Amy's Demise: the Decadence of Stateroom M-34
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, Wife Watching, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - At last! After years of dwindling sex that suddenly and totally disappeared altogether, Amy and Steve are on their cruise. All Amy has on her mind is a nonstop feast of Steve's hard cock. But Steven has much more in store for Amy. Much, much more! Amy has no idea that the beautiful couple that they meet the first night is anything but an accident.

Welcome Aboard!

Seven days.

Seven wonderful days. No job. No children. No cell phones.

Just Steve and she. Finally!

It wasn't the most luxurious liner in the fleet but it was fine with them. Amy was pleased that Steve had gone to such lengths to find the perfect ship, the perfect room. Although she didn't care at first, he had insisted on finding the perfect situation, a stateroom with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. There was nothing between their balcony and the ocean except a sheer drop of several stories.

Now, she was glad he had been so relentless. He was right. It was perfect! Being so high on the ship, their room had sliding double glass doors that led out to the miniscule balcony. They could leave their curtains open and have a beautiful view of the sea. On each side of the balcony there were small partitions that blocked them from the adjacent cabins. Well, almost. It would only keep honest people honest. Amy knew that if one really wanted they could easily see into each other's cabins.

But, who cared? They would just take it all into consideration.

They were both anxious for some down time, some relief from everyday life and the two children that were like sponges, drawing every breath from the couple with their demanding schedules. Amy would never have dreamed that two preschool children could be so involved, so much in need of their parent's time. Between the kids and their jobs there was nothing left for the young married couple. Nothing.

And that's exactly what Amy had been getting ... nothing. The thirty two year old wife still had the same voracious sexual appetite that she had five years before when she was twenty seven, prior to electing to start a family. She wasn't surprised that with children their love life would have slowed down. It was a shock to her system that it had totally disappeared.

Over the years it had slowed a little, then over the past year even more. Finally, a few months before this cruise, it suddenly ceased.

Amy had not taken a cock in almost three months. Oh, there had been heavy petting, a never ending stream of "almost" where their hands and mouths tantalized each other to the brink.

But then it would end. No screwing. No cock for Amy. Steve would sort of just walk away and leave her to later finish up by hand. She often wondered why it didn't seem to effect him at all.

But not her. She wanted it and she wanted it bad!! And she was absolutely sure the time was now. Tonight!!

She was flowing between her legs, the anticipation almost as pleasurable as the act itself.

But at the moment it was only four in the afternoon. They had not even pulled away from the dock. Each of them understood that sex would come later, would be excruciatingly anticipated before being consummated.

But even before then there would be surprises. For both. Hers would be immediate and overt, hung out for the world to see. His would be cloaked, a carefully concocted fragile situation with little chance of success but, if fortunes turned his way, would produce a payoff like a sexual Fort Knox!

Amy sent him down to the pool in advance to "save" them some lounge chairs. No use losing the nice sun that would be theirs for hours. Steve was surprised that she sent him ahead of her but wasn't going to question. He had a little chore to take care of and she had just made it much easier.

Twenty minutes later his cock was standing at full staff, his swim trunks unable to contain the bulge. So was every other male on the pool deck.

Amy had just stood above his lounge chair on the pool deck and casually dropped her transparent white swim cover to her feet, exposing a black string bikini that totally revealed an absolutely perfect body that belied her thirty two years. And certainly it denied the birth of two children.

No extra tummy ... no nothing.

Amy smiled at their reactions. For all her other trials and endeavors, one thing that she enjoyed was working for a company that was keen on fitness and health. She was allowed thirty minutes a day in an outstanding company gym and she made use of it. Every day!

What the admiring crowd could see was the perfect body ... five feet seven inches with nice firm breasts escaping in every direction from a scanty top that did little more than cover her hardened nipples. Perfect legs and ass protruding from the tiny "tell all" bottoms. That's what they could all see. What they couldn't see and only Steve knew was that under that tiny strip of black cloth was a carefully trimmed blonde thatch.

Yep! That ultra short cropped blonde hair on her head was the real thing! And in between those gorgeous thighs were matching soft curls, their abundance curtailed only by a carefully wielded razor.

Steve was stunned. And proud. He knew she was perfect but to have her suddenly reveal herself as she did blew him away. Everybody was looking, each admiring.

Some with more interest than others. For two of them, it went well past interest. It cascaded into anticipation!

But first, a drink. Barrier breaking alcohol masked with a funny glass and an umbrella. It wouldn't take Amy more than two of these to make the deck roll even more than that caused by the gentle seas.

Then, the introductions of those sitting near them. Amy knew that Steve mingled well. He knew no strangers. It wasn't a surprise at all that he already knew somebody.

But what was a very pleasant surprise was who he had met. About Steve's age, Robert and Cathy Dorsett were in their mid thirties. Cathy was just gorgeous. Breathtaking full breasts, nice legs coming out of the bottom of a reveling white one piece suit. Still, both Steve and Amy knew that the younger wife held her own with Cathy. Amy was hot!!

But Robert was a different story altogether. Over the next few hours Amy couldn't quite put it together. It wasn't so much his good looks. (Yeah, she'd give it to him that he was more attractive than her own husband or, for that matter, any other man on that sun deck.) There was something else, though. His attitude? His self assurance?

His absolutely unmasked and totally undivided attention to her?

At the moment Amy was so sexually saturated, so hungry for satisfaction, that her mind automatically wandered to sexual thoughts. Robert looked at her straight on, making no attempt at all to hide the huge bulge in his tight swim suit. Slowly, his eyes totally undressed her time and time again, his uninhibited stares and her imagination allowing him to slowly strip her of even the tiny attire she was wearing ... one tiny string at a time.

She was correct in her assessment of him. Mentally, Robert Dorsett could easily envision her wet pussy, a sensitive clit stiffened by all the attention she was receiving. Especially from him!

And he was right. Amy could swear her pussy was contracting and releasing, trying to capture and fold into her wet crevice all the openly lurid looks she was getting from him.

She was thrilled.

Steve was very proud and pleased. This was going well.

Three hours of the sultry atmosphere did little to suppress Amy's sexual excitement. Instead, she found herself constantly squeezing and adjusting her legs, a vain attempt to send relief to a clit that had gone from full and anticipating to outright begging.

They had the late sitting for dinner with an eight o'clock appetizer. If Amy had her way about it they would have deferred, settling instead for a sandwich sent to their room that she would munch on while she was slowly riding Steve's rigid cock.

