Vacation Trip With Surprises
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What starts out as a little flashing of my tits and pussy, a little show for some truckers passing by, turns into more than I ever dreamed.

My Husband Rick and I started out our mini vacation, just the two of us, no kids. Once we hit the Interstate it was on, the sex show that is. We have been married for 17yrs and the past 5 years we have become more sexual than I could ever imagine. I'm very into exhibitionism and basically anything that will turn Rick on ... So we hit the Interstate. I'm wearing a sun dress that is about 6 inches above my knees, bra, and panties.

I see our first trucker ahead and feel Rick stepping into it racing to catch up but slowing as we reach him. I feel my pussy already getting wet in anticipation of what "might" happen. Believe it or not, not all truckers want to be flashed ... Before our F250 reaches beside him I pull my dress way up and spread my legs wide. As we slowly pass the trucker I make eye contact and can almost immediately tell if they want more or not. This first guy does as you hear his diesel engine kick in to pull even with us. I start to rub my pussy over my panties, I can feel how wet they are now. It's such a turn on to show someone my body, let them look at my cunt and know that they want to fuck me. All while my husband watches. I lay down on my back in the bench seat, head by my husband now, feet up against the window so the trucker has a perfect view. I slowly slide my panties off, the trucker loves the show, and he can see my naked cunt now, shaved slick. I spread my legs and press my feet up against the far sides of the passenger window, my pussy fully on display as I start to slide a finger up and down the wet slit between my legs. Rick has pulled my dress up over my 36C tits and unhooked my bra so he can pinch my nipples as I finger fuck myself. The trucker can now see my entire naked body and watches as I start bucking wildly against my own hand. Three fingers now explode in and out of my cunt, I cant take anymore, I rub my clit and look at the stranger as I cum and I can feel my juices fill my pussy. I slide a couple fingers in so that I can taste my own pussy cum. Rick wants some too so I run my fingers back in and take them to his lips so he can taste my pussy juice. The trucker wants a taste, but we have a long trip ahead so none of that. The show is all he gets ... This time.

A few more trucks we pass, some want to see the show some don't. I've only found one woman truck driver that enjoyed the show. If the trucker is too skanky I pass as well. The trucker has to be decent; I love when I get a black man, that's when I put on my best shows. Interracial intrigues me so. It seems that many black men like white women and I love the contrast of a black cock penetrating my white married pussy. So I put on 3-4 more shows, not to the point of cumming again but Rick knows that I'm gonna have to cum again soon. I'm getting way too hot, my pussy is swollen from being played with, it's full of pussy juice from being constantly turned on and aroused. It's so wet I can feel it slide smooth as I move my legs back and forth.

We exit to get gas. I don't bother with my bra or panties. Without the bra I draw some looks. My tits bounce nicely and my nipples are rather large. Not to mention they are stone hard. I like the looks, Rick does too so I work it when I can. After we get the gas Rick smiles at me and says; "I have a game" ... He explains that there is a state trooper over in the other parking lot, speed trap he figures. He wants me to flash the trooper. At first I say no way. But as he explains his plan I agree. Here's what we did...

Rick drives up passenger side beside the trooper, directly across from him. Now remember, we are in a F250 pickup and our door is about eye level with this trooper. I open my door, turn my legs like I'm getting out of the rig, legs together ... Rick says "hey" to me. As I turn my head I also open my legs apart about half way. The trooper has full view of my shaved, red, swollen wet pussy. "don't forget to ask him how far to the next Wal-Mart and if there is a Radio Shack in town". I turn back to get out of the truck and the trooper is smiling (good sign). I walk three feet over to his car and bend over at the hips to lean and ask him directions. Making sure that my sun dress drops enough for him to see my tits should he want to? I look off as I explain where we came from so he can look without fear of being caught. However, when I finally looked back he wasn't fearful at all and still gazing at my tits. I just smiled and said that we would really appreciate directions. He gave them to me, taking many looks at my tits. I thanked him, told him that we appreciate all that law enforcement does for us and wanted to show our appreciation. As I stepped back into the truck I faced him, spread my legs again. This time looking right at him with a smile. I don't think he could have told you anything about my face. But my pussy and tits he could pick out in a line up...

We left, hit the Wal-Mart for some supplies; I flashed a few guys, a couple workers, and one boy that must have been 13 or 14. Boy was he shy, but he couldn't stop looking at me either. In that shy way those young boys do. As we walked to the truck Rick noticed the state trooper car at Wal-Mart. He was parked out in the far parking lot. When we pulled back onto the Interstate the trooper followed us, a safe distance back. I didn't flash any of the truckers we passed for fear that we might get in trouble. As it is illegal you know...

