Armitage Family Loving
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Uncle, Niece, InLaws, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Water Sports, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Frank Armitage lost his wife to cancer some months ago and his family, especially his elder daughter Caroline, have anxiously been waiting for him to get over the worst of his grief. Caroline, her sister Abby and her daughter Mandy start work to bring new life and vigour into Frank's life.

Frank Armitage was both a happy and sad man at the same time. He was a successful businessman, having built up a plastics manufacturing company from a shed in the back yard at home to a multi million-turnover factory employing a hundred and fifty people. An almost new building on an industrial estate on the edge of town bore evidence of the success.

Frank had three children, two girls and a boy. This was also a source of his happiness. Now grown up, Caroline was thirty-eight, Rob thirty-six and Abby thirty-four. Unfortunately, all three were single, Abby never having married with Caroline and Rob having endured unhappy marriages before shedding their partners. Frank's final happy event was his granddaughter Amanda (Mandy), Caroline's daughter, now aged eighteen, all blonde tresses and bouncy breasts enhancing her natural beauty.

No, his major sadness happened about a year ago when his wife Abigail succumbed to a long bout of malignant cancer and passed away in her sleep. In a way it was a merciful release but Frank didn't see it that way at the time and, to be truthful, he still hadn't got used to being without his soul mate. His daughter Abby reminded him so much of Abigail that he had to fight back the tears every time he saw her, which was nearly every day.

Frank is fifty-eight years old at the time this story commences.

Although deeply saddened by Abigail's death, Frank wasn't a man to lie down and immerse himself in self-pity every day. In due course he began to take stock of his situation.

Although still Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Armitage Plastics Ltd., the day to day business of the firm was controlled by Rob. All immediate family members were on the Board, together with Frank's eighty-year-old father Frederick Armitage.

Frank decided that at the next board meeting in two weeks time he would propose that Rob be promoted to Managing Director and that to all intents and purposes he would relinquish control of his company. Perhaps Rob would allow Marjorie James, Frank's long time secretary, to assume the duties of Company Secretary. He was sure that the rest of the family would approve.

Now he must sort out his own affairs. He hadn't reviewed and amended his will for a while and with Abigail's death it was a matter of some urgency. There was no way he was going to let her family have any of her share in the business. He had loved his wife to distraction but the same did not apply to her family, apart from her sister Laura. Fortunately Abigail's will had, apart from a few personal bequests, left everything to her husband.

Frank picked up the phone. He was at home, preferring to spend most of his time away from the office and the shop floor nowadays. He quickly dialled a number from memory.

"Hello," he said when his solicitor's office answered. "Can I speak to Howard Griggs please? It's Frank Armitage here."

He was quickly put through.

"Hello Frank, it's good to hear your voice," said Howard, his long time friend and advisor. "How are you? What can I do for you today?"

"I need to come and see you," explained Frank. "I want to get my will changed to reflect the current situation."

"Fine. Fine," said Howard. "Can you give me an idea of what you intend in case I need to do some research. I presume that there are to be major changes?"

"Yes indeed," said Frank, giving a chuckle rare for these days. "I'm going to mostly retire from the business and divide everything equally between the three kids and Mandy. I'm also going to convert this huge mausoleum of a house into apartments for all of them, including Dad. They will have absolute ownership of their own piece of the building with a very long lease and will jointly run the freehold trust company that we will set up. Rob will attend to the day to day running of the house. There will also be space for a few other flats for any staff that are needed in the future and for guests staying over. How's that for starters?"

"Wow," said Howard. "I'd better hang up and get started. Can you come and see me next Friday at twelve to see how I'm getting on? I'll buy you lunch."

"I'll be there," said Frank, laughing this time. "I expect I'll pay for the lunch on your bill anyway!"

All of this had taken place some months before. Now things were really moving. The family had been consulted, both officially at the Board meeting and privately at Frank's house. All five of them were delighted with Frank's proposals for them, especially Rob who had wanted control of the company for some time although he recognised that his father, despite his sadness, was still quite capable of handling things. His present organising was proof of this.

Most of Frank's time was taken up with the house. He had, of course, employed an architect to draw up plans based on his suggestions and to submit the agreed layout to the council for approval. There were no controversial proposals in the final submission so the plans were all passed at the first attempt. There were to be six full sized apartments altogether, two on each of floor on either side of the large central staircase and landings. Frank and his father were to have the ground floor, Caroline and Abby would be on the first floor with Rob and Mandy on the second. All were two bed-roomed apartments with sitting room, kitchen and two bathrooms; Frank had an additional room to use as a study. At the rear would be a party room and a snooker room on the ground floor with two small single bedroom flats on the first and second floors. The first floor flats were to have additional space to accommodate professional carers and partners if required. In the large basement a gymnasium was kitted out, complete with showers and changing rooms. Last but not least, there was a twenty-five-metre swimming pool adjoining the gym.

Frank had been very careful to consult his father in all aspects of his plans. His dad Frederick (Fred) was very active, very alert and still randy. Frank was almost afraid to ask him about his love life, especially about his capabilities with the ladies. Fred belonged to a number of clubs and organisations, all of which had lady members.

Today they were inspecting Fred's apartment, which was complete. Everyone had chosen his or her own decorations, furniture and equipment. Fred's didn't really reveal his age or his sexual desires. Frank had the feeling that any woman entering Fred's lair would be lulled into a false sense of security. He carefully alluded to this as he praised the apartment.

"As long as they drop their knickers I don't care!" was the older Armitage's only comment. Frank said no more.

His own sexual drive had been seriously curtailed during Abigail's illness and following her untimely death. Frank and Abigail had enjoyed a full and varied sex life all through their marriage and indeed before their nuptials. Rarely a day went by without them enjoying an intense sexual congress, sometimes several times a day. Now that this major project was drawing to a close and he could look forward to a more relaxed lifestyle he had noticed that his ability to achieve an erection had greatly increased. He bid his father farewell for the time being.

"Enjoy living here dad," he said. "Don't forget, the internal phone system is there for you to use if needed. Now, I have an appointment in my apartment so I'll leave you to it."

"I hope it's a woman," said his father with a glint in his eye. "It's time that you began your fucking life again; and I mean fucking!"

Frank almost smiled to himself as he returned to his own home across the hallway. His appointment was indeed with a woman. Marjorie, his former secretary, had requested to see him. She had worked for him, finally as his personal assistant and secretary, for almost seventeen years. She had joined the company straight from school at seventeen and he had never regretted taking her on.

Five minutes after regaining his apartment Frank's doorbell rang. The outside camera's showed Marjorie at the door. Frank pressed the lock release and opened his own door to greet Marjorie.

At thirty-three, almost thirty-four, Marjorie James had matured into a fine figure of a woman. She stood about five feet six, with brown shining shoulder length hair, wearing a smart navy blue pin striped business suit with a white silk blouse beneath. Her black high-heeled shoes were about four inches high. Marjorie was dressed to kill and it showed. Her figure was hourglass shaped; a slender waist surmounted by an almost top-heavy chest with hips to match. Frank felt a definite stirring.

"It's lovely to see you Marj," he said. "You're a sight for sore eyes and no mistake. Make yourself comfortable. What can I get you to drink? I've got some quite nice Champagne in the fridge if that will do."

Marjorie accepted and Frank went to the kitchen for the drinks. When he returned he almost dropped the bottle and glasses. Marjorie had indeed 'made herself comfortable'. She was sitting on the sofa without her shoes on and with her suit jacket off. The blouse beneath was of sheer white silk, revealing a thin lacy white bra with a trace of brown nipples below. She sat up straight as Frank recovered himself and began to pour the drinks. His gaze centred on Marjorie's magnificent chest.

Frank sat down and crossed his legs to partly hide the growing bulge in his slacks. Christ, he might have to toss himself off after Marjorie left!

"So, Marjorie," he began, "what can I do for you? It really is lovely to see you. We hardly ever met outside of work, did we? How is your husband, Jim isn't it?"

"Yes," smiled Marjorie, crossing her own legs and giving Frank a momentary glimpse of pink panties. "He's fine. It's just that he seems to be so set in his ways and he's only thirty-nine. I'm bored Mr Armitage."

"It's Frank now Marj. You don't work for me any more. I'm sorry that Jim is beginning to shirk his duties. What can I do to help?"

Marjorie now blushed, crossing her legs again; more slowly this time and the pink was more clearly seen.

"Well Mr, er, Frank, that's just it. I wanted to thank you for everything that you've ever done for me, ever since I came to work for you. You've always been such a gentleman and a wonderful man to work for. Some of my friends are always telling me how their bosses are always coming on to them, you know, demanding sexual favours and everything."

Marjorie stopped and Frank waited, unwilling to interrupt her train of thought. She went on.

"So, er, Frank, I was wondering, what with you being without, so to speak, if I could be of any help in relieving any tension that you may be feeling? As a sort of thank you, I mean. There would be no strings and no commitment, unless of course you wanted to."

Frank gasped as he took in what Marj was saying, or he thought she was saying.

"Are you saying Marj that you want to thank me by making love to me? Is that what you are saying?"

Marjorie seemed to sit straighter and thrust her breasts forward. She reached for her glass and took a long drink. Then she reached for the top button to her blouse.

"Yes Frank, that's it. I've wanted you to make love to me for about fifteen years now." She undid two buttons on her blouse, revealing the upper slopes of her breasts. "Even before I was married I wanted you but you were so happy with Abigail that I couldn't tell you how I felt."

Marjorie completed the unbuttoning of her blouse and Frank's cock stiffened as he beheld her beautiful breasts encased in her flimsy bra. Her nipples were peeking over the top of the lace, stiff and pointing. He groaned softly. It had been so long.

"I came here once to see you. You were with Mrs Armitage in the bedroom. She was squealing and shouting at you as you made love and was so obviously loving everything that you were doing to her. I was so jealous! I ran away."

Frank grinned as he remembered his wife's enthusiasm for fucking.

"What was she saying?" he asked curiously.

Marjorie was now blushing furiously but she was determined to see her actions through.

"She, she, er, kept on shouting, er, 'fuck me Frank, fuck me harder; shoot your cream!' I didn't know what to think but afterwards I wondered if I could have shouted that too!"

"So you've come to find out Marj, is that it?"

Marjorie nodded quickly, still blushing furiously.

"Show me those lovely tits," demanded Frank. "Come on, take your blouse and bra right off. I want to see what you are offering me."

Marjorie swiftly removed her blouse and bra. Her breasts were gorgeous, a generous size with big round dark aureoles and long hard nipples. In a burst of confidence she put her hands beneath them and pointed them at Frank. He groaned and uncrossed his legs, causing her to gaze at the mound in his slacks.

"Wonderful," sighed Frank. "I haven't shot a load over lovely tits like yours for some time now but I think I'm going to quite soon now! What do you think to that?"

Marjorie squeezed her breasts some more, making a deep tit-fucking channel for Frank.

"Right!" he said. "Stand up and drop your skirt. Show me those gorgeous skimpy pink panties. Then you can bend over and show me your bum as you slide them down your thighs."

Marjorie slowly did as she was told. The slowness made it seem all the sexier. Frank stood too, quietly unzipping his flies and producing his hard cock, gazing at Marjorie's smooth firm buttocks as she slid her panties down her legs. He waited. Marjorie nakedly turned around and gasped as she saw Frank's penis.

He grinned as he pushed her back on to the sofa. He kicked her thighs apart to reveal her pussy crack, lightly covered with a patch of brown hair. He stood close to her, his red knob end bouncing close to her lips. Her tongue came out and licked her lips.

"Can I?" she whispered. "I mean; can I touch it? It's so lovely and big. Jim's is so much smaller."

"I shall be fucking mad if you don't touch it now," growled Frank. "Go on, take a good hold and start tossing me off. Then you can open those lovely lips and swallow me."

Marjorie tentatively reached up and took Frank in both hands. She began to stroke him. He groaned again and began to rip off his clothes. When he was naked he took her head between his hands and pulled her closer. Marjorie at least knew what was now expected of her. She opened her mouth and swallowed as much of Frank's shaft as she could. He closed his eyes and tried not too come too soon. It had been so long!

"Fucking Hell Marj, that's great. I love how you suck! God! I'm out of practice and I'll come soon! Where do you want it, in your mouth, on your tits or up your cunt? Just make up your mind soon sweetheart!"

Marj just looked up at Frank as she sucked his hard throbbing shaft. He groaned and approached the point of no return.

"I'm going to come now Marj! I can't hold it any longer!"

Marj sucked hard as he blew into her mouth. His first shot was enormous and she almost choked on it. She pulled him out of her mouth and watched as Frank unloaded load after load of copious sperm on to her generous breasts. Soon her nipples, aureoles and slopes were dripping with his emission.

Marj smiled and looked up into Frank's face. Then she opened her mouth to show him his first load of spunk before swallowing the lot.

"That was lovely," she said quietly. "You can do that again anytime Frank!"

"Just that?" enquired Frank, with a dirty smile on his face and a drip on his cock end.

"Oh no," said Marj as she licked off the drip. "You can fuck me when ever you like Mr., er, Frank. I've waited too long to stop now."

Frank stepped back from her, thinking quickly. He didn't want to get too closely involved with any other woman just now.

"I tell you what Marj," he said. "I'll fix up one of the second floor flats just for you. You can choose all the furnishings yourself. We can have a friendly fuck whenever we both feel like it and if you ever come down to leaving Jim you will have somewhere to go. At that time I will transfer the lease to you. How does that sound?"

Marj had squealed as Frank was speaking and now she flung her arms around his neck and kissed him, rubbing her soft belly against his almost limp member. When she had finished the said member was already beginning to grow!

"Ohhhh Frank, that's wonderful!" she exclaimed. "You've no idea how happy that makes me feel. Ooooo, your cock's growing again. Do you want to fuck me now?"