But Steve would have no part of it. Instead, once they were back in their cabin he selected a very reveling dress from her closet. She had brought it with her but had little intention of actually wearing it. Short skirted, the top was extremely low cut and was way too revealing for her taste. It had hung in her closet for years, waiting for her to gather the courage to wear it in public.

Steven laughed and encouraged her to step out of her shyness.

"Hey, this place is like Vegas. What happens here stays here."

It didn't help any to find that they were assigned seating at the table with Robert and Cathy Dorsett. Robert immediately stood up when they arrived and hustled Amy into the chair adjacent to his. He had been on these cruises before and knew that, for some reason, people always returned to the exact same chair at each seating. Always.

For the next six nights he would be shoulder to shoulder with the voluptuous Amy. If all else failed, that in itself was worth the price of the ticket!

Amy didn't exactly shy away. Already fully primed with alcohol and mentally prepared and anxious for a sexual explosion, it didn't bother her any to be gently brushing arms and legs with a great looking gentleman. The occasional brush under the table with his hand on her exposed legs didn't go unnoticed but was quickly dismissed without concern.

That was hidden ... that was under the table. Above it, Amy's breasts were brazenly on display. The front of her dress was so low cut that that it openly advertised her bra. What she exposed as a supportive garment was really nothing more than just a low cut transparent symbolic gesture that supported nothing and provided tiny glimpses of nipples. When she leaned over (and it was often) she was there for the world to see.

At those times Amy Matthews was on display, from her short cropped hair right down the front of her dress almost to her belly button. For those lucky few at the table, in front of a proud and anticipating husband, there could be no denying the sexual electricity that buzzed from the lady from stateroom M-34!

Amy was in mental turmoil. It was both breathtaking and frightening that she was displaying herself with such abandon. For the moment, she was a totally unrecognizable, brand new Amy and everybody at the table was a source feeding her pleasure. Men and women alike!

Her confidence grew by the minute. The conversation was as varied and exciting as the food. Although all eight people at the table were friendly and chatted casually, to Amy it was obvious the real attraction was between the Dorsett's and the Matthew's. As they chatted she never asked which room they were assigned. She assumed it was one much more expensive than theirs so why bring it up. At the moment, she felt like a queen. No use in spoiling it by presenting themselves as a poor cousin!

Finally, they all agreed on one thing. It had been a long day, with all of them traveling on airlines before arriving at the ship terminal. For Amy and Steve, the day had started at five in the morning.

At least, that was the situation as presented to each other. For the other two nice couples who shared their table, it was enough for them and they cheerfully bid a pleasant good evening. For the other four, the Matthew's and the Dorsett's, it was another thing altogether.

The sexual tension was high. Very high. Amy knew where her own mind and body was ... a sexual volcano about to explode. She also surmised that her presentation, her frame of mind, was like hot lava flowing down and engulfing all in her presence.

That's what she knew. That's what she felt. That's what she saw.

She never saw the looks passing among the other three. The slight of hand passing from Robert to Steven followed by a quick touching to Steve's mouth. A small swallow of water.

The clock was set. Time was clicking.

As they left the table it was a cheerful Cathy who suggested they give the ocean view a last minute quick glance from the upper front deck. The men quickly agreed.

Amy relented. This burning body thing wasn't just consuming her soul, it was draining her strength. Were they ever going to get to their cabin and fuck? Or was she going to be mentally and physically depleted to the point that they would instead hang a note on their cabin door that read, "Unable To Perform!"

She had no idea this was a stall, a necessary ruse to allow technology to have enough time to work and overcome nature's fragilities. Viagra doesn't work instantly.

The information Steve and Robert had received prior to the trip had been right. With the ship going in and out of Mexico on a weekly basis, Viagra was easily and cheaply obtainable from any number of crew members. Every cabin boy knew where to get it.


Who would have thought it would be so windy up top. With very little lighting it was hard to see but the drafty gusts took both women's skirts and sent them well above their waists. Amy quickly grabbed hers, holding tight while fighting a futile battle with the wind.

The men weren't stupid. They both stepped back a few steps, enjoying the dim view while the girls fought the blustery wind. Even in the diminished light the glimpses of thongs were abundant.

It was a relief when Amy suddenly felt the presence of a body pressing against her back, stopping the wild fluctuation of her skirt while at the same time introducing to the crack of her ass the presence of a hard cock. An extremely hard cock!! She moaned quietly and gently reached back to feel his presence, pleased that he was so hard. The fact that he had caught the back of her skirt just as it had been caught up in an upward wind only added to the sensuality. Her miniscule skirt was bunched up in the back above her waist, leaving nothing between the ominous cock in his trousers and her ass except the hidden tiny string of her thong sliding down between her cheeks.

She closed her eyes to enjoy the hands sliding slowly up her stomach before cupping her swollen breasts.

Suddenly a deep gasp and an involuntary twisting, Amy escaping from both her thoughts and her position.

She had just dared to glance sideways and realized that Steve was standing right behind Cathy. It was Robert, not her husband, who was leaning so closely against her with his hard cock so apparent against her exposed ass!

It was her sudden gesture of escape, not any spoken words, that announced the end of that little episode.

Steve and Robert shared quick glances at each other in the darkness and shrugged. Who knows what she was thinking about what had just happened ... what the two of them had allowed to transpire.

Amy didn't want them to know. She preferred them to think that she was irate about it. Embarrassed! Instead, like everything else, what had just occurred in the windy darkness had only added to the fire between her legs, her burning anticipation.

Thine Eyes Have Seen The Coming...

There was no possible way she could be more ripe, more willing, more agreeable to anything Steve wanted. There could be nothing that could surprise her, nothing that she couldn't handle.

That's why, fifteen minutes later, as she stepped out of the small bath room wearing a wispy, transparent red and black top with a matching nonexistent thong she never protested at what she saw. He was lying on the bed, the biggest hard she had ever seen on him waving in the air ... and every light in the room was on. Not only were the curtains wide open but the sliding door was fully opened as well.

Her immediate concern was squelched when he offered his hand, inviting her into the nuptial bed she had been so long denied.

Over two hours later an exhausted Amy closed her eyes and molded her limp, depleted body to his. She was asleep in five minutes.

For a full one hundred and twenty minutes she had been nibbled, kissed, fingered, sucked, fucked, massaged, complimented, softly made love to, and plummeted unmercifully with a cock that showed no exhaustion even after his obvious orgasms!!

