Mind Fuck
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jared discovers he has the ability to read minds

By the time Jared was six years old, his parents knew he had a unique ability. At first, they were worried that he would turn into some sort of idiot savant, much like the character Dustin Hoffman portrayed in the movie 'Rain Man'.

Early on, they had taken him in to be examined by several Doctors. Jared had remained quiet, shy and aloof, giving some credence to that prognosis and assumption. Yet, as time passed, and as Jared grew, he proved everyone wrong. He was intelligent enough to have seen and taken the wisest choice possible to keep himself from being treated as some sort of freak, a human Guinea Pig for scientists to pick a part and examine.

After all, Jared had the unique ability to read minds.

It wasn't as though he could read everyone's mind, or worse, be bombarded with multiple conversations taking place whenever he went to the grocery store with his mother. It didn't really work like that. It was more like tuning in to a station on the radio. Sometimes Jared would hear something inside his head, crisp, clear and distinct. Within seconds he could pinpoint where the thoughts were coming from. Other times, he would get what seemed like a faint buzzing in his ear. If he was curious about it, Jared could 'tune' the buzzing he was hearing until the thoughts came to him just as clearly as those times he seemingly stumbled into them. He had tried on numerous occasions to 'dial' into the thoughts of his parents or friends. But there again, he was never successful in being able to do that. It just happened. But whenever it did, as long as he held onto that channel or frequency as he came to think of it, he could clearly hear whatever that person was thinking as though they were actually speaking directly to him.

He'd been lucky as well as wise with his physicians. Even at an early age, Jared learned to keep much of what he could do to himself, no matter how tempted he had been to try and exploit it, or show it off as some kind of magical trick to amuse his friends with. By the time he had reached his teenage years, he had seemingly lost the ability to be able to read anyone's mind, though his family had come to think of it as more intuitional rather than anything paranormal. Which is exactly what he wanted them to think of course. Even when he had known their intentions, things he could have easily sidestepped, Jared often marched boldly on as though knowing nothing of what their plans were for him. Particularly in chores that he found distasteful, which he could have easily pawned off onto his older sister, or younger brother.

The hardest thing for Jared to overcome was temptation. Throughout high school, he could have on numerous occasions used his gift, his ability to make school that much easier. But he was smart enough to know, that there was always a suspicion, always the nagging wonder if he was doing that. And as such, Jared had to be extremely careful about what he did with whatever information he heard or learned from. For the most part, it became simply another tool to help him learn. But if he benefited unfairly by the use of specific thoughts he happened to overhear, he would most often in those cases purposely sabotage that advantage, especially with regards to any tests he was required to take.

Jared was intelligent enough that he needed to appear average, even if he knew he was anything but.

By the time he had graduated high school, ranked well within the normalcy of most of his class, he began to re-think his position regarding his ability. After all, he did want to be successful without appearing as though he were overly so. But even more importantly, though he wasn't interested in settling down or getting married, he certainly was interested in meeting women that would like him for who he was, and not for what he was.

He had dated little if hardly at all. Most of the girls he had been with or taken out, thought of the silliest, or most stupid things whenever they were with him. If anything, it was an emotional, mental turn off. Far more mature at his age than most, even the girls who were supposedly more mature turned out to be nothing more than mental fluffs of candy-cane thoughts that dissipated into insignificance as far as Jared was concerned. And as such, he formed few if any real significant relationships with anyone.

Jared was reasonably handsome. Though even in this he had often downplayed his more striking features. He had a full head of thick dark auburn hair, emerald green eyes, and at just under six foot, kept himself physically fit enough that he could boast of a tight 'six-pack' stomach though it was a rarity that anyone ever saw him in this fashion.

Initially his intention had been to attend college. Like any kid however, his newfound freedom in being legally of age and out of his parent's direct control, caused him to put that future goal temporarily on hold. Jared decided he wanted to travel a bit, see the world ... have some fun.

He soon moved out of his parents home, located a cozy, yet affordable apartment and began working as a waiter at a small outdoor café where the food was good and the tips made working there certainly worth his while.

He had just finished seating three very attractive women, all as he guessed to be in their late twenties or early thirties when he picked up on one of the woman's thoughts. Patiently waiting to take their drink orders, he stood by as they casually glanced over the wine and liquor menu. He had asked each of them if there was anything in particular that they liked, or that he could get them. Having said that, a millisecond later he heard the tall good-looking brunettes thoughts as he stood beside her, and while she continued to look intently at menu, not even glancing in his direction.

"What I'd like, is for you to bury your face inside my pussy," she'd thought, much to Jared's secret delight as he stood there tuned directly into her thoughts. "Or maybe, follow me into the bathroom and fuck my brains out while waiting for our lunch to arrive," she added to herself smiling at him almost smugly.

"I'd like a gin martini for starts, then a nice Caesar Salad," the brunette told him, handing over her menu a moment later.

Jared reached for, taking the menu from her, but doing so in such a way that his hand lightly touched hers in the taking. He smiled at her disarmingly so, having practiced that particular look in front of the mirror on more than one occasion. The brunette smiled back, almost blushing at him when she did.

"Oh if you only knew what I was thinking," she told him still smiling.

Jared took the rest of everyone's orders, no other thoughts coming to him except for those of the brunette. And as he had learned so long ago, once he was tuned into her particular frequency, he could hear everything she was thinking. Only distance, or purposely tuning her out would eventually break that connection.

"Could you tell me where the restrooms are?" she asked.

"Follow me," Jared replied courteously, going so far as to stand behind her taking her chair as she stood excusing herself to her friends.

"I'll be right back," she said with a wink smiling at them.

As though they were somehow reading her mind, one of the other women quipped almost suggestively, "I'd be careful if I were you Jared," she began, having obviously noticed the name badge he was wearing. "It's her Birthday, and if we know Janice, she just might be making a birthday wish with your name on one of the candles if you know what I mean."

Everyone had a good laugh over that while Janice, as he now knew her to be, stood up 'pooh-poohing' the girlish tease from her friends.

"Debra, you're so horrible!" she exclaimed with an accusatory remark.

But Jared noticed she was smiling even more broadly as she finally stood up and began to follow him through the restaurant back to where the restrooms were located.

As they entered the interior of the café, Jared spotted Jenny one of the other waitresses. As they were a close-nit little group, everyone got along very well, so it was no real concern when he stopped briefly by Jenny on his way back towards the bathrooms.

"Hey Jenny, do me a favor?" he asked.

"Sure Jared," she said with a wide-open smile.

"Would you mind turning in this lunch order for me? And then take their drinks out to them? I'm gonna take my ten minute break now," he told her quickly, and in doing so, letting Janice know as he did that he was suddenly 'available' though she wasn't aware of his true intentions yet of course.

"This way," Jared said turning back towards her.

He could sense her confusion, though the words spoken inside her head were nearly as incoherent as the jumble of emotions and thoughts he was hearing from her as she continued to follow him. Finally reaching the short darkened hallway, Jared pointed towards the rear where two small one-person restrooms sat, one his, one hers.

"Down there," he stood indicating with a wink and a nod.

He was sure she expected him to turn and walk away. Instead, as she headed down the short hallway, Jared followed. She looked briefly over her shoulder towards him, curious, not quite alarmed.

"I'm taking a ten minute break," he assured her, telling her something she'd already heard moments ago. "We have an employee lounge just around the corner," Jared added. "But don't worry, I'll be back in time to serve your lunch to you myself."

Jared actually heard a mental laugh from her upon saying that. "Damn, and here I was hoping that you'd actually follow me inside," she responded to herself.

Jared had learned a very long time ago that there really was a big difference when someone entertained serious thoughts, or when they were merely flights of fancy. It had a lot to do with the tone of thought, just as much as a person's verbalized tone of voice. Same held true for ones thinking. And as far as he was concerned, Janice had been thinking more seriously than merely fantasizing her wishes or desires. True, he was taking a bit of a risk here to be sure, but he was also confident enough in his abilities to know when someone was serious enough in their thoughts as opposed to thinking silly. Janice wasn't. She really did want him, and he certainly wanted her.

