A New Beginning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Wife-Watching Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Group Sex, First,

Desc: Wife-Watching Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple become friends with a woman on-line and when they meet for the first time - the sparks fly. Curl up and enjoy this steamy, romantic, and very erotic story!

Lisa and Jack waited anxiously for Mindy to arrive. They had all gotten so close over these last few month that it felt like they had known each other for years. Lisa felt like a teenager getting ready for a date. She was almost giddy with anticipation. Mindy was smart, sweet, funny — sometimes a real wise ass, and absolutely adorable to boot!

She was thinking now of how they had all first "met" on a science fiction fan site of all places. Lisa and Jack were looking up information for a Convention they had wanted to go to for years, but hadn't been able to afford. They had been scrimping and saving for six months so that they could now go to the 3-day event. This would be their first trip since the honeymoon.

They had also started working out more and eating better around the same time they started saving for the trip. By the time the Convention came around, they both lost a decent amount of weight, and had toned up so that they were starting to really feel fit and self-confident again. Jack had even surprised Lisa one day with a gorgeous sky blue box with a giant light lavender bow. She opened it and was ecstatic to find the low-cut black and red dress she'd been drooling over ever since they first started the diet six months ago! Not only that, but it was 4 sizes smaller and fit fantastic. She felt sexy and sensuous in it.

A few months before the trip, they had started talking to Mindy on the message boards and then chatting, and soon they had become friends. She still remembered how angry she had been when she heard how poorly Mindy's ex-boyfriend had treated her. Lisa and Jack had taken her under their wing; wanting to comfort her as they both felt such a close tie with her. She was so sweet — how could anyone think of treating her that way? How could anyone know her, and not fall for her?

Lisa hadn't planned on falling for her, it just kind of happened. She thought about the first time she had called Mindy after "the Jerk" had unceremoniously dumped her. "Lisa, I just don't get why I have such horrible luck with guys," she'd said forlornly. Lisa could tell she was getting a bit choked up. "They're either too young, too immature, or they act mature, lure me in and then BAM! They pull the rug right out..."

They had talked for hours about guys, life, love — you name it. After a while, Mindy had also started talking more and more to Jack. He was such a great listener, and Lisa knew how incredibly lucky she had been to find him (although by his account, he found her!) He had brains; boyish good looks, a huge heart and he could COOK! No way she'd ever found anyone like him before, and she knew they'd end up together.

Lisa smiled as she resurfaced from her memories. She and Jack had planned on meeting Mindy about halfway between their home and hers. They had plans to meet up at the Convention Hall and all three of them were going to hang out, go to dinner, a club and check out the exhibits and then vegetate with some DVDs later.

Jack and Lisa stood at the entrance of the Hall almost jumping with sheer anticipation. Finally, they saw Mindy walking across the street from the parking structure. She looked even better than her picture, Jack thought. Lisa knew she was pretty, but it looked like she had been working out too! Not that they were hung up on looks — they adored Mindy as is — it was just now she was even more beautiful. Curvy in all the right places, with luxurious long, dark curls hanging down her back with just a bit straying to fall over her face. Her eyes jumped out at them even from this distance. That was one thing Lisa had noticed immediately — her eyes had danced merrily even in her picture!

As soon as Mindy saw them, her face lit up with joy and surprise too — after all the only photo she'd seen of them was from more than a year ago (and 40 pounds each). She skittered along the sidewalk into Lisa & Jacks open arms. They all hugged like old friends being reunited after a long time apart. They babbled for a while and then went inside to explore the Convention. They talked, laughed, shopped, and had a great time getting to know each other even better, on a whole new level.

They stopped mid-day for a snack and Mindy told them with a bit of a giggle how nervous she had been that they might not have the same chemistry in person that they'd shared in cyberspace. They all laughed heartily and hugged and laughed some more. They spent the rest of the day looking through just a small portion of the huge Hall — even stopped to play a few games.

By the end of the day, they were ready for a rest and then a night out! Jack and Lisa followed Mindy's car in theirs to the hotel, which was just a few minutes away from the Hall. They parked and went inside together. They separated briefly (their rooms were even next to each others) to get a quick rest in before a busy night.

Then, at dinnertime, they went down to the hotel's restaurant where they sat at a cozy, dimly lit booth. It was small enough that Lisa's knee kept grazing Mindy's on one side, and Jack's on the other. She laughed at the "Mindy sandwich" they'd made! They each had a glass of wine, and began to relax and just be themselves.

Mindy talked for a bit about "the Jerk" and his new model-gorgeous girlfriend. They all had a chuckle, though upon hearing that she was a shallow and very vain woman. They sure deserved each other! Still, Lisa & Jack both knew well enough that she was still hurting somewhat and feeling a bit lonely. As if reading each other's mind, Jack and Lisa pulled closer to Mindy and each put an arm around her.