It had started well. Soft kisses, foreplay well beyond what she could endure, slow kisses from her feet to the very top of her cropped head.

Nipples fondles, kissed, sucked, admired.

Pussy licked, sucked, fingered, teased, foraged, filled, led to blissful explosion after explosion ... only to start all over again.

But then, it took an unexpected turn. The sensitive nether crevice just scant millimeters away was not forgotten, either. Amy was amazed how sensual, how sexually delicious a ten minute delicate licking of her anus could be. Even before he shifted his attention to her ass it had been totally saturated with her come, the gushing moisture running freely from her pussy down her nether crack. Unlike in the past, though, tonight when he teased her with his fingertip there was no discomfort, no complaining, no objections. Only pleasure.

The first digit that he eased into her was wonderful as well. It was slow, very slow. Even then, she still may not have been able to accept the entire finger if he hadn't entered her pussy with his cock once again, causing her sensations to bounce from one raiding appendix to the other. But she did. After all those years of his futile attempts to extract anal pleasure from her, this time the soft sounds he heard escaping her lips were definitely moans, not groans.

And what was amazing was that they did it sitting on a stiff chair right in front of the open window! Steve was sitting on it, looking out the window. Amy straddling him stomach to stomach. His cock was slowly gliding in and out at her own speed, his finger molesting her well lubricated ass in the well lit room. If there had been anybody outside looking in, his forbidden foraging would have been easily detected.

Oh, yes! The open window, the well lighted invitation for a visual intrusion, had not been totally forgotten.

For Amy, the exposed window had quickly become a passing thought that drew an occasionally whispered, "The window," as she pointed towards it with a weak gesture. It never failed that her concern was answered with an especially hard suck, a sudden quick pounding, a deep kiss ... each action quickly quelling her concern and quelling the concerned distraction.

They had started on the bed. During the two hours they had moved to the floor and every piece of furniture imaginable. Several times, including that luxurious stint with his finger pleasing her accommodating anus, they were right in front of the window almost begging to be seen. He never suggested moving to the balcony. If he had, she would have been in no mood to say no.

But now it was over. As her eyes closed and gave way to her much needed rest, Amy smiled one last exhausted little curl of her lips. It could have not been better. It had been perfect.

Minutes later, Steve removed her leg that curled around his and slipped out of the bed and onto the balcony. It was late. All lights were out by then, the moon coming across the water in an unending light.

Steve stood silently for a minute or two. Then, out of the darkness and around the abbreviated panel that separated the cabin next to theirs, a silent hand came across, palm out and fingers up. Steve tapped it gently with a "high five."

On the other side, an excited and exhausted Robert Dorsett gave him an additional circular touching of the thumb and finger, quietly signaling an "A-Okay" signal.

It had gone perfectly. If nothing else went as planned or hoped, this evening had been utterly fantastic!

For the past two hours Amy Matthews had been fucked and sucked like never before.

For that same two hours a cautious Robert and Cathy Dorsett had watched her from around the inadequate partition. Looking constantly and carefully around for incidental intruders that might detect their voyeurism, they were totally spellbound with the highly erotic show the young couple in the next cabin had presented in the well lit atmosphere.

Through the open door, even the smallest of Amy's sounds had been there for them to capture. And capture they did, not only with their eyes and ears but with two high dollar digital cameras. They wouldn't just remember Amy's fantastic sexual performance ... they owned it!


It never crossed Amy's mind. At the moment it just wasn't where her mind was and wouldn't be for many days.

Robert Dorset. Robert DO-O-O-R-R-R-sett. Heavy emphasis on the "Dor" with the "sett" almost an afterthought. That was the stranger's name.

Bob Dorsett. Bob DorS-S-E-E-E-T-T. The "Dor" merely an invitation to the "s-e-e-e-t."

Robert. Bob.

Dorsett. Clearly could be pronounced two ways. She should have caught it. She didn't.

Robert Do-o-o-o-r-r-rsett was the gentleman stranger at their table who lived about a hundred miles away from them and, at one time that first night, had his hard cock pressed against Amy's windblown naked ass.

Bob Dors-e-e-e-e-t was a name mentioned many, many times in the Matthew's conversations, a very close friend of Steve's who had shared his room in college along with many other things.

Including women.

Oh, yes! "Sowing wild oats" would have been an understatement for these two. Both of them barely graduated, not even in the top thousand in their class. But their sexual antics became known campus wide. It was bad enough that, even as freshmen, they could so easily seduce an unwary coed. But, as the years went by, they gathered such a reputation as master cocksmen that even the leery experienced upper-class female students would give way out of curiosity and willingly become their sexual prey.

At first it was as much luck as experience and technique. Two great looking boys would always get their fair share of pussy. By their second year that changed. Both found that the concept of "sharing" went far beyond pizza. At first it was a gentle and concealed passing of girls to each other. That second year, out of the twenty or so girls each of them seduced, fifteen of them were the same girls.

Neither of them could really explain the attraction. They never compared notes, never made small of the girl involved. Instead, each of the twice satisfied ladies were almost put on a pedestal by the two roommates ... held in special esteem.

Both were too young to understand where it would lead, that it was only the first step of a lurid path. By their junior year it all came out, more by accident than any special planning. Steve was suppose to be out of town but his plans failed and he arrived unexpected back at their room. In a moment of embarrassment, he caught Bob almost mid air giving a long stroke to a young willing lady that they had both already had several times.

In order to break the ice, to sooth the awkward situation, Steve playfully jumped in bed with them while fully clothed. There had been no intent, no malice. He was just going to tease them out of an embarrassing situation.

For some reason, some unknown quirk of life, it just happened that it was the exact three people, the precise personalities, and precisely the right time that made none of them flinch. Instead, the light laughter and playful insinuations slowly turned into sexual teasing.

Maybe none of them wanted to be "chicken", to act like they weren't sophisticated enough to be able to handle the situation.

Over the minutes the teasing became a little quieter, a little more intense. Without any spoken permission, any stated intent, the mouths became three ... not two. For the innocently seduced girl, slowly there were four hands, not two, to extract simultaneous sensations from her quivering body. What would have been a two hour sexual coupling for two people turned into a ten hour sexual escapade for three, the two men giving each other equal time one-on-one with her at first, then slowly proceeding until they were sharing her at the same time.

It wasn't a race. They all rested, stepped back at times, respected each other's situation. There was no intent on their part to force anything. Through the grace of the sex gods, Steve and Bob had just happened on the right woman at the right time to fuse this impromptu desire.

