A Knock at the Door 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Swinging, Orgy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Further adventures of siblings Janie and Joel, and their family and friends. Note: All characters in my stories are 18 years of age or older.

In the two months that had passed since her late husband's funeral, Janie Wilson became a changed woman in many ways.

Janie took the job offered to her by Ben Davis, the 62 year old owner of Davis Construction Company. Janie threw herself into her work and also the schooling she had always wanted to complete. She enrolled herself in as many classes at the local community college as she thought she had time for. As it turned out Janie's class load was nearly overwhelming. With classes four nights a week, and homework nearly all weekend, Janie's social life went completely south.

She still lived with her brother Joel, but the sex they had enjoyed was nearly nonexistent. Occasionally they would find time for a rare quickie, but usually by the time Janie came to bed Joel was sound asleep due to the hard work he did as a Davis Construction carpenter.

Janie's relationship with her other lover, Tim Crowell was in the same straits. Tim had repeatedly called Janie and stopped by to see her, but was nearly always rebuffed. Janie was just too busy to go out, and her relationship with Tim was suffering badly.

At work, Janie always showed up early, and stayed as late as she could before heading to class. Her new job entailed everything in the company that had to do with finance, insurance, and administration. She was being groomed as the replacement for Ann Bender, the Administrative Assistant to Ben Davis. Ann would be taking an early retirement as soon as Janie was able to take over the reins.

As for Janie's other relationships, with her mother Sara, and her Uncle Dan, Janie just hadn't had the time to see them. Sara recently had begun calling Janie at work every few days to ask when Janie would be seeing them. All she got for her trouble was a promise from Janie that she would try to stop by the next weekend. Of course, she never was able to keep those promises.

Janie had hired her former neighbor (and one-time lover), Kenny Packard, to do the work needed to fix up the house that she had once lived in with her dead husband, Hank. Janie's brother Joel also helped with the more complicated renovations, with Janie paying for any materials necessary to get the house ready to be put on the market. Now, after two months, the house was nearly ready for Janie's inspection. If she approved, the house would be offered for sale as soon as possible.

It was late on a Friday afternoon, the only day that Janie didn't have to rush off to class after work. She had been going over the company's Workers Compensation policy when she noticed the policy had been in force for nearly 10 years. During the life of the policy there had been very few claims turned in but the premiums had jumped every year. She scribbled some notes on a pad and left her office to find Cat Angelo.

Cat was responsible for Janie landing the job at Davis Construction, and also the girlfriend of Janie's brother, Joel. As Janie entered Cat's office Cat was on the phone. She motioned Janie to have a seat while she finished her call. "We need the piping on the jobsite the first thing on Monday morning Ron; we'll have our workers ready and waiting to finish the installation. We're dangerously close to not finishing the project on schedule. Can you deliver?" Cat looked at Janie with a wink. "Fine" she said into the phone, "I knew you'd come through for me. Thanks Ron, bye bye." She hung up the phone.

"Well" said Cat to Janie, "How's the hardest working girl at Davis Construction doing? You seem to have everyone impressed by your dedication around here."

Janie blushed and smiled. "Really?" she asked. "I didn't think I was doing anything so special. There's just so much to learn. Everyone's been so nice and helpful. But I did wonder about something."

"What's on your mind Janie?"

"Well, since I started here, I haven't seen Mr. Davis even once. I thought he'd be watching over me like a hawk!"

"Let me tell you something about Ben and his company. Ben has always hired the best people he can find to do the job. Once he sees that an employee can do the job efficiently and is willing to do the job as if he or she owns the company, he leaves them alone..."

Janie interrupted. "But Cat, he can't know that about me after merely two months on the job, can he?"

Cat held her hand up. "Janie, I didn't mean you, not yet anyway. But Ben knows that between Ann Bender and me, you are going to get all the help and direction you need to keep you out of trouble. When you are ready to handle things on your own, and Ann retires, then you will see a lot more of Ben. And believe me, that day is coming. You're doing a great job already. Just don't let anything pressure you. You know that Ann and I are here for you, and also any of the other employees too."

"Well, thank you for telling me. I was concerned that Mr. Davis didn't like me."

Cat smiled. "I'd be willing to bet that Ben adores you. You'll see."

