Election Bet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Evelyn and Dennis had a past history, but now she was his supervisor at work. She thought Obama would win, but he liked McCain's chances. They worked out a wager.

"You're crazy! There's no chance for McCain to win it." Evelyn, my direct supervisor had broken into a private conversation that my buddy Rick and I were having in the break room. The election was less than twenty four hours away. Sure, all the polls showed Obama winning, but it felt like that was just the liberal media trying to stampede the undecided voters with pro Obama propaganda. It felt like that to me, at any rate, but McCain was my preferred candidate, regardless.

I had a sense that a lot of voters were saying they'd vote for the Democrat, because that was the "politically correct" response to voice. In the privacy of the polling booth, with nobody around to see how they actually voted, I really believed that many of them would cast their vote for the Republican candidate.

Evelyn and I had a bit of a history with each other. We'd dated for a few months, back when we'd first started working here at the Center. That was more than six years ago. Our romance had fizzled out after I'd told her I wasn't ready to make any long term commitments, or even to go to the point where we were seeing each other exclusively.

We fought about that for a week or so, and then she just dumped me. I'd been seeing another girl too at the time, so I didn't take any of it too seriously. About six months after our break up, Evelyn was fast tracked for promotion. She left the department we'd both been in to go work in another area of the building. Six months ago, she'd been promoted again, and transferred back to my department, as the division supervisor.

During the four years or so she'd been away, we'd had virtually no contact at all. It wasn't until her last promotion and transfer back that I had given much thought to her.

During the brief time we'd been dating, we'd had a pretty torrid sex life. We were both somewhat animalistic in our sexual preferences. She had liked to be handled roughly, and I'd always had an aggressive style with my lovemaking technique. It wasn't sexual incompatibility that had caused us problems. I still had a whole bundle of very pleasant memories of some extraordinary sexual calisthenics that we'd each put the other one through.

I liked variety though. What can I say? The other girl I'd been seeing at the time was long gone as well. I'd pretty much stopped dating. With all the clubs around, it was a lot easier to go out clubbing, and then hook up with whichever girl caught your eye and seemed willing.

It wasn't perfect, but it was fast, easy, and very enjoyable. It filled my need for variety too.

Getting back to Evelyn though, I'd found it annoying that she'd butt into my private conversation with Rick. I was on my break, and she had no business pressing her ignorant opinion on either of us.

"McCain needs to win Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All the polls show him closing the gap in those states. Also, there's the so called 'Bradley Effect'. People say they're going to vote for the black candidate, but they never really intended to. They just don't want to admit they're prejudiced. I give at least a four percentage point swing in each of these states to the 'Bradley Effect'. I'm sure all the polls are skewed in Obama's favor because of that."

Evelyn just stared at me. I recognized the signs of her being angry. I'd seen a lot of that the week we'd broken up. The woman definitely had a bad temper.

"Pennsylvania and Ohio aren't in the South. Prejudice like that doesn't exist there. Even if it did, it would only be a very few voters, a lot less than the margin of victory the polls are showing for Obama."

"By ten o'clock our time, tomorrow night, Obama will have conceded, and John McCain will be the president elect. Congress will be more heavily Democratic, I'll concede that much to you, but the Republican's will still control the White House. Voters don't want a situation where one side controls everything. Most people don't want more liberals on the Supreme court either."

"You are so full of shit, Dennis. You pull these so called arguments out of your ass and present them to people like they were real facts. Obama will win the election. Do you want to make a bet?"

A bet? I'll be honest, I'd been talking about what I hoped would happen, not what I really thought would take place in the election. Evelyn was challenging me in front of my friends and work colleagues. I didn't want to seem to back away from my earlier stated position.

"What would the stakes be?" I was curious about how much she wanted to make the bet for. I'd already made up my mind that I'd accept a bet of as much as a hundred bucks, if she showed some restraint and suggested something that was a reasonable amount. It would definitely be worth that much to me not to be forced to back down in front of Rick and a few of the other guys listening to us then.