Later that next morning she left them to their own vices only to return again and again over the next two years. For the first two months, when the two were lucky enough to have a woman simultaneously in their clutches, they only passed the girl back and forth, teasing and then pleasing them with alternating sex acts. Of coarse, both men were involved in the intense foreplay each time. But one night they found a girl who, after the two boys had gained confidence and technique, cautiously allowed them to enter her simultaneously. It was she who would allow them for the first time to penetrate a woman with both cocks, she who relented to their gentle urging until she allowed Steve to gently take her in the ass while Bob was enjoying her constantly pulsating pussy.

After the initial pain, the expected discomfort, she had not just relented. She had swooned! The sensation of having two cocks inside her at the same time, being able to feel them through her thin membrane as one pushed in while the other came out was too erotic to imagine or explain.

Both men innocently assumed their foraging would be kept secret. There was very little the pleasured woman would ever admit to another. What college coed in her right mind would tell anybody, even her closest friend, that she had been screwed and sodomized simultaneously ... that she had been willingly coerced into such depravity?

They obviously didn't understand the mind of a college coed in her early twenties, a young woman who's goal in life was to learn and experience ... and not necessarily just in the classroom.

Although the two friends didn't totally give up having one-on-one sex with women, it was obviously their greatest pleasure when they were sharing the same girl. After each episode, after each rotation where they each had the same girl by themselves on a one-on-one situation, the discussion took place. Was she or was she not a likely candidate for their special club? Some were yes, others obviously no.

Over the next two years over twenty women fell into the "yes" category. In their youth and lack of foresight, it never crossed the two boy's minds that their naïve assessment that the young women willingly involved would keep their mouths shut was invalid. One out of three of the girls couldn't hold it back, couldn't keep it secret during an all night "tell-all" conversation with their best friend.

Steven Matthews and Robert Dorsett were the unknown benefactors of some very quiet, very discreet advertising. There were those young ladies who secretly had always wanted to know what it would be like, who had a latent desire, but certainly had no intention of airing that primitive notion in public. And they sure as hell wouldn't be able to fulfill the notion later in life with a husband! But all of a sudden it was there! Relent to each man, get a special situation in return.

To the two men, other sex became irrelevant. Knowing this special situation wouldn't last, they gorged themselves on the willing women. Then one day it was all turned off like a light switch.

Graduation. Even as poor a student as they were their parents insisted on at least SOME return on their money and they reluctantly gave up the good life for the drudgery of the work force.

As they packed their stuff and hugged each other good-bye, the bags of wild oat seeds were left at the campus door. The legacy of Bob and Steve was no longer more than a secret memory on a lot of women's minds. As the years went by no telling how many grateful husbands benefited from the two men's sexual excursions.

Steve fell into an everyday job. Very steady, small raises, it was his notch in life. Bob threw caution to the wind, accepting a volatile job that paid well and sent him scurrying all over the world. As it turned out they couldn't be more different.

Oh, even though a half world apart they kept in touch. Sharing their dreams, Bob laughed lightly in a well meant congratulations when four years later Steve announced he had found "the one," a quiet innocent natural blonde with the body of Venus. Of course, only Bob would do as a best man. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Bob was entrenched in a situation in Central America that he could not leave.

If he had been able to attend the small wedding there would be no doubt that, while Steve mingled and received congratulations, Bob would have been trying his best to hide the massive hard-on that would have appeared each time he was in proximity of the new bride. He would have been absolutely blown away with Steve's excellent selection of a mate.

Amy was fabulous!!

And surely he would have only imagined what it would be like to share the new wealth with his old buddy, to slide gently in and out of that perfect ass while his best friend paid homage to her demanding pussy! Just like the old times.

But that was not to happen. Instead, there were only pictures. First of the sexy fiancé, then the blushing beautiful bride, finally the proud mommy of two. All of them led Bob to one thought ... the woman was gorgeous!! Steve must be as proud as he was lucky.

Four years later the tables turned. A hot redhead six years his junior turned Bob's attention enough that he relented. Thinking it was an end to his sexually loose lifestyle, he dedicated himself to Cathy, throwing all else away as he caved in to her voracious sexual appetite and her willingness to recognize no sexual boundaries.

He soon found that he was wrong about her. Once she had him safely in her clutches he realized that everything was still on the table ... that even after marriage nothing would be off limits with Cathy.

They were married in a civil ceremony in Paris. Steve was aware of it and congratulated Bob whole heartedly but, of course, could not attend. He would certainly have liked to. Who was this hot redhead who had tumbled his hard living friend?

For the next few years their correspondence became nothing more than a quick e-mail at Christmas and on birthdays. Steve's life was a safe job and even safer wife and children. Bob's was still the fast lane, big money coupled with occasional firings, an exciting sex life that often had nothing to do with the flaming redhead he had married. For them, it wasn't cheating ... it was an agreement.

Then it came. Instead of an e-mail, a phone call. After two hours on the phone it was if they had never separated. Close friends are like that. Now, Steve learned that Bob and Cathy were only hours away by car. In fact, he routinely went up there on business.

For some reason, and he couldn't seem to explain to himself why, he didn't share that bit of knowledge with Amy. He had spoken of Bob many times, sometimes when they were deep in sex and were whispering little tidbits that would excite the moment. At those few times, an innocent young Amy got a fleeting glimpse of her husband's sexual past. Most of the time, however, Bob was presented as a best friend who's funny antics molded a friendship that would be never ending.

Steve had no idea why he didn't share this new revelation, this new reconnection, with her. He just didn't.

Two months later he was in a restaurant staring at the most vivacious redhead he had ever seen! He was certain the bright amber was a direct result of the heat caused by the smoldering woman.

Cathy Dorsett was hot, hot, hot!! Unlike Amy, there was no pretense whatsoever to hide it. Short skirt, low cut blouse, ripe breasts with nipples coming at you like bullets! But most of all, her mouth.

It was so hard to describe her mouth. Through the beautiful open smile all Steve could think of was those lips wrapped around his cock.

At first the conversation was casual. Family, friends, jobs, old acquaintances. Then it turned to the college days. In thirty minutes it became very apparent to Steve that, unlike himself, his best friend had hidden nothing from his bride. Robert had totally revealed their sexual antics while in college. Steve was certain how negatively Amy would have reacted to his antics in college but Cathy was obviously turned on by the lurid saga.

