Nancy and the Hot Tub
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nancy goes on a retreat with four women from her department. Several of her colleagues decide to try nude hot tubbing. When Nancy tries it out, her friend Mary doesn't like it. But they make up before going home. (I posted this first chapter on asstr a while back, but never finished.)

Nancy didn't expect any particular reaction from her husband Bill when she called home from her business retreat, except for a few chuckles. But when she shared the events of the evening, she got Bill's attention in a way she had not anticipated.

"They what?" Bill said. "WHAT did you say?"

"I said a couple of the girls took their suits off in the hot tub," Nancy replied. "Why? What's the big deal?"

"Well," Bill couldn't think of an immediate response. "Uh ... well, I mean ... you were in the hot tub yourself? With naked women?"

"Yes, Bill," Nancy said with a laugh. "So?"

"Uh ... I don't know," Bill replied. "That's kind of a big deal, I think. It's hardly something I was expecting to hear."

"It really was just for fun. Like I told you, this house we're staying at is incredible. The pool area is very private. It looks out over the mountains. It's just gorgeous."

"And there's a hot tub..."

"Yes Bill, there's a hot tub! And we all went in it after dinner. All five of us, like I told you."

"O.K., tell me again."

"Oh my ... yes dear," Nancy said, laughing again, this time quietly to herself. "We were all mentally exhausted from the plans and strategies we did all day today. Our brains were fried. After dinner, the hot tub sounded great to everybody. So we all went to our rooms and put our suits on. A couple of the girls went in the pool first and Jan, Mary and I went right into the whirlpool."

"Uh-huh," Bill grunted. "And um ... and the other girls..."

"Yes, Bill," Nancy continued. "Beth and Angela came out of the pool laughing, then the next thing we knew, they were dropping their suits and coming into the hot tub ... naked ... N-A-K-E-D. O.K.? Yeesh!"

"And what did you do?"

"We just laughed. We had all had a few glasses of wine by then, so we were just relaxed and having fun."

"And they came in the hot tub naked? Was uh, was that it?"

"Yes, Beth and Angela came in naked. That was pretty much it. Except that after a couple more glasses of wine, Jan took her top off."

"Jan? From your department? Is she the kind of plain looking one?"

"Yes, that's the one. The one I work with ... in my department. That's why she's on the retreat! Anyway, I know she looks plain. But her body didn't. I think we were all shocked."

"Did she look good?"

"She has an amazing figure," Nancy said, momentarily forgetting her feelings of mild annoyance at Bill's apparent fascination with what she thought of as a non-event. "You'd never know that under those dumpy clothes she wears, she looks like that. And she always seems so shy. I couldn't believe it when she joined in like that."

"What about your friend Mary?"

"What about her?" Nancy already knew what her husband meant. "You think she's cute, don't you?"

"You know I think she's cute. She's got such a tight, athletic little body. She's kind of plain too, but also really attractive. Did she uh, join in?"

"Nope," Nancy said. "Sorry to disappoint you. Well, she got in the tub, but in her suit. I think she's a little too conservative for public nudity."

"So, uh... ," Bill hesitated, "Did you?"

"Did I what?" Nancy said knowingly.

"Did you, um, uhhh ... join in the fun?"

"Are you asking if I dropped my suit?" She knew full well that's what Bill was getting at. "No, Honey," Nancy replied, saving him the trouble of choking out any more words. "I didn't take anything off and neither did Mary."

"Why not? Didn't the others want you to?"

"Well, yes, they did actually. They wanted Mary and me to at least take our tops off."

"Why didn't you?"

"Bill! Do you think I would do that? I'd be too embarrassed. It was all good fun and I didn't mind that they did it. But that wasn't for me. Besides, I don't think I look so hot naked compared to any of them."

"Give me a break, Nancy. You have a beautiful body."

"I know you love it. And I love that you love it. But I've certainly put on some extra padding in the last few years."

"You have a great body, Nancy," Bill repeated. "You have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of."

"You're just trying to get me to go in naked tomorrow night, aren't you?"

"Well ... honestly, I was kind of hoping you might give it a shot if the others did that again. I can't deny that. But I really do think you have a great bod. All the padding is in the right places. It just makes you sexier. So, I wasn't JUST trying to get you to do it ... but it would be pretty cool, I'll admit."

"O.K., O.K. I can't blame you for trying. And thanks for being so sweet."

"Well, thank you," Bill said. There was a pause in the conversation.

"Do you really think I should have?" Nancy asked.

