Nuns Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Clergy, Caution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A 19-year-old novice enters a convent to discover a life she had never envisioned. Please read the warning before proceeding to the story.

"Get back under my dress!" It was said with authority, not anger.

"But, Reverend Mother, what's she doing now?"

"Sister Mary Margaret, your curiosity will be the death of me!" Mother Superior's eyes never left the large two-way mirror built into the wall. "Now do as you're told!"

"But, Reverend Mo--"

Tearing her eyes away from the mirror, the abbess gave the nun a stern look that made her wish she hadn't said anything. The nun was on her knees, but she wasn't praying. She was using her upper arm to wipe the wetness off her face. Having seen that scowl before, she wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. The nun's eyes darted away from the stare and came to rest on her hands still clutching Mother Superior's long black habit. She flipped it over her back as she quickly ducked underneath, crawling into the darkness as it cascaded over her body. She couldn't see, but the familiar smell guided her like a divining rod. On her hands and knees, Sister Mary Margaret reached for and found one bare leg, and then the other. Sliding her hands up Mother Superior's shins and then over her knees, she tightened her fingers around the chubby thighs and pulled herself up onto her knees. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled, and then the nun tilted her head back, opened her mouth wide, and pressed her mouth to the hairy pussy. The legs shuffled further apart.

Mother Superior sighed as her eyes closed, and then they reopened slightly glazed. Sister Mary Margaret was one of her favorites -- she had such a long tongue. Mother Superior closed her eyes again when the nun nipped at her engorged clit but forced them open to see what the new novice was doing.

Watching her now, Mother Superior thought back to how nervous and timid the young girl had been when entering the convent and how she uncontrollably jumped when the big oak door slammed shut. Leaving her small tattered suitcase by the door for someone else to care for, the abbess gave Sister Mary Julian a tour of the convent, culminating at the cell that was to be her bedroom -- a cell almost identical to the others. Mother Superior remembered the novice's reaction when she flung the door open.

The 19-year-old had stood in the doorway and peered inside, almost afraid to take the "next step." The cell was small, and for a fleeting moment the young girl made the analogy of a prison cell. But she wasn't a prisoner, being there on her own volition.

A large bed -- too large for the small room -- ran along one wall wedged into the corner. It had a clean white sheet and black wool blanket that was tucked under the mattress so tightly that if a coin was dropped on it, it would bounce several times before coming to rest. Spread out on the bed was her new clothes, the black and white habit. She chuckled softly thinking, At least I didn't have to buy it like the cheerleader uniform in high school, but then she saw the stern look Mother Superior gave her and bit her lip to suppress the laugh that was about to burst forth. It added to the doubts filling her mind. She wanted desperately to serve God but there were things in the secular world that she wasn't sure she could give up. She had always been a fun loving girl and not being able to laugh was one of those things. Not that it was the only thing.

Glancing back at the bed, her heart warmed when she saw the large cross with her beloved Jesus on the wall over the head of the bed. Her suitcase was on the floor at the other end. It contained her only possessions and her eyes quickly scanned the room until locating the low, two-drawer dresser on the opposite wall from the bed. It was small but would easily hold the suitcase's contents. Above the dresser, a rather large framed mirror seemed out of place in the unpretentious room. It was wider than the dresser and took up a good portion of the wall. The novice's eyes moved to the wall opposite where she was standing, between the bed and dresser. A single window with gray, flimsy material gathered on either side let light into the room. I guess you can call that a curtain, she thought, realizing that even when pulled shut the room would not be dark. How will I be able to sleep? Heck, what am I thinking? We probably get up before the sun does. Below the window was a simple gray metal desk and chair. A cheap lamp with a missing shade sat on the desk. Sighing loudly, Sister Mary Julian took a large step into her new life.

After getting the novice settled, Mother Superior had left and rushed to the adjacent room where Sister Mary Margaret had been waiting after dropping off the suitcase. Mother Superior walked quickly to the two-way mirror and hoisted her long black dress to her waist, pointing her knees outward. No verbal command was necessary. The other nun's hands went to her head and took off her veil, carefully placing it on the floor. Then she scooted between Mother Superior's legs and immediately clamped her mouth onto her pussy as the dress was dropped. And now Sister Mary Margaret was back under the long flowing dress, munching away in the darkness.

Mother Superior stared at the young novice standing in the middle of the room wringing her hands. She knew what she was going through -- the doubts, the fears, and the loneliness. But unlike her, the novice still had the chance to change her mind and return to the secular world. She hoped she wouldn't. The girl was quite pretty, with red hair cut short to fit under the habit's coif and veil, big green eyes with a few freckles dotting both sides of her button nose, and two cute dimples she had seen when the girl chuckled. She was petite at only 5'4" and couldn't have weighed more than 105 pounds. It was hard to tell in her loose fitting sweater, but she looked like she had small breasts. Mother Superior couldn't wait to see what they looked like as she unconsciously licked her lips.

The novice walked around the room, opened and closed the single closet next to the door, and then walked slowly to the bed and stared at her new clothing. She picked up the habit and pressed it to her body, turning to face the mirror. Mother Superior watched the girl's face intently. She didn't look like she was thrilled to wear the age-old outfit. The novice turned back to the bed and laid the habit down. She sighed.