Frank grunted and span Marj around to face the armchair. He pushed and she had to grab the arms to stop herself falling. Frank erected again and took his giant cock in hand. Then he kicked her thighs apart and pushed into the space, his cock rubbing between her thighs to find her wet crack. Marj was wet, very wet, and he had no trouble. Even as Marj reached down to guide his cock it found the entrance and slid inside. Frank grunted again and pushed, ramming his big cock deep inside her willing cunt. He took hold of her hips and paused.

"How does that feel, you little hussy? Do you still want me to fuck you?"

"Ohhhh yesss please!" mewled Marj. "You're so big Frank! That has to be the biggest I've ever had by a long way. Ohhhh yesss, fuck me now please!"

Frank started to fuck her pussy with long firm strokes. He reached around her and grasped her cum soaked breasts, spreading it all over her tits and belly. Marj moaned and moaned, her cunt getting wetter and wetter by the second.

She began to squeak and humped her buttocks back up Frank's shaft. He began to feel the onset of another orgasm. He reached down to find her clit. When he did and began to agitate it Marj just howled into her orgasm, making juice that ran down both of their thighs.

Frank grabbed Marj's thighs and rammed his hard length to the top of her cunt and stopped. He groaned as his spunk began to shoot into her in long hot lengths of sticky white semen. His tool flexed and throbbed as it emptied his balls into her. Marj began to make drooling noises.

Finally Frank withdrew and turned Marj around to face him. She reached for his cock and squeezed the last drop of semen into her hands, rubbing them together as she spread it all over them. Frank smiled at her.

"That was great again Marj. You can be my fuck buddy any time you like. Now, if you want a shower before you go, just help yourself!"

"No way," said Marj. "I'm going to keep your smell on me for as long as I dare, maybe even when Jim gets home. I bet he won't notice though. No, I'll just dress and go now. Thank you for everything!"

"I'll call you when the flat is ready for occupation and we'll christen it. I'll apply for the lease in the meantime. There won't be any trouble about that; the family are all trustees of the freehold of the whole property."

Frank and his son Rob were in Rob's apartment. They were discussing the firm's performance and whether or not a substantial bonus would be possible this year. Having decided that bonuses could be paid they took a slug of Rob's malt and then topped up their glasses.

Frank asked Rob a personal question. There had never been reticence between father and son so he expected a frank and honest answer to his query.

"Rob, how many times have you fucked Marjorie James?"

Rob did jump slightly with surprise at his father's question but grinned ruefully as he answered.

"A few times I suppose Dad. How did you guess? He thought quickly. "Why, have you had her too?"

Frank laughed. "Just once; the other day as a matter of fact. She came round here to 'thank' me for all my kindness over the years. Anyway, after she'd gone I began to think. When I proposed her for the Company Secretary promotion you just smiled and voted yes. When this week I said I wanted to take a lease for her on one of the second floor apartments you smiled again and told me to get it organised. You knew, didn't you?"

Rob laughed now. "She did mention it yesterday. She was just about to swallow my cock when she said that she didn't think that I was as big as you! She's really coming out of her shell, isn't she?"

"Maybe," said Frank, "but I'm not going to over encourage her. I want to keep it at the 'fuck buddy' level, as our American cousins would say."

Apart from a mention of Marj's abundant charms and her cock sucking abilities their conversation turned to other family matters.

"I thought that you might have favoured Caro for the company secretary job," said Frank. "She's well qualified to do the job; just as Abby might well be able to do it, with training."

"No dad, as much as I love both of my sisters I don't want them around me all day at work. I might find them too much of a distraction. It's bad enough having Marj there in the office, together with Helen, my secretary. She's a cracker!"

"Bright girl that," commented Frank, ignoring the reference to Rob's new secretary, "very bright girl; she's a future Managing Director, you mark my words. Yes, I agree with you about your sisters. They are very beautiful in every way. Do you ever get a hard on around them?"

Rob did look uncomfortable now and his complexion seemed to flush a little.

"I did yes," he admitted cautiously, "when they were younger, certainly."

"I bet they made you miserable, didn't they? All that flaunting their young and beautiful bodies between bedroom and bathroom. Did you see them naked often?"

"Now and again I did. I used to lie in wait just to get a peek. Then I would jump back on to my bed with a huge hard on and toss myself off."

"Did they ever catch you?"

Rob was now even more flushed.

"They came charging into my room together one night. You and Mum were out somewhere. I had just started jacking off."

"What did they do?"

Frank had a hard on now. Rob had noticed. He had one too.

"Well, the fact that they had caught me with my trousers down, literally, made them go very quiet. Then Caro told me to take my hand off it, my cock, that is. She said that they wanted to see one before they saw any other boy's so that they would know what to expect. They just gazed at my throbbing tool for ages. Then Caro asked if she could touch it. Of course I said yes, they both could!"

"So there I am, a boy totally inexperienced as far as girls were concerned with two gorgeous girls playing with my cock. I was going to come, big time and soon!"

"Then Caro said she was hot and just dropped her nightie. She was only wearing tiny white panties. Abby gulped and then took her pyjamas off. She was naked underneath with only a fluff of hair. I lost it and shot my load all over their hands and my chest. After that they often came into my room!"

"Did you ever?" asked Frank quietly.

"No, but we came pretty close sometimes. Then they got boyfriends and I wasn't needed anymore. I think that's why I got Jennifer in trouble. I just wanted a girl to fuck and she liked to fuck. Boy, did she like to fuck?"

Soon afterwards Frank left Rob to return to his own apartment. As he arrived at the top of the staircase he espied Caro about to climb the stairs.

"Hi darling," he called as she started to climb. She looked up, smiled and rose to meet him. Frank went down one flight, admiring his elder daughters body. Caro was five feet nine, with broad shoulders and a fine bosom. A white silk wrap exposed quite a lot of this bosom over a blouse that created a wonderful cleavage, moving as she climbed the stairs. Frank's erection firmed up again.

On the landing Caro kissed her father on both cheeks, her hands holding the top of his shoulders quite firmly. Her breasts rested lightly on his chest. She felt his bulge on her firm belly. She raised her eyebrows.

"Well daddy darling," she murmured, "I know where you've been 'cos I can smell Rob's whisky on your breath. What have you been talking about to cause this bump?"

"It just came about when we were talking about the three of you when you were younger."

Caro raised her eyebrows again but there were signs of concern in her eyes now.

"What do you mean daddy?"

"We just got on to the subject of brothers taking a peek at their naked sisters from time to time and the retaliation of the sisters."

"He didn't, did he?" gasped Caro, tightening her grip on her father's shoulders. Frank moved her arms and took both her hands in his. "He promised never to tell!"

"I asked him and I did have him at a slight disadvantage. He only remembers it with love darling and I don't disapprove as such. I think that all similar families play a little!"

Caro took a deep breath, her magnificent breasts heaving.

"Can I tell my side of it daddy?" she whispered. "I want you to hear the girls side of it. I know that Abby's not here tonight or I would bring her too. Can I come to your apartment and tell you my side of the story?"

"As long as you accept that I will probably be like this again," smiled Frank, pointing downwards.

Caro laughed, kissed Frank lightly on the lips and went into her apartment.

"Twenty minutes," she called as she closed the door.

Frank went swiftly downstairs to his apartment where he put some Champagne in the fridge and found some crisps, nuts and other things to nibble. As an afterthought he stripped and changed into clean pants and a robe.

After half an hour his doorbell rang. It was Caroline.

"Snap," they laughed as she swept past Frank, dressed in a pale pink robe and slippers. They kissed, this time solely on the lips. Frank noted that Caro's nipples pushed through the silk of her robe. Did this mean that she wasn't wearing a bra?

Frank opened the Champagne and father and daughter toasted one another.

"Your first visit to my den," he joked as they sat opposite one another, Frank in his reclining armchair and Caro on the sofa. "I hope that it's the first of many!"

"Champagne every time though please," grinned Caro as she drained her glass and held it out for a refill.

"Naturally," smiled Frank, managing to spill a little on her chest as he filled her glass to the brim.

"Hey," said Caro, "are you trying to get me drunk? Champagne always goes to my head!"

The wet patch on her chest highlighted a nipple but she affected not to notice. Frank would have dearly liked to suck the champagne out of her robe at that point. His cock began to rise.

"Now," he said, "are you going to tell me about you, Abby and Rob? How did it all start?"

Caro took a long pull at the Champagne. Frank handed her the bottle.

"Well," started Caro, eyeing the, by now, obvious bulge at Frank's crotch. "He, Rob, you know, was always spying on us. We both knew it and contrived to give him a little thrill now and again. You know, diving from bedroom to bathroom naked as if we'd forgotten something; sometimes leaving the bathroom or bedroom door unlocked or even ajar."

"So we knew he spied on us. Then we worked out that he went back into his bedroom as soon as he'd had his look. Abby said that Cindy Jackson told her that her brother often 'tossed himself off' after he'd seen her so we thought that Rob must do the same. We worked out a plan."

"One night when you and mum were out we met on the landing as if Abby was coming from and I was going to the bathroom. We were both naked. We heard Rob so we knew that tonight was the night. We sort of counted to fifty and burst in on him. There he was! He had his hands wrapped around his cock and was tossing fast. He froze! It was so funny, except that I suddenly felt all wet between my legs. Just like I am now!"

Frank was as hard as iron.

"What did you do?" he croaked. "Rob says that you asked if you could touch him and then you both took your nightie's off. How old were you?"

"I think that I was just seventeen so you can work it out. I know that Abby hadn't grown her pubes then. Rob said that was what made him shoot his load. He'd never imagined or seen a picture of a girl's naked crack. He fired off all over our hands. God, what a mess but it was such fun!"

"How often did you do it after that? Did you ever make love?"

"We wanted to make love to Rob, or rather we wanted him to fuck us silly. Poor guy. He would get all uptight and shoot his load first. Then we would show him our fannies so he'd get hard again. We'd get closer and closer but he never got to put his cock properly inside either of us. Abby was the keenest; she would sit on his belly and rub her pussy along his shaft until she came and he would fill her pretty hole with his spunk. Abby used to scoop it up with her finger and eat it. That made Rob hard again so I did something to him that I'd heard about. I stuck his cock in my mouth and sucked him off. Right off, I mean! He would come in my mouth and I swallowed the lot, every time!"

Frank wished that he'd got another bottle of Champagne in the fridge and he said so. Caro jumped up and said she'd fetch one of hers.

"Don't move," she giggled, "especially don't move that, pointing at his bulge."

She seemed to take longer than just fetching a bottle but when she returned it was worth it. She threw off a white coat in the hallway to reveal a different gown, even more flimsy than the previous one.

This one was diaphanous white. There were no buttons, only a tie at the waist. As a result her cleavage dropped between her glorious breasts, showing pale brown skin all the way to her waist. When she sat down and held out a hand for her glass the skirt of the robe fell open to reveal a long beautiful leg and most of a thigh.

Mustn't get this robe wet," she giggled. "I haven't got another one. It would be very naughty for my daddy to see me naked now, wouldn't it? When did you last see me naked Daddy?"

"About fifteen years ago," grinned Frank. Before Caro could react he went on. "We all went on that picnic remember? It was you who suggested that we went skinny dipping."

"Oh gosh yes, I'd forgotten!" She looked coyly at his crotch. "It's also the last time I saw your gigantic prick daddy. You knew how to use it too. Mummy was making so much noise as you fucked her!"

"You saw that?"

"Oh no, we just heard you both! We were too busy playing with Rob's prick to follow you. That afternoon he almost fucked me. He lay me down and rubbed his cock on my fanny until I was so wet that he just slid into me! It was heaven! I told him to do me but he got scared and pulled out just as he came. He shot all over my tits and I licked it off them. Abby was furious that you and mummy came back before Rob's cock had recovered."

Frank had been standing in front of Caro during this. He now bent down and kissed her forehead. He then smiled to himself and quickly placed the cold Champagne bottle between her breasts. She squealed in surprise.

"Oh my God, that's cold!" she squeaked. "Look, it's all wet now. I should really take it off to dry it out." She looked at Frank. "Daddy darling, are we going to play naughties?"

"Do you want to, Caro my darling girl?"

"Ohhhhh yesssss, I've wanted to for as long as I can remember. What shall we do next?"

"Don't you think that you should take off that wet robe?" smiled Frank gently.

"Ohhh yes. See?"

Caro's robe fell from her body and Frank gasped. There she was in all her beauty.

Caro's wonderful full firm breasts were fully revealed to him. Her tummy was flat with a deep indentation for her belly button. There were no ridges of flesh, just signs of her working out to produce a hard body. She wasn't naked; she had on a tiny pair of pale lemon panties, just covering her crack. It was damp, the wet patch showing clearly. Frank could tell that her pussy was naked! His cock ached with hard tension.

"Your turn daddy," commanded Caro. Frank dropped his robe. What he hadn't realised was that his prick was so big and hard that the tip of his cock was peeping over the top of the waistband of his pants, weeping pre cum as it did so.

"My," whispered Caro, "you do need me, don't you daddy?" She looked her father full in the face. "I have waited for so long since Mummy died for you to come out of your grief. I know that I, and maybe Abby and Mandy, are the ones to bring you back to a full sexual life. Maybe we can't ever marry you but we can give you a full fucking life. I know its supposed to be illegal but I don't care. I won't tell ever and I'm sure you won't! Let's release that cock so that I can love it!"

Caro stepped forward. Her lips found Frank's and as they began to exchange saliva her big soft but firm breasts pressed to his chest. As their lips met she hooked her thumbs into his straining waistband and pushed downwards. Frank's cock sprang out and pressed itself to Caro's hot belly, making a wet pre cum trail as she squirmed against her father. Their first kiss ended.

"Now let's see what we have here," grinned Caro to her father. She dropped to her knees and took hold of her prize.

"Wow! Fuckin' wow!" she said in awe. "This is the biggest cock I've ever seen, bar none. It's wonderful, it's huge and it's so hard! I've got to get this in me now!"

Frank took charge. He grabbed Caro's hand and pulled her into his bedroom. He pulled back the covers and pushed her on to the bed. She lay on her back and opened her thighs. She hadn't for one moment let go of Frank's gigantic hard on.