Cathy didn't push it. Neither did Robert. This was delicate. They needed to see where the world had turned concerning the two best friends. They had both seen pictures of Amy. She was, without any stretch of imagination, an absolutely and incredibly sexy woman, two children or not. As a matter of fact, the "mommy" thing just seemed to add to it.

One good meal with friends, four drinks to lighten up the situation, and two hours to ease into it. By that time all conversation had turned to sex. And there were definitely two different worlds sitting at one table.

Oh, Bob and Cathy didn't just spurt out that they were swingers. Instead, as they had done many times before, they slowly and expertly eased the conversation over to alternative life styles. This was not the first time the scheming couple had approached a unsuspecting male about exploring a new sexual lifestyle. And, as many times before in the past, they knew they had their idea of sex and Steve would have his.

After a lively and very funny bantering for an hour it all quieted. Finally, Cathy softly smiled at Steve and laid it on the table.

"So, Steven Matthews, you say that you are so happily engrossed in your wife that there is no circumstance where your attention might be averted?"

My goodness, her mouth was absolutely gorgeous when she was talking.

"Yeah, I guess that kind of wraps it up," he shrugged and admitted.

Hair stood up on the back of his neck. Where was this going? His cock was as hard as a rock as he spoke.

"I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you've found it all," she quipped and nodded to an agreeable Bob.

Bob asked for the check, waving Steve's objection aside. He was already staying at their house, saving him a hotel bill.

He followed them home in his car. As well as he tried, while he was saying goodnight to his bride on the cell phone he couldn't help but release his hard from the confinement of his trousers, wrapping his hand around it to at least temporarily relieve the pressure caused by the hot redhead and her teasing insinuations.

As expected, the Dorsett's home was a mansion in comparison to Steve's modest abode. Cathy immediately excused herself and Bob fixed them "one last drink." Steve had already had enough and, in retrospect, was criticizing himself for even driving his car over there. He normally didn't drink much any more and one more might push him over the edge. He didn't want to make a fool of himself.

Actually, his host's idea of offering "one more" wasn't meant to reduce Steve's capacity but rather to allow him to become uninhibited. A cautious Robert was about to test the strength and moral aptitude of his best friend, to see what years of the quiet life and marriage to a voluptuous albeit innocent wife had done to the man.

They leaned closely together and, heads only inches away, their whispers carefully navigated them back to the old days. While Steve had never forgotten them, Bob had very obviously never stopped living them!

Cathy watched from a hidden perch, moving around the house just enough to make sure that Steve would recognize her presence. And making sure that that she could recognize, without a doubt, how that flirting presence was affecting his current condition.

She timed it perfectly. He was mellowing from the booze yet was nowhere near out of control. Most of all, he had a hard on so big she could easily see it from the next room.

It was time. Here goes nothing. Or, here goes a friendship to never be recovered. Or, and this was the Dorsett's wildest dreams, here was the start of something big. Really, really big!

Bob was the first to stop talking, to look up and shut up. Steve finally followed his silent gaze.

Holy shit!

It was the closest he had come to fainting since the birth of his first child.

Holy shit!!!

Standing ten feet away from him, a smiling Cathy was dressed in a sheer white ankle length gown that displayed every freckle on her body. In addition to her perfect large breasts and those frozen nipples there was something else that obviously stood out.

A huge, totally untrimmed mass of dark red pubic hair shining deeply through the transparent cloth! That mass of red curls on her head was definitely real!

She walked up to where he sat and spoke softly, almost a hushed whisper.

"So, Steven Matthews, there is no way you would possibly sway from your marriage?"

He looked at Bob. All he got there was a raising of an eyebrow.

Without a word, Robert Dorsett was saying, "SO?"

Without him answering and without another word from her, Cathy reached up and released a simple clasp that allowed the thin cloth to slowly slither down her body.

Many exhaustive hours later the two men laid quietly in a huge round bed, an appreciative and equally exhausted Cathy in between, two cocks slowly losing their hardness even as they were both still in her.

There had been no mention of Steve's young wife. It was way, way too soon. That would come three months later, after two such sessions were repeated. Each with a special scenario, and each assisted with both men taking an illicit pill to enhance and sustain their performance.

It was in the middle of the last of those sessions that the sexually uninhibited couple first suggested to their new partner that maybe, just maybe, his young wife might not be as sexually inhibited, as morally set in stone, as he might think.

They weren't making accusations or passing judgment. Heavens no! Only that, giving the proper chance, given a chance to "lighten up," just maybe Amy might succumb to the right circumstance.

And wouldn't he, Steven Matthews, be open to the idea that all at once he would be the recipient of a new sex life that, given no boundaries, would be a mind blowing experience? To both he and his bride?

They didn't push. Instead they only suggested, pointing out the possibilities. They let it stew inside of him, festering an erotic vision of what could be.

It took another three months and several more sessions before he finally succumbed to their wanton plan. By that time they had seen Amy in person at a mall. Amy had no idea she was on display but even in a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt she passed their inspection with flying colors. The photos had not lied ... Amy Matthews was one hot mommy!

Instead of being devised in a board room or a meeting place, the idea was laid out in a round bed, two cocks slowly and in an alternating fashion penetrating a willing and grateful woman. Even though the couple didn't share all of their experiences from their past with Steve they made sure that he knew the rules, the process that would best accomplish their erotic mission.

And what to expect.

Stage one was to deny. As painful as it was, Steve was going to have to abstain from any type of sex with Amy. He would tease, intentionally elevate her libido only to leave her hanging. It wouldn't be easy and it wouldn't be fast. Three months at least.

Then step two. The real thing. The test. Then hopefully the graduation.

They had to put her in a romantic, sexually saturated atmosphere where she could be induced and seduced into trying anything, providing to her a totally uninhibited sexual smorgasbord from which she could not refrain.

When they stepped aboard the ship step one was over. Step two was hanging in the air.

Robert Do-o-r-r-r-rsett. Bob Dorse-e-e-e-t-t-t-t.

Amy should have caught it.

She didn't.


Amy didn't want to get out of bed the next morning. After the sexual slugfest the night before she was wonderfully surprised when Steve was right back in it as soon as she woke. He used his tongue to clean her from the night before, then put her on her knees on the edge of the bed. With her arms pulled back to him through the inside of her legs, she was helpless to move as he stood feet on the floor and pounded her relentlessly.

