Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two people, a generation apart, find each other. here is their story.


"Kitchen's closed." She said hooking a thumb towards the darkened pass thru.

Her name tag said "Kelly," with a little gold star next to her name.

"Just coffee, with cream, please."

I was sitting on the first counter stool next to the cash register, in some coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, not having a clue as to how I got there.

This is not new for me. Seems to be happening a lot, this last six months. Since Danny was killed.

I found it difficult to pay attention to anything but my thoughts of my only son.

At least it wasn't a bar like usual.

"Thanks," I said, as she set the cup on the counter in front of me.

"Well the elephant had to piss some time."

This was delivered in such a normal tone that I damn near missed it.

My mind heard "Welcome" and not much else.

She paused about five seconds, and then started away.

Wait, what was that? Welco ... no...

I replayed what she had said, and got it.


"Welcome back," she said, with a smile over her shoulder.

"Not sure, but I think I just got here. Thanks for waking me up."

"No problem, let me know when you want a re-fill."

"Yup." Smooth talker, that's me.

Hmm. Five feet nothing, bet she never weighed 100 pounds in her life, blond, blue, pearly whites.

Pretty as a speckled pup, in a black skirt and white blouse.

Keds? And Bobbi socks? They still make those?

22 to 25, leaning towards the upper.

What the hell is she doing in this place?

Well, now that my eyes have started taking note on her, let's just see what else is going on around me.

There was a cop, about my age, sitting at the other end of the counter, where Kelly just stopped to pour. They're both were looking at me, as they talked, but at least Kelly is smiling.

Two 30 something guys drinking iced tea half way down the counter between me and the cop.

The only other folks in the place were sitting at a large table behind me. A group of people having some sort of party...

Oh. A soldier send off.

Dear sir, We regret to inform you that your son...

Danny's never coming home.

I drifted away, into thoughts of my son.

"You Okay?"

I flinched and looked up at Kelly. I hadn't noticed her coming back over to me.

I shook my head a second, then said, "Oh, um, yeah, I'm alright. Just lost in my mind."

The two counter stool jockeys were getting up to leave, and the cop was still looking at me.

After she rang out the thirty somethings and they were gone, Kelly came back over to me.

"Ready for a warm-up?" She asked.

"Sure, thanks." I leaned towards her and said quietly, "Listen, That table, with the soldier? I get their check, okay?

But please, don't tell them it was me."

"Um, are you sure? It'll be, like, seventy five bucks." She spoke just as quietly, and I silently thanked her.

I dug out my wallet and handed her two fifties. "Put my coffee on it and keep the change?"

"Okay, if that's what you want."

"Thanks," I said. I don't think she understood what I was doing, or why, but that didn't matter to me.

It's just my way of supporting our troops. I do it when I can.

She looked at me oddly as she stepped over to the cash register.

After she rang up the bill, she walked back over to the cop, and topped up his cup, again.

I sighed, sipped, then stirred in a little more cream.

A moment later, Kelly went over to the table, and asked if anyone wanted anything else, and soldier boy said, "Just the check."

"Already taken care of." she said. "One of the guys that was here got it."

"What? No, this ain't right." he said as he stood up.

I looked around and saw Kelly start looking a little scared.

"It's already a done deal," she said.

He was arguing with her as she backed towards the counter, shaking her head.

The cop stood up, paying close attention.

I could see that Kelly was about to give in and point me out.

Then I noticed his rank tabs.

"AT EASE, Corporal," I said, in Command Voice.

He stopped and looked at me.

"I saw what went down," I said. "And, more, I understand why.

That guy saw you sitting there in uniform, and knew you were going out to fight for us. To protect us.

He can't do that. For what ever reason, he can't go.

So he pulls out his wallet and picks up your tab.

Now, he don't want to embarrass you or create a scene, so he takes off, feeling good about it.

He knows damn good and well that you'd refuse to accept his offer, if he made it to you.

But he feels that's the least he can do. If for no other reason than his own self pride.

It's his way of saying Thank You for doing what he can not.

Hell, he just beat me to it, or I'd a picked it up, myself.

For the same reasons.

So thank the pretty waitress, and go.

God bless you and keep you safe."

I turned away from his stunned expression and sipped my coffee.

I almost lost control, when I felt his hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks," he said, very quietly.

I just nodded, not even looking up.

I heard the door close after them, and I closed my eyes.

On behalf of a grateful nation, please accept...

"That was a good thing you done." said a voice. It was the cop.

He said, "They don't have much, and this was the best they could afford to send Billy off to Iraq.

Him and Jeanna just got married last week, and I think she's more scared than he is, that he won't come back."

"I know how she feels."

He patted my shoulder, twice.

"Kelly? I gotta get back out there."

"By, dad, see you later."


The door closed again. So did my eyes.

Please accept our deepest...


Kelly had slapped the counter, right next to me. "So what in the HELL was that about? Jesus, I thought he was going to hit me or something."

"No, he'd never of hit you. And just like I told him. I can't."

"Can't what?"

Can't kill the fuckers that set the IED.

Can't pick up the slack.

Can't bring Danny back.

Danny, my only son.

My only child.

"Hey, don't you fade out on me!"

"I can't go to Iraq."

"Why would you go there?"


Kelly looked confused for only a second, and then she ... just ... came ... apart.

Then I had my hands full of a wailing, sobbing puppet, who's strings had been cut.

It was all I could do to hold her from hitting the floor.

God must have been having a good laugh.

I knew what the gold star on her name tag was for, now. I can't explain how I knew, but she had lost a Daniel, too.


So I did what any man would do in a situation like this. I fell apart.

We both let out all the anguish, all the fear and despair, all the longings we had been holding in. We both felt the terrible power of each others emotions and the grief of our losses.

We found each other who knows how much later, still in each others arms. We both turned from our own misery and tried to comfort each other, kneeling there on the floor. I kissed her, and we both moaned. Then she was kissing me, her tongue driving into my mouth to wrestle with mine.

Kelly gasped out in short breaths, "I need you. I need you in me right now."

"I need you, too. So very much." I was panting too, like I'd just run a mile.

"My apartment is upstairs; will you come with me?"

"Of course."

We helped each other up off the floor, and she led me into the back hallway. She unlocked a door that looked like a closet, to reveal a stairway leading up. At the top, was her loft apartment. She had the whole second floor of the building.

As soon as we got to the top of the stairs, she turned and urgently kissed me again. She moaned into my mouth as I cupped he breasts through her clothes, and hissed,"Yess, that feels so good." Kelly pulled me across the apartment, into her bedroom, and then she pulled her panties off from under her skirt, and started reaching for my belt. I managed, or Kelly managed to get my pants down to my knees, and then she pushed me onto the bed on my back and mounted me. She was incredibly wet, and incandescently hot.

We did not make love, there was only pure primal instinct sex. My vision tunneled until I could only see those blue eyes, staring into mine, and their terrible need. A need that matched my own. Defying death with the promise of new life.

Kelly's first orgasm started almost instantly. I could feel her vagina clamping and releasing my cock, in a quickening tempo as she drove herself upon me. It was all I could do to match her thrusts with my own. When she came, she went stiff and stopped breathing. She clamped down so tightly I couldn't move. I saw in her eyes the changes from need to wonder to rapture.

Then, with a gasp, she did her damnedest to drive my ass through the bed and into the floor.

I reached up and ripped open her blouse, buttons flying.

I pushed the cups of her bra up off those perfect tits and palmed her nipples, gently rubbing and pinching them, as her second orgasm quickly approached.

Then we fell off the cliff together.

I passed out.

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