"First time daddy, just fuck me! Do me hard and fast and fill me with your cream. Next time we can start doing our favourite positions!"

Frank poised himself above his eldest daughter, watching as she brought his knob end to her naked cunt. He couldn't remember when her panties had come off. He felt the heat as his tip touched the target.

"Contact!" said his daughter happily. "Let fucking commence!"

Frank thrust his thick hot cock to the top of his daughter's cunt!

Caro's hot shaft easily accommodated Frank's fat hard cock but she gasped as he rammed home to the top of her passage. Her arms came around him to his firm rounded buttocks and squeezed.

Frank pulled back and rammed his cock home again. Caro responded by thrusting her thighs upwards, her cunt following Frank's cock as it retreated. They began a fierce sexual battle as they sparred with each other. Caro was a noisy lover!

"Ohhhh fuck me Daddy!" she shouted. "Ohhhh fuck me Daddy! I love it so much! Fuck me hard! Harder! I'm coming already!"

She was too. No sooner had Frank warmed up to full speed thrusting Caro had boiled over. She moaned loudly with each thrust and expelled her hot love juice along the length of his shaft. As they thrust together a loud splashing became evident. Her fingernails bit into his flesh as her cunt thrust up hard; her eyes were tight shut with the emotion of the moment.

Frank groaned and began to unload his spunk into his daughter. Spurt after spurt of hot sticky jism fired into her cunt, easily reaching her cervix and the entrance to her womb where it searched for an egg to fertilise.

Frank was overcome with emotion as he finished shooting his semen. He kissed Caro and started to withdraw his slowly shrinking prick. She stopped him. She squeezed her cunt muscles around his shaft and held him tight, her arms now around his waist.

"Don't you dare take him out yet!" she panted. "That's the most wonderful feeling I've ever had! What a wonderful cock you have Daddy."

Frank kissed her, grinding his hairy chest all over her magnificent firm breasts. He pushed his groin at her cunt and she pushed back. His cock firmed a little.

"Wow!" gasped Caro as she broke the kiss. "Aren't we going to have a great fucking time between us? I loved that. Was I better than Marjie James?"

Frank started at the mention of Marj and then relaxed and smiled. Women!

"You girls sure talk to each other, don't you? How did you know about Marj and me? It's only happened once, a few days ago."

"That's when I saw her, coming out of the building. We stopped for a few words, that's all. I noticed that she looked a little embarrassed at being seen so I guessed that she had been to see you. I got a little nearer to her and smelt sex on her so I thought that you must have fucked her. Was she any good?"

Frank told Caro about Marj's 'thank you' visit. This stiffened his cock again. He rolled over with Caro still attached until she was on top. She luxuriously played with his shaft, rolling her hips and raising and lowering herself slowly.

"So, when do you think that she'll move in upstairs? Do you think that you'll be able to cope with both of us and maybe Abby and Mandy as well?"

Frank groaned with total ecstasy as Caro continued to stimulate him. He reached up to play with her breasts.

"Fucking hell Caro darling, that's fantastic! You'll kill an old man like that! Anyway, what makes you think that Abby and Mandy are interested in me? Mandy's your daughter, for Christ's sake!"

"Mandy and I share everything, except that up to now I haven't fancied any of her immature partners. She has offered to share them though! I shall tell her about us before she guesses the truth. She has made no secret to me that she finds you attractive so I expect my news will make her do something about it!"

Frank kissed Caro again. She began to rise and fall on his by now stiff cock. They were still very wet. Frank transferred his hold on her to her armpits and lifted her.

"Caro darling girl, let me see your wet snatch. Show me your wet pussy. It's a good job you shave or you would look very soggy!"

Caro giggled, "I only shaved it ready for today, you darling man! I knew that it would be soon so I got Mandy to do it last Sunday morning. I kidded her that I fancied the vicar at St. Martin's. She didn't believe me; he's almost eighty!"

"So is your grandfather, but that doesn't stop him trying!"

"I know, he's impossible, isn't he? Ooooo look, I'm going to dribble on you! I quite like the colour."

Sure enough, a pale white creamy liquid was oozing from Caro's vagina. She raised herself slightly higher and squeezed her cunt muscles together. She began to leak profusely.

Frank dipped a finger into the pool on his belly and sucked it. Caro did the same and then they kissed.

"Very nice," she said, "but it needs a touch of something else." She bent and swallowed a fair proportion of Frank's sticky cock. "Perfect," she grinned as she came up for air.

Frank groaned as Caro's lips and tongue stimulated him. He was very hard again. She scooped up all her 'leakings' and spread them on his shaft. Then she swallowed him again.

Frank was now thoroughly enjoying himself. His daughter was an excellent cocksucker and soon had him close to firing again. She recognised this and held back at the crucial time. Finally he had to beg her to finish him off.

"Finish it Caro; please finish me off. I'm an old man you know! You'll kill me with pleasure at this rate!"

Her mouth full of cock, Caro looked up and winked at him. She frigged and sucked him harder and soon got her reward. Suddenly her mouth was full of his hot spunk. She loved it.

Letting go of her toy she opened her mouth and showed her father his gift to her. As he pulled her head towards him she swallowed but there was still plenty of taste to share as they kissed deeply.

"Lovely," she sighed happily. "I'm going to have to go on the pill after this. I think that we are going to be fucking often, don't you?"

"Christ," said Frank, "I never thought of that. Are you going to be alright?"

"Oh yes," smiled his daughter happily. "I only finished my last period a week ago. Just to make sure I'll go get a 'morning after' pill and then get a prescription and tell Dr. Mooney that I've got a new lover, which I have!"

Frank and his new lover parted soon afterwards. Caro refused a shower at Frank's on the obvious grounds that they would only wind up fucking again! Frank slept soundly that night, dreaming of Caro and her daughter Mandy. He awoke in the morning with a huge hard on. He refused to toss off and went for his early morning piss and shower. That cured his problem, at least temporarily!

Frank felt revitalised after his evening with Caro. Next day he went shopping, not just for groceries, but new clothes for himself and a present for Caro. He didn't forget to replenish his stock of Champagne!

His gift to Caroline was jewellery. He felt that she didn't need clothes from him; she was the owner of a large and successful boutique and ladies fashion store in the centre of town. She could and did afford the best. No, he bought her a beautiful gold and diamond choker chain. The whole thing was mounted on a strong but soft leather strap. He imagined it fastened around her neck as he pounded his cock into her fabulous naked body. He had a job to leave the jewellery store without the bulge in his trousers being noticed.

In fact, he was not successful. On the other side of the store a young assistant had noticed. What's more she knew Frank, as she was a close friend of Mandy, his granddaughter. As soon as she was able she called Mandy on her mobile.

"Mandy, has your granddad got a new girl friend? He's just left here with a very expensive choker and a big bulge in his pants. He had a hard on!"

"Hmn," said Mandy pensively, "it's probably for Mum."

"What!" said her friend Sue explosively. "Expensive jewellery for his daughter? It was more like a sexy toy than anything else. I can't believe it's for your mom!"

"If I find out I might tell you," answered Mandy with a sexy chuckle. "You'll have to show me your tits though!"

Sue had big firm jutting tits, rather like Mandy's in fact except that they were a littler bigger.

"Mandy!" said Sue nervously and disconnected. She spent the rest of the afternoon with a flushed face, noticed by all staff and customers, especially Peter the owner's son. He fancied Sue like mad, just like she did him although they were both too shy to do anything about it other than smile at one another a lot.

"Is everything alright Sue?" he asked quietly.

Sue looked into his eyes, coloured up some more and said, "yes thanks Peter, I'm fine; it was just something that Mandy Armitage said to me on the phone just now."

"OK," he said, "but no more calls during opening hours."

Sue smiled but wished that he would ask her out.

Mandy had switched off her phone when Sue had disconnected. She wanted to think. When she had seen her mother this morning she had seemed distracted. They worked together, Mandy managing the lingerie department for her mother. She had been given a lot of responsibility, buying in all the stock and attending fashion shows where all the latest designs and fashions were on display.

This lifestyle meant that Mandy was almost always in the company of women, all well dressed and all beautiful. Mandy, a raving beauty herself attracted a lot of attention from these ladies. Very few of them were actually lesbians but they all appreciated beauty in one another. Mandy learned quickly and enjoyed a few encounters. She found that she particularly liked sucking tit and pussy with sucking on clits her particular delight. Needless to say, her casual partners had all enjoyed her ministrations.

Mandy's thinking started with her mother and finished with her grandfather. Did he really buy an expensive choker for Mummy? It looked like it. But why?

Thinking about granddad brought a warm flush to Mandy's cheeks and, truth be known, to her breasts and nipples too. In the privacy of her office her fingers crept under her black lace panties until she found her 'little man'. Soon her busy fingers caused a hot stream of love juice to escape and trickle down her thighs. Despite selling expensive underwear Mandy wore very little herself. She allowed her juice to dry on her naked thighs, enjoying the feeling and the odd whiff from her cunny as the afternoon wore on.

Back at home Frank admired his gift for Caroline. He hoped to God that she would like it and wear it, as he would like her to. His landline rang.

"Dad," said Rob. "I've got a problem. The Liverpool convention has been brought forward and now I'm double booked. Can you go for me? I'd send Chris Jackson but he's on holiday. Will you do it?"

"When is it?" asked Frank.

"That's just it! It starts tomorrow afternoon. If you'll go come in here tomorrow morning I'll brief you. You don't have to do much but listen and then report back to me on Friday afternoon. Then you can have the week-end free with your new lady friend."

"Who told you that I have a new woman?"

Rob chuckled. "People are saying that you're much brighter and more active just lately. Knowing you and our recent conversation I can tell that there must be a woman involved."

"I'll go to Liverpool. I'll see you in the morning before I go. I've one or two more questions to ask you about your childhood. See you in the morning son!"

Next morning father and son met at the office. They always took care to keep business and pleasure separate and in their right place but this morning Frank wanted an answer or two. At the end of the briefing he remained in his seat.

Rob looked at him enquiringly. "Want a coffee before you go dad? It's two hours to Liverpool."

Frank accepted and Rob called out to his secretary in the next room to bring in some fresh coffee.

"Getting back for a moment to you and your sisters growing up," began Frank. "I've been talking to Caro."

Rob looked startled. "I told you about that," he almost stammered.

"It's okay," said Frank, holding up his hands placatingly. "It's just that Caro seemed to think that there was a little more to it than helping you to toss off a few times!"

Frank had his back to Rob's office door so he hadn't seen his secretary coming with their coffee. Rob had and he went red and tried unsuccessfully to stop Frank speaking. The girl appeared and Frank choked and stopped.

She was young, about eighteen Frank supposed. She was dark haired, cut short to just below her ears. She was very pretty.

"This is Helen dad," said Rob. "Helen, you've seen my father around the place, haven't you? He's the founder of the firm and therefore responsible for your job."

Helen handed Frank his coffee cup, leaning forward so that he could see right down her blouse to her ample cleavage. Her breasts were beautiful. She knew where he was looking and gave him a big smile.

"I'm very pleased to meet you at last, Mr Frank," she said as she picked up the tray and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Christ Rob, she's a beauty, isn't she? Are you fucking her too?"

"I wish!" laughed Rob, picking up his own cup. "She's a friend of Mandy's so I think that it's 'hands off'', don't you?"

"I would try 'hands on'," said Frank. He put down his cup. "Caro is saying that your cock got very close to filling her, and Abby, quite a few times! She especially remembers the day of the picnic and the skinny dipping."

"Gosh yes," grinned Rob. "You and Mum were fucking noisily and Caro got carried away. My cock slipped right into her and I nearly came!"

"You did come, all over her. Then Abby was mad because Abigail and I finished and came back too soon!"

Rob smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry dad. I do love them both and they are very beautiful. I get a hard on every time I see one of them."

Frank laughed out loud and stood up to leave.

"So do I son; so do I! I'm not criticising you. I just want to know how close our family really is! 'Bye, see you at the week-end."

On his way out Frank couldn't resist stopping at Helen's desk, ostensively to thank her for the coffee but he did also want another glimpse down that tantalising gap at the top of her blouse. Christ! Had Helen unfastened another button?

"It was my pleasure Mr Armitage," she smiled again.

"Just Frank will do Helen. It's too confusing for you to have to keep remembering which Mr A. you are talking to! You're a friend of my granddaughter I believe?"

"Yes Mr. er, Frank, we were at school together. Mandy recommended me to her uncle when the vacancy came up."

"Good; and how do you get on with my son? What you care to say goes no further of course."

Frank smiled encouragingly at Helen and she clearly blushed and nervously put one hand on her bosom.

"He's very nice," she said falteringly, "I like working for him."

Helen seemed to fumble as she spoke and Frank was treated to a view of an expanse of firm round breasts as her fingers caught in the unfastened buttonhole and pulled the top of her blouse wide open.

"Very nice Helen," said Frank. "You have beautiful tits. Maybe you'll show all of them to me one day."

Within five minutes of Frank's departure Helen was on the phone to Mandy, telling her what had happened.

"So," giggled Mandy, "granddad likes your titties too. They are rather beautiful! Maybe you'll show them to both of us at once, one day!"

Frank made good time to Liverpool and found the hotel without difficulty. He checked in, both to his room and to the convention organisers. He briefly studied the timetable and the programme. There were only three sessions that were of any interest to the company and Frank wondered what he would do with the rest of his time.

He looked at his watch; Caro would be home from the boutique by now. He called her mobile first and was relieved when she answered. She sounded out of breath.

"Hi Daddy, I'm in the gym in the basement having my workout! You should try it; it'll get you fit. Where are you?"

Frank told her. She commiserated with him.

"Poor you! I would have called on you tonight to see if you were up for it again! When can I see you again?"

"That's what I'm calling you about. How about Friday evening? We can go out to dinner or we can stay in. I've got a present for you."

"How lovely," said Caro, her voice now back to normal. "What is it? I'll cook on Friday so that we don't set tongues wagging."