Jared knew she'd expected him to turn. As she put her hand on the door pushing it in, he followed. She was so surprised, that her momentum carried her in even further than she realized, allowing Jared to slip in quickly behind her closing the door. She could have screamed, yelled ... cried out in alarm. She didn't, but he was also aware that he could easily lose control of the situation any moment now.

"What are you doing?" she asked worriedly.

He had to act fast. "I saw it in your eyes," he told her.

"Saw what in my eyes?" she said backing away from him, actual fear starting to take hold of her now.

"That you wanted me to fuck you, as badly as I want to fuck you," he said boldly. "If I'm wrong, just say so and I'll leave right now. Lunch, drinks ... everything will be on me. But If I'm right, and I think I am, then consider this as the best damn birthday you've ever had!"

She continued to stand there staring at him. But at least she wasn't screaming.

"Come on Janice, we only have ten minutes before either one of us will be missed, if you really do want this as badly as I do, say so ... or I'll turn around and leave right now. So, which is it?"

He knew the answer before she even spoke the words.

"Lock the door," she said with a lust-filled gleam in her eyes.

Jared reached around behind him doing just that as she began hiking up the short black skirt she'd been wearing.

"Turn around, face the wall!" he said authoritatively.

She did. Moving behind her, he placed his leg between hers, spreading them. Once she had, Jared reached up yanking down her pantyhose as well as the black bikini briefs she was also wearing. Seconds later she stepped out of both having also kicked off her shoes. Unzipping, he reached inside withdrawing his hard swollen member, laying it against her backside so that she could feel the firmness of it resting against her near-perfect heart shaped ass. Lifting her blouse up and away from her skirt, she quickly unbuttoned it while Jared reached beneath flipping her bra up and over her breasts until each one filled his hands.

"Oh God fuck me!" she thought.

"I'm going to," he responded, answering her unspoken words, though she was too delirious with desire to have noticed.

She was wet. Really wet. But then he knew that she would be. Standing a short distance away from the wall, Janice bent over, leaning against it as he slid his angry swollen cock inside her in one quick powerful thrust.

"Oh God! Oh God! Yes ... Yes! Fuck me Jared! Fuck me!" she begged excitedly.

And so he did.

It was probably a damn good thing no one else came down the hallway to use the restroom. If they had, they would have heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, loud, hard and repeatedly. Thrusting his prick inside that sloppy slick pussy, Janice was moaning and groaning loud enough that he actually began to worry someone might eventually hear them. As he began to twist her hard erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, she leaned over biting into her arm so as to muffle the sound of her orgasm as Jared felt it unleash, sending a torrent of additional female nectar bathing his still rapidly fucking prick into her from behind.

Upon hearing her pleasure, Jared allowed his own climax to quickly join with hers. Spurting ribbon after ribbon of gooey hot sperm inside her quim, he waited until she was completely satiated, only then turning to face him thus forcing his prick to quickly withdraw.

Though certainly no virgin, this less than five minute fuck had been one of the most intense most interesting encounters he'd ever had.

"No one's going to believe this!" Janice said as she began buttoning up her blouse once again.

Jared finished fixing himself, and then bent down to retrieve the brunettes discarded panties and panty hose.

"Well, there is ONE way," he grinned mischievously.

Sticking her black lace panties into his front pocket, he allowed one portion of them to peek out at the corner. Janice burst out laughing as she slipped her panty hose back on, checking herself in the mirror one last time to ensure she still looked somewhat presentable. Jared laughed when she seemed more than satisfied and happy with her hair being slightly disheveled.

"Let me check the hallway," he told her listening for a moment at the door before opening it to peek out. "The coast is clear, head back to your table and I'll see to your lunches."

Jared watched as she quickly made her way out back to her table before following at a discrete distance. Making his way over to the window where Al, their short order chef placed all the completed dishes, he watched as Al just finished serving them up. At that moment he saw Jenny as she came over to check on one of hers too. She looked at him giving him a brief smile. When she did, he heard that familiar buzzing sound, somewhat surprised, as he hadn't often picked up on Jenny's thoughts, tuning in.

"I know what you were doing back there Jared," she thought to herself. "So why is it you never come on to me?" she stood wondering as she waited patiently for her tables orders.

Jared turned back towards her. "Thanks for covering my table Jenny, I really appreciate it."

"Oh, no problem honey," she remarked. Jenny was always calling everyone honey, but for some reason, she seemed to put a little more emphasis on the word this time as she spoke to him.

"You know, I'd really enjoy taking you out some place fun one evening, if you're ever interested," Jared added.

He was pleased by the expression on her face. He'd caught her off guard for one thing, vulnerable in her not so secret thoughts.

"I'd really enjoy getting to know you better," he added.

Jenny's face split into an excited look even as she thought briefly to herself before answering. "Only if you promise to do to me what you were doing to that slut in the bathroom!"

"Well? How bout it Jen?" Jared pressed, using the more affectionate nickname she normally went by.

"Well, if you really are interested, I'm off Friday night."

"I have to work, but I have the early afternoon shift, so I could be there around 7:00, maybe 7:30? How's that sound?"

"Sounds good to me!" Jenny giggled back.

"Ok you two. If we're all done playing kissy-kissy here, we have customers waiting!" Al shot through the open window at them.

Jared placed the orders on his tray quickly running them out to the three women, one of which he knew was sitting there with her cunt full of his cock-juice.

Once he'd placed their respective lunches and asked if there was anything else anyone needed, he made his way over to another table where two new customers had just been seated. With his back turned, he focused his attention on what the three women were saying. Though he wasn't reading anyone's mind at the moment, he had also learned to enhance his ability to listen, even to the quietest of conversations short of an ear-to-ear whisper.

"You did not!" Jared heard one of the women saying as she spoke to Janice.

"No really Cindy, we did. He just followed me inside the bathroom, and the next thing I knew, he had his cock inside me and was fucking me silly!"

"Yeah ... right," Debra spoke joining in. "You weren't gone that long!"

"I'm telling you ... we did! We really, really did!"

Jared finished taking his new customers orders, reached down and pulled Janice's panties from out of his pocket. Wading them up into a tight little ball, he concealed them inside of his hand. Making his way back to their table, he pressed himself between Janice and the woman he now knew to be Cindy.

"By the way," Jared whispered conspiratorially leaning over. "You forgot these!"

He placed the small wadded up pair of panties into her hand, smiling wickedly at each one of the women in turn.

"Anyone else have a birthday coming up soon?" he questioned. Both Debra and Cindy sat there with their mouths agape as Janice grinned at him appreciatively.

"Thank you Jared," she said seductively. "I'll make sure I leave you a really nice tip too!"

"You already did baby," Jared said turning and walking away. Hearing as he did Debra's sudden thoughts.

"Well that fucking sucks!" she told herself. "How come Janice gets all the lucky breaks anyway?"

A short while later, Jared brought out fresh drinks, "On the house!" he said telling them. Along with each, he had scribbled down his phone number on a small napkin.

"Just in case anyone else is interested in a little naughty fun," he hinted with a leer. "Feel free to call me."

Even as they left, he could hear both Debra as well as Janice thinking nearly the same thing. The way things were going, Jared was going to have a very busy weekend, which he was excitedly looking forward to.

There wasn't much else that caught his attention in an exciting way except for a brief quick moment when he spotted Jenny standing around the side of the café enjoying a cigarette on her break. It was busy, so he couldn't afford a lot of time to stand there, tuning into her thoughts, but what he did get was bits and pieces of some sort of fantasy she was currently enjoying, much of which involved his fucking her ass. Jared grinned, turned and went back to finish waiting on his tables, looking more than forward to his upcoming Friday night date.

Jared stopped by the grocery store on his way home. He wanted to fix a romantic little dinner for Jenny on Friday, culminating in what he hoped would be a wildly erotic evening of ass-fucking her. As he made his way over to the produce department, he picked up on that familiar little buzzing sound and decided to check it out. Especially when he spotted an attractive looking woman who he guessed was in her late forties to early fifties. She was currently browsing through the cucumbers having picked up several, looking them over as she did.

"Hmm, now this one looks interesting. I wonder what IT would feel like?" she asked herself.

