Fuel to the Fire
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lani and Bruce are still passionately in love after many years together. They often share their fantasies of extending their love-making to include women which really heats it up. Then when Lani meets Cara, everything changes!

Lani and Bruce had what practically every couple wanted. They were best friends, had a million things in common, had four great kids and were still passionately in love with each other after nearly 14 years together. Bruce still did things that many men give up on, or forget about after getting married (or being in a serious relationship for more than a year or two). He was frequently doing those little thoughtful gestures that delighted Lani, and sometimes even moved her to tears, filled with intense emotion.

Adding a most delicious frosting to this cake was that they still had an amazing sex-life that many couples (married or not) would kill for!

Before meeting Bruce, Lani had dated a lot and found that she was attracted to both men and women. She had dated both men and women over the years, and considered herself a lover of the soul rather than giving herself a rigid label of straight, gay or bisexual.

She was always honest with everyone that she was involved with — always made sure that they understood that she was not looking for monogamy but that she would be delighted to have a long-term relationship and even love. It was very rare that anyone in whom she had an interest spurned her honest approach. Typically, what Lani wanted, Lani got.

So, at times she would have multiple people in her life — men and women both. Some for a very short time of mere weeks — others for months and even a few for years.

At one point early in her dating, Lani had become involved very heavily with one woman and they had even briefly discussed monogamy, but they were so very young at 19 that they realized it was really more of a case of infatuation with the concept rather than true, long-term emotion. Then she had a long-term guy for years and the women tended to come and go with varying degrees of involvement with one or both of them. Eventually, though, all the love in the world that she and others gave him just wasn't enough to cure his self-loathing and depression and Lani finally had to admit to herself that it never would, and move on.

Then she met Bruce. After a whirlwind romance, they were married. Bruce knew about Lani's past and had no problem with it. But when she met him, something changed and suddenly she found that she hadn't had even the slightest desire to be with anyone else. Bruce completed her in a way nobody had before. So her interest in women became more of a bedroom game and kept their marriage spicy. It wasn't until around 11 years later that their talks of other women in their lives changed from a fantasy to a desire for more.

Although they had spoken about their wishes for a sexual encounter, both of them figured it might never happen in all reality. They were both somewhat concerned about how something like could affect their relationship, whether it ended up being purely physical or with the added complication of emotional attachments. The one thing that they definitely agreed on was that they really wanted it to be just women and they wanted it to be together — like everything else they'd shared over the years.

Then Cara entered the picture and turned their world upside down.

Lani and Cara had an almost instant connection even before they met in person. They'd spoken on the phone a few times and it was like they had known each other for years. They fell into a comfortable relationship immediately. Then, when they did finally meet in person, the connection was undeniable.

Lani had only had a mere handful of what she would consider close or best friends during her life although she was liked by pretty much everyone she met. Yet for some reason, the relationships didn't seem to extend past the friendly acquaintance or work friend. Still, Lani was over all a very content person and after she found Bruce she didn't even seem to miss those connections.

And how could you not like Lani? Sweet, bubbly, adorable, intelligent and completely sincere. She was often the sister that many people either never had, or wished they did. She was a tomboy growing up, so with 'the guys' she was playful and fun-loving and could take any joke or jibe and dish it right back at them with lightening speed. She also managed to equally put 'the gals' at ease with her laid-back manner.

Well, in Cara, Lani found a near-twin! Cara was smart, giving, had a snappy whit and had also been a tomboy. They were so comfortable with each other — able to share themselves on so many different levels. They could laugh, play, talk, dream and even cry together. Lani found herself inexplicably drawn to Cara in a way that she had only felt for her husband for so very long.

Cara was on special assignment to the department where Lani had worked for three years as Office Manager. Many of Lani's co-workers were worried that Cara had been brought in to do efficiency testing and to possibly recommend eliminating their jobs, so they were distant to her — sometimes downright mean. So, at first until they got to know Cara better, Lani was her island of solace in a sea of hostility. They began spending their lunches and breaks together. Then, they became basically inseparable — calling each other at night and on weekends and they often spoke about getting together sometime for a "Girls Night".

Lani and Cara had both been raised in families that were not at all afraid to show affection — what some might call 'touchy-feely'. They'd always been show affection with plenty of hugs, hand-holding and so on. So it was totally natural for them to slip into that mode with each other. Lani had in the past been demonstrative with other co-workers, but was reserved in this because she knew some people were uncomfortable with having affection shown to them on such an open basis very often. Still, Lani knew in her heart that there was a part of them that drank in the affection like a thirsty flower in the desert. So many times, if she would see her co-workers upset or unhappy — she'd give them a big hug. In all reality — it was part of her charm and what made them like her even more.