"I'll show you Friday night," chuckled Frank. "All I'll tell you is that I'll expect it to be the only thing that you are wearing as I make love to you!"

"Make love daddy? That sounds much more serious than fucking! I don't mind though; I love your big cock in me!"

"Make sure that you take your pills," ordered Frank. "We will set the tongues wagging soon though. Surely a father can take his daughter out to dinner without everyone jumping to conclusions?"

"Maybe, maybe," said his daughter, "but Friday I'll cook, OK? And Daddy, don't fuck too many women at the convention, right? I want you on top form on Friday night!"

They disconnected happily, confident in their love for one another.

Frank thought about what Caroline had said. There would be women at this convention and some would be available. Even if they weren't they might feel like playing. He set off to find out.

Frank dressed himself in his best casual wear. Smart cavalry twill slacks and a light blue shirt covered a small pair of briefs. He went down to the convention dining room and studied the seating plan for dinner. He was pleasantly surprised to see that he was seated next to a lady. The name seemed vaguely familiar but he couldn't put a face to the name.

"I got my seat changed so that I could sit next to you Frank," said a soft voice at his elbow. He wheeled around. Of course! It was Arabella Fitzroy, one of Abigail's best friends. He had forgotten that she was with a similar company to his own.

"Bella!" he exclaimed delightedly, hugging her and kissing her on both cheeks. "I'd forgotten that you might be here. I, I was hoping to sit next to a lady tonight but this is a bonus! Someone that I actually know!"

Bella laughed, not stepping back from the hug; in fact, she seemed to press closer. Then her face changed and she released her grip.

"Frank, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm also sorry that I couldn't attend Abby's funeral. I was out of the country on business. We are negotiating some big contracts in Malaysia and I had to be there. How are you? How are you coping? It's almost a year now, isn't it?"

"It's ten months and eighteen days," said Frank. "I think I'm over the worst now, thank you. The girls have been wonderful, especially Caroline. I'm semi-retired now; Rob is running the company. You're lucky I'm here today, it was a last minute change of plan."

"I feel doubly lucky then," Bella said as she linked her arm through his. "Will you escort me in to dinner?"

"Of course," said Frank, "but not until we've had a big drink in the bar to celebrate our reunion! Are you game?"

Bella looked into Franks eyes and smiled softly.

"Game for anything," she said.

The bar was quiet and they found an exclusive corner snug. Frank had doubled Bella's request for a scotch and dry and held a pint mug for himself. They raised their glasses to one another.

Frank drank and examined one of Abigail's best friends. They hadn't met often but he clearly remembered the effect that she had always had on him. She looked a little like Abigail, tall and firm of body with slightly greying shoulder length hair. Her upper body she was showing to good effect, her small breasts pushed up to the top of her neckline, seemingly quite firm and of an adequate size. Frank felt a little twitch in his balls.

"Are you really hungry?" Bella asked him, her eyes dancing mischievously.

Frank looked very deliberately at her breasts.

"I'm afraid I am," he grinned. "I haven't eaten since breakfast and I think I might need to build up some energy for later. What do you think?"

"Let's go in to dinner then. I could do with some energy too. Go get another drink for us both and join me at the table."

Dinner was good; soup, pork and dessert served with style and also quickly. The wine was excellent and as the meal progressed Bella became more animated, frequently gripping Frank's thigh, moving her hand a little higher each time. Finally Frank couldn't stand the suspense. Next time she touched him he took her hand and placed it on his cock. She didn't flinch. She leant towards him and whispered.

"Abby used to tell me about your gorgeous cock and what you could do with it. I was so jealous. I wanted it too. She promised me once that I could see it but it never happened. Can I see it tonight?"

"Just see it?"

"Oh no! I want to see and suck it. Then I want you to stick it in me. Aren't I rude? I want your cock in my pussy and my bum hole! Then I'll suck it some more! We've only got these few nights. Let's take advantage of the situation Frank darling. What do you say?"

"Your room or mine," whispered Frank hoarsely as he gripped between Bella's thighs.

She stood up, swaying slightly. "Yours. I'll be there in five minutes!"

Frank smiled at the other occupants at the table, most of whom he had hardly spoken to. He also stood and headed for the lifts. In two minutes he was in his room, specifically in his bathroom, standing naked at the pan as he pissed hard and long. As his stream ceased the door to his room, which he had left slightly ajar, opened and Bella entered. She pushed the door closed.

She was wearing a long pale blue robe and carrying a small evening bag. Frank had decided not to put anything on. They both knew what she had come for. His slightly dripping prick began to rise as she walked towards him.

"Ohhh," she whispered, "I almost caught you pissing! Can I watch you next time please Frank?"

Bella sank to her knees and began to fondle her prize. Frank grew to his full size and she gasped.

"Abigail used to tell me about your size Frank. She loved it so much. Of course you know that."

Frank pulled Bella to her feet just as she was about to swallow his knob end.

"On the bed my girl," he growled. "Strip off and then you can swallow my cock. Get it wet then I'll stuff it up your cunt and then your arsehole; or the other way round if you prefer."

Bella was so excited she literally jumped up on to the bed, throwing off her clothes and reaching out for Frank's cock. As she pulled it towards her mouth Frank sat down on her belly, rubbing his long hard shaft between her tits, his pre cum flowing.

"Ohhh yesss," sighed Bella as she swallowed his knob end, sucking hard.

Just as with Caro the other night, there was no loving, just fucking. Bella sucked and frigged until Frank felt an explosion coming. He pulled firmly out of her mouth.

"Now Bella now is the time! Which hole is it to be?"

Bella wriggled out from under him, turned over and presented her bum to the sky.

"You choose Frank darling!"

Frank parted her buttocks with his thumbs. Her pink pussy winked at him and her anus pulsed gently. God! He was going to have both!

He reached into her and opened her cunt. Liquid gathered! He put his knob end to the juicy hole and pushed. Her labia resisted for a second and then parted. His long hard shaft slid into her hole until it reached the top. Bella made more juice. She moaned softly.

Frank began to spread Bella's juices all over her bum, especially into the crack and particularly on to her arsehole. When his fingers began to slide he put first one, then another finger into her rectum. He began to fuck her cunt. Bella moaned.

"Ooooo Frank, that's wonderful. Your cock is so big and hard, just like Abby told me. I love to feel it in me! Fuck me hard; I'm going to come soon!"

"I'm not," grunted Frank. "Not until I've had your arse too, my darling. Let's give that a try, shall we?"

However, first Frank really began to fuck Bella's cunt hard. She duly came with a long low howl as she bucked hard against his balls. Frank gritted his teeth and pulled out of her hot tunnel.

He spread more of her copious juices into her arsehole and opened up the hole with his thumbs. A wide deep black hole beckoned him. He pushed his rod at the hole and, big as he was, easily buried it deep. Again he had to hold on tight to avoid the flood from his balls.

"Owwww, that's big Frank! That's fuckin' big! Wait a minute. Let me try and get used to the size of you. You're lovely and hot though. I think I like it!"

"Never had a cock in there, have you Bella?" grunted Frank as he began to shaft her arse.

"Nooooo! Neverrrr! Oooooo! Yesssss! I just heard it from Abby. She used to tell me about it!"

Frank stopped. "Tell me what she said Bella. Tell me what she said about me fucking her arsehole. Tell me about it and make me come!"

Bella twisted her head to look up at Frank. For the first time she flexed her sphincter muscle and gripped his cock.

"She said that you'd get her all slippery and push your cock into her. She didn't say that you were so big though. She just said that she loved your cock up there. Then you'd beg her to make you come so that you could fill her bum with spunk. Well, actually Abby always said her arsehole. She loved to talk dirty, didn't she?"

Bella began to rhythmically squeeze Frank's cock with her sphincter muscle. He groaned and gripped her buttocks, his fingers digging in.

"She would shout at you to fuck her arsehole, wouldn't she Frank? Is this how she made you come? She wanted your big cock to make her arse sore. What else did she like Frank? What else did she shout for?"

"She wanted me to, oh, smack, oh, her arse, ohhhh!" Frank moaned.

"Go on then Frank! Go on, smack my arse and shoot your load of spunk up my arse!"

Frank did just that. As he began to spank Bella's arse cheeks the memories flooded back. It was suddenly Abigail's arsehole he was impaled upon. She loved it and was always urging him on to fuck her arse and to spank her. It always made him shoot gallons of spunk and tonight was no different. He groaned as his balls despatched his hot sticky load into Bella's waiting passage, shot after shot of hot white spunk.

Bella squealed in surprise as his ejaculations filled her to the brim. Frank's cock dripped his last effort on to her cheeks and he rubbed it into her skin. She reached around behind her and took his hand.

"Thank you Frank, that was wonderful. That was the most moving experience I've ever had. You're right, Charles has never done that to me in all the years we've been married and I never had the nerve to look elsewhere before. Tonight I was determined to find out what it was that Abby loved."

"We've not finished yet Bella my love. Turn over and show me your pussy again. You should get that shaved, all the modern girls do. Now, just take my spunk off my cock and see if you can get me ready again. Why hasn't your husband tried for your arse?"

"Well Frank, he always was very old fashioned and he is twenty years older than me. He is seventy-five years old now and I don't think he can get it up any more. It's over five years since he last poked me!"

Frank laughed. "You'll have to come over to Bledworth and meet my dad. He says he can still do it and he's seventy-eight! He's always on the lookout for a bit. How about it? Oh yes Bella, that's just right; now see how much you can get inside that mouth of yours."

Bella couldn't answer Frank's question. Her mouth was full of his cock. As he watched more of his nine and a half inches was taken in. He felt what must be Bella's throat muscles around his knob end. As she squeezed him rhythmically he groaned and felt his sap rising!

His spunk left his cock for the second time in less than an hour. Bella swallowed and then allowed his cock to rest in her mouth as he pumped out the rest of his offering.

Eventually a spent Frank withdrew his soft cock from Bella's mouth. She smiled, opened wide to show him his offering and then swallowed.

"That was always my party piece," she giggled like a young girl. "I was known as the best cock sucker at Oxford. One weekend I sucked off the whole rugger fifteen plus reserves and then the next day I had the rowing eight. I let the little cox fuck me! For a little guy he had a huge cock!"

Frank got off the bed and picked up the telephone.

"Room service please. Oh hello. This is room 202. Please send up two bottles of your best Champagne!"

As he put the phone down he suddenly thought of Caroline and Champagne. His cock twitched with new life as he turned back to Bella.

She was flat on her back with her legs wide open. She was rubbing his cum from her arsehole on to her cunt. Frank's cock lifted a little and she smiled.

"Ready?" she laughed.

Frank awoke the next morning with a thick head and a soft slightly sore cock. He was naked but alone. There was a note on the bedside table. 'Sorry I had to run but I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast. Love Bella. P.S. My bum hole is sore!'

Frank groaned and phoned room service for breakfast.

They did meet downstairs as the first session convened. Bella was very correct but rude as she greeted him.

"Hello Mr Armitage, are you enjoying the convention? I hope that this guy knows what he's talking about or it will be as boring as shit!"

They went in and sat together very decorously. Frank began to relax a little and he thought that his cock felt a little less sore.

Halfway through the presentation Bella leaned over to him and whispered: - "I'm going to be free after coffee Frank. Would you like your cock sucked?"

Frank whispered back, "only after a brandy or two in the bar after coffee!"

Bella squeezed his thigh briefly in acknowledgment. An hour later Frank was laid back on her bed with his cock deep inside her mouth again. All memories of soreness had left him. Bella was naked with her pussy stroking over Frank's mouth as she deep throated him. Frank knew he was close to coming so he concentrated on frigging her cunt and arsehole. He managed to distract her slightly. She lifted her head from his groin and then her cunt from his mouth.

"OK Frank, you win! Fuck my arse again you horny man you!"

She turned and presented her holes to his hard shaft. She rubbed her cunt along his shaft, spreading her juice along it. This lubricated her arsehole and she moved back slightly. Frank pulled her arsehole open with his thumbs and fingers. Bella fitted his cock to her hole with her free hand. She lowered herself slowly until she was totally embedded.

"This was Abby's favourite position, wasn't it Frank? She told me. You deep in her arse and grasping her tits as she went up and down! Like this!"

Bella gripped Frank's cock tightly again with her sphincter muscle as she played with his cock. He grabbed at her little tits and pulled hard on her nipples. That attracted her attention!

"Owwww! Ohhhh yessss Frank! Hurt my tits; pull on my nips! You're making me come!"

Bella did come, expelling her love juice on to Frank's belly. As she did so her sphincter gripped Frank's cock even more tightly, stopping his ejaculation. She wound down from her orgasm, ceasing all movement and finally easing the pressure on his cock. He lifted her off his tool by using his hands under her armpits and then carefully lowered her cunt back on to his upright shaft. The hot wet tunnel of her cunt almost soothed him as he began to fuck her.

"Ohhhhh Frank, that's lovely!" she gasped. "Keep on doing that darling. Go on, fill me with your spunk!"

Frank duly obliged and indeed managed to satisfy Bella three more times before he left her later that evening. He was knackered! They had missed dinner but she said that his sperm would be enough for her.

Next morning Frank staggered out of bed and ordered breakfast from room service again. He studied the day's programme. Yes he had remembered correctly, the last session that he was interested in was at two thirty that afternoon.

He dressed quickly and packed. He left the room and went downstairs and out to his car. He moved it to a space he found in an adjacent street and walked back to the hotel. He went to the desk and paid his bill, wincing at the cost of Champagne. He went into the hotel lounge and wrote a note to Bella.

'Sorry Bella darling', he wrote, 'but I've got to go. The family need me; it's some sort of crisis. If you want to have a crack at Fred, my dad, give me a call. Many thanks for the last two nights. It was great! Frank'.

Family crisis indeed! The only crisis as far Frank was concerned was if he had to perform for Bella again tonight he would be in no fit state to make love to Caro tomorrow!

He managed to avoid Bella all morning. Fortunately she was not going to attend his last session, having said that she would be going shopping. He made it back to his car around three-thirty without being seen and breathed a sigh of relief as he turned on the ignition. As he drove past the hotel entrance he spotted Bella mounting the steps. She would soon be reading his note.

