A Simple Love
Chapter 1

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A big football star falls for sexy, disabled girl

Dave casually strolled across campus, thinking of the first big party of the new semester and hoped there'd be some hot looking freshmen girls'. That's when he saw one of the most beautiful girls' he'd ever seen in his life struggling to pick up some books that she'd dropped. The short skirt she had on highlighted her long seductive legs and very firm behind, Dave knew he had to meet this beautiful young lady.

He quickly ran to the very attractive girl, as he bent down to help her he asked, 'Need some help?' He said with a warm smile and saw her pretty face fill with terror. He reached to gently touch the side of her face, 'It's okay, I just want to help you, ' he added with an even bigger smile.

A small hesitant smile filled her lips as she gazed to the handsome man helping /her. 'I'm sorry. This is my first week here, ' she smiled a little more. 'Someone from the Special Needs Office was supposed to be here helping me, but they never came, ' she added with a frown, looking into his big, brown eyes.

'Well fuck them, now you got me helping you!' Dave said with a wink as he looked to see her left arm was deformed and looked very weak. 'I'm Dave Gannon, glad I'm here to help you, ' he said as he stacked some of her books back into a bag.

'I'm Leona Davis, nice to meet you, ' she said looking to his wonderfully strong body. She knew who he was, she seen him on the TV so many times the last few years. She had pleasured herself many nights hoping that someday a man like him would love her.

'So Leona, where are you staying? I can't let a pretty girl like you be carrying all these heavy books by yourself, ' he asked having a feeling that she be lucky to even carry just a few books, let alone the three full bags she had.

A warm smile filled her full lips as her long blonde fell across her heavenly face. 'I'm in the freshmen dorm for now. I'm hoping one of the sororities will take me, but I'm not really holding my breath, ' she replied with sadness in her voice. 'They won't want some crippled girl around to ruin all their fun, ' she added with a frown. So many times she had been excluded from clubs and groups while she was in high school; this really wouldn't bother her at all.

'Shit! They'd be happy to have someone as beautiful as you are!' He quickly said and could feel blood rushing straight to his long, thick penis. She was one of the most beautiful girls' he'd ever seen grace the campus and knew they'd be good friends, hopefully more. 'Let's be off!' He added as he held her many bags with one hand and placed his other arm around Leona's thin waist.

'Thank you!' She replied with a big smile and couldn't believe he was going to walk her all the way across campus to the dorm. She walked very slow and needed to stop every ten minutes or so to rest.

He walked beside Leona and enjoyed her telling him of her life and many dreams. 'I was hit by a drunk driver when I was only nine years old, ' she said with hurt on her face. 'I was playing with some friends, he passed out at the wheel, and the car drove over the sidewalk and straight into a park full of kids.' Leona said with sadness in her sweet voice. 'I need to rest, ' she laughed and limped to a bench that sat under a big shade tree.

Dave gave his watch a quick look and knew he'd be late for football practice. The coach was going to give him a bad ass kicking; this would be the third practice that he'd be late for this week. 'Hey, would it be okay if I wrapped my jacket around your hips and I carry you the rest of the way to the dorm?' He asked hoping his beautiful new friend would say yes. He couldn't take a chance on the coach putting him on house arrest and at the pace she walked he would be close to an hour late.

'You can go ahead and leave, I'll be fine, ' she said with hurt in her voice. He wasn't the first guy that had met her and then wanted to get away from her as fast as he could. All of her teen-aged years had been filled with hurt when a guy she liked could never accept her for how she was.

Dave reached to touch her face. 'Listen, I'm not trying to leave you! Trust me, I'm going to be around you a lot, pretty lady, ' he said moving closer to her alluring lips, wanting give her a kiss, but he resisted. 'The thing is, I'm going to be late for practice and if I am, the coach will put me on house arrest for a month, ' he said with a frown. He didn't want to be at home missing all of the great parties and now he'd die without being around this beautiful girl.

She could see the sincerity on his handsome face. 'I think that would be nice, ' she smiled to Dave. 'But why do you want to put your jacket around me?' Leona asked with curiosity.

He laughed and looked to her wonderful legs and great little behind. 'Well, your skirt is kinda short, ' he smiled, as he reached to touch her soft, sinuous left thigh. 'I don't want anyone seeing this amazing little butt of yours, except me!' He added and quickly kissed her full, pink lips.

Leona could feel her lonely body going wild with desire for her new friend and hoped he meant all of the delightful things he had said to her. 'Sir, no one is permitted to kiss me unless they ask for permission first!' She teased Dave and saw a sly smile fill his face.

'Well, in that case, I'll take it back, ' he whispered and leaned to softly kiss her wanting and excited lips. A soft moan of desire escaped her body as Dave's lips sent her body into a state of total hunger to be pleased by him and his marvelous body.

Leona gasped for air as Dave pulled from her eager mouth. 'My! I'm glad you're carrying me, I don't think I'd be able to walk after that, ' she said with lust in her voice.

'I'd like carrying you anyplace you wanted!' He smiled, stood up and gently helping Leona to her feet. 'It's not every day a guy gets to help such a beautiful girl like you, ' he added slipping off his Maverick jacket, reaching around her slender hips he gently tied it and tenderly moved his hand across her right side of her behind. He wasn't sure if he should be touching her like this or not, she was so beautiful, sexy and disabled. Dave had never been attracted to any other disabled girl on campus and there were many of them, why was this girl driving him wild?

Leona felt as if she would explode at any second and now Dave was about to lift her body in his strong arms, carrying her the long way to her dorm. 'Do you treat all the girls' you meet this wonderful?' Leona asked as Dave bent down and swooped her into his arms with ease. 'Oh my!' She giggled out and wrapped her right arm around his neck.

'Hell no I don't, only for hot blondes that drop books in mini skirts!' He smiled at Leona. 'This is nice!' Dave said looking into her soft blue eyes, enjoying the feel of her body against his. 'I should give you my cell phone number and you can call me anytime you need to go somewhere, ' he gave her one of his alluring winks and started walking quickly towards her dorm. 'Hey, what are you doing tonight?' He asked as his pace quickened.

Leona tightly held Dave's neck and couldn't believe what he'd just asked her. 'Nothing, why do you ask?' She replied hoping that he wanted to take her out on a date. He'd be the first guy that she knew would truly give her a great time and not just try to get in her panties. So many guys would figure that since she was disabled, they could get anything they wanted from her.

As Dave walked up to the dorm, he looked to the stunning woman in his arms. 'There's a big party tonight and I want you to go with me, ' he said leaning to give her another fast kiss. 'Oops! I better take that back, I forgot to ask you first!' He winked and gave her another kiss, but this one was a deep passionate one, lasting so much longer than the first.

Leona melted in his arms as she returned his loving kiss. Her tongue carefully slid into his mouth, their tongues danced together, giving Leona feelings that she had never known before. 'Oh my God!' She gasped out when the kiss ended. 'I'd love to go with you!' She added giving Dave a tight hug with her arm and could feel wetness forming in her tiny panties.

'Well then, I'll be here around eight tonight to pick you up!' He said as he pulled open the big glass door, walked inside, and carefully stood her on her feet.

Two young girls' ran to Leona. 'Are you okay?' One asked with concern and gave Dave a big smile. 'Thank you for helping her. She left after we told her stubborn butt to wait so someone could go and help her!' The girl said giving Leona a Motherly look. 'Next time we're going to spank you!' The pretty girl giggled and gave Leona a warm hug.

'Shoot, it was my pleasure!' Dave said looking to Leona and knew tonight would be great. He really liked this beautiful and exciting girl standing in front of him and was looking forward to spending lots of time with her.

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