Jared could almost envision this dark-haired woman as she lay upon her back, masturbating with the dark green cucumber, fucking herself furiously with it.

"Though, that banana felt pretty good too!" she added. "Maybe I should pick one of those up as well!"

He made some pretense of picking through some of the vegetables, finally saddling up near her before she had even realized he was there.

"You know, some fruits and vegetables can be damn sexy ... and erotic," he whispered as he stood closely next to her.

The woman gasped, blushing furiously as she stared at Jared in a near state of shock.

"It's ok. I think the idea of a woman using either a cucumber, or a banana to pleasure herself with is really, really hot. I for one would love to see a woman actually doing that," Jared finished.

The startled, embarrassed look on the poor woman's face actually passed. She stood there sizing him up, wondering if he was some kind of a pervert, some sort of kook that made a habit of saying such things to women in the produce department. And even though that was exactly what she'd been wondering about, contemplating, the fact that a perfect stranger had spoken to her about it was unsettling.

"If I'm wrong, and I don't think that I am. I apologize to you. It's just that you had a certain look while you were fondling the fruit," he said softly, still whispering.

Her expression took on more of a guilty look at that point, once again flushing with coloration spreading across her cheeks. She quickly glanced about ensuring that no one was within earshot from where they were standing.

"You could tell what I was thinking just by the expression on my face?" she asked worriedly.

Jared laughed, also glancing about to ensure they were still alone. "Part of what I do is in studying people," he began. "I'm a pretty good judge of character for one thing, and for another, I seem to have a sixth-sense regarding anything of a sexual nature. Perhaps its because I'm more in-tune to the natural pheromones released during arousal or something."

He was dealing her a ration of bullshit of course. And a big one at that. But by the look on her face, as well as the jumble of thoughts she was hurriedly sorting through, she seemed to be buying it. But he could also sense besides her nervousness, a rapidly escalating fear heading towards panic. It was time to bow out gracefully. Sometimes the risk of pushing someone, even if you knew their thoughts to be true, wasn't worth the potential consequences.

"Listen, I probably should finish up my shopping and head home. Enjoy yourself, and don't worry ... your secrets safe with me!" Jared said giving her his long practiced best disarming smile. In the next instant, he turned heading away from her towards the check out counter.

By the time he had finished paying for the few items he had needed to pick up for his Friday night dinner with Jenny, he exited the counter, spotting the women he'd been talking to waiting for him by the exit door.

He hadn't let go of the connection with her exactly, the faint buzzing still inside his head that he had known to be her thoughts. Once again he tuned in as he approached.

"God, I can't believe I'm actually considering this!" she was telling herself.

Jared did his level best to keep any sort of knowing look from crossing his face.

"Hello again," he said nodding his head at her, passing ... as though to continue on out to his car without so much as another word with her. From the corner of his eye, he saw her turn and begin to follow him however, still struggling with her thoughts as she wrestled with the best way to approach him now that he had walked past her.

"Ah, excuse me," she said finally.

Jared stopped in his tracks turning to face her with the best questioning expression he could manage.


"Were you really serious about ... about,"

"Watching you? Yes. I was. I'd love to do that," he grinned easily.

"I don't even know your name," she stammered back at him.

"It's Jared, and yours?"


"Well now Kathy, since we've been properly introduced, I guess the next line would be, your car or mine?"

Once again he seemed to have taken her by surprise. Obviously she hadn't totally thought things through, which he was well aware of, of course. She'd been struggling with the where and when of this exciting little adventure she'd been standing there fantasizing about.

Having a much smaller car, knowing that fooling around inside it might be more difficult. That, and Kathy might actually feel more comfortable inside her own car.

"Where are you parked?" he suggested with his question.

"Over there, the blue Grand Cherokee," she said pointing.

It was a good spot. She was parked on the end of the row, which would give them some measure of privacy for one thing, and for another, she hadn't parked directly beneath any of the lamps currently lighting up the parking area.

"Shall we?" he asked already heading in that direction. Kathy followed him at a discrete distance, walking around behind her car towards the driver's side as Jared stood next to the passenger door waiting for her to unlock it.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," she said aloud to him just before sitting down, swinging behind the seat. Jared heard the lock of the door disengage, pulling it open.

"It's not too late to change your mind," he told her bending over to look in rather than sitting down. "But I'll be the first to tell you, sometimes it's exciting as hell to do something naughty in a semi-public place."

"Hurry ... get in," Kathy implored him having made up her mind.

Jared did, joining her, as they both took another quick look about so as not to be taken by surprise from anyone coming their way.

Kathy had been wearing slacks, so as he continued to keep an eye out for her, she quickly shrugged them down her legs until they were bunched down around her ankles without taking them all the way off. She'd removed her panties simultaneously though in the darkness of the interior, it was hard for Jared to see much of anything.

"Which one?"


"Which one do you want to use? The cucumber, or the banana?" he asked

Kathy giggled nervously, how'd you know? Never mind, hand me the banana," she told him.

Jared reached down inside the grocery sack she had placed between them on the seat. Selecting a nice long firm banana, Jared carefully broke it away from the bunch handing it to her. He then sat the sack containing two large sized cucumbers and the rest of the bananas onto the back seat.

"God! This is insane!" Kathy commented once again as she nervously looked back and forth, stopping to catch Jared's expression as she slid the unpeeled banana down between her legs. "I have to tell you, I've never masturbated in front of anyone before! Ever!"

"Well good for you then!" Jared said with encouragement. "There's always a first time for everything!"

Kathy obviously settled the banana comfortably between her legs and began working it in and out of herself. She was obviously wet, the sounds of her pussy juice soon making wet-sucking sounds as she slid the yellow fruit in and out of her cunt.

"I can't see much," Jared told her. "Lean closer towards the door, and if you can, try swinging your legs over more towards me."

She did that; the faint light coming in through the window cast a miniature spotlight directly on her exposed slit.

"How's that?" she asked with a lust-filled catch in her voice.

"Better. Much, much better," he replied just as huskily as she had. "Now, show me your tits too!"

Kathy was wearing a light pullover sweater, so he knew that it wouldn't be a complicated process in achieving his request. Still glancing back and forth nervously, yet excitedly, Kathy lifted the front of her sweater up and over her bra, catching the release in front a second later, exposing her luscious breasts to his feasting eyes.

"Play with your nipples, make them hard for me," he ordered. They already were, but Jared was still catching erotic little thoughts as Kathy allowed them to manifest themselves inside her head as she became more and more excited.

"Let me see your cock!" she blurted. "Play with it for me while I'm doing this," she said getting more and more aroused by the moment.

Jared reached down unzipping his jeans. His cock had long ago hardened, and it took a moment to free it from the confines of his tight fitting Levi's and jockey shorts. Seconds later it stood stiff and proud as he held it for her, allowing her to feast her eyes upon his massive erection.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Stroke it for me ... please!" she begged, thrusting her yellow toy in and out of her twat with renewed fervor.

Jared began jerking himself off, though slowly, keeping his eyes focused on Kathy as she continued tweaking her nipples with one hand, banana-baiting herself with the other.

"How's that feel baby?" he asked. "You like the way that nice, hard, slippery banana is fucking your pussy?"

Jared could tell the erotic words he was using to coax her with where having a profound affect on her. Here she was, fucking her pussy with a banana in front of a man she had just barely met, caressing her nipples, and watching him as he stroked his dick in front of her. Her thoughts continued to run amuck with a decadence that seemed to escalate the more he continued to speak vulgarly to her.

"Yes! Yes! I do! I do!" she responded. "I like fucking my cunt with toys, fruits..."

"And you like having someone watching you don't you?" Jared pushed. "You like watching me, sitting here stroking my hard swollen cock don't you baby?"

"Oh yes ... yes, fuck yes!" she agreed.

"Fuck that pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it hard Kathy, slam that banana in and out of your cunt until you cum!" he urged her.

Kathy finally let go of her breast, placing both hands firmly around the stiff long banana until she was slamming it inside herself with unbelievable speed.

"That's it! That's it! Make yourself cum baby, make that wet sloppy pussy explode!"