Frank drove a leisurely way home, stopping at a small country hotel in Worcestershire overnight. He felt much more relaxed in the morning and drove back to Bledworth in time to catch Rob at the factory just before lunch. Helen blushed as he sat in her office waiting. Fortunately her workstation bleeped quickly and he winked at her as he went in to see his son.

"Hi Dad, How did you get on? Not too boring, I hope."

Frank faithfully reported what he had seen and learned. Rob took his notes from him and called Helen in to the room.

"Helen my dear," he said. "These are my dad's notes from the convention. Type them out please and store them with the other similar files."

"Yes Mr, er, Rob," she said, smiling at Frank again as she turned to leave.

"Wait Helen," said Frank. "Here's my mobile number if you get stuck with any of my handwriting. My writing was never very clear." He handed her his personal card. His mobile number was on it; he rarely gave anyone his mobile number.

"Personal mobile number eh," laughed Rob when they were alone. "Not many people have that. Anything else to report?"

"Yes, I met one of your mum's old friends at the conference, Arabella Fitzroy. Have you ever met her?"

"I don't think so," replied Rob. "Was she at Mum's funeral? How did you get on with her? Did she fancy you?"

"She couldn't get to the funeral; she was in Malaysia on business. Yes, you could say that she fancied me and came on to me."


Frank smiled at his son. "It seems that your mother had confided to Bella about some of our love making activities. She wanted to try them out. You could say that we exchanged bodily fluids in great quantities! Very enjoyable but very tiring; she's very demanding, is Bella. I escaped early yesterday afternoon and spent the night in Worcestershire. I was knackered!"

Rob laughed. "Go home and get some more rest Dad. Take it easy."

"I intend to. I'm having dinner with Caro tonight"

Rob smiled again and raised his eyebrows but said nothing. "Have a nice meal", he said as his father left his office.

Outside, Helen got up from her desk and approached Frank.

"I can read your notes fine, Mr Frank. Here's your card."

"Keep it Helen, keep it. You never know when you might feel like talking to me. The mobile number is private though, so keep it in your purse and don't let anyone else see that number unless you call me first."

"Oh thank you, er, Frank. I'll keep it safe."

Frank put a finger under her pretty soft chin and gazed into Helen's cleavage for a second or two.

"I know you will sweetheart," he said quietly. He left just as quietly and went home.

After a long hot shower and a couple of shots of brandy Frank pressed the button for Caro's apartment on the intercom that connected all the family apartments. She answered almost at once.

"Hello daddy darling," she positively sang. "How did it go?"

"I'll tell you later," said Frank. "How's dinner coming along?"

"It'll be ready soon enough after you get here," she chuckled. "So will I be, ready I mean."

"Twenty minutes," said Frank and hung up.

He dressed carefully in his best dark blue slacks and white shirt. He thought about it but in the end decided to wear some pants. He chose a pair of blue ones. He went to his personal safe and twirled the combination through the correct sequence. The door opened and he took out Caro's present.

Soon he rang her doorbell. She opened the door and kissed him openly. Only the family lived in the building.

"Come in darling," she said breathlessly. "Abby's inside. She turned up about fifteen minutes ago."

In Caroline's sitting room his younger daughter stood to greet him. She crossed the room and kissed him on both cheeks. Then she pressed her lips gently to his.

Frank held her at arms length. She was beautiful, just like her sister. She almost took his breath away every time he looked at her.

Abby stood five feet six, just a little shorter than her sister. Her body was perfect with her long light brown hair shining as her head moved as she spoke. Her full breasts were round and firm, her nipples just showing through her top. She was wearing an evening top, all silky white with small diamante decorations along the edges; her bra was obviously very fragile, but adequate to hold her treasures. Frank's cock twitched in his slacks.

"Abby my darling, you're so beautiful. I love you both so much. I'm so lucky to have two beautiful daughters to keep me company in my old age! Who's the lucky guy tonight? He'll not be able to keep his hands off you!"

Abby looked at Caro and she looked back with a little nod. Caro moved closer to them and took Franks arm. It was no accident that she rubbed the back of her hand against his growing bulge.

"Daddy," began Caroline. "Abby and I were talking just before you arrived. I didn't mean to say anything tonight but it just slipped out as we were talking about you, and Mummy of course."

Frank looked at them both, his heart beginning to pound.

"I, I told Abby about us the other night. I told her that you were coming to see me again tonight. I told her how much I love you! She kissed me and told me some things too. Some of them I suspected but I didn't know. I now know why my beautiful sister has never got married. Tell daddy Abby; tell him what you told me. It's alright, he'll understand; I know he will!"

Abby was breathing hard, her beautiful breasts heaving. She put her arm around Caro for support.

"Daddy, Caro has told me that you have been speaking to Rob and her about what we used to get up to together as kids. Well, a bit older than that, wasn't it? We were teenagers. We did attack Rob that first time and he did come all over our hands and his tummy. He said it was because he saw my pussy without any hair that he shot his load."

Frank now held Abby closely.

"You don't have to say another word my darling," he said as he kissed her. "We all love each other and that's fine. It's all in the family."

"Yes Daddy," said Abby as she kissed him back. "I know but I want to tell you this so that you will understand a little better. You see I used to go into Rob's bedroom even when Caro was not there. I used to get into bed with him and play with his cock. I called it his willy then! I'd show him my naked pussy and he would come all over my tummy."

"It's alright Abby darling, I do understand!"

"I know that now daddy, Caro has explained it all to me. But you see, I still do it. I love Rob and can't seem to get strong enough feelings for any other man. Oh, I've had sex with any number of handsome hunks; a girl like me knows that she can take her pick. None have really matched up to Rob so we still meet up about two or three times a week; in bed of course!"

"Where are you going tonight darling?"

"I was going out with the gang but I've lost heart a bit now. Now that I've spoken to Caro and confessed to you I want to talk to Rob."

Frank picked up Caro's internal phone and handed it to Abby. Words were not needed. She pressed Rob's number. He answered.

"No Rob darling, it's not Caro. It's me! Can I come up to see you? Dad's here and he and Caro know everything, well almost everything, about you and me. I need to be with you tonight. Can I please?"

She listened for a moment and then chuckled. "You know that I do it every Friday morning for you. It's all ready darling. Oh I do love you so!"

"Yes darling, they both know. I'll be up in a few minutes. Don't start without me!"

Abby hung up and kissed Caroline and then her father. She kissed them both on the lips with her tongue seeking their acceptance. As her tongue entered his mouth Frank felt his cock rise firmly. Abby felt it too and ground her mound on to his cock.

"I just love you guys to bits," she giggled. "That feels so good Daddy; maybe I'll have to take a look at it too. Do you come at the sight of a naked cunt?"

"No he doesn't," laughed Caro. "He waits until he gets it all the way up my cunny and then he fucks me before he lets fly! Anyway, what was all that about 'doing something every Friday morning for Rob'. Do tell!"

Abby laughed now, her confidence high.

"I shave my pussy every Friday morning for him. He doesn't shoot off straight away any more of course but he does love it! His tongue will be in there as soon as he's poured me my drink. I drink my red wine while I watch him tonguing me. Afterwards I dunk his cock in my glass and suck him until he's ready!"

Caro and Frank laughed and then they both kissed Abby again as she prepared to leave. Abby stuck her tongue in her father's mouth again and rubbed her palm across his shaft.

"Gosh that's big!" she giggled. "Caro darling, will you share Daddy with me. I think that I might need a bit extra now and again!"

"Of course you can! Maybe I'll ask Rob if he wants to see my shaved pussy too! Maybe we can share him both at the same time again! It will really be like old times for Rob won't it?"

Abby left happily and Caro immediately stuck herself to her father's body, grinding her mound against his. They kissed long and hard before Caro broke away.

"God, dinner will be ruined at this rate! Let's eat and you can tell me all about the women you fucked in Liverpool."

Caro was a great cook with steaks her speciality. Frank commented that he needed building up and told her about Bella.

"I remember her," said Caroline. "Mummy took me with her once when she went to see her. Her husband kept on pinching my bottom! I was only eleven! He was a lot older than her too."

"He's seventy eight now and can't get it up any more," grinned Frank. "I told her to come over here and try your grandfather. He says he can still do it!"

"I know," laughed Caro. "He was ushering a woman into his apartment last night as I got home. He didn't act embarrassed at all!"

"I wonder if he fucked her," said Frank.

They talked a lot about Abby and Rob and of their love for each other. They talked about their own feelings and about the whole family's sexual urges for each other.

"I don't think it's a problem Daddy," said Caroline, laying a hand on Frank's. "As long as it's all between us and we keep it private we can do what we like with each other. We're all consenting adults, aren't we?"

"My cock has been hard ever since I entered this room," moaned Frank. "I need to do something about it darling!"

"Abby noticed it too! She'll be down for a look at it before the weekend is over; you mark my words. In the meantime, take it out for me darling. I want to see what I'm going to get!"

Frank unzipped his slacks and in a flash Caro had his cock out and her hands wrapped around it. The internal phone rang.

"Hello. Oh hi Abby darling, how are you getting on? Oh, twice already eh!" She winked at Frank as she frigged him gently. "OK, I'll tell anyone who asks. What's that? Oh no darling, I'm just about to see how much of it I can swallow! Enjoy the rest of the night!"

"He's fucked her twice already! She's staying in his bed all night. I'm to tell anyone who asks that she's away for the week-end."

Caroline swallowed most of her father's cock!

Frank sat back in his daughter's recliner as she sucked his cock. Bella was the last one to suck him and he idly compared his feelings. Bella was good, of course, with all her experience but he decided he preferred Caro.

She handled him beautifully as she sucked up and down his whole shaft. She was much more gentle with her mouth and her tongue was a delight. She could lick him from tip to root without any hard movement. She held his balls in her spare hand, softly squeezing them but occasionally swallowing one whole and lashing her tongue all around it.

Frank was ready to come and gasped a warning.

"I'm ready," said Caro and swallowed him again, sucking his knob into her throat.

Frank's balls flexed and his cock swelled. His spunk shot up his tube and squirted deep into her throat. Caro gulped as she swallowed it and then pulled back to receive the rest of Frank's sperm in her mouth.

Frank felt so relaxed as he pumped. He felt that he could come forever! Caro's mouth felt so wonderful, loving his cock totally. He could feel her tongue still caressing his fat tool, a little softer now but still very big.

Finally he stopped spurting and Caro stopped sucking. She smiled at Frank and opened her mouth to show him his spend. She carefully and deliberately swallowed. Frank distinctly felt a little twitch in his groin. Now was the time.

He reached out and picked up the gift-wrapped package off the little table by the side of the armchair. He handed it to Caroline.

"Here you are darling. A little gift for you."

Caro stood up and turned the package over in her hands. She leaned down and kissed her father.

"Thank you daddy; I do love you so. Hmn, it's too heavy for panties so I'll guess that it must be some sort of sex toy. It's not a dildo, is it?"

"It's for you to find out," grinned Frank wickedly.

"You really want me to be naked except for this? Are you going to fuck me while I'm wearing it? This could be fun!"

"Go and prepare yourself my darling."

Caro went off to her bedroom, clutching her present. Frank remained at ease in the recliner, idly stroking his soft fat tool. Then he slowly undressed and watched contentedly as his prick began to grow and stiffen again.

Caro returned and Frank gasped. She was wearing her see through robe again but this time her nipples and pussy were clearly visible. She was holding the neck of the gown tightly around her, presumably to hide the choker.

Caro almost jumped on to the recliner to sit on Frank's knees, one knee on either side of his thighs. She leant forward and kissed her father, her tongue working its magic again. His cock became rock hard, pushing at her belly button.

"Thank you so much daddy darling," she squealed delightedly. "It's beautiful! You shouldn't have spent so much money on me!"

"Show me darling," said Frank. "I want to see how it fits."

"It's slightly tight but that's how it should be," said Caro as she flung away the robe to reveal the beautiful choker fastened around her neck. The diamonds and gold glistened at her throat. Her breasts below seemed larger tonight, her nipples thrusting out towards Frank. She looked tremendous, very sexy, desirable and horny. Frank looked at her with lust and she felt it. She preened herself, thrusting her breasts at him.

"You need a chain to fasten to the ring and a little whip to make my bottie smart," she grinned lewdly. "I bet you daren't walk me naked down High Street like that!"

Frank reached up and took her hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs and squeezed and pulled on them.

"Get mounted darling. I want to feel your hot naked pussy all over my cock. Your choker looks so hot that I want to smack your bum as you frig yourself on my pole."

Caro lifted herself and, taking hold of Frank's cock between finger and thumb, aimed and opened up to allow his hot hard shaft to fully penetrate her. She sighed deeply as she bottomed out and kissed Frank again, her lovely breasts now almost flattened against his hairy chest.

Frank changed his grip and grabbed a hold on the choker as he thrust upwards. Caro cried out as he gained the final inch of penetration of her cunt.

"Ohhhhh Daddy Daddy!" she shouted. "I love you, I love you!"

She lifted her cunt up Frank's shaft and he pulled down on the choker to force her down again. He felt in full control of her movements, only allowing her to move to stimulate her clitoris against his belly.

Caro settled down to a rhythmic fucking motion. She was building up to a tremendous come. Liquid began to flow from her pussy and squelching noises began. Tears flowed down her cheeks, landing on Frank's chest.

"Ohhhhh Daddy! I'm going to come. I might even squirt on you! I do sometimes. I love you so much I want to give it to you! Yesssss, here it comes!"

Caro lifted herself right off Frank's cock as she came. A firm squirt of her juice shot out of her pussy and on to Frank's belly. It was very hot! Caro subsided back down Frank's shaft, spreading more hot juice. She kissed him slowly, tonguing his mouth lasciviously. His cock remained hard.

"Ohhhh my darling Daddy. That was another wonderful fuck from you. Is there no end to the pleasure you can give a girl? I guess not, Mummy used to shout all the time when you fucked her!"