"Hell yes! I mean, it sounds like everyone was just having a good time. And you do have assets to show off. I'm sure your boobs are bigger than any of theirs."

"Well, I just don't think that's for me. You're funny ... assets to show off! Honestly ... it wasn't a wet t-shirt contest!"

"Hey, you asked what I thought, I told you!"

"I know, I know. I don't know, Bill." Nancy was surprised that she was even considering it. Well, we'll see about tomorrow, but I think I just wouldn't be comfortable." Bill was disappointed, having felt hopeful for a minute that his wife might go through with something he found so titillating.

"But was I right?"

"Right about what?" Nancy asked.

"About you having bigger boobs than any of them?"

"Bill, I really can't talk about the other girls like that. These are my colleagues and friends."

"Oh come on, Nancy ... don't be such a stick in the mud. You got me started on this. Why did you tell me about it just to clam up when it got interesting? Seriously, Nance ... it's just me. Who am I gonna tell? I just think you have great tits and I'm thinking you were the queen in that area."

"Honestly," Nancy said with another brief chuckle. "The things you think of..." Bill didn't reply and there was a pause on the conversation. "Oh what the hell? Well, you know I'm much bigger than Mary and bigger than Jan. I'm probably bigger than Angela. But Beth has really nice, really big boobs. You'd like them." Nancy was feeling a bit more playful in the conversation, but she knew she had a full agenda for the next day so she decided to call it a night. She told Bill her brain couldn't process much more for one day.

"You gonna hit the sack?"

"Yep ... another big day tomorrow," Nancy replied.

"Well, call and check-in sometime, Hon." Bill said.

"I will. Call my cell if you need anything urgently." They said they loved one another, Bill agreed to kiss the kids for her, and they hung-up.

Speaking of needing something urgently, Bill knew what he was going to do next. In fact, he had already started. He had been speaking to Nancy from their bed. Her talk of the other women being naked, and the possibility that Nancy might join them the next night was plenty to get him very excited.

Bill had slid his hand into his boxers and begun to play with his penis several minutes before, thinking Nancy didn't have a clue. He always jacked-off when she was away. He knew she wouldn't mind, but he figured that she was totally unaware. Nancy however was fully aware that her husband was playing with himself. She knew why there were some breaks in the conversation on his end. But Bill was right about the fact that she didn't mind. In fact, she sometimes wished Bill would come clean and tell her what he was up to.

But for some reason he wanted to keep his thoughts to himself. Nancy didn't mind that either and chose not to embarrass him ... Bill now couldn't stop thinking about how much he wanted his wife to take her suit off, and more, with those women. He thought of Nancy's friend Mary and how cute he thought she was. He imagined her perky little boobs out in the open, nipples standing at attention.

Bill lay back on the bed and took his cock out of the opening in his extremely tented shorts. It was fully engorged and stood straight up. Bill loved to grasp his penis when it was hard like this. The feeling of stroking and squeezing it when it was totally erect was unique and wonderful. But as horny as he was, Bill knew he wouldn't be able to stand a long drawn-out session.

Bill imagined Nancy dropping her suit in front of the other women and walking slowly into the hot tub. He imagined her body, not as young or tight as it once was, but still beautiful and very curvaceous.

"Oh, Baby," Bill whispered to himself as he slid his hand up and down his erection. "OOhhhh, Nancy Baby, you have such beautiful tits." He put his hand to his mouth and wet his fingers with saliva, then returned it to the action. He let the saliva drip onto the glans of his penis, watching it drip down a bit before he grasped the knob and distributed the natural lube all over his shaft.

Bill then pictured all the women his wife had described taking their suits off. He grasped his cock firmly as he imagined five naked women, all alone in a whirlpool, loosened-up by their drinks and the fact that no one was around to see them. His mind quickly focused on Nancy and Mary. Bill imagined what Mary's petite body would look like, naked and glistening from the water. Then he imagined her and Nancy looking at one another and smiling, then drawing near, reaching out their hands, each pulling the other close, for a kiss.

"OOOooohhhhh Wowwww," Bill exclaimed, just above whisper level now. "Oh Nancy, kiss her! Yesssss Baby ... kiss that cute little thing." He stroked his dick faster and with a tighter grip. As he did, his mind's eye saw Nancy and Mary embracing, holding their naked bodies together. Mary's firm, athletic form was pressed against Nancy's soft, well padded breasts and stomach. As Nancy took one of her boobs in her hand and offered it to Mary, Bill knew he wouldn't last much longer. He stroked furiously as he imagined Mary moving her mouth toward the large breast being fed to her. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue slightly, then moved toward Nancy's nipple. She just made contact when...