About 10 miles further the trooper turned on his lights and speed up behind us. It was actually a bad feeling. Rick wasn't too excited about it either. There was a long dirt driveway on the right so Rick pulled onto it as the trooper pulled in behind us. He approached Rick's side and asked for the normal stuff. Rick asked what the problem was and the guy said that our truck matched a description of a car jacking and he was just checking us out. He smiled at me as he said it and right then I knew everything was fine. However, I didn't know what was to happen next...

Rick asked what they do when they catch someone that has stolen a car. The trooper said that the first thing they do is pull them out of the vehicle and search them for weapons or drugs. So playing along I said "I have a weapon on me, maybe you should search me". Just playing of course. The officer said to Rick, "Sir do you mind?" Rick said "absolutely not, just don't get any ideas about searching me".

"Mrs. Please step out of the truck." He said as he started around the front of the truck. I opened the door and stepped out. "please turn around and put your hands on the seat of the truck, legs spread". I put my hands on the seat, spread wide for him, and looked my husband in the eye with a small smile. Rick was about to cum in his pants and I knew it. My pussy felt so exposed, I felt a huge gush within me and I only hoped that I wasn't so wet that my juices would run down my thighs. The officer bent down and slowly worked his hands up my legs. By the time he stood up his hands were on my bare ass, he eased my ass cheeks apart. I let out a small gasp. He let one finger slide across my wet cunt, oh how I wanted him to finger me. Then his hands turned to my belly, worked up and over my naked tits, slowly over my hard nipples as I stood there breathing slightly heavy. Rick was slowly rubbing his cock thru his jeans. The officer said "Ok, you seem to be good, thank you so much for your understanding". Before I could say anything Rick blurted out "you didn't check everywhere". The officer pressed close to me and whispered in my ear "do you have a weapon on you and do you want me to search everywhere for it". I just put my head down, I couldn't look at Rick while I said it, "yes, search me".

The officer start back at the bottom and worked up my legs. He slowly stood up as again he reached my ass. Spreading my cheeks again, this time three fingers covered my cunt. He rubbed back and forth until his fingers were wet with the juice from my cunt. Then, he slipped two fingers into my hole. Slowly they went all the way in. I pushed against his hand letting him know it was ok for them to be all the way in. I took my hands off the seat of the truck and put them on the floorboard so I could bend over more, easier access to the finger fucking that I wanted from this stranger. He finger fucked me good, at one point not even realizing what I was saying I said "harder". He started slamming his fingers into me, Rick could hear the squishing sound of my cunt taking his fingers. I was now bucking against his hand and rubbing my clit as he fucked me, three fingers deep, ass spread open, good and hard. I cum hard and he knew it. He slowed as my cum subsided. As he pulled his fingers out I grabbed them and sucked them clean. I reached and felt the large bulge in his pants. I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to fuck me, I actually said "do you want to fuck my pussy". He said yes. I told him that I couldn't let him fuck me but that I hated to leave him in this condition. The officer said to Rick "sir, I'm going to have to take your wife to my car for some paper work. It shouldn't take just a minute. You ok with that?" Rick agreed that it shouldn't take long and we headed for the trooper car. As I got in he was already taking his cock out. His demeanor changed when we were alone or maybe he was just completely horny and beside himself. "Suck my cock" he demanded. I said that I would love too and went to work immediately. Before going down I noticed Rick's eyes were glued to the rearview mirror. He watched as my head went into the officers lap. The officer was very vocal as I started sucking his average 6 ½ inch cock. "oh yea, suck that cock. Your wet cunt felt so fucking good. Slamming my fingers into your pussy. I love a good slut now suck my fucking cock. I want you to swallow every drop too bitch. You don't come up until you have sucked my cock dry. My little whore is sucking me good." Said the officer. Apparently he liked the dirty slut talk when he got real horny. I loved it. I sucked and slurped harder, working his cock in my mouth. And it wasn't long at all, be it my sucking or his talking, before he started filling my mouth full. And full indeed. His cum exploded into the back of my throat. Load after load I sucked from his cock. And as he instructed I sucked every last drop until his cock was softening. I set up and said thank you to him and asked if I was free to go. He said yes, asked where we were headed and told us to be careful. He also wanted to know when and if we would be coming back thru his town on the way home. He gave me the trooper office number and said to call if we wanted a repeat.

We got back on the road and Rick had jacked off while watching me suck the trooper off. I didn't flash any truckers for a while because I was wore out. I took a nap for about 2 hrs until Rick woke me up. We had crossed into another state about 30 min ago and he woke me up because TWO state trooper cars were following right behind us. It was getting pretty dark by now. I asked Rick how he knew they were troopers and he said because they first pulled up beside him and then got in behind. That's when he woke me. Just then the trooper lights lit up the night. We again pulled over but this time there were two officers...

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