Redialing for Dollars
Chapter 1

I hate my cell phone. My peak signal area is about the size of a small basketball court and far from getting 'four bars' I'm lucky to ever get two, even in the middle of the city. Out here in the boonies I'm lucky to get one, depending upon the phase of the moon, how I hold the phone and what Gods names I invoke while slowing moving my phone around a room until I can pickup a stray signal from the nearest tower.

My boss, Joel Woodlake, the majority owner of our business and the managing partner, has a Blackberry that could probably pick up a good signal on the far side of the moon. The bastard can run his entire life with that little gizmo - and does. He watches sporting events on it, day trades stocks, does all of his banking, and even plays the ponies all online. Oh yeah, he sometimes even does a little bit of work when he's not playing his golf game on it. It's good to be the boss, I guess. He owns apparently 66% of the company; the rest is apparently controlled by some 'old neighborhood friends' from Philadelphia that put up the original money for the venture. I've never met them, but I've heard some scary stories through a friend of a friend that strongly suggest that they have mob connections. Not nice folks to know if a business deal goes south. Apparently "Whoops, I'm sorry" just doesn't cover it. They don't know me from Adam ... and I'd like to keep it that way.

Me? I'm strictly a salaryman living paycheck to paycheck and waiting for the odd moments when I get to sit up and beg to get my sales bonuses or a tiny annual profit sharing check. As the chief tech guy and resident gear head of the company I'm supposed to be getting a small bonus from each original sales commission every time I help one of the sales guys out with a pitch – if they close a deal, but it's funny how those checks are few are far between.

Our company installs fairly high end computerized alarm and household automation system. It's a pretty good product and usually demonstrates well to a knowledgeable client, especially working couple young professionals. With micro cameras in every room, a young mother could go back to her job and still watch everything the nanny or house maid is doing on her computer screen at work. The only drawback is that we don't exclusively own the rights to this product, nor do we manufacture it. Someday, some smart well funded competitor is going to come along that can buy these units in bulk and squeeze us out price-wise. Not my problem, hopefully when that day comes I'll be working somewhere else ... or even for the new competitor.

Yeah my job sucks and I should quit, but the economy is a bit sluggish right now and no one is beating down my door waiting to kiss my pinkie ring this week. I've quietly been looking for something better but for now I'm content to wait. Having some money regularly coming in the door is better than having none. Terri, my wife, works as well and we do okay for ourselves in my opinion, but that's not the way she sees it. We both make about the same amount of money, but she can sure spend it a lot faster than I do! She's a very attractive woman and always likes to show her assets off. She likes to dress up to the nines, even just for work and she enjoys turning heads and attracting admirers everywhere she goes. She's also a bit of a flirt and could easily get the full attention of anyone she wanted to. Things aren't perfect in our marriage but I was pretty sure that I couldn't ever upgrade to anyone better than her, at least in the looks department, if we ever were to separate. That helped to keep my thoughts (and hands) from straying on the fairly regular occasions when we fought or went through a rough patch.

Terri works as a senior bookkeeper for a fairly good-sized accounting firm. It's a pretty decent job with a well regarded local company with a reputation for treating their employees much better than their competitors. Her salary isn't top-notch, but they offer a good benefits package, paid training, annual bonuses, lots of parties and other functions and an extremely flexible work schedule. They work a lot of flex-hours so her work schedule is erratic and she gets lots of compensation time off instead of overtime pay. She also has to travel a few times a month usually just overnight but she enjoys it. She's also often allowed to work from home and she telecommutes usually at least one day a week.

This would have been ideal for us if we had had any children, but it hadn't worked out that way until about four months ago when she announced she was finally pregnant for the first time. This surprised me to no end since I assumed that she had remained on the pill and we hadn't discussed starting a family lately. Still, being in your early thirties isn't bad for just starting a family and if you keep waiting for the timing to be perfect you could end up waiting forever. She seemed happy about it, so I decided I would be too.