Frank began to kiss and play with Caro's big breasts. He licked all over them and then took her nipples alternately into his mouth. He sucked and bit them and she bucked up and down his cock. He held her in place with his grip on the choker. She began to approach orgasm again and when Frank began to squeeze her buttocks she shuddered into a climax again, no squirt this time. She was however, very wet and her juice ran between her thighs to reach and anoint her bum crack and the puckered entrance hole. Frank reached around and rubbed her slippery spend into the hole. As she shuddered through yet another orgasm two of his fingers breached her arsehole.

They stopped moving, although Caro's cunt muscles were still gently stimulating Frank's cock. He in turn still had two fingers in her slippery rectum.

"Daddy?" murmured Caro, squeezing his cock again.

"Yes darling," groaned Frank.

"Do you want to put your cock in there? In my bum I mean? I know that Mummy used to love it in there. You can if you want; nothing is forbidden to you!"

"Are you sure darling? Have you done it that way before?"

"Oh yes! After mummy told me it was wonderful I had to try it. She even told me that she would get you to show me if I couldn't find a willing partner. I did of course; Jeremy was quite good at it! About the only thing he was good at, the bastard! Now, how do you want me?"

"What is your favourite position darling?"

"I don't mind really. You can fuck it from behind if you like but I do like to see! I tell you what; I will lie down in this chair with it fully reclined with my legs up in the air over the arms. Then you can see my bum, er, arsehole and I can see your cock sticking in me. How about that?"

"Let's do it," said Frank and carefully stood up with his daughter still deeply impaled on his cock. Carefully they manoeuvred until he could lower Caro on to her back in the chair. She pressed a couple of buttons and her arse rose as the chair adjusted.

"There," she sighed at last, "that's lovely! Your cock feels even bigger Daddy!" I could almost come again before you do my bum. Slide out of me so that I can show you a new target!"

Frank pulled his cock out of her cunt and Caro leant even further back, her arsehole coming into view. It was still wet and glistening from Frank's earlier playing. He moved eagerly forward. Caro pulled her arse cheeks apart to reveal a wide entrance with a deep dark tunnel.

"There Daddy!" she gasped. "Can you get your huge hampton in there? Hurry up, I can't hold this position for very long!"

Frank put his cock to her arsehole and pushed. Caro was very slippery and he had no problem. His fat hard cock disappeared into her hole. 'God', he thought, 'it's hot in here'. Caro moved her hands and her rectum closed around his shaft.

"How's that darling?" he grunted. "Does it hurt? Am I too big for you?"

"Too big for your daughter?" said Caro. "It's just right! It feels lovely, all hard and hot! Fuck my arsehole now! Fuck it hard!"

Frank pulled back and thrust again. Wonderful, his daughter's arsehole seemed to be identical to Abigail's, long and hot! Her walls gripped him firmly and as he shafted her he knew he wouldn't last long this time. It felt sooooo good!

Caro's eyes looked up into his face. She was so lovely! He gazed down to her wet naked cunt as he shafted his cock into her hot smooth arsehole. God! He loved doing this to women! Caro's felt so much like Abigail's he wanted to shoot his hot spunk. It's too soon, he thought desperately as he tried to slow down his attack. Caro ruined that for him with her shouts.

"Ohhhhh my God Daddy! That's wonderful. It's the best I've ever had. Let me see you shoot your load all over me. Then I'll eat it all! I'll spread it all over my cunny and make it even stickier than it is now! Oh yes, do it hard; fuck my arse hard!"

Frank groaned loudly as he felt his cock swell and pulse as his spunk surged up his urethra. He pulled out quickly and they both watched as thick white strings of his semen anointed Caro's belly and vagina. Frank pumped and pumped until he could produce no more. Caro wrapped her right hand around his fat shaft and squeezed. A last white blob appeared at his hole. She rubbed her thumb over his knob and collected it.

Caro lowered her thighs and licked her thumb. Frank groaned and his cock twitched but for the moment he had no more. Caro smiled up at him as she began to spread his cum all over her cunt and down between her legs. Her eyes closed as she began to feel the sticky cream sooth her nether regions. She sucked on her cummy fingers as she opened her eyes.

"That's a wonderful feeling Daddy," she whispered. "To have your lover's cum just where it should be after having it delivered so expertly."

Frank lay on top of her and kissed her. She rubbed her big breasts against his rough hair again as she swallowed and sucked on his tongue. Then she took his face in her hands and broke contact.

"I've forgotten our dessert Daddy! It's all ready in the fridge. Shall I go and get it now? It's very simple but I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially when you see how I want you to eat it!"

Frank eased himself off Caro's splendid body and kissed her lightly as he pulled her to her feet.

"I don't need a dessert really darling. It's a real treat to be with you and see you as you are now!"

Caroline gently pushed him back on to the sofa.

"You just stay there my love. You'll enjoy this, I promise! Close your eyes and I'll give you another surprise!"

Caro left the room and Frank relaxed, closing his eyes as instructed. He vaguely heard some soft noises he couldn't identify. Then Caro's soft voice roused him.

"Here's your dessert darling! Come and eat it!"

Frank opened his eyes and gasped. Caro was sprawled flat out on her recliner with her thighs wide apart. Resting on her pussy was a large portion of what looked like strawberries, cream and ice cream. Frank's cock began to recover fast!

"I'm sorry Daddy but I couldn't find a proper dish. Can you eat it from there?"

In a trice Frank was licking at her soft creamy decorated crack. As he found her clit among the other ingredients she squealed and held his head down into the gooey mess. Frank persevered and swallowed the dessert, nibbled at Caro's hard little clitty and drank her love juice. She thrashed her head from side to side as she had orgasm after orgasm!

Then she had to lick Frank's face clean of the remains. She smiled as she kissed him.

"Would you like me to eat my dessert off your plate darling? I've only got some cream left!"

Frank grinned at her and sat back expectantly on the sofa. Caro produced a can of squirting cream from behind her chair and aimed the nozzle carefully. Bullseye! Frank shouted as the cold cream hit his long hard shaft. Soon a huge mountain of cream covered his cock and balls.

"Sorry Dad, I forget that this cream could be so cold. I even got it straight out of the fridge. Gosh, it does look scrummy though! Here goes"

The cream didn't last long and soon Frank's giant cock was totally revealed. Caro had started by swallowing one ball at a time and sucking the cream off. Then she had used her amazing tongue to reveal his long stiff shaft. She didn't bother with the residue; she just swallowed Frank's rod and began to fellate him. Frank was in ecstasy again as another orgasm approached. Soon he was trying to fill his Caro's mouth with his love juice. She swallowed it all again.

Strangely enough the rest of their evening was rather traditional. Caro made coffee and they watched television. They did, however sit together on the sofa naked. Caro draped her legs over Frank's knees so that he could play with her pussy when he wanted. He found that her cunt juice went well with coffee!

At eleven thirty Frank said he must go. Caro was a little disappointed that he wouldn't stay the night in her bed.

"Let's not go too far too soon darling," he said as he kissed the tip of her nose and gently pulled on her nipples. "I think that I would like to stay sometimes in the future but I'm not ready quite yet. I still think of your mother at night in bed and I like to be there at that time. I think I will be changing soon though!"

"I understand Daddy," Caro whispered as she gave Frank's prick one final squeeze. She was standing at her doorway naked as Frank started down the stairs. A sound made her look up and there on the top landing she saw Mandy looking down.

Caro's heart gave a lurch at being discovered by her daughter. Mandy smiled down at her, kissed her palm and blew her a kiss.

Caro closed her door and leaned against it. 'That's all right then', she thought. Without realising it she was greatly relieved that Mandy knew her secret.

She wondered how long it would be before Frank beheld his granddaughters naked body!

Next morning, Saturday was, of course, a working day for Mandy. Caroline, being the owner of the business, didn't work weekends. Her second in command, a gorgeous creature named Gloria, liked to work Saturdays so that suited Caro very well. Gloria said all the best looking men came into the store on Saturdays with their wives, mistresses or girlfriends. Gloria's appetite for men was well known. It crossed Caro's mind that Gloria would love to have her dad's huge cock stuck up her arsehole, pumping gallons of his spunk!

She was just finishing her first coffee of the day when her doorbell rang. It had to be a family member; no outsider would be able to breach the outside doors without help. Nevertheless she slipped her robe on before she went to the door.

"Mummy," exclaimed Mandy as she walked past Caro into the apartment. "That robe is positively indecent; you might just as well have opened your door like you were when you said goodnight to Gramps last night."

"OK" said Caro and dropped her robe. She was naked.

"Oh Mummy you are so beautiful!" sighed Mandy as she kissed her mother on both cheeks. The two women looked into each other's eyes and then lovingly began to kiss on the lips. As Caro opened her mouth and pushed her tongue between her daughter's lips she felt Mandy cup both of her breasts and seek out her nipples.

"You are beautiful too darling," sighed Caro as she watched Mandy play with her breasts. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too Mummy; we must have another loving session together soon. Maybe you should invite Granddad along to spice it up! Did he do your bum?"

"Beautifully," laughed Caroline. "You mustn't say anything though darling! You know that sex between close relatives is taboo? Anything like that in the family stays in the family!"

"No problem Mummy, you know that. Look, I can't stay; I've got a busy morning at work but I'm free after lunchtime. Got any ideas?"

"Why don't I do lunch for both of us," invited Caroline. "We can have a lovely session down in the gym first followed by a loving shower together. How does that sound?"

"Well," said Mandy thoughtfully, "it sounds great if my friend Helen can join us. You know her she's Rob's secretary. She'll be very discreet, especially after I've played with her gorgeous tits and licked her juicy cunny. Is that alright Mummy?"

Caroline laughed again. "You horny little minx you! I swear that you're worse than Gloria. I was only thinking a few minutes ago that Gloria would love to have your granddad's cock stuck up her arse. Just as you would, I expect. Invite Helen by all means but just be careful what you say in front of her.

"Don't worry mum, I'll keep my mouth full of her tits and cunt. By the way, you'll have to keep on your toes. It's not just me that fancies Gramps; both Helen and my friend Sue are quite keen too. Sue was there when he bought your present; she works in the jewellers. Can I see it before I go?"

Caroline fetched her choker and handed it to Mandy.

"Fucking Hell Mummy, that's really cool. Let me put it on you. Wow! That's really horny!"

"I have to be naked when I wear it," giggled Caro, "so it's just fine now!"

Mandy grabbed her mother and kissed her, letting her hands roam all over her body before taking a bum cheek in each hand and pulling her to her prominent pubic mound.

"God! I'll be late! See you at lunchtime mummy. One thirty in the gym OK?"

Mandy left Caro feeling extremely randy. She thought about calling Frank but in the end she went back to bed and played with her pussy until her juices flowed from her cunt. She took off her choker and kissed it before returning it to her bedside drawer.

Frank had woken early. He got up, made coffee and ate cereal. Then he went out for a paper. Lazily he decided to have one delivered in future.

"Starting Monday," said the newsagent cheerily. "We already deliver to your son, Mr Armitage."

Back at home Frank settled down to read the paper. He had hardly started when his doorbell sounded. It was still only eight o'clock! He got up to answer the door, thinking that he really should have fitted cameras outside every door so that he would know in advance who was outside. Then he thought about electronic locks to be opened from his armchair, or anywhere in the apartment.

It was Abby at the door. He stood back to let her in.

"I'm sorry to call so early Daddy but I felt that I must see you before the day gets really started. I, I want to explain more about last night."

Frank took his younger daughter by the shoulders and kissed her on both cheeks. Then he kissed her lips with his tongue peeking out between his lips. Abby responded in kind.

"Look Abby darling, it doesn't matter a toss what you get up to with Rob. I know he loves you, and Caro, and would never do anything to hurt you. Just be careful that you keep it private, that's all!"

"Ohhh I will Daddy. It's just that I love him so that I let him do it. I got him away from Jennifer by hinting to her that he was fucking around. He was, with me!"

Frank laughed. He was still holding Abby firmly to his chest. His cock began to grow as he made her laugh; her breasts warm against his body. She felt his growth and pushed her cunny at him before gently disengaging herself.

"Gosh, I mustn't do that this morning; my pussy is sore enough already. Do you know how many times we did it last night?"

Frank didn't answer; she was going to tell him anyway!

"Seven times! Seven! I counted. I started it the last time though. It was about four in the morning, I think. I just got on top of him and got his hard prick inside of me. I think he was a bit tired but I got him to come. He just didn't have much left for me that's all!"

"I'm glad that you had a great er, fucking, time darling. If I hadn't been to Caro's I'd be jealous!"

Abby kissed Frank quickly again. "Just call me daddy and I'll come to you." She giggled. "I know that you've got a great big cock but I want to see it for myself soon." Now she kissed him passionately, pushing her body against him.

Frank felt her breasts and her cunt pressing against him: he was at full stretch. Abby pulled away but put both of her hands on Frank's bulge.

"Oh my God daddy," she gasped. "Soon, very soon! OK?"

When she had gone Frank almost collapsed back into his armchair. He picked up the paper again but he couldn't concentrate. He called upstairs to Rob.

"Are you doing anything this morning?" he asked.

"After last night? You must be joking! Do you know how many... ?"

"Seven times," laughed Frank. "At least that's what Abby claims! She just left here. Rob, I've got to get out into the fresh air for a while. How about a few holes of golf?"

"That sounds good. OK, I'm on!"

"I'll call the Club and see if I can book a time. Be down here in ten minutes."

Of course the Club had a time for Frank. After all, he virtually built the course. Fifteen minutes later father and son set off together. The day was bright and sunny and they were going to recharge their batteries after last night's activities!

Around twelve o'clock that morning Caroline went down to the gym. She paused outside Frank's door but didn't ring the bell. She didn't know that he was out anyway. She carried on down into the basement and opened the door to the gym.

The gymnasium and pool area was very private in that it only opened to the keys held by the family. The master was in Frank's safe.