Kathy screamed, her climax catching her off guard as powerful and as intense as it was. Though her piston-like strokes slowed, she continued to milk the ecstasy she was experiencing from her pussy with continued thrusts from the yellow fruit. Her eyes remained tightly shut, her mouth still open though the near ear-splitting cry of pleasure had quickly died away.

As she slowly began to regain her senses and composure, she glanced towards Jared, though he had pretty much stopped stroking his prick, merely sitting there looking at her smiling.

"God that was beautiful!" he said honestly. "That was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever witnessed in my entire life!"

Kathy was blushing, smiling beatifically towards him. "Did you cum yet?" she asked.

"No, I didn't. I'm afraid that if I do, I will really make quite the mess!"

Kathy quickly pulled her slacks back up her legs, tossing the banana over the seat.

"Keep a sharp look out!" she told him, then leaned over placing her lips about his shaft and began sucking his prick.

Jared could have cared less who saw them, closing his eyes as he gave himself over to the exquisite manipulation of his penis by this sexy, sensual woman's sucking mouth.

Grasping his cock within her small delicate hands, Kathy continued to masturbate him all the while tongue-fucking the tiny eye-slit of his penis, sliding her lips smoothly, effortlessly up and down the entire length of his exposed member.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels good Kathy, keep doing that ... just like that. Oh yeah baby, oh yeah ... cause here ... it ... cums!"

Jared felt the first powerful spurt of his semen hit the roof of her mouth. She partially removed her lips from him so as to more easily accommodate the rest of his jettisons as she continued sucking, drinking in his spunk as he continued to discharge his pleasure into her greedily sucking throat.

Kathy drained every ounce of cum from Jared's prick that he could have possibly produced. Once she had done that, she sat up, leaning against her car door. Jared watched as she lifted her finger, wiping the last vestige of his creamy spunk from the corner of her mouth.

"Well, I've never done that before either!" she told him still licking off her fingers.

"A night for firsts!" Jared replied tucking himself away.

They spent several long minutes readjusting themselves, making themselves presentable once again. As Kathy finished the final touches to herself, Jared took out his checkbook, removing one. With his pen, he drew a line diagonally across it before handing it to her.

"Just in case you're interested, my address and phone number. I guess, I should think about having some business cards made up."

Kathy laughed, "And what would you call yourself on them?" she asked looking at his check.

"Oh I dunno, maybe Cunnilinguist, Extraordinaire. Something like that perhaps."

Jared opened the car door stepping out. He had sensed her relief as she had wondered how to go about contacting him again. She was still hesitant in giving him her number, but as he'd established some level of trust by presenting her with one of his personalized checks, he'd felt her relax almost at once.

"Call me," he told her. "And next time, I'd like to see you use the cucumber."

"Next time, I want to feel your tongue inside my pussy!"

Jared laughed, stepping back as Kathy started the car. He stood, watching the red glow of her taillights as they faded off in the distance. Just before she had gotten out of range, he had heard her last lingering thought.

"And fucking soon too I hope!"

Jared arrived home a short time later. Setting the bag of groceries down on the counter, he saw he had a message waiting for him on his answering machine. Jared pushed play and listened.

"Jared? Hi, this is Cindy. We met earlier today at the restaurant; I was the blonde in case you don't remember. Anyway, God ... I hate speaking into these things, but like I was saying, if its not too late, and you get this message, please ... call me."

She had left Jared her phone number. He glanced at his watch, it was still early, and he had missed her call by no more than ten minutes.

"She's probably still there sitting by the phone," he mused.

Jared quickly called the number she had given him. Cindy answered on the second ring.


"Cindy, Jared," he began. "You called?"

"Ah yeah, I did. I was wondering ... well, you know, you mentioned that you might be interested in getting together sometime."

"Sure, when?"

"Well ... if it's not too late, how about this evening?"

Jared wished he were able to read minds through the phone. But he'd never been able to do that. About the closest he'd come, was he sometimes had what he called a premonition of what someone was about to say.

"I'll need to shower first," he told her. But sure..."

"Don't bother, you can shower here," she suggested slyly, giving away at once what her intentions were, though he had already surmised that much from her phone call to him. "I'll even wash your back," she giggled playfully.

Cindy gave him her address. She lived a short twenty minutes away in a ritzy well-to-do neighborhood. Obviously she had money, and plenty of it. Grabbing his coat as he headed back out the door, he realized he didn't even know if any of the three women had been married. He'd not noticed any wedding rings, but then he hadn't really been looking there either. However it was that Cindy earned a living, or was obviously as well off as she was, it was bound to be interesting finding out.

Jared found the address easily enough, pulling up in front of the gates that automatically began to open after he'd announced himself. He drove his car up along the enormous drive pulling in front of what he could only describe as a multi-roomed mansion.

"Holy shit!" Jared exclaimed as he parked his car climbing out. Even the walk towards the front door was multi-tiered up several steps with perfectly manicured bushes. Jared realized as he stared at them, that they were all sculpted into various shapes of men and women, all nude, bordering both sides of the walk-up.

"That's interesting," he thought as he reached the tall double doors.

He rang the bell, expecting some old balding butler to show him in. When the door opened however, the person greeting him was hardly old, and certainly not bald.

"You must be Jared," the tall sexy redhead said bidding him to enter.

"Tell me you're not the butler, or the maid," Jared quipped slipping just inside the door. He heard her laugh.

"No, Cindy doesn't have a butler, though she does have a maid who comes in every day, except for the weekends. I'm her assistant. My name is Mandy."

"Pleased to meet you Mandy," Jared said accepting her hand. "You're Cindy's assistant you said?"

He was curious as to what it was Cindy did for a living, hoping that Mandy might give him some hint of what it was that she did.

"Yes, I work for her, schedule appointments, interviews, that sort of thing. I also live here in a section of the manor that was originally designed for hired staff and the like. Cindy had it remodeled for me, so now its like having my own apartments, nice and cozy here even if I do say so myself."

"I can only imagine!" Jared said, already following Mandy down the long corridor to wherever it was that Cindy was waiting for him. She arrived at another tall mahogany door, knocking and thus announcing herself and Jared. "Come in!" Jared heard Cindy call out to him. Mandy smiled, winked, and opened the door.

Jared was expecting some sort of library, or sitting room. What he wasn't expecting was a tropical paradise, which is precisely what he encountered upon entering the room. Cindy sat, or rather floated comfortably in the corner of a gigantic indoor hot-tub. Palm trees, exotic flowers, including several beautiful orchids filled the room. Behind her a small waterfall with beautiful lava rock filling the entire side of the room, several niches where one could easily lay if one was so inclined to do. The tub itself could have easily accommodated twenty or more people comfortably.

"Mandy? Would you mind fixing us some Mai-Tai's?"

Jared immediately noticed that Cindy was nude of course.

"It's not exactly a shower, but I really didn't think you would mind," she said mischievously. "Go ahead and put your clothes on that bench over there where they'll stay dry," she suggested.

Jared barely finished getting undressed when Mandy came back into the room with a freshly made pitcher of Mai Tai's for them to drink. As he stepped down into the water, Mandy poured each of them a tall glass.

"Thanks Mandy, I'll give you a jingle in a little while. Give Jared and I a chance to get better acquainted."

Mandy smiled knowingly and excused herself.

"Fucking lucky bitch!"

Jared nearly spilled his drink having heard Mandy's thoughts as clearly as if she had spoken them aloud in front of them both. He moved over to sit down beside Cindy, locating a comfy little bench seat inside the tub where she moved over even closer sitting next to him.

"Cheers!" she said touching her plastic cup to his. "Sorry, but we can't use real glass in here," she explained unnecessarily.

"I understand," Jared said eyeing her for the first time.

She had small breasts, but they were beautiful, fitting her slender well-muscled frame perfectly. Her nipples were a bright rosy pink, elongated, thick and wonderfully erect. She wore her long blonde hair straight, currently fixed in a tightly braided ponytail reaching well below the middle of her back. Even more surprisingly however, she was shaved. The lips of her pussy wonderfully pouty, staring up at him as she allowed herself to float freely on top of the swirling water.

"So ... tell me, what is it that you do for a living anyway?" he asked, "Obviously, you do quite well for yourself."