For the first time in a long time he was able to naturally delay his orgasm, allowing him to stay well past hers, her cries of release filling the room if not the hallway before building again to yet another. As well as he tried, Steve couldn't escape this second one. By then he had her on her back with her legs thrown over his shoulders. His unbridled pounding was too much ... for both of them.

But when he blew into her with a mutual explosion he kept his stance, his composure. It was very, very important that she be sexually saturated every waking hour. There was to be absolutely no chance for her to think straight, to have any thoughts whatsoever that were not consummated by sex. Her sex.

Slowly, his mouth on her clit, then slow movement of that same tongue to find her forbidden zone ... to again please and excite her ass. Again, Amy was astonished at how absolutely wonderful that vulgar act could be. She had denied it so long. Maybe it was the slow, mind-blowing tongue on her anus and then back on her clit that teased her to the point that when a seductive digit slowly sneaked in and invaded her rectum it was not just acceptable but had somehow become a powerful aphrodisiac.

But to her dismay the teasing stopped, again leaving her on the brink of yet another orgasm. She would have laid there all day, coming again and again for hours if it were her will. Instead, he reminded her that they had paid well for the trip. They could screw at home.

Right now, it was time to eat!!

It was another full day of lounging lazily at sea. They knew tomorrow morning would find them in a small village in Mexico but today it was just the pool, luxurious meals, and a late night show in the lounge.

And again, miraculously, the poolside appearance of Cathy and Robert. It was uncanny how they always appeared. And it was another full day of Robert paying undivided and unmasked attention to Amy and her body. Having the inside knowledge that she lubricated very easily, Robert correctly guessed that she was dripping come and knew she would spend the day in a constant state of wetness. It wasn't at all a surprise how often she hit the pool.

Amy reveled in the luxury. Both the activities on the ship and the attention she was receiving from all the men. Steve and Robert went out of the way to make sure she soaked up the attention. At this junction in their plan, "sexual excitement" was "sexual excitement" when it came to the young mom, no matter the source. That it also came from the other men around them fit their plan wonderfully.

It worked perfectly. Amy Matthews spent the entire day right on the verge of coming.

By the late afternoon the conversation turned to the evening's activities. It was "Captain's Night" in the dining room. Formal dress, special menu. Because they were the late seating they all had the pleasure to watch the earlier crowd arrive and then dine. Amy smiled at the beautiful people, all dressed as well as they could. Or dared!

Even that somehow turned sexy. Being away from home and out to sea, there was an obvious loss of inhibitions. Some of the women's attire was downright naughty.

As was Amy's.

She had brought a short, demure black dress with her to wear that special night. However, the sexy selection Steve had made for her the night before and the attention she had received allowed her to hesitate, her hand hovering over the short dress before moving on down to another.

It was a borrowed dress, something expensive that had been secretly offered by a good friend at work. Steve had never seen it until he stepped back from the balcony and she was standing fully dressed in their cabin.

He let out a long, low, whistle.

"You look great," he admitted. Was that a hard cock surging again?

She was wearing an ankle length black dress. Simple enough.

Amy never said a word. Instead, she gently and slowly moved her left leg away from her body in a slow side step.

Steve's mouth dropped. Almost her entire leg became exposed. Even though she had a decent tan the dark lacey material at the top of her thigh high stockings made her exposed thigh look white in comparison.

"You like that?" she teased.

"I like that," he breathed.

Slowly she brought her leg back in and let her right one slide out. Like the left one, it was exposed almost to her hip.

Steve sat down. Was this hussy his Amy?

Slowly she turned. He realized that the long dress was tight fitting until about three inches below where her crotch would be. Then it was nothing more than a series of overlaying panels that dropped down from just below her hips. No matter how she walked or sat the folds would give way, baring her shapely legs almost all the way up.

"Is it too much?" she softly asked. She wanted to tease, to stimulate. Not to embarrass.

"It's perfect," he admitted.

This was definitely a new Amy. Maybe Bob and Cathy had been right. Maybe he had just never reached far enough. Maybe HE had been the one who was had sexual limitations, not Amy!

He wondered about what else was under that dress. Amy knew. It was a personal surprise, a gift to herself!

And that was the presentation that greeted Robert and Cathy Dorsett as the couple approached their table. Cathy's eyes flew wide. Robert's cock went hard.

As did dozens of others in the room. As lavishly and sexily dressed as the other women were, Amy still stood out. There was no way you could miss the brief exposure of the tops of her stockings each step she took. It wasn't just sexy ... it was downright bawdy.

Cathy didn't just exchange glances with the two men. She stared openly at them and nodded her head. It certainly wasn't a done deal but there was definite a change in the wind.

Of all the others, Cathy was the one who could tell when a woman had totally released her moral inhibitions and let her sexual desires take control, even if that woman herself didn't know. She still wasn't saying Amy was a "gimmee" by any means, but there were certainly all the signs of a woman making every effort to fulfill an explosive internal sexual appetite. Their planned sexual "starving" of the thirty two year old had worked!

Dinner was wonderful. Pretty people, great food, witty conversation.

Wine. Lots of it. More than Amy could tolerate.

She didn't get sick. It wasn't her stomach she was losing.

It was her conservative manner.

She felt good about herself. She knew she looked good, she knew she was holding her own with their conversation and, most of all, she knew Steve was very proud of her. It was obvious in his manner, his attention to her.

She also knew that, once back in their cabin, the fever pitch she was failing to mask would be totally consumed and then doused, a reward for her new aggressiveness. She knew she was sexy as hell tonight and she was going to get another great fuck for her effort!!

She couldn't wait.

Well, yes she could. There was still a show to attend, a musical in the Starlight Lounge. They all knew it would be less than topnotch but, what the hell, it was entertainment on the high seas. It seemed like the delay was torture but, unlike the night before, Amy was no longer concerned about "if" she was going to be sexually teased and tormented before being consumed. It was instead a matter of "when."

A little more attention from the men to elevate her libido wasn't going to exactly quell her evening any!

They waited too late. The lounge was full. At last they found a small booth in the very back. Robert hurriedly assisted Amy to her seat on the small bench then sat beside her, not giving either Steve or Cathy a chance to do so. Amy shrugged. So what! There was no denying that the man's suave attention had been going straight to her receptive pussy all night. A little bit more teasing wasn't going to kill her!

The other three mentally nodded in approval. Tonight was going well. Very well. Even their late arrival for the show fell into their hands. They would know exactly how well in about an hour.

