Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A father suffering from writers block finds inspiration in a fantasy about his adopted daughter. It leads to some serious problems between them and his real daughter.

Carrying the two wine glasses, Mike walked over to the couch where his partner, Susan, sat. Handing her a glass, he sat down beside her. "A toast," he said. "To a job well done."

Susan held up her glass and replied, "Here, here." As she tilted the glass back, Mike noticed her shoulder holster. Girls with guns were such a turn on for him.

David stared at the computer screen in horror at what he had just written. Girls with guns were a turn on? How cheesy was that?

David deleted the last line of his story, and paused. Then he paused some more. "Son of a," he growled in frustration. He had just written the entire book, and the ending just wasn't there. "All I need to do is have them have sex, have him change into a werewolf, and the story is done," he thought. "But how do I start that damn sex scene?"

David's latest book was about a serial killer that killed his victims during sex. The catch was that the killer was a werewolf. The werewolf was trying to reproduce, and when it failed to impregnate a woman, it would change and gorge on them instead. Mike and Susan were the detectives tracking him down. They eventually find, and kill, the werewolf. What Susan was about to find out was that there were in fact two werewolves; Mike was the second.

"Now if I can only get this last scene down," David thought to himself, as he slouched down in his chair and glanced around his office, looking for inspiration.

His oak desk was set up against the side wall. He had set it there so he could look out the window into his backyard. Looking out across his yard, and across the neighboring field, he could just make out the sun coming up over the mountains. The sky seemed afire, as the golden orb crested the mountain range. He woke early each morning just for that view.

After a few minutes of sightseeing, he turned around in his chair to survey the rest of the room. Two bookshelves spanned the length of another wall. Most of the books on those shelves were favorites of his and his daughters'. Then there were several research books. One shelf held books he had written. There were 22 at the moment.

Against the next wall was another desk. This one was metal, and looked like it belonged to a teacher in a classroom. The family's second computer, humming happily, sat atop it. That one was supposed to be shared by David's daughters, but more often then not, they used both computers. David didn't let that bother him though. He loved his girls to the point of distraction, and he could always write on his laptop.

Beside the second desk was a printer, scanner, and fax machine. David only used the printer, but his girls used the scanner and printer often. No one used the fax.

The final wall, where the door to the rest of the house was, held nothing of note, only a painting hanging from it. The painting displayed a charging elephant.

David returned his eyes to the screen. He made a few more attempts, and finally decided to take a break. As he pushed his chair back, his eyes fell upon a picture that sat on his desk. The picture showed a pretty woman of about twenty. She had long, raven black hair, and an impish smile. Her name was Lori.

David reached out, and took the picture. He stared into those beautiful brown eyes, and gave it a half smile. "I miss you, Love," he said quietly. Sighing, he set the picture back in its proper place. "Maybe that's my problem with this scene," he mused to himself. Lori had died while giving birth to David's daughter, Jessie. After that, he had thrown himself completely into raising Jessie and his writing. He hadn't dated anyone. "Guess it's hard to write about something you don't know anything about," he chuckled.

David left the room, and walked toward the kitchen. As he walked past the stairs he heard someone moving about upstairs. He knew that it was Jessie. Kat wouldn't be getting up until after Jess left.

As David walked into the kitchen, he considered making breakfast, but decided not to. Today neither Jess, nor Kat, would want any. David instead poured himself some coffee, grabbed a bagel, and headed to the living room.

Sitting down in his favorite chair, David took a bite from his bagel, and turned on the TV. Flipping through the channels, he finally settled on a soap opera. He had no idea which one it was, but then he didn't really care. All soaps were the same to David. He figured that the thinly stretched plot line would bore him enough to get his own creative juices flowing again.

Hearing someone descending the stairs, David looked over his shoulder, and saw Jess. She was wearing blue shorts, a blue top, and white sneakers. She worked part time at the marina, washing the boats docked there. Today was her last day.

"Good morning, Honey," He said to her as he settled back into his chair, and returned his attention to the television.