He had purposely noted that she wasn't wearing any sort of wedding ring on her finger.

"I own and run a dating service," she responded.

"You're kidding!" Jared responded, obviously surprised.

Cindy tossed her head back and laughed. "I hear that every time I tell anyone what it is that I do for a living. Seriously, that's what I do ... and I'm pretty damn good at it even if I do say so myself."

"I can see that," Jared replied with more than a little awe in his voice.

"I'm a pretty good judge of character too. Course ... you have to be in this business," she added.

Jared grinned at her. "I have a knack for that myself," he quipped.

Cindy cast him a curious glance. "I've been looking for someone else to assist me, maybe it might be something you'd be interested in doing," she stated.

"Maybe," he challenged back. "It all depends on what it involves, what sort of perks the job might offer," he said leering at her.

Cindy moved closer towards him, her hand seeking him out beneath the water finding him hard, swollen and ready.

"Lets finish the initial interview first," she replied. "See how things go from there!"

Crawling up into his lap, Jared felt the silkiness of her pussy as she enclosed herself around him. Drawing one of her pink-tipped breasts into his mouth, he sucked her tender flesh, feeling the tightened clench of her pussy as she sucked his prick through her contractions before slowly fucking him with the barest of up and down motions as they half-lay, half floated coupling as though weightless.

Their movements carried them closer to the warm water falls. Flipping her around, they stood beneath the waterfall, Cindy bent over bracing herself against a portion of the lava rock wall as Jared entered her from behind. Jared cupped each of Cindy's pert, firm breasts within his hands as he slowly, teasingly began to slide in and out of her soft wet slit. He felt her reaching down with her hand, frigging her clit, sometimes caressing his prick as he continued pumping himself into her.

"God I love the way your cock feels inside me!" Cindy moaned pleasurably.

"I love the way it feels inside you too!" Jared agreed, giving her pussy three quick thrusts by way of confirmation. He settled back into a slower, steady pace, easing his prick in and out of her fully until she was urging him to fuck her harder and faster.

As the heated water continued to fall upon them from above covering them like a warm blanket, the tempo of their coupling increased. Jared drove himself deeply inside her velveteen glove, fucking her rapidly, the sound of their flesh slapping together.

"Harder! Harder!" Cindy cried out meeting his thrusts. "Fuck me harder!"

He felt her orgasm begin, felt the liquification of her pussy as it exploded about him. In turn, Jared's balls tightened, his own climax began as the first of many powerful ejaculations began filling her already juicy cunt.

"That's it! That's it! Spurt that fuck-juice inside me!" Cindy screamed, "Fill my fucking pussy with your cum!"

Near-drowned, Jared finally had to pull away from her, weak-kneed, exhausted from the ferocious fucking beneath the waterfall. He staggered over to the side of the hot tub pulling himself up onto the side of the bank and collapsed, still trying to catch his breath. Moments later Cindy joined him, climbing up out of the water to lay by his side until they had both recovered sufficiently, each polishing off their respective Mai Tai's.

"I'll have Mandy bring us some more," she said pressing the button on a nearby intercom.

A moment or two later, Jared heard the sound of Mandy's voice as she answered her page.


"Mandy? Why don't you come in and join us now, and if you wouldn't mind, bring in another pitcher of Mai Tai's."

"Be right there!" Mandy responded excitedly.

Jared threw Cindy a curious look as she turned back to face him. "Yes, besides being my assistant, we're lovers too. Mandy's a lesbian, though she is not averse to sharing a man with me from time to time," Cindy explained. "It keeps things fun and exciting as I like and enjoy both sexes."

At that moment Mandy entered the room carrying a fresh pitcher of drinks. But this time when she entered, she too was nude.

Jared noticed almost immediately that Mandy was similar in stature to Cindy. Her breasts were only slightly larger; her nipples not quite as rose colored, lighter pink. Unlike Cindy however, she hadn't shaved. Between her legs rested a tuft of reddish fur that surrounded her pussy like a picture frame. It gave him a sense of a fiery demeanor, a lusty erotic sensuality as she approached the two of them carrying their drinks.

"Come here baby," Cindy cooed, speaking to her lover. "I have a pussy full of juice just waiting for you."

Jared watched as Mandy nuzzled her face comfortably between Cindy's legs. Lying beside the two of them, he reached out, tweaking one of Cindy's exposed nipples, running his finger in a circular motion upon its tiny surface. Cindy let out a pleasured sigh as she lay there enjoying the stimulation of her clit from Mandy's tongue, and the tracing stroke of his finger.

"You came a lot!" Mandy announced with her face still pressed firmly inside her lovers split. Cindy chuckled.

"Yes, he did. Now, keep licking and sucking me!" she near ordered.

Jared listened to the wet gushy sounds as Mandy proceeded to devour Cindy's cunt, striving for the rich creamy center of it as Cindy moaned, groaned and inched ever upwards towards additional ecstasy.

"God I'd love to feel his cock inside me!" Mandy thought. Jared grinned, though he wasn't at all sure of the etiquette involved here. Already aroused from having watched the erotic spectacle taking place beside him. Sitting up, Jared moved around until he was kneeling behind her.

"May I?" he asked Cindy.

"Oh yes ... yes!" Mandy's thought came to him.

"Be my guest!" Cindy said happily, "I'm sure Mandy would enjoy a good fucking!"

Mandy lifted her ass so that she as still kneeling, still busily licking and sucking Cindy's cunt, but she'd positioned herself easily for Jared to enter her from behind.

"Please, fuck me now ... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Mandy thought over and over.

Jared reached down easing one, and then two fingers inside her slit. He continued to worm them around inside her, feeling the soft passage of her slippery fuck tunnel, eliciting a series of soft mewling sounds from her as he did.

Jared withdrew his fingers licking the sweet sticky residue from them. Slipping them back inside her, he gathered more, slathering his prick though the extra lubrication was far from necessary.

"Quit teasing her Jared!" Cathy laughed, "You can see how badly she wants it, and I can feel how badly she wants it, she's nearly bitten my clit off twice now!"

Jared slowly eased his prick inside Mandy's pussy. Though well lubricated, it was as though he was deflowering the woman, not unlike his first experience with another real virgin.

"Tight little fuck isn't she?" Cindy expressed.

"Hell yes," Jared moaned gritting his teeth until he felt his cock slip far more easily inside her expanding passage. He began to fuck her with increasingly firm strokes until she began to rotate her ass back against him urging him to fuck her even more fiercely than he had been. Cindy had grabbed a handful of Mandy's short, dark red hair, using it as a leverage to keep her face firmly planted against her cunt, humping herself delightedly while Jared pumped his prick into her at lightening speed.

"I wish he'd slap my ass!" Mandy thought, her words clearly received. With a resounding smack, Jared's hand landed on her backside.

"Oh God! Again!" she wailed, lifting her head up and away from Cindy's cunt. Jared slapped her again with his other hand, leaving an identical mark on her other ass cheek.

Hearing and seeing all this, Cindy allowed a brief cry as she grabbed Mandy's head, holding her by the ears, mashing her soaked pussy against the woman's face as she came.

"Suck it Mandy! Suck it! Make ... me ... cum!" Cindy cried out in orgasmic bliss.

Almost simultaneously, Jared felt Mandy quiver, felt her quim contract in a series of pulsating throbs that nearly expelled his prick from deep within her womb. Still licking Cindy's clit, even as Cindy slowly floated down from the intensity of her pleasure, Mandy's climax rocked her until she could stand it no longer, rolling to one side, disengaging Jared's hard hungry prick.

No longer kneeling, Jared sat back watching the two women slowly recover. Cindy was the first to move, slithering like an exotic snake towards him until she had placed her lips around his still swollen cock. She began sucking him, forcing him gradually onto his back, where moments later Mandy joined them. Together, they tongue-lashed his penis, bathing it in a series of licks, kisses, and suckings that soon had him begging for release.

The girls took turns with him however, neither wanting to grant his request. Alternating back and forth, one sucked, nibbling the head of his prick, the other, running her tongue teasingly up and down the sensitive flesh of his shaft. Jared was delirious with pleasure as the two women continued to exquisitely torture him with their mouths and lips.

