Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Anal Sex, Prostitution,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mathew saves Esther from a very cold night out of doors. He buys her from the village and takes her to a new life in the capitol. Things do not go well there. Story 3 in the Slave Girl Series This story takes place just before King John's reign.

The main characters appearing in the story:


Royal Judge and Executioner, 5'-10" tall, 170 pounds, 36 years old, chestnut brown hair, gray eyes, fairly handsome


Slave girl, 5'-2" tall, 105 pounds, 18 years old, 34C-22-32, long chestnut brown hair, gray/green eyes, cute


Farmer, 5'-9" tall, 160 pounds, 23 years old, black hair, blue eyes, dumb shit


Guild Master, Mathew's sister, 5'-8" tall, 140 pounds, 34 years old, 36B-24-35, long brown hair, blue eyes


Assistant Guild Master, 5'-10" tall, 135 pounds, 38 years old, 36B-23-33, blond hair, blue eyes


Physician, 5'-6" tall, 135 pounds, 30 years old, 34C-25-34, black hair, hazel eyes

I was returning from the stables after checking on my horses for the night when I first saw the girl. She was sitting on the stone steps of the building in her ragged clothes. It was late evening in the middle of November, and she had on only a thin sack dress.

"Why are you out here dressed like that?" I asked her. She tried to stop her crying and trembling from the cold to answer, but she wasn't very successful.

"The men ordered me out of the building, Master. I have nowhere else to go," she sobbed.

"You can't stay out here like that. You'll freeze to death in this weather. Come inside with me," I told her.

"No Master, the men will beat me again and will surely turn on you also," she replied in near hysteria.

"Do you know who I am, girl?" I asked.

"No Master, you're a stranger here," she answered.

"I'm the Royal Judge and Executioner. I would love to see them turn on me. I would hang the lot of them. Now, inside with you," I instructed her in no uncertain terms.

"Yes, Master."

I was staying in the guest room of the local village's single men's hall. It was a long one story building, built of stone, with a dozen or so rooms. The guest room was actually two connected rooms with a fireplace between them. The first room had a table and chairs, a wash stand, a chest for linen and a clothes press, or shrunk. The smaller second room was the sleeping chamber.

"Go sit by the fire while I secure the door," I told the girl, upon entering the room. She immediately went and sat by the fire to warm up. She was so cold that she had been shivering constantly. I removed a small blanket from my saddle pack to place around her shoulders as she sat there. When I touched her, she winced and there was a sharp intake of breath.

"What is the matter, girl? Are you frightened of me?" I asked.

"No, Master," she replied, "I'm very sore there."

"Stand up, girl," I ordered. She stood. "Now remove your dress, so I may check your injury."

She looked very embarrassed, but complied. With the dress removed, I could see that she had a recent large bruise on her right side. There were welts from previous beatings on her back also. I also saw that she had very nice breasts. She stood about 5'-2", was maybe 105 pounds, had long chestnut brown hair, and gray/green eyes, but she was rather thin.

I placed a chair with the back at a right angle to the fireplace and close to it. Ordering her to sit, I removed my medicine bag from the saddle pack. I usually carried a variety of medicines and salves with me because I often travel away from large towns and doctors. I retrieved a jar of yellow salve and applied some to her side and back. She winced at the touch but appeared to be all right otherwise. I replaced the jar.

"You may get up now," I told her.

"Thank you, Master," she whispered, "no one else here has taken care of me before." She broke out crying then and was shivering still, even near the fire. I opened another pocket of the saddle pack and retrieved a garment. She had been reaching for her torn sack dress, but I stopped her.

"Stop, child. That dress is ragged and filthy. Wear this for tonight," I told her, as I handed her one of my long flannel nightshirts. It was large for her, but would not seriously disturb the salve I had applied. She beamed at the gift. What woman does not like new clothes, even if it is just a used night shirt. She put it on quickly. I then had her return to the chair near the fireplace.

"Now I have some questions for you. You must answer me truly, or as best you can remember things."

First "What is your name?"

"I do not have a name, Master," she replied.

"No name! What are you called then?"

"I am called six. I have always been six."

"A number? That is as bad as being in prison."

Second "How did you get that bruise on your side?"

"This evening three of the men took me from work and brought me here to pleasure them. They all used me several times. Then they all wanted to use me at the same time. I could not do that. I refused, and they hit me. I screamed, and they knocked me down and kicked me, but they were afraid someone would hear the screams and ordered me to stay outside all night. You found me later on the steps."

Third "Does the Village Chief allow this?"

"No, Master, that is why they were afraid someone would hear me scream."

Fourth "Do you know who these men are? Could you identify them?"

"Yes Master, they are three of the single men in the village. I see them all the time. They are the same three that used me at feeding time today."

Fifth "Tell me what happened at feeding time. When is feeding time?"