Mother Superior gasped, and it was not only because Sister Mary Margaret's long tongue drove deeper into her pussy and wiggled around. The novice had pulled her sweater over her head leaving her breasts covered by only a small bra. Mother Superior placed a hand on the back of Sister Mary Margaret's head through her heavy dress and pressed the nun's mouth more firmly onto her pussy. The nun understood and flicked her tongue in and out rapidly. Mother Superior forced her eyes to remain open as the young girl unclasped her bra and let it slip over her arms. Her tits were small, maybe 32Bs, and cone-shaped with nipples pointing right at Mother Superior. They weren't stiff but large nonetheless. She couldn't wait to suck on them.

Placing her left palm flat on the mirror and holding the back of Sister Mary Margaret's head through her dress, Mother Superior humped her hips. Very accustomed to Mother Superior's needs, Sister Mary Margaret tilted her head back a little more and made her tongue taut, extending it as far as she could. She dropped a hand between her own legs and frantically rubbed her clit as Mother Superior's pussy smashed into her face.

Mother Superior placed her other hand on the mirror and spread her legs further. Leaning forward from the waist, supporting her weight with her hands, her hips pulled back and thrust forward with such force that the nun under her dress had to tense the muscles in her neck and shoulders just to keep her head from being pushed back.

"She's so lovely," Mother Superior said when the novice let her skirt fall to her feet leaving her in nothing but yellow panties. And then she cried out, "Yes! Yes!" in the privacy of the soundproof room. Her climax coincided with the novice rolling her panties down to expose the neatly trimmed red bush.

Mother Superior humped her hips violently which caused Sister Mary Margaret to begrudgingly remove her hand from her own pussy and grab both of Mother Superior's legs. The wetness leaked over her tongue and down her chin and she knew her habit would surely need washing after wiping her face again with her arm. Mother Superior had tried to break her of that practice, but you know what they say about old habits.

Once Mother Superior calmed down, Sister Mary Margaret reemerged from under her dress. She looked up at her abbess with imploring eyes, but knew not to speak. Mother Superior looked down and smiled warmly, causing the nun's face to gleam with delight.

"Come up here and take a look," Mother Superior said.

She scrambled to her feet and stood next to the older nun. The novice was beautiful just as Mother Superior had said and she felt a tad jealous but quickly pushed that aside. As a nun she wasn't permitted to be jealous. She led a simple life, a pious life, with one very special wrinkle.

The novice seemed to be uneasy in her new living quarters. She looked around the room and several times studied her nude figure in the big mirror. She turned sideways and cupped her small breasts and sucked in her tummy, which even when she let the air out didn't bulge. She stuck her ass out and felt its firmness. And then both nuns gasped when her hand slid down her stomach and cupped her groin.

"What's she doing?" Sister Mary Margaret asked.

Stunned, Mother Superior looked at the nun with wide eyes. "Why would you, of all people, have to ask that?"

The nun turned red. "But I didn't do that until you, um, showed me how."

"Well not every girl lives the sheltered life you did. She's probably been doing ... Shhh, let's watch."

Both nuns looked at the young girl with longing. The novice's hand stayed between her legs cupping her pussy, and when they paid more attention saw that her middle finger was inside. The novice's eyelids closed halfway and her knees bent slightly and turned outward. The nuns, dressed in their black and white garbs, were shoulder to shoulder and Sister Mary Margaret was breathing hard.

Mother Superior glanced at the other nun and her eyes traveled lower. Sister Mary Margaret held her black dress up with one hand and her other hand was between her legs. The scent of arousal wafted to Mother Superior who reached between Sister Mary Margaret's legs and shoved her hand away, replacing it with her own. Sinking a finger into the other nun's pussy, she was delighted with how wet it was. She's definitely one of my favorites, she thought and looked back through the mirror as she fingered the younger nun.

The novice's chest rose and fell and she took a few steps backwards until she felt the bed against the back of her legs. She plopped down and spread her legs. The other nuns now clearly saw her finger sliding in and out of her pussy, and by the shine of the finger knew she was as wet as Sister Mary Margaret.

Falling onto her back, the novice lifted her legs and placed her heels on the edge of the mattress. Her raised knees moved apart exposing her pussy and asshole to the spying nuns. Her other hand was on her tit, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple. And then that hand joined the other between her legs with her index finger on her clit. While fingering herself, she frantically rubbed her clit. In no time, her knees slapped together and her hips lifted, suspending her ass off the mattress for a moment and then crashing back down. Her feet slipped off the bed and fell to the floor. Lying on her back with her legs spread, her chest rose and fell with each deep breath.

Sister Mary Margaret jerked her hips and let out a little squeal as she climaxed. She grabbed Mother Superior's arm with both hands and hung on tightly as her knees turned to jelly. She remained like that until Mother Superior nudged her. Opening her eyes, she glanced at Mother Superior and then followed her gaze to the mirror.

The novice stood nervously looking down at her new black habit. She picked it up and clutched in her hands. Agitated, she looked at the garment and then held it to her body and then looked at it again. Her hands were shaking and her face was red. The nuns thought she was going to cry. The novice laid the black dress on the bed and picked up her panties. She spit on her panties and vigorously rubbed the dress with them and then studied it, and then rubbed it again.

"What's she doing?" Sister Mary Margaret asked.

Mother Superior chuckled and used her thumb to point at Sister Mary Margaret's upper arm. The nun looked and saw the filmy white stain on the black material. "Oh no, she leaked on her habit," Sister Mary Margaret exclaimed.

"It seems to be the case," Mother Superior said in a faraway voice. She was deep in thought.

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