Betty Reaches for the Stars
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Cheating, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Betty is a normal housewife living in the modern world of 1950. The beautiful young woman harbors deep secrets about her husband's lack of stamina in the bedroom. Longing for a child, she suspects the fault lay with him. Betty's best friend is a strange young woman named Lex. Lex harbors secrets of her own. When Betty discovers them, it just may bring the joy both women so dearly crave!

Please just a little longer! Betty pleaded silently as her husband rutted against her trim young body. Twelve strokes, thirteen, fourteen. Her heart sank when Michael gave a familiar groan and trembled against her. She wanted to scream nasty four letter words! Fifteen strokes? Was that all she had to look forward to? She smiled up at the panting man and lied. "Oh honey, you were wonderful!"

"Baby-doll, you just bring out the animal in me!" He pulled out of her and flopped onto his back. "Big presentation tomorrow at work. Goodnight, sweetheart." He pulled up his pajama trousers and rolled over onto his side.

Betty sat up. "Michael? Michael!" It was no use. Her husband of two years was sound asleep! "Drat!" she muttered, while slipping out of bed. The petite blonde threw on her robe over the rumpled night gown and quietly went down the hall to the bathroom.

"Am I the problem?" she gazed at herself in the mirror. Beautiful blue eyes looked back at the troubled woman. "Let's be honest." She told her reflection. "I can't act, but I look just as good as any of those starlets I read about in the magazines!" She let her robe drop to the floor, and pulled the simple cotton nightgown daringly low to expose more of the generous cleavage the good Lord had blessed her with. "I am certainly not the problem!" Her skin flushed. "I get my share of wolf-whistles, and more!" she shook her head sadly. "Maybe I just want too much. I wish I could ask somebody. They'd think I was some horrible harlot if I said I wanted my husband to make love to me for more then just a minute or two!"

Betty started the bathtub filling, safe in the knowledge that an Atomic Bomb couldn't wake her husband after what he thought of as making love! The young woman slipped out her nightgown and stepped into the nice hot water. "Oh Michael. Just once I want fireworks!" She lay back, and closed her eyes.

Under the steaming water, the young woman's right hand moved. She spread her shapely legs and moaned softly as that hand sneakily slipped between her plump thighs. Betty let out a long gasp of air as her questing fingers began to explore. This had to be a sin, but the heavens above knew how wonderful it could feel! Betty began to stoke the pouting petals of her private place. She sighed again, and daringly slipped a finger in where Michael's manhood had just spent so little time.

"I want more!" she whispered as her fingers danced. "I want a man to make me feel wonderful!" The trembling blonde attacked her little pink pearl with her thumb as she sawed a finger in and out of her warmth.

Panting now, the blonde's left hand reached for her ample bosom. She alternated roughly rolling hr firm nipples between thumb and index finger. The mix pf pain and pleasure made her heart pound! Her hands both moved faster. Little whimpers and moans filled the room as her hips rolled under the hot water of the bath. Her mind pictured some nameless lover, pushing in and out of her body with untiring powerful strokes. The lover she wanted would never spend and tire after a pitiful fifteen thrusts! She could feel it coming now, and her breathing grew loud and labored as her body raced towards this most secret of goals. "If he lasted longer, maybe I'd even get pregnant!" she cried as her fingers danced.

As usual, this blissful thought helped speed her along to that delightful, yet frightening state her body could achieve! Betty cried out as her body writhed in the water. She had no idea what to call these strange convulsions, but the sensations filled her mind and soul with joy! Again and again she brought herself to that almost magical place, only to stop when she noticed the water had grown cool. As she dried her sated body, she sighed. If Michael lasted as long as her hands and fingers could, would she explode like this too? She felt it in her heart. She would never know such bliss with him.

The next morning Betty happily cooked breakfast for Michael and herself. Bacon, eggs, grits, and momma's secret family recipe biscuits made a very good start for any day! It wasn't that she didn't enjoy being a housewife, she just longed for love, and a baby to prove that bond! Michael smiled at her as she set his plate before him. "What do you have planned for this beautiful sunny Friday, sweetheart? I wish I had nothing to do all day but go to museums and picture shows with my friends."