Finally, no alternating delays could stop the inevitable. Jared felt the rush of semen as it exploded from the tip of his cock. Eyes closed, he knew not which of the two women were hungrily sucking his cream. Only then sensing the finger that had found its way inside his ass, massaging him there, causing the orgasm to become even more intense as he poured ribbon after ribbon into her hungrily sucking mouth.

When he was finally spent, he opened his eyes, seeing that it had been Cindy who had claimed his liquid prize. She, then leaning over, kissing Mandy where they shared the essence of his climax with one another in a series of swaps of his frothy juice, whipping it like butter with their tongues until it oozed from the corners of their mouths like syrup.

Only then did all three of them lie, quiet, exhausted and spent.

Once they had rested, dressed and cleaned themselves up, Cindy led Jared into another section of the Mansion. This time, she escorted him into a room, more like that he'd expected to see upon his arrival. Though more office than study, it was still elegantly decorated with deep rich leather chairs, and an over-sized sofa.

Jared wandered about the room briefly, eyeing the many letters of thanks that Cindy had framed, hanging upon the walls. There were dozens of them everywhere, all thanking Cindy in one way or another for helping this person or that person with finding the man or woman of their dreams.

"As you can see Jared, I run a fairly successful business here," she began. "And we're growing. More and more singles are approaching us each and every day. It's almost become unmanageable, which is one of the reasons I thought you might be interested in coming to work for me. I like your boldness, your attitude. And I think you'd be a most welcome addition to my staff."

The more Jared thought about it, the more he liked the idea. Already he was considering how he might best use his natural ability to increase the number of successful matches.

Sitting down across from her, Jared began to carefully tell Cindy of his 'intuitive' ability to size people up, relaying to her in words that she might more easily accept as a natural unique insight, rather than the more paranormal ability of actually reading minds.

"I like your idea," Cindy told him. "We could hold a large gathering here. Send out brochures to qualified singles, inviting them all here for a massive get together."

Jared had convinced her, that he could in many cases, just by observation and a few well directed questions, ascertain which singles would have the best chance of success in remaining together. It would remain Mandy's primary function to set up their first pre-arranged orchestrated date in the hopes that the couple would get off to a good start, staying together for a reasonable amount of time afterwards.

"You'll receive a small percentage of the initiation fee of course, but primarily, your salary will greatly depend on the number of successes you achieve for the business. Obviously, a great deal of what we do depends on word of mouth. The more that people are pleased and hear about our success here, the better off we'll all be."

Confident that he could use his talent to increase his chances of success, Jared accepted Cindy's offer, outlining and planning with her the idea for a 'singles' gathering to be held in a little over two weeks. Mandy came in to join them, pleased as well as excited that Jared would now be a permanent member of Cindy's staff.

"And Jared? One of the additional perks in working for me? I have another section of rooms near identical to those that Mandy is living in that you can move into if you wish to," she told him.

"Am I allowed to entertain other 'guests'?" he asked curiously.

"Why of course you are, it's your home too Jared, you'll have your own entry way, and as much privacy as you'd like or ever need. Along with that of course, free use of any and all of the facilities, like the hot-tub, provided you realize that those are just as freely used at any and all times by either Mandy or myself."

"I think I'm going to enjoy working for you, and living here," Jared said.

"And I'm going to enjoy fucking you every chance I get," Cindy thought slyly, smiling as they stood there together shaking hands.

The following morning Jared dropped by the café to inform Al that he was quitting. Heading back to his apartment, he likewise told his landlord that he'd be moving out over the weekend. Remembering his date with Jenny, he then called her letting her know everything that had happened. Which included enjoying a deliciously wicked kick out of telling Jenny all about his experience with Mandy and Cindy the evening before.

By the tone of her voice, Jenny was still more than interested in getting together with him, especially when she learned that she'd be going over to Jared's new digs, and in all likelihood, end up meeting Mandy as well as Cindy that evening.

Though unable to read Jenny's mind over the phone of course, he did receive a sense of curiosity on Jenny's part, and wondered for a brief time what she might indeed be curious about.

Racing back to the Mansion, Mandy gladly showed him around his new apartments, including his spacious bedroom where he spent the next hour orally pleasuring her. He then paid a surprise visit to Cindy shortly after she had finished meeting with a new client; receiving that washed back she had promised him earlier in her shower. By 7:30 that evening, he was rested and eagerly awaiting Jenny's arrival at his new place.

"Jared? Your guest is here!" Jared heard Mandy announce over the intercom.

Crossing the room, Jared pressed the button on his intercom. "I'll be right down Mandy."

A few minutes later, Jared descended the stairs where he found the two women conversing in the expansive foyer.

Mandy's thoughts reached him just as he came into view. "She's cute!" Mandy was thinking. "I wouldn't mind fucking her myself!"

Jared smiled greeting them both. Jenny's thoughts just then being heard almost as clearly as Mandy's had been.

"I wonder if I could convince Jared for Mandy to join us, I've always been curious about being with another woman ... and after everything Jared told me about her..."

"Say Mandy," Jared began. "If you don't have any plans for this evening, why don't you join the two of us?"

Mandy was surprised at the offer, whereas by the look on Jenny's face, she was stunned.

"Oh come on you two," Jared said laughing. "I can see it in both of your eyes. You'd both like to sample one another, even if you're not willing to come right out and admit it. But I am, so Jenny? What do you say? Mandy?"

"What would you like to drink?" Mandy asked turning towards her. Jenny grinned, anything with a lot of alcohol in it," she stammered nervously. "I think I'm going to need it!"

"By the way Mandy, where's Cindy this evening?" he asked.

"She's out with two of her friends, though she mentioned something about coming back with them later on this evening."

"Friends? They wouldn't happen to be Debra and Janice now would they?" he asked her.

"Matter of fact, yes. How'd you know?"

"They were with her at lunch the other day, that's how I initially met Cindy," he explained.

"Oh, well that explains a lot," she said winking at him. "Anyway, they should be here a little later in case you'd like to go down now and use the hot-tub."

"Good idea, you grab the drinks, and we'll meet you in there!" Jared told her.

He and Jenny had just finished getting undressed when Mandy entered the room with three large glasses. "How's Long Island Ice Tea's sound?" she asked handing everyone a drink.

"Well, I did say something with a lot of alcohol," Jenny giggled accepting hers.

Mandy undressed in preparation of joining the two of them inside the tub. While she did, Jared sat back noticing how Jenny could hardly keep her eyes off Mandy's body as she slowly, almost teasingly revealed herself.

"Fuck I'd love to feel her tongue inside my pussy!" Jenny cried out in her thoughts.

Jared grinned into his drink, sipping it. "Come over here Mandy," Jared said still grinning. He sat his drink on the edge of the tub standing between Jenny's legs, lifting her easily until she too was sitting on the edge of the tub with her feet dangling in the water. Surprised, Jenny wondered momentarily what it was Jared was up to until he and Mandy exchanged places with one another.

"She has a very beautiful looking pussy doesn't she?" he stated.

And, she really did too. Neatly trimmed, a small dark strip of fur sat atop the furrow of her exposed slit. Her labia were full lipped, pink and inviting. Jared watched as Mandy leaned towards Jenny's cunt, spreading a part her lips with her fingers. When she did, the wet glistening inner lips of her pussy smiled in anticipation of what was to come. Exposing the button of her clit, Mandy gasped with pleasured surprise at the size of it. Longer than most, certainly larger than any Jared had ever seen before, nearly the size of his pinky-finger, Mandy lovingly licked it in greeting.

"Oh my!" Jenny exclaimed as Mandy tickled her, sighing with pleasure at the satisfied response.

As large as her clit was, Mandy wrapped her lips around it, sucking it like a small penis, taking delight in the audible gasp as Jenny groaned, closing her eyes and laying back on the tiling surrounding the tub area.

Eyeing Jenny's large, full breasts, Jared pulled himself from the water lying beside her on the tile flooring. Her areolas were also large, near covering the front of both breasts, nipples the size of his index finger, caramel in color. Jared leaned over her, sucking one between his lips, gently pinching the other between his thumb and forefinger as he began rolling the excited nipples around.

