Ghost Hunting Husband
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Her lover was impossible to find. Just as try to find a ghost.

I did my best to neglect the strange feeling I had got during the last weekend when I had sex with my Lola, my wife since 15 years. Something had been different, but I couldn't say what. Though we did as we used to do during the weekends, there was something different.

I got the same feeling even the next Wednesday when Lola and I had a "quickie". I really did my best to find out what it was but could see anything new, unusual or strange neither in the bedroom nor with Lola. But the feeling was still there. It was a real mystery and I decided to find out what it was.

The strangest fact in the whole matter was that the feeling got stronger when Lola and I was making love and then almost faded away when we rested afterwards. No doubt that it was Lola who caused me to feel it.

Of course, there could be some very simple explanation to the whole matter why I decided to ask her if she had done something to herself, which she had regarded so unimportant that she didn't care to tell me about it. I asked her about it the next evening when our two kids were watching some pop program in the TV room and Lola and I sat in the living room reading the newspapers.

"Have you got some problems at your job or somewhere because you've been so different in a strange way during the last week?"

For a split second I noted an expression of fear in her face before she began to laugh and asked me, "What gives you such a stupid idea?"

Now I understood that there really was something which bothered her, why I continued, "Isn't better that you'll tell me if there is something? Two can solve a problem better than one, and sooner or later I will know it anyway."

Once again a glimpse in her face told me a different thing than her mouth when she said, "If I had got a problem, I had told you. Haven't we always shared our problems?"

"Yes, and I hope we'll always do that."

"Of course."

We ended the conversation, but I knew for sure that something wasn't really as it used to be with her. My first thought was that she had been involved in some kind of economic problems she didn't wanted to tell me. She could hardly been into any gambling but maybe done some stupid investment, which gone wrong. Or she could give a loan to somebody who couldn't pay back.

All our bank accounts can be checked via a safe Internet connection and when she went to bed before me, I checked them all. But everything was OK, which got me feeling very bad. Because if it wasn't because money, the next thing to suspect was something I always had thought only could happen to my friends and acquaintances but never to me. One thing was for sure; I had to find out the truth.

Lola and I, Tommy Johnson, had been married for fifteen years in what at least I regarded as a happy marriage. Lola had never said otherwise, why I was convinced that even she agreed about that. We had two nice kids, a twelve years old boy Liam and Lina, a girl who was ten, we had a nice home in a Scandinavian county capital, pleasant social life with friends and relatives, fair jobs and no economic problems.

No serious quarrels so far during our marriage and much less minor quarrels than most of our friends. Therefore it hit me as a lightening from a clear blue sky when I understood that one of the remaining possible explanations to my strange feeling could be that she was cheating on me, especially because the feeling first appeared during our love making. One possible explanation was that she had felt guilt in some way that she couldn't hide to a hundred per cent. The main question from now on was why in the hell she had done that to me and with whom?

The next day was a Friday and I began my "ghost lover hunting" with a visit at an electronic store. The shop assistant was a man in my age and I told him why I needed something. He suggested two units of a new model of a small sized Japanese sound operated digital voice recorder with a capacity of 24 hours. Not cheap, but useful things and the reason for two was that I could take my time for listening to one while the other was in action. The recorder was in the first hand for her car, which I used to wash and clean on Saturdays. Even I wasn't so stupid that I expected her to fuck in her small Toyota Yaris, but it was her private area where she could talk in her cell phone without anybody listening.

Then at the same Friday evening some unknown man in China gave me the next clue. While reading the evening tabloid newspaper I noted a short notice about a Chinese husband who had found his wife with a lover and cut off the lover's penis. I read it for Lola and told her, "I will never shop his penis if I'll ever find out that you have a lover, only crush his balls, that's for sure."

Once again she got the split second long glimpse of fear in her face when she shouted, "Do you suspect me to have a lover?"

"Why did you get so upset? Didn't I say IF I'd find a lover, not WHEN I'll find your lover?"

