Trip to the Carribean
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Girlfriend has sex while on vacation in the Carribean.

It was finally Friday and we were headed to the airport for two weeks of vacation in the Carribean.

I'd met Valerie about a year before at a friend's party and she'd been looking for work, I passed her name around and she'd landed a job. When she asked me to dinner to say thank you I ended up getting one of the best blow jobs of my life as a thank you present, it turns out Valerie is a total whore who can't get enough cock, thankfully she's not shy about her needs. She's one of those rare women who will tell you exactly what they want and won't let you off the hook if you don't deliver. One night I she kept yelling "harder harder" and I ended up busting a nut because I simply couldn't keep up after about 10 minutes, she just turned around reached into her drawer and pulled out a big 9" dildo and went to town on herself. She puts no stress on sex it simply is, and if you finish first you can either watch as she gets the job done or you can jump in and help. I kept in contact with her and within a couple of months we'd been dating steadily. That whole time Val constantly kept my nuts sucked and fucked dry, I had no complaints what so ever about our "relationship".

Valerie and I had been planning this trip for months and were so ready to have some fun without worrying about work it wasn't even funny. We'd started making jokes about it weeks before we left I started saying things like "are you having fun yet, I bet you want some." she's smile and say things like "oh baby you know I want some." it became our pet phrase we used to keep ourselves sane through the last few weeks since both our jobs had just been hell and with the economy taking a down turn we'd both secured our positions with our respective companies by landing large new contracts. Now it was time to party and unwind a bit.

We landed at the airport in the early evening and hopped on our van to the resort. It was absolutely beautiful out steel drum music playing, everyone friendly and not a care in the world. We checked in and headed up to the room and got ready for dinner. The weather was quite warm and I threw on some cargo pants and a light shirt with sandles. Valerie threw on a wraparound skirt that tied on the side and she left it slit all the way up to her waist and a light white blouse she that ties at the neck and the bottom with buttons down the front, Val wore neither bra nor panties. Valerie has a stunning figure at 5'7" 150lbs she sports a perfect set of 32DD's long straight brown hair down to her waist and legs that just wont quit. I'm a lucky guy, damn lucky.

In the hotel lobby we ran into our driver from the airport Omar. Omar we waved and said hello, after asking where the best places were to eat and relax Omar told us that there was a small island about two hours away on a boat where he and some of his friends like to go to get away from all the tourist packaged stuff, we could go to and eat out on the beach and party by a big bonfire all night long. We both agreed it sounded like fun and hopped back in Omar's van. Omar swung by two other hotels and picked up another couple and 3 of his friends who had just got off their shifts at their respective hotels. The other couple consisted of a middle aged white guy nothing special and his little Asian wife. She introduced herself as Wehy (pronounced Way) and he mumbled something nobody paid any attention to. Wehy was wearing a tiny bikini top that barely covered the nipples of her pert B cup breasts, she had on some cutoff denim shorts that left probably the bottom third of her ass superb ass showing. Wehy and Valerie both were big hits with the guys in the van and once we got to the docks Omar and his friends made quite sure that "helping" the girls into the boat constituted as much hands on as possible.

