Raffle Winner
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He wins a strange raffle and the prize is a membership in a female only athletic club & spa.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

The envelope was waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work in the afternoon. At first I thought it was an ad and almost threw it away, but after taking a second look at the envelope I opened it instead.

When I read the words "You are a winner!" I almost threw it away again but instead I read the rest of it. It seems I had won the raffle held by the Bay Creek Athletic Club, which was a women only spa and health club on the other side of town. I vaguely remembered buying a raffle ticket from a female co-worker a few weeks ago.

According to the paper I had won a lifetime membership that entitled me to the use of all facilities, including locker room and showers. Hmm, since it was a women's health club it might be interesting, perhaps they were converting to coed. I decided to pay them a visit tomorrow and see what it was all about.

The next day I was up bright and early and I felt a vague excitement because in a bit I would be going to check out the prize I had won. I wondered what the deal was since the letter hadn't included much detail.

The club turned out to be located in a non-descript building on the edge of town. The entrance was a glass door with the name "Bay Creek Athletic Club" in small gold letters. When I pushed my way through the door I found myself in a small reception room with a pretty receptionist behind a large counter-like desk.

The receptionist was a pretty brunette who looked to be in her mid twenties. She had a puzzled look in her face as I walked up to her counter. Apparently they did not get many male visitors here so my arrival was something out of the ordinary. Maybe the receptionist had not heard of the change to coed yet, I was still assuming that was the reason I was being given the free membership.

I handed the girl the letter I had received and waited while she took a few moments to read it. When she finished she looked up and smiled. "Please wait here while I call the director," she said. "You can sit down if you want to, it might be a few minutes."

"OK," I replied and went to sit in one of the chairs placed against the other wall. I spent a few minutes sitting quietly waiting. After about 5 minutes an older woman about 45 walked into the room.

"So you're the lucky guy won the raffle! We've been waiting for you to get here," she said as I stood up. "Let's go to my office and I'll tell you what it is all about."

"All right," I answered. I followed her through a door and into a hallway. She led me through another door that opened into an office.

"I'm Jessica, the manager here. Please sit down," she said, taking her own seat

behind the desk. I sat down in the guest chair in front of the desk and waiting to see what she would have to say.

"I'm sure you have been wondering why a women-only athletic club has offered a membership to a male as the prize to our raffle." she began. "We are in fact looking for male members, but only one. Except for the winner of our raffle our women only rule still remains in effect. You're the lucky guy who gets to

join us."

"Why are you doing it that way?" I asked.

"We like the idea of having a man join us but we want to keep a limit on it. We

eventually decided to admit just one guy and the raffle served to make selecting him easy while at the same time raising some money for some improvements we want to make here." Jessica answered. "Do you want to accept your prize and become a member here? We have a lot to offer if you do."

"So do I understand correctly that I am to be the sole male member of this otherwise female only club?" I asked.

"That's correct, you will be the only man allowed to join," Jessica replied.

"What about the locker room?" I asked.

"I hope you don't mind using the same locker room the rest of the members use."

"Really? You want me to use the same changing room as all the female members use?" I asked skeptically. This was getting stranger by the minute.

"Yes, that is exactly what we want. That is really the main purpose of the raffle. The main purpose is to recruit only single male member for our club. We decided we want a male presence but not one that is too overwhelming. So we decided to add just a single male member," Jessica replied.

"I find this to be a bit strange and almost too good to be true. But if you're serious then I will accept the membership," I told her.

"Good!" said Jessica, smiling now. "Here is your new membership card, you will

need it to get inside. You have complete use of all our facilities any time we are open, including locker room, showers, and sauna."

"I can use them even when those facilities are being used by female members?" I asked.

"Of course, we want you to use them when we are here," she answered.

"It sounds very strange but if you're serious about this I'm going to take full advantage of what you're offering."

"Good! You're all set then. I'll let you go and you can explore what we have to offer." Jessica said, smiling and standing. I stood up also and walked out of the office, Jessica remained behind.

Since I supposedly now had full access to everything I decided to explore the club and see what was there and how far I could really go. I still found it a little hard to believe they were serious about it but I was going to find out.

So I went back to the receptionist and pulled out my new membership card.

"Where is the locker room?" I asked, presenting my new card.

"Go through the door at the end of the hall." she replied. This time she didn't have the questioning, almost suspicious look of before.

"Thank you."

I went back through the door and down the hall and found the door at the end.

Since up until now the members had all been female there was nothing on the door to indicate that it was the locker room. I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath, it was the moment of truth when I would find out if they were serious or if it was just some sort of joke.

