Sam and Amy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Lesbian, BiSexual, Vampires, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam is leading a stable, if not exciting life and then Amy enters it and turns things upside down. Amy rescues Sam from a horrible fate but at a price. Sam is forced to abandon her old life and start a new one. Sam is at first resentful toward Amy to say nothing of fearful of her. Amy is after all one to be feared.

Samantha locked the door to her bookstore and walked down the sidewalk into the parking lot where her car waited. She climbed behind the wheel and turned the key to the start position. After three tries the starter finally engaged instead of just spinning freely. Sam sighed in relief. She had been putting off replacing the starter far too long. I'll have to move that to the top of my list, she thought and then smiled. Yeah right, I think you told yourself that the last time it gave trouble, in fact you probably put it as top priority on the list. Then when the car started it went back down to the bottom of the list, she smiled to herself as her thoughts continued. The engine rumbled to life and she put it in gear turning out on the street.

Sam owned the small bookstore and though she had many loyal customers, she was struggling to make ends meet thanks to the large chain store that had opened in nearby Potterville. Sam offered something that was fast becoming a thing forgotten and that was customer service. She cared for her customers and went to great lengths to answer their questions. If a book was in print or if it was available somewhere, Sam had a knack for finding and getting it for her customer. If a customer didn't know the title of a book or the author but knew generally what happened in the book, the chances were excellent that Sam had read it and could locate it. Because of this her business had a loyal following but she was still struggling.

She drove down the deserted street in Stanusburg and headed for her home. Stanusburg was a small town with a population of about five-thousand and located a few miles south of Potterville that had a population of about sixty-thousand. Just large enough to have a crime problem, Sam thought, I'll take Stanusburg any day. Sam drove out of the south end of town and down the highway toward the turnoff two miles out of town that led to her small but comfortable wood frame home. She had lived alone in this house ever since her mother had passed away five years ago. Sam had inherited the bookstore from her mother and though she was only twenty-four years old she was infinitely more mature than most twenty-four year olds and operated the bookstore very well. Her father had died when she was just a young child.

As she drove she reflected on her life. Life! She snorted. I don't think I have much of a life. I go to work, I come home, I read my books, I don't even watch much TV, her thoughts continued. Sam did not party. In fact, outside of customers, she had very few acquaintances. She was a little on the shy side. She had no boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter, Sam was attracted to both although she had never had a girlfriend before, at least not of a sexual nature anyway. She liked the fact that her home was outside of town and somewhat secluded in the trees. In fact it was not even visible from the highway. The small road that led to her driveway from the highway was easy to miss. Sam had few visitors that came to her house and those that came were not strangers.

She pulled into her driveway, pressed the controller that opened the door on the detached garage and drove her car into the two stall structure. She walked through the walkway that connected the garage and the house and opening the door with her key, stepped into the dark kitchen. That's funny, I could have sworn that I left the light over the range on, Sam thought.

A hand reached from the darkness and a rag was clamped over her mouth and nose. Oh God was Sam's last thought before everything turned inky black.

Charlie was a despicable person. Many would describe him as the lowest of scum. He had no qualms about killing and had done so many times. He especially liked to kill women but not before he had subjected them to every type of degradation he could think of at the time. First he would rape them repeatedly and torture them until they got that wounded look of terror in their eyes. Hearing them beg for mercy was music to his ears but Charlie had no mercy. He would promise to set them free if only they would give him every thing of value they owned. When they had given him everything they had, he would smile and slowly kill them. Very seldom did Charlie use a gun, he much preferred a knife if he had time. He enjoyed watching them squirm and twist as he held them motionless and slowly pushed his knife in them and then cut them open.

Charlie was on run. He had gutted a policeman in a town two hundred miles north of here. The policeman was responding to a scuffle involving Charlie and a woman he was molesting. The woman had escaped but the policeman was not so lucky. Charlie had taken the officer off guard, shoved his knife into the policeman's throat and dragged it downward opening him up down to his belly. He had fled from the alley and spotted a car on the corner waiting for the light to change. Charlie slid into the passenger seat beside the hapless stranger and before the man could react sliced him across the throat holding him in place until he bled to death. He had calmly exited and walked around the vehicle. There he had opened the door and shoved the dead man into the rear seat. It had been late at night and therefore no one had noticed the car sitting through two red lights.

He had driven the car south until it had gotten low on gas, at which point he stashed it out of sight. It just so happened that the small road that passed by Sam's drive was the one he had chosen to stash the car on. As he passed by he had noticed the house and after getting rid of the car had returned to the house with the intention of stealing a car. He had broken a window and entered. He started looking for keys and money. In the process he discovered that there were no male things in house only a solitary female. His plans had changed accordingly. He had found a small hanky and pulled out a vial of Ether he carried in his waist pack. He was totally patient as he sat at the kitchen table and waited. Even when it became dark he did not turn on any lights. At last he had heard the car come up the driveway and enter the garage. Charlie had stepped to the door and waited. When Samantha stepped into the darkness, he had moved from behind the door and covered her mouth and nose with the Ether soaked hanky holding her motionless until her struggles had ceased and she had lost conscious.

