Lonely Hearts?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Food, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Can Shelly Winters who has lost everything in life she loves and who wants it all to end find true love and not let her grief and insecurities get in the way of her happiness.

Waking up in a cold sweat, the nightmare the same every night since the accident, the doctors said in time they would go away and that life would return to normal. How could they possible understand her life would never be the same again; everything she loved was taken from her. Lying back on her pillow she tried to close her eyes to get more sleep, desperately trying not to break down and cry. Never successful at falling asleep again after one of those dreams she finally roused herself out of bed when the sun started to show through her drapes.

Shelly had come to the Mountain Brook Guest Ranch to get away from everyone who knew her. She was sick and tired of everyone being sympathetic and telling her she needed to rest and most importantly she needed to eat if she were to get her strength back. What they didn't realize is that she didn't want to get her strength back, that she should never have survived the accident in the first place.

The cast she had on her right arm and leg had been removed about 2 months before coming out here and while they still bothered her enough to require pain medication Shelly never let anyone see how much pain she was in. While she could hide most of it with her smile, her eyes held despair that most were unable to see. There was one person at the ranch who could see the despair in her eyes and wanted so much to comfort her and take that despair away. Justin Winters, one of the ranch hands and second in charge of the ranch was tall around 6' 2" with emerald green eyes that flashed with his mood, his body lean and strong from years of working with horses and on the ranch, women flocked around him all the time, trying to vie for his attention, driving him crazy with their noise and constant stares. Justin had been secretly watching Shelly Withers trying to figure out how someone so tall and pretty could have such sad eyes. Shelly at 5' 10" with hazel eyes that seemed to change with her mood were almost always a dark brown. Only once or twice in the month she had been at the ranch had Justin seen Shelly's eyes lose that darkness and become almost green with passion and life.

Getting up and ready for the day, long before most of the other guest, and even the majority of the staff were even up; that's how Shelly liked it, quiet and with no one to give her a hard time about not sleeping or eating well. She had no reason to do either anymore. Quietly she left her room and headed for the stables, Shelly had brought her horse Shadow with her hoping that at least having something that cared for her while she "recovered" would keep her from doing the one thing that would go against her faith and prevent her from going to heaven when her time finally did come.

As Shelly looked around for her riding gear she noticed it was nowhere to be found, thinking back to that fateful day two weeks ago, then it dawned on her were her gear was stowed. Her money was that it was either locked in Justin's office or in his cabin; he was going to make sure she didn't have a repeat performance. With a shrug of her shoulder's Shelly silently went back to the main house and decided to climb back into bed. As she lie there the past came to her waking memories not just her nightmares...

On numerous occasions over the first month of Shelly being at the ranch, Justin had taken her out over the trails to get her and Shadow accustom to the terrain. The last time Shelly's eyes and face had a lightheartedness to them was two weeks ago when he took her the route towards the beach. Surprising him, when she reached the beach both she and Shadow headed straight for the water line; before Justin even realized what was happening both of them where in the water and before his jaw could even drop in shock, Shelly executed a perfect dive off of Shadow's back and into the water. Shadow after making sure his owner was okay headed out of the water and found some grasses to munch on, never letting Shelly out of his sight. Shadow knew Shelly had changed in the last year and had become very protective of her. All Justin could do was dismount Azura and let her munch on the tall grasses that were between the forest and the beach with Shadow.

Justin watched Shelly out in the water surprised at her strength and endurance. Watching her swim was like watching one of those Olympic hopefuls only instead of a swimming pool she was doing it in the ocean. As she got further and further out Justin became more and more concerned than all of a sudden sheer panic hit him, a feeling that both surprised and shocked him, he never had feelings like this for anyone, granted Shelly had to be about 8 years older than him at least that's what he figured not that he was that young but definitely didn't look like he was 33, but something about her made him wonder if he just might have found the woman of his dreams. All of a sudden Shelly stopped at what appeared to Justin to be out past the breaker, he saw Shelly look out into the wide blue wonder out there then back at shore like she was debating whether or not to continue out or go back to the safety of the beach, he could see the redness in her face and his logic told him she was getting tired and wasn't sure if she had enough in her to even return from the point she was out at.

Without even thinking he removed his cowboy hat and boots, next his jeans and shirt came off leaving him in his boxer briefs only, without another thought or hesitation he head straight into the ocean after her. He knew he didn't have the strength or swimming skill she just unknowingly showed him, but now that he found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he wasn't about to give her up.