"Morning, Dad," she replied as she bent to give him a kiss on the cheek. Continuing the move, she then took a bite out of his bagel. She then headed into the kitchen. David didn't have to look to know that the rest of her breakfast would be a glass of orange juice.

"Kat getting up?" he asked, though he knew the answer already.

"Guess not," Jess replied as she walked back into the room carrying a glass. She had a disgusted look on her face. "I tried to get her up, but she just pulled the covers over her head. Then she shooed me! Can you believe that?"

"Oh? Well I guess she's tired, Hun," David replied, while hiding a grin with his bagel. "She was up late last night."

"So was I, and I got up. She can be so lazy sometimes."

David kept his voice neutral when he said, "Let her sleep, Jess. It's her first day as a graduate after all." David knew why Kat had stayed in bed, just as he knew that she would be up just as soon as Jess left.

"If she hadn't promised to drive me to work, I wouldn't mind so much. She was going to be my moral support."

David found that humorous. Jessica looked like a street thug, but was afraid of her own shadow. She had her mother's black hair, and wore it cut in a short, choppy manner. While nowhere near husky, most people who saw her thought, "Now there's a girl who can take care of herself." They were wrong, but that's what they thought. She couldn't throw a punch to save her life.

"Don't worry, you'll do just fine. When are you going to tell them?"

"About lunch time, I guess," Jess replied as she sat on the arm of her father's chair. Glancing at the television she said, "That must be some writer's block."

David chuckled at that. Jess knew him real well. "Just having a bit of trouble with the final chapter. I'll get it eventually."

"Well, tell me. What's got the great writer so flustered?"

David, who had just taken a sip of coffee, choked a little on that. The word flustered hit a little to close to home. "It's nothing, nothing at all. I should have it finished tonight."

Jess gave him a long look. "Don't give me that. What's the problem?"

"Don't you have to go to work?" David asked.

"Oh no, you don't. You aren't changing the subject that easy. What's the deal?"

Sighing, David told her about writing the whole story until the final chapter where there was to be a sex scene.

"So?" Jess shrugged, "Just write it and be done."

"I will just as soon as I find the words."

"It's sex, Dad. Not the bill of rights. Just write anything," Jess replied. She didn't seem the least bit embarrassed by the topic.

David was just a tad bit embarrassed by the topic. "Look, I never wrote a sex scene before. What I tried to write sounded pretty lame."

Jess gave her father a long look, and then narrowed her eyes as a thought came to her. "Just how long has it been since you've had sex, Dad?"

"That's none of your business, young lady," David said.

"Oh, the hell with that. Answer me."

David considered arguing, but gave in. Jess usually got what she wanted in the end anyway. "A few months before you were born, okay."

"What?" Jess exclaimed. She was so startled by that answer that she about fell off the chair arm. As she stood up, she asked, "What the hell have you been doing all this time?"

"Jess, come on. Between you and my writing, I haven't even thought about it."

"Dad, that's bull. Why haven't you been dating? You know mom wouldn't want you to be alone."

David laughed. "It's not like I've got ladies lining up."

"Are you blind?" Jessie asked her father, "I can name a dozen women right now who would jump for the chance to be with you." Jess then got a sly gleam in her eyes. "Even our very own Kat has a crush on you."

That comment about floored David. While Katrina wasn't his real daughter, he had basically adopted her years ago. David had been a family friend to Katrina's parents, and her godfather. Her father, who was a cop, had gotten shot and killed in the line of duty. Her mother had retreated into herself soon after, and had to be put into a home to be looked after. Kat, having no other relatives, had lived with them ever since.

"That's not funny, Jess," David scolded her.

Jess just shrugged. "I'm not the one with the crush on you, Daddy." Then with a smile she added, "But don't get any ideas about her. She's still your daughter." Then with a laugh, she headed to the door, leaving David sputtering.

Still chuckling, Jess stopped by the table that was placed by the front door for mail and keys. She reached for her father's set of keys, and then paused. With an evil grin on her face, she grabbed the set with the pink miniature flip-flop hanging from it.

She glanced up to the ceiling to where Kat was still in bed, and said aloud, "If you're going to sleep all day, then you won't need you car Kitty-cat."

