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Character List


Royal Judge and Executioner, 5'-10" tall, 35 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, handsome


Slave girl, 5'-0" tall, 95 pounds, 17 years old, small breasts, narrow hips, chestnut brown hair, blue eyes, cute

Count Henry

Local Ruler, 5'-8"tall, 145 pounds, 35 years old, dark brown hair, gray eyes, thin.

Village Chief

Village chief, 5'-8" tall, 130 pounds, 45 years old, dark complexion and hair, brown eyes, very thin


Village chief's Son, 5'-11" tall, 175 pounds, 25 years old, dark complexion and hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders


Senior journeyman physician, 5'-9" tall, 140 pounds, 25 years old, brown hair and eyes


Count's Lieutenant and half brother, 6'-1" tall, 190 pounds, 35+ years old, light brown hair, gray eyes, broad shoulders

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