Shelly had contemplated not going back to shore she was tired and in more pain then she would care to ever admit, but when she looked back at the shore and saw Justin the look on his face kept her from going out any farther, she did look back behind her and told herself it would be so easy to continue on until she cramped up and would never be able to make it back, as is she wasn't sure if her beat up old body could handle it. Not that Shelly was old at 35 she was still young, but her body had been through hell in her 35 years on this planet. When she looked back the sight she saw shocked her and made her for an instant think maybe life was worth living after all. She saw Justin stripping down to just his boxer briefs (and what a body he has too thought Shelly) and the look of horror and concern on his face as he went running into the water and started to swim towards her. When he was about half way out he started to slow, Shelly could see he was tiring, not used to swimming like she was, what no one knew was that many years ago Shelly was a kick ass swimmer, her childhood instructor was a bronze medal Olympian who had taught her competition style swimming and now that all the weight had come off of her, thanks to a Lap Band surgery and then after the accident not having a desire to eat anymore, Shelly was back down to below even her lowest competition weight, which made swimming out so far so easy.

Once Justin was about halfway to her he yelled at her the fear in his voice evident, begging Shelly to come back in. "Please Shelly come back in, it is not safe out there, I see that look in your eyes the one you so desperately try to keep others from seeing, I see your pain, please come back, I wouldn't survive if anything were to happen to you, Please come back."

Shelly was in total shock and started crying, could she have heard him right, was he actually saying he wanted her and that her death would kill him? She was so confused but when she saw his head go underwater panic filled her. It was one thing to let herself fade away and let the water claim her, but how could she let another go to their watery grave because of her. Ignoring her pain and exhaustion Shelly swam like she never had before, all those years ago when she was a lifeguard, she never swam like this.

Keeping a trained eye on Justin; he did come back up and went down 3 more times before she could get to him, getting to him in record time to say the least. When she reached the spot he should have been it was clear he had went under again. Despite being out of breath and ready to collapse Shelly took in a long breath and went under determined not to come back up until Justin was safe in her arms. Luck was on their side and Shelly was under for only 15 seconds when Justin came into view, his eyes just starting to close, Shell grabbed him and quickly got them to the surface. She checked his pulse and thank God there was one, although he didn't appear to be breathing, Shelly did the only thing she could, she placed her lips to his and hoped that she could get air in, out in the ocean treading water is every lifeguard, or former lifeguards, worse nightmare, knowing you could end up getting more water then air into their lungs. As soon as Shelly's lips touched Justin's his eyes opened and a look of relief and love quickly filed his eyes as he held on to her and kissed her with all the pent-up feelings he had buried deep inside. Shelly had a hard time keeping them both above water, when her mind and body were on that wonderful kiss and the sensations coursing through her body. Once, they broke off their kiss both still in shock at the feelings that were going through their bodies, Shelly heard Shadow whining, Shadow knew something was wrong with her and was standing in the water. Shelly slowly and deliberately made her way back to shore with Justin in tow knowing that if she pushed herself to hard she would never be able to get him back safely. As Shelly got closer to the shore, Shadow tossed his head at her in a scolding manner, but was glad to see her safe, he waited for her to grab his reins then he slowly pulled them the rest of the way out.

Justin was having a hard time catching his breath when he felt the sand beneath him, he felt relief at being alive and knowing that the woman he loved was safe too. Before he could open his eyes Justin felt Shelly's legs give out on her and a cry of pain escape her lips, despite her trying her hardest not to cry out, in that instant he became fully alert and had one thing on his mind only Shelly. Justin sat up and as he turned around he saw Shelly on her side with her back to him doubled over almost in the fetus position grasping her right knee. The pain in her knee and right shoulder were tremendous, almost as bad as it was when she woke up in the hospital after the accident, even though the doctors were pumping high doses of pain killers into her system. Justin tried to pull Shelly into his arms but as soon as he touched her, her resolve was lost and she screamed out in pure pain.

"Shelly it's okay, I will take care of you", Justin was saying to her as he tried to gather her in his arms. Only stopping when Shelly screamed, not of being scared of him touching her, but of the unbelievable amount of pain that she was in.

"Don't touch me" she screamed "It hurts too much!"

"What can I do, I have to get you back to the ranch and call the doctor" Justin's panic voiced choked out.

Between sobs Shelly managed to get out "In my saddle bag" more gasps and ragged breathing "on Shadow's left side" more heavy panting the pain clearly showing through "pain killers, give me 3 of them PLEASE!!!!!!!!!" as another muscle spasm hit her and Shelly desperately trying to not let Justin see how bad off she truly was.