Now she screamed, "Because you are accusing me for cheating and got totally insane."

"No, I'm not accusing you for anything but I'm surprised for your overreaction for my promise to punish some damn pussy-hound if I catch him between your legs. Haven't you always said that cheating assholes ought to be punished?"

She rushed out from the room without any further comment and I understood that I could forget all thought about fucking her during that weekend.

Lola was classy woman. She had a habit to always be well dressed in a feminine touch but not sexy in whorish way. At 39 she still was one of the most handsome women at the manufacturing company office where she worked. However, the time sets its tracks and though several of the younger girls there were more beautiful they hadn't Lola's appeal. She still used to be the most danced lady at their company parties. Her other qualifications were a quick mind and an ability to speak well at the meetings, why she had got promoted and nowadays did slight more money than I.

The most strange fact in our present problems was that Lola had always hated adultery and skipped all connections on family level with one of my best friends who took his wife back two months after she had left him for a soccer star. Lola refused to regard the poor cuckolded nice guy as anything else than a disgusting wimp.

I knew that I had fell in a damn trap and only bad ways could lead me out from it. The worst way was that I found her lover, got him severely beaten, got into jail, lost Lola and the kids. The next bad solution was that I found the guy, persuaded Lola to skip their relation and forgive her. That wasn't much better because she would regard me weak and probably thereafter even treat me as a poor wimp.

The less bad way out from the problem was to get Lola to skip her lover before I found him and pretend that there had never been any problems. But would I feel like man after taking such humiliation. Another serious complication was that Lola would hardly get involved in any cheating without having got in real love with that guy. If Lola had fell in love, one thing was for sure, she would do her best to keep him and if he was free even dump me and marry him.

Next morning I washed her car and cleaned it very carefully on the inside, which I didn't do every Saturday. Among the old parking tickets in the ashtray I found an old receipt from a gas station at the opposite end of the town. The only items she had bought there was a bottle of shower gel and a bottle of Cola. The receipt said that the purchase was done 12.10 at the Tuesday the week before this week. There are several shops between her job and our home so why in the hell did she drive in opposite direction during her lunch for getting such items. The shower gel was of a brand we didn't use at home. The only possible explanation was that she had needed it very soon at the same day. 8 km further that road was a budget priced motel where the rumors says that many marriages had ended. I guessed that in the near future mine was one of them if I succeed to find the "ghost-fucker" I was searching for.

Tuesday evening Lola tried to use humor for creating a better relation between us and said with a laugh, "Have you found my lover yet?"

Instead of the simple 'no' she had expected, I replied, "Not yet my love, but birds are singing a sad song."

Once again she couldn't hide her disappointment when she almost shouted, "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Nothing else than the truth. Thanks to your reputation as 'cheater hater' some anon rang me with gossip about you. I've begged to the God Lord that I'll find out that it is pure false rumors created by some damn asshole who envy our happy marriage."

"And you are stupid enough to listen to such crap?"

"I don't use to do that, but your strange behavior during the last time we talked about it have got me worried and why shouldn't a pussy hound brag about a great prey as you. Of course I really hope that it is only silly bragging without any substance."

One thing was for sure; after saying that to her I was living in a very chilly marriage. Now I had "put ants in her head" and hopefully get her accusing "lover boy" for his big mouth. She knew that I suspected her but didn't know how much I knew and who had told me.

On Saturday morning I cleaned her car and replaced the voice recorder with the empty one. When Lola and our daughter went to the supermarket, I listened to the recorder. She did only one phone call during the whole week. Not any useful news for me. Didn't get out to who she rang and neither the lover nor I was mentioned in the conversation, which was about a gift to somebody's birthday. The only thing of interest for me was that she complained about problems but didn't mention what kind of problems. We had one more Saturday evening without sex.