Betty smiled, while once more wanting to say certain four letter words. Did Michael think this house cleaned itself? Just who did he think did the laundry, or went to the grocer? "Oh, I don't know. Maybe Lex and I will take in a show. There's an exciting new picture starting today called Destination Moon. It's all about a group of industrialists who plan a trip into outer space and build a rocketship to make the voyage. It looks thrilling!"

Michael laughed. "Trip to the moon? Rocketship? What foolishness will they dream up in Hollywood next?" He noticed his wife's frown. "I'm sorry, honey. You and Lex go and enjoy the picture. Be careful though. I don't quite trust her. A woman her age should be married, not living alone. Just what is her line, anyway? How does she support herself? I know she's a foreigner, but I just can't place that accent. You know I don't trust foreigners!"

Betty shook her head. "Darling, Lex is a nice girl. You have no call to say mean things about her!"

He just looked at his watch instead of answering. "Holy smoke! Look at the time!" He bolted a few bites of egg before getting up from the table. "Don't wait up, sweetheart. Me and the boys are going to the fights after work. We'll probably stop off for drinks afterwards." He gave her a chaste peck on the cheek before heading for the door. "Have fun today!"

Shaking her head, Betty scraped Michael's nearly untouched breakfast into the sink and ran the garbage disposal. "I'll have fun!" she shouted at the empty kitchen. "You go and get pixilated with 'The Boys' and see if I care!" Betty felt a little better after this secret outburst, and set about tiding up the house before heading out to meet Lex.

Feeling smart in her new day dress, Betty walked downtown to the boarding house Lex called home. Head held high, anyone passing would swear the lovely woman had no clue that every passing man gave her the eye. Deep down, Betty adored the attention. It didn't make up for her husband's lack of attention at home, but it surely did help!

When she pressed the buzzer to announce herself, Lex as usual opened the door almost as if she was just waiting for her to arrive. The statuesque woman with the unusually large eyes smiled broadly. "Betty look, heels!" The redheaded beauty danced around a couple of steps, letting her dress flare outward as she twirled. The lovely effect was almost spoiled when she nearly stumbled to the floor. "I am not used to the heels yet."

Betty laughed at her friend. "Lex, you act as if you never wore heels before. Stop being so silly!" She laughed again at the odd look on Lex's face. "They are darling though. Where did you get them?"

Lex looked concerned for a moment. "Oh, someplace yesterday."

"Someplace? Well, next time take me someplace. We can shop together."

"Affirmative, um, okey-dokey!" Lex smiled. "To shop together sounds like fun!"

Betty had grown used to her friend's odd way of expressing herself. It was part of the charm that made them become fast friends when they met the day after that terrible thunderclap woke up half the city on a clear and starry night several weeks ago. "Let's go Lex. I'm taking you to the movies."

"Movies? Oh! Motion pictures. I'd like to see a motion picture with you." The woman gave one of her enchanting smiles. "What motion picture will we observe?"

"Destination Moon. I'm very eager to see it." Betty blushed. "I know it may sound silly, but I think someday people will be able to fly off to the moon. Maybe even out to the stars themselves! Perhaps someday we'll even meet people from another planet"

Lex gasped. "You, you believe that?"

"Well don't laugh. It's just a dream of mine, that's all."

"Betty, you have a wonderful dream!" Lex smiled. "I share that dream. I believe it and know it can be made true!"

"Well then, my fellow dreamer. Let's go!"

Walking to the theater with Lex was a treat onto itself. Betty had to keep herself from giggling as her strange friend looked over everything as if they were in a museum. The redhead pulled up short and stared down at the sidewalk. "Betty, that animal is looking at me!"

Looking around almost in panic, Betty spotted a small calico cat and smiled. "Oh, that's Mrs. McCoy's cat, Angel." She gracefully knelt and motioned to the pretty little feline. The cat recognized someone who knew cat protocol and strode right up and let the woman pick her up. "Hello Angel. This is my friend Lex."

Angel looked over the stranger and decided she was no threat. She let out a quiet little meow. "Betty, she is very beautiful!" Lex reached out a hand, but hesitated.

"It's okay. Angel is a very nice cat. Just let her sniff your finger so she knows you're a friend."

