Slaves of the New Sheriff
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Reluctant, Fiction, Wimp Husband, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The new Sheriff in town suspects that someone is cooking the town's books. He enlists the aid of a friend and they catch the young couple responsible. In order to avoid prison they agree to repay the town and until they do so, they serve as the Sheriff's slaves Homophobes may want to skip this one. There are several scenes in which the young husband is forced to perform sex acts with another male.

I never expected to be doing police work again. I had been medically retired from a big city police force after being shot for the third time in twelve years. I had spent a long time in the hospital after the third time and had required a lot of rehab. As far as I could tell I was totally recovered. In fact, I was in better shape than I had ever been before. Those people in rehab worked by butt off! The medical experts that evaluated me for the job had a different opinion though. So at the ripe old age of thirty-six I was retired on a full pension.

I had been divorced for almost ten years now. Luckily my ex already had someone else lined up and waiting in the wings when she divorced me. So there had been no demand for alimony and no kids to support.

After the divorce I lived frugally in a small apartment and buried myself in my work. That hadn't been a problem for me. I love police work. So now I had a lot of money saved up and no job. I didn't know what the hell to do with myself.

I considered becoming a private investigator. I had never thought much of them when I was on the job though, and really couldn't see myself becoming one of them. There wasn't much reason to stick around in the city. So I took a trip back to my little home town and ended up buying a real nice little log home on almost five acres sitting on the small lake there. It wasn't anything fancy. But it was modern and plenty big enough for me. The think the thing that sold me on the house was the huge back deck overlooking the water.

It turned out that I didn't have as hard a time adjusting to a more bucolic lifestyle as I thought I might. I had some relatives and a few old friends from my school days in the area. I don't hunt or fish. I have never been into killing small animals for pleasure. But I enjoy photography and I was finally getting caught up on my reading.

It may be that I would have gotten bored after a while. Fortunately, before that could happen I got a visit from the Mayor and a couple members of the town council. This took place about a year ago. The town Sheriff had just died of a heart attack and because of my experience they asked me to fill in until his term expired. And then, if everyone was satisfied, run for the office the in the next election.

The job was more administrative than anything else. There was a small force of twelve officers and no real crime to speak of. There had never been a murder or a rape in this town. Not as far as anyone knew. The only bars in town were the VFW and a small, family type of place on the edge of town where entire families would go and play pool and shuffleboard and get a not very good pizza and a few drinks.

Around here, if a cop pulled you over for drinking and driving they were apt to just drive you home and give you a stern lecture.

There was the occasional case of vandalism. The kids around here were just as aggravating as kids everywhere else. Well, maybe not quite. But sometimes kids do dumb things. You just have to hope they outgrow it.

I didn't need the money. But I thought it would be fun to give it shot. I agreed to take the job. There was a big write-up in the county's weekly paper about me. Until I read that article I never realized what damned hero I was. Since I was a local boy I didn't have a problem getting accepted by the people and I enjoyed the job right from the start.

I made a few minor changes in the way things were done. The old Sheriff had been pretty lax. I arranged to get a little more training for the young deputies on the force. Other than that my job was more about scheduling than anything else. I often patrolled the town in a police car. In the eight months since I took the job, though, I had never made an arrest. Now that I think about it, in that entire time there were only two traffic tickets written by the entire force. Those were for tourists passing through of course.

I would have been perfectly happy if things had stayed just like that for the foreseeable future. My life was pretty damned pleasant. Sometimes, when I thought about it, I missed being in love. It would have been nice if I had someone to go home to at night. And I get horny, just like any other male my age. There wasn't much of a dating pool in town, though. Any decent women my age were pretty much already married or seeing someone. So a love life would have been nice, but it was pretty unlikely. Other than that, I was pretty happy with the way things were going in my life. I had been living alone for a long time now and I guess I was getting used to it.

One day I started getting curious when my requests for training for my officers kept getting turned down because of a lack of funds. I had a couple of talks with the town council and the town's treasurer and the more I talked to people the more questions I had. The treasurer even showed me the town's books and patiently explained why money was so tight right now. It made pretty good sense, I suppose.