Overall I thought we had a pretty decent marriage. Sure we fought fairly often but I didn't think it was a serious problem and in comparison with most of our friends, our relationship seemed to definitely compare favorably as one of the better ones, but Terri was a hard woman to satisfy, let alone make content. We somehow just barely lived within our means. Terri didn't like to live 'economy' and she sure liked to keep up with the Jones'. This meant that we were paying for a nice late model car for her to drive, an expensive wardrobe (with frequent updating), regularly scheduled maintenance at the spa and hair salon, and a house that was bigger than we needed and took nearly every bit of my base salary just to manage the payments. Usually though, I thought it was all worth it.

My illusions that we were doing 'ok' as a couple vanished when I borrowed Joel's Blackberry to make a routine call while we were out on a sales trip together. He was having an important business meeting with a large residential home builder out on a golf course and didn't want any interruptions for any reason so he could close the sale, and so he parked his cell phone with me. The potential customer was old fashioned and would likely demand 100% of Joel's face time for the next three hours, which would more or less leave me hanging in the wind bored, but it beat a day stuck in the office.

This deal would be for providing and installing over one hundred full security and home automation units for inclusion with the builder's current housing project and would definitely improve this quarter's sale figures. Maybe, I'd even see a small bonus check from this one. For the next few hours, I was very much stuck at the 19th hole, the country club bar, nursing iced teas while waiting until they finished their round of golf and business discussions. I wasn't quite sure in the first place why I was even needed for this sales meeting, but I guess Joel just wanted me nearby to handle any urgent tech related questions the builder might have.

I was starting to think about calling back to the office to get some hypothetical delivery figures for Joel when my own cell phone suddenly chirped at me to eagerly announce that it had finally locked down a tower signal out here and I could use it instead. And I did ... there would be no problem with promising delivery of the units in about two weeks, with at least three full crews available then for handling the installations. The bastard would be pleased ... and in my opinion he now owed me a small favor. I decided to collect it myself by sneaking a peak onto his Blackberry and see what hot stock tips he had been receiving lately. It seemed like his stockbrokers were always texting him with the latest hot market advice and he constantly bragged about how great his brokers were!

Instead of scanning his old emails, I somehow hit the wrong button and got into the wrong set of menus entirely. I've always hated the tiny buttons on a Blackberry, it's why I don't have one. I have fat fingers ... I admit it. Trying to back my way out, I instead hit Redial, and things suddenly started to get very interesting. The last number Joel had dialed, a bit earlier this morning, was my wife's cell phone. How the heck did Joel have my wife's cell number? And why? I quickly cut the connection before she could answer it.

Now I was a man with a mission. After a bit more fussing, I finally got into his email archives and found some folders of saved text messages and emails from his brokers (three of them), his other business friends and associates, his silent partners, and last but not least ... a folder containing stuff from his more intimate partners, which included my wife.

The text messages alone made it quite clear that they had been having an affair for some time, perhaps nearly a year. The candid phone camera images removed any remaining semblance of lingering doubt. Heck, my wife never sent me any naked pictures of herself, let alone ones as explicit as these!

I was amazed and dumbfounded. Really, I had had no clue at all that this was happening right under my very nose. They had been extremely careful, cautious and clever. Without my accidental access to Joel's Blackberry there was probably no way that I would have discovered what they were up to. They had been exceedingly cautious and smart, but now I'd get a chance to prove that I could be smarter ... or at least a little nastier.

I had about two hours of assured privacy with which to act and I needed nearly every minute of it.

Dealing with cell phones, especially Blackberry's, was at the edge of my tech comfort zone. For what I wanted done I'd need the skills of a specialist. I didn't know one ... but I knew someone who certainly would. Oscar the Grouch. Not the green talking carpet sample on Sesame Street, this one ran a spy toys shop near a suburb mall not too far away from the golf course. This Oscar was also a lot grumpier and harder to deal with. We bought a lot of our ad hoc extra materials and supplies from him and he knew and tolerated me pretty well. I also had an ace up my sleeve.