Caroline was already stripped down to her exercise outfit. She had spent a lot of time in the sports department of her store choosing her favourite. Mandy had helped her; the sports section was part of her responsibility.

It was a tightly fitting one piece, almost like a swimming costume. It was bright red, held up by a thin strap around her neck. There was a deep cleavage down to her belly button with the bottom fitting around her back, showing a nice section of her bum crack. Between her legs there was very little!

Caro started with the rowing machine to loosen her muscles. She moved slowly at first with a long rowing motion. Any man watching would soon have gotten an erection as her breasts pushed against her costume, her nipples now standing out. Her pussy momentarily flashed into view from time to time.

Caro moved on to the weights. She liked to do this energetically as it firmed up her stomach muscles. Her sweat began to stain her outfit. When she felt that she had done enough she moved on to skipping, her breasts straining to escape from the now sweat soaked halter.

As the saying goes, 'time goes by when you're having fun', and it was soon one thirty. Almost on cue the outer gym door opened and two young women, or girls, entered. Mandy and Helen were still in outdoor clothes, looking very smart. Mandy wore her morning work clothes whereas Helen was in a pink top with black tracksuit bottoms.

"Mummy's already here," said Mandy as they passed through the outer vestibule. "Let's go say hello!"

When Caroline spotted the girls she stopped working. She smiled in greeting at them, her whole body moving as she breathed deeply from her exertions. All Helen could see were her wonderful breasts trying to escape out of her cleavage.

"Hello you two," gasped Caroline. "Welcome to the torture chamber! Lunch is all ready upstairs but take your time, nothing is spoiling as it's all cold fare."

"Mummy," said Mandy, "have you met Helen before? She works for Rob; at least, that's what she calls it!"

Helen blushed, Caroline noticing that her flushed skin carried on down over her chest. She wondered if those beautiful tits were flushed too.

"Welcome Helen, enjoy yourself and welcome to lunch too. You are staying, aren't you? As you can see, I've just finished working out. I'm going to take a shower."

Without pausing Caro reached for the tie at the back of her neck and peeled off her sweat soaked suit. Helen gasped at the sheer beauty of Mandy's mother. Mandy gripped her arm.

"God Mummy, I'm always dumfounded at your beauty. Your skin is gorgeous. Your tits are stupendous and your pussy, well, it's just dying to be kissed!"

"Thank you," smiled Caro and dropped a curtsy, her breasts wobbling to match. "I'll see you in a few minutes." She walked through to the shower room. Both girls watched her rounded bottom undulate through the door, her pink snatch and light brown bum hole winking at them.

"I told you she was beautiful, didn't I?" whispered Mandy as she put an arm around Helen and kissed her firmly on the lips.

Helen did not pull away. In fact, she returned Mandy's kisses with vigour and when Mandy cupped her left breast and squeezed it, none too gently, she moaned and kissed her harder. They broke apart, their chests heaving.

Mandy reached for the buttons to her blouse.

"Let's strip off," she panted. "I want to see and feel you in my arms. I want to play with those tits and lick your pussy until it creams my face. Oh my God, you're beautiful!"

By the time she had said all that Mandy was naked. Helen had started, pulling her top over her head and pulling at the tie at her waist. Mandy impatiently yanked at her tracksuit and pulled them down her legs, revealing a pair of definitely non-sexy knickers.

"Oh my God," said Mandy, "I didn't know that girls still wore such passion killers! Come to the store next week and I'll fix you up with some real cock raisers. Gramps would have a fit if he saw you in those!"

Helen smiled wanly and unsnapped her bra, which was a much flimsier item than her pants. Mandy pulled off the offending pants and stood to admire her friend.

"I though you said that we'd be working out in the gym," said Helen quietly, "so I didn't bother to dress up."

Mandy was still looking. Helen was truly beautiful. She stood five feet seven inches tall, her short black hair seeming to add to her height. She had blue eyes with a straight regular nose, under which full lips seemed to promise much. Mandy hoped so.

She gently pulled Helen to her and kissed her again without their bodies touching. She looked again.

Helen had very pale skin, almost white. Her full breasts stood proudly on her chest with absolutely no sign of sag. She had small aureoles but with large red, almost black, nipples. These were standing out about an inch from her breasts. Her tummy was slightly convex, highlighting her deep belly button. Below this her vagina was lightly covered with short black hair, if possible even blacker than the hair on her head.

"'Kin Hell," gasped Mandy as she finished her inspection. I thought Mummy was beautiful but Helen, you are just stupendous!"

Helen smiled and looked back at her friend. Mandy was gorgeous too. She had a head of tumbling blonde curls framing a cute looking round face, complete with button nose and juicy lips. She also had blue eyes. Her round breasts were pretty much the same size as Helen's but with large aureoles and hard button pink nipples. Her pussy was shaved, her labia already looking open and wet.

Mandy took her nipples between finger and thumb and advanced on Helen. She began to rub her hard nipples across Helen's larger ones. Hers were rock hard too. Helen moaned and leaned in to kiss Mandy. Their mouths meshed and saliva began to flow. An observer would have seen Mandy's vagina fill with liquid.

"Lie down here darling," panted Mandy as she broke the kiss. "Let me taste and drink you!"

Helen allowed herself to be draped along a weights couch, her legs open and dangling off the end. Mandy knelt between them and softly prised her friend's vagina lips apart. They were swollen with excitement and Helen was now also making juice. Mandy carefully applied her lips, sucked and filled her mouth. She moved around so that her wet pussy was above Helen's mouth. Helen filled her mouth with Mandy's offering and the girls kissed again, mixing and swallowing their love juices.

"Right darling," smiled Mandy wetly. "I'm going to make you come!"

Helen felt Mandy's mouth on her cunt and moaned as she found her clitoris. Mandy sucked it into her mouth, trying also to drink the flow of juice from her vagina. Helen pressed her friend's mouth to her pussy, her head back and her eyes closed with rapture. She knew she was going to come soon, big time!

Suddenly she felt a slight change in the intensity of the light around her. She opened her eyes, which widened with astonishment. About six inches above her mouth was another shaved cunt, which she quickly recognised as Mandy's mother's, Caroline.

Caro's cunt began to drip her juices too, drops beginning to fall on Helen's face. She opened her mouth and, lifting her hands from Mandy's head, took hold of Caro's hips. She pulled her down to her mouth, opening wide to gain access for her tongue. Helen began to lick and suck Caro, working to give her maximum pleasure. Caro began to moan as she slid her cunt from side to side across Helen's mouth

Mandy lifted her mouth from Helen's cunt to see what was happening. Mother and daughter smiled at one another and then kissed deeply. Mandy began to finger Helen's pussy with two and then three fingers. Helen arrived at her orgasm, moaning loudly into Caro's hole as her juices flowed. Mandy quickly returned her mouth to Helen's pussy so that she could drink her flowing juice.

Caro now also groaned as she fountained her cum juices all over Helen's face, leaving her wet and sticky.

The girls all collapsed in a heap on a mat on the floor. They kissed and played with breasts and cunts, licking juice off fingers and spreading it elsewhere. Then Helen spoke timidly.

"Mandy is the only one who hasn't had an orgasm," she said.

"I've had some little ones while we were licking and sucking," grinned Mandy. "If you want to have proper taste Helen, feel free darling!"

She lay back on the mat; legs wide open with her fingers gently pulling her labia lips open. Once again the hole filled up with her juice.

Helen knelt between her legs and applied her lips to the task. Behind her, Caroline also knelt, stroking between Helen's thighs and creating a very wet genital area. Helen murmured with pleasure and squirmed against Caro's fingers.

Caro judged that her fingers were slippery enough. She touched a finger to Helen's arsehole. Helen grunted. Caro pressed her finger to the aperture and watched as it slowly slid inside. Helen grunted again and pushed back up Caro's finger. Soon she had two fingers up to the second knuckle inside her, making fucking motions up and down. Helen's pleasure noises became louder and louder!

Mandy now came on Helen's mouth, almost spraying her with her cum juice. Helen broke contact, thrusting her arsehole hard at Caro's fingers.

"Oh yesss! Oh yesss! Oh yess!" she howled. "I'm coming again! Keep frigging my bum. It feels sooooo gooood! Ohhh God yessss! I'm there!"

The women wound down with a little more kissing and petting and Caro stood up.

"Come on girls! I think that's enough for now. Lunch is ready upstairs. Let's have a quick shower and a pee and then go on up."

In the shower they all giggled and had fun. Then Caro stood splay-legged and peed long and hard, the water flushing her yellow stream away. Mandy and Helen looked at one another and giggled. They held hands and peed too, Mandy pushing her spare hand into Helen's stream.

"Wow," said Helen. "That's hot! I've never seen that before!"

"You've obviously not got brothers and sisters Helen," laughed Caroline. "We three used to do it all the time, in the bath, in the shower, outside in the open air. I still think it's great fun!"

They dried off and went upstairs to lunch. As they relaxed after eating, Caro spoke about how she had enjoyed frigging Helen's arsehole and that she thought that Helen was now ready for an anal fuck. She suggested Rob first and then Frank.

Helen smiled weakly but did not protest.

Much later, after lunch and when Helen had left, Mandy asked her mother a question.

"Mummy, you know that you and Gramps were, er, together last night? You said that he did your bum. You weren't joking, were you? Have you been doing it often?"

"No darling, we only started last week. We've only had two sessions so far. I knew it would happen but I had been waiting for him to get over the worst of losing your grandmother. I thought that the time was coming; that's why I got you to shave me. Mummy always had hers shaved for him."

"And the, er, arse fucking?"

"That was Mummy's favourite. She was always so proud that she could get Frank's gigantic cock so deep inside her. She could come on it every time, you know? I must say I love it too; your dad was quite good at it. Your grandfather is marvellous."

"Mum, you know, despite today with Helen I do prefer men. It's just that I find girl's bodies so lovely that I want to love them too. I have another friend, Sue, that I'd like you to meet. I'm going to have her and Helen together soon!"

"I've always been bisexual darling and I'm so pleased that you are too! It's much more fun to be versatile. Have you got a boyfriend at the moment?"

"No mummy. I think I'm going to wait until I've had Gramps and Uncle Rob before I think about getting me a regular man. I definitely want Gramps to have all my holes. Is Uncle Rob an arse fucker too, do you know?"

Caroline laughed.

"I've only ever had his cock in my pussy, if you can call it that!" She added quietly with a finger to her lips. "You had better ask Abby about that!"

Mandy's eyes widened with comprehension and she smiled. She stood up.

"Mummy, I have to go soon but I want you to do something to me before I go."

"What's that darling?"

Mandy dropped her panties and skirt and walked over to where her mother was sitting.

"Just see if my pussy looks alright, will you?"

Caroline reached out and opened Mandy's labia major; the hole filled with liquid. "It looks very beautiful to me," she said quietly as she applied her lips and tongue to the succulent area.

Mandy held on tight to her mother's head.

Frank and Rob had enjoyed their game of golf. The wide-open spaces had freed their inhibitions and both men felt that they could now talk freely about the women in their family and indeed their lives.

"I envy you dad," said Rob at one point. "You just go ahead and fuck their arses when you feel like it. I often feel like it but I'm too nervous to ask. Abby has a pair of the most beautiful holes that you could wish for. Her shaved cunt just begs to be fucked and her arsehole looks so soft and inviting. I want it but what do I do?"

"First things first," grinned Frank. "You need a bit of practice! I'll send Caro to see you; she'll sort you out. Abby can come and see me and I'll show her the ropes. I'll enjoy that; I've not seen her naked for so long. How do feel about having Mandy too?"

"Fucking Hell Dad, she's only eighteen! She's a bit young for me and definitely too young for you."

"According to her mother, that's not what she thinks. Just let her decide. If she comes to you for love and sex give it to her, especially the love, OK?"

"Yes, alright Dad. I must say it has its attractions."

"Your secretary, Helen, is just eighteen and is a great friend of Mandy's. She definitely fancies you so don't hold back there either. I'm hoping to have her too, maybe at the same time as you! Mandy has another girl friend called Sue who she says will be persuaded. I gather that she has already expressed an interest in me!"

"Wow," laughed Rob, "all this fucking talk has given me a hard on! I wish one of the girls were here right now. I'd give her a length all right!"

"Let's see yours," grinned Frank as he released his raging tool into the open air. "I love to have mine out in the open."

Rob released his cock and the two men, father and son, inspected one another. They didn't touch, just looked.

"I wish mine was as big as yours Dad," grinned Rob sheepishly. Your huge hampton must have them queuing up to get a look at it!"

"I wish," replied Frank modestly. "Anyway, I must get rid of this hard on!"

He turned to the nearest bushes and began to piss. Rob took himself in hand and followed him. Soon their bladders were empty and their erections deflated. They resumed their game but their conversation remained pretty much the same.

A good time lay ahead for the Armitage family!

Sunday was definitely a day of rest, bed rest anyway! Frank woke up at around eight thirty, lazily stretched and contemplated his early morning erection. He was huge! He also needed a piss real bad. He stretched out a hand and called Caroline.

"Caro darling," he said when she answered. "How would you like to come down here and take care of my stiffy? I've got to piss too but I think I might spray it all over unless someone helps me! How about it?"

The phone was dead in his hand.


Rob had just called Abby.

"Darling," he pleaded, "I've got something here in my hand that needs some attention. Can you come?"

Another phone went dead!


The sisters met on the first floor landing. They looked almost embarrassed at one another and then laughed.

"You too?" asked Caroline. Abby nodded with a shy smile.

They turned to separate, Abby to climb to the second floor and Caro to descend to the ground floor. They both hesitated and turned to one another again.

"Swop?" they both asked simultaneously. They laughed again and nodded.


Frank didn't turn as he heard his door open quietly. He'd hopped out to unlock it but was now almost back in bed.

Rob did open his door and was astonished as Caro swept past him and turned into his bedroom. She dropped her robe and climbed naked into his bed; she had put her choker in the pocket of the robe as she had climbed the stairs.

Frank's jaw dropped as his younger daughter also dropped her robe and jumped into his bed.