Janie raised an eyebrow but didn't ask Cat what she meant.

"Cat, the reason I came in is this Workers Compensation insurance policy that we have. We've been studying insurance in my Business Administration class and I have some questions."

"Well, Ann has always handled that kind of stuff Janie. Have you asked her?"

Janie sighed lightly. "Well, I will ask her, but she left a while ago for the weekend. Maybe she has something planned. Anyway, the question I have seems to be more in your area. If so and the answer is what I think it is, then I'll ask Ann about it and maybe we can save Davis Construction a lot of money."

Cat folded her hands on the desk and told Janie to continue.

"Cat, what I found in these records is that we rarely seem to have any lost time accidents. I have learned in class that a company of this kind, a construction company with lots of people working with tools and heavy equipment, that injuries frequently occur. But our lost time injury rate seems so very low. At the same time, and we've been with this insurance carrier for years, the premiums just keep skyrocketing. If our safety record is as good as it appears to be then we could possibly save some money by talking to our carrier, or by shopping for a new carrier."

Janie had Cat's complete attention now.

"Are these figures correct Cat?" she asked. Janie handed Cat the paper showing the injuries report figures she'd compiled.

"Janie, let me tell you this; I know nothing about the cost of insurance. I do know about the cost of materials and equipment. But I can tell you this; Davis Construction is very big when it comes to safety on the job. Ben requires a safety director to make a visit to each job site on a daily basis. All employees are required to attend safety classes, and to wear all the required safety gear available. The training is extensive and covers everything from fall hazard training, to hazmats. Employees are not allowed on the job sites until they have completed these classes."

"Hazmats?" said Janie, quizzically.

"It means hazardous materials Janie. It includes things like solvents, fuels, lubricants, and adhesives, and any and all chemicals used around a job site. Employees learn how to handle each chemical and what the dangers are. They learn how respond to a spill on the ground, and what emergency treatment to use when anyone is exposed to any fumes or vapors or bodily contact."

Janie was impressed. "How long have the training programs been going on?"

"I think for about eight years now. Why?

"Well, like I said, we've been covered by this one carrier for nearly ten years. And I bet they have no idea how much Davis Construction does to keep its workers safe. Maybe if they did, they would give us a better rate."

Cat was impressed. "Janie, you may be on to something. I recommend you talk to Ann on Monday morning and see what can be done. I'm well up on the safety program, but Ann is the one in charge of what you are talking about. Of course, I'll help in any way I can."

Janie got up to leave. "I think I'll go over these figures again before I leave..."

Cat stood up and walked around her desk to Janie. "Janie, before you leave there's something I have wanted to talk to you about too. Can you give me a few minutes?"

"Sure Cat. What's up?"

"Wait here a minute Janie, I'll be right back." Cat slipped out of the office and checked the building. It was 5:45 PM now, and everyone else had gone for the weekend. Cat checked to make sure all the doors were locked and turned out a few remaining lights before she went back to Janie. On her way back she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse.

Janie was still seated in the chair in front of Cat's desk. Cat stepped in front of her and sat on the edge of the desk in front of Janie. Her short skirt crept up her thighs and Janie could see the tops of Cat's thigh high stockings. She looked up into Cat's brown eyes. "What did you want to see me about Cat?" she asked.

"Janie, there are a lot of people worried about you. Did you know that?"

"Who Cat? Who are you talking about, and why are they worried?"

"Well, Tim Crowell for one, Joel for another, your mom, your Uncle Dan ... shall I go on? You haven't been seeing much of any of them. And I miss you too."

"But Cat, I've been so busy, the house, my job, and school takes up so much time."

Cat reached out and took Janie's hands and pulled her to her feet. "Janie, we all love you very much, but we also miss you. All of us do Janie. Joel has told me that Kenny talks about you all the time when they are working together at your house. Tim misses you terribly too. We all feel like you are pulling away from us."

Cat pulled Janie close, her lips almost touching Janie's.

"God I miss you Janie" She put her hand behind Janie's head a pulled her forward. Janie went willingly and as their lips opened and touched Janie moaned and felt Cat's tongue enter her mouth. Until that very moment Janie had not realized how much she missed being in Cat's arms or Joel's or Tim's arms too. Her pussy became almost instantly wet. She had not even masturbated since she started working. Janie's fingers danced up between Cat's thighs, finding the bare skin above her stockings. As she continued sucking Cat's tongue her fingers went higher, finally touching the crotch of Cat's own damp panties.