"Master, feeding time is at Noon. All the slaves are fed once a day. When I came from the fields today, the three men stopped me. They took me to one of the barns and pleasured themselves with me. When they released me, it was time to return to work. There was no food left. I have not eaten in two days," here she started to cry again, and her body was racked with sobs.

I reached into an open pocket in the saddle pack, and drew out a packet of travel rations. These are round biscuits about the width of a man's hand, and the thickness of his index finger. They are very high in nutrition. I removed one and turned to the girl.

"This is the only food that I have with me," I told her. "I want you to eat it very slowly. If you eat it too fast, it will upset your stomach. You must also drink water with it, as it is quite dry. Can you do this?"

"Yes, Master. Eat very slowly with water," she repeated. I gave her the the ration biscuit, and she nibbled some from the edge. I retrieved a cup from the wash stand and filled it with water from the pitcher. She accepted it gratefully, but she had a concerned look on her face.

"Master, please," she whispered, "it is not right for you to be serving me. I should be serving you."

"Answer me this, Six. If your friend is hurt and you bring them something to help them, is that all right?"

"If they are truly your friend and they help you, that is the correct thing to do, Master."

"And should a Master not be concerned for the health and welfare of his slaves?"

"I ... I do not know, Master. No one has ever told me of this."

"Let us consider a horse then," I said. "If I have a horse, and he becomes sick, do I not care for him?"

"Yes, the Masters always care for the horses and cows."

"Could I do less for a slave girl?"

"I do not know, Master. These things confuse me. I do not know the answer," and she burst out crying.

"Let me assure you, girl. A Master must look after and care for all of his possessions: a horse, a house, or a slave girl. To do less is irresponsible. A Master who does not take care of his property will soon lose it."

"I will remember this, Master," she whispered with a sob.

I changed into my other flannel nightshirt after that and prepared for bed. The fire had died down to embers by now, and the room was cooling off all ready. The girl had nearly finished the travel biscuit and the water, also.

"Come girl, it is time for bed," I told her. I needed to stop calling her girl, and six didn't seem appropriate. I required a name, one with six letters in it, perhaps. A name for a cute girl, and I knew just the name.

"Listen to me girl, I'm going to give you a name. I dislike calling you girl, and six is not appropriate. From now on, I will call you 'Esther'. It has six letters. You will answer to Esther from now on, is that understood?"

"Yes, Master, I love having a name. I will be Esther," she assured me with a smile.

I motioned for her to join me in bed. She looked surprised, stunned was more like it.

"Master," she said, as her voice quavered, "may I wash before coming to your bed?"

"Certainly, Esther, there is no need to ask. There is plenty of water in the pitcher."

She washed her face, hands, and feet in the basin. She then raised the night shirt and washed her pussy and behind. Following that she wiped down her thighs. Finally she poured the water in the slop bucket and soon joined me in bed.

I had made up the bed earlier by placing one of my blankets on the mattress to serve as insulation. My other blanket and the one that came with the room were on top of that. Esther approached the bed with some trepidation. I raised the two top blankets on my right side, and indicated that she should get in. This way she could sleep on her left or uninjured side. Esther blew out the candle next to the bed just before getting in, and moved over next to me.

"I'm ready, Master," she whispered.

"Ready, Esther. Ready for what?" I asked.

"For your pleasure, Master," she whispered back.

"Esther, child, I did not ask you into my bed to take my pleasure with you. You're injured. You need to be kept warm and have a good night's sleep. If we decide to enjoy each other's bodies, there will be plenty of time tomorrow, or next week, or next month. For tonight, curl up close to me and sleep." She moved up against me, put her head on my right shoulder, and one leg over mine. I wrapped an arm around her, and she cried softly for a while.

"You are the nicest Master, I have ever had," she whispered after a time. We soon fell asleep in our cocoon of blankets.

I awoke to sunshine. My arm was still around Esther, and it was numb from the circulation being cut off. Sleeping with a young woman is such a great experience, and I would have gladly continued, but unfortunately, my bladder was letting me know that it was full. I tried to get up without disturbing Esther, but it wasn't possible; she was soon awake. The room was still very chilly, but the morning fire had already been started, and soon it would be cozy. Esther looked out at the sunshine and blanched.

"Master, I must go. I'm late already. I'll be beaten if my chores are not finished on time."

"Esther, do not worry. I'll speak to the Village Chief and straighten things out. It will be okay," I assured her.

We got up. I relieved myself in the slop bucket. Esther did the same. When we were back in the sleeping room, I told her what I wanted done.

"Esther, take the two bottom blankets and pack them back in the large open pocket of the saddle pack, while I dress. Then we will see about getting you dressed." I put on yesterdays travel clothes. We would wash later in that morning, and I would change clothes then. By the time I was finished dressing, Esther had the blankets packed, and the village blanket put away in the chest. I went to the other side of the saddle pack, and opened a pocket. I removed a package and handed it to Esther.