Lex offered her hand to the cat and smiled broadly when the little feline rubbed her face against her fingers. "She's so warm and soft!"

Betty giggled. "Scratch her gently behind the ears and you'll have a friend for life!"

The redhead complied. "Angel is buzzing. Is this okay?"

"Angel is purring, because she likes you." She set the animal on the sidewalk. "We'll see you again later, Angel. Lex and I are off to the movies now."

Lex watched as Angel walked down the middle of the sidewalk, as if it was placed there for her convenience. "Betty, I think cats are nice!"

"So do I!" Betty sighed. "Michael doesn't though, so I can't have one at home."

"You should tell Michael that you want a cat in your home!"

Betty giggled. "Maybe I'll do just that! He's never home anyway!"

The two friends made it to the theater. Betty was secretly pleased at the reaction of the boy in the ticket booth. The young man couldn't make up his mind on who he wanted to stare at more! His eyes kept going from Lex, to her, and right back to Lex again. It was quite reassuring! Lex was extraordinarily beautiful, and the young man seemed to like her just as much! "Two please." She said softly. The young man fumbled with the tickets, and actually blushed as he offered them.

"Three dollars and twenty cents, ma'am!" he announced with a huge smile.

"Goodness. I guess we missed the matinee." Betty began searching through her bag. "Just a moment. I know I have another dollar somewhere.

The young man looked around to make sure nobody was listening. "It's still early. Let's just call this a matinee. Two bucks, even."

Betty smiled broadly. "Thank you young man!" she handed him the money, and didn't even mind when he 'accidentally' stroked her hand with his fingertips while taking the crisp bills.

As they made their way into the auditorium, Betty couldn't help giggling. "That young wolf really likes us, Lex." She teased.

The redhead looked puzzled. "Wolf, where? Oh, you mean the man exchanging currency for entrance slips? How can you tell?"

"Silly, he dropped the price a whole dollar and twenty cents." Betty stood tall. "Trust me, he likes us!"

Betty watched the film with rapt attention. It somehow made it even more fun when Lex would giggle at strangely inappropriate parts of the picture. Take during the exciting lift-off scene. Lex seemed to find all the exciting machine noises and roaring rocket jet sounds very funny. When the space men landed on the moon, the redhead had to cover her mouth to quiet her laughter. "Earth's moon does not look like that!" she gasped. "Those look like lava flows, and volcanoes! Impact craters look entirely different!"

With a giggle of her own, Betty shushed her friend. "Hush, you silly goose! This is exciting! I want to see if they get home alright!"

When the movie was over, the two friends hurried outside into the setting sun. "Betty, I liked observing this motion picture. I do have a question. Why did they not remove the ladder from within the air lock? They had cutting tools. This was depicted. They would have had more reaction mass to work with, insuring a safer trip back to Earth."

"I'm sure I don't know." Betty grinned. "You must admit, it was exciting! Imagine building such an advanced machine and making the voyage all the way to the moon!"

"It was exciting!" Lex giggled. "Such an advanced machine they created, too!" The redhead nearly choked as she laughed heartily.

"You're being silly again Lex!" Betty took her friend by the hand. "Come on now. I'll make some coffee when we get home, and I baked a nice spice cake to go with it."

They walked in silence for a few moments. Lex pointed out at the full moon. "Earth's satellite is beautiful, is it not?"

Betty looked up at the brilliant orb. "Yes it is Lex. That's a true lover's moon. No wonder it has inspired so many songs and poems."

The redhead opened her mouth to speak, but paused. "I am looking forward to trying your coffee and spice cake, Betty." She finally said softly.

"Well, we're home now, so let's go in and have some!"

Once inside, Betty lit the gas jet and set the percolator on the stove. "Coffee will be ready in a jiffy, Lex. Is cake enough for you? Maybe I could fix us a light supper."

"Cake is enough." Lex smiled at her friend. "I am not very hungry for a supper."

When everything was ready, Betty couldn't help noticing how nervous her friend suddenly appeared. Lex picked up her coffee cup but seemed to have trouble bringing herself to drink the steaming beverage. The redhead put the cup down, and concentrated on eating her cake with remarkable gusto. When finished, Lex sighed and stared into the coffee she so obviously did not like. Betty put down own her fork and took the woman's hand. "What's wrong Lex? Is something troubling you? You're not your normal cheerful silly self."