"OOOOohhhhhhhhhh," Bill moaned softly, wanting to make sure the kids would have no chance of hearing him as his orgasm began. "Ohhh, suck it Mary ... suck Nancy's big tits ... FFFffuuuuuuccckkkk..." As his mind saw Mary's mouth make contact with his wife's nipple, as she ran her tongue around Nancy's areola, Bill's penis erupted, Jets of white shooting straight up, then straight back down, landing on his hand, creating additional lubrication for the last moments of his cumshot. Bill continued to moan softly and squeeze himself as his orgasm came to an end. He massaged the last dribbles of semen from the tip of his cock, then he lay there and gently slid his hand up and down, feeling the warm lubrication of his semen. "Fuck, that was good."

Some fifteen hundred miles away Nancy was still chuckling to herself as she pictured her husband jerking off as he thought about what she had told him. She knew full well how horny she had made him. It wasn't all that often that Nancy did the same when she was alone as Bill did when she was away. But this night, she was also thinking a great deal about what they had been discussing.

"I wonder what my body really looks like to people," Nancy thought to herself. "I know Bill loves it ... but Bill loves me. Could I really strip in front of those women? It would just be to get into the hot tub. Who really cares, right? And Mary's my age. So's Jan. Sure Beth and Angela are ten years younger ... and they look it. Of course, even though Mary and Jan are as old as me, they both have really nice bodies."

Nancy sat on the edge of the bed in the beautiful room. Each woman had gotten to chose their own bedroom in the house they were all using for their retreat. She pondered everything that had happened that evening. She wondered why the hot tub thing seemed like such a big deal, not only to Bill, but to her as well. And why did she care what the other women might think about how she looked? But mostly, why she was even thinking about it two hours later? But she knew she couldn't let it go just yet.

Nancy stood up and walked over to the tall, freestanding oak-framed mirror near the closet. She surveyed herself from head to toe in her pajamas. She ran her hands down her body, outlining her breasts, her stomach, her hips. She turned and pulled the pajama fabric over her butt to try and get a sense of what it looked like (how big it had actually gotten was the actual thought Nancy had).

"Shit," Nancy said softly. "I've put on so much weight since I started having the kids. But Mary has three kids just like me and she's petite and perky and her ass is really tight." Nancy continued to assess herself. She liked her face. She was happy with her long brown hair. People commented on her beautiful blue eyes and great smile all the time. "But then there's the rest of me."

Nancy cupped her large breasts through the pajamas once again, then decided that it didn't really matter how she looked in pajamas. She wouldn't hesitate to go down and have coffee with her colleagues dressed this way. It was without the clothes she was worried about. She pondered for another moment, then began unbuttoning her pajama top. One by one Nancy slipped the pearly white buttons through the button holes of her purple silky pajamas. When she reached the last button she let the top hang partially open, exposing part of her breasts and her stomach to just above her navel.

"I may as well get this over with," she said to herself. "What the hell?" Nancy pulled the sides of her top apart and let the smooth material slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. She let her hands hang at her sides as she took the longest look at her upper body that she had in quite some time. "Well, I can't deny that I have nice boobs." She ran her hands from the tops of her breasts down to her nipples. " She thought she had estimated right for Bill in that her breasts seemed bigger than Angela's and probably a bit smaller than Beth's. "They certainly don't stand up like they used to." Nancy cupped her breasts, squeezed them together and lifted them up several inches. "Now that's more like Beth. Well..." She lifted them a few inches more. "That's more like Beth." She chuckled at the absurdity of comparing her own breasts with a colleague ... and one so much younger than her.

Nancy then ran her hands down her stomach. She liked how soft her belly felt, but she was also painfully aware that her waist had grown several inches in recent years. She still had the right proportions, but Nancy herself knew the difference in the size of her jeans.

"No sense in stopping now," Nancy said. "May as well get all the bad news out of the way." She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her pajama bottoms and slid them to the floor just as she had done the top. "Egad." Nancy hadn't looked this closely at the bottom half of her body lately either, at least not to do an assessment. When she turned sideways she really noticed the curve of her belly. She actually liked the way it looked, but she was again aware of how much different her body was from ten years before ... and how different it was from the other women on the retreat.

Nancy turned back to face the mirror again. She put her hands on her ample, soft hips, then slid them down her thighs, which she was happy to note might not be the smallest, but which were quite firm to the touch. Her calves looked most pleasing to her. She then slid her hands to her butt and turned again. One more time..."bigger, but still very shapely" was the thought that came to Nancy's mind.