They had some more wine and Jack ordered a desert they could all share. The wine flowed freely now, and the mood subtly shifted. They both cared very deeply for Mindy and each felt protective over her, especially when she was vulnerable like now.

As they finished the bottle, Lisa noticed Mindy's hand was on Jack's thigh. Rather than feeling jealous, she felt a jolt of desire rush through her and she knew she wanted to encourage them. She excused herself to the ladies room and walked across the dining area to the hallway where the sign for the restrooms glowed softly. She walked out of the ladies room a few minutes later and stopped at the end of the hallway. She just stood there and watched her love and her friend talk and laugh quietly. She lingered a bit to see what would happen next.

Mindy reached a hand over and touched Jack's face. Lisa could sense the tenderness in that caress. Jack's eyes fluttered closed and he smiled. Then he held Mindy's hand and began to look for Lisa. She arrived just as the check did. They paid the check and decided to go. Lisa gaged the mood, and decided to take a bit of a chance. She said that if Mindy would like, they could just have a nice, quiet night in watching movies. She told her that they could always go to the club tomorrow. Mindy looked almost relieved as a smile spread across her face. She said that sounded good. Jack agreed and they all went up to the room, hand in hand.

Lisa loaned Mindy one of her soft, over-sized shirts so they could all be comfy. They kicked back on the fluffy pillows and snuggled into each other. Jack pulled out a bottle of wine they'd brought from a local wine shop. They each took a glass and relaxed. The mood was one of quiet, content, comfort. Jack rubbed Mindy's neck and shoulders and she sighed, almost purring, as she cuddled into him even more. Lisa began to feel desire well up inside her. Desire for her lover and desire to comfort this beautiful woman she had come to care so much about.

Jack's hands started to trail to Mindy's side and then gently grazed the side of her breast. Mindy's other hand reached out to pull Lisa over closer to them. She ran her hand through Lisa's honey-blond hair. Lisa took her hand and gently kissed her palm. Mindy gasped in delight. Meanwhile, Jack began to run his lips along Mindy's throat while his hands explored her body, gently teasing and caressing as they traveled.

Now Lisa's heart started to thump inside her chest. Her large nipples went hard under her shirt and she noticed Mindy's becoming like little gumdrops beneath her top. Lisa got closer, and kissed Mindy's shoulders and the side of her neck, stopping to nibble on her ear. A soft moan escaped her lips and Jack leaned in to kiss the edge of her mouth, capturing the moan. She leaned into the kiss hungrily.

Somehow, she had enough energy to reach over and caress Lisa's breasts. Lisa felt herself grow wet with anticipation. She suddenly wanted nothing more than to show Mindy how much she wanted her, cared for her. She wanted to please her. She let her hands roam, one cupping Mindy's breast, teasing her erect nipple. Then, she trailed her hand down Mindy's stomach and stopped at her waist feeling her arch slightly under her touch.

Jack deepened his kiss and Mindy's breathing quickened with desire. He also let his hands roam and gently lowered Mindy down, so that both of them could explore her more fully. As he lowered her, Lisa lifted her shirt for her so that she slid out of it completely as her back hit the bed. Heat radiated from her body. Lisa leaned down to kiss Mindy's exposed breast. It was large and heavy, so she used both hands to caress and tease it.

As Jack continued to kiss Mindy, he began to caress and lick her other breast. Their eyes met and they reached across Mindy for a brief, passionate kiss. By unspoken agreement, they both knew that this was Mindy's time now. Lisa smiled at him; she loved him so much and knew that he loved her more than anything, too. The feelings he had for Mindy only enhanced his love for Lisa. The care and tenderness he showed to Mindy just made Lisa love and desire him that much more.

Mindy's breathing was interspersed with soft gasps and moans as each of them kissed, licked, sucked and gently nibbled on her ears, throat, breasts and lips. Lisa's hand trailed down to Mindy's thigh and she felt her instinctively open them in invitation. She ran her hand along the area where Mindy's legs ended and her soft, feminine lips began.

Lisa lazily ran her hand along the edges of Mindy's panties and she could feel the heat and moisture radiating out. She tugged at them ever so slightly, and Mindy obligingly arched her hips to let her slide them off. She was completely nude now, and absolutely resplendent. Her skin had very slight sheen to it as her body's passion intensified.

Jack continued to kiss her and now Mindy's hands were caressing him and removing his clothes. Lisa took off her own shirt and panties and was surprised to see both Jack and Mindy had paused in their attention to each other to admire her. Instantly, her pussy responded with a rush of dampness. She quickly went back to pleasing Mindy knowing that Mindy's pleasure was making her own grow in response.

