The Invisible Woman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Paranormal, Nudism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jackie is involved in a strange traffic accident. As a result of this she becomes invisible, but only some of the time.

Jackie was in the hospital for three weeks after the accident. For almost a week of that time she had been in a coma. Her car had been totaled in a collision with a chemical tanker truck. The tank had split open in the crash and Jackie had been literally bathed in the spill of chemicals from the truck. When they finally pulled her out of her smashed car she was unconscious and every part of her was covered by a thick layer of the truck's cargo. The firefighters had been forced to cut away her clothes right on the scene and spray her with water to wash away the worst of the spill.

The doctors were mystified by her condition and that was made worse by their inability to get a lab analysis of the spilled chemical. Somehow the sample containers were empty when the time came to run the tests. The company that owned the truck refused every request to reveal what had been in the truck so the doctors were pretty much reduced to just watchful waiting.

After a week passed in a coma Jackie slowly returned to awareness. Not all at once but in fits and starts. For several days everything held a dreamy quality until finally she came back to full consciousness. She found herself lying in a hospital bed feeling very weak. She had vague memories of strange dreams. She wondered how long she had been there and began to remember a few details of the accident.

After a few minutes a nurse walked into Jackie's hospital room. Noticing Jackie was awake she came over to the side of the bed. "Well, hello there!" the nurse said, smiling.

"How long have I been here?" Jackie asked the nurse.

"It's been a week since you were brought in, you've been out the whole time," the nurse answered. "Your doctor will be in to see you shortly, they've been wondering why you have been unconscious for so long."

"What was in the truck that hit me?" Jackie asked the nurse.

"You might not believe this but they don't know. When they checked the tank it was empty, as if it had never had anything in it."

"That is strange! Maybe the truck owner cleaned it out before they could check it. What about my clothes, I remember I was completely covered with that nasty stuff," Jackie asked.

"Strangely enough, when they tried to test your clothes it was the same thing. They were clean even though everyone who witnessed the accident remembered how you were literally soaked in the stuff from the truck," the nurse replied.

Despite the fact all of the substance had now disappeared Jackie had absorbed a considerable amount of it before the firemen washed it away. It had been at work in her body for more than a week now and was still changing her in ways that were yet to be revealed. Jackie did not know it yet but her life would be completely changed from then on.

Jackie was in the hospital for two weeks more after that. Much of that time was spent taking tests as the doctors kept trying to find the reason for Jackie's week long coma. It was a mystery to them why that had happened since Jackie had not been injured in any way they could find. It was a great mystery which the doctors never solved. Finally after two weeks the doctors gave up and Jackie was allowed to leave the hospital and go home.

When Jackie returned to her apartment it felt a little strange to her to return to its familiar space. It had been a strange three weeks she thought. She had called into work and had been given another two weeks to rest at home and complete her recovery.

She puttered around her apartment for a while until she started feeling sleepy. Even though she had been discharged from the hospital she still became fatigued easily. Unknown to her or her doctors this was the side effect of the substance she had absorbed in the accident which was still changing her body secretly.

Feeling sleepy Jackie went into her bedroom and lay down on her bed to take a nap. She didn't bother to undress or even get under the covers she just lay down on top. In a few moments she was asleep.

She came back to awareness slowly and it seemed like she was in the twilight between sleep and wakefulness for a long time. When she finally came to full awareness she at first noticed nothing different about herself. Then she began to sense something strange was wrong with her eyes. After a few minutes she fuzzily realized that she could still see even though her eyes were closed. When she finally realized this she quickly sat up in bed, astonished.

Jackie was even more shocked when she looked down and couldn't see her hands and arms, even though she could feel them laying on the blanket. Looking down a little further she was shocked to see she could not see her body, either. Instead she was treated to the bizarre sight of her blanket bulging up where her body should have been but her body itself was invisible.

This was the result of the work of the strange substance her body had absorbed at the scene of her accident. Jackie would learn over the next few weeks the many ways her body had been changed and the big effect those changes would have on her life.

Sudden panic filled Jackie and she threw off the blanket and sat up in bed. Looking down she could see a depression in the mattress where her weight compressed it but her body itself was invisible! She quickly got up and ran into her bathroom, turned on the light, and look into the mirror on her medicine chest. She could see the complete interior of the bathroom but of herself, there was nothing visible at all!

For a few panicked moments she stood there stunned, unable to believe this was actually happening. Somehow she had become invisible and after a time her thoughts turned to the traffic accident a few weeks before. Her memory of the incident had been slowly returning and suddenly she had a flash of herself in her wrecked car, covered in the strange chemical from the torn open tanker. She suddenly had a flash of how that strange stuff had clung to her skin and how it had almost seemed to have been soaking into her. This impression was actually a correct one for she had absorbed a considerable amount of the chemical into her body through her skin.

Jackie was standing in front of her mirror completely nude and completely invisible. As she stood looking in the mirror and not seeing herself she wondered if she would be this way from now on, or if the effect would fade in time. She took some lotion and spread it on her arm and the outline of the limb dimly appeared in the mirror. As she watched it slowly faded as the cream slowly evaporated.

As she got used to the idea of being invisible she felt herself get excited thinking about the possibilities of her condition. One thing was obvious, if she wanted to be completely invisible she would have to be nude and this realization sent a thrill of excitement through her. Even though nobody would be able to see her, the idea of being naked in public sent a sexual thrill through Jackie. As long as she was invisible it would look completely bizarre for her to wear anything anyway so nudity was the best option for her condition.

It took Jackie a bit longer than usual to complete her morning routine since she was forced to do everything by feel. One of the mysteries of her condition was that her hair, nails and other non-living parts of her body were just as invisible as the rest. As an experiment she took a pair of scissors and cut off a short lock of hair. It was another surprise to see the hair become visible as soon as the scissors separated it from connection with her body. This only deepened the mystery even further.

Next Jackie went into her kitchen to fix something to eat and eating produced another strange effect. When she ate she could see the food she had just eaten as it passed down and settled in her stomach and then it slowly faded from view after a few minutes. Within half an hour after she had eaten she was completely invisible once again.

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