She ran her hand up the back of her head, fluffed her hair, and then shook her head, causing her short hair to fly about. With a grin, she was out the door.

Walking to the driveway, she avoided the walkway in favor of walking through the still damp grass. She inhaled the wet morning fragrance. "God, I love this time of day."

She walked past her father's red Jeep Wrangler, and climbed into Kat's black Mustang GT. Quickly she adjusted the mirrors, and started the car up. "It's all inside of me, it's all inside of my head," blared from the speakers.

Jess leaned her head back for a second, allowing the sound of the radio to flow over her. She could feel the power of the car, as if it wanted to drive itself. She loved this feeling.

Finally, Jess backed out of the drive, and went to work.

Katrina was out of bed and at the window in an instant. She recognized the sound of her car's engine. "That little tramp," she said aloud, as she watched her car working its way down the long driveway. As the car disappeared behind the trees that engulfed their front yard, she smiled at the irony of this. Jess had just driven off in her car, and Kat would soon return the favor.

A knock at her door pulled her away from the window. "She's gone, Kat. Get dressed, and let's go. Tom said that everything is ready," said David through the door.

"And a good morning to you too, Professor. Don't worry, Dad. Tom would wait till midnight for us," Kat laughed. "I'll be down in a minute. Just need to get dressed."

"Okay, but please hurry. I want to get this done before Jess gets back," came the muffled reply. "I'll be downstairs. Oh, and good morning."

Kat laughed at her father. He could be the coolest man in the world, but sometimes when he had a lot on his mind, he could be so out there. He reminded her of that absent-minded professor. Both Kat and Jess called him Professor to tease him, but they both loved him for it as well. That characteristic made him seem way younger then his forty-six years.

Kat smiled as she thought, "I get to spend the whole morning with him." Since her father had died, David has filled the male role of her life. At first her feeling toward him had been gratitude. That had developed into affection, then into love. She also developed a bit of a crush on him. She often found herself comparing others to David, and finding them lacking.

She opened the door of her closet, exposing the door length mirror on the inside. She quickly stripped off the gray sweat shorts, and thin top she wore to bed. She picked up the red underwear from the chair where she had arranged the clothes she was going to wear today.

After she was fully dressed, she studied herself in the mirror. Her strawberry blond hair hung just below her shoulders. The black blouse, with a red heart in the middle, hung from her shoulders by thin straps, leaving her arms bare. The shirt reached the top of her skirt. The skirt was black with red trim, and reached just above her knees. On her feet were white pumps.

As she stared into the blue eyes of her reflection, she knew the outfit needed something. Then she snapped her fingers. Quickly she went to the door that separated her room from Jessie's. No one knew why that door was there, but the girls have always left it open. After a small search on Jessie's dresser, she found it, a black lace choker with a cross. After placing that around her neck she was ready.

She gave her image another quick look, and frowned at her chest. She hated her breasts. They were too small for her taste. She then wondered if David ever noticed them.

Shaking her head clear of such thoughts, she went downstairs. As she neared the bottom of the staircase, David came into view. Standing at 6'2, David seemed to tower over Kat's 5'8. Despite his age, David still had dark brown hair with only a few gray hairs. He had green eyes with flecks of gold.

Today he was wearing blue jeans with a black belt, and a green t-shirt tucked into them. The shirt was stretched taut across his thick chest and broad shoulders. David had discovered that he thought better when his body was busy doing repetitious tasks. He had installed a workout gym in the basement so that, while his body lifted weights, his mind worked on his current story. The result was an impressive body.

His mouth was turned down in the frown he wore when he was doing some serious thinking, but that changed into a broad grin when he saw her. "Ready, baby girl?" he asked her.

"Let's do this," was her reply.

David worked the gears of the Jeep as they made their way through downtown Summerdale. David kept finding his eyes drifting to the passenger. Kat was sitting with one leg under her, and staring out the passenger side window. "Did this girl really have a crush on me, or was Jess just pulling my leg?" David thought to himself.

"Hey, you're about to miss the exit," Kat yelled.

