Janice and Shelley
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Paul was going out with Shelley, but dumps her, and Janice, who is a 'Wet dream girl' makes a move on him straight away. This upsets Shelley and she causes problems for Janice and Paul.

First let me introduce myself, Paul Rodgers, thirty-one, and a computer programmer, specialising in real time embedded systems for industrial control. Yes, sounds boring, and sometimes is, but you can almost name your own salary, and though I say it myself, I am good. I was working for a company based in Malton, when the story starts and I live in a small cottage in Slingsby, left to me by my Grandmother, who owned the whole row of four. I now let the other three out, and so have a bit of income from these as well. As a result I rarely spend all my income each month, so I have also built up a small portfolio of shares and other investments. So I suppose I am quite well off.

Janice worked in the administration office of the company where I worked as a computer programmer. She was every blokes idea of perfection, long, natural as I later found out, blonde hair, big tits, and a pretty face, a nice smile and a dirty laugh. She was also a wild one, and if it wasn't for her drop dead gorgeous looks she would have been called a slut. She had only started a few weeks before me, but was well known in all the bars in town.

She used to run with a crowd from the office who had a reputation for drinking and generally being loud and a bit yobbish. She would be 'going out' with one or other of the blokes from this crowd. I had been seeing another girl from the office, Shelly, for about two months, I had only been with the company about a month when we started going out. I fancied her as soon as I saw her. The problem was our relationship wasn't going as I had hoped. Put simply Shelly wouldn't consider sex before marriage. At first I didn't know about her views on this, and I thought she was just a bit shy. However as the weeks past, and any attempt to start a physical relationship were rebuffed I began to get frustrated, both sexually, and with her attitude.

Things came to a head with Shelly after we had been out with a crowd from the office, and I was taking Shelly home. Whilst we were driving to her parents house, where she lived I decided to confront the sex thing head on. I asked her point blank "Is there any point in us continuing to go out together as you don't seem to want to take the relationship to the next level". By this time I had pulled into a lay by as I could see the conversation taking longer than the drive from town to her place.

Now don't get me wrong, I liked her as a person, and she was attractive. Seven years younger than me, twenty-three, average height, curvy, with a nice pair of boobs, and long dark brown curly hair, not in the Janice class, but you wouldn't kick her out of bed, assuming you could get her into bed in the first place. She then stunned me with her no sex before marriage stance. She said, "I am saving myself until I am married." This was fine but I replied that I wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, and the same went for marriage. I explained that sex was important to me and that if we found out three months after a wedding that we were not compatible then we would be another divorce statistic. I said that I would never do anything to force her to do something against her principles, and I respected her convictions, but I didn't think that we should continue to see each other.

Needless to say this didn't go down that well, I had already met her parents, who seemed nice enough if a bit strait laced, and she was due to meet my mother this weekend. She started to snivel, and I didn't really know what to do. In the end I set off towards her house without saying anything. When we got to her house she opened the door to get out and I said, "How come you never told me about your views when we first started going out?"

She replied, "I didn't want to frighten you off, I am sorry, I should have told you," and with that she went in.

I would have to ring my mother in the morning and tell her that Sunday was off. She would no doubt have a go at me, and start her standard speech, which boiled down to "It's time you settled down," but seemed to take at least half an hour to deliver. I got to my place, which was a cottage in the village about six miles from town and went straight to bed. I was a bit angry, but I was glad I had forced the issue. At least I wasn't going to waste any more time on Shelly.

I got up early the next morning, I woke at 6am, and decided that as I wouldn't now be going out with Shelly today I would go on a cycle ride. I always find physical exercise is a good pick me up after a shitty situation like Shelly and I. It was a fine bright morning, and was going to be a warm day. I set off towards the coast, I would cycle to Flamborough Head and back, a round trip of about seventy-five miles going on the back roads.

I was riding on a track used by cyclists and joggers to cross town avoiding the main roads when my mobile started ringing. It was my mother. I stopped by a bench and answered it.

"It's your Mother."

"I know."

"What time are you two coming Sunday?"

"We aren't, Shelly and I split up last night."

Silence, followed by, "Why?"

"I won't go into details, it's between me and Shelly, but I think it's final, and I can't see us getting together again."

"Did you catch her with someone else?" she pressed.

"No Mother and I repeat, it's between me and Shelly. I have never believed in kiss and tell, and I won't start now."

"OK OK, keep your hair on, will you still come to tea Sunday?"

