Perils of Penelope
Chapter 1: How it all began

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, BDSM, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: How it all began - The story of the road to prostitution of a young woman determined to obtain power and influence from her body.

Penelope Smith was a self made woman; she reached the higher stratus status with powerful influential friends in local and central government. It had been a long climb beginning as a sixteen year old with nothing but her looks. This strikingly blonde blue eyed size eight five foot seven young woman had been born out of wedlock.

Not that that mattered in the sixties, after all this was the era of free love, LSD and the flower people; even here in London England the influence of the Beatles, Woodstock and amoral new attitudes permeated in the clubs and disco's.

Her mother had been a shop girl; who had fallen for the glib tongue of her employer and several drinks and a few magic mushrooms later, had been technically raped. Of course she never reported the incident an extra fiver per week in her pay packet made sure she was taken care of, even when Penelope began to show.

So it was that Penelope can into the world, in a back street hotel in Brighton. All through her childhood her mother instilled in her a hatred of men, especially those in positions to use their money and power to destroy a woman's life. Every time Penelope tried to find out about her real father it led to bitter arguments and she always got nowhere.

I suppose it was only natural that she inherited her mother's good looks but what was not so natural was from the age of sixteen she had always had this burning itch between her legs. It was a feeling of unrest that only calmed and abated after she had played with herself or as she was apt to do later, fucked a cock or two.

Whether it was years of shame or just her mother's astute insight into her own daughter's development but Penelope's mum could not hack it anymore and drank herself to death. It was less than two weeks after her funeral that Penelope up sticks from Brighton and moved back to the social circles of London.

Homeless with very little money and only a small suitcase to her name, this was the total extent of her seventeen years of life. She hitch hiked from Brighton; with her looks it was not long before a lorry driver pulled up to offer her a lift. Whilst riding in his cab he had been caught staring at her shapely legs clearly showing beneath her mini floral cotton dress. Penelope could understand why but her itch returned stronger than ever!

The lorry driver making polite conversation whilst ogling her beauty asked if she had any money for when she got to London. Penelope feeling a bit defensive answered a little but not much. Suddenly the lorry driver asked if she was a virgin; taken aback by such a question she almost coughed on the mug of tea she was sipping. Blushing as she did, the lorry driver said that answered his question. He then suggested she may like to earn herself twenty pounds. A whole twenty pounds; why she would murder someone for that much she thought. The truth was she had only the money her mother had managed to save and that totalled only ten pounds.

Seeing her reaction the Lorry driver began to head for the next slip road off the M3 motorway and turned into the truckers rest pit stop. He parked his lorry well away from the café and turned to Penelope, he would give her three pounds if she would suck his cock, a fiver if she was naked when she did it. When Penelope heard this she was disgusted bit her itch leapt up another three notches. Suddenly she asked you said twenty pounds; the lorry driver laughed and said, "Yes but for that you have to be a virgin and I get to fuck you and take your cherry!"

Penelope suddenly realised that she could make serious money from her looks and she did not need her virginity besides better to be well paid for it than lose it to some snotty nosed kid whose amateurish technique turned her off. The more she thought about it the more she was determined to make her fortune any way she could, she would become someone and to do that she needed money lots of money.

If letting people like this man use her body meant she could get that money what the fuck after all had she not been created by such an action. She agreed and eagerly stripped off much to the driver's delight. She took his money and pushed it into her handbag as she now sat there in bra and panties. She was nicely proportioned with a 36C — 24 — 35 frame, her long shoulder length hair framing her slender face and piercing blue eyes giving that come to bed awareness.

The driver slipped out of his pants and told her to remove the rest of her clothes before they climbed into the back of his cab. She was nervous now, unsure of what to do but the lorry driver knew what he wanted and seemed to know how to achieve it. She felt something hard against her cunt and suddenly she screamed out in pain as the lorry driver thrust forward and she was a virgin no more. He told her to shut the fuck up or others would hear her. His demeanour seemed to change because as he fucked her he was calling her a slag and a whore. She should have been disgusted by these names but they fanned the flames of her itch making rise even higher.