David quickly looked forward, and realized she was right. Quickly he hit the brakes, and made a sharp left. As the Jeep skidded onto the side road, David threw his arm across Kat to hold her in place. The move is an instinctive move that all parents possessed. He never even realized that he had cupped her breast in doing so.

As he got the Jeep back under control, and both hands back on the wheel, he apologized, "Sorry about that. I guess my mind's still on my story."

With a laugh, Kat teased, "Oh yeah? I figured the problem was due to old age."

With mock outrage, David reached over and gave Kat a playful punch to her shoulder. "I may be old, but I can still whoop your skinny ass," he shot back.

"Anytime you're feeling froggie, just jump, Pal," she challenged. They both shared a laugh at that. Kat had years of martial arts training from her father before his death. David and Kat have had matches before. She's won most of them.

"So then, what's the problem that almost got us killed?" she inquired.

Not wanting to have a repeat with Kat, of what had happened that morning with Jess, David looked for a way to change the subject. He was saved by reaching their designation. "Isn't that the lot?" he asked.

Kat forgot her earlier question, and focused on the car lot. Jessica's eighteenth birthday was tomorrow, and they were here for her gift. As David pulled into the lot, Kat scanned the cars, looking for a red one. "There it is, Dad," she smiled.

David looked to where Kat was pointing. A small two-seater, cherry red, Mazda convertible sat there. David pulled into the space next to the car, and Kat was out the door almost before he had stopped.

As Kat checked the car out, David went to meet with Tom. The salesman, who had seen them, was a short, chubby, bald man. "Ah, David, nice to see you again," Tom said as he held out his hand.

David shook Tom's hand, and replied, "Same here, Tom. The car looks great. Thanks for helping us out."

"No problem at all. She's a beauty all right. Leather seats, chrome rims,..."

Tom went on explaining what the car had in it, but David just let his mind wander. He didn't really care how good the car was. The final say would come from Kat. She knew what Jess liked better than anyone. David felt himself wince as loud rock came blaring from the speakers.

"And it also has a hell of a sound system," Tom said as he put a hand to his ear. "Seems all kids nowadays love loud music."

David just nodded his head. He enjoyed the same music as his daughters, but he preferred it with a little less volume.

As the noise died down, Kat came over to them with a big grin on her face. She hugged David and said, "It's perfect. Jessie is going to flip when she sees this."

David, putting his arm across her shoulder, grinned down at her, then to Tom said, "The lady has spoken. Let's finish the paperwork."

Tom agreed and led them to his office. Kat ended her hug, but still held onto David by the waist. David, enjoying the closeness, left his arm on her shoulders. He loved this girl.

The wind blew through Kat's hair.

She sat behind the wheel of the Mazda, with the top down, and was enjoying every second of it. She loved her Mustang, but it wasn't the same as a convertible.

As she drove along, her mind replayed an earlier event, David's arm crossing her chest, as he felt up her breast. She knew it was an accident, but she enjoyed thinking it was intentional.

Her hand released the steering wheel, and moved up to cover her right breast. She rubbed her hand over it giving it a slight squeeze, as she imagined that it was David's hand. Feeling her nipple harden under her caress, she started rubbing circles around it.

It was the sound of the engine that alerted her to the fact that she had been pushing the gas pedal farther to the floor. Coming to her senses, she let off the pedal, and slowed down.

The wind had blown her skirt up around her waist. She moved the hand that had been fondling her breast down to adjust it. As her hand hovered over the hem, she hesitated. The feel of David's hand still in her mind, she placed her hand on her inner thigh instead. Being exposed like this made her feel naughty, and a little dirty. She was getting hornier and hornier.

She slowly moved her hand up and down the smooth skin of her thigh. Biting her lower lip, she slid her fingers to the edge of her panties. The sensitive skin caused a shiver to run up her spine.

She checked her speed, and then looked all around. She was alone on the road. Holding her breath, she moved her fingers over her panty-clad pussy. She could feel the wetness already. Through the panties, her pussy lips had begun to swell. She rubbed a finger along the lips, and then gave them a slight pinch. Pain and pleasure assaulted her body. She had to fight to keep her speed down, and her eyes open.