"Oh fuck ... that feels good too!" Jenny thought as Jared continued sucking and playing with them.

Jenny's breathing suddenly escalated, whatever Mandy was doing to her with her mouth was having its affect. In addition, as Jared paused in his playful caress of her tits, he looked up long enough to see Mandy's arm busily moving. Obviously, she had her fingers inside Jenny's cunt, finger-fucking her with the simultaneous licking and sucking of her clit.

"Come for me Jenny, let me feel your pussy explode, let me show you how a woman can pleasure another woman," she was saying.

Aside from the occasional moans and groans, neither woman was saying much except with their minds. For Jared, it was a secret naughty little delight to have each woman giving him a running commentary of their private sensual thoughts. Both of which, merely added to his own amusement and enjoyment level. "Oh God! Oh God! I'm going to drench her fucking face!"

"That's it ... give it to me baby, cum for me, cum hard, let it go now!" Mandy was urging.

Well aware of their non-shared conversations, Jared intervened for the two of them, verbalizing their wishes as though being his own.

"That's it Jenny, that's it! Squirt that sweet, sweet pussy juice all over Mandy's face, let your pussy cover her in your cunt juice sweetheart! Give it to her! Give it to her!"

"Oh my God!" Jenny was screaming now, verbalizing her pleasure.

Jared once again leaned over her, pressing both of her breasts together. Taking both nipples as though they were one, he sucked them greedily into his mouth, rolling the nipples together as though marbles, which is when he heard Mandy's gleeful joy as Jenny spiraled into supreme ecstasy.

She was just coming down from her delightful orgasm when Jared heard the sound of the door opening.

"Well, well. What have we got here?" Cindy asked.

Looking up, he wasn't surprised to see her, nor Debra and Janice as they stood off to either side, but he was taken aback at seeing three men having also entered, standing behind the three women.

Since he was in her employ now, Jared asked if they should leave.

"Heavens no! It's certainly not business hours, we're here to party and have fun same as you! Andrew, Steve ... Kevin, this is Mandy and Jared, my assistants!" She smiled towards Jenny. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure ... yet," she added suggestively.

Mandy only then fully extricated herself from between Jenny's legs.

"This is Jenny, we used to work together," Jared said introducing her to everyone.

"Pleased to meet you Jenny, I'm glad to see you obviously have an open mind, you'll need one if you plan on sticking around and joining us!"

"Shit, now what?" Jared heard her wondering.

He leaned over towards her whispering. "Don't worry kiddo, I think you'll find you'll like her. She's a little brash, but all in all, she's also a hell of a lot of fun. Just be yourself, let yourself go ... and enjoy!"

He could tell by his comment to her that she relaxed considerably as her thoughts continued to reach him.

"We'll see," she said silently.

All six of them were wearing thick terry-cloth bathrobes. Cindy was the first to remove hers, hanging it up on a nearby hook designed specifically for that purpose. As the others followed, Jared heard one of the three men ask, "So ... free for all tonight then?"

"Free for all?" Jenny wondered with concern.

"Cool!" Mandy said to herself in excitement.

Cindy glanced towards Jared. "Sure, why not? It's been a while since we've done that, and as we have a few additional 'guests'," she said eyeing Jenny, "It might be even more interesting," she said emphasizing the word, licking her lips.

Jared sensed that Jenny was contemplating leaving.

"Jenny, if you get too uncomfortable, or aren't enjoying yourself, just tell me. I'll see to it and drive you back home."

By now the six of them were naked and began stepping down into the pool. Jared caught another buzzing sound, knowing full well that he'd picked up on someone else's thought frequency, and quickly tuned in. It was Steve's.

"She's a hot looking woman!" Steve thought glancing towards Jenny appreciatively.

Even as Jared picked up Steve's thoughts, he felt a shuddering gasp from Jenny inside his head as well.

"Damn, ok, maybe this will be fun. I'd love sucking on his prick!" she said in reference to Steve.

Of the three men, Steve was the one most muscularly built, and had as some might call, 'bedroom eyes'.

"I think he likes you Jenny," Jared once again whispered to her. "I think the two of you could end up having a fantastic relationship!"

Jenny blushed, looking towards him. "Really? You think so?"

She just finished saying that when Steve made his way over towards them. "I'm sorry, I'm not sure I got your name correctly, it was Jenny right?"

"Have fun!" Jared said winking at her as he moved off to join Cindy who was already waving him over.

As he slid back into the tub standing beside Cindy a moment later, she reached beneath the swirling water clasping his hard firm erection.

"Well, you get settled in ok?" she asked, giving his penis a tantalizing caress.

"Yes, thank you. Nice digs!"

Cindy laughed tossing her head playfully. Just then Kevin joined the two of them. "We still going to free for all?" he asked.

"Free for all?" Jared questioned.

"I don't know. Jared? You game for a no-holds barred group grope in the dark?" she asked him. "It really is a lot of fun, and very ... very exciting!"

Jared looked towards Kevin. "I don't know, guess we'll see won't we?" Once again Cindy laughed.

"Yes, I guess we will!"

Releasing Jared's prick, Cindy moved over towards the lighting panel. "Ok everyone, I'm going to dim the underwater lights, and shut off the interior lights completely. When I do, it'll be a free-for-all as we call it. Which means, anyone can do anything with anyone that they want to."

Jared took a quick glance over to where Jenny and Steve were. They were already kissing with his hands freely roaming over her breasts.

"Don't worry Jared, it's just more fun not knowing for sure who's doing what to whom. If you're worried about the guys, don't be. Just relax and have fun."

Cindy dialed the soft blue lighting down inside the water until it was barely even on, illuminating the area just enough to not throw things into complete and total darkness as she killed the lights for the rest of the room.

Jared couldn't even see his hand in front of his face, but he really didn't need to. For the moment, it was Cindy who continued stroking his cock beneath the water, though he sensed activity as someone else stood behind her. Likewise, Jared felt a pair of soft hands reaching around him from behind, cupping his balls, joining Cindy in the caressing manipulation of his prick. The press of the woman's firm breasts against his back as she silently joined Cindy in this 'free-for-all' as it had been labeled. Only when the woman's thoughts entered his mind did he then know it was Debra who was standing behind him.

"Hmm, nice cock. I'm looking forward to feeling this inside me," she was thinking as she took turns with Cindy, stroking and playing with it.

Whoever was with Cindy, soon drew her attention away from him. Letting go of his prick, Cindy vaporized into the darkness. Debra however moved around in front of him lifting herself up and out of the water to sit upon the bank. It was clearly obvious what her desire and intent was, so Jared happily began to accommodate her. Though unable to see a damn thing, he leaned forward, letting his hands glide up the smooth silky skin of her thighs. Her soft fur greeted his fingertips as he parted her sex, flicking his tongue out gingerly against her pleasure nubbin. Jared continued to run his tongue up and down the furrow of her pussy, tickling her clit with rapid little licks of his tongue, enjoying the running thoughts that she continued to silently send his way.

"Oh yeah, flick it baby, suck my clitty, just like that!" she silently urged.

Seconds later, Jared felt someone else move near them as he felt the flesh of her thigh bump into his. Like a ship docking into its slip, he sensed as whomever the woman was, her leaning forward grabbing onto the edge of the tub. Movement behind her also told him that one of the men had also pulled into port, as his thrusts against her flesh began making hot erotic slapping sounds as they began fucking. Even as they did, he felt yet another hand reach down, seeking him out. Jared felt his cock fondled, toyed with and genuinely pleasured as he continued licking, sucking and teasing Debra's soaked pussy.

All about him now the sounds of moans, groans, pleasured sighs and a myriad of sensual erotic thoughts, each attempted to bombard his consciousness. Too many now to even attempt to sort out, Jared purposely closed off that uniqueness, concentrating instead on the delicious tasting pussy he was eating, as well as the titillating pleasure that his prick was currently receiving by someone's hand.