Then suddenly the driver froze as she felt hot scalding flashes hitting her cunt walls, she did not know what was happening to her but she realised he was finished and no longer interested in her or her body. The bastard then suggested she get out of the cab to clean herself up and get dressed. When she did so he started the engine and literally tossed her small case and handbag out at her as he drove off.

At least he never took his money back she thought; as she tried to hurry to get dressed another lorry pulled into the car park and she was caught full in its head lights, still naked but with her panties half way up her legs. The new driver pulled over close by her and asked if she was all right. Nervously she said she was but still hurriedly dressed, this man seemed different to the other driver he waited patiently for her to dress and invited her to join him in something to eat. He even suggested she may like to use the shower facilities that this café had especially for truckers.

They entered the café and after ordering some food she slipped into the men's washroom where she showered and changed her clothes. To her this new driver seemed a knight in shining armour for he even stood guard at the washroom door so she would not be interrupted.

After something to eat he asked where she was heading and was happy to offer her a lift as far as he was going towards London. He sensed the fear in her eyes or was it lust, for he quickly added that she would be safe with him for he had a daughter about her age. So she agreed to travel with him, now although this was before such times as tacho-graphs he knew he needed some sleep so he explained to Penelope that he was going to grab four hours sleep and if she was happy to sleep on his front seats she was welcome to share his cab. For some reason she trusted him and agreed.

This lorry driver Peter; helped her into his cab and immediately climbed over into his sleep berth, passing a rather thin looking blanket over for Penelope to cover herself with. With that he dowsed the cab lights and settled down. Penelope tried to sleep but a combination of her overactive mind and the still night's coldness kept her awake; then to top it all off her itch returned and she tried to rub it better but it just made it worse, she realised she needed a man and she had one here in a good man called Peter asleep just inches from her.

She undressed and slipped over the seat squeezing in beside Peter. He was laid with his back to her so she was unaware that he had his rock hard cock in his hand and had been in the middle of stroking it with thoughts of fucking his own daughter. Now suddenly he felt this soft yielding female flesh pressing into his back and half dreaming and half awake he turned over to find his mouth inches from Penelope's right nipple. She had been trying to lean over him to ask if he was asleep at the exact moment he had turned over. His blanket had pulled away and she saw his fist wrapped around an angry looking hard cock. Without a single word she slipped her head down and kissed his cock head, easing his hand out of the way as she did so.

Then Penelope said, "Peter let me take care of this lovely cock for you, it would normally cost you twenty pounds but as you have been so good to me I will take care of it for only ten!" then throwing her leg over him she sank it into her cunt before he could answer. Once more she was riding the hard steed and her itch was being taken care of, when she heard Peter call her Sammy. Instantly she stopped and asked why he called her Sammy, an apologetic Peter explained this was his girlfriend's name. Satisfied Penelope resumed riding his cock until she heard him whimper. She did not feel the hot splashes she had felt only hours earlier so she reached up and flicked the lights on in the cab.

She saw Peter with tears in his eyes; thinking she had hurt him she asked whatever is up. He reluctantly admitted he had lied about the name Sammy, for Sammy was his sixteen year old daughter who for the last three years had been sneaking out to his cab when he was at home and joining him for sex. He expected Penelope to be shocked but she simply shrugged and said are you making her do it or doing anything to her she does not want?"

When he replied no; she said well then what is the problem! Peter almost managed a smile and said but she wants to take it further, she wants me to fuck her anally and I don't know if I could. After all Peter had done for her, Penelope said, well why not try with me as I have never had anything up my arse it will serve to educate the pair of us.

Peter agreed and after much pushing, He had his cock buried up Penelope's arse and she played along telling him, oh daddy, that feels so good, fuck your slutty daughter's arse good. Peter did and shot his load up Penelope's arse and as they dressed and prepared to leave the car park Peter handed her the full twenty pounds.

Soon he reached the nearest point he went to London and set Penelope down on the hard shoulder, he kissed her goodbye, wished her well and thanked her for her understanding, before climbing back into his cab and heading off towards Wales. Penelope reviewed her night so far; she had lost her virginity to a bastard of a lorry driver, given her anal cherry to a confused incestuous driver and quadrupled her money. Life was good for a horny good looking seventeen year old prostitute.

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