Adventures With Lindz
Chapter 1: Lindz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Body Modification, Needles,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Lindz - People see what they want to see. They see my 'young professional' attire and assume we share the same desires. They don't see my piercings and would deny them if they did. This story is not for those people. This story is about body modification (piercings, needles, etc.) and sexual exploration, a combination most would not appreciate.

I entered the house and struggled to suppress a sigh. DC was known to be a city full of young professionals eager to spend a couple years making the contacts necessary to pursue more interesting careers elsewhere. The throng of perfectly dressed, perfectly mannered, and perfectly boring people nearly overwhelmed me. I knew most of them, but the party really wasn't anything special. Just another excuse to get drunk and to philosophize about, 'What we're going to do with the rest our lives.'

Making my way back to the kitchen I noticed several new girls. Most returned my smile, but I wasn't sure if it would be worth the effort to talk them up. Odds were low that I would meet someone with similar tastes, and I was tired of explaining my pierced cock to overly conservative girls.

While mixing a drink my thoughts were interrupted when one of the other party goers melded herself to my side. I was surprised, but the girls at these parties tended to get cuddly when drunk so this wasn't all that unusual. Besides, she felt good.

"Can I have one of those?"

"Sure," I replied, and reached for an additional cup.

"Oh, sorry," she blushed when she heard my voice. "I thought you were someone else."

"No biggie," I smiled.

She was beautiful, but that didn't count for much in my book and I wasn't in the mood to carry on a full-length conversation. Still, there was something about her eyes that sparked my interest.

"I'm Lindsay."

"Glad to meet you," I replied, handing her the drink.

Her hand lightly caressed mine as she accepted the cup and I could tell she was eager to ask more questions. The timing wasn't right and her smile slipped when I turned to find an unobtrusive spot where I could watch the party flow around me. Looking back I watched as she took a sip and raised her glass in a silent toast of appreciation before I ducked around the corner and was lost in the crowd.

As the night wore on the new girls paired off, frequently slipping away to find someplace more private as friendships were made and the alcohol flowed. Despite numerous opportunities, I spent most of the evening alone. I kept telling myself it was time to leave, but my body refused to obey.

I realized I was scanning the room actively looking for Lindsay. I spotted her sitting alone on one of the couches and decided to go visit. As I approached I noticed she was scowling, but it was too late to abort. Steeling my resolve I joined her on the couch.

"Hi, Lindsay." She started to glare, but her features softened when she recognized me.

"Hey, I didn't think you'd still be here." She tucked her hair behind her ears as she turned her body towards me. "My friends call me Lindz."

"Well, Lindz, I was planning on heading home soon, but figured I had to talk to at least one pretty girl before leaving."


"Why the scowl when I sat down?"

"It wasn't you. It's just..." she faltered and I felt her eyes rake over me before she continued. "Have you ever looked around and realized that you don't really know any of these people, and don't want to know any of them?"

"Constantly," I sighed, not quite sure how much to open up. I got the impression that our personalities would mesh well, but I have a hard time trusting people.

"Take that couple over there. They both look perfect, but I bet she likes it up the ass," she continued, pointing at one of my openly gay friends who was known to show off his PA {Prince Albert: a male genital piercing through the urethra near the tip}.

"Probably, but with his pierced cock that might be a problem."

"I would love to try that," she whispered.

"What, up the ass?"

"No! A pierced cock."


"You have no idea..."

"Oh, I think I might," I insisted, meaningfully glancing down.

"No way!" she gasped, her eyes sparkling with desire.

I just smiled.

"Do you have any others?" she asked.

"Just my tongue."

I pointedly glanced at her pierced ears. "Do you have any others?"

"A couple." She blushed, briefly pointing to her lap before quickly changing the topic. "But I've never kissed someone with a pierced tongue before."

I stared at her for a few seconds as the words sank in. This was not a girl I ever expected to meet at one of these parties. It could be an act, but my instincts told me that she could be trusted. Wrapping my arm around her shoulders I pulled her close. She pursed her lips, but quickly opened so that our tongues could duel.

As the kiss deepened her hands began to explore. One hand stayed to hold my head in place while the other dipped to my chest before dropping to my thigh and sliding up to gently squeeze my cock. She gasped when her fingers found the top ball of my piercing, but this only increased her passion.

Inspired by her actions, I too allowed my hands to wander. She stiffened when my hand slid under her skirt.

"You felt mine; I think it's only fair that I feel yours."

She bit her lip as she considered my request. Glancing around nervously, she replied, "You can, but not here."

"Want to go back to my place?"

Eyes twinkling, she reached for my hand and pulled me off the couch. As we headed for the door I was impressed by her height. It was nice not to have to lean down to hear what she was saying when I fetched our coats.

Outside I flagged down a cab and gallantly held the door open. However, she insisted I get in first and then sat on my lap. On the way to my condo she was much less restrained now that her friends weren't watching. I was able to clearly trace the outline of two rings beneath her thong before we pulled up in front of the building.

Charles, the desk worker, noticing our rumpled clothes and rosy cheeks, gave us a knowing look as we walked past. Lindz laughed, blowing him a kiss and holding me even closer.