"If Obama wins, you come to my apartment and wash all my windows. First and second floors."

"What do I get when I win?"

"I'll come over to your place and wash your windows."

"No good. I've already got a service that does my windows. It's all part of the cleaning and maintenance contract through the condo association. They do the grass, keep the common areas clean and wash all of the outside walls and windows. The cleaning lady does all the inside areas." I hoped she'd just let the matter drop. I didn't want to do her windows, and I wasn't all that confident in McCain's chances.

"I'm going to win anyway, so you just go ahead and name whatever you want."

Rick and the other guys listening started making snide comments about her offer. She'd trapped me into having to make a bet. She thought so, at any rate. Her attitude was still rubbing me the wrong way. That's probably why I said what I did right then. I knew it was wrong, way over the line, and probably enough to get me fired if she made any kind of complaint.

"How about one of your best blow jobs if I win?" As soon as I put it out there, you could have heard an ant fart. It was that quiet. Evelyn's face turned a radical shade of deep red. She was embarrassed, but she was also very pissed. Not a good combination when the woman was your immediate supervisor. Hell, she wouldn't even have to check with anybody. She could fire me for cause, just based on what I'd said to her.

"You're way out of line, Mr. Richards. I'm going to take a few minutes to try to get my anger under control again. Once I've done that, say in about fifteen minutes, I'd like to see you in my office. We'll discuss then what your stupid outburst is going to cost you. You might take this opportunity to make some calls to try to line up a few employment interviews."

She walked out of the break room and everyone started trying to yell at me at once. They all thought I'd done a very stupid thing, and most of them said, in one way or another, that I deserved whatever punishment she dealt out.

I kind of agreed with all of them. What I'd said had certainly been uncalled for, and Evelyn hadn't deserved that level of disrespect from me. Well, it was done now. I'd just have to take whatever punishment she gave me.

I gave her an extra ten minutes to cool off. This was justified because I'd been on the telephone, talking to a client, explaining how he could cancel his error filled order and submit a replacement order without any mistakes on it. I admit to keeping the client talking longer than was strictly required, but I felt the extra time would make things simpler. No, not simpler for the client, simpler for me. If Evelyn hadn't gotten control of her anger by the time I finally knocked on her office door, then nothing I could possibly say would save my job.

I opened her office door when I heard her tell me to come in. I couldn't really tell how mad she still was. Her face had returned to what was normal coloring for her. She didn't look like she was ready to stroke out on me at least.

"I could fire your ass for what you said to me out there, Dennis. I've got a good mind to do it too, just to let the rest of them know that I won't tolerate that kind of talk. I'm not going to fire you though. Would you care to hazard a guess as to why not?" I could feel myself being very relieved at the news. With the bad financial climate currently looming, the last thing I'd have wanted was to be out of work and needing to find a new job.

"Thank you, Evelyn. I really do want to apologize for what I said before. You were right to call it stupid. I can promise you that it will never happen again."

"So, we have a bet, right? I win and you do my windows. You win, which will never happen, and I'll do what you said you wanted." When she finished speaking, she was smiling at me. I replayed her words again in my head, wanting to make absolutely sure I'd heard what I thought I had. There didn't seem to be any ambiguities.

"It's a bet. I hope I win."

"I had planned on voting for Obama, Dennis. Now though, I'm really not sure how I'll vote."

"I'm pretty sure California will go big for Obama, so it doesn't really matter how either of us end up voting. I'm still voting for McCain though." I turned around to leave, believing our conversation had been concluded.

"Good luck, Dennis."

I dreamed about the election. I also dreamed about Evelyn. I was pretty sure that she would have made the same bet, even if she'd known for sure she'd lose it. She'd deliberately manipulated me into this situation. Just to be on the safe side, I'd stopped off at the grocery store and picked up six rolls of paper towels and three large bottles of Windex.

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