I began to get fed up with the present situation in my marriage and wanted a solution in some way. Because she hadn't got into any of the usual cheating habits as; sexier dressing, overtime at the job, more girl's nights out, strange phone calls or anything like that, I couldn't see any way to get further with my tracking. I was hundred percent sure that she had an affair but she did it in so clever way that I still had not succeed to get any kind of real evidence. At Sunday morning I decided to take a heavy load of humiliation and give her the last chance to save our marriage.

I said, "I've something very important to ask you. Could you please listen without interrupting me?"


"It is no secret that our relation is in a damn mess, I still love you so much that I will do everything what I can to save our marriage though I know for sure that you are cheating me. If you promise to terminate the relation with your lover and tell me who he is, I promise to forgive you and your lover and not hurt him in any way. I even promise that not ever mention anything about this matter if we got involved in any arguing in the future. This will be a hard step for both of us to take and it is probably the last chance for us to save our marriage. I will give you one hour to think about it. Please give me your 'yes' or 'no' within one hour."

She looked at me in silence for a while before she said, "Nice try Tommy, but I don't need any hour because I neither have any lover nor something to confess. You can either love me or leave me. I begin to get so fed up with your accusations that very soon I will not care what you prefer to choose."

Lola played a high game for keeping the marriage running until she found the right time to dump me. Though I was sure for a hundred per cent about her cheating, I even wanted to have some evidence before I filed for divorce and decided not to do anything before I had found out who the "ghost lover" was. I hided the now cleaned recorder in our living room and went out.

First I took car trip to a lake and then a walk around it on the small paths, which took me about two hours while I thought about Lola and me. We had been together for seventeen, in my opinion very happy years, fifteen of them as married. Now she had made it clear for me that she didn't care a shit about saving the marriage. We had met in a strange way. She was new in town and had a small ad in the local newspaper "New in town looking for friends" and some of my friends wrote a reply in my name because I was single again after several short relations. However, Lola wrote a reply to me, I rang her and we agreed to have a date. Obviously the date was a success because, as far I could see now, we were still together after more than seventeen years.

After a lunch in town I went to my job and parked the car. I'm working as a construction engineer at a real estate company and for the time being involved in a project of carefully restoring an old house in the city center. After working for several hours I felt that I needed a couple of drinks. I left a message at the job "Worked on Sunday, late on Monday" and went to one of my favorite pubs.

More people there than expected a Sunday evening, several of them were acquaintances of mine, why we sat together and had a good time. Even the guy from the electronic shop who sold me my recorders were there. He came to me and asked how it had gone for me so far. When I told him about my limited success, he said he felt sorry for me and asked me about the make of my wife's cell phone. I told him what she had and he told me that was good for me because "Flexispy" a kind of Trojan could be installed to that phone, he wrote down the web address to the company in Thailand, which sold that program. I thanked for the tip and bought him a whisky.

I switched on my cell phone, which had neither got any voice nor any text messages from Lola, who obviously not cared a shit about where I've been the whole day. She pretended to sleep when I came home sometimes after midnight and didn't wake me up in the morning when she went up from the bed.

I went up as soon as Lola had left for her job and as soon the kids had left for school I checked the recorder. Lola used to sit in her favorite chair in the living room when using her cell phone or the cordless phone from the kitchen. Better luck this time, she had rang and talked with her best friend Annie. To my great surprise she sounded as she was sobbing, at least when they began their chat, which lasted more than a half hour. Lola told Annie that I had turned her romantic love-story to a terrible mess. She and "My Friend" as she called him had decided to wait three months with the "final decision" about divorce and move together or quit the relation and forget everything. But somehow I had already found out some clue about it and had threatened to hurt him very bad if I found out who he is. After Annie's long reply Lola asked if she had told Dan something about her affair. Annie had obviously done that because Lola begged her get Dan to keep quit if I asked him. Lola even told her that I had offered her a fair agreement, but she had said "no thanks" because she refused to confess any cheating for the matter that she found out that "My Friend", wasn't better than me and not worth a divorce ... What a damn bitch. However, there were more to come. Lola asked Annie about how long her hot affair with "Monkey" had lasted. Obviously Dan didn't knew anything about the affair because Lola promised that she had never mentioned anything to anybody and promised to keep quite even in the future. The remaining time of their chat was female "mumbo jumbo" of no interest for me.