Once in my condo Lindz practically ripped off my clothes. When we were down to our underwear she stepped away and seductively reached back to unclasp her bra before shimmying out of her thong. We'd left the lights on and I was mesmerized by the way the way the rings that pierced her inner labia sparkled.

With a hungry look in her eyes she sauntered towards me. I was instantly hard and she had some difficulty removing my underwear. For some reason it seemed hilarious that after rushing to get home we were thwarted by my boxers. With a mock scowl Lindz finally managed to tug them down, but the ice had been broken.

Laughing, I pulled her to me and reveled in the feel of her nude body against mine as she went up on her tiptoes to give me another searing kiss. As the kiss deepened she started squirming in my arms, reaching between us to firmly grasp my cock.

"It's beautiful," she whispered, kneeling so that she could inspect it. After tentatively toying with the barbell that pierced vertically through the head, she lightly stroked the shaft and timidly swallowed the first few inches {FYI: this is an apadravya piercing, more commonly known as an "ap"}. She looked embarrassed when the barbell clicked against her teeth, but I wasn't about to complain.

"That feels good!" I moaned as she took me even deeper in her mouth and began massaging my balls. I normally take a long time to cum, but just the memory of how the rings through her labia had shimmered and how this same woman was now sucking my cock quickly sent me barreling towards the edge.

"Lindz, I'm going to cum," I gasped as I tried to push her head away. She pulled back so that only the head was inside, used her tongue to massage my piercing, and looked up to meet my eyes as I exploded into her mouth.

She had trouble keeping up at first, but seemed determined to capture all of my cum.

"Now it's my turn," she purred.

Wanting to show my appreciation I pulled her to her feet and kissed her soundly before guiding us to my bed. A low moan escaped her lips as I used my fingers to trace the outline of her small breasts. I tried not to rush, but even her prominent nipples could not distract for long as my hand dipped south to cup her sex.

"I love your rings," I whispered as I slipped a finger in each and used them to part her labia.

"Hmm, me too."

"Are they sensitive?"

"Extremely, but in a good way," she sighed as I continued to explore.

"Good," I whispered as I slid down so that I was between her legs. I liked how her rings were nearly symmetric yet just slightly off set so that they would comfortably overlap. Not wanting to hurt her later, I tried applying firm pressure to the rings. Aside from a low moan of pleasure when the pressure on her rings began pulling on her clit, there was no indication of pain.

"It feels good to be stretched," she encouraged. "Just don't pull too fast."

Confident that I wouldn't hurt her, Lindz relaxed as I played with her rings. Eventually I leaned forward to lap at her now dripping pussy. Her clit was not very prominent, but she went wild when I sucked it into my mouth and began teasing it with my tongue. I tried to go slow, but she soon started bucking against me and seemed to be right on the edge when her hands pulled me away.

"That feels amazing, but I want you inside me!"

By this point I was rock hard and eagerly complied. Although she insisted that she was on the pill, I still used a condom just in case. She pouted at the loss of sensation, but I'd found that sex was better if I used a condom or she started on top until she got comfortable with the idea of my piercing stretching her out.

All of her complaints evaporated when I slowly inserted my cock. Worried that the barbell would get caught I was able to go slightly soft and the head just seemed to slip in. Her eyes went wide when I started a slow rhythm of deep strokes.

"You. Feel. So. Good!" she gasped between thrusts. "Every guy should have one of those!"

With a smile I leaned back so that the barbell was rubbing along the top and then used shorter strokes to stimulate her g-spot. Lindz went crazy. Lifting her legs I placed her feet on my shoulders so that I could penetrate her fully. I reached between us so that I could rub her clit and play with her rings.

It wasn't long before Lindz's back arched and she somehow managed to lift her ass completely off the bed. Her pussy bore down so hard that she nearly squeezed me out as she cried out her passion.

"YES!" she gasped as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

She felt amazing, but I was still several minutes away from my own orgasm. Panting, I leaned forward to gently stroke her face. She smiled benevolently up at me and started nuzzling my hand.

"Mind if I keep going?"

"Baby, you can do anything you want," she purred.

Basking in her post-orgasmic glow, she soon recovered enough to reach down and firmly grasp my balls. Glancing down I marveled at how her pierced lips sparkled around my cock.

"You like them?" she asked, toying with her pierced labia as she lazily stroked her clit.

"They're beautiful."

The sight was incredibly erotic and I soon felt the familiar tightening in my balls. A radiant smile lit Lindz's face as she felt me swell inside her.

"Cum for me," she purred, lightly squeezing my balls.

With a gasp of pleasure I thrust deeply and roared my release. "I'm ... I'm ... I'M CUMMING!"

I tried to roll to the side so that I wouldn't crush on her, but Lindz wouldn't allow me to move. Still glowing with passion, she pulled me close and tenderly kissed my lips before toying with my pierced tongue as I went soft inside of her.

When recovered enough to talk I lightly nibbled on her earlobe. "That was amazing!"

"You felt incredible," she purred, lightly squeezing my cock. "I love your piercings."

"Me too," I agreed, fully sated and blissfully happy.

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