Sometimes a Flat Tire Is a Good Thing
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2008 by Vulgus

Romantic BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An attractive divorced woman with some kinky fantasies meets the man of her dreams when she has a flat tire and he stops to change it for her. This is a tale of romantic S&M. Yes, there is such a thing.

Caution: This Romantic BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Body Modification  

Maybe it's just me but have you ever noticed that the longer you've been horny the nastier your fantasies tend to become and the more apt you are to do something stupid if the opportunity presents? I have always had some pretty wild fantasies. The idea of being dominated by some big strong guy really turns me on. The idea of being forced to do things I'd never do, would never have the nerve to do of my own free will excites the hell out of me. I masturbate to those fantasies just about every day when I'm not in a committed relationship and not having sex more or less regularly.

As an example, I've never had sex with more than one man at a time. But due in part to some of the sexy stories I've read on the internet the idea of being ordered by a man to entertain his friends really excites me. The idea of being exposed in public, not just a glimpse of thigh mind you, not a little too much cleavage, but exposed, to any number of strangers, that turns me on.

Those are the sort of fantasies I have and when I haven't been laid in a while, the desire to be controlled like that can be almost overwhelming.

I'm thirty-two years old, reasonably attractive and a natural redhead. I've been divorced for three years now. Since I don't know you I can comfortably admit that it was mostly my fault, but not entirely. It takes a lot of patience to put up with most men. Since we're being honest here you have to give me that.

The last couple of years of our marriage we fought too much to have a regular sex life. After the divorce I didn't want anything to do with men for a while.

But then I started getting horny. I don't mean horny like gee it would be nice to have an attractive man make love to me. I'm talking horny like a drunken sailor who has been out to sea for six months! I have always loved sex. I wouldn't say I've been promiscuous. Okay, I was kinda young when I had sex for the first time. I was fifteen. But I only had three steady boyfriends in high school, and two more in the two years I went to college. And I never slept with anyone with whom I wasn't going steady. That means up until my divorce I had sex with five guys in eight years, including my ex-husband. Since the divorce I've been just about as promiscuous as a nun.

I quit college when I got married and at first I didn't work outside of the home. Mainly due to my husband's insistence I was a full time housewife but that didn't last for long. I'm sure there are women who enjoy that lifestyle and yes, I know it can be a fulltime job. But it quickly became too boring for me. I started to go stir crazy. It began to seem as though I spent the entire day waiting for my husband to get home so I'd have someone to talk to. It might have been different if we had kids but we didn't. As it turned out that was a good thing.

When I couldn't stand it any longer I found a decent job. We didn't need the money. My income was just gravy. It was money we could blow on luxury vacations, those electronic gadgets of which my husband was so fond, or whatever other unnecessary trinket or bauble caught our eye.

Luckily for me, as my marriage began to disintegrate my job skills improved and I began to advance at work. When the marriage finally came crashing down, my ex and I divided everything up and called it quits. As it turned out, our divorce was not nearly as acrimonious as our marriage.

During those first few years of marriage the sex had been great. I missed that when we split up. I didn't go out on my first post divorce date until nearly a year after the divorce was final. Now, two years after the divorce, I have dated just four men. I only dated one of them more than once and I didn't go to bed with any of them. That may be one reason they didn't ask me out a second time.

Two of the four men I dated were men I met at work and two were fix ups arranged by friends who were well intentioned but not very good judges of character. My luck seemed to change recently when I went out with a guy I met on the side of the road. He gallantly stopped to change a flat tire for me. We started flirting while he worked and kind of hit it off. One of the things I noticed about him right away is that he was, potentially, that strong, dominant man of my fantasies. In other words, he is something of a misogynist, but a nice one. He struck me as being intelligent, good looking and he has a great sense of humor.

As I mentioned, it has been more than two years now since I've been intimate with anyone. Those kinky fantasies are really starting to get to me. I've gotten so desperate I've even thought about going out somewhere to get picked up and just have some casual, meaningless but desperately needed sex. It was tempting. But I know myself well enough to know that if I gave in to the temptation I wouldn't be satisfied.