"Oscar, oh great and wise one." I began my preamble to him. "You are shrewd and all-knowing, let your wisdom bring joy to the heart of this poor cuckolded fool! Teach me, magnificent one, the arcane secrets of cloning a 'crackberry' that I might wreak vengeance upon my unworthy adversaries!"

Oscar had no love of cheating wives, having been taken to the cleaners by his own ex entirely by surprise a few years ago. He warmed up to me nearly immediately and within minutes we were in his private office and Joel's Blackberry was being taken apart by the skilled hands of master. An hour later I had a perfect clone in my hands that would receive everything that Joel sent or received ... and with all of his password protections removed!

The cost was extremely moderate, mostly just the cost of a new Blackberry and a few other necessary parts. Oscar liked to make money, but he hated a cheating wife even more. Revenge was his favorite coin of the realm and I assured him that he would not be disappointed.

With my new toy in silent mode in the bottom of my tech bag, I had just time to get back to the golf course clubhouse and enjoy another brisk iced tea before Joel and our new client finished their game. I was surprised at how civil I could be to my boss after I discovered that he had been regularly sleeping with my wife. I just smiled a lot (while visualizing him being sodomized by a red hot poker) and muttered under my breath repeatedly "I'm going to get ya sucker!" Once I was assured that the contract was ready to be signed and a done deal, my presence was no longer required and I slunk back to work and brooded in my office for the remainder of the day.

My revenge would take time ... I really wanted it to be done right. I had never been treated fairly by my boss and had been essentially cheated out of probably many thousands of dollars in earned bonus money that I'd never received. Now stealing my wife from me too was really the final straw!

The first beginning step was a complete and comprehensive download of everything that was on my new cloned Blackberry onto a real computer so I could see what I was doing and wouldn't accidentally delete or change anything on my perfect copied phone. Plus any mistakes I made there might also affect Joel's original phone, possibly warning him that his device was no longer secure. This took awhile. Man, he had a lot of junk files and never deleted anything apparently!

When I was done I could now safely read on my PC everything Joel had stored away on his phone, and the information went back nearly three years. I could now use this information against him to plot a most terrible and complete vengeance!

I didn't get much real work done the next few days but things were otherwise fairly quiet at the office, giving me time to view and review every single one of Joel's files, emails and texts. Slowly, a comprehensive plan was coming together inside my head, but it would take time to pull off. At least now I fully understood what the full background situation was:

Joel was most definitely a thief — and not just from stealing away my wife. He had been skimming money right and left from the company from every place he could ... including the obvious known problem of skimming from employee commissions and due bonuses. We were also paying too much for most of our supplies and 3rd party support services, for which Joel was apparently receiving large cash kickbacks in return. He was also underbidding every sales contract to near cost — on our books, but he was secretly invoicing most of our bigger sales clients a much higher rate. Money seemed to be flowing under the table from every direction I looked. I was sure that his silent partners knew nothing of this clandestine double set of bookkeeping, and would undoubtedly be more than a little interested.

The loot, and there was a great deal of it, was largely in the very capable hands of Joel's stock brokers. Three of them in total, each with about equal shares of the seed monies that they were carefully cultivating for later harvest. One of Joel's brokers was a clear genius and he had been played the ups and downs of the recent stock market like a concert violinist. He had grown his working share of the money into a small fortune many times the size of Joel's original investments. I made a note to myself to value this broker's financial advice especially carefully. The other two brokers were each competent and had grown their shares also, but not nearly the way the other one had. Each apparently thought they were Joel's only financial advisor, and they each knew nothing about the other rival accounts. This knowledge would be very useful.

My wife Terri was involved in these accounting shenanigans up to her eyeballs, both in preparing multiple sets of creatively accounted books and ledgers, as well as being his primary mistress. Her 'business trips' were nothing but monthly little erotic getaways with Joel at some fancy hotel or resort away from local curious eyes. Oh, they still managed weekly amorous encounters, usually at an upscale local hotel, but occasionally at a no-tell motel if they were feeling especially wicked or naughty. She loved the secret cheating sex and also had her eyes fixed upon the big jackpot she had helped Joel cultivate.