Justin went to Shadow and pulled out Shelly's pain killers and the water bottle she kept in there too. As Justin was walking back to Shelly he glanced down and saw exactly what she was asking him to give her? The bottle said not to take more than one in a 6 hour period and here she was begging him for three. Coming to her side Justin asked her if she was sure it would be safe to take three of them, Shelly nodded her head yes. "I have had to take that many once before, it is the only way I will be able to handle getting back up on Shadow and riding all the way back to the house." Shelly looked directly into Justin's eyes and he know she was telling the truth. Despite his fears, he took three pills out and handed them to her along with the bottle of water.

"How long will it take for it to kick in enough so that I can get you out of here?" Justin asked as he watched Shelly take all three pills and close her eyes as if willing them to work quickly.

"I should be okay to move in about a half hour, but once the pain starts to dull we have to move quickly, after about another 30 min I will be unable to sit up or really function on my own, my right side is pretty much worthless, oh hell all of me is pretty much worthless now" replied Shelly as the tears streamed down her face.

Justin sat there helpless for a few minutes, unsure of how to respond, he wanted to shake her and make her see she wasn't worthless at all, Justin then made a decision, knowing full well it would take longer than 30 min to get back to the house running flat out and there was no way Shelly could or would be able to handle even Shadow in her current state. Justin got up on the pretence of putting Shelly's pain meds away and gently was talking to Shadow. Horses are very smart and it was clear to him that Shadow was very in tune with his owner. Justin was removing Shadow's saddle bags and anything else that would prevent him from riding behind Shelly to Azura; he would lead Azura from Shadow's back. As Justin quietly told Shadow of his plans of getting Shelly safely back to the main house, Shadow snorted is agreement and Justin smiled and patted his neck.

Shelly startled Justin from his revere by saying that she thought she could handle getting up and riding back now. Shelly was startled to see Justin preparing Shadow for two riders. That was something she had only done when she would take her son out with her until he got comfortable enough to ride his own horse Dewey. The tears welled up in her eyes, tears that she wiped away before looking at Justin.

"What are you doing" asked Shelly.

"You are in no condition to ride back on your own, and it will take longer than 30 minutes to get back to the house, me sitting behind you holding you up is the only way to get you back safely, I will not risk you falling and getting hurt more, I don't even know how I am going to explain this as is, Lord knows I can't tell the truth, they would lock you up for your own good, and I won't let that happen" Justin replied.

"Justin, why is my safety so important to you?" Shelly couldn't believe what he was saying, the tone in his voice was that of a man in love, but how could he love her, how could anyone love her, when she didn't love herself?

"Shelly, I fell in love with you when I first saw you, yet I saw a sadness and despair in your eyes that has haunted my dreams, I have made sure that when you went riding that I was always there just in case, hoping one day you would tell me what has made your life, in your eyes not worth living."

Shelly just started crying, she could hear the care and love in his voice and it confused her. Justin was quickly there gathering her gently in his arms, praying that the pain killers had kicked in enough that he would not cause her any more pain.

"Justin, ask me that question again, once the drugs are not affecting me and the physical pain is not wracking my brain, and I will answer any questions you have" Shelly replied sobs making it hard to get the words out. Justin kissed her forehead and motioned for Shadow to get on the ground so he could place Shelly in the saddle. Once Shelly and Justin were on Shadow's back, Justin grabbed Azura's reins and headed back towards the house, going slowly enough not to jar Shelly but yet quickly enough to get her back and in bed before he called the on call doctor.

About half way back to the house, Shelly asked Justin "What are you going to tell everyone about me coming back this way?"

"I really don't know; I haven't been able to come up with a good answer".

"Just tell them that I got a head of you and that something spooked Shadow and I got thrown on my right side into the shallow water, causing a previous injury to re-flare, once the doctor gets a hold of my most recent medical records he will never know it was from me hoping that I would never make it out of the ocean alive."

Shelly heard the gasp in Justin's throat as she had just admitted to him that she had truly hoped she wouldn't make it out alive.

"Where did you learn to swim like that?" Justin asked her as he very gently held his left arm around her to balance her without jarring her right side. Shelly couldn't help but notice how great it felt to be held by him, something about his touch set her body on fire. So wrapped up in the feelings coursing through her body she almost didn't hear what he had just asked her.

"I use to swim competitively off and on from age 10 through my senior year of high school. My instructor when I was a child was a Bronze medalist in the 1968 Olympics." Shelly did her best to make it sound like it was no big deal, that she was no different than anyone else. Something that in the last two years since an oil & gas deal sold and then with her father's death before her accident, she had come into a significant amount of money. Shelly hated to be judged just because she was rich. Unlike the others she knew she was kind and didn't treat people like dirt, but like they were human beings and were providing her a service, one she happily paid well for.

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