Since he changed my tire on the side of the road I've gone out with Kyle twice but he remains something of a mystery man. He's the strong, silent type. He has told me almost nothing about himself. I don't know where he lives or what he does for a living. I know he drives a Mercedes and wears a Rolex but I can't swear that he's single or even that he actually works for a living.

On our first two dates he was the perfect gentleman. Our third date is scheduled for this evening and I'm really looking forward to it. He's taking me out to dinner and then to a club. He's picking me up in half an hour but as instructed I'm wearing nothing but my robe. He's bringing with him my outfit for the evening. I look forward to finding out what he wants to see me in. If nothing else it will give me a little insight into my mystery man's taste in women's clothing.

Kyle arrived ten minutes early and I let him in. I felt kind of strange welcoming a man I hardly know into my home while dressed in only a short, thin robe. I'm nearly naked! He's such an overpowering presence that when I closed the door behind him I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I was not surprised when I realized that I find that vulnerability exciting.

He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. He stepped back then and handed me the small box containing my dress for the evening. I smiled at him and told him I'd be right out. Then I hurried to my bedroom and opened the box. I paused when I spotted a note on top of the tissue paper inside. The note instructed me to wear the items in the box, and except for my shoes, only the items in the box.

I reached inside and found a beautiful little black silk dress trimmed with exquisite lace. In fact, it looks very much like a slip. There were no labels but it's obviously very expensive. The box also contained a pair of lace trimmed, thigh high, black stockings. There were no other undergarments!

I held the dress up and looked in the mirror. I don't believe ... no, I know I've never worn a dress this short before. It occurred to me to wonder if Kyle can read minds. Can he possibly know about my dark fantasies? Has he somehow been able to tell from things I've said or the things I've done on our two previous dates that I have a dark side, albeit an unexplored dark side? That's a scary thought.

I pulled the stockings on and then slipped the dress down over my head and let it fall down over my hips. It's a very beautiful garment, and very sexy. But does he really intend for me to wear this little wisp of sexy fabric without underwear?

I put my shoes on and turned around in front of the mirror. I certainly look hot. Everything appears to be covered, but only just barely. My nipples are obvious even at a casual glance.

I checked my hair and makeup again and went back out to the living room.

Kyle stood up when I came in. The look on his face said it all. He loves it.

"Kyle," I asked nervously, "are you sure about this? Do you really intend for me to go out like this?"

"You are absolutely beautiful!" he exclaimed. "Please, turn around."

I turned slowly, very aware of his eyes on my body. I'm also aware of how very sexy I feel. I'm becoming increasingly certain Kyle is going to get lucky tonight.

I smiled a bit uncertainly, shrugged and grabbed for my purse.

Fifteen minutes later we were entering an exclusive and very expensive restaurant. The staff greeted Kyle by name when we entered! I'm impressed. Most people can't even get into this place without waiting weeks for a reservation.

We were shown to a quiet booth and enjoyed a long, leisurely, romantic dinner. We talked quietly. I couldn't help but notice that Kyle avoids answering any direct questions about himself very artfully. I sometimes don't even notice he hasn't answered my questions until the conversation has moved on.

I, on the other hand, seem to be answering all sorts of questions about myself. I seem to talk freely about my past, my present, even some very intimate details about my life that I would not normally share on a third date if at all. I know I'm saying more than I should. But I don't seem to be able to stop myself. I'm not normally this forthcoming. Maybe it's that delicious wine.

After consuming one of the best meals I've ever eaten, and I am certain it was also the most expensive, we left for the club. I've never heard of the club to which he's taking me. It's called, "Secrets" and it's located somewhere down near the waterfront.

Kyle pulled into the parking lot, parked and we got out. I looked around nervously. We're in a desolate looking commercial area, apparently surrounded by nothing but warehouses. There are no lights anywhere to indicate a club or any other place that's open for business. Only the fact that we're standing in a parking lot full of cars indicates the presence of other people.