"Only if you promise not to keep on about me and Shelly."

"OK I promise. What are you doing today?"


"Oh anywhere nice?"

"Maybe, look I must go I stopped in a awkward place," (total bullshit, just a ploy to end the conversation) "see you Sunday, and don't forget your promise."

Why do mothers seem to think they have a God given right to try and get involved with every minute detail of their offspring's private life.

I was just putting my phone away, when I sensed someone behind me. I was still sat half on my bike. I turned round and Janice was standing about three feet behind me, she was obviously having her morning jog.

She came to my side and said, "I couldn't help overhearing your conversation. Have you really dumped Shelly? What happened?"

I thought, 'Who mentioned dumped, ' but said "Yes. We split last night."

Janice gave me a strange look and said, "I wondered how long it would take. I know you don't get involved with some of the fun at work, but I never had you down as celibate." Oh well, seems like everyone else except me knew about Shelly's chastity vow. She then changed the subject and asked where I was off to. I told her I was planning to ride to Flamborough Head and back. She then surprised me and said, "Would you like some company?"

I asked if she meant as in cycle to Flamborough with me.

She said, "Yes I do. Let's go via my flat and pick my bike up, I enjoy cycling."

We stopped at Janice's flat, and she grabbed her bike. It was a top specification hybrid, quite new, but had obviously seen some use. It was a warm day so she kept her tee shirt and shorts on that she had been jogging in. I asked her about a helmet, and she said, "Do I have to? It messes my hair up..."

I said, "Yes, a friend of mine owes his life to his cycle helmet."

Janice laughed and said, "You sound just like my Dad," but she went and got her helmet. I filled her drinks bottles for her while she got ready, and helped her downstairs with her bike.

We set off again about 8.30am, and left Malton behind and started the long haul up over the Wolds from North Grimston. Initially Janice set off at a fast pace, but when I told her we had some long hills and about twenty-eight miles to do she slowed down, and we rode steadily side by side and started chatting. Her parents lived in Cheshire, and were obviously very well off, but she had moved to Malton to take the job at Rudstons as she wanted to prove that she could make it on her own. I started to see a different side to the wild party girl that her office reputation gave out. We stopped in Duggleby for a drink, and Janice said that she hadn't ever ridden more than thirty miles before. I told her we would take it steady, and she should do it easily. We would have some lunch when we got to Flamborough. We continued to talk, and found it really easy to talk to each other. We got to Flamborough about 11.30 after a pleasant ride over the Wolds through the small villages, West Lutton, Burton Fleming, Grindale and Bempton. We went up the lighthouse, had an all day breakfast in the cafe, and started back towards Malton at about 1.30pm.

On the way back Janice started to tire once we got about ten miles from Malton, and she had to stop for a breather on the last drag up from Duggleby. Once we got to the top it was mainly downhill for the rest of the way.

We got back to Malton about 4.30pm.

Janice said, "I would like to come back with you to your place, you've seen my flat so fair's fair." I was surprised, and told her it was another six miles to Slingsby.

"I can do it," she said, and we carried on through Malton. We got to my cottage just after 5pm. I could always sling her bike in my pick-up later on.

I said to Janice that she had done well considering she hadn't done a long ride before, and she said she was knackered now and sat on my sofa with her feet up and a look that indicated that she wasn't going to move in a long while.

I was starving hungry and asked her if she wanted to join me for a meal, I had things in as I assumed that Shelly would be eating with me tonight. I then realised that I hadn't thought about Shelly since this morning, so my day out with Janice must have done some good, even if it was a bit of an unconventional one. I asked her if bangers and mash would be OK as it was difficult to wreck; I am not the world's best cook.

She said, "Fine, just make sure you do plenty."

I got on in the kitchen and said, "Would you like a drink?"

Janice said yes she was thirsty, and could she have a juice or something, as she didn't want anything stronger until she had eaten.

I poured a fresh orange, and took it in to her to find my cat Buttons laid up her legs, with her head on her crotch. I couldn't resist saying, "My pussy obviously likes your pussy."

Janice giggled and said, "What about Buttons keeper?"

I said "Cats don't have owners they have slaves" then blushed and went back to the kitchen.

Janice was on her phone when I brought our meal in. She said that she was due to be meeting her mates tonight, but she was too knackered, and had cancelled. I asked if she told them why and she said, "But of course, if we are going out, seeing each other, or whatever you want to call it then I want everyone in the office to know."