She glanced back for one more overall look. Pretty face, nice hair, eyes and smile, upper torso looks fairly fit, arms are tight, big boobs, a little saggy, nipples much bigger since the kids, soft, curved but not flabby belly, definitely wide hips, but not unattractive, firm legs, nice calves and a butt that had a great shape even if it weren't as tight as she might like. Nancy even noticed her feet. She had a pedicure before the trip and her toenails were freshly painted. She always thought she had pretty feet ... but who really cared?

Nancy did another once over with her hands and eyes. "I think I'm fine with it ... with me," Nancy thought and then smiled. Once she had done the total inventory she felt she had nothing to be ashamed of. Although she weighed more than she might like, Nancy thought her body was very sensual. And Bill certainly loved it. So, why not expose it in front of the other girls who don't really care anyway?

She checked under her arms ... not bad, but worth a quick shave in the morning. Legs looked fine after her trip to the spa. Even her pubic mound look nicely trimmed and the bikini wax took care of all the overflow. For some reason Nancy's eyes were drawn to that area. She found herself running her hands down her thighs again, then brushing over trimmed pubes. Absentmindedly she slid one hand over the hair, which felt rather soft, then downward for a quick caress. Nancy had surprised herself at this move.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said to herself with a laugh. Nancy thought the idea of her actually touching herself while she was alone seemed a bit absurd. With her busy schedule that included work, kids, a husband and many other things, she didn't have time to think about self pleasure in that way very often. It was fine for Bill, but he was a man. "They pretty much have to do it," she thought.

Nancy began running her hands over her body more intentionally now. caressing her breasts, her belly, her shoulders and her neck. She had a quick thrill with the idea of being naughty. She walked over to the door and made sure it was locked, then she returned to the bed. She pulled back the bedspread, blanket and sheets and slid herself in. Covers to the side, Nancy relaxed and let her hands roam freely. She found that the exercise of surveying her body was not only more affirming than she had expected, but it kind of turned her on.

"Why not?" she whispered as her hand once again slid to her mound. But this time it didn't leave the area so quickly. She allowed her fingers to spread out and come back together, then move up and down. Nancy couldn't remember the last time she had played with herself outside the context of sex with Bill. Her other hand caressed and squeezed one breast, then the other. "MMMMmmmmm ... that feels good!" She had let a finger get really naughty, tracing her labia, which were tucked away safely inside her slit. She moaned again as the finger parted the folds and found a wet spot. She let it stay there and just enjoyed the feeling.

An idea then popped into Nancy's head which totally surprised and delighted her. "If I'm going to be naughty, why not give myself a little show?" she asked herself as she popped up out of the bed and returned to the mirror. She grasped each side of the frame and dragged it back to the bed, positioning it squarely facing the side. Nancy then took several pillows and positioned them just where she wanted them. She sat down, then leaned back. The mirror gave her a perfect view of her naked self. She wanted to watch herself while she played. Nancy spread her legs and let her hands roam again while she watched herself.

"Ohhhh, this is nnnniiiiccceeee..." she whispered with a smile. Nancy watched herself as her caresses continued, over her soft rounded belly, up to her big tits, which she delighted in squeezing, pinching the nipples firmly, watching them get erect. She slid her hands up to her arms, shoulders and neck. She ran one hand across her mouth and let a finger enter. Feeling very bold, she took it, very wet, out of her mouth and positioned it directly over her pussy. Once again she traced her slit, but this time leaving a distinct trail of lubrication, added to that which was already forming there. "Ohhh yessss, this is verrry, verrryyyyy gooood."

Nancy put both hands between her legs and caressed her vulva, gently rubbing up and down and squeezing together from the sides. She then slid two fingers down her wet slit and freed her labia, which she separated, revealing her pink insides. She couldn't recall if she had ever had such a good view of her own pussy. She spread it wide and ran a finger up and down the center, just tickling her clit and vaginal opening as she went. She then employed two wet fingers to rub up and down. Nancy moaned in pleasure again, both from the physical stimulation of her hand and the mental thrill of watching her own wet pussy being spread wide.

"I am so fucking horny," Nancy whispered. She continued to trace two fingers up and down the wet slit, spending a bit longer at her clit and her hole on each pass. Eventually she penetrated herself slowly, fingers sliding easily inside, aided by the ample lubrication her body was providing. "I'd love to have Bill's cock here right now ... mmmmmmmmm." She plunged her fingers in and out, imagining they were her husband's engorged dick. She then allowed her other hand to trace around her clitoris. Nancy loved the feel of the fantasy cock inside her while her finger teased her swollen button.

