in this idea, but then he saw an earlier time when his people were not so benevolent in their goals. In those brief moments he saw a dark past where his people had ruled much of the Earth and all that lay in each of their territories bowed to their every whim. Worshipped as gods by mortals and royalty among the supernatural races, they punished all who defied them, even Amek: King of the Blood Drinkers, feared them, and so it was that he turned all his influence against them. Wishing to regain his former hold over the other three psi races, Amek secretly spread the idea among them to rise up against their oppressors. While the Queen of the Succubus did little, the Revenant and Vankari were quick to take up the battle cry. Old hatreds were forgotten for a time, when faced by a common enemy, and the two races rebelled. The Tassidar, so arrogant in their own power, had forgotten that they could be harmed if they were not careful, and some died in the rebellion, and the rest scattered, for they were few in number. In the time that followed, while some withdrew totally from the world, others chose to make amends for their former crimes, and Tereth was among them, even after they were hunted for the second time and they were found again. Binding themselves to human families, they set a series of customs to not only hide themselves, but ensure they never again fell into the old ways.

"That's why I'm being chased. Tereth fears I will bring back the hunts and the old ways." Louie said, seeing the truth in all its clarity.

"Then you must avoid him and those that would hunt you. Time may not have wiped away the memory of the Tassidar of old. Hatred is a hard thing to kill, and by your own memory the Revenant and Tassidar had just cause to fear you then, if not now." Cassandra said.

"The sun is rising and I dare not spend too much time under it. I must seek shelter eventually." Louie said, feeling the sun's approach even though it was two hours away.

"You can stay with me if you like. Perhaps I can help you learn how to better control your new powers." Cassandra said with a smile.

"And what do you want in return?" Louie asked.

"My services are not without a price, but then again I'm certain you will be happy to pay it." Cassandra said opening her mind fully to him. Louie blushed at the thoughts he saw, before the pains of lust returned to him and he began to ache anew.

"It seems you are quite ready, too." Cassandra said, eyeing him with equal lust in her eyes.

Against his better judgment, Louie followed Cassandra to her room upstairs and followed her inside. Now alone with her, Louie felt the overwhelming urge to mate; as well as feed. The taste of her was on the air and he could hear her heart beat; so loud and strong. Her beauty drew him and threatened to take away his control. When she reached for him, he backed away.

"We shouldn't. I'm far too tempted to take advantage. Already I can imagine how you taste. I should leave." Louie said, turning to go.

As she touched him on the shoulder he could feel her warmth. Closing his eyes he reveled in it, sighed at how good it felt as it spread through his body. By himself, the world felt so cold, and now he could imagine feeling content if he could just give in.

"I know this is dangerous, but I want this." Cassandra asked.

"You don't know what you ask." Louie said, as he dared not face her.

"You can't turn me, I'm already a vampire." Cassandra offered, trying to comfort him.

"Don't be so sure about that. You have no idea of what I'm capable of. Right now I feel like I can do anything, including turning you into what I am. I'm far too weak to resist if we have sex, if I hold you close and I'm inside you." Louie said, wanting her so much that the ache turned to a sharp pain. His heart hammered in his chest and he felt lightheaded.

"Then we will try something else. With all your powers surely you can find a way." Cassandra said, and Louie heard the playful challenge in them, and could not help but turn.

"I take it the big bad vampire wants to come out to play?" Cassandra said, with an inviting smile.

"You are playing with fire, woman." Louie said, between bared fangs, his breathing deep and ragged.

"You didn't answer my question, handsome." Cassandra asked, moving closer until they were almost touching. Louie placed his hand on her chest to push her away, but upon touching her body, energy flowed from him lighting up different points in her body and causing her to gasp. Stepping back immediately, Louie tried to see inside of her and find the cause, and found several points of energy spread across her body. Small as pinpricks, they grew to the size of a marble from their brief contact. After a few moments they began to recede to their original size before Louie's eyes.

"What are you looking at? I can see an image in your mind." Cassandra said.

Glancing up at her face, Louie's vision returned to normal and the points of energy disappeared from view.

"I can see things inside you, like here for instance." Louie said, as he touched just above her left breast with one of his fingers. Cassandra sucked in a breath, and her legs gave out before Louie caught her in midair before she could hit the ground. Holding her there, he felt her quiver underneath him, and three of the points in her arms and chest glowed brightly as his psi struck each spot. It was only when he laid her down that she stopped.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to cause you pain." Louie apologized.