The redhead sighed. "I am fine." She blinked those huge soulful eyes. "Betty, are you my friend?"

"Of course, honey!" Betty squeezed the hand she held. "I'm your very good friend. If something is bothering you, maybe I can help."

"Betty, you have hopes and dreams that are so close to the truth. I, I feel I want to show you something." Lex lowered her head and brought her hands to her face. Betty could swear she saw her friend remove a large concave disk from each eye. "I am not what I seem." Lex looked up, and Betty was stunned.

"Lex, your eyes!" Betty stared at them, seemingly drawn into their depths. The pupils were slits, like those of a cat, but they were horizontal instead of the feline vertical. There was no ring of color like the normal iris. Instead what would be the whites of a human's eye was a gorgeous shade of gold. "I, I've never seen anything like them! Nobody has every seen eyes like those before!"

Lex covered her face. "I had no wish to shock you, my friend Betty. I apologize."

Betty grabbed the woman's wrists and gently pulled her hands away. "Lex, your eyes are lovely!" She took a deep breath. "Go ahead." She whispered. "Tell me."

"Betty, I am not a product of Earth's biosphere." The troubled visitor whispered. "I am merely a visitor tasked to observe humanity."

The human gasped. "Lex, are, are you from Mars?"

That seemed to break the spell. Lex's musical laughter filled the room. "No Betty. The planet you know as Mars could not support higher life forms such as you or me. My world is so far away; it would take light itself nearly one hundred of your years to make the journey."

Betty tried to look solemn, but ended up giggling. "No wonder you thought rocketship Luna was funny! Your rocket must be so advanced it made the movie look silly!"

"Not a rocket, but yes." Those golden eyes sparkled. "I think your people would call my ship a Flying Saucer."

Betty found she was still holding Lex's wrists. She changed her grip and held the delicate hands in hers. "Why do you trust me with this secret, Lex? You must have gone through an awful amount of trouble to blend in."

Golden eyes closed, and fair skin flushed. "Our people are not so very different." She sighed. "I love you, friend Betty."

"Why, I love you too, Lex. I've only known you for a short time, but you are my very best friend!"

The lovely star traveler smiled sadly. "Friend Betty, I, I long to see you every day. When we part, my heart feels heavy with sadness." She pulled her hands away. "I have said too much! I will leave now."

Betty was shocked, for just for a moment. When Lex got up and headed for the door, she raced to beat her to it. "Lex, I do not want you to leave!" The human admitted something she dared not even think of only moments before. "I long to see you every day. I also feel sad when we part!" She put her hands on her friend's shoulders and stood on tippy-toe. "Lex, I think I have fallen in love with you." The blonde smiled serenely and pulled her friend close. Their lips met, and both women moaned.

"Friend Betty?" Lex whispered softly as they parted some endless time later. "I have not spoken all of how we differ." She glanced down at herself.

Betty looked too, and gasped. The skirt of Lex's lovely green dress was pointing up at a very odd angle in the area of the woman's lap. The human gently touched the form hidden by the fabric, and felt something warm and quite firm beneath. She also felt her own face grow flush. "Lex, is, is this, um, a penis?"

Lex sighed. "Yes, my friend. I apologize for this shameful display. When you kissed me, it broke my concentration. This is the result."

Betty smiled shyly up at her friend. "You became like this, from being near me?"

"Yes. Betty, you are very kind and beautiful!"

"Heavens! Why would you need to apologize for that?" the human giggled. "I feel quite flattered!" her voice dropped to a whisper. "You can't see how my body is reacting to you. I, um, I'm rather damp, between my legs right now."

Hope made golden eyes seem to glow. "Friend Betty, I wish to join with you. Is this something that could be?"

Betty thought briefly of Michael and made up her mind. What he didn't know certainly would not hurt him! Besides, she had grown to prefer Lex's company over his, anyway. With a smile, Betty took her strange but lovely friend by the hand and led her to the bedroom she shared with her husband. "I want to join with you too, my friend Lex. This is something that certainly can be!"