Not far outside the docks the ocean started getting choppy and rocked the boat side to side, Wehy and her man moved to the front of the boat claiming they were getting queezy along with two of Omars friends. Omar, Valerie and I sat in the back of the boat while his buddy sailed on. The rocking was making me tired and I laid down to relax while Valerie and Omar were talking. Valerie was telling Omar about how stressful our work had been over the last several months and Omar said the best way to feel no worries was a little local smoke. Well I've never been a fan of drugs so I passed but Valerie, Omar and his pal partook. Omar was sitting on the side of the boat and told Valerie to sit in front of him so he could give her a neck rub to help her relax. Valerie looked over at me and I just smiled, she moved over and sat down with her back to Omar. Omar started rubbing her head and over the next ten minutes slowly moved down to her neck and stopped before he got to her shoulders. Omar told her that he couldn't get a good angle to work on her shoulders and upper back from where she was sitting, and tolder her to turn to face him. I started faking that I was asleep at this point to watch how far Valerie would go if I wasn't watching. She turned around and faced Omar, kneeling on the padded bench she put her arms on his thighs while he spread his legs and rested her head on his thigh. Omar brushed her hair aside and started working on her neck and shoulders, every time a wave hit the side of the boat Omar and Valerie would slide back and forth a little. I couldn't see from my angle but Valerie's face being inches from Omar's cock was making him hard. Valarie didn't notice at first until a particularly big wave hit the boat and she had to grab Omar's thighs to hold on. I couldn't hear her gasp over the engine noise but I knew she did once she felt the size of that monster. Omar apparently was packing 10" already and wasn't completely hard yet.

Valarie looked up and said something to Omar, who looked over her back at me dozing on the other side of the boat and said something back to her, she didn't respond and Omar lifted himself up a little and reached into the front of his pants and shifted around some then sat back down. Valerie lowered her head back into his lap just like before and Omar returned to massaging her neck. Omar kept checking to see if I was watching for another maybe 5 minutes. He then reached down and started to untie the neck of Valerie's blouse. She stayed right where she was and when Omar finished her beautiful breasts swung free below her. Omar returned to rubbing her shoulders and kept leaning forward to reach further down her back. What I didn't know was that Valerie had been licking Omar's cock like a giant popsicle and when he leaned forward it pulled away from her face, but when the next wave hit the boat and Omar was thrust forward he reached down and held Valerie's head in place and slipped the head of is cock into her mouth. Wave after wave rocked the two of them back and forth sliding Omar's cock forward and back deeper and deeper into Valerie's mouth. Omar would reach down long strokes down Valerie's back and then straighten up forcing more of his cock into her mouth. Valerie is a world champion class cock sucker and took everything he gave her and more. She shifted back up on her knees and held onto Omar's back when the next wave hit and when the boat rocked back the other way took his entire cock down her throat. I could see the look of surprise and happiness on Omar's face when her nose touched down at the base of his cock. Omar grabbed the back of Val's head and held her there for a few seconds, when she didn't pull away he let go and she reached around to hold onto the side of the boat. From this position she could hold herself still and the rocking of the waves would force Omar's cock down her throat then slide him out when a wave hit the other side of the boat. Omar was getting the blowjob of his life while I lay ten feet away watching through my sunglasses. After about ten minutes Omar bent over and said something in Val's ear, she nodded and started bobbing up and down on Omar faster and faster. Omar looked up at the sky and wrapped his fingers in Val's hair and unloaded shot after shot of hot cum down Val's throat. I could see Val lurch as she tried to swallow it all but Omar either had been holding his load for a while or just naturally came a lot. Cum dripped down Val's chin and Omar continued to hold her in place pumping away down her throat. After about thirty seconds he let her up and she straightened up and tied her blouse back around her neck. Omar said something to her again and she playfully slapped him on the shoulder laughed. I could see Omar was still hard and several inches of his cock were sticking out of the top of his shorts.

Valerie had unbuttoned three of the five buttons of her blouse and was showing off quite a bit of cleavage, the front of her shirt was open showing just to the top of her aureole but not quite popping nipple out. Such a awesome sight looking at a 32DD unless you've ever met a girl that thin with natural breasts that large you don't know what your missing.