We finished our meal and I got up and started clearing away. Janice got up to help, and was obviously a bit stiff. Anyway when we had tidied up we sat together on the sofa, and Buttons joined us again. We chatted for about five minutes, and then Janice grabbed me and started kissing me. I was surprised, and the sudden movement meant that Buttons dug her claws into Janice's leg before deciding to find somewhere else to sleep.

Once I got over the surprise I returned the kiss, and with in a few minutes we were having a full on snog and grope. I was feeling her boobs and arse and she got a handful of hard dick through my trousers. The curtains were open, and I said, "Shall we carry this on upstairs?"

Janice got up and we practically ran upstairs. She was out of her clothes faster than me, and I beat my previous world record, leaving my things on the floor in a heap. Janice had thrown herself on the bed, and looked stunning, naked she had huge firm boobs with large pink nipples. I've never been able to judge cup size, but hers were the biggest I had ever seen in the flesh. She had a narrow waist and wider hips, she looked healthy and fit, with no excess fat. She was also a natural blonde; she had a patch of neatly trimmed blonde hair in the triangle between her legs.

I was stood looking, and she said "Come on, or do I have to start the party on my own?"

I jumped on the bed with her, and we started kissing again. I soon moved south and started kissing her nipples, and sucking them. She then opened her legs wide and I felt into the crack of her pussy which was dripping wet. She then pushed my head down in the direction of her pussy and it was obvious what she wanted.

I have always enjoyed sucking pussy, and I dived straight in with my tongue, and found her clit and the opening to her pussy hole straight away. In spite of the fact she hadn't showered since our ride she smelt good; she was so aroused that I think her arousal smell had masked any lingering sweaty smells. I worked away at her clit and sucked and licked her pussy lips. With in five minutes she had her first orgasm.

I kept off her clit, as I know it can be really sensitive after an orgasm, but continued to lick her pussy. She then wriggled and pushed me onto my back before lifting one leg and straddled my face pushing her pussy back at my mouth. As she did this she also took my rock hard dick into her mouth.

I started working her up again, but she was getting me ahead of the game with her sucking, and I told her to slow down, but she just sucked a bit harder and started swirling her tongue around my little head. I have an average sized dick but it felt twice as big as usual the way she was sucking me With in a few seconds I was coming, and at the same time she had another orgasm. She kept me in her mouth, and waited for me to finish spurting. We then just lay there, her on top of me with me having a view of her pussy and arsehole, which was now awash with her juices. With her last orgasm I actually got a mouthful of her liquid.

I started rubbing her back and tonguing her again, and I worked up to her anus and started licking around it, this got her attention, and she started to push it back into my face saying, "Yes yes lick my arse, go on stick your tongue in me." She came hard again.

By this time again I was hard again, not as hard as the first time but I had never gone fully soft anyway. I flipped her over, and she opened her legs wide and pulled me to her. I went in balls deep on the first push. She was tight, but that well juiced up that there was no resistance at all. I then started to fuck her slowly, while we kissed each other, I could taste my juices on her lips and she could no doubt taste hers on me, but I didn't care I was that horny.

We fucked like this for a few minutes, and then Janice said, "I want it doggy now, put some pillows under me, and take your time."

I did as I was asked, and started a long slow fuck; I was getting really deep from this angle. At the same time I started to rub her arse cheeks and worked a finger into her rosebud. In spite of my earlier orgasm I was now rock hard and close to coming again, so I worked a hand under her and started to rub her clit. She came after a few minutes, and flooded her pussy again. This set me off and I came hard and deep.

We just laid there cuddling and not saying anything for short while, then Janice just said, "Wow." I looked at her with questioning look, and she said that she had never come as hard in her life, and I must have pushed the right buttons. I told her I had been celibate for over two months since I had been with Shelly.

She then said, "Shelly is a fool; she doesn't know what she is missing but her loss is my gain." We rested and chatted for about half an hour and then I shuffled down the bed again to start licking her. I must have been getting it right because after a few minutes she rolled me on to my back and dropped her now very wet and sloppy pussy onto my dick, which was now hard again. She then proceeded to raise and lower herself slowly. The effect was mind blowing and I had a view of her pussy lips sliding over my dick as she moved.

She got tired after a few minutes of this and just settled onto my dick and sat there. I was rubbing her nipples and she was getting worked up again. I managed to shift my position a bit and got a nipple into my mouth, which I started to nibble. She then started to come, but much more quietly than earlier. I could fell her pussy muscles on my still hard dick. She then collapsed on top of me and I finished by thrusting up into her in a sort of reverse missionary.