I probably would have just let it go. After all, my people didn't really need that training to work around here. Some of them wanted to make a real career out of law enforcement though, and they were being short changed. So it kind of bothered me.

I was sitting out on my back porch one evening, drinking a beer, staring at the water and looking around at the expensive homes that people had begun to build on large lots around the lake. And the more I thought about it the more it just didn't add up.

I called an old friend back in San Francisco and told him what I was thinking. Bud was a retired forensic accountant. He wasn't as boring as you might believe. We had met when the department I had worked for called him in on some drug cases. I never would have thought I would be friends with an accountant. But this guy had a strange sense of humor, like me, and the two of us really hit it off.

We stayed in touch after we retired and I kept trying to get him to come out and spend a week and relax. Unfortunately, he was not from a small town and getting him out of the city was nearly impossible. When I told him what I suspected he said that it would be easy enough to prove and a couple of days later he drove out for a visit.

One night we made an afterhours visit to the Treasurer's Office. He spent a little while going over the books for me. He kept chuckling to himself and writing things down in a notebook and shaking his head. Finally he put the books up and shut down the computer and asked me where the Town Clerk's office was.

I took him down the hall and we went in. He looked at some more books, checked some more computer records, and wrote some more things down in his notebook. We spent about three hours there all together. I was bored to death but he seemed to be amused.

We finally finished up and I drove us back to my place. On the way he started telling me what he had discovered. He confirmed my suspicions. He said that the Treasurer and the Town Clerk, who coincidentally happen to be married to each other, had been ripping the town off for at least three years. To go any further back he would have to check out the records in the basement from before the town computerized everything. In his opinion they were rank amateurs and it was a miracle that no one had caught on before now. Still, he had enjoyed the opportunity to practice his trade again and for him this had been an enjoyable evening.

We sat out on my back porch and he went over his notes and estimated that in the last three years they had managed to steal approximately one hundred and eighty thousand dollars from the town.

That would have been a lot of money from a large city's budget. It was a hell of a lot of money from a small town like Lakeview! Bud asked me how long the Treasurer and the Town Clerk had been working there. I wasn't sure, but I thought that it was about two, maybe three years longer than we had gone back in the records this evening.

He explained that the theft had been ongoing, but he couldn't say for how long without looking at the earlier books. He noted that they had started to become a little bolder, or greedier, whichever. In the last year and a half the amounts that they had been siphoning off had been increasing slowly but steadily.

The next day he wrote out a report for me, the kind of report that he might have prepared back when he was still on the force. I felt kind of guilty about him spending most of the day on my computer working on it. But he insisted that he was having a ball. You could see it on his face. He was really having fun. I have some pretty strange friends.

That evening, after I went over the report and attempted to digest it, it occurred to me that it would be best if I arrested them while Bud was around so that he could answer any questions that came up and make short work of any more of those obfuscations that the Treasurer had been so good at when I went to his office.

The Treasurer wasn't from around here originally. He had moved here to take the job some years back. He was a fairly young guy and had only had a couple of years experience after college. He was popular, though. The people around town thought highly of him. He had met and married the town clerk not long after he moved here.

The clerk, Jessica, was a townie, but I didn't know her. I hadn't met her until I came back and took the job of Sheriff. You couldn't help but notice her though. She was a real hottie. In fact, I guess you could say that she was beautiful. The trouble was that she knew it. She had a tendency to treat people like shit if she didn't feel like they were worth her time. She is the kind of girl that gives beautiful people a bad reputation.

The Treasurer, her husband Dylan, was also one of the beautiful people. He was more personable though. At least he had always seemed pretty nice to me. That may have been because he was stealing the town blind and I was the Sheriff.

I planned on going to their respective offices in the morning with a couple of deputies and arresting them. But Bud suggested that it would be better to do it off premises. That way there would be less drama and things usually went smoother that way.

I saw his point and decided that I might as well get it over with. I wasn't really looking forward to it. I didn't care much for Jessica. But I kind of liked Dylan.

I probably should have gotten a warrant first. I would have if we were back in the city. Things were a little more informal out here, though. I got my badge and my pistol belt. After thinking about it for a moment I decided that I didn't need to call in any of the deputies. I expected this to be pretty cut and dried. This was not Bonnie and Clyde I was going after.