However, with Cara — it was to an even greater extent because they had each felt so safe with each other. Lani was often hugging and touching Cara in some way and Cara showered Lani with affection as well, especially when they were by themselves.

When Lani told Bruce how the attraction to Cara was growing to a full-blown desire, it drove him crazy with desire. As usual when she told him about women she'd either dated or been attracted to, Bruce wanted her to describe Cara in great detail so that he, too, could enjoy the fantasies which where building. It was actually very interesting to Lani because in all the time she'd dated, although she'd never really considered herself to have any specific 'type' — she had never dated any black women. So she wanted to take her time in describing Cara to Bruce; she wanted to do justice by her.

She began by describing Cara's velvety-soft skin which looked like warm, dark chocolate and made Lani want to touch, kiss and lick it. Her face was a perfect circle with adorable apple-cheeks that made you want to pinch them. Her eyes were a deep, mysterious smoky topaz and they were often glittering with laughter. She had a full, sensuous mouth that always seemed to have a playful tug on one corner. And her body; well she was a knock-out! She was definitely not one of those waif model types that made you want to tell them to go eat something for God's sake — she had some meat on her bones and real feminine curves! She had an hourglass figure and an ass that just wouldn't quit. It was big and round and you just wanted to smack it, or bite it! And she had a sweet, perky rack that she often showed bits of with designer blouses that just hinted at the treasures within. All in all — Lani's attraction to Cara had struck up a chord inside her and now, Lani seemed to find beautiful, luscious women of color everywhere she looked! Lani and Bruce talked long into the night and created all types of fantasy scenarios that made Lani horny as all hell. They ended up making wild, hot love for hours...

After that night, Lani thought that it seemed that Cara was finding more and more opportunities to touch her. She'd play with Lani's hair (which she absolutely loved and had always been a turn-on for her), hold her hand when they were out together and other little things. They began to talk and joke about their sex lives, fantasies and fetishes. They hadn't openly said anything about sex with each other or other women — but Lani felt that there was something just below the surface that Cara was implicating with her playful talk and touch. Eventually though, they began to joke about how people would think that they were 'having an affair' because of how much time they spent together.

One day, Cara was helping Lani carry in some boxes to the store room. Cara had gently scolded her because as usual, Lani had been trying to juggle all of the boxes herself. So, they were walking together and giggling about it, being silly together as they often were.

Then, on their way out Cara had still been laughingly wagging her finger at Lani for overdoing it and when Lani turned out the light, Cara playfully swatted Lani's butt. Lani tittered and said "Oooh, I am so gonna get you!" and she spanked Cara's cute, round tush. Cara said "Oh! Naughty!" in a somewhat breathless manner, and Lani almost reached out to grab and kiss her right there! But she chickened out and mumbled something about how they'd better cut it out or they would have the guys lining up at the door to watch. Cara laughed and said "Mmm hmm, you know it!" Lani silently kicked herself as she walked out of the store room, wondering if Cara had just given her the perfect opening to start something and she'd completely blew it!

That Friday afternoon when they were leaving for the weekend, Cara invited Lani to come over at some point that weekend to have that "Girls Night" they had been talking about for so long. She said that they could watch a movie, hang out and eat popcorn. They had hung out quite a few times to go shopping or have a meal, even a few times meeting up at local events, but they had never gone to each other's homes. Lani's heart pounded in her chest and she tried not to squeak when she said "Sounds good, let me check if we have plans and I'll call you!"

Right away when she got home, she told Bruce about Cara's invitation for "Girls Night" but the kids were nearby, so she couldn't express the thousands of thoughts and fantasies that were playing through her head in a jumbled mess. Later, after they had put the kids to bed, she didn't know where to begin — she was so flustered and excited! She began to share with Bruce the chaos in her mind as best she could and she asked him if he would mind if she took Cara up on the offer; knowing that there was a small possibility that the offer might be for more than a movie and popcorn!

On those occasions where she and Bruce had talked seriously about the idea of exploring something with another woman, regardless of the level of involvement, they'd agreed that it was territory that they wanted to experience together or not at all. Yet Bruce didn't really know Cara very well personally — although he felt like he did because of how much Lani talked about her! So, it was a bit awkward.

Lani and Bruce talked for a long time and she told him that there might be a chance that this could open the door for her and Cara to have a real heart-to-heart talk. Specifically, for Lani to be able to lay the cards on the table and finally find out if she'd been correctly interpreting the signals that Cara seemed to be giving, or not. They agreed that Lani should explore this avenue and that if it turned out that Cara would be interested in doing something with both of them — then she could proceed with caution. Most likely, there would be nothing more than cuddling, but if perchance Cara decided to kiss Lani — Bruce said he'd be okay with that, but anything further would need to wait until they were all together. Lani consented that she would not initiate any of the kissing and that she'd put the brakes on if it did happen.