They embraced again. Soft lips sought each other. Betty was surprised when Lex tried to slip her tongue into her mouth. With a soft moan, the human permitted this unusual, but exciting act. Sweet and cool, Betty tasted a hint of spice cake on that invading tongue. It somehow pleased her that Lex kept those gorgeous golden eyes wide open as they let their tongues dance together.

Lex gingerly lifted her hands to the pearl buttons on the bodice of Betty's dress and her eyes silently asked permission. The human nodded. Those unusually long and delicate fingers slowly unfastened each button, one after the other. Nervousness made both women giggle as they hastened to aid each other in lifting the dress up over Betty's head.

The redhead gasped. "Betty, you are clothed beneath. Is it comfortable to wear so much fabric on your body, when the weather is so wonderful and warm?"

Betty giggled. "Lex, does this mean you have no undergarments?"

The star traveler untied the pretty little bow at her neck, and removed her own dress in one fluid motion. "I had no knowledge of undergarments, Betty. Is this a wrong thing for humans?"

Looking over Lex's stunning body, Betty was at a loss for words for a moment. Clearly, her friend was female. There was no doubt, not with the large bosoms that gave her own considerable charms a run for the money. She could even see the pretty little slit beneath the proud and quivering staff. Were all the people of Lex's world like this? Did they have men at all? Would they even need them? Somehow, that thought was very satisfying! She realized she was holding her breath and let it out in a soft gasp. "Lex, most humans wear undergarments, but with a lovely body like yours, I don't see how it could be wrong to go without."

Lex smiled happily. "Then friend Betty, why are you encumbering your beautiful form with the undergarments?"

With a smile, Betty unhooked her brassiere and slipped it off of her shoulders. "Why indeed?" she asked with a giggle, as stockings and panties joined the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

The two women gazed at each other, very much as one would view a painting or sculpture created by a master artist. Both thought the other was the most beautiful female that could ever possibly live, on any world!

Betty made the first move. She pulled the covers down, and then gracefully lay across her marriage bed. She tried to look alluring, like the pin-up drawings you see on the calendars you find in a mechanic's garage. "Come to me, Lex." She whispered as she spread her legs in invitation. "Love me!"

Lex moved as if in a dream. She joined her friend on the bed. "Oh Betty! My friend Betty! I will love you!" Things then took an unexpected turn.

"Lex, what, what are you doing?" The redhead had lowered her face between Betty's thighs! "Wait! Oh! Oh my! That's dirty! You mustn't do that!"

Lex paused and looked up. "Betty, how is kissing you dirty? This is the most loving of all the kissing one friend can bestow upon another." She lowered her face again and began to lick.

This was beyond anything Betty had even heard whispered between her few married girlfriends. Michael, the only lover she had ever known in the biblical sense, had certainly never even hinted at desiring to kiss her down there! Was this something they do out among the stars? She moaned as a curiously long tongue probed deep within her most secret self. "Oh Lex. This is not dirty! P-Please forget I said that! Oh my goodness! This, this is wonderful! Noting so wonderful could ever be dirty!"

Lex lapped happily away. Betty began to coo and whimper as something besides her own fingers lashed against her swollen little pearl. Desires and needs she hardly knew burned bright in her soul as Betty slowly came to a fantastic realization. "Lex, oh Lex! Please! Don't stop! Oh my darling Lex! I, I'm almost there!" The human wove her fingers through brilliant red hair, gently but urgently signaling her needs. Lex did not stop! Betty cried out as her body writhed beneath her lover's attentions. For the first time in her young life, Betty reached that blessed scary state of convulsive bliss, from something other then he own fingers! As many have discovered before her, the pleasure was increased a thousand fold if delivered by someone you love with all your heart!

Golden eyes sparkled merrily as Lex looked up at her. "I am glad you like being kissed, my friend." She giggled. "No, my darling Betty!"

The flushed and happy human sat up. "Lex, that was heavenly, but you have not spent!" She held out her arms, beckoning her lover. "Come to me, Lex! I want to join with you!"

Muscles moving much like those of Angel the cat, while on the prowl, Lex moved up over her beloved. "I, I have wanted to join with you since I arrived on your world!" she blushed prettily. "It has taken all my concentration to keep from displaying my need for you!"

