A Sweet Revenge
Chapter 1: Step Mother

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Step Mother - He was supposed to avenge his father for ill treating his mom and disowning him. However he ends up marrying his step sister and having an affair with his step mom

"Courier please," Krishna heard the voice followed by the knocking on his door. Reluctantly he heaved himself up from the couch and opened the door to take the courier. It was a letter, a little bulky. He looked at the sender's address and frowned. It said "Priya" and the place was his native village. He did not know anyone in his native village by that name.

Closing the door thoughtfully he returned to the couch and opened the letter and poured out the contents. Two photographs and a letter fell on his lap. Curious, he took the photos first and looked at them. Both were women, one was a little older than the other, sisters? He wondered. He then took the older looking woman's photo and gazed at it intently. She looked in her mid twenties and had a charming face. Her body was not shapely but neither fat or slim. She was about 5'7" tall and looked majestic in a plain polyester saree. The saree was semi transparent and the fall was so arranged on her chest that the beautiful shape of her full firm breasts showed on the side clearly. The gap between her blouse and saree at the hips showed her flat stomach to advantage with the naval winking at him. Her legs were long and ass cheeks round.

Krishna felt a stirring in his groins and knew he was getting a hard on. The woman was sexy and was plainly showing it off in the photo. He licked his lips and took the other photo. The woman in this photo looked a duplicate of the other with the big difference of being very slim and shapely. She had the same facial features like the older woman but looked like a teenager in spite of the full firm breasts that stood out against the churidhar she wore. The churidhar completely covered her from neck to feet but showed off the shape of her beautiful curves and Krishna realized he had a ragging hard on.

Still wondering who this may be, he took the letter and opened it. Holding the letter in one hand he took his cock in his other hand and began to stroke it but stopped when he read the greeting in the letter.

"Dear Brother," it began and Krishna was stunned as he did not have any sisters. Suddenly suspicious he looked at the cover and the address but his name and correct address stared back at him. Confused, he began to read the letter.

"We have never met as yet but I am Priya, your sister, step sister to be precise. As you know our father married my mother when you were only three years of age and I was born the next year. Ever since I was old enough and knew about your existence, I had begged father to get us acquainted but he said that you are under your uncle's care and that your uncle will never allow you to meet me or my mother.

You may wonder why I am writing this letter and how I got your address. Father died last month and I don't know if you knew he had been drinking a lot for the past several years and was also sick very often. From the time I was old enough to know I saw him only as a ruthless man who never treated mother or me right. He was always harsh and often violent. At least as long as he lived he provided for us and also gave me a decent education. I have just finished my B A degree in Economics. After his death we found out that he has not only mortgaged our house but had also taken loans from many other people in the village.

The men who had loaned money to father stripped us of all our possessions once he was dead and even our house is taken over by the man who had taken mortgage of the house. So we literally came to the streets. Mother's family is struggling themselves and is not willing to help us now. Other than mother's family we could only think of you as a possible refuge but mother felt that you will not have us. I convinced her that we will try our luck with you before we decided to do anything else.

When I approached your uncle for your address, he was indifferent at first but when I begged him explaining we had no one else to go to, he finally gave your address reluctantly. Tomorrow night I and mother are getting the train for Mumbai and will reach there on Sunday morning at about 11 A M. I am sending our photographs so that you will recognize us in the railway station. We will wait for you near the information counter.

Dear brother, we have no one else to go to and we are coming to you as our last and only refuge. I sincerely hope that you will accept us on humanitarian grounds even if not for the relationship. On our part we promise to be good to you and try not to be a burden.

With love and hopes

Your sister


Krishna read the letter two more times before the full truth sank in him. He did not remember his father at all as he was brought up by his uncle from the age of three and had never once met him after he was old enough to know. So his death meant nothing to him but his step mother and step sister coming to live with him was making him uncomfortable. The girl said they will arrive on Sunday which meant the next day and he had no time to even make up his mind or stop them coming.

He probably would not have looked at the photos with lust if he had known in advance who they really were. But now he had looked at them with lust and even now the thought of them aroused his cock to full attention. For a long time he sat in the couch and thought the matter over but could not make up his mind. He was angry with his uncle for giving his address and decided to have a word with him first. So he called his uncle from his cell phone.

"Hello," His uncle's sleepy voice answered him.

"Uncle it is me, Krishna, what the hell do you think you are doing?" Krishna shouted.

"Those bitches already arrived or contacted you?" he chuckled heartily.

"Good lord uncle they are arriving tomorrow and I just got their letter,"

"Well what are you going to do?" His uncle sounded amused.

"Why, I will get them return tickets and put them in the next available train back, of course," Krishna shouted back angrily.

"You poor fool, don't you realize this is the god send opportunity for you to revenge your father?"

"Revenge my father? Why and how do you mean?"

"You ask why you damned fool, because he did not take care for you after your mother died and haven't I repeatedly told you how horribly he treated your mother when she was alive?" There was anger in his uncle's voice.

"But uncle these people seem to depend on me and how can I hurt them when they are so down and out?"

"I am not asking you to hurt them you fool, all I am saying is take revenge on your father using them,"

"But how uncle," Krishna was bewildered.

"Imagine how your father would feel if married to your own sister and also sleeping with your step mother?" His uncle laughed fanatically.

"Uncle, what are you saying?"

"Listen you fool, this is the opportunity I have been waiting for to avenge my sister, your mother,"

Krishna did not answer.

"Tomorrow meet them in the station and take them home and see that they are properly settled in your house,"

"And then?"

"Then take your step mother to bed and convince her, the only way out for them is for you to marry your step sister,"

"Take my step mother to bed, you mean... ,"

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean boy, make her your woman first and then convince her to give her daughter to you in marriage,"

"Good lord uncle, is this possible, is this right?"

"Every thing is possible my boy and nothing is wrong as long as we don't think so,"

"What if they won't play ball?"

"Believe me my boy, they will,"

"What if they won't," Krishna now pleaded almost.

"Then send them back but I tell you boy they will be more than willing and now sit back and think up a plan for tomorrow," without waiting for his reply his uncle disconnected the phone.

Frustrated and at the same time excited, Krishna sat back and began to think. Both his step mother and sister were beautiful and sexy. He was attracted to both of them and he knew he would take them both under other circumstances. But their relationship nagged his mind and he was reluctant. He did not remember his father or his mother and so he really had no feelings for either of them one way or the other. But all these past twenty years his uncle had tried to poison his mind against his father. Krishna was only amused by his fanatic uncle and his ranting about his father but he was willing to let it go simply because he realized his uncle was reacting out of his love for his mother who was his own sister.

He now thought of these two beautiful women who are coming, seeking refuge with him. He was turned on by them both and only their relationship to him stood between them and his desire for them. But his uncle did not seem to mind the relationship and he set store by his uncle as he was the one who brought him up and had been his only guide. He wondered what it would be like to marry his own step sister and also have his step mother as his lover. The thought itself was arousing and he finally decided he will try his uncle's plan anyway. The decision made he went to bed and slept fitfully.

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