I felt much better, and shouted at our wedding picture, "Now I'll nail you cheating bitch."

During his younger days "Monkey" had played several years as goalkeeper in one of our first division's best soccer teams. He says to got the nickname after taking part in some silly and unsuccessful "banana slimming" sponsored by a ladies magazine. Says to be a "ladies man." with a tool of impressing size. Today at the age of forty he is a wealthy owner of one of the best hotels in town. Not any bad choice for a wife who wants "something on the side".

I've known Dan since the school but I don't like him because he is a bragging nut and he did succeed to fuck my beautiful girlfriend when I was eighteen. The only reason to see him some times a year was that he was married to Lola's best friend and our kids were in the same age. I was sure that he had got a good laugh behind my back when Annie had told him about Lola's affair. But now it was my turn to pay back.

I rang him at his job and began with friendly voice, "Hello my dear friend, how are you this beautiful morning?"

"Fine thanks, and how are you Tommy? Can I help you with something?"

"Yes you can, isn't just that friends are for? I know that Annie have told you about the latest gossip about Lola. Could you please tell me who is fucking her?"

"You are, of course."

"Yes, and who is the other guy?"

"How should I know? Believe me, I have never even thought about her doing that. One thing is for sure; this time it is not I."

"I don't accuse you, my dear friend, but I know that Annie knows all about it and I know that Annie and you never have any secrets, she must told you about Lola's affair."

"No, I swear no, but I promise try to find out something and promise to call you when I know something."

"So you refuse to tell me?"

"For heaven sake, why should I care about who is fucking your wife? I've a wife of my own to care about, that's enough for me."

"We can exchange some information, you tell me and I tell you."

Dan began to laugh and said, "Nice attempt my friend, sorry that I don't have anything to tell you."

If that jerk thought he could use me as a laughing stock, it was high time to pay back some old debts why I told him, "But I have. Lola told me that "Monkey" and Annie had a very romantic affair, which lasted two months. Did you poor prick know when he fucked her with his big dong? I can bet that you sat at home wanking while she was out doing that?"

Dan hang on the phone. I begin to suspect that he dislikes me as much as I dislike him.

I logged into the cell phone program supplier's homepage in Thailand, paid and downloaded the "Flexispy" program to her cell phone. Then I cleaned the memory in the recorder and hided it again. Before leaving the house I even wrote messages to the kids that dad had to be away for his work during the night, packed an overnight bag and left. I can't say I was feeling well, but at least better than yesterday.

Nobody called me at the job while I was there and after I left for the day I went to the motel where I supposed that Lola been with her "My Friend". I booked a room for the night and found out that even I should bough a bottle of shower gel.

Decided to rest for a while before going out for dinner, but only a few minutes later a furious Annie rang my cell phone and I took the call. I can't say that she was as polite as she used to be when she shouted at me, "Why in the hell did you damn creep do that to me?"

"Who did what?

Now she screamed, "You know what you did, you damn creep destroyed my marriage. Why did you do that to me?"

"Don't blame me, blame Dan because the sad wimp tried to use me as a laughing stock when I asked him about Lola's cheating. I had to push his laugh back in his big mouth."

"Dan went to "Monkey's" hotel and hit him so he is in hospital now and Dan has moved out from our house for living with his parents. Everything is your fault. Do you understand what you done? What are you going to do about it?"

Why should I do anything about her problems but I tried to sound friendly when I told her, "There are solutions to all problems, please tell me about the damn ghost who is fucking Lola and I'll tell you more."

"You silly snake, do you think I'm stupid? I hate your fucking whore to wife, but I hate you more than her and therefore you can hunt your damn ghost without my help."

"One last question, I've always wanted to fuck you Annie. Can we do it now when we both are singles again?"

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