She pulled her left foot back toward the seat, and put her knee against the door, opening her legs as far as possible in the cramped seat. Imagining that it was David's hand, she placed her hand back over her panties with her ring finger, and index finger over her pussy lips. Her middle finger lay in the crease. Slowly she moved her hand back and forth, with the middle finger sliding between her lips, and the palm of her hand grinding her against her clit.

She could almost feel David's hot breath on her ear, whispering for her to go faster. With her heart pounding, and her breathing getting deeper, Katrina's foot pressed harder onto the gas pedal. Her hand gripping the wheel was turning white at the knuckles, as her other hand picked up the pace. She lifted her ass from the seat to press harder into her hand, causing the car to speed up even more. Her middle finger was pushing her panties deeper into her cunt.

Her sunglasses falling from her head onto the bridge of her nose startled her from her fantasy. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized she was approaching a stop sign at 80 mph. Gripping the wheel with both hands, she slammed her foot down on the brake. The tires voiced their protest at the abuse as they tried to get a grip on the road. The car fishtailed, then came to a stop five feet past the sign.

Katrina sat for a full minute, staring at the tree line that she had almost run into. Finally, she pried her hands from the steering wheel, and got out of the car. On unsteady legs, she paced beside the car trying to calm down. As her breathing and heart rate returned to normal, she said aloud, "What the hell is wrong with you." For another minute she rested, then thought, "I need to get home, now."

The taillights faded into the darkness.

David turned from the window. He had just watched his daughters, and three of their friends, drive off to celebrate Jess' birthday.

He smiled as he remembered Jess' face when she had come home to find the car sitting in the drive. Kat had teased her by saying how it was her new car, since Jess had decided to steal the Mustang. Jess had completely ignored her, except to toss the Mustang's keys to Kat.

Still grinning at the memory of the hugs and kisses, David went to the kitchen to tidy up. He put the remaining cake in the fridge, and did the few dishes.

After he finished, he went upstairs to shower. As the hot water ran over his head, he thought again of his problem with the story. The water eased the tension out of his neck and shoulders. As he climbed out of the tub and started drying off, he decided to read some sex stories off the web for inspiration. With that thought, he went to bed.

After three hours of dozing on and off, David threw the covers off. Lying flat on his back, he stared at the ceiling. The story replayed over and over in his head. To distract himself, David thought about the last time he had sex.

Lori's soft touch, the smell of mango in her hair, and her eyes looking into his with lust. The feeling of being wanted, being needed. The slow, steady thrusts, the passionate kisses.

David felt his manhood stirring. His hand slid down to his boxers, gripping his rod through the cloth. He squeezed it, and rubbed his hand over the shaft. He felt it harden more. He lifted his back side from the bed, and pushed the boxers to his feet. Griping the engorged member, he started smooth even strokes.

In his mind he saw Lori enter the doorway. She was wearing a short, pink robe that came just below her panties, exposing most her smooth, tan legs to his view. As she walked closer he realized that it wasn't Lori he imagined, but Katrina. "Kat?" he uttered in surprise.

Kat reached out, and put a finger to his lips, stopping any protest. "Hush. I need this. You know we're meant for each other, Father."

She removed her hand from his face, and placed it over the hand that held his penis. David removed his hand as Kat took hold of his shaft. A smile spread across Kat's face as she said happily, "It's so nice. Hard, long, and thick. What is it? Seven inches?" she asked, running a fingernail down the length.

David could only nod his head, too shocked to speak. Kat released his penis, and stood up straight. With a small shrug, she slipped out of her robe. David's eyes wandered the length of her body. Her long hair flowed down her back, with a few strands running over her shoulders to rest atop of her pert breasts. Two creamy white mounds rose from her tanned chest. Atop of each was a little pink nipple. Down below these was a flat, lightly tanned stomach. Farther down was shaved clean, except for a small triangle patch of golden hair.

Kat threw her leg over David's body, and sat astride the shaft of his hard dick. Her pussy lips spread over onto both sides of it. She leaned forward, her hands on his muscular chest, and placed her lips on his. As David felt her moving her body, grinding her pussy along his penis, he also felt her tongue pressing against his lips. His lips parted, and her tongue slipped into his mouth, dancing with his own.