Lani was now beside herself with anticipation mixed with trepidation and quite a heavy dose of arousal. The fear was that she had somehow mis-read Cara and that there was some chance that by putting herself out there, she could possibly endanger the incredible relationship that they had. Still, she felt it was worth the risk and she truly had feelings for Cara that were not going to go away by her simply suppressing them!

Lani called Cara mid-morning on Saturday and they agreed that she'd come over around 3 pm. A short while later, when Bruce's parents offered to take the kids to the park — they jumped at the opportunity. No sooner had they backed out of the driveway with the kids and Bruce and Lani were all over each other, kissing passionately and touching each other like it was the first time. All of their need and hunger was driven to the surface.

Whenever Lani talked to Bruce about her experiences she had in the past with women, it had always made Bruce burn with desire. And whenever they had talked out their fantasies for future encounters, it had always heightened and intensified their love-making. However, this was a whole new level of heat! Now that their was a real chance that they might be able to fulfill their dreams and live out their passionate desires, they were on fire for each other.

They roamed through the living room, kissing, touching, whispering about how the night could go. They yanked off pieces of clothing as they went, leaving a trail as they walked. Their kisses engulfed them and they raced up the stairs for some sultry, intense sex. Lani was going crazy and her arousal quickly built up. She felt electrified — as if every touch could send her over the brink.

Bruce took Lani's face in his hands and looked at her as a man going blind might gaze at an unspeakably beautiful sunset, knowing it could be his last — drinking in every last detail. He studied her features one at a time: her dynamic hazel eyes; sometimes forest green, sometimes the brown of a moss-covered tree and at other times, a deep golden-amber with only hints of jade. But now they were almost completely a stormy shade of green-gray — with the darker forest green just dancing around the edges. They smoldered with desire and sparkled with anticipation. Her honey-auburn hair catching the shafts of sunlight spilling around the edges of the blinds made Bruce think of the phrase 'amber waves of grain' as it subtly shifted and changed with the dappled light. Her sultry and full bow-shaped mouth beckoned to him like a siren.

With that thought, he abandoned his quest to memorize her every curve as he surrendered to the kiss that was calling him. His ardent passion startled and thrilled Lani and she quickly responded with her own hunger. Their kiss set off a flash fire in her body and made Lani's head spin. Their hands began a fervent rush over each other and soon they were intertwined in a feverish embrace. Bruce's mouth grazed her neck and shoulders, leaving trails of molten fire in their wake.

He paused at the top of her very ample bosom for only a heartbeat to lace some sweet, soft kisses there before submitting again to his ravenous hunger. Taking her nipple in his mouth, he rolled his tongue across the surface, gently teasing her with his teeth and lips. Then he brought his hand up to the other breast and took his index finger and dragged it across the top of the erect nipple and wrapped his thumb underneath it. A low moan escaped her lips and her breathing became ragged. Lani's head rolled back and she closed her eyes, simply enjoying the moment of bliss.

Then, with long-practiced movements, she reached over and ran her hands along Bruce's thigh, teasing the very edges of his cock. She curled her hand around him, wanting him so very much. She stroked and teased him as she knew he liked and in a heartbeat, his hand dropped to explore the velvety softness of her very wet pussy.

However, they could not continue their play for very long as they both felt such an intense driving need for the other that would only be satisfied by total union. Bruce wrapped his arm around Lani's back and he shifted her weight from half-sitting to on her back in a mere moment. He then quickly ran his hands between her silky thighs to spread them further as he moved above her. Her breathing was totally erratic now and soft moans were interspersed with the tattered breaths.

Bruce brought his body down and quickly thrust into her in a single, graceful move. Her hand snaked up to his hair and she pulled him towards her to whisper to him how very much she wanted him. He put his hand behind her head so that he could kiss her and his kiss took Lani's breath away as it had since the very first time. As was so often the case, the deeper he kissed her, the closer she got to ecstasy.

He rhythmically rocked his hips into hers and she brought her legs up to pull him down even deeper into her. Within what seemed like a matter of moments — Lani was crying out to him to go harder, deeper and Bruce knew by her tone that her orgasm was imminent. He quickly changed pace to where his thrusting was almost pounding against her. Just as he felt he could hold out no longer, her cries became bursts of sound and he let go of his restraint and they spiraled together as waves of passion and bliss washed over them.

After what seemed like an eternity at those dizzying heights of pleasure, Bruce rolled onto his side as he gasped for a normal breath. "That ... was ... amazing" Lani panted to him. He couldn't speak, so he simply nodded and smiled. He reached over for her hand, took it, kissed it and clasped it to his still-racing heart. "I love you so much, Lani" he said, voice cracking with raw emotion. "I love you, too, Bruce" she trailed off dreamily and with a contented sigh, she closed her eyes to rest.

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