Omar sat down on the bench in the corner of the boat facing me reached up and twisted Val's skirt so the slit was right up the back and pulled her down onto his facing me. There was Omar sitting against the side of the boat, Val in his lap his cock resting on the crack of her ass rocking back and forth as the waves hit the side of the boat. Omar's pal looked back and saw them, he yelled something back to Omar and Omar replied "I'm just making sure the girl don't fall overboard". All three laughed and a big wave hit the side of the boat. Omar bounced into Val's back and Val grabbed onto the rail leading over the back of the boat. Before Omar sat back down he pulled the front of his shorts down an positioned his cock in the back of Val's skirt. When they sat back down I could tell Omar's cock was now right between Val's legs. They sat back rocking back and forth for a few minutes. I could picture that huge cock sliding between the lips of her pussy getting wet from Val's juices. Omar occasionally reached up and gave Val's luscious tits a squeeze and he realized that Val gets very turned on when you tweak her nipples. Omar's buddy turned around right as Omar sneaked a squeeze and Val had her eyes closed in ecstasy and gave a shudder as a mini orgasm shot through her, the driver yelled something and Omar promptly reached up and did the last two buttons of Val's shirt leaving only the tie at the bottom holding it closed. Val's breasts were on display ever time there was a small gust of wind and the driver was getting an eye full smiling ear to ear.

Omar in the mean time took Val by the hips and lifted her up so she was halfway standing then slowly let go. I knew from the look on her eyes that she now had his cock buried several inches into her sweet hot pussy. Omar leaned back and held onto the side of the boat like he was just cruising for a ride rather than having a beautiful woman riding the tip of his cock. The boat rocked back towards Omar and Val slid a couple inches his direction before she grabbed the hand rail again. She didn't quite stand up as far as she had been and when the next wave hit she slid a little further down his cock. Wave after wave hit before she settled down on Omar's lap. Omar we found out later when fully hard packs a whopping 11" salami, and all of it was now buried inside Val. They rode back and forth sliding 5-7" out every time a wave hit the boat for a good 10 minutes before the driver yelled back to Omar again. Omar made a motion like he couldn't hear then said something in Val's ear, she covered her face like she was embarrassed and nodded coyly. Omar simply stood up with his cock buried to the hilt in Val and they both walked up towards the captains chair.

The captain got a good look at Val's breasts when she had to grab the side rail as another wave hit and Omar just grabbed the front of her shirt and released both breasts. Val didn't even try to cover back up she just grabbed the back of his chair as Omar bent forward to listen to his friend talk. This forced Val to bend over resting her breasts on the back of the captain's head. He jumped a little and turned around right into a face full of heaven. Doing what any sane man would he sucked in a nipple and gave the other breast a good healthy squeeze. Val clamped down on Omar's cock and her legs gave a little quiver. Omar pounded her hard for a few strokes then slammed home and held himself there. Val was having the time of her life having one continuous orgasm from her sensitive nipples being sucked on to being slammed hard by a 11" cock it was like riding a roller coaster. Val grabbed the back of the captain's chair and held on while Omar would alternate between long slow strokes and quick savage thrusts. Her breasts shaking magnificently got the captain hard in a matter of seconds. Omar yelled something to him and he quickly turned around and whipped his cock out right in Val's face. She simply spit all over it and started jacking him off while getting hammered from behind by 11" of rock hard cock. Omar grabbed Val by the back of the head and pushed it towards the captains cock. Soon she had several inches down her throat. I've got to make an observation at this point that it appears to be true what they say about black guys, the captain had at least a healthy 8-9" and was more than happy to see how much of it he could get down Val's throat. It didn't take long before she proved displayed her cock sucking prowess and slammed down to the base of his cock. That was enough for him and he started dumping one long spurt after another down her throat. Val pulled back and the captain shot another one, two three, four spurts across her perfect breasts before she latched back onto his cock and sucked the last drops of baby batter out of him. Omar leaned forward and said something to Val and she shook her head no, pushed him back as he was trying to bury himself to the nuts in her. Val struggled with him for a moment then he finally pulled out, as she spun around and reached up she could already see cum on the head of his cock before he let loose another spurt across her face from cheek to cheek. Val quickly grabbed his cock and started jacking him off on her already cum coated tits, Omar added his thick white cum to is buddy's and Val sucked him dry as well.