"Esther, you may wear these clothes this morning. I will see about changing them later," I told her. She opened the package and placed the contents on the bed. From her startled look, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her surprise was complete.

"Surely Master, these are not intended for me," she said.

"Yes Esther, those are the clothes that you will wear this morning when we go to break our fast."

"Master, slaves are only fed once a day here," she reminded me, timidly.

"Esther, as soon as you put on those clothes, we, both of us, are going to the dining hall and eat. There will be no questions."

Esther couldn't believe her eyes. She had never had clothes like these. There was a complete set of undergarments, a slip and panties, also a bra that might be made to fit. All were a light blue color. They were made of the softest cotton. Next were wool stockings that came up to her knees. They were also blue. Brown leather sandals would adorn her feet. Slaves only got sandals in the winter when it snowed. To go over all of this was a light blue robe of softest wool with wood fasteners and a sash in the middle. The robe extended a full hand width below her knees.

"Master, I fear I will be punished if I wear these clothes."

"Esther believe me. You will not be punished. I promise you." When she finished dressing, I had her brush her hair for a few minutes with a brush from my pack. We then adjourned to the village dining hall. When we entered the dining hall, the Village Chief and several others were still there and talking. The Chief greeted me as we came in.

"A good morning to you, Lord Executioner," he said. He was looking at Esther. "Who is this person dressed as an apprentice?" he asked.

"She is the one who I have come to speak to you about. I wish to purchase her from the village for my own use. I am prepared to pay two silver coins for her."

"You must understand, she is a valuable commodity to the village. I do not believe we could let her go for two silver coins," the village chief countered, opening the bargaining.

"Let me see if I understand you correctly?" I answered. "This valuable commodity, the one that was raped by three men yesterday at noon, then again by the same three men yesterday evening, and who was then thrown out of the single men's hall to spend a freezing night outside with no blanket.

"The same one who was not fed yesterday at the noon meal. The same one who would have been nothing but a frozen corpse this morning, whose body I would have paid two copper coins for, to test my sword arm on. Is this the valuable commodity that we are discussing?" I demanded.

The Chief was taken aback, and he appeared confused.

"Where have you heard these things?" he asked.

"I heard these stories from Esther last night. After I found her sitting on the steps outside the single men's hall. I questioned her while I was caring for her injuries."

"We have no one named Esther in this village," the Chief said, even more confused.

"Esther is the name that I bestowed on her, as is the right of a Master."

"Girl," called the Chief, "how are you called in our village?"

"Master, I was called six in this village," Esther replied.

"Yes," he said, smiling somewhat now, "I remember you now, a troublesome girl, and always involved with the men."

"Very well, Lord Executioner, she is yours for two silver pieces. Will you break your fast with us?" the Chief inquired.

"Yes, I will give one more silver coin for breakfast for myself and my apprentice, and the use of your bathing facility for the both of us."

"You are most kind, Lord Executioner," he said. "Come eat, and the bathing facility will be ready when you are finished. I will have your goods moved there for your convenience in changing clothes." Several of the men at the table left while we were eating.

Esther sat on the bench at the table with a petrified look on her face. The servers brought in bowls of porridge, plates of ham, eggs, bread and butter, and pitchers of milk. Esther whispered to me while locking her fingers on my arm.

"Master, I have never eaten at a table like this. I don't know what to do. Please, let me go outside and eat on the ground."

"Esther, child, you must learn to eat correctly, and not on the ground outside. Now start with the porridge. The spoon is held like so. Dip it in the bowl and remove it like this," I said, as I demonstrated what to do. "Before you start, there is a napkin in the side pocket of your robe. Tuck it in the collar of the robe to absorb any spills. Very good," I told her when she had completed that task. Breakfast went fairly well. The fork was a new experience for her, but I guided her through everything.

As we were finishing, a brash young man burst into the hall and addressed the Village Chief.

"Those accusations are all lies," he yelled.

"Are you accusing me of lying?" I asked, as I rose from my seat. I was wearing my normal garb - black. There are only two types of people that wear black on our world - Priests and Executioners and Priests don't carry swords. The fellow's jaw dropped open on seeing me, and the Village Chief looked like he was having a heart attack right there.

"N ... no, my Lord," the young man stammered, "whoever told you those things was lying. Bring the slave here, and I will prove it."

"But she is here," I said, as I smiled. "Stand up Esther, so the man can see you."

"But that is a guild ap ... apprentice," he stammered, as Esther stood.

"Yes, she is. The Guilds look very sternly on any assault of an apprentice," I added.

"But ... but we only," he started but suddenly realized what he was about to say and shut up.

"You only what, Bradley?" the Village Chief inquired in a stern voice.

"We only ... we only... !" He tried to break and run then, but two men caught him and brought him back before the Village Chief.

"Are the statements that the Lord Executioner made true?" the Chief demanded, very sternly.

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