5th November

5th November -

The facts of the Gunpowder plot are well known and documented, they are as follows:

In 1605 a plot was devised by some Roman Catholics to rid the country of England of its rightful Protestant King — James I (also known as James VI of Scotland). Those involved in the plot are known they were:-

Robert Catesby

John (Jack) Wright

Thomas Wintour

Guy Fawkes

Thomas Percy

Robert Keyes

Thomas Bates

Christopher (Kit) Wright

Robert Wintour

John Grant

Ambrose Rookwood

Francis Tresham (1)

Sir Everard Digby

(1)The plot failed due to a letter thought to be sent from Francis Tresham to his Brother-in-Law, Lord Monteagle, - sent on the 26th October - warning him not to attend Parliament on November 5, 1605. Being a supporter of the King, indeed he had paved the way for James to become King, Lord Monteagle passed the letter onto the 1st Earl of Salisbury — Robert Cecil, who subsequently appeared to do nothing for 6 more days before telling James I of the plot.

On the night of the 4-5th November Cecil ordered the catacombs beneath Parliament to be searched and there the searchers found Guy Fawkes with several barrels of Gunpowder, ready to light the fuse once Parliament was assembled.

Fawkes was tortured to reveal those that he knew were part of the plot. Several took horses from Warwick Castle and made it to Holbeche House which was quickly surrounded, faced with the punishment of being executed, they fought against the men. Thomas Percy was killed along with Robert Catesby; also John Wright and Christopher Wright were also killed.

The rest of the conspirators were caught and nearly all were sentenced to being Hung, Drawn and Quartered, the only one being spared was John Tresham, who had tried to convince his co-conspirators to abandon the plot once it was known, he refused to hide and offered his services to the government. He was imprisoned in the Tower where he died on the 22nd of December 1605; the cause of his death was never explained properly.

This then is the true facts behind the Gunpowder plot. — But surely there is another cause of the plot? One that would never be revealed until in late 2008, the new leader of the Association was going through some files and found out the true story, one where the Association tried to take over the Crown and to throw the Country of England into civil war. If it wasn't for the actions of the Organisation's leader Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury

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