Kyle took my arm and confidently escorted me across the packed parking lot. I noticed that all of the cars are new, or nearly new, and very expensive. There's even a separate section where a small herd of stretch limos is parked.

This is definitely piquing my interest. No lights, no sound, and a club I've never heard of.

Kyle spoke quietly as we walked. "This is a very exclusive club with a very exclusive clientele. I suspect you're going to see things in here that you've only imagined. I think I know you well enough now, though, to know that you have imagined them."

I looked at him curiously. But I said nothing. How can I respond to a strange statement like that?

We approached an unmarked, obviously heavy, metal door. Just before we reached it, the door suddenly opened. A handsome man in a tuxedo said, "Mr. Wells, I'm so glad you could come this evening."

Then he raised a finger and a woman came out of nowhere to escort us to our table. A totally nude woman! Well, not totally nude, she's wearing a thick, tight, leather collar that looks very uncomfortable. I don't know what I expected to see but I wasn't expecting that! Our escort is young and beautiful but she kept her head down submissively and never once spoke or looked us in the eye.

Kyle took my arm and we followed the girl with the cute ass to a booth in the darkened main room. Quiet music is playing in the background and if you listen closely you can just make out the murmur of hushed conversations coming from other booths around the large room. The booths are all situated so that, except when you walk by them, you can't see into any other booth but your own.

The ceiling is black and the walls appear to be covered by black velvet drapes. There is almost no light in the booths. There's only enough light in the large room to make it possible to follow the naked young woman to your booth.

We slid into the booth and our escort left us without ever having said a word. I would have asked Kyle what kind of place this is, what the hell is going on, but I don't even know what to say. I've never been anywhere like a strip club or a topless bar or anything like that before. For some reason, though, I found the concept of a naked woman escorting us to our table exciting. I even found myself wondering what it would be like to escort fully dressed strangers around all evening while wearing nothing more than a leather collar.

I looked around, still trying to figure out what's going on here. I finally looked at my date and realized Kyle is watching me, trying to judge my reaction.

I smiled up at him and said, "Yes?"

He said, "I've just been wondering what your reaction would be. So far so good."

"What kind of place is this?" I finally asked.

"I'd rather not spoil the surprise. Just relax and expand your horizons," he replied cryptically.

I shrugged and sat back in the comfortable seat. There's enough light that we can see each other well. My eyes seem to be adjusting to the dark but there isn't much to see outside of our booth. The dark gives me a feeling of privacy that's comforting.

Another naked lady appeared with a tray. She put two drinks down on the table, along with a selection of fruit and exotic cheeses.

Neither of us had ordered anything but Kyle isn't surprised by the arrival of something we haven't ordered. I'm curious about what I've just been served. I'm all the more curious because Kyle and I have not been given the same drink. I took a cautious sip of mine. I have no idea what it is but it's the most delicious drink I've ever tasted!

"What is this?!" I asked.

He smiled for the first time since we left my apartment. "It's a house specialty. Its ingredients are a closely guarded secret."

"What are you drinking?" I asked.

"I don't know," he answered with an amused look on his face.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw several dim lights come on. They gradually increased in intensity until they were illuminating a black velvet curtain against the wall in front of us. The curtain began to slowly move and for the first time I realized that there's a stage there. The curtain opened up and I saw a large, circular bed covered in what appears to be the same black velvet material draped over the walls.

There are other items on the stage but the light is still too dim to see clearly. I can't identify them yet.

Movement down on the ground floor in front of the stage caught my eye. Two women are approaching the stage. Both are nude. The first woman is leading the second, pulling her along by a leash attached to her collar. The second woman's wrists are fastened together by means of a large pair of leather wrist cuffs held together by a short length of chain. As I'm able to take in more detail of the strange scene I realize that the lights aimed at the stage are still gradually growing brighter.

The first woman looks very stately. She's obviously confident and self assured. I imagine that's something that must be hard to pull off when you're naked and wearing a dog collar.