I took Bud with me and we drove out to the expensive new home that Dylan and Jessica had just had built on the other side of the lake. I rang the bell and Dylan answered the door. He was surprised to see me but he invited me in. I introduced Bud to them and told them why we were here. I read them their Miranda rights and told them that they were under arrest.

It turned out to be a good thing that I had brought Bud. Dylan started to try to snow me right off the bat. Bud was amused and listened to him for a minute or two and then he laid it all out.

Dylan and Jessica knew that it was all over and they caved. They both started crying and begging. It was pretty uncomfortable, especially since I knew them.

I told them that we had not yet gone through the records that had been moved to the basement. I asked them how long it had been going on and if they knew how much had been taken all together.

Dylan went to his desk and brought back a ledger and handed it to Bud. He said that he had kept a record of everything. They had originally planned to pay it all back. It had just been a few extra dollars now and then in the beginning when they were a little short of money. It had been so easy though, too easy. Eventually that extra money had become a large part of their income.

Bud looked through the ledger and estimated that the total was nearly three hundred thousand over a period of almost six years. It was unbelievable to me that they could have siphoned off that much money from a small town like Lakeview. I guess when you live in a place where there is no crime it's easier. It probably helps if you are good looking, young and personable.

I told them that they would have to come with me and Jessica started getting hysterical. Dylan tried to calm her down but he was nearly as upset as she was.

Jessica started slapping and hitting Dylan and swearing and crying loudly. She was really making a scene. I was glad that I had taken Bud's advice and not done this in the morning at Town Hall.

I stood up and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I hadn't intended to use them, despite the policy. I could see that it was going to be necessary, though. As soon as Jessica saw them she got really freaked. She dropped to her knees and begged. She promised that she would do anything to keep from going to jail. I have to admit, some of the things that she was offering were pretty tempting too! I believe I mentioned something earlier about how horny it could get around this town if you weren't married.

Dylan started begging too, offering anything, up to and including paying back all of the money that had been taken. I don't know if I was actually considering it. I paused though when he offered to pay the town back. But what really got my attention was when Jessica ripped her blouse open and promised to make me a very happy man if I didn't take them to jail.

I should probably pause here to explain to you something about the kind of people that are often drawn to the profession of law enforcement. I won't say that it is the primary appeal. Many of us were attracted by the excitement of hunting down and arresting the bad guys and the opportunity to protect and serve was also a factor. It cannot be denied, however, that many people who are drawn to my profession are attracted by the feeling of power they get when they walk around with that badge and that gun. It may not be why they signed on, and they would never admit it, I mean we would never admit it, but there is no denying that many of us enjoy the power that we have over people.

I don't want you to take that the wrong way. I have never abused it. The vast majority of cops never abuse that power. I have always thought that I was an honest and principled man. Yet suddenly I was presented with a golden opportunity. A beautiful young woman had just ripped her blouse open and offered me anything if I didn't arrest her. In addition, her husband, her co-conspirator, had offered to return the money that had been stolen.

I can't deny that as I was looking down at those pretty tits I was tempted. It would have ended there though, if Bud hadn't looked around at me, smiled and said, "I don't know Dave, how can you say no to that?"

I looked at him, startled. I was quiet for a second and then I asked, "Are you serious?"

Dylan and Jessica had gone silent. They were waiting to see what we decided. They probably hadn't expected us to even consider their offer, or should I say offers. Suddenly there was hope in their eyes.

I turned back to Dylan and pointed to the ledger and asked, "Do you have the money?"

He got a somewhat more desperate look in his eyes and he said quickly, "No, but we will. We'll get it. We can sell things and we can save our money. Please, I can't go to prison. I'll do anything."

I left them where they were and went into the kitchen and got a couple of beers out of the refrigerator. I walked back into the room, gave Bud a beer and looked at the three of them and thought about it.