Janie pulled her face away from Cat's. "Where can we go?" she asked. "I need you Cat, I need you so bad." Her fingers pushed aside the silky material and entered Cat's soaked pussy.

"I have an idea. Come with me!"

Cat pulled Janie's fingers from her dripping cunt and popped them in her mouth. "Mmmmmmm, I even love the taste of me, but it's you I want to taste. Come."

Cat was nearly running towards Ben Davis' office, pulling Jamie along with her.

"Cat, we can't! That's Mr. Davis' office! What if he finds out? What if he decides to come back?"

"Don't worry Janie; he's gone for the weekend. He and Ann had something planned. They'll be gone all weekend. Come on, wait'll you see this!"

Cat unlocked Ben's door with her own key and pulled Janie inside, closing and locking the door behind her. Janie was stunned when she saw the inside of the office. It was strikingly decorated and very large. The carpet was bright red. The walls were a dark blue. Janie thought it to be very masculine, probably designed by Ben himself. The desk was mahogany, large, and very impressive. The desktop was uncluttered. On it were Ben's phone, a very expensive looking pen and pencil set, with Ben's name engraved on it. There was no calendar, no covering of any kind. The chair behind the desk was black leather, and looked very expensive. As Janie turned her head she saw a leather couch along one wall. Along another was a cabinet that she assumed to be a bar. On that wall was a door that was partially opened and Janie could see that is was a beautifully appointed bathroom and it also looked large.

Cat pulled Janie to the couch. She didn't have to pull very hard; Janie went willingly. "C'mere you little bitch. I'm about to have my way with you." Cat pushed Janie back onto the leather couch. Janie was grinning as she fell back, her arms reaching out to her captor.

"Oh God Cat, do it to me, dominate me. I'm so hot for you. Do everything to me."

As Cat roughly pushed Janie down on the leather couch she was already beginning to undress her. As Janie's ass hit the leather it was bare. Cat had quickly removed Janie's skirt and panties. The leather felt cool and very soft on her bare ass.

As Cat stood and began to remove her own clothing she glared down at her prey. "I'm going to eat you up little girl. I'm going to suck all of the juice from that dripping wet cunt of yours. Then I'm going to suck the pee from your pussy and swallow every drop. Then do you know what I'm going to do Janie?"

Janie watched intently as Cat undressed and she was on the edge of cumming just from seeing Cat's beautiful body come into view. "What? What are you going to do to me then Cat? Tell me. Oh, God, just do it to me. Make me your slave. Be my mistress."

Cat fell to her knees on the plush carpet and quickly inserted a finger into Janie's pussy. The lack of sex for two months had tightened Janie up, and she moaned at the intrusion of the finger in her cunt.

"I'm not going to tell you," said Cat, "you'll just have to wait and see. Now c'mere, my little slut!"

Cat pulled her finger from Janie's pussy and reached under her and grabbed her ass and pulled her to the edge of the couch. Now the time for talking was through and Cat attacked Janie's crotch with her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh God Cat! Do it to me baby! Eat my pussy! Suck me off!"

Janie's hands went to the back of Cat's head and held her tight to her gushing pussy. Her hips bucked involuntarily as she began to fuck her lovers face and smear the pretty Cat with her erotic secretions. Cat's tongue lapped and licked at Janie's wide open cunt. Janie fucked faster against Cat's mouth.

"I'm going to cum Cat! You're gonna make me cum baby! Eat my pussy. Suck me off. God it's been so long. I'm so close baby!"

Janie bucked her ass into the air and held Cat's face tight to her now cumming pussy.

"Aiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm doing it! I'm cumming Cat! Lick it up! Swallow my cunt juice!"

Cat did just that, swallowing as fast as she could. Janie's juices were like an elixir to her and her own orgasm was close now, but she resisted the urge to finger her own clit and cum with Janie. She knew she wanted to fuck Janie's pretty face, just as her own face was being fucked.

"You're going to make me pee Cat. Do you want me to? Do you want to taste my pee? Wanna drink it right from my nasty cunt? I want you to Cat. Stay right there, I'm about to give you what you want."