"Poor Lex!" Betty sighed. "If I had only known. We have wasted weeks, my love!"

The smile on Lex's face was genuine. "Not waste, my darling Betty. I treasure even the minutest increment of time we spend together!" she giggled. "I had my dreams to keep me company. My hands too." The redhead reached between them and wrapped her fingers around the massive staff jutting proudly from her body. She grinned and gave a few strokes. "This has kept me able to control myself around you."

"You are not dreaming now, silly!" Betty stared at that staff. It was so much thicker and longer then Michael's. Would it actually fit inside her? It must! She needed to let Lex claim her! "Please, my darling! I, I want you inside me!"

"I have longed to do this!" Lex placed the bulbous head of her member at the entrance to Betty's warmth. "Betty, my darling friend! My dreams are now true!" She bore down, gently increasing the pressure until the head forced its way into her lover's folds.

Betty moaned as she was penetrated in a way Michael could never hope to archive! More and more of Lex eased into her welcoming body, until there was no more. Lex was completely inside her! That massive member did fit! Betty decided it was the most perfect fit ever possible! "No more hands, Lex! I am here for you! I am yours! Please, love me!"

The lovers kissed. "Betty, you are so snug around me! Your warmth is a joy beyond my dreams!" Hips moved, and that staff withdrew. "My darling friend! My darling beautiful Betty!" Once more Lex penetrated her lover's secrets. Once more, both women moaned in delight!

Betty marveled as Lex began thrusting. She began to count out of long habit, but gave up at an amazing one hundred! In and out Lex thrust that beautiful penis. Betty began to move in rhythm with her lover. Hips rolling, the human increased both of their joy! Before long, wonder of wonders! Betty cried out! She did it again! Lex had her trembling and writhing, the convulsive spasms even more powerful then before!

Panting, Lex withdrew her twitching member. "Betty, my beloved. I must not release inside you. Our bodies may differ, but we are far too similar. The danger is real I may sire a child onto you." The redhead began to slowly stroke her shining damp staff. "I will release outside of your body. This will still be a joy for me!"

A child? A child! Betty yanked that hand away from Lex's proud member. "Inside me, Lex! Please! I beg of you! Please give me a child! That is what I have endured two years of marriage for! That dream has never come true for me! Please my beloved! Please grant me this!"

Human or star traveler, there are certain needs and wants that transcend time and space. Lex could not ignore this plea from the woman she loved! Betty wanted her child? This was a joy she dared never contemplate! "My Betty!" she cried, as she simply rammed herself back into the blissful warmth of her friend.

Betty cried out as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Lex. "Yes! Yes Lex! I want your baby! Please! Michael never gave me one! I know you will! I want this more then anything!"

Lex was at the ragged edge of release! "Betty! My darling Betty!" The golden eyed beauty rammed deeper still, as her body trembled. Deep within the human's body, massive pulses of warm liquid burst free of the dancing jerking member.

Neither women knew for sure, but the timing was exactly right! Millions of healthy virile sperm, not so unlike a human's, frantically wriggled and swam. They were far more energetic then the feeble and few malformed and weak sperm deposited the night before. The alien sperm would find an egg first, before the night was through. Egg and sperm would not know or care about differences or similarities. They would just go ahead and accomplish the eons old dance native to both worlds!

Betty sighed happily a she enjoyed a bath with her beloved. "Lex, you are wonderful! I thought I was going to die, but I didn't care as long as I was in your arms!"

The redhead giggled. "If you had died, I would have expired right along with you!" she leaned forward and kissed her lover. "I wish we could join again, right now!"

"So do I, Lex." Betty stood and stepped out of the tub. "I can not risk Michael coming home and finding us though. Please understand."

The redhead stepped out of the tub and smiled at her friend. "Darling beautiful Betty. You never have to fear anything because of my love!" she kissed the woman again, and playfully slapped at her semi-erect member. "Perhaps my hand will be useful tonight." She smiled hopefully. "I will see you tomorrow, is this correct?"

"Of course!" Betty hurried from the room to slip back into her clothes. "You just try and keep me away!"