Slowly Samantha became aware of her surroundings again. She had a pounding headache and she could not move her hands or feet. As she became more awake Sam opened her eyes to take in her surroundings. She saw that the reason she could not move her feet was because her ankles were secured together by a plastic cable tie. She surmised the same thing secured her wrists together behind her and that was why she could not move her hands. Looking around she discovered that she was lying on her living room floor.

"Ah, I see you are awake at last," a male voice spoke and a man stepped into view.

He had short black hair with a dark tan complexion. He appeared to be muscular but was not buff. He had a scar that ran from just below his left eye across his cheek and ended at his jaw bone. He had thin cruel looking lips but what made Sam shudder was the absolute cold look in his brown eyes.

Charlie turned her over from her left side to her back and drew the wicked looking knife he wore on his hip. She judged it was about eight inches long and had a curved hook like end.

"Let's see what you look like under that clothing," Charlie said.

He sat on her legs and placed the handle of the knife in his mouth. Roughly his hands hooked her blouse on either side of her neck. As he pulled his hands to the side the buttons on the half sleeve blouse popped off. With the last one popped he spread her blouse to both sides and looked down on her simple cotton bra. He took the knife from his mouth and stretching the bra away from her, slipped the hooked end under the narrow center section between the cups. The knife sliced through the material like butter and he spread the cups to the side one at a time.

Sam's pale white breasts with their dark red areolas were exposed to him and for just a second he glanced upward taking in her shoulder length chestnut colored hair and smiled at her green eyes that reflected the emotions that were pouring through her fear, horror and hatred.

"Those tits are not too bad though they could stand some sun," he said.

He rubbed them with his hand pinching the nipples of each until Sam was forced to bite her lips to keep from crying out in pain. Sam fought back the urge to cry though her eyes filled with unshed tears of pain, fear and humiliation. She felt totally helpless but was determined not to let her feelings show.

"Ah, so you are going be tough are you? Pretend that my pinching your nipples didn't hurt. I like a woman to be tough. Of course they always end up pleading for mercy anyway," He said and grinned maliciously. He slapped each of her breasts, watching them jiggle and grinned as they began to turn red with his finger prints.

He crawled from her legs and using the knife cut the waistband of her loose ankle length skirt. Placing the handle of the knife in his mouth once more, he grasped the skirt in both hands. Sam closed her eyes as he tore the material lengthwise exposing her legs and cotton panties. When the material had parted to the lower hem he gave an extra tough snapping it apart and then he pulled the ruined skirt from beneath her.

"Now to see the treasure that awaits my attention," He said and then chuckled evilly. He pulled first one leg of the panties away from her and then the other slicing the material each time easily with his knife. He placed the knife back in its sheath on his hip. Charlie took great care to slowly pull her panties down and expose the curly chestnut colored pubic hair that covered her sex. He ogled her pubic mound and licked his lips suggestively making sure that she saw the lust in his eyes.

Sam let out a piercing scream. Charlie yanked her torn panties from her, balled them up and stuffed them in her mouth. Not because he was worried about someone hearing her screams but simply because her screams annoyed him. He rubbed his hand through her pubic hair spreading his fingers apart and combing them through her soft curls. He traced one finger over her labia lips and ran one finger up the crack between them.

"Does that feel nice?" He asked and pressed a finger on her clit rubbing it in circles, not that he really expected it to get her aroused, for she was far too scared for that. He just enjoyed the feeling of power he had over her.

"Girly you are a might pale for my liking but I'm not really particular. I'll fuck you anyway," Charlie said and chuckled humorlessly. He got to his feet and began to remove his pants.

"Now I need to cut your ankles loose so you can spread those lovely legs apart for me but don't even think about trying to run or resist because if'n you do I'll get angry and I won't just fuck you I will cut you too." To emphasize his point he pressed the tip of the knife just above her clit and pricked her lightly making a small cut that quickly filled with blood. He waited until the blood began to trickle to one side and then he sliced through the tie that held her ankles together.

With his pants removed, he knee-walked between her legs and crooked her knees, placing the soles of her feet flat on the floor. Placing his hands on her knees he spread her legs wide, looked her in the eyes and asked, "Now which hole shall I fuck first? Eeny-meeny-miny-moe. Which do you prefer girly?" He asked, as if he was going to let her choose and then gave a mirthless laugh. "Of course I'm going to fuck both holes several times before we are done girly and maybe I'll even let you lick me clean." Sam looked at him in wide eyed terror, her eyes glistened and filled with tears that started to roll down her cheeks. Her stomach became nauseated at the thought or the horror and violation she was about to endure. She thought about pleading for mercy but did not voice her plea for she was sure Charlie would not be merciful. Mercy was not in his vocabulary.

Sam closed her eyes and sought to will her mind to a peaceful place, in effort to escape from the reality that she was about to be raped probably repeatedly. She tensed in anticipation of the pain his shaft would cause thrusting into her dry holes. It didn't really matter that she had never had anal before, she knew it would hurt but so would having her vagina fucked when it was dry. She shuddered and tried to steel herself for the inevitable.

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