Draw, or Die Like a Dog
Chapter 1

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Historical, Humor, First, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Western Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In 1876, 10-year-old Annie Hightower was standing beside her father when he was murdered on the main street of Hendly Pass. She swore revenge on the murderer, no matter how long it took. Seven years later, she was able to begin her quest, dressed as a man and using the alias of Jack Highsmith. Romance rears its head in chapter 4, but there is still plenty of daring-do. This story is told in the third person, so there is no dialect except in the actual dialog, thus, it should be easy to read.

"Draw, or die like a dog!" the evil man growled as he pulled his gun. Annie screamed and covered her ears with her hands and squeezed her eyes closed as hard as she could. The explosion of the pistol going off was almost enough to drive her into madness, but somehow she managed to keep herself together as her father was murdered there on the street of Hendly Pass.

Annie's mother rushed into the room and gathered the 10-year-old girl in her arms. "Oh my darling baby, ya had that bad dream, again, didn't ya? Daddy's with God in heaven, now, so don't ya worry 'bout him. God will take his revenge on that evil Jake Blade, so don't ya fret over sumpthin' ya can't do nothin 'bout."

As usual, Annie cried for 10-15 minutes in absolute hysteria, but finally calmed down enough to get herself under control so that she could go back to sleep. She'd had this same dream every night for the past two months, ever since her father, James Hightower, had been shot down that fateful Saturday afternoon. Her father had taken her and her mother, Alice, into town so that they could do the weekly grocery shopping.

He had tied up the buckboard in front of the general store and helped Alice down from the wagon. She went in while James went to check with the gunsmith to see if his special order had come in, yet, and Annie went with him.

Annie may have been a girl, but she was mesmerized by guns and the power they expressed. She took every opportunity to handle any gun that came within reach, and James had already taught her the rudiments of shooting a six-shooter. She even owned her own .22 caliber revolver which she spent some time shooting every day. That was a light gun, but she was already deadly accurate with it. She didn't wear it away from the house, because Alice thought it was not becoming for a lady to wear a gun. Annie humored her mother, but longed for the day when she was old enough to wear the gun in spite of what her mother said.

James and Annie were walking back toward the general store when the unthinkable happened. A man named Jake Blade came marching up to her father on the sidewalk and spit in his face. Her father was still flinching from the unexpected insult when Blade drew his .44 and fired a bullet into James' heart from not much more than three feet away. James didn't even have time to reach for his gun before he was dead! Blade reloaded and holstered his gun. He spit in James' face again and sauntered into the nearest saloon.

This was the first time that Annie went through that sequence of covering her ears and closing her eyes and screaming, but it wouldn't be the last time. Several people had witnessed the confrontation, but they had seen James move his hand toward his waist. They thought that he was going for his gun, though, actually, he had been reaching for his bandanna to wipe the spittle from his face. Anyway, that was how Blade was able to plead that he was just defending himself.

Annie didn't understand why her father had been murdered. She'd heard some conversation at the dinner table about "water rights," but had no idea what that meant. She did know that her father, a small ranch owner, was in some sort of argument with Mr. Harrison who owned a huge spread next door, but did not know how to put the two items of information together. Her parents considered her to be too young to be bothered by "grown up" matters.

The funeral had been held the next day, and the whole town turned out. James Hightower had been well liked in the county, and a lot of people showed up to pay their respects. Mr. Harrison even showed up.

Annie and her mother had spent the night in the hotel, both being too shaken to return home. However, a few hours after the funeral, another of their neighbors drove them home in their buckboard, without any new groceries, but with the package James had picked up at the gunsmith. Alice did not even notice the package that Annie had clutched to her breast, and was in too much of a daze to see Annie take the package into her room and put it in a drawer.

Alice had been forced to sell the ranch to pay some outstanding debts, but there had been enough money left for them to move to Austin. Alice opened up a successful boarding house and Annie helped out by doing the cleaning and serving, while Alice did the cooking and general management.

It was nearly two years before Annie could finally get to sleep without her horrible nightmare, but she never forgot it. Also, she never forgot her hatred for Jake Blade. But, Annie always had something to remind her of her horrible experience. In fact, she slept with it every night. It was the S&W Schofield .45 caliber revolver her father had picked up that day at the gunsmith's. Her mother never found the gun, but Annie slept with it under her pillow every night after getting home from Hendly Pass.

Annie's mother was somewhat put out with her because Annie would practice shooting with her .22 every day, rain or shine. Annie had set up a shooting range in the stable beside the boarding house, and she worked hard at perfecting her craft with that pistol. She had no intention of trying to use her .22 on Jake Blade, that's what the .45 Schofield was for, but her father had told her that practice with any gun would carry over to any other gun. All she would have to do would be to become familiar with the new weapon.