Lex laughed. "That is goodness! You took me to observe a motion picture today. Tomorrow, I will take you to someplace very special! I will return here at ten of the clock." She finished drying and hurried to find her own clothing.

"Give me a hint?" Betty asked sweetly as she pulled the stained sheets from the bed. She bundled them tight and stuffed them into the laundry hamper. After a second's thought, she opened the windows to air the musky scent of their passion from the room. "Just a tiny hint?"

Lex struggled, and finally won her personal mental battle of self control. Her member grew soft and retracted into her body until just a slight bump was visible over her pretty little slit. "No tiny hint!" she said with a laugh, as she slipped back into her own dress. "I will just say it is something you will welcome joyfully!"

"I will hardly sleep tonight. I hope you are happy!"

This slight bit of amused sarcasm flew right over Lex's head. "Yes Betty. I am so very happy!" She glanced at the mirror and gasped. "My lenses! I must put my lenses back so I can return to my dwelling!"

"You left them on the dining room table, silly!" Betty laughed as her star lover ran from the room to find the slight disguise she needed to blend in. "You came all the way to Earth, but can't keep track of such tiny things?"

Lex returned, with her lovely eyes now looking human. "This is because you push all other thoughts out of my mind, my darling Betty!"

The lovers jumped when the heard a key in the front door. Thankfully Betty had finished remaking the bed! "Just call me Betty when Michael is around, okay, my darling?"

"I will not forget, friend Betty!"

When Michael entered the living room, he found the two women chatting and eating cake. "Hello darling." He bent and gave his wife a little peck on the cheek. He glanced at their guest. "Good evening, Lex." He pointedly looked at his wristwatch. "It's certainly getting late."

"Good evening, Michael." Lex rose to her feet. "Betty, I will see you on the morning." She bowed slightly. "I now take my leave."

Betty saw her friend to the door. "No hints?"

"No hints!" Lex grinned. "You shall learn soon enough!"

"Meanie!" Betty giggled, and gave her beloved a secret little wink. "I guess I'll just have to wait!"

As the husband and wife prepared for bed, Michael shook his head. "What was that about hints?" he asked as he slipped under the covers.

"Um, nothing, really." Betty smiled. "Lex is trying to make me guess her middle name. That's all."

"Forget that. What's her last name? I never did catch it."

Betty nearly choked. In the weeks she had known Lex, she had never asked if she had a last name! "Angel." She blurted out, thinking of the cat Lex so clearly adored.

"That surely does sound like a foreigner name." he reached for his wife as she joined him in bed.

Betty sighed as rough hands pulled up her nightgown and tugged at her panties. "Michael, could, could you kiss me?"

He buzzed her on the lips. "My little wifey wants extra attention tonight." He laughed as he pulled down his pajama trousers. "I'm just the man to give it to you, too!"

"Michael, I, I mean lower." She placed his hand between her legs. "Could you kiss me here?"

"What kind of filthy talk is that?" His eyes narrowed to slits. "It's that foreigner, Lex! I don't care what disgusting things they may do in whatever backward country she comes from, but I do not want to hear about it in this house! Do you understand me? Do you want me to tell that woman to stay away from you? I don't normally interfere with your little friends, but I don't want her putting disgusting ideas in your head!"

"Yes dear." Betty sighed. "I was just curious, that's all."

"Good, then that's settled!" He tried to roll over on top of her, but Betty pulled away. 'What's wrong honey? I said everything was settled."

"I'm sorry, dear. I think I had too much popcorn at the movies." She rolled on her side to hide her wicked grin. "I have a tummy ache. Could we 'do it' tomorrow night?"

"Damn, um, of course, sweetie." He got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Betty followed quietly as soon as she heard the bathroom door shut. She knelt and peeked through the keyhole. Just as she suspected, Michael was busy abusing his little thing! Betty felt sad, but not for her husband. Imagine her poor sweet Lex needing to resort to such lonely acts! Thank heaven they had discovered their love for one another! With a smile, she returned to bed. Betty pretended to be fast asleep when Michael returned only a few moments later. She hoped he had fully enjoyed his own hand tonight! From now on that was all he had to look forward to if he ever spoke poorly about Lex again!

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