Janie's piss started and Cat drank greedily, never losing a drop of her lover's golden flow. As she peed into Cat's mouth another orgasm overwhelmed her and she held Cat's face to her pissy cunt, never wanting to let her go. Then she lost consciousness. Her breathing slowed. Cat raised her head from Janie's dripping twat and looked lovingly up at her lover. Janie was somewhere else, in the misty land of the well-loved. All Cat could think of now was to get her own pussy tended to. She desperately needed sex.

Cat moved up on the leather couch and took the unconscious Janie lovingly into her arms. She kissed Janie's sleeping lips with her pee covered mouth then pulled back and gazed lovingly at the girl/woman. Janie looked so beautiful lying in Cat's arms. Cat kissed her again, forcing Janie's lips apart with her tongue. Janie began to rouse from her orgasm induced slumber.

"Ohhhhhhhh God," sighed Janie, "Where am I? Who's kissing me?"

Cat pulled back and looked longingly at her tiny lover.

"It's me Janie. It's Cat, the woman who loves you so. Are you back baby? Are you ok?"

Janie smiled and nodded that she was ok, and then she pulled Cat to her and kissed her passionately, relishing the taste of her own pee on Cat's mouth.

Cat broke the kiss and stood up, naked before Janie. "It's my turn now Janie. Eat my pussy baby. Eat it the way I ate yours. I need to cum too. I need it so bad Janie."

Cat approached Janie as the tiny woman lay on the leather couch. Her goal was to set her pussy on Janie's mouth and have a desperately needed cum. Janie reached around Cat and pulled her by her ass until Cat was settled on Janie's mouth. It didn't take long. All of the anticipation had Cat cumming as soon as Janie's tongue entered Cat's steaming cunt.

"Oh my God!" shrieked Cat. She ground her pussy hard onto Janie's face, rocking back and forth as she came and came, her sweet juices pouring into Janie's open mouth. As she went over the top Cat's bladder spasmed and her hot pee let go. Janie swallowed as fast as she could, not wanting to waste a drop of Cat's flow. Finally, Cat was finished and collapsed beside Janie, sated and exhausted.

"My God Janie, I've never had an orgasm like that! Girl, what you do to me!"

Janie kissed Cat, letting her share the taste of her cum and piss that was still on Janie's lips.

Janie pulled back and looked into Cat's eyes.

"I need a cock now", said Janie. I've been such a damn fool. I have neglected Joel, and Tim. They have both been so sweet to me, giving me the space I've needed to study and learn my new job. God, I hope I haven't lost them. I need them both in my life. If Tim were here right now and asked me again to marry him, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. God Cat, what if I've lost Tim? What if I've lost Joel?"

Cat looked into Janie's eyes as she spoke, and then kissed her sweet wet lips again. "Janie, I doubt you've lost either of them. I've talked to them both, and they are frustrated, but they like the new and determined Janie. They are being as patient as any two men could be. And as for saying yes if Tim asked you to marry, well, I'd say yes to Joel too. I'm ready, and I don't want to lose him, ever. I'd love having you as a sister in law too! That'd be a wonderful bonus!"

Janie hugged Cat tight and the kissing started again. Cat rolled atop Janie, grinding her dripping cunt against Janie's thigh.

"Do it again Janie, really suck my pussy this time. Please?"

Janie's eyes twinkled, and then narrowed. "Nope, no more pussy for you baby! I need a cock, I need to fuck someone, and I have an idea how you can help me make it up to Joel Let's get dressed Cat. Then we'll go to Joel's. He'll be home alone. Let's both fuck him! Wanna? Oh Cat, say yes baby! Let's go fuck Joel!"

'Ohhhh you ARE kinky! OK, let's go, but hurry. I need to cum again real soon or I'll just burst!

Janie kissed her quickly and said, "I want you to burst baby, with my brother's cock in you, then I'll suck his cum from your pretty pussy and feed it to you!"

Cat rubbed her cunt again on Janie's thigh and had a small orgasm. "God, you are a kinky bitch, aren't you?"

"Just the way you like me, 'sister-in-law' of mine!"

"Ohhh, I like that. Now let's clean this place up and go find Joel!"

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