I pushed open the door and stepped inside. My first impression was it was just another locker room. The areas closest to the door contained lockers and the room was currently empty. Opposite the entrance was an open doorway to a bathroom area and beyond that was a shower area and the entrance to the pool, as indicated by a sign. I could hear one of the showers running so it was obvious the locker room was not completely unoccupied. All I had to do was walk into the other part of the room and I would see the girl who was taking her shower.

So far no one had made any move to stop me from entering into the private areas and I was beginning to think they were actually serious about letting me be a member here. Suddenly I felt excited at the possibilities this had to offer and

became even more determined to explore them.

Suddenly I had a quick, naughty inspiration that send another thrill of excitement through me. I quickly found an unoccupied locker and opening it, started removing my clothes. As I disrobed I felt an increasing excitement and this was starting to have an effect on my cock. As I took off my underwear and put them away in the locker my penis took advantage of the sudden freedom to rise to full glory as I shut the door of the locker, completely nude now.

Just as I was turning away from the locker the door opened and two girls walked in. I was caught fully exposed with my penis fully erect and pointing right toward them. The two stopped for a moment, as if startled that I was there, then they continued into the locker room. I took this as a very good sign since the two made no attempt to leave. They came to a stop again once they were all the way inside the locker room and I could feel the eyes of both of them on me.

One girl was a blonde, about 5'2" and slim with small breasts. The other girl was black and about 5'4 with larger hips and breasts, but not overweight, just pleasantly plump. They were only carrying purses so I wondered what they would wear inside when they did their workouts. The black girl was wearing a short dress that left most of her thighs exposed and the blonde wore very tight jeans.

I saw both girls were looking at me, and more specifically my hard cock, which grew even harder when I realized the object of their attention for the moment.

"Unh, hi," I ventured. "I'm the raffle winner."

"Cool!" the blonde girl said.

"I like your cock," the black girl said boldly. This sent a new tingle down to the organ in question.

"Everybody exercises or swims naked here, we never wear any clothes inside. It's an unwritten rule of this club." The blonde added.

The two then moved over to a set of lockers and began to undress. It was obvious they wanted me to watch them as they took their time doing it, and made no attempt to hide themselves.

The black girl simply grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it off over her head. This left her wearing only bra and panties. She stashed the dress in her locker and unsnapped her bra, it was one of the ones that locks together in front.

Meanwhile the blonde girl unbuttoned her blouse and took it off; she was not wearing a bra. After stowing it away in her locker she unsnapped her jeans and took them off, stowing those as well. This left her wearing only her panties just like the other girl.

Watching the two girls undress sent another surge of excitement to my cock and it pointed toward the two girls, hard and pulsing with my heartbeat.

The two girls, now dressed only in their panties, looked at each other for a moment and then both simultaneously pushed their panties down off their hips until both pairs of panties fell to their feet. This left the two girls completely nude.

The two were definitely showing off and I loved every moment of it and so was my cock. It stood out in front of me toward the two girls like a telephone pole.

I watched spellbound as both girls stepped back and in unison bent over and picked up their fallen panties. I watched two sets of ass cheeks open to expose two ass holes and two shaved pussies. Each girl gave a playful roll of her ass to make sure I saw everything. Then they stood up, put their panties away in their lockers, and turned around to face me wearing only their smiles.

Just then the locker room door opened again and another girl entered. The new girl was Asian with long black hair almost to her ass. She was wearing thin, tight running shorts, running shoes, and a tube top. As soon as she saw me she stopped and stared for a moment, eyes wide. She was a very small girl with small breasts but her ass was well proportioned and filled out her shorts quite nicely.

But the new girl only hesitated for a moment before continuing into the locker room. As she walked by me I noticed her eyes looking down to take in the sight of my rock hard cock. I felt another surge of excitement as the Asian girl walked up to a locker right next to me.

I noticed the other two girls slowly coming closer as I watched the Asian girl. She opened a locker and set her purse inside. Then ignoring my presence she moved her hands to the waistband of her shorts and quickly pushed them down, they slid off her hips and fell to her feet. She had not been wearing panties

so this left her wearing only the tube top. She grabbed the top of this and then pushed it down to her hips and then down until the tube top also dropped to her feet. This left the Asian girl completely nude.

The oriental girl stepped out of her clothes and then stepped back a pace. Then like the other two she bent over to pick up her clothes, and in the process give me a good look at her ass and pussy. She stayed down for a few extra seconds and then stood up and put her clothes away. She closed the door to her locker and turned back toward me. Her nipples stood out like small erasers from her small but cute breasts.

There I was with three cute girls who were obviously enjoying this chance to show themselves off. And I could tell by the way they were eyeing me they liked what they saw, too. My cock was as hard as an iron bar and the girls could see it move a bit with my every heart beat. It felt wonderful to be exposed naked in front three cute women I had never met before.