Jessica still had her tits hanging out and they looked very good. She is a beautiful woman. She is probably not more than twenty-five or twenty-six years old. I can't deny that I would get a kick out of rubbing her snotty nose in the mess she had made for a while. If you stopped to think about it, this was the best route to go. This way, not only would the Nelsons be punished, but the town would be reimbursed. That's just being practical. People around here placed a lot of stock in being practical.

I'm sure the town would much rather be reimbursed than spend a lot more money they didn't have to send these two kids to prison for what would probably be a very short time. It is unlikely that two young, attractive people like this would do hard time for a white collar crime. I would be doing the town a favor!

I finally said, "I want you two to sit at the table and write out detailed statements. I want the whole story, every detail. When you are finished you will both belong to me. So you better think about it long and hard before you decide to take that route. Once you write out those statements and give them to me, I will own you. I am going to warn you, I am the kind of person that will enjoy that. I will use you and take great pleasure in it."

I looked at their faces and saw the struggle taking place. I said, "I am not going to force you to do this. You have to do this of your own free will. I want you both to get a pen and some paper and take a seat in separate rooms. Take your time and write out your statements. Don't leave anything out. I'm going to compare them."

Jessica got to her feet and started to try to close her blouse but I stopped her. "No, Jessica. Take it off. I like your tits hanging out. Those nice tits of yours are one of the reasons I'm letting you talk me into this."

She didn't even look up. She took a deep breath, slid her blouse off and dropped it on a chair. Dylan went over to the desk and brought back two pads and pens and handed one to Jessica. They looked at each other for a moment, a look of shame and fear, and then they separated and started writing.

Bud and I sat down in the living room where we could watch both of them. To be honest though, Jessica was getting most of our attention.

We were quiet for a minute. I had gotten us both another beer and we sat and sipped. He continued to stare at Jessica's tits and after a while he asked, "What do you have in mind?"

I shrugged and said, "I haven't thought it all through yet. I was thinking that this house is probably worth a large part of what they owe. They could live in that room over my garage. Once the house and furniture were sold we could see how much of the debt remained."

I was staring at Jessica's tits, too. They were hard to ignore. I was steady thinking though. I asked Bud, "How hard will it be to put that money back into the town's coffers without attracting attention?"

He chuckled and said, "A hell of a lot easier than it was getting out. I can help you with that. Judging by the simple bookkeeping system that your little town uses it should be pretty easy. Just call me when you have the money and I'll come back and take care of it. They need to keep their jobs, though. That way you'll have access."

We were quiet again. Sitting there staring at Jessica's tits. I asked, "Why don't you stick around for a while? I can't offer you that fresh sour dough bread like you get in San Francisco. But it's quiet here and you can't get a better steak anywhere than you can get off of my grill. And I can tell by that look on your face that you are lusting in your heart for young Jessica."

"You can spend a few weeks helping me straighten this mess out and playing with our cute little thieves. I could probably use your analytical mind, at least until the money has been repaid. You know I'll never figure that damned bookkeeping out."

Bud sipped his beer and thought about it for a few minutes. He finally said, "You say quiet like it's a good thing! It is a little too quiet around here for my tastes. Still, you do need my help. I guess the longer I stay here the more I'll appreciate home. What the hell, it could be fun for a while."

We sat there in that quiet house for more than an hour while Dylan and Jessica wrote out their statements. When they finally finished I read them over, compared them and clarified a few points. I gave them to Bud to look over to see if he had any questions about the bookkeeping aspects and when he was satisfied I told the Nelsons to pack their clothes and personal belongings. They had until tomorrow to move into the room over my garage.

Jessica started crying again. I could see where I would get tired of that in a hurry. I made sure she could hear the exasperation in my voice when I exclaimed, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you think your life was just going to go on as usual? This house and your belonging are going to be sold. The money is going against your debt. You had best keep in mind that until your debt is paid to this town you two belong to me. You are going to find that I am not a very good person to belong to. If you have any doubts, if you would prefer the alternative then now is the time to make that decision. In fact, you might rather go to prison than belong to me. Now is the time. Decide!"

She started crying a little harder but she managed to choke out her intention to accept my kind offer to save her from prison.

I asked her, "Do you really think you can handle it?"

She nodded.

I said, "Let's see. Take off the rest of your clothes and hand them to your husband."

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