"Caro and I swapped," she said unnecessarily. "I've come to help relieve your cock. Let me see it!"


Caro dived under Rob's covers and revealed all. She claimed his stiff cock in her hands and kissed the top.

"I've not seen this lovely boy for a few years," she giggled, kissing his tip. "Come on let's take it for its early morning piss!"


"Oh my God!" said Abby excitedly. "This is a real beauty! I've honestly never seen one so big and hard. It wants to pee, doesn't it; let's go do it."

Both sisters were holding men's cocks in the bathrooms as their hard streams shot into the pan. Both sisters also had a hand over their urethras as they hadn't had their pees yet. As soon as the men had finished they changed over, spreading their thighs over the pan and started to stream. Both men's erections returned, partly due to the erotic sight and partly due to both girls swallowing their respective knob ends.

"There!" said both girls, almost simultaneously as they finished their pees. "Let's go and fuck!"


Frank examined his younger daughter all over as she lay naked on her back in his bed. He kissed her all over too, her eyes, nose and mouth, her chin and across her shoulders before descending to her breasts.

Abby had large round tits with pink nipples and fairly small aureoles. Her nipples were standing upright and hard as Frank began to agitate them. His hand was now between her widespread legs, stroking and playing with her wet pussy. He just naturally began to spread her juice on to her arsehole. Abby moaned because of his attentions, but mentally she realised it was because of his hand on her crack. She humped her anus at his hand.

"Fuck me now Daddy," she groaned. "I want it now!"


Rob was examining Caro's pussy very closely. His nose was rubbing her hard rubbery clit as his tongue began to lap at her liquid. He already had two fingers gently agitating her hot wet passage as he searched for her g-spot. Caro had her hands wrapped around his long hard shaft.

"Rob darling?" He didn't answer. Caro took action.

She rolled and spread herself. He went to kiss her pussy again but she pulled on his cock until it was above her open crack.

"You never fucked me properly when I wanted you to when we teenagers," she gasped. "You didn't even shoot your load when we were listening to Mummy and Daddy doing it on that picnic. You just came all over my pussy. I liked that and loved to spread it all over me but I really wanted you to spunk me right up my cunny. Do me now Rob, fuck me hard. If you do it right we'll phone Daddy to send Abby back up here to fuck you again. How about it?"

Rob was older and more experienced now. He said nothing; he lowered his cock to Caro's cunt entrance and rammed home. She squealed as she welcomed her brother's cock deep inside her. She began to fuck his cock as he fucked her cunt.


Frank had inserted his cock into his younger daughter's cunt more carefully. He was not sure how many cocks his size she had fucked. She had held her labia apart as he tunnelled inside her. There was no trouble at all. She did feel a little tighter than Caro but so lovely, all creamy and hot. He pulled back and pushed home again.

"How does that feel," he said as he lowered his head to her lips.

"Ohhhhh, fuckin' lovely," sighed Abby. "If you only knew how many years I have wanted you to do this to me."

"More than fucking Rob?"

Abby paused her shafting momentarily.

"No, I love Rob but I wanted you to fuck me. I love you as a father but I also just need you to fuck me. We will do this again, won't we Daddy?"

Frank began to move more firmly inside Abby and she began to moan with passion.

"I'm going to fuck you as often as you want, my darling. I just hope that you and Caro don't wear me out! God, you feel so hot and tight I'm going to fill your cunt very soon my darling. Is it alright if I come inside you?"

"You better fucking well had!" said Abby loudly. "I've not waited all this fucking time for a facial. I want it all, right up inside my fanny; and that goes for every time you fuck me!"

"Here it comes then darling," panted Frank as he began to lunge faster and faster into his daughter.


Rob had done a good job on Caroline. She had come all over his cock three times before he had shouted and spurted forcefully inside her, delivering about seven shots of his hot cream. He rested on top of her with his fat but soft prick still deep inside her. Caro clenched his tool firmly with her cunt muscles.

"How did I do, sister dear," smiled Rob as he kissed Caro on the nose. She kissed him and licked his face.

"That will do very nicely, my darling baby brother," she said, still playing with his cock with her cunt muscles. She moved her hands on to his buttocks and pressed him down on to her. His cock stirred and she smiled again.

"I'd better not milk any more of your seed or you won't have any for our baby sister. Joking apart, Rob darling, that was lovely and as long as you do that to me often I will be very happy."

Caro's nimble fingers were now down Rob's arse crack, searching for his hairy hole. She found it and eased a finger inside. Rob groaned with pleasure and his cock stiffened a little more.


Frank deluged Abby with his seed. He filled her to the brim as she literally screamed with passion as she made her own juice. The last few thrusts made loud splashing noises. Frank stopped, also still deep inside his younger daughter. Abby opened her eyes.

"Daddy, can I have some more of that soon?" she gasped as her cunt rippled around the pleasure stick deep inside her. "That was just tremendous. That was what I call a fuck. Caro is very lucky, and of course all the other women you fuck."

"Thank you my lovely child. I can honestly say that you have made an old man very very happy!"

The internal phone rang; Abby reached for it. She had an idea on who it might be. Of course, it was her sister!


"Swop again?"

"You bet," sighed Abby. "I'm ready!"

"You horny little sister you!" Caroline laughed. "Abby?"

"Yes Caro."

"No wiping now, none at all! Do you know what I mean?"

"Oh yes," giggled Abby. "Can I have a little taste on the landing?"

"You bet!" replied Caro and disconnected.


The sisters met on their own landing. They kissed one another salaciously, feeling into each other's vaginas and wetting their fingers with the warm slippery mixture inside. They put the fingers into their mouths.

"That's Daddy's cum," smiled Caro.

"And this is Rob's," said Abby as they kissed again.

"Clean his cock before you dribble on his belly," giggled Caroline.

"You bet," said Abby again. "I'm absolutely full of Daddy's sperms! I'm afraid his cock is very sticky!"

"Lovely," smiled Caro happily. She snapped her choker around her neck. "How about you and I meeting for coffee at my place at mid-day? We can compare notes in the shower!"

Abby accepted and kissed her sister again as they parted. Within two minutes they were sucking Rob and Frank's cocks clean of their leavings. Then both of them straddled their new lovers and allowed their cunts to drain on to their bellies. Both puddles were soon consumed.

Abby then mounted Rob and Caro eased her father's thick shaft into her cunt. Both girls loved the feel of the second 'cock of the day'.

Caro and Abby met at mid-day and swapped again, this time with the stories of their fucking adventures of the morning. They sipped coffee with a little brandy on the side. They were still wearing just their robes.

"What were you going to do today?" asked Abby with her hand inside her robe. Caro watched her knuckles moving under the silk. Her pussy was sopping wet.

"Nothing at all," smiled Caro. "I must admit that I was hoping that daddy would call. Wasn't that a lovely fucking morning?"

"Just fucking fabulous," giggled Abby. "What did you think of Rob? Did you come easily?"

"I must admit it was really lovely. I came three times before he shot his load. He had a lot too. What did you think of daddy's cock?"

"It's fantastic, isn't it? I've never seen one quite so big! Have you?"

"No I haven't and I'll tell you something Abby darling. Daddy can fuck me with his giant hampton as often as he likes. If he calls now I'll go."

"Where does that word hampton come from?" asked Abby. "I've heard it many times of course but I don't know its origin. Do you know?"

"Yes. It's cockney rhyming slang. You know, apples and pears is stairs. Well in London there is an area known as Hampton Wick. Hampton Wick equals prick. So there you are; a simple explanation."

"Thanks Caro. By the way, is Mandy all right? I haven't seen for at least a week."

Caro laughed. "Mandy is fine. We had a workout in the gym only yesterday with her friend Helen; you know, Rob's secretary."

"A workout?" enquired Abby, raising her eyebrows.

"Well, more of a suckout actually," laughed Caro.

She described her lunchtime meeting with the girls. Telling the story made her feel hot so she shed her robe again. Abby felt hot as she looked across at her sister so she got naked again too.

Caro moved over to Abby and kissed her, taking her breasts in both hands and kneading them firmly. Abby's nipples erected and Caro began to pull on them. Then she rubbed their two pairs of hard nipples together. They both moaned and cried together as they kissed some more. Soon they were lying together on the sofa.

"Ohhh my God, Caro, I can't believe that this is happening. It's lovely! Your body is so soft and warm. I should have been touching you long before this."

Caro raised herself until she was above Abby.

"You go first Abby darling. Explore my body all you like; no holds barred. You can do what you like to me."

"Even, you know, inside of you?"

"Fucking Hell Abby, if you're going to explore you have to do everything! Did Daddy play with your bum hole this morning?"

"Ohhhh yessss; he rubbed my pussy juice all over it. I thought he was going to try and fuck my arse. I was a bit worried, considering his size. Does he hurt you?"

"No. He is a bit big though, isn't he? Jeremy used to do my bum quite often. I like it in there, especially when they shoot their hot spunk into you! You must get Rob to do you first; it will sort of open up your hole for Daddy. Maybe I should get Rob to fuck my arse before he does you. Sort of get him in the mood, I mean!"

"Would you? Please do that for me then I'll get him to do me before Daddy catches me unawares, so to speak! Ohhh Caro, your body is so beautiful. Your bottom is firm but soft; I love stroking it!"

"Try down the crack Abby. See what you can find down there."

Caroline was kneeling on the floor with her bum in the air, her head on the sofa cushions. Abby found her wet pussy crack and her little reddy brown anal hole. She tentatively stroked her fingers between Caro's thighs and was rewarded with a deep sigh."

"Beautiful darling; that feels so wonderful! Frig my holes a little then if you like you can give me a lick. I'll lie on my back while you do that and you can rub your pussy on my face."

Soon the sisters were in a sixty-nine. Abby was tonguing Caro's clit and she was going to come! Caro was licking both of Abby's holes and she had already come!

The doorbell rang. Reluctantly Caro stood up.

"I expect that's Mandy," she said. "I bet she'll want a lick too."

Caro went to the door, still naked. She got a surprise however when she opened the door. It was Mandy all right, but with her were Helen and another young girl. Mandy took her naked mother in her stride and walked in.

"Come on you two, you've seen a naked woman before, especially you Helen, you've already seen Mummy this week-end. Mummy this is Sue; Sue, meet my mom!"

Sue, a rather tall statuesque young lady with gorgeous thrusting breasts, smiled a little timidly at Caro as she followed the other two.

"Oh crikey," giggled Mandy as she came upon a naked Abbey on the sofa. "What's going on here then? Looks like a sisters love in!"

Abby decided that any damage had already been done! Apart from closing her thighs together more modestly she remained as she was, stark naked. Caroline sat back down beside her and put her arm around her shoulders, her fingers about an inch from a nipple.

Three pairs of young eyes watched avidly. Abby's nipples were hard again.

"Well come on you three," said Caro forcefully. "Is there a reason for this visit or do you just want to ogle two old ladies playing with their cunts?"

Mandy laughed. "You two are just about the most beautiful women that you could ever hope to see naked; apart from us three of course. No Mum, we do have a reason. Helen here was wondering if, er, now would be a good time for her to call on Daddy."

"Daddy! Not Rob?"

Mandy giggled again as Helen smiled and coloured up.

"No, today is the week-end. Helen says that Rob is for mid-week. We may all go for a fuck from him then. Subject to permission from Aunt Abby, of course! No. It's Gramps today!"

"Fucking Hell," said Caro explosively. "Talk about bare face, or bare arse, cheek!"

She looked at the clock on the wall and smiled.

"Do you think that Daddy will have recovered by now, Abby darling?"

"If he hasn't," replied Abby, "he soon will if he's going to see Helen naked. I take it, Helen my dear, that is the plan?"

Helen nodded, blushing furiously.

Caro picked up her phone. "Hello Daddy, I'm sending you a little present. Have you recovered yet? Treat her nicely and she'll return. She has two friends about the same age so you are going to be busy! Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow. 'Bye!"

She turned to the girls. "All fixed! Helen, off you go! What are you two going to do while Helen is away?"

"Well," said Mandy, unfastening the buttons of her sheer white silk blouse, "Sue and I were going to go upstairs and play a little but on seeing you two I think we'll stay!"

Mandy moved to Sue and took her in her arms, kissing her with fervour. Both girls' mouths opened and as they kissed they struggled to strip one another. Caro guided Helen to the door.

"Have a good time darling and don't worry. Frank will only do as you wish. If he wants your bum and you say no he will respect that. Off you go now!"

By the time that Caro had returned to the lounge both Mandy and Sue were naked. What a sight for sore eyes they were. Both had large firm thrusting tits with hardening nipples. They stood before Abby and Caro, unashamedly gorgeous. Caro felt liquid begin to escape from her cunt, tickling her thighs as it ran. Mandy was shaved, of course, but Sue had a small mop of brown tight curls. Caro's fingers itched to explore in there.

Mandy held her nipples out to Sue and was rewarded as Sue rubbed her own hard nipples against her. Caro knelt behind Sue and slid her hands up the inside of her thighs. Soon she felt the wet brown curls against her fingers. She pushed first one and then another finger into Sue's slippery wet cunt. Sue moaned softly and opened her legs.

"Are you a virgin Sue?" Caro asked with another finger gently rimming the girl's bum hole.

"Ohhhh!" sighed Sue. "Your fingers feel lovely er, Caroline. Yes, I'm a pussy virgin still. Can you feel inside my bum?"

Caroline smiled to herself and slowly inserted her middle finger into Sue's back passage, feeling the heat as it gripped her digit.

Mandy had left Sue and gone to the sofa to sit astride Abby's thighs. She was feeling down into Abby's pussy as Abby kissed and mauled her breasts. Soon her tits were soaking wet with Abby's saliva. By this time Mandy had fingers in both of Abbey's holes, frigging firmly. Abby moaned and kissed her niece as they rubbed breasts together. Abby groped around the back of Mandy's buttocks, feeling into the crack and finding what she was searching for.

Caroline and Sue were now lying on the floor together, nose to tail; or rather, tongues to cunts!

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