The second woman, the one being led towards the stage by a leash, looks a bit nervous. Her eyes never look up from the floor in front of her. But she doesn't appear to be scared. I think I would have been terrified in her place.

I glanced at Kyle. He's not watching the two women. He's still watching me carefully. I smiled nervously and gulped down the last few sips of my drink quickly.

The second my empty glass touched the table a nude woman brought me another. I smiled at her and tried to thank her. She never looked up and never spoke.

As the waitress, I guess she would still be called a waitress, silently disappeared back into the shadows my attention returned to the stage. The first woman is now in the process of securing the second woman's wrists to a cable hanging down from the ceiling.

After securing her victim's wrists she dropped to her knees and attached cuffs to her ankles, securing her legs to loose chains that hold them spread what looks to be uncomfortably far apart. I have now seen four naked women in this club. Except for the hair on their heads, not one of them has a hair anywhere on her body, at least not as far as I can tell.

The woman on stage finished securing her companion to the restraints. She stepped away and took up a position against the curtain at the back of the stage. She reached up and touched something and I watched in amazement as the girl in the chains was slowly lifted up by her arms until her feet were about six inches off of the stage and held widely separated by the ankle cuffs.

Her arms are straight over her head. She was lifted until her sexy body was drawn taught by her restraints. She didn't look up, or cry out. She didn't make any sound as far as I could tell.

I looked at Kyle again. But he's still watching me and not paying any attention to the two naked women on stage. I had to pause for a moment and take stock. I had to decide how I feel about the strange acts I'm witnessing, although, to be honest, I don't yet know what I'm witnessing.

No deep soul searching was required. I don't know what's happening to that woman down on the stage. But for some reason I'm excited by whatever it is I'm witnessing. My heart is beating rapidly and I can feel a definite tingling sensation between my thighs.

Kyle casually reached around me. For a moment I thought he was just putting his arm around my waist. Instead he quietly ordered, "Lift up."

I did, without even thinking about it. As soon as my butt was off of the leather seat he pulled my skirt up to my waist. The confident, commanding tone of his didn't strike me until after I obeyed. He expected me to obey and I did!

I cannot imagine allowing anyone else, ever, at anytime in my life to do that to me, to order me to allow him to pull my dress up, exposing me in public. But he isn't done yet. As soon as I sat back down he eased the slinky, silky, sexy little dress up and pulled it off over my head! The most amazing part of what just happened is that I didn't resist at all!

Kyle placed my dress out of my reach on the bench beside him and then he pulled me closer. I felt very warm all over. My entire body is tingling and I seem to be totally without inhibitions. I know I'm horny. I have been for quite a while now. But outrageous behavior like this is totally out of character for me. If he had asked me first I would have said no. But he didn't ask permission. He took charge. I'm getting so turned on that if he had pulled my head down into his lap I would have eagerly sucked his cock right here in a public place without any argument at all.

He let his gaze wander over my naked body. Instead of feeling self conscious or embarrassed I feel ... god, I don't know. I guess I feel owned, but in a sexy way; a good way. I have surrendered to Kyle. I don't understand it. But I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

I took another big sip of my drink, perhaps hoping the alcohol will calm my rapidly beating heart. As soon as I put it down another arrived. I took a sip and looked back at the girl on the stage.

It's fascinating, the way she just hangs there in total surrender. No crying. No screaming or begging. She's just hanging there like a decoration. I'm not wearing a watch so I can't check. But I didn't really have an impression of time passing. Perhaps it's the drinks that are distorting time. Or maybe it's the excitement, because there's no denying that the strange floor show and my own outrageous behavior have me more aroused at the moment than I can ever remember being before.

My attention returned to the stage when a large, handsome, distinguished looking gentleman who appears to be in his early thirties walked out onto the stage. I looked up and then I glanced at Kyle. When I looked back the well dressed man was walking around the girl slowly, looking at her closely, touching her. She didn't seem to react at all.

I could see them speaking, briefly but I have no idea what was said. Or maybe I should say he spoke to her. I didn't really see her respond.

