The Hive
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An alien civilization discovers Earth and attempts to convert the Earth people to their way of life. Somehow it does not completely work out that way.

The colonization ship entered the solar system in full stealth mode. The mission was to incorporate the newly discovered inhabited planet orbiting this star into the greater Hive. A routine exploration of the area had led to the discovery that the third planet of the system was inhabited and able to support life without artificial terraforming.

The biology of the inhabitants of the planet was analyzed and the resulting data was used to create customized nanobots and other infrastructure to support establishing a new Hive in the star system. The inhabitants of the third planet would be incorporated into the new Hive which would then take its place as a part of the larger whole Hive. An artificial intelligence unit was outfitted to provide the initial core of the mechanical portion of the Hive along with a variety of worker units.

Everything was loaded onto a seed ship and dispatched to the newly explored system. The seed ship entered the solar system under stealth so that it would remain undetected by the inhabitants until the Hive infrastructure could be completely established. Premature detection of the seed ship or the Hive could cause disorder which would waste resources. It was undesirable for the presence of the Hive on the planet to become known to the general population until the Hive was well established and the integration of the population well under way.

The seed ship made its way to the surface of the third planet and burrowed itself into a mountain for concealment from the planetary population. Tunnels were driven further into the mountain where shops and factories were installed to manufacture the mechanical components of the Hive. The life forms on the planet would form the organic half of the Hive infrastructure. It was necessary to have sufficient infrastructure up and running before beginning the process of integrating the inhabitants of the planet.

The Hive remained quiet and hidden in its caverns for almost five months while everything needed for the next step was manufactured. At the end of that period the next step in the incorporation plan was initiated. As the first initial step a single individual from the planetary population would be secured and processed for incorporation. The first step in the process of incorporation of a biological unit into the Hive was the injection of tailored nanites that would immediately colonize the biological host, stabilize the physiological condition of the host, and then establish contact with the central Hive AI. Once established inside the host the nanites would be self-replicating and would continue to occupy the body of the individual until death. If necessary other specialized nanites could be administered subsequently.

The Hive AI had been monitoring the communications of the planetary inhabitants and it did not take long for the AI's powerful cryptographic capabilities to decipher all of the intercepted communications and develop translations for all of the different languages spoken and written in the communications. Computer data communications were intercepted and decoded as well. Every unit and system which would need to interact with the planet's inhabitants was programmed with the native languages to facilitate easy communications.

The Hive control AI initiated the construction of several mobile units specialized for locating individual inhabitants and injecting them with the incorporation nanites. These units were programmed to locate a single individual for the initial test of the nanites. The design of the nanites could be adjusted using data from this individual. It had been observed that occasionally individual inhabitants of the planets would walk through the area where the Hive had established its base, practicing what the AI learned was called "hiking". The Hive AI determined that it would be simplest and easiest to intercept one of those individuals for the first subject for incorporation.

Once everything was prepared the Hive sent out several small droids to find the first subject for incorporation. These small robots were programmed to lie in wait along the hiking paths until one of the inhabitants of the planet came along. When someone happened along the droid would fire a dart containing the initial nanite load. Once the nanites were in the hapless hiker's body they would quickly establish a connection between their brain and the hive control AI. After that the person would become a part of the hive and follow its directives.

After laying in wait for several hours the robot detected one of the inhabitants of the planet approaching along the path where it had set its ambush. The human wore woven coverings over most of its body and carried a container of the same material on its back. This only left a small target area where the nanite dart could be fired. This was little inconvenience for the robot as it took aim with machine precision and fired the dart at the human on the path.

Bruce Jennings was out for a day of hiking and nature observation. He had been walking along the path for nearly two hours and had about half an hour of walking left until he reached the picnic area where he would stop and eat his lunch. The past few months at work had been hectic and stressful with barely time each day to sleep. But that was over for a time and so Bruce had some time to relax. For Bruce a hike in the woods was a good way to relax and unwind from a long and stressful period of work.

Suddenly Bruce felt a small stinging pain on the side of his neck; the lurking robot had fired its dart at the best target it could find on the heavily dressed man. The dart punched through his skin and immediately burst open releasing its load of nanites. Immediately the tiny microscopic machines began to spread and multiply throughout Bruce's body including his vital organs and nervous system.

Bruce slapped the spot on his neck where the dart had hit him thinking he had been bitten by a mosquito or some other insect. The dart was very tiny and there was no bleeding from the tiny puncture wound that resulted from its impact. The sting faded almost immediately as Bruce pulled his hand away and looked at it. Seeing nothing on his hand and the sting now faded Bruce resumed his walk down the trail. The droid from the Hive, its work now done, settled back into inactivity, waiting for new instructions from the Hive AI.

Bruce continued along the trail for another half mile with the nanites continuing their work inside his body. Bruce's stride suddenly faltered as the nanites triggered their effort to incorporate him into the Hive. After a few seconds he abruptly sat down right in the middle of the trail, barely preventing it from turning into a fall. As he did so Bruce found himself involved in a battle both desperate and at the same time utterly strange. The AI of the Hive was making its move to take control of Bruce and transform him into a compliant member of the Hive. The AI was expecting to assume control of Bruce in shot order and complete his incorporation into the Hive. Yet the effort to submerge Bruce's individuality and will to the collective mind of the Hive was meeting with unplanned for and unexpected resistance.

With the nanites replicating themselves and spreading throughout his body Bruce's incorporation into the Hive was irreversible. However Bruce's role in the Hive and his relationship to every other unit within it was still undecided. Somehow Bruce was able to resist the efforts of the Hive controlling Artificial Intelligence to submerge his individual will into the commonality of the Hive mind. The two engaged each other in a silent battle for control of Bruce which soon turned into a battle for control of the Hive itself. For reasons which later were not able to be determined Bruce was somehow able to resist the efforts of the Hive to submerge his individual will and fight back.

For more than half an hour the silent struggle continued flowing back and forth with first one side and then the other gaining a temporary advantage only to lose it once again. For a time Bruce despaired of being able to prevail yet somehow he was able to find a way to struggle on.

Finally Bruce found himself beginning to gain the upper hand in his battle with the AI and he pressed his efforts further. Now the battle became a struggle for control of the Hive instead of a struggle for control of Bruce. In order to retain control of himself; Bruce was forced to take control of the Hive and he redoubled his efforts to do this. He wasn't sure how or why this was possible and subsequent investigation using all the resources of the Hive did not yield any definitive answer to how it was possible. Grimly Bruce struggled on until finally the AI capitulated leaving him firmly in control of the AI and the entire Hive with all its vast resources.

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