"Hi, I'm Kelly!" the black girl exclaimed, introducing herself. "This is Crystal and that's Rose," she added, introducing the white and Asian girls, respectively.

"We've been waiting for you!" Crystal said.

"Waiting for me?" I asked

"Well, waiting to see who won our raffle," Crystal replied.

"Do I meet your expectations for your little scheme?"

"Yes, very much," Kelly said with a smile.

"You're all beautiful and I really liked your little show." I told them.

"Thank you," Rose said, speaking for the first time and blushing a bit. It was interesting to see the blush spread down to see the blush spread down to her chest and her nipples became a little more firm than they had been before.

"Are you ready to go inside now?" Kelly asked me. "Everyone else is waiting to meet you."

"Sure, let's go!" I answered. The three naked girls turned and walked out around

a corner. This led us past the showers and since the showers were completely open with no stalls I could openly see a somewhat older woman under a spray of water cascading down her naked body.

It was a pleasant view to watch the buttocks of the three girls as they walked in front of me. I really love watching a young, cute girl's naked ass as she walked and here I had three of the best right in front of me. The view of the three bare bottoms rolling and working sent a fresh thrill to my cock which bobbed even more stiffly in front of me.

The three naked girls led me out past the showers into a much larger room which contained a large Olympic size swimming pool. Looking around this area I quickly saw there must be at least twenty women of various ages, colors, and sizes scattered around the large room. Some were swimming in the pool and others were sitting or lying along the sides. At the other end of the long room I could see windows with sunlight pouring through, there must be some sort of courtyard beyond. All the women had one thing in common; every one of them in the pool room was completely nude.

This whole thing was looking better and better all the time and it was becoming apparent the prize I'd won was far more valuable than I had first thought. Looking around I could see a wide variety of women of different ages and races and every one a beauty.

"So, what do you think?" asked Crystal.

"I've gone to heaven!" I replied.

"I'm sure! And I can see your cock is having a good time, too," she said referring to my throbbing rock hard erection. "Would you like to fuck one of us to welcome you properly? We can do it right here by the pool." Crystal added. "That way everyone can see us."

I'd never had sex before in front of an audience but since the only others in the room were women the idea sent a new thrill of excitement through me. I looked at the three girls thoughtfully for a moment, they were each beautiful in their own way and it would be great to fuck any one of them. Looking around I could see several of the other women in the room look toward us and then start this way.

I've always had a thing for oriental girls so Rose quickly became my first choice. I spied a bench along the wall and I moved over to sit down with the three naked girls following me. Sitting down left my cock jutting upward like a pole upon which the girl I selected would be impaled.

"Rose, can you come sit on my lap facing me, please? You're the one I want to fuck first." I announced, thrilled to use such words in front of the three nude girls.

The Asian girl blushed, hesitated for a moment, and then she walked up to me. She scooted up over my legs with hers on the outside of mine until her pussy was poised over my cock. The oriental girl reached down, grasped the shaft of my cock, and moved it around between her legs a little. Then she moved the head of my penis to her vaginal opening and then started to lower herself.

The feeling as my cock slowly slid into Rose's pussy was wonderful. She had to work it inside herself a little but soon she was sitting on my lap with my cock fully inside her, facing me. I put my arms around Rose and pulled her to me for a moment just enjoying the feel of her soft skin and her small breasts pressed against me. I leaned forward to kiss Rose and her lips were soft and delightful.

Then I moved my hands down to the oriental girl's ass and started kneading her cheeks for a moment. Then we started moving around to find something that feels good and soon we had a good rocking motion for her going that moved my cock in her pussy really nicely. I kept my hands on Rose's ass and she put her arms around my shoulders as we moved her around on my lap.

I could see other women had gathered around to watch the fun but I didn't pay much attention to them for the moment. All of my attention was focused upon Rose and the feel of her body and her pussy on my cock.

The feeling of my cock moving inside the Asian girl's pussy was exquisite and I could feel that I was going to cum very soon. The position we were in also seemed to be rubbing Rose in the right way and she started moving faster and breathing hard. She reached down with her right hand and started diddling her clit as she moved on me.

Finally the feel of the oriental girl's pussy was just too good and I just had to cum. I could feel my cock get really hard and that final tensing inside me that was the prelude to cumming. At the same time Rose reached her peak and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she reached her orgasm.

This was all it took for me and my cock started shooting my hot semen into Rose's pussy. Each pulse of sperm from my cock was another wave of ecstasy through my body. With all the other women watching it was even more exciting and I must say that it was one of the best orgasms I've had in a while. Finally it faded away and I fell back against the wall, exhausted. Rose fell forward against me and we rested that way for a few minutes.

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