They were all facing each other with Steve and Cathy's back to the stage. Suddenly the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on. With a quick twist, the seat Cathy and Steve were on was spun around so that all four were facing the lighted stage, Amy and Bob seated in the darkness behind the other two almost as if in the rear seat of a car at a drive-in theatre.

The show was as expected. What the aspiring entertainers lacked in skill and polish they made up with exuberance. Flashy, downright sex driven costumes with a lot of thong type apparel was presented with a small live band.

Scheduled to be a fifty minute show, it was fun from the start.

It was about ten minutes into the show that Amy first felt it.

Over the past two nights she had come quite accustomed to Robert's quick feels, the gentle but obvious grazing of her legs and arms by their handsome new acquaintance. But that had been pretty well in open view. Although hidden under the dining room table it was still well lighted and there were other people around. There was no danger, no alarm. Instead, just a bit of harmless and excitement between strangers.

But this was different. This time the sudden appearance of his delicate fingertips on her knee where her parting skirt had laid bare her stocking encased leg was very slow, very discreet.

And very much not by accident. Even in her innocence Amy knew that. There was a difference between an accidental brushing and a slow, adventurous sexual advance. One might make one shudder ... the other, in the right frame of mind, would make one catch their breath.

Amy Matthews was definitely in the right frame of mind!

There was a quick jerk of her body. His foraging fingers had extracted an immediate response from her and the quick intake of air was obvious. She felt it, he felt and heard it.

She didn't move, too stunned to offer immediate resistance to the intrusion. Steve was right there, not more than three feet in front of her bare knees.

The kids danced. His fingers danced.

They all cheered, applauded the effort on the stage.

On the back row, it was a little more subtle. To a hopeful and wise Bob, Amy's lack of negative reaction to his attention was the same as being cheered, being applauded.

The fingers slowly crept up. Amy flinched but didn't move. What to do? Ruin a perfect night. Make a scene in front of everybody. Kill off all her sexual expectations for the evening and maybe the entire cruise by complaining to her unknowing husband?

Her pussy was already on fire. Much to her chagrin his soft manipulations only fueled it. Still, it was not acceptable. She was married and her husband was only feet away.

She finally, slowly reached down and softly grasped his wrist. She couldn't just let him wander up her leg. She held a secret. There was something he didn't know but, if left to his vices, he would certainly find out in a few minutes.

One would think that, all things considered, that in her present dire circumstance this would have no importance. But for a sex drugged Amy sensing the creeping fingers, it did.

Amy Matthews knew that above the thigh high stockings there was nothing else. She was wearing no panties. It had been her secret, her seductive gift to herself.

Bob looked about slowly. They were so far in the back that the stage lights were actually in front of them, only masking the couple even more. Amy had no way to know that there was absolutely zero chance that their partners would turn around and rescue her, that they would not interfere with what they anticipated and hoped would be a gentle seduction.

But Robert Dorsett certainly had that inside information. As far as the two sitting in front of them, he knew that he not only had permissive free range but was fully expected to take it as far as Steven's bride would allow.

With her hands gently riding his, the fingers crept up. The loose folds of her skirt readily gave way, falling to the side to expose her legs from her toes almost to her crotch. Each inch, each tiny upward movement, caused Amy to catch her breath. She desperately needed to be rescued.

Robert smiled at her dilemma. He knew Amy was fighting her own mind and sexual innocence even more than his escalating fingers. There were signs to look for, little indications of what was to be, where she was at the time. Robert Dorsett had been there before, many times.

Amy hadn't.

She closed her eyes and looked away as if it would all disappear. It wasn't so much his fingertips caressing and escalating slowly up her leg that bothered her so. Instead, it was the very distinct, very recognizable reaction from within that was causing her so much misery.

His uninvited attention, the slowly rising fingers searching her exposed legs, her husband sitting only feet away. Through it all, even though her mind desperately cried, "NO!" her receptive body whimpered softly in anticipation.

She was so sexually saturated it seemed that her only choice was to ingest the pleasure, no matter the source. Right and wrong would have to be in the next booth. Where Amy and Robert Dorsett was seated, all thoughts were on the fingers slowly advancing up between her quivering legs.

Bob not only knew where he was with her and where she was with herself but also approximately where the show was going. The slow, excruciating ascent had been wonderful. As much as it had already been advertised by Amy's sultry walk, when he reached the top of her stockings and his fingers met her bare flesh they both reacted to the sensuality of it.

He desperately wanted to linger, to torment her into submission. But a clock was ticking. He didn't have all night. He needed to move on, to complete his mission.

A few inches higher they both sucked in their breath. He in surprise, she in anticipation! Instead of finding the anticipated abbreviated tiny strip of cloth that would be her last defense, his hand had found an uncovered and unencumbered wet crotch hiding a swollen, sensitive clitoris.

He wanted to toy with her, to make her life a sexual misery for a few minutes. But it was time. They had minutes, not hours. "The show must go on" had an all new meaning for the two.

He wasted no time, slowly stroking the wet, exposed crevice. She reacted, her hips lurching up to meet the violation and then back in a vain attempt to escape.

The fact that, long ago, her hand on his had become that of an accommodating guide rather than a deterrent had not gone unnoticed.

Robert stroked slowly. Amy reacted with a small circling of her ass. As forbidden and uninvited as it was, the end result was marvelous.

From the darkness and somehow through the loud music, a whisper.

"I'm going to make you come."

Amy thought she heard it. Surely not!

"I beg your pardon?"

"Come for me, Amy."

It was like a bombshell in her ear, no matter that it was gently spoken through a very loud band.

Amy hesitated, then shuddered. Deny ... deny ... deny! That's what she should do.

But she knew he was right.

As it was, she was barely hanging on ... barely able to keep from becoming vocal from the pleasure she was feeling from his slow touch. The man knew what he was doing. Without ever having touched her before, he knew her body very well.

She slid down in her seat.

O-o-o-h-h-h-h-h. The fingers ... the foraging thumb.

Her eyes closed, unable to compute or absorb any other than the sensation at hand. His hand.

She wasn't aware when her legs spontaneously opened slightly to accommodate his hand.

In minutes she fluttered her eyes, looked about, shuddered, and in that hidden, darkened, loud booth did the unimaginable.

As Robert Dorsett had promised, Amy Matthews came. She straightened her legs and lifted her rotating ass off the seat. Grabbing his foraging hand with both of hers, her receptive pussy rode the fingers of the total stranger straight through all of her moral objections, his thumb playing havoc with her swollen clit.

