Numbers Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A married woman is a little too focused on the amount of people she's had sex with. Or rather, ambitious as she tries to have sex with thousands of guys without her husband finding out.

I am without a doubt the dirtiest slut my husband could have ever ended up with. I was always a complete whore, but since I got married it's been just non-stop. My husband is very sweet and understanding, which is really just a polite way of saying completely fucking naive. He's also works a very nice job and wants to take care of me so I can stay at home and pursue my interests. My interests are being as dirty and degraded as I possibly can be. Really, I will take anyone's cock in any hole they want to stick it. I will just spread my pussy open for guys to dump their cum in. And one of my biggest turn ons is that my husband has no clue!

No, he's not the innocent type. He loves talking dirty to me, or when I'm talking dirty to him. He's open to the idea of me fucking other guys. He's open to me showing off to people. He got so hard when I suggest we set up some cameras in the room to video us fucking. He just doesn't know that most of the time they're being used is when he's gone. It turns me on so much knowing how dirty my pussy is every time he's ever fucked it. He always says he likes how wet I am, or how pungent my pussy smells. No clue that in all the time we've been married he has never once stuck his cock inside of me without there being at least 2 other guy's cum already in there.

The thing that turns me on the most is knowing that one day I will show him. I always liked photos and video of me fucking and actually have at least photos from a large number of my sexual encounters ... even from when I lost my virginity at age 12. I even have them all organized by partner and age! Yes, I know I'm a bit of a dork with that. Or maybe slightly OCD. I know off hand that there's pictures of me having sex with 1827 different guys. 953 of them are one on one and the rest are groups. Okay, maybe more than just slightly OCD. It's far more organized than just that, but I won't bother going into it. Basically I have my own porn site setup that is all me, and all contained on one very large portable hard drive. And as soon as my count reaches 2000, it's time to show it off!

Which isn't to say I haven't already fucked 2000 guys, but just so often you can't get any photos. I always carry a camera with me just in case I have sex. You might call it an addiction, or just more of my OCD nature. Like how I never let my husband fuck me unless I've had another guy cum inside me that day. Like one time when we were on holiday in Germany...

We had just checked in to our rooms and my husband starts getting horny. I usually would have already fucked someone on the plane, but this time I had been tired and slept the entire time. Alan was already naked, hard and wanting to fuck and my OCD nature was not about to let him fuck me without having another guy's cum inside me. Quick thinking, quick thinking. Got it!

"Hey baby," I said, "I feel like using the camera."

He grinned and quickly started looking through the bags. I quickly started heading towards the door.

"I'll go get a plug adapter from the front desk!" I said as I walked out the door. He started to protest, but it was too late ... I was already out the door. I knew he wouldn't follow me naked and that he would just wait rather than try putting on clothes and run after me. I also knew that I had a plug adapter. It was in my handbag next to my camera.

I ran down the hall and around the corner as quickly as I could. Once out of potential sight from my husband, I began looking for people. I was desperate. I knocked on doors. A few times where there was a couple or something like that, but after a few a young man answered. He looked about mid-20s, probably only slightly younger than me. He smiled at me, I smiled back. He said something in German and I stared blankly. The whole language barrier hadn't even occured to me until just then. I did the first thing that came to mind, which was pull open the top of my shirt and say something to the effect of "willst du ficken mich?". I don't know if that was proper German at all, but it sounded good enough for me. And good enough for him too I found. 1 minute later his bare cock was pounding away at my pussy. As hot as it was, I really just wanted his cum ... and it occured to me I didn't know how to tell him that. What if he tried to pull out or something? I wrapped my legs around him and tried keeping him as deep inside of me as I could. I squeezed my pussy around his cock and was grinding my pussy against him as hard as I could. And just when I thought he was about to cum-

The door opened. He was startled, but I tried holding him inside of me and kept grinding against him. Two guys entered the room and started laughing and saying stuff in German when they saw us fucking on the sofa. The guy fucking me was probably thinking I would panic, but I kept grinding against him and waving to the other guys to come over. They did and and started reaching for their pants. It didn't take long before everyone got the hint. Soon they were both naked and lined up around me. I handed one my camera. Again, he got the hint. I was soon getting two cocks shoved into my pussy while the other guy took photos. But they just kept pounding my pussy! It wouldn't be long before Alan would start wondering why it took so much time to get back. I figured that language would probably not be too big of a problem at this point.

"Cum in me! Cum in me! Shoot your cum in my pussy! Fucking cum in my cunt!" I screamed at them.

They both started moaning louder as I screamed at them. I moaned more and faked an orgasm in hopes of them getting off. Success! They both slowed down and I felt their cocks twitching inside of me. Then it felt all nice and warm. I knew they were cumming inside of me, and the third guy was getting more photos of it. When they finished shooting their loads inside of me, I quickly moved away and pulled the third guy towards me. I was running low on time, so I pulled him close and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. No time to waste, I deepthroated his cock until I could feel his hip bones pressed into my face. It didn't take long for him to be ready to cum. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned back, spreading my pussy lips open for him. I raised my hips up so my pussy was just an open cup for him to fill with cum. He didn't even stick his cock in, just dumped his load into my gaping hole. As soon as he was finished, I clenched my pussy as tight as I could, got up, got dressed and got out of there. That night, Alan was so turned on by how "excited and wet" I was. That was numbers 672 and 673 in my photo collection. The third guy that was taking the photos for me never ended up in a shot though. Too bad.

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