David's steady pumping, throughout the entire fantasy of both Lori and Kat, had brought him too close to climax. He urged the fantasy to move along.

Breaking the kiss, Kat lifted her body from his, and took hold of his member. Bringing the head to the entrance of her love tunnel, she pressed it against her till her pussy lips spread, taking the head in. Releasing the hold, she pressed down, engulfing his throbbing penis.

Feeling the tension in his dick, David knew there was no time for passion in this fantasy. In his mind his hands found Kat's waist, and forced her down again onto his dick. Kat started humping faster and harder.

David's hand was flying along his penis. He could feel his balls tighten, and with a shout he came. The first spurt landed on his chest. With a grunt, he shot a second load on his stomach. His whole body felt drained when he finally stopped.

After resting for a minute, he went to the bathroom. After he cleaned up the mess, he looked at himself in the mirror. "What the hell's wrong with you? Katrina's your daughter. You're supposed to provide for her and protect her, not use her for some sleazy fantasy."

'Why did Kat take Lori's place? Was it because of what Jess said earlier? I need to get a grip, ' David thought to himself. Then aloud, he muttered, "It was crazy how dominant she was."

His eyes opened wide as a thought came to him. 'What if I change the ending a little? Have the female take the lead, initiate the sex, and have her become the other werewolf.' Aloud he said, "That's it."

Grabbing a towel, David raced to the door, drying himself as he ran. Sliding to a stop he remembered that, besides his socks, he was naked. Quickly, he put on his boxers, and grabbed a tank top from the floor. As he raced downstairs, he pulled it over his head. He had just got it on when his feet hit hall floor. He was already trying to turn, and his socked feet started sliding across the hardwood floor. Lifting one leg and waving his arms, David did a few hops to catch his balance. He then raced to his office.

Jessica had just opened the front door, with everyone else crowding in behind her, when she heard the running of feet upstairs. Over the heavy thumping on the stairs, she heard Melissa ask, "What's that?"

Jess looked on in curiosity as her father rapidly descended the stairs. Her eyes opened wide in horror as she realized that her father was only wearing socks, his boxers that displayed Scooby Doo surrounded by Scooby snacks, and a too small tank top. Her jaw dropped when she saw him start to slide across the floor, and do a few hops on one foot, while the other one was held out at an angle, and his arms sticking straight out, doing a whirlwind impression. Then he ran to his office, sliding once again before he disappeared from sight.

From behind, she heard Kat say, "And that would be our father." At that, all the girls dissolved into laughter.

Kat bent over to pick up the empty paper plates. Hearing the front door shut, she stood up, and glanced at the entrance way. Jess walked around the short wall separating the front door from the living room. "Well, they're gone," she said.

Kat gave her a smile and replied, "Well, what did you expect? A sleep over?" she teased.

Jess reached over the back of the couch, grabbed a throw pillow, and threw it at Kat. Like her namesake, Kat reached out, and caught the pillow with ease. As she tossed it back onto the couch, she said, "Watch it, girlie. You're not a kid anymore, so I can legally kick your ass."

They both laughed at that comment. For the last three months, since Katrina's eighteenth birthday, Jess had been teasing Kat that she could sue her for abusing a minor.

Shaking her head, Jess asked, "Should we check on the Professor?"

Kat nodded, then said, "We need to ask him what that 'Three Stooge's' move he pulled was all about."

Jess giggled at the memory. She started walking down the hall toward their father's office. Kat followed behind her.

They opened the door and peeked in. They could see their father typing away at his computer. He was so engrossed in his work that he hadn't heard them come in. They crept up behind him and started reading over his shoulder.

David was in the middle of writing a sex scene. Kat read a few lines and was surprised at how good it was turning out. Then she heard Jess inhale sharply. Looking at her, Kat saw a look of horror and disgust on her face. Kat looked back to the page and skimmed the next few lines. Then her own eyes opened in shock.