After several minutes spent exploring her body, the man turned towards the other woman who still stood at the back of the stage and held out his hand. She hurried forward and handed the man on stage a dark object that looked like nothing more than a black stick.

He walked around her again, now tracing her body with the tip of the black stick in his hand. I saw the man move suddenly and I heard an incredibly loud crack as he whipped the young woman right across her tightly stretched breasts.

She screamed in response to the sudden pain on one of the most sensitive areas of her body, but then she was quiet again; still not begging or crying. The man started walking around her, pausing frequently to hit her very hard with what I think now is a riding crop. He struck her over and over, hitting her in a different place each time; on her breasts, her ass, her stomach, her thighs, her back. Just everywhere! Each time he struck her she cried out in pain. But as far as I could tell, she never once asked him to stop. She never asked to be released.

I noticed the strangest thing as I stared, mesmerized by the bizarre scene taking place on stage. Well, I noticed two things, actually. The first thing had nothing to do with what was happening on stage. Kyle touched me. He placed his hand on my thigh and the heat from his hand was unbelievable.

Do you remember when you were a virgin and for the first time you were touched in an intimate manner by someone of the opposite sex? That first touch ... for me at least it was the most exciting thing in the world. It takes your breath away. I still remember it vividly. If you're lucky it will always be exciting to be touched that way but nothing will ever compare to that first touch.

The touch of Kyle's hand on my thigh had nearly that same effect on me. In an instant I was so turned on that my breathing became strained. It has been so long since I last experienced a man's intimate touch like that.

The other thing I noticed is that, as I watched the man on stage punish that poor young woman with a riding crop, or whatever it was he was beating her with, I was already nearing an orgasm without even being touched!

When Kyle's warm masculine hand touched my thigh that was all it took. That made two firsts for me. I'm naked in a public place. I have never been naked outside of my apartment, and seldom outside of my bathroom or bedroom.

And to top it all off I just experienced an orgasm in a public place! And the only thing he was touching was my thigh, my thigh and my mind.

I can see the bright red stripes beginning to appear on the girl's flesh as she's beaten. I can see tears rolling down her cheeks and dropping onto her pert young breasts. But still she remains quiet except for her scream each time she is struck.

I would have been screaming steadily to be released, fighting those cuffs, anything to get out of that beating. Not her, she's taking it. Then I noticed something else. Her nipples are hard. Even more incriminating, I began to notice the telltale gleam of moisture on her upper thighs. She's turned on! She's being beaten rather severely, and it excites her!

The man finally stopped hitting her. The sudden silence was almost breathtaking. I couldn't stop staring at that girl. I'm shocked when I realize that far from being relieved that the beating has stopped she looks disappointed!

He walked around her very slowly as if admiring his work. As he circled her he ran his fingers over body, touching the red marks that decorate her flesh. He nodded to the other woman and she slowly lowered the poor young woman until her feet once more touched the floor.

I saw her look into the eyes of the man who just whipped her. I saw her lips move. I'm not a lip reader but I'm almost positive she whispered, "Thank you."

The other woman on stage came forward. She bent down and unfastened the ankle restraints before standing once more and unfastening the wrist restraints from the cable suspended from the ceiling.

The girl who has just been whipped so severely almost fell to the floor when her wrists were freed but the other woman supported her and led her a few feet to the black velvet covered bed. She sat down on the bed and her wrist cuffs were removed.

She was helped up onto her hands and knees on the bed and then the woman who has been helping her stood back and the man who had beaten the girl so severely turned toward the audience and nodded.

I watched in shock as, two or three at a time, men started coming out of the audience and having sex with the girl on the bed. Usually two men at a time used her, but once she was taken by three men.

While they were using her like that, the other woman dropped to her knees in front of the man who wielded the whip. She pulled out his very large, very erect cock and she sucked it right there in front of everyone.