After all this we were both tired and we just spooned up and were asleep in a few minutes.

I woke in the small hours needing a piss, and I must have woken Janice and she shuffled out to the bath room as I was just starting.

She smiled and said, "Wait for me," and she watched as I peed. As soon as I had finished she sat down on the pot and opened her legs and pissed.

It was really sexy which surprised me as I had never got off on seeing someone pee before, but we were still both knackered from our evening workout and the long bike ride, and I led her back to bed, and we both spooned up and went back to sleep.

The next thing I remember is Buttons jumping on the bed and 'making bread' at about 6.30am. She obviously had an empty food bowl.

I went downstairs and made a pot of tea and some toast, and fed the cat. I didn't know if Janice drank tea or coffee but we would soon find out as I had no coffee in the house, I don't drink it. I woke her up by sucking her nipples, and she yawned and stretched.

"Was yesterday evening a dream?" she asked.

"No it wasn't, and it was the best evening I'd ever spent, and I don't just mean the sex."

Janice drank her tea, and ate the toast, but said she did prefer coffee in the morning, so I had better go and buy some. We talked about what we planned to do, and Janice said that she hoped we would have plenty more evenings like yesterday. One thing led to another, and we started another fuck, but we were both a bit sore, and we ended up having a 69 and we both had an orgasm.

Once we had showered and dressed I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to just take Janice home, and she didn't show any signs of wanting to leave. However the toast had just made me aware how hungry I was so I suggested we go into town and get some breakfast. Janice agreed, and asked if I could stop by her flat on the way as she wanted to change. I said I needed to fill the pick-up and would see her in ten minutes or so.

I was only waiting a few minutes and she was back. She slung a couple of large carrier bags in the back, and had changed from the shorts and tee shirt that she had on yesterday into jeans and a top, and we went to breakfast. While we were at breakfast I said that I was due to go to my Mum's in York for tea, and asked Janice what she wanted to do for the rest of the day.

She surprised me by saying, "Why don't we spend some time in York, and surprise your Mother?" Well I didn't know what to say, but looking at the vision of perfection sitting opposite me I wasn't going to say no.

So we went to York, we had a look round the shops and visited the market. Janice fell in love with a black leather bag in a specialist leather shop. Trouble was there was no price on it, never a good sign.

About 10 minutes later Janice was looking around the market, and I said I needed the toilet (true). I went via the bag shop and bought the bag. OK, so it was £148 but it was handmade, and of very good quality. I got the shop to wrap it and met Janice back at the market in ten minutes. I handed her the package, and she was gob smacked.

She asked me how much it cost and I said, "I am not telling. You shouldn't ask how much a present costs."

Janice giggled and said, "I know a way of finding out," and smiled.

Janice wanted to surprise my Mum but I know her, and she would want warning that I was bringing Janice, so I rang her and told her. She was speechless for once, beyond the comment, "You didn't waste any time."

We got to my Mum's house on the northern edge of the city at about 4.30pm. We had a pleasant tea and my Mother was surprisingly well behaved, no embarrassing stories or pictures, and a she seemed to like Janice. Mind you after the row we had the last time I took a girlfriend to see her I think she knew better. We came very close to never speaking again, and it was well over a month before my Aunt decided to act a peace maker. She didn't even ask how we met which surprised me, knowing how nosey she was.

On the way back Janice sort of assumed that she was staying at my place again, and when we got back she grabbed the bags in the back and disappeared while I checked my e-mail, and replied to a couple. When she re-appeared she had showered and changed into pyjamas. It was nearly 10pm. I pulled the curtains, and we sat down. At that point she started to rub my crotch, while giving me glimpses of her boobs through her pyjamas

She then said, "Take your trousers and pants off, I want to say thank-you for the bag."

I wasn't going to refuse. A soon as they were off she started sucking me, and I was getting very worked up.

Every time I tried to grope her she wriggled away and said, "No you can do that later." Her blow job had me on the edge and just I was about to come she leapt off me, stood in the middle of the room, dropped her pyjama bottoms, opened her legs and started to rub herself between her legs. As she was doing it she said, "Do you want me to finish what I started?"

I said, "Yes, you are a tease."

She said, "I know; how much was the bag?"