Oh, it was not totally without noise but her low moans were heard only by her partner and the excited two sitting only feet away. But it was an explosion, nevertheless. A gratifying gift to the man who had so carefully planned and extracted her sinful orgasm.

For the two in front of them, it could only be some cocked ears, a huge effort not to look back behind them, and a knowing look at each other. The little nods were as hidden as Steven's hard cock and Cathy's wet pussy. To make sure Steve understood where she was with the activity behind them, Cathy looked around before cautiously sliding his hand under her short skirt. Her tiny thong was soaked and even his quick touch revealed a pussy that was in a slow convulsion.

The action under the two skirts was almost as muted as the final number being performed on the stage was animated! Too fast for either to reach any further sexual conclusion, the lights suddenly came on to douse any chances of the deeply desired completions.

Instead, two hard cocks and two begging pussies bid goodnight. One couple to go directly to their room. The other, an intentional delay to mask the fact that the four of them were virtually roommates divided only by a thin wall and an abbreviated partition.

Amy was certain that, once she gained her senses, her lifelong modesty returning, she would be totally distraught, so embarrassed, so sorry for her lascivious actions with a stranger. Surely she should be devastated.

Any time now, Amy. Any time now!!

She owed her innocent and trusting husband. Big time. For the first time since they had met she had cheated ... had succumbed to another's advances.

Where, then, was the deep remorse she should feel?

Instead, they weren't even in their room before she reached back and unzipped the back of her dress. Still in the hallway, she looked about for strangers and then playfully let the front of her dress fall down and dangle from her hips, exposing her ripe breasts to him. As soon as they got in the room the sexually gushing wife never finished undressing, instead pushing the flabbergasted and pleased husband on the bed. She had a few things to say to him and had no intentions of even saying a word.

The lights were still all turned on, the curtains left wide open.

There had to be remorse. She demanded it of herself!! She owed him!

She felt that way. She had wronged him. There needed to be payment. She didn't bother to remove her dress when she straddled him and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. His sudden realization that she had worn that revealing dress without any panties only seemed to add to it all!

For the first hour, it was all Amy. He only reacted to her movements. For the second hour it was a repentant Amy that opened herself up to anything. He needed only to suggest. She was all too eager.

What did he want? Oral? Sixty nine? She on top ... or bottom. The floor? A chair? The shower?

She considered everything to be open for his pleasure! No boundaries ... no denying!

There was no way she could still be shocked, totally caught by surprise at his requests ... his demands. No way.

Steve Matthews knew he had capital to spend ... a naive sexually saturated wife who felt she owed him a debt that could never be repaid.

Amy had accepted the thought of doing anything he asked.

Except being guided totally naked to a small straight on the small darkened balcony patio outside of their room.

Except being requested by her excited husband to sit in it after he had turned off all lights, being urged through the open, darkened sliding door to slowly rub herself to yet another orgasm.

The exposure was frightening at first, her naked body exposed to any that dared to peek. If detected, what the invading voyeur would have seen was Amy's back to the sea, her legs wide open and extended out, her gyrating crotch totally exposed to her hidden husband sitting in the darkness of their cabin slowly stroking himself back to life.

And, unknown to the accommodating wife, there would be certain detection.

Once again, the watching eyes of Robert and Cathy Dorsett were glued to Amy and the erotic scene before them, their necks literally stuck out and around the partition separating the two balconies while they were hid behind her back. At first, they watched carefully for uninvited intruders. But soon the mesmerizing scene only feet from them allowed their guards to drop. The fact that they were not detected as they watched the submissive bride perform her excruciating finger dance on her swollen clit was luck, not precaution.

Having to first shake off the nervous condition caused by her exposure, it took her almost thirty minutes to come. Half way into it the silence was broken, softly spoken questions drifting out of the darkness from her cabin, teasing at first before becoming very specific. Steven wanted to ease her into it, to see where she was at the time. He thought she was well past the point of any inhibitions as far as pleasing her husband was involved.

But did it stop at just him? Had other boundaries been expanded as well?

Slowly, deliberately, he questioned her about her past. What she had done with other men, what her sexual experiences had been before him. He already knew he had not been her first man.

At first there was very little new material. He had already asked her many times before when they were caught in the throes of sex. To him, this little episode was only meant to loosen her up, to prepare her for what was to come. How honest would she be under the conditions. Kind of like a lie detector test asking your name and age in order to set a base line.

To the two sets of devouring ears hidden on the other side of the partition her answers were softly spoken sexual candy, an insight into the erotic side of the withering wife that they had not yet been introduced. And for which they were starved!

It took Steve a while but finally it started going in a familiar direction. Many, many times before when she was delirious with an impending orgasm he had asked her if she wanted to be fucked by another man. They both knew that the desired answer was, "Yes." It only added to the sexual fire within them and she would always relent.

Sometimes it even got specific ... a certain person. Most of the time she denied Steve that pleasure by refusing to give a "yes" answer but on occasion she had relented, knowing it was all in fun.

This time, for obvious reasons, it was different. Totally different.

It was almost a whisper. Almost.

The four hidden ears picked up on it, however. Then they froze without breathing, awaiting the young wife's answer.

"Do you want to fuck Robert Dorsett?"

Her loud gasp, her sudden movement, was obvious. Maybe even a precursor to her answer.

There was a long hesitation. Amy was shocked! Although they had played this game many times before this time it was very personal ... so very close to her guilty soul. Just hours before her excited body had erotically danced to Robert Dorsett's talented fingertips until submitting to an excruciating, slow hidden orgasm.

This wasn't just a rhetorical question thrown out for her to jump on. It was a kick in her stomach. Or a bit lower.


He had caught her at exactly the right time. She was about to come. There was no time to build a defense, to create an alibi.

"Amy, do you want Robert Dorsett?"

His inquiry was no longer soft ... it was now hard and demanding. She knew he was not going to let it go.

"AMY??" He was delightfully demanding.

He broke her will.

She answered just as she hit her orgasm.

When she blew, her body writhing on the chair in the darkness and her uninhibited moans drifting out to sea, Robert was just feet away behind her. Molded close behind his wife, he was buried deep inside Cathy, his slow thrusts met by her long, undulating circles as her torso bobbed up and down on his cock.

They both knew what her response would be, even before she answered.

Her answer to her husband's question solidified their conclusion. In one long, mournful word.

"Y-e-e-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s," she moaned softly through the still night.



She kept repeating it the whole time she was coming.

Amy Matthews was definitely ready.

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