Sighing with an air of drowsy contentment, Cassandra said, "You didn't hurt me, in fact you did quite the opposite. Wow, that was intense!"

"That was actually pleasurable?" Louie asked, frankly shocked. He had never seen anyone act like that. To him it had looked like a seizure.

"More then just pleasurable. For a few moments it felt like heaven. Can we do it again?" Cassandra asked excitedly.

"Ok ... ummm ... how about you lie back?" Louie offered, gesturing to the bed behind her. As they moved to the bed and she laid herself down face up, Louie noticed that the ache inside him had diminished noticeably.

"I'm ready." Cassandra said with pure anticipation.

Louie could not help thinking, 'Look how she glows. I've never seen anyone look so beautiful.'

Crawling onto the bed, he laid down beside her without touching. Taking his hand, he tentatively traced the fingers of his left hand lightly over her the soft skin, starting at her neck. A murmur of pleasure escaped her lips as Cassandra closed her eyes. Louie continued, watching her skin glow brighter, only to soften as he passed each point in her body. One after the other he moved his fingers to each point, noticing where the energy went. Curious, he pushed more of his psi into Cassandra's body and gauged the reaction. Soon Cassandra began to murmur more, and squirm, unable to lie still.

"Do you want me to stop?" Louie asked, breaking contact and moving his hand away.

Opening her eyes, she said, "Please don't. I want more."

Taking his hand she moved it down to the joining between her legs.

"There." Cassandra said, closing her eyes again. Slipping his fingers beneath the front of her pink panties, Louie looked at her face. Taking a deep breath, he gathered his will to do as she asked; slowly, he began to push his energy into her, pour more of himself into the effort and hearing her trying to stifle her moans. As he witnessed this, Louie also wanted more and an idea occurred to him. Slipping his fingers from where they were nestled, he heard her whimper but she kept her eyes closed.

"Trust me." Louie said, whispering into her ear.

Glad that he still had plenty of energy left, Louie imagined tracing connecting lines to each of the points in her body. Each began to glow a little as her psi began to cycle between, causing Cassandra to gasp as a new orgasm began to build. Louie watched the energy build until it neared the breaking point, and touched her belly at a key moment, sending a small jolt of his psi into her, causing a massive chain reaction. Pleasure ripped through her, and she cried out loudly, so much so that Louie feared people would hear her over the music playing downstairs. Eyeing the door he turned back in time to see her body glow with new energy, and the sounds coming out of her became incoherent. When it was over, it took Cassandra two minutes to regain her senses.

"I'm sorry I caused you to pass out. I fear it was too much for you." Louie said.

"That was wonderful. Thank you." Cassandra said, trying to sit up, only to find her muscles felt like mush as she tried to kiss him, instead Louie kissed her, and both enjoyed it thoroughly.

Giving up, she laid herself back down and asked, "How long was I out?"

"Only a few minutes. I have to admit you worried me a little, until you heart began to settle down." Louie replied, sitting up.

"How did you come up with that idea, and can we do it again when I feel up to it?" Cassandra asked, feeling totally spent.

"Let's hope its not tonight. Judging by your reaction it might kill you to try it sooner than that." Louie said, shaking his head and smiling at her reckless attitude.

Sighing and taking a deep breath, Cassandra replied, "Trust me, for that the risk is worth it."

"Tell me about it. Describe it to me." Louie asked curious.

"I don't know how to describe it in words." Cassandra said, pausing for a few moments to figure it out, before saying, "It's like every bit of me, right down to the most basic parts, was connected and sharing in the same sensation. I've never felt anything like it. It was beautiful, and I didn't want it to end, but I knew in the end I had to."

"You mean you tried to hold onto it?" Louie asked with concern.

Cassandra looked at him and nodded, "Yes I did, but it was too much. It kept building and building until I had no choice but to let go, or my heart would have exploded. You're right; I shouldn't have done that."

"No you shouldn't have. I think next time we should both be more careful. As for tonight I think we have both had enough." Louie said.

"Ok." Cassandra said, this time able to sit up a little and give him a little peck on the lips, before snuggling up against him, and burying her face in his chest.

"No one at school would ever believe this." Louie said to himself, before deciding that he too could use a little sleep, and just as quickly, he closed his eyes and sleep took him.

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