She took her hand and put it in the juncture of Mindy's thighs. She let her fingers tease the edges of her wet pussy, but teasingly did not penetrate her. She ran her fingers up one lip and down the other while Jack focused his attention on her breasts, lips and tongue. Lisa knew what an incredible kisser Jack was, and secretly smiled at how she knew that Mindy's body would be responding. As if reading her mind, Mindy's back arched and shuddered. Lisa and Jack both intensified their attentions.

Lisa took two fingers and gently pushed them to the inside edge of each outer lip and then ran them down the crease in between the outer lips and inner, one finger to each side of her dark, sacred spot, which was now dripping with her juices. She increased the rhythm of her caresses and Mindy began moaning again, a bit louder now.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mindy's hand stop playing with Jack's chest and move down to his very erect cock. Lisa's passion increased even more seeing that he was being aroused, and she slipped her fingertip into Mindy's waiting pussy. Mindy's hips rocked up trying to get more, but Lisa wouldn't oblige her. She pulled her fingertips back, wet with the evidence of Mindy's ardor, and then ran them up and down the creases again. Mindy was stroking Jack's cock and he was alternately kissing and touching her.

As he plunged his tongue into her mouth, Lisa plunged her finger into Mindy's pussy. She gasped loudly around Jack's tongue. Lisa slipped her fingers in and out in time with Jack's tongue and Mindy's hand began to become insistent on Jack's firm rock-hard cock. Lisa then slipped in another finger into Mindy's pussy and rotated her fingers as she put them in gently working them inside. Mindy's breath was coming in ragged gasps and moans and her hand was moving faster on Jack's throbbing cock.

Lisa now slipped in a third finger, just barely having enough room inside Mindy's very tight pussy. She penetrated her hungry pussy again and again while running her other fingers along the sides of Mindy's very swollen lips to increase the sensations that she knew from experience would now be rushing through her.

The sensations culminated and suddenly Mindy's hand that had been dallying with Jack dropped and clutched the sheets, her back arched and she cried out over and over as the orgasm gripped her. Lisa carefully pulled her hand from her friend's lips and trailed them down her thighs to draw the waves of sensation out. Mindy breathed deeply and laughed, "Oh my lord, that was incredible," she said softly.

Lisa smiled and laughed too, but for a totally different reason — she knew that it wasn't over. She knew her love very well, and had seen in the dim light that he was hard as a rock. Lisa had a wicked grin because she knew what was next. She leaned across and kissed Mindy fiercely and Mindy responded, startled only by the intensity of her own reaction. Jack positioned himself between her creamy thighs as the women kissed each other deeply.

Mindy's hands now boldly began to explore Lisa — her neck, her throat, her breasts and finally her thighs. She wasted no time in finding Lisa's very wet pussy and she started touching and teasing her lips from beside her as Lisa had done for her before. Meanwhile, Jack's hands expertly massaged and teased Mindy's thighs; eliciting a response that Lisa knew from him doing that to her would be totally unexpected.

This time was more intense; the culminations were going much quicker. Lisa and Mindy's kisses deepened and Mindy's fingers explored as Lisa leaned toward her to kiss her vigorously. Then, without warning, Jack lifted Mindy's hips and thrust swiftly and deeply into a surprisingly aroused pussy. Mindy gasped in delight and pleasure. She instinctively started pulsing her fingers in and out of Lisa as they kissed and moved against each other. Jack pulled Mindy's thighs so that his cock was buried in her. He thrust again as he pulled her close and Lisa quickly grasped one of Mindy's hardened nipples and expertly rolled it between thumb and forefinger.

Mindy's moans got louder and her hand became more urgent in the search for Lisa's pleasure spots. Lisa could tell she wanted her to come as hard as she had for Lisa before. Jack's thrusts started getting faster as Lisa tightened her grip on Mindy's nipple. Mindy slipped another finger into Lisa and started plunging her fingers into Lisa in time to Jack's cock plunging inside of her hot, wet pussy.

Lisa rubbed her fingers together harder and faster over Mindy's nipple and Mindy fucked her pussy in earnest with her fingers slipping in and out over and over. Lisa gasped as she felt the edges of her orgasm, which she held back, waiting to hear theirs. There it was, she heard Jack's breath catch and Mindy's voice become a long, low moan. She let go and called out with them as ecstasy overcame them all.

Out of breath, Lisa collapsed next to Mindy on one side, while Jack fell to the other. Mindy was panting as waves of pleasure rippled through her whole body. She smiled at each of them, leaned over and kissed Jack and Lisa in turn. Lisa lifted up her head long enough to smile sweetly at Jack. They knew without saying that they had brought passion and pleasure to their friend. Mindy smiled too, and they all knew that this was only the beginning...

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