"Ohhhh ... I want Mary's mouth right here..." Nancy whispered absentmindedly. Immediately she stopped what she was doing and gasped slightly. "What the hell did I just say?" She lay motionless, hands still in place, considering the words that had escaped her lips. "Mary? Why on earth did I say that? It's Bill. That's what I meant. OK ... no big deal, I guess ... but that was weird!"

Nancy settled herself, imagined her husband kissing and tonguing her very wet parts and went back to self stimulation. "Mary," her mind said again. "What the fuck? Why am I thinking about Mary?" She pondered again, but this time she didn't stop playing. "Why didn't Mary take her top off in the hot tub? I would have liked that. Maybe tomorrow night if I take mine off, she will too ... Nancy! What's wrong with you? She's your best friend!"

But the thoughts would not retreat. Nancy began picturing her friend's petite body. She had noticed many, many times what a cute figure Mary had. Although she was fairly short and slender, she had a sweet little body, with pert breasts and a very athletic butt and legs ... and a very flat stomach, which Nancy had noted when the two had taken their children to the pool together over the years.

"Oh shit," Nancy whispered. "I want to see Mary naked. But I can't want that! Fuck!" Nancy's fingers were moving steadily in and out of her pussy now. Her other hand caressed everything else, tugging at her labia, circling her clitoris, pulling back the hood and teasing the nub until her feet tingled. "Oh man, I want to kiss Mary's little tits ... Ooohhh, I want to kiss her tight little ass ... it's so fucking adorable ... aaahhh, aahhhh, aaaahhhhhh..." Nancy had begun rubbing her finger more directly on her clit now, making more and more direct contact with the hot spot.

"I want to be naked with Mary," Nancy said softly. "I want her to see me. I want her to play with my tits and bite my nipples ... OOOOohhhhhh wowwwwww..." The image of her friend kissing and biting her nipples gave Nancy a huge rush afterwhich she rubbed harder on her clit. "I want her to kiss my ass, kiss me all over ... fffuuuuucckkkk ... mmmmmm ... mmmmmm ... mmmm..." Nancy pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger, then pulled the hood back again with one finger, quickly flicking with the other, just grazing her clit with each pass. "OOoohhhhh, shit ... I want Mary, I want Mary, I want Mary ... AAAAHHhhh, AAAhhh, AAhhh, AAhh ... I want her to lick my pussy ... yesssss..."

Nancy pictured her friend's cute face looking up at her from between her legs ... imagined Mary's hands caressing her thighs, ass and belly as she plunged her tongue into Nancy's hole. Then she imagined Mary sitting on her face, rubbing back and forth, sliding her slippery pussy over Nancy's very eager mouth. The image of her friend's petite little body on top of her, wet holes sliding over her mouth, her own tongue penetrating Mary at every chance was all Nancy needed.

She felt the orgasm begin at the epicenter, her throbbing pussy. Nancy slowed her furious rubbing to steady, firm circles. With the fingers inside herself, she simply gripped and held tight. Her body and mind were overcome with pleasure and she pictured herself and her friend making each other cum at the same time. Waves of electricity rode through every inch of Nancy's body as she saw the two of them writhing together on the bed. Then after the explosion, as her orgasm faded, she pictured herself and Mary holding one another, kissing deeply, sharing each other's juices, then the two of them giggling as they began to consider what they had done.

Only then did Nancy realize that she may have been moaning very loudly. She gasped again. "Oh, shit!" she said to herself. "Was I as loud as I think I was. Fuck! I hope no one heard me." Although she thought, if they had, who cared? No one would have any clue she was thinking about her best friend. At least as far as she thought, she hadn't screamed Mary's name or anything. She hoped not! But she didn't think she had. And while it was unlikely that anyone had heard, Nancy figured she likely wasn't the only one of the five women who experienced self- pleasure that evening.

She headed to her private bathroom to clean up. After putting the mirror back where it belonged, Nancy returned to the beautiful bed and climbed under the covers feeling warm, spent and satisfied. She chuckled once more when she considered what she had done. She wondered why she was overcome by those sexual thoughts of her friend. "Just caught up in everything," she said to herself. Nancy wasn't sure, but it seemed that as she drifted off to sleep, she was picturing Mary in bed with her, the two holding one another as slumber approached.

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