I suppose I should have been... , I don't know, upset, perhaps even offended by the idea Kyle would think this kind of show would appeal to me. The problem with that is that I just experienced an incredible orgasm and I'm so fucking hot right now that if he had pulled me up on that stage and tossed me onto the bed so he could watch me get fucked by a large number of the other guests I would have gone gladly.

Kyle said, "That young woman who was just whipped, the one who is taking on all of those men from the audience right now, that's her husband watching. The woman sucking his cock is an employee of the club."

I gulped my drink down and of course another appeared magically. I was distracted just then when Kyle slid his hand up about an inch. His little finger came into contact with and began rubbing against my very wet slit.

He toyed with me for a moment and then he said, "I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. I thought you would. Do you have your shoes on?"

I was distracted by what his finger was doing and a bit confused by the last question. It took a moment for what he was asking to sink in. When it did I nodded and he said, "Good."

Kyle picked my dress up off the seat and got to his feet. He helped me up and I walked out, past all of those booths, all of those men and women, in the nude. I should have been shocked. I should have demanded he give me back my dress. Instead, I'm so excited that my legs are weak.

At the door, the man who welcomed us when we arrived, or at least he welcomed Kyle, said, "Good evening, Mr. Wells. We hope you will return soon. It's always a pleasure, sir."

Kyle smiled at him and said, "Yes, Raymond, it is indeed, always a pleasure. Please add a little extra tip to my bill for our waitress this evening. She did an excellent job."

Raymond smiled and replied, "Yes, sir." Then he held the door and I stepped outside in only my shoes.

Once outside, Kyle put his arm around my shoulder and we slowly crossed the large parking lot. At the car, Kyle held my door for me and I started to get in. But I stopped, turned, straightened up and said, "I think I need something to sit on. I don't want to ruin your leather seats."

He smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. It's only a seat. If a seat could think I'm certain it would be tickled pink to have your cute little ass sitting in it."

I sat down and watched him as he went around and got in. It occurred to me that our previous dates didn't prepare me for this evening at all. I don't know this man half as well as I thought I did ... but damned if I'm not excited by what I'm learning about him tonight! Before he started the car he pulled me close and kissed me for the first time. It was a great kiss. It was confident, strong, insistent, not tentative at all.

I sat back in that luxurious car seat with all sorts of crazy thoughts spinning through my dazed mind. I'm amazed at the way I reacted to the incredible stage show this evening, and the way I've been behaving from the very start. Look at me! I'm allowing myself to be led around town naked for Christ's sake! I slumped down in my seat and as the car pulled away I asked, "Did you put something in my drink?"

It wasn't even an accusation, just curiosity!

He chuckled and said, "I don't know what they put in the drinks they serve there. They won't say. I understand that all of their drinks are concocted from a variety of fruit juice. But they aren't drugged. The wine you had with your dinner was all the alcohol you had to drink tonight. The club doesn't serve alcohol.

I looked at him, trying to decide if he's serious. I've been certain I could feel the effects of those wonderful drinks I gulped down in the club.

If what he's saying is true, and I have no reason not to believe him, that means I let Kyle take me to a kinky sex show, undress me in public and walk me through a parking lot before driving me home, still naked. And I'm sober! Either this guy is very, very good, or I'm very, very horny, or both.

As I was riding quietly beside him, his hand came to rest on my upper thigh again. His finger rested lightly against the lips of my pussy and it felt so very good. I'm still worried about his leather upholstery, though. I'm certain I'm going to leave a damp spot behind when I get out.

I leaned back in the seat, closed my eyes and lightly ran my fingers over the back of Kyle's hand. As I relaxed I pictured that girl tonight, being hung from a cable and whipped in front of a large audience and then taken by any man in the audience who cared to make use of her sexy body.

I wondered what that would be like. I wondered if Kyle would want me to do that someday. I wondered if I could. It's exciting to contemplate, or at least it is in the abstract. I most definitely do not enjoy pain. I have never considered a whipping to be foreplay. I've never had any desire to be treated the way that girl was tonight. Still, it had been very exciting to watch from the safety of our dark little booth.

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