I protested, and she came up to me and started sucking me again. I tried to grab her wrists, but she had covered them in some sort of oil, and I couldn't get a grip, and she wriggled away again, and repeated the question. With a few variations she played this game for about fifteen minutes, and I was getting more and more frustrated. In the end I gave in and told her, and she came up to me, sucked me right down her throat and brought me to climax in about thirty seconds.

When I had got my breath back she said, "I told you I could find out," and sat in my lap. We had another fuck that night and I think it was obvious that we both were in 'lust', and it might develop into love.

I asked Janice about yesterday morning, and she then told me that she had noticed me just after I started going out with Shelley, and she didn't want to interfere. She knew Shelley's views on sex before marriage, and thought that I would end up dumping her, and she had already decided that she wanted to make a move as soon as that happened. Yesterday morning's overheard conversation was purely good luck.

I then got around to mentioning her reputation, very obliquely, and she just came right out and said that she had been a slut, she enjoyed sex, and couldn't get enough, but the trouble was the crowd she had been hanging with were better at talking about sex than doing it. She then told me story about a colleague who had taken her out and proceeded to get blind drunk. He ended up passing out on the settee at her flat and Janice said, "I wanked myself to sleep." She said there were several other times where the lad was hardly able to perform, and this left her frustrated.

Before we went to bed, to sleep, I asked Janice if she was OK with cycling to work, as I always did, it was six miles each way. She asked how I coped with changing at work, and I told her I used the disabled toilet. All the cyclists used it; we had no disabled people and it never got used for its original purpose.

We set off the next morning at about 7.30am, I always like to get in early, and as we pulled round into car park and passed the end of the factory there were about four or five of the lads off the shop floor stood in the loading bay, and they all clapped and cheered as we chained our bikes up. News travels quickly and I asked Janice did she mind.

She said, "No, of course not. At least the lechers know I am 'taken' now, and might leave me alone."

Monday passed off without incident. I was busy and didn't see Janice until lunchtime. She came to my office and had her lunch with me and the other programmer, who was an older married man, and apart from a "see you later love" she acted professionally which I was pleased about. The rest of the day I didn't speak to Shelley at work, although I saw her across the office once. A few of my colleagues asked how long we had been going out, and had I dumped Shelley before or after Janice and I got together. I gave them all the abridged version of the story, but didn't kiss and tell on why I had dumped Shelley.

Monday evening Janice said she would cook, and she made a nice cold platter salad, with home made dressing and lots of cold meats, pickles and hard boiled eggs. When we made love Monday evening, it was less frantic that the weekend, but no less satisfying.

Tuesday and Wednesday followed the same pattern. We took it in turns to cook, and Janice spent each night with me. She went by her flat each day on the way home, and checked the mail, and seemed to bring a bag each night which ended up on my carrier as my bike had a carrier and hers didn't.

I noticed various feminine things appearing in the bath room and a pile of clothes on the chair in the bedroom, so I said, "Why not clear a couple of drawers of my winter clothes and put them in the spare room?" I had lived on my own for three years, and to be honest it was nice to have a woman around the house again, so I didn't mind her moving her stuff in, and of course it helped that she was a stunner. All my mates would be jealous.

Thursday at work however things started to change. Janice was completely professional. She had already talked to me about it, and she didn't want to kiss and cuddle at work, and acting 'lovey dovey', it might upset people. So apart from her joining me for lunch each day we both got on with our work. My boss actually commented on it, he said he had expected that Janice would be all over me, and he was pleased that she was being sensible. I told him that she was hoping to get promotion when her supervisor left in two months for maternity leave, as her supervisor had already indicated that she didn't intend returning to work after the birth.

The problem was Shelley. She started spreading gossip that Janice had split her and me up, and that Janice had 'stolen' me. As a result Janice was getting a lot of stick from her colleagues, and whilst Shelley's story looked true we both knew the real story; it's just that no one believed us.

We talked about it Thursday night at home, and Janice was quite upset about it. I said to Janice that I would try and speak to Shelley, and Janice said, "Don't do it at work. Why not wait for her outside the gym on Friday, as she always goes to the gym on Friday after work," which to be fair I already knew. Having chewed it over we decided to wait for Shelley outside and see if we could convince her to stop spreading rumours. I told Janice that I hadn't so far told anyone apart from her about Shelley's no sex rules, and did anyone else know about it, and it appeared that they didn't. So a plan formed in my mind.