As he felt Debra inch closer and closer towards orgasm, Jared began sucking her clit with a fervor bordering on insanity. She reached up at that moment, placing her hands on his shoulders. The rake of her fingernails into his flesh, digging in, alerted him a split second before her climax actually began. Jared held on, holding her pleasure-pearl between his lips, drawing it in even more fully, sucking it, chewing it as she broke the un-spoken silence of her joy, screaming out her pleasure in a long drawn out, ear splitting scream of unbridled delight.

Too tender, far too sensitive for him to continue, Debra pushed away from his face, rolling onto her side as she fought desperately to regain her senses. Feeling her pull and then roll away, Jared turned in search of fresh meat. Aroused, excited, he waded through the pool towards the area where the sound of the waterfall was coming from. As expected, having walked through the falls, he bumped into another couple as they copulated on one of the convenient, over-hanging shelves. He nearly turned to head in another direction as they were obviously, happily occupied when someone else bumped into him forcing him back into the small alcove.

Jared found himself with his back pressed against the ledge as someone dipped just beneath the surface of the pool, surrounding his prick with their lips, giving his cock several forceful sucks with their mouth. Unable to hold their breath as long as he would have liked however, they surfaced. Taking the moment to better position himself, Jared scooted himself up onto the ledge, feeling the soft flesh of one of the women sitting beside him. A moment or two later, lips once again surrounded his cock, though this time free to explore his rigid staff without the hindrance of the water.

Jared allowed his mind to wander, probing, hearing several buzzing sounds when he did, but chose to focus on those that were closest to him. He knew immediately that it was Jenny who he was sitting next to when he did. Jenny's hand soon after reached for finding his. Placing it upon herself, Jared located her clit with his fingers, strumming it playfully. He realized that one of the men, mostly likely being Steve was busily fucking her at the same time. The brief, occasional contact with the man's prick as he stood before her, pumping in and out of her cunt with strong slow thrusts, while Jared continued twirling her clit was profoundly erotic.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this ... and enjoying it!" Jenny was saying to herself. "I've NEVER been this fucking excited before in my entire life!"

Whoever was still sucking his cock was an expert at it. Jared continued to revel in the ecstasy that his penis was currently being lavished with. His shaft was stroked with the softest lips he'd ever felt, the head of his dick wonderfully coaxed towards even greater heights of intensity as he felt it nibbled, licked and sucked with the most perfect of pressures.

Even while all this was going on, Jenny placed her hand on his, pulling it off herself, placing it upon the prick still slowly easing in and out of her cunt. Jared was shocked when she actually placed his hand upon Steve's prick, if that's whose it was.

"Rub it against me," she whispered softly breaking the rule of silence. "Masturbate my clit with his cock," she begged lustily. "Please, please, use it to play with my pussy!" It felt slightly odd, another man's prick filling his hand as Jared used it to slap, beat, and pound against the surface of Jenny's wide-open quim. As per her desires, Jared continued thrilling her in this fashion even as his own cock was treated to the most exquisite blowjob he had ever experienced. Minutes later, he heard Jenny's raspy breathing increase, increasing the rapidity upon her pussy as he beat it with the man's prick which he held, Jenny spent herself, shuddering violently as she came.

"Jerk it, jerk it! I'm gonna cum too!" the deep rich male voice urged. Jared did, feeling the prick expand within his hand just before unleashing a torrent of invisible cream against the surface of Jenny's still throbbing cunt.

He'd no sooner released the man's cock when he felt his own pleasure racing up the length of his shaft. Like a volcanic eruption, Jared grimaced in pleasured-pain as the head of his cock exploded. He felt the hot molten-lava of his seed spurting into the waiting hungry mouth of his still unknown partner, felt his balls tighten, his toes curling as his spunk flew from the head of his dick.

Momentarily spent, Jared stepped back through the warm-water falls, made his way over towards the steps where he could more easily climb out, sitting down taking a moment to regain his senses. Before long, he heard as well as felt someone else climbing out to join him, sitting beside him there in the darkness.

"Pretty fucking wild isn't it?" Mandy stated, revealing herself though stating so in a soft quiet whisper.

"Wild is an understatement," Jared answered back. "How often does this happen anyway?"

"Oh, once, twice a month I guess. A select crowd, differing men, but she and her friends get together at least that often to do this," Mandy told him. "It really can get pretty interesting," she added.

"Once again, another understatement," Jared said agreeing with her.

"One thing I haven't done yet though," Mandy began with a barely audible giggle.

"Yeah? What's that?"

"Fuck you," she said leaning over to whisper directly into his ear. "Think you can manage it?" she asked hopefully.

Jared sought her hand out in the darkness, placing it upon his only slightly flaccid, reawakening prick. "With a little help perhaps," he leered stroking one of Mandy's breasts. In seconds, he was ready. Mandy turned, holding onto the railing that rose from the water nearby the steps, leaning over using it for support. "Fuck me from behind," she pleaded. "And don't hold anything back either! Fuck me hard and fast, I'm already so close to another orgasm, that the moment you put that prick of yours inside me, I'm probably gonna cum!"

Jared honored her request. Standing on the steps as they were, he was afforded the perfect height to penetrate her from behind. He took only a moment to position the head of his cock just inside her slick furrow, felt the head ease in until her cunt had sheathed it perfectly inside, and then thrust into her with a sudden lunge that filled her entirely.

Jared smiled inwardly at hearing Mandy's sudden intake, then expulsion of breath. His lunge into her depths had been sudden, hard, and forceful. He'd driven himself into her so fully that he'd near entered the barred passage of her womb.

"That's it! Oh fuck yes! Do it again!" she pleaded, crying out loudly enough that all could have easily heard her satisfied pleasures being met.

Jared withdrew, nearly taking himself entirely from her clenching split, only to thrust into her once again, just as deeply, just as hard as he'd done before.

"Faster, Oh my God, fuck me faster you bastard!" she called, "Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Jared was ramming into her now as fast as it was physically possible for him to do. She hadn't been wrong about her pending climax either, barely skewering her split pussy three times before the sudden onrush of thick gooey girl-cream began filling her cavity, bathing his cock in its warm, rich creamy essence.

As he did, he felt a probing finger enter his ass, felt it caress his prostate, taking him by sudden and complete surprise. "Fill her pussy baby," Cindy cooed into his ear from behind, "fill her cunt with your fuck-juice!"

And he did.

Exhausted beyond all reasonable expectation, Cindy finally restored the interior lights. It took everyone a moment for their eyes to readjust to the sudden brightness, when they did, everyone there looked as spent, yet as thoroughly satisfied as he felt.

"Well, I really hate to be a party-poop," Cindy began, "but Jared, Mandy and I have a BIG day ahead of us tomorrow. We need to get some sleep for the planning session we'll be going over tomorrow for the upcoming singles seminar." No one seemed to mind it too much that the evening had come to an end. Jared was even pleased when he saw Steve and Jenny leaving together. It was a good match, and one that he was confident would last for a while longer anyway.

After the last of Cindy's friends and guests had left, she turned towards Jared.

"Why don't you come with Mandy and I back to my apartments? I want to go over a few of your ideas, and ... I'd like to feel Mandy's tongue inside my pussy too of course," she added glibly.

"Of course," Jared responded, following the two naked women down the hallway.

The singles seminar was a complete success. Of the hundred or so single men and women in attendance, Jared had managed to pair up a good third of them with amazing results. Another third, he had still managed to get together with the likelihood that many of them would have better than average fun dates together. And most of which would no doubt return to try again, even if they didn't.

Jared's proudest achievement however, was in finding Kathy a partner. He'd spoken with her on the phone, convincing her to attend one of the seminars. After a little footwork, he had managed to find a guy she was attracted to, but more importantly, one who shared her particular fetish for fruits and vegetables.

"Jared? I don't know how you managed it, or how you seem to know which singles will get along the best together, but our success rate has more than doubled in the short time you've been apart of this organization. And for that, I want to offer you a full partnership. What do you say kiddo?" Cindy asked.

"I say, you must have been reading my mind Cindy, I was going to raise the very prospect of that up to you myself!" he told her.

Cindy laughed. "For some reason, I don't doubt that for a minute. Now then, why don't we seal this new partnership with a nice long fuck!"

"Yes, why don't we?" Jared replied. "Mandy, you care to join us?"

He already knew she was hoping he'd ask.

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