Annie had tried to use the tied down thigh position for her holster like she had seen so many of the men use, but she realized that was impractical for her when she wore a skirt. On the other hand, the crossdraw system used by the Army officers she sometimes saw looked like an excellent compromise. With that position for the holster, she could wear it at her waist, yet it was convenient to her hand for a quick draw. She didn't have much money for such things, but she did buy herself a crossdraw holster for her .22.

Once she had the new holster, Annie began practicing a fast draw with it. At first, it was awkward and almost impossible to manage, but she finally got familiar with it and eventually got quick with it. She found that if she crossed her arms, she could quickly draw the pistol without interference from her breasts, so that was what she practiced for hours, day after day.

When she had the time, she put on men's trousers and rode her horse out of town where she could practice with the .45. At first, the gun was simply too large for her hand, but she grew into it as she got older. Finally, it was her 17th birthday, and she felt that she was ready to hunt down and kill Jake Blade.

Because Annie knew that her mother would worry about her if she simply disappeared, she told Alice what her plans were. The poor woman fainted dead away! It took the rest of the night to get her mother to accept what her daughter was planning to do. Alice realized that Annie had made up her mind to go on this quest, and there was nothing she could do to dissuade her, so Alice agreed to cooperate and help Annie get ready.

As were most women of the time, Alice was an accomplished seamstress, so she was able to tailor some men's clothes to fit Annie's body, yet hide the fact that she was a woman. It was necessary for a couple of reasons for Annie to pass as a man. One, it would keep her from being sexually harassed by at least half of the men she encountered. Two, it would let her enter saloons, barber shops, etc. where she might gather information on the whereabouts of Jake Blade.

It took three weeks to get everything ready, but finally Annie was ready to leave. Alice gave her $20, all of the money she could spare, so Annie had a little bit of money to help her on her way. Annie rode out toward Hendly Pass with high hopes but not much in the way of expectations. After all, it had been over seven years since her father's murder, and Jake Blade must have moved on by now. Nevertheless, she had to start somewhere.

Hendly Pass had not changed one whit in the seven years since she was last there. The first thing she did was to visit her father's grave in the town cemetery, but she didn't linger. She headed for the nearest saloon of the two in town to start her search for Jake Blade.

Annie would never forget what Jake Blade looked like, so she was confident that she would recognize him when she saw him. She had never been in a saloon before, but she had heard enough conversations at the dinner table in the boarding house to know pretty much what to expect. Nevertheless, Annie was very apprehensive as she walked in and leaned on the bar. She ordered a beer and paid for it. Dammit, beer was expensive: 7 cents a glass!

The saloon was nearly empty, so she was free to engage the bartender in conversation. Like all bartenders, he was one of the most talkative men in town, so she had no problem steering the conversation around to Jake Blade. The bartender was immediately curious, because not many people asked after a man with Blade's reputation. In the process of the conversation, the bartender asked her name. Annie had never thought that she was going to need a man's name, so she hesitated a moment before replying that her name was Jack Highsmith. The bartender had never heard of anybody named Jack Highsmith, so he relaxed and told her what little he knew about Blade.

About two years ago, Blade had a falling out with his employer, Arthur Harrison, and had left town in a hurry. Most people said that he headed toward Laredo, but the bartender didn't know much beyond that.

Jack Highsmith thanked the bartender for the information and walked carefully out of the saloon. This was his first beer, and he was feeling the effects. Jack booked a room in the hotel and grabbed some beef and beens in the attached restaurant before going to bed. He barely got his clothes off before he was asleep, and there was no reoccurrence of that horrible dream.

The next morning, Jack woke up and had to piss; he felt like he was going to explode! He pulled out the chamber pot and squatted down to relieve himself. He was just standing back up when he realized that men stood up to piss. Dammit, how was he going to fake that without a cock? Well, he had better start practicing.

Jack had a headache as he dressed and gathered his things; damn, was this a hangover? From only one beer? Shit, he was going to have to practice drinking beer. There was no way around it.

Jack checked out of the hotel and had breakfast, somewhat better than the supper he'd had the night before. He went to the livery stable to pick up his horse and start on his way to Laredo.

He was about 10 miles south of Hendly Pass when he heard a shout of "Stand and deliver!" For a moment, he didn't know what that meant, but he heard the click of a pistol being cocked, and it dawned on him that he was being robbed. He looked around and saw that the bandit was to his right rear, so he could not see that Jack had a gun on his left hip. A plan quickly formed.

Jack raised his hands and said, "Ya're gonna have ta let me git ta my money belt, Mister."