Mike felt himself reaching his climax. Susan had leaned into him till her head lay on his chest. Her finger nails dug into his shoulders, as the movement of her hips increased in tempo. Mike held onto her narrow waist, matching her pace by thrusting up as she pushed down. He felt his balls tighten, and then with a powerful thrust into her, he came. Burst after burst of semen filled her womb. Mike managed three more thrusts before he collapsed.

After the sensation left him, Mike opened his eyes. Susan had pushed herself upright, and had her head thrown back, succumbing to her own orgasm. Her nails had left long red streaks down his chest. He could feel the muscles in her pussy milking his prick of all its sperm. The action was causing his deflated member to come back to life. With a grin, he realized that it was going to be a long night.

With a sigh, Susan's body relaxed, and her head lowered till their gazes met. Mike was confused. Susan's mouth was turned down in a frown, and her eyes blazed with anger. When she spoke though, there was sorrow in it. "I'm sorry, Mike, but you failed. Damn it, Mike, you failed."

Mike was shocked, and a little afraid. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Failed at what?"

Susan just stared down at him. Then she softly replied. "I really wanted you to be the one. Please believe that." Then she raised her hand up. With a quick slash, she raked her nails across Mike's neck.

Mike tried to bring his hands up to cover his neck, but Susan grabbed them, and held them to the floor. Then as Mike looked on in horror, she lowered her head to the wound, and started to drink. The last thing for Mike to comprehend, before the world faded around him, was that she had started to hump him again.

Kat forced her eyes from the page. She had a sick feeling in her stomach. Dimly she heard Jess say, "Dad, that's disgusting. Why the hell would you write that?"

David looked up in surprise. "Where did you two come from?" he inquired.

"We've been here for a while," Jess replied. "What is that?" she asked as she pointed to the computer.

David glanced at the screen and answered, "My ending. Here I was struggling all day, and just like that I had my answer."

"How did that come to you anyway?" Kat asked finally finding her voice.

David had turned back to the computer, and started typing again. Sinking back into writer's mode he answered, half aware of what he was saying. "It was the craziest thing. There I was, cleaning up after having a nice fantasy, when out of nowhere this idea popped up. I knew right off that..." He suddenly stopped talking as his fingers froze on the keyboard. What he had just said had finally registered. With horror on his face, he turned to look at the girls.

With even tone, Jess asked, "Are you saying that you fantasized about that?"

With his mouth gaping like a freshly caught fish, David tried to answer. "Wait, it's not what you think. I said..."

Blinking in surprise, Kat interrupted, "Wait a sec. Are you saying that you masturbated to that?" she almost yelled.

"No! I said, after the fantasy. After."

A sickly expression on her face, Jess asked, "Dad, are you sure there isn't something you want to tell us?"

David's mouth fell open, and he stammered, "Of course not. Don't be sick. You know how my head works. When I have a problem, the answer could appear at any time. It just happened after I was busy is all," he concluded lamely.

"Oh, Daddy," Kat shook her head. "You truly are hopeless."

David, having enough of this, said, "Go to bed, girls. We'll talk about this later."

Shaking their heads, the girls walked to the door. At the door Jess paused, and looked at her father. "One more question, Professor," she said. "Are you sure you finished before inspiration came to you?"

With shock on his face, David jumped to his feet. Pointing to the door he yelled, "Out!"

Laughing, both girls fled. At the bottom of the stairs, Kat paused and asked Jess, "What do you think that was all about?"

Jess's eyes had gone wide. Then with mirth said, "I don't know, but I bet I know who he was thinking about."

Kat's eye lit up with curiosity. "Who?" she asked.

Jess reached out and slapped Kat on the ass saying, "You!" Then she ran up the stairs.

Kat, with a shocked expression on her face, yelled, "What? Why the hell would you think that?"

Jess turned halfway up the stairs. Looking down at her sister she replied, "Because this morning I told him that you had a crush on him." Then she turned to run up the stairs.

"You didn't?" Kat yelled at the fleeing figure. "I am so going to get you for that."

Jess's answer was a laugh.

Staring at the cute bottom that disappeared around the corner, Kat licked her lips. Then she said softly, "I will get you for that." Then she went after Jess.

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