We went in the pick-up Friday, as we all finished at 2.30pm and we could do the shopping while Shelley was in the gym. So at about 4pm I was parked outside the gym. I saw Shelley walk out and I got out of the pick-up and went over to her. As I expected her reaction was not welcoming.

"What do you want?" she said.

I replied, "Stop spreading rumours about Janice splitting you and I up."

She started to shout and said, "You expect me to believe that? Janice moved in the day after you dumped me."

I knew how it looked and I didn't really think I could change her mind, so I made my little speech. "You can believe me or not, I don't really care, as my conscience is clear. Janice overheard me telling my Mum that we had split up, and made her move, and I am glad she did, but she had the decency to wait until we were over. Now so far I haven't spread the reason why we split up, would you like me to?"

Shelley said, "What do you mean?"

I carried on, "I will tell everyone that you don't want a full relationship, you are an ice queen, and there is no point in going out with you unless the person is gay." OK so it was a bit harsh, and I don't usually like kiss and tell, but I got my point over. Shelley stood there saying nothing, and I said, "Well?"

She looked angry, but also defeated, and said, "But you didn't even give me a chance to see if I wanted a relationship."

"I tried to kiss you, I tried to start things and you pushed me away every time. I didn't know if was me or not, but in the end I confronted you, and you told about your beliefs, or more likely your parents' beliefs, and I told you it was over. I wasn't going to try and force you by threatening to dump you because that's almost blackmail, and that in my mind is only one up from rape. You made it clear that you didn't want a physical relationship and I accepted NO as meaning NO. And now you are bitching round the office because I have found someone who does want what I want. So stop the bitching and start telling the truth, because otherwise I will break my rule and start to tell people why we split up."

She looked at me again, she was close to tears. "OK I'm sorry," she said, "I still don't know if I believe you or not about Janice and you getting together last weekend, but I will stop the bitching, and try and put things right, and I am glad you didn't kiss and tell. Some of the blokes on the factory floor would have made my life hell."

She then started crying, and said, much more quietly, "Sometimes when a girl says no she wishes she had said yes, but that's another story. Even I have noticed the change in Janice this week, you two are good together."

I went back to the pick-up and Janice had been listening, she said "Wow you were good, but I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you."

I told her that we would see how things go next week. I asked Janice if she wanted to go out. It was Friday, and she surprised me by saying, "Yes but I don't want to get drunk. I have been quite stupid over the last few months and got a bad reputation. I want to leave it behind, after all I have found a good man, and if I play my cards right at work I should get promoted."

We went out and Janice stayed sober, which amazed some of her old drinking buddies. I had to have a quiet word with one of the more exuberant ones when he tried to grope Janice. I marched him into the toilets and left him spewing his guts up on the floor. There was no more trouble. Janice asked me later what happened and I said, "His ball sack tried to hurt my foot." She laughed and said, "He's had worse than that from other angry partners."

We had a good weekend together, and I thought that the lust thing would turn to love. Janice asked me about the cottage, and I told her it was mine, and she said that she thought they were rented and I told her the other three were and they belonged to me. I think she then realised why I didn't bat an eyelid over her bag that I bought last week.

Over the next few weeks everything settled down at work. Shelley was as good as her word and stopped the bitching, and Janice and I always acted properly in the office so although everyone knew we were an item there was never any moaning. Our sex life went from strength to strength, we made love when ever we could and we tried everything. Janice was up for anything and we discovered the joys of anal sex; we were both anal virgins. We also tried water sports but decided they weren't for us; we didn't like the mess, and my bathroom was to small to use as a play room.

The only slight upset was the second week, we were making love and I noticed a small scar on Janice's belly, quite faint. She then started crying saying that she needed to tell me something.

The whole story came out in rush. She had an ectopic pregnancy at fifteen, and as a result probably couldn't have children. Janice said she never took a pill and hadn't ever fallen pregnant since, and she said that she loves sex, and hadn't gone short over the years. This was why she had split with her long term boyfriend in Cheshire, he wasn't happy that she couldn't have children. I told her that if I loved someone I wouldn't dump them because of it. We cuddled and made love, and to be honest I didn't think any more about it. I knew that I had fallen for Janice, and that was all I thought about.

Janice also owned her flat; her Dad had bought it as a twenty-first birthday present, and she decided to let it out as she was now living with me. So we moved her stuff to my place over a few evenings and found that we had two of a lot things. So we picked the best stuff from both our homes and put the rest in my attic. She told her Dad about us and he obviously wanted to meet me so we were invited to visit the following weekend.

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