Not seeing a pistol on Jack's right thigh, he assumed that Jack's only weapon was the Henry rifle in the saddle scabbard. "OK, but don't try anything smart with me, or I'll blow yer fuckin' head off."

Jack was scared, but knew that he had to defend himself if he was going to survive this encounter. He moved like he was going to loosen his shirt, but, instead, snatched his pistol from its holster and cocked it as he turned toward the bandit. Jack didn't hesitate; as soon as he could see his assailant, he aimed and fired the big .45. The bullet smashed into the bandit's right arm, the one with the gun, and shattered the bone just above the elbow. This caused the bandit to reflexively throw the gun to the ground and grab his right arm with his left hand. While he was doing that, Jack shot him in the chest. This shot was better aimed, and took the bandit in the heart.

The bandit flopped backward a bit and fell from his horse. This was when Jack began to shake! The bandit was the first person that he had killed, and he was suffering a reaction from the experience. Suddenly, Jack turned and vomited his breakfast; he kept vomiting until he was down to the dry heaves. God, his mouth tasted filthy! He washed out his mouth with canteen water, and this was enough to calm him down.

Jack went through the bandits pockets and money belt and came up with $77 dollars. He looked in the saddle bags and found a couple of guns and some ammunition, some of which he could use in his guns. The man was too heavy for Jack to get back on his horse, so Jack stripped him of his clothes and tied them to the horse. He left the naked man in the road and led the bandit's horse behind him on a lead rope as he slowly made his way to the next town. There, he sold what he didn't want to keep and made an extra $34 on the deal.

Jack went into the first saloon he came to and ordered a beer. While he was there, Jack related the story of his encounter with the bandit a few miles back. One of the men he was talking to said that Jack ought to have brought in the road agent, since there might be a reward for him. That led to a discussion of bounty hunting, and Jack thought to himself that the role of a bounty hunter would make a good cover story and possibly pay his expenses while hunting for Jake Blade. The $101 he had made off the previous bandit would carry him for a while, but he needed to find a way to get a reasonably regular income.

Jack had no luck in his search for Jake Blade in this or the next three towns that he visited. However, Jack did stop at the first courthouse he came to and picked up a set of wanted posters. Finally, it looked like he'd hit paydirt, literally. Yes, there was a man in town who fit Jake Blade's description, but was calling himself John Horner. Jack started asking around town, but nobody could give him any concrete directions on where to find John Horner.

It was late that same afternoon, and Jack was walking down the street. He was facing the setting sun, so it was difficult to see much, what with the alternating bright sun and deep shadows. Suddenly, a voice came from a dark alleyway, "HEY, GALOOT! YA LOOKIN' FER ME?" This was followed by the blast of a shotgun, and Jack was knocked flying as he was caught in the left side and arm by several of the shot.

The shooter disappeared, and Jack was left lying in the dust of the street. A passerby ran up to where Jack was lying and checked him for life. He yelled, "SOMEBODY FETCH MA JENKINS! THIS YAHOO IS STILL ALIVE!" Only a minute or so passed before an elderly woman rushed up and looked at the wounds.

She said, "Some of y'all he'p me carry him ta my house, ifen ya please. Looks ta me like there's a passel of blood, but that's 'bout it." Jack was laid on a stretcher improvised from a large window shutter and carried a little over two blocks to a small house. He was transferred to a bed in a small room not much bigger than the bed, itself. The room may once have been a closet.

Ma Jenkins chased the spectators away and started removing Jack's shirt in preparation for cleaning the wounds. She was flabbergasted when she peeled back the shirt to reveal a pert female breast staring her in the face. "Dear Lord, Glory Be! Look what I found." Ma Jenkins didn't let her surprise interfere with her work as she cut the sleeve away and gently pulled the cloth off the wounds. She began cleaning the blood away and probed the seven bullet holes to remove any shirt fibers or other trash.

She was able to remove all seven of the pieces of shot, which she dropped into a small pan, in case her patient wanted them as a souvenir. The shot was #00 buckshot, but it must have been fired from a shotgun with a very short barrel, since there was so little penetration. Whatever the case, Ma Jenkins' patient was damned lucky to escape with so little damage. By now, all significant bleeding had stopped, so Ma Jenkins removed the rest of Jack/Annie's shirt and bandaged the wounds with clean cloths. She then left her patient to wake up on her own.

Annie, as she was now calling herself since her cover was so thoroughly blown, woke up not knowing where she was. It was obvious that she had been shot; she could tell that from the pain and the bandages. What she did not know was where she was and how she had gotten here. Annie did the only thing she could, in a weak voice, she called out, "Doctor, somebody, please come here." She looked around and relaxed a little bit when she saw her gun lying on a table beside her bed.

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