We were nearing the beach now and both Omar and the captain put their cocks away and Val wiped the cum from her face and chin then tried to button her blouse back up. The cum on her tits soaked through the white material and some had even oozed down between her breasts to her stomach. Omar reached over and started rubbing it in like it was some sexual sun block. It didn't help much and after he played with her breasts getting cum spread evenly all over them he said nobody will notice. Val came over and shook me to let me know the boat was near the beach.

I asked her "Are you having fun yet, I bet you want some" she laughed and I pointed out 'dear you appear to have sunblock all over your shirt'. Yes she replied, 'Omar was rubbing her neck when he spilled white stuff all over me.' she had a mischievous grin on her face and I just laughed.

The captain beached the boat and cut the engine, we'll be here at least 6 hours while we wait for the tide to change, plenty of time to have fun and enjoy what the Carribean has to offer.

I jumped over the side of the boat and turned around to help Val out. Her the slit of her skirt was turned around to the front and when I reached up to help her out I could see right up to her sweet pussy, there was a small trail of white trail of ooze that started about three inches down her thigh and trailed all the way up into her vagina. Apparently Omar had shot at least part of his load into her back on the boat.

Wehy, her man and the other two friends of Omar got out of the boat. Wehy's man looked like death warmed over and they quickly put him up in a little shack just off the beach in a hammock to rest. Everyone came back out to the beach and the guys unloaded two ice chests off the boat one was full of booze and the other was packed full with crabs and a big tub of butter. A cook fire was started up and another couple of joints were offered up. Wehy practically smoked the entire thing herself and commented that she wasn't having a damn bit of fun watching her man puke for the entire hour long boat ride.

Omar introduced the rest of his fiends as Manny (the captain), Moe, and Jack. Apparently they are all cousins and Omar's Uncle thought it would be funny to name his kids after the three stooges. And we found out Wehy's guy was named Brian.

Omar and Manny were busy cooking crab and passing a bottle of rum back and forth, talking to Wehy while Val, and I strolled down towards the beach.

"Did someone cum in you while I took a nap?" I asked.

"What"! Val said.

"When I helped you out of the boat, you had cum dripping from that marvelous pussy of yours, and I faked that I was asleep so I could watch you with Omar. It's always been a fantasy of mine to watch you with other men rather than just the random dildo. I can say that the fantasy was nowhere near as hot as the real thing. I didn't get a good look but Omar seems to be packing some serious meat. And I know that wasn't sunblock on your chest, nice double team on Omar and Manny, I didn't expect you to step it up to a threesome."

"Your not mad are you?"

"Hell no I'm not mad, your hot as hell and I'd be rude to try to keep your talents all to myself."

"Well in that case, I think it was the pot that made me do it. I was just so relaxed when all of a sudden Omar's cock was right there and I thought to myself, it can't hurt just a little kiss to pay him back for this neck rub. He's fucking huge by the way, bigger than that black dildo I have at home. Both Omar and Manny cum a lot, I mean a whole lot. Omar told me he was going to cum and I told him to pull out, thats when I was pushing him away I didn't know he had already started cumming in me when I turned around, I was so caught up in the moment."

"Well we'll just have to hope he's clean, you took your pill this morning didn't you?"

"Yes I've had my pill, and I wasn't sure if you'd be mad or not, I wanted to talk to you first but things got out of hand"

"I don't own you and as long as you keep my needs taken care of you can do whomever you want, I do have to say watching you was a blast, maybe next time I won't have to fake like I'm asleep."

"Are you having fun yet, I bet you want some?"

"Oh baby you know I want some." With that we walked back up to the cookfire and grabbed some rum.

Moe, Jack and Wehy had taken off to gather more wood for the fire and Brian was passed out. We told the guys we talked about them having sex and were cool with it, they apologized for taking my lady without checking to see if it was cool or not but I was asleep and she's just so damn hot.

I raised the rum and said "To good times, and good pussy" the guys laughed, Val blushed and we all drank deep.

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