Her goal was obviously to eventually chuck me and trade up, becoming Mrs. Joel Woodlake. I'm not sure that she would find it amusing to know that there were currently at least three other young ladies that wanted that same position as well. Joel apparently had a very active and full sex life, which included several other married women he saw on a rotating basis. Oh, he seemed to be especially fond of Terri and definitely enjoyed fucking her, but he had no plans of marrying anyone. If the shit hit the fan and he needed to run for his life, he would probably try to run alone.

On the other hand, Terri had no intention now of letting Joel ever get away. Especially since he was very definitely the sperm donor that had fathered Terry's growing child. This was by her own admission to him in one of their loving text exchanges to each other. Any thoughts I might have otherwise had about exacting a milder revenge and trying to rebuild our relationship were permanently now abandoned. From now on, it was going to be scorched earth.

The other information on the Blackberry was somewhat interesting, but of less critical usefulness for right now. I had complete access to all of his banking information and brokerage accounts, but it was too early to play with those yet. He had an active account with a local gambling organization and played the ponies fairly frequently, placing his bets via text messaging. He didn't win often but didn't lose much either. Currently that account was running a slight positive balance and he had credit approved up to $50,000. He had a similar credit account with a casino in Reno that held a slightly higher amount on account and preapproved signature loan credit of at least $200,000. Joel had been there a few times and had played big spender, losing a large amount his very first visit, but he had promptly paid his debt marker. His last visit had been two months ago, apparently with Terri, and he had come out a little bit ahead, but left his winnings with the casino on account. The casino would be more than happy to see Joel return again some day soon.

With this information all carefully gathered, I began to put my plan together. I was in no hurry to enact it ... there seemed to be no need to rush things along or act precipitously. I resolved to carefully put all of my puzzle pieces together first and wait for serendipity.

Sharing the same house with a cheating whore that just pretended to be my loving wife was easier than I thought it would be. Our paths the next few weeks didn't cross much as she pretended to be busy and tired from a heavy work schedule. To my eyes I saw her as nothing but a slutty whore and I took unexpected delight and pleasure in treating her as one the couple of times that we had sex. She treated my aggressive lovemaking with a new considerable amount of interest; apparently she was much used to coarse handling and a bit of rough treatment these days from her other lover Joel and had come to enjoy it. Now, even sex acts that had been normally forbidden to me, such as oral (especially cumming in her mouth) and anal, became regular parts of our revived sex life.

Oddly, our sex live improved. I didn't mind fucking and using my wife like the dirty whore she was. It gave me a channel for my anger to use her exactly like I would the lowest of street walkers. I'd call her dirty names, bite, slap and pinch her tits, and even turned her ass a bright cherry red once before I gave it a good hard sodomizing when she attempted to beg off sex one evening. She loved every minute of it. Sometimes I think now that if we had just communicated a bit better together and she had told me of her more submissive sex needs, we could have worked something out between us, and there might have been no need for her to cheat.

I began to become emotionally confused and conflicted between my rekindled affection for my wife and my growing need to utterly punish and destroy Joel. I even began to wonder if Terri had begun to reconsider her affair with Joel and I think with a little bit of pushing that she might have even confessed to the relationship. Second thoughts or not, she still met him as scheduled the next week ... and also the weeks afterwards. The new photos (and short videos) on Joel's Blackberry showed that they had quite enjoyed themselves (mostly in bed) on her next 'business trip', later on that month. The lure of the money I suppose was still just too much for her.

For the next month I kept a close eye on Joel's cloned Blackberry so that I knew exactly what was happening with both cheating parties, so I could be ready to act on a moments notice if or when things suddenly began